Session 131 is the second of three parts of a lecture that was presented by the Asisian Architects.

Continuing on from Session 130, the Asisians pick up where they left off and continue their discussion on the body and its connections to the universe at large.

Other Topics Include...

Working with the body through universal insights – It is all about energy release – Imzaia are the freedom founders – Realizing you are the stars – Setting yourself free – All physical, energetic, psychic, or psychological ailments can be balanced by finding their exact location between the stars – Everything around you is a perfect representation of your authentic self prior to the creation of a complex mind – The night sky represents the perfect state of all your body’s cells at the moment of their creation, in perfect health – When you explore the stars you are exploring your own body – You have never left that, which is called Unity – All of humanity is on the same path – Giving up the dualistic concept of good and bad – Truth is about Freedom and about unlimited potential – The mind attempts to find flaw with reality so as to stay in illusion – The connection between a creator and its creation – Why reincarnation is no longer required – Da Gaia San is making her way from planethood into stardom – There is infinite space and time within the body – Making your own geometric connections – Being in perfect order, being All That Is, is your true blueprint – And much more.

Originally Titled: “The Asisian Principles, Part 2” | The Cosmic Manifest series

The Study of Vibration | Session 131

by The Asisian Architects

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

And so it is that we return for this second part. The message of today: I am Asisian. So are you. It is not a name; it is not a concept; it is not a group. It just is whatever it is, what you want it to be.

You have heard several things, several outrageous things in the last hour or so, and probably parts of you are now thinking of the fact that we might be deluding you. Are we a good energy? Are we a bad energy? Are we malevolent, trying to come into your lives, and trying to misguide you? Do you want us to be? Hm… Maybe you do not want to find truth. Maybe you would rather have us being the bad guys so that you need not find greater truth, Imzaia, but do you feel the love? The love that we emit is not an earthly love; it is not even a cosmic love. It is a love beyond the cosmic. It is a love of consciousness, the love of a creator talking to a creation, which in turn is a fellow creator. It is a love filled with respect, dignity, grandness. It is a love filled with infinity, and this can be felt in each and every one of your cells.

Oh, if you would only let go of the level you are existing in right now. If you would only go to these places that are beyond the good and the bad, Imzaia, then you would maybe see that you are neither good nor bad. You think you are all these wonderful people. You think you are the ones that are going to change the world and deep down inside of you, you still think that you are better than others, for you are working with the Earth; you are working with the cosmos; you are working with all of these things that change everything for everyone. Yes! Hallelujah!

Isn’t everyone doing so? Isn’t everyone on the same path? Isn’t this president, soon to be a former president that we have spoken about, on the same path? Isn’t his body made up of the same stuff as yours? Doesn’t he emit consciousness as well? Do you think he does not emit light? He emits light. He is unaware of it, but he is. And he is sending his light to places, to people he loves. He is just playing a role. So, do not think you are better than anyone else, for doing so will create more separation, and this is just the thing that you are trying to dis-create.

So now what we have told you, are you willing to accept that we are neither good nor bad? Are you willing to accept that you are neither good nor bad? Are you willing to accept that we are what you want us to be? You want us to be malevolent? We can be malevolent. We can grow tails and little horns. We can create hell and put you in there for eternal damnation, or we could create the heaven, put an aura on top of our heads, give ourselves wings and fly, fly! And we could give you rice with golden spoons or we could just stay where we are right now, on this planet Earth. The entity that goes by the name of John Lennon once wrote, “Imagine there is no heaven, no hell below you. Just sky, just earth – imagine!” And imagine if this Earth and this sky is an expression of you.

What we have told you about the hand thing before is only the beginning. It is only the beginning of an adventure that will take you back to your roots, back to the very, very start of everything, whatever name you give it. For this is whence you came from. And this is where you once again will go to.

Do you still realize, have you actually given the thought any consideration during your break that your heart is now not beating on schedule anymore? You are now doing this. You alone, you alone. You can stop it; you can start it whenever you want. You can leave the planet and come back. All of these things are possible.

There is a little exercise that might help you in realizing who you really are, what you can really do, the steps you can really take. It is a little exercise I like to call ‘the big bang.’ You have done so before: look at this universe, look at this place! Whomever said that there could be just one big bang in every universe? Darlings, big bangs can be a part of you at any given time. It is a perfect way of realizing that you are the universe at any given moment, that you are creating everything that is. We will take you through this exercise in a minute. It is actually not an exercise; it is an experience.

Connect the Dots

But we will say one more time: if you still doubt the energy behind these words – and some here do – then we ask you, “Why do you doubt yourselves?” Why do you create it in such a way that you can – how shall we say – run away? That you can run away from this truth? It happens on a microcosm as well, it also happens on a macro level – all the time. All the time you find flaw with reality. All the time you find flaw with truth just so you can stay in illusion, just so you can stay in limitation. Truth is about freedom. It is about being sovereign. And our greatest desire still, just like the Twelve, just like the White Guild, is to keep you in sovereignty, to keep you in freedom, to keep you in unlimited existence, unlimited potential. So take a good look at our energy. Take a good look at our consciousness. And take a good look at your fear. See how these dots are connected. See! Open your eyes for the first time and see the connections.

You see, Imzaia, it is difficult for you to believe, but at one point you will outdo us, me. You will be more than we are right now. This is the way it works between a creator and its creation: a creator creates, lets its creation grow, makes it sovereign and thus grows himself or herself. Your sovereignty, your grandness, your uniqueness is also a benefit to us. This we do admit, of course, why would we not? This is what you want from your children. You want them to be bigger, better, grander than you are. Only in this case, we are not just father and mother to you, we are brother and sister, we are child itself. We are all of these things.

And we so, so want to see you succeed. We so want to see you throw away these shells of the body that you are that keep you in the thought process of dying and being born again. Reincarnation, it is no longer necessary. It just keeps you in the same pattern over and over and over again. And it keeps everything that is in the same pattern. It keeps the Earth fixed. This is why the Earth is reacting so much. This is why Da Gaia San is having problems. This is why there are so many natural disasters going on. This is why there is so much pain. The energy of Gaia San has been kept in the same form for quite some time. Ever since Lemuria, 38.000 years, the energy has not changed. Oh, the things have changed. Continents have shifted and drifted, but real energy release has not taken place. There has not been one moment where Gaia San remembered that she was basically an energy pattern. She has been stuck in a box, much in the same way you have. So, as Gaia San is now making her way again to star-hood, stardom, so should you. You should become the stars. And this is what the big bang experience is all about.

You see, all it takes is a couple of minutes. All it takes is to look to the stars at night. We have told you so many times that your body is the universe; your universe is your body. So what do you think the stars are in this metaphor, which is truth? They are nothing more than your cells, all of your cells, trillions and trillions of cells, spread in the vastness that is you. You know that when you go to science, when you go to science, when you go to science, you will find in quantum physics the truth that there is infinite space, huge space instead of a body, that there is infinite distance, huge distance between atoms. Why? For you are a reflection of the cosmos – or could it be that the cosmos is reflection of you? Interesting.

The Body versus the Universe

Now, we have talked a while ago, before the break, about the concept of the body versus the universe and how things that seemed out of place with the body could be fixed by means of a universal insight. And this is true. It is all about energy release, releasing the energy. That is why you are the freedom founders. You are releasing the energy that was once again stuck in matter, stuck in mentalism, stuck in thought. And these are now gone.

So, if you have a problem with your body, if you have a disease that you can’t seem to twingle off, whether it be deadly or not – death, what a concept, what a notion… insane, really – if you have something going on with you which is not okay, just turn to the stars. Just do as the Russian astronaut once did. He realized that he was the stars and so he changed himself forever. He who thought that he was stuck forever, tumbling through space, realized that he had been set free.

Now what do you do? Don’t you on this planet tumble through space? Maybe it is time to realize that you are setting yourselves free. Maybe it is time. Every physical, energetic, psychic ailment that you might have can be fixed by finding the exact locations between the stars. Think, for instance, of something wrong with your knee, as an example, something that cannot be fixed, something that hurts a lot. Just find the right place between the stars. This can be done visually speaking at night. It can also be done energetically speaking any given moment of time. For you see: you are the big bang. You are! Everything around you is, in fact, a perfect representation of your authentic self, prior to the energy that you have set fixed in mentalism, prior to the energy robbery that happened. What you see up there, when you look at the night sky, Imzaia, you see the perfect state of all of your cells at the moment of their creation, in perfect health. And they die and they come back, so all you need to do is look up to the night sky. Find your wounded knee – which happens to be an Indian name right now – and claim the birthright that lives there. Take it back! Take it back into you microcosm, into your knees. The energy is right available. You have always wanted to explore the stars, and we have always told you that the exploration of the stars is the exploration of the body.

Well now, finally, you are ready for this. We will not take you through this exercise ourselves. That would take away from your sovereignty. You know how to do it. Just find a place, imagine yourself as the center of All Things and then just explode. Explode into the millions of stars. Explode and create the trees around you. Find the room you’re in taking place around you. Know that all of the things around you and all of the people are just representations of what is you. This is what Da Jeshua San meant when he said, “There is no world,” when he said, “You are All That Is.” Now it is time to take this to a practical level. It took 2’000 of your years to finally, finally get this abstract notion into your heads. Now it is time to take it into consciousness and take it into experience. Experience. If you do, then you will see that you can fix everything. Everything!

This also works with everything you can think of: quitting a habit, for instance, smoking, drugs – whatever. Find… find the cells in your body responsible – they will probably in the brain – and then find the representation of that brain in your cosmos. We have told you before how to do it: connect the dots. Find ways of making your own geometric connection. If you do, you will know that this pattern up there, the stars themselves, it belongs to you, your own geometric link-up. Much better than wireless Internet, we must add. Much more information available and it is all information based on you. The best medical, psychological energy database available ever, Imzaia! And we love you for finally, finally seeing the way the galaxy works.

Be the Big Bang

So, be the big bang. Dare to explode yourself into everything that is. Know that you are the chairs around you as you do. Know that the trees are just pouring out of you, the animals, the people on this planet, all pouring out of you. And then for one, one infinitely insane moment – ‘in-sanity’, ‘in-sane’ – you will know, you will know, the moment you are All That Is, you are in perfect, perfect order.

This is your blueprint, and we are the architects of this blueprint. You can find it all around you. This is why we have asked our good friend Jeshua San to translate for us today, for he has always been the one to tell you this. “You can find the kingdom of God,” he said, “in every rock, underneath every rock, in your own body.” Well, it is also to be found in the cosmos itself, only now you know how to actually work with this. This is your instrument. Use it! Be the big bang! Take the stars that you need, draw from their energy and place it in your bodies. It will, will work. Of this, of this we have always been certain. It is the reason why you have finally found your way home. It is not a path. It is not a goal. It is all around you.

You have never been separated, never! You have never left that which you call ‘unity’. You have never left that which you call ‘home’. You have never left all of these things. All you have done is enter into experiencing them. And that is why you live in this cosmos, which is you. You will see in the coming weeks that we will take you through this experience. We will show you all the things that Jeshua San and all the other Masters have said over the years and how to actually work with them, live with them. And this means, Imzaia, that the nexus you are living on, which is the Benelux – Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg – has now been completely activated. It is again a two-way street, this nexus, of cosmic and earth-bound energy.

So, you little speck of dust, which you considered yourselves to be at one point in time, are now realizing that you are the essence that is the big bang. Explode well, my dears, explode well! Within you lives the concept of a perfect universe. Find it.

We will return soon, but with that we will now turn to your questions, if you have them.

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