Session 297 — a live presentation by Da Pah Ekara San to akeyasan students attending an Imzaia seminar, “Life After Ascension of All Matter” — is a lecture on the topic of vibrational misalignment. Both in theory and in practice, Da Pah Ekara San goes into a step by step explanation of how this very concept is solely responsible for misunderstandings and misfirings in connections between humans.

As this lecture unfolds and explores the origins and nature of vibrational misalignment, the student learns more about the vibrational realm and its frequential expressions, about conscious and unconscious aspects of the human personality, about what happens to one’s energy at the time of birth, about active and passive attributes of the mind, and how all of this is heavily intertwined with and influential upon one’s daily reality.

Using the simple example of a typical and normal sentence, often used in daily life, Da Pah Ekara San illuminates the many different unconscious aspects that the ego/mind/personality construct can work with, when it comes to reality creation and interpretation, and the many possible (mis)alignments that can be the result thereof.

Da Pah Ekara San goes on to say that, while the cluster of unconscious aspects may have been responsible for creating what one usually considers one’s personality, this cluster does not have the ability to enter further into ascension status, due to the fact that it has no possibility to create a state of cohesion and balance within itself.

All of this, however, at this point in the akeyasan student’s walking of the ascension path, is changing and evolving, as the student has reached the point of study where one is able to experience what is labeled an “ascension of all matter,” which is further explained in this Session and following ones.

It is up to the student, then, to return now to the energy of the heart, to fully reawaken the conscious aspects of the self, and, as such, to express the way of tonality.

As Da Pah Ekara San explains, one’s conscious aspects have the ability to cluster together easily and to open the student’s perspective to the realm of “active ingredients,” or San, which are Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, and Life, amongst others, which are the literal, original building blocks of reality, no matter the distortion presented by unconscious aspects of the personality.

Da Pah Ekara San shares that — when two or more conscious aspects connect — the war of the personality parasite in one’s head ceases, and, instead, the tonal realm becomes accessible once again.

Other Topics Include...

A diversity of aspects – Unconscious aspects are feeding the matrix – Gravity versus stability – The individual matrix – Mind, body, spirit, and Ish – The collapse of the mind – Human evolution – Trines and squares in your astrology – The “departure” of Gaia – The end of the Mayan calendar – A template for the new humanity – and much more.

Originally Titled: “Vibrational Misalignment” | Life After Ascension of All Matter seminar

The Study of Vibration | Session 297

by Da Pah Ekara San

ENHANCED TRANSCRIPT – This transcript has been enhanced by Da Pah Kwan Yin San & Da Pah Ekara San. It has been prepared for the written word and it includes improved & extended sections by ascended life, added for clarity and for an enhanced study experience.

And so it expands. Greetings to all of you, beloved ones, who sit together today, I am Da Pah Ekara San… and yes, if you thought my arrival took a little long, that is true; I like a little bit of showbiz you see!

I say this for a reason because my entry, which you saw taking place only a few seconds ago, will not be necessary in the days to come. A space will no longer exist between your realm and ours in the same way that it has. The space in between is fading away rapidly to make room for that which you have called Home or Honomeia. Some call it the Lemurian Beaches.

When Da Pah Kwan Yin San introduced the work that we are going to do here today, she talked about the shift from vibrational to tonal space. She also talked about vibrational misalignment. Those of you that work with us often will already have been introduced to the basics of vibrational misalignment. Today, I would like to present everyone with an overview of what exactly this is and why it is important.

Vibrational Misalignment

You as a species, for the last thousands of years, have existed within a universe filled with vibrational misalignment. Humans emit vibration, each of them in their own, unique way and, in doing so, collisions of energies often occur.

The vibrational field, through which these vibrations are emitted, is what we call a horizontal realm, which, in short, means that the emissions take place on a pancake-surface level of reality experience. Humans emit vibration by using frequency, which, in short, is the speed at which vibrational emission can occur. The frequencies at which vibrations pulsate give birth to the vertical realm. They exist on top of the horizontal vibrational field and can be considered the spectrum of a human being’s emotional range, which is the engine that allows vibrational energy to pass between beings. The frequencies within each vibration determine the speed at which the vibration will move as well as the direction it will take.

This process happens to every human on the planet, as it is the way people communicate and work through thoughts, feelings and emotions. Obviously, with all of these horizontal and vertical transmissions, you can see how quickly it can get messy, especially when you observe it, or experience it, in two or three dimensions only. This is not good. When you have conflicts with each other, it simply means that both of your energies are not in the heart space. You are somewhere in the middle of any of these points. In other words, you exist outside of your own centre.

Aspects & Attributes

This type of imbalance gives birth to aspects. In order to understand those, you must first understand the concept of attributes. Imagine your total energy field as a circle: this is the total You as you are born. As you come out of your mama, your energy field gets cut in half immediately. One half of your energy field forms the male energy; the other half forms the female energy. Whichever part you exist in will determine your biological gender and, eventually, your gender identification.

Let us say you come in as a female. The other part, the male part, is spread across the matrix in the form of attributes that are meant to trigger your personality that will now develop. You will find these attributes on anything. Simply put, they determine the parameters for your personality’s likes and dislikes. For instance, an attribute could be whether you like a cup of coffee or a cup of tea, whether you like your coffee with milk or sugar, or whether you simply like it black. They exist for larger choices and parameters as well, and even though you may not think much of it at the time, let me tell you that the choices that these attributes make you desire are not yours by definition, as I will come to describe, although they do define you.

Attributes are spread all across the matrix and all across your universe. While you think there are innumerable attributes spread around, I have always told you that your universe is not so big. Your universe is the Akeneic space that is around you. It is created from the Heart Space, from the Akene, and reaches out about six feet, if you will. That is the space you have around you that is real. It is your creality sphere. Everything else is projected onto the walls of that sphere through the head, the heart and the belly. Therefore, these attributes do not have to move far to completely influence your universe. Some of them are passive and some of them are active.

Passive Attributes are in Everything

Passive attributes are the ones I have already explained to you, such as liking a cup of coffee or liking a drink of water, liking a certain outfit, not liking a certain country, liking a certain person, liking a certain attitude or not. All of these things are passive attributes and they exist outside of you. Passive attributes ‘live’ in the space around you. They literally are in the cup of coffee as soon as the cup exists in your field. They will influence the cup of coffee and, in turn, you.

Active Attributes form Aspects

The active attributes are inside of your psyche, inside of your mind, and they form aspects in the end. Aspects are what make up your personality. Many people think that when they go through their day, they are an identity, a personality. While that unfortunately may be the case for most, people do not realize that the personality is not a one-time event. It is not formed in one moment and it does not stay the same either. The personality continually changes, as active aspects come out of that personality and go back into the passive nature of external reality and the other way around. Attributes, and aspects even, are always on the move.

Therefore, you could say that your personality is made up of a large number of active aspects, the result of vibrational and frequential space. This is the way your universe has worked until now, but a change is taking place. It is an interesting time to be alive and I will come back to that later in this lecture.

If you look at the active aspects in your life, they will switch and take frontal position about every two to three seconds. For example, if you say a sentence like:

I am hungry but I don’t like your spaghetti. It sucks!

This could be a daily sentence in human life that, if you examine it and you look at the thought, you would say: “This is just one person sharing a thought. It is one personality.”

You might know the person who is speaking this sentence, because this type of personality template, quite unconscious and rather judgmental, walks around a lot these days. Let us call him Kim. He is not a happy trooper and he has just shared this most recent, grandiose thought with the universe around him.

Kim is made up of many active and passive aspects that contribute to his personality. If we look at this sentence, the active aspects are shifting several times: there is ‘I’ (1) at the beginning of the sentence, ‘am’ (2), ‘hungry’ (3), ‘but’ (4) and ‘I don’t’ (5). There is ‘like’ (6) there is the ‘spaghetti’ (7) there is ‘your’ (8) and there is the sucking part (9).

So what we have here is nine aspects that have come together to explain one concept to the external world; nine aspects in this sentence alone, which takes about three full seconds to utter!

You would think that Kim is just expressing to someone that he does not like the spaghetti that is being offered, but there is more going on that meets the ‘I’.

(1) The ‘I’ Aspect – Flexible

This is the first aspect that comes to the fore and is being used in most sentences in human history. It is what we call a flexible aspect, because it has the ability to shift continually within the power of one person’s mind. Therefore, the ‘I’ or the flexible aspect, is the one that pretends it is the leader of the pack. It is the one that pretends to be Kim who, in truth, is made up of hundreds of aspects, if not more.

(2) The ‘Am’ Aspect – Conscious

The ‘am’ aspect of Kim is what you would call the only conscious aspect that exists within the whole of this sentence. I will come back to this and explain why.

(3) The ‘Hungry’ Aspect – Biological (bio 1)

Hungry is another aspect. This is the biological or bio aspect, which is completely identified with the physical reality.

(4) The ‘But’ Aspect – Changeable

The ‘but’ aspect is a very interesting one as well. This is the only aspect that will invoke the shift between aspects. I am now using a sentence; merely as an example to make you understand, but as the day progresses you will experience the right brain version of all of this.

(5) The ‘I don’t’ Aspect – Self-negating

This aspect is a very interesting one. It is actually self-negating. This is an aspect, which negates its own existence.

(6) The ‘Like’ Aspect – Biological (bio 2)

With this particular energy field, i.e. preference, we come back to the bio aspect of ‘hungry’ and we will call it Bio2.

(7) The ‘Your’ Aspect – External Judgmental

‘Your’ is the aspect that externalizes everything. So we are going to call this the external judgmental aspect.

(8) The ‘Spaghetti’ Aspect – Passive

The spaghetti, in this sentence, is the only passive aspect that is coming to the fore. It has to do with the external universe and the attributes, which get cast out, as I just explained.

(9) The ‘It sucks’ Aspect – Power

This is what we call the ‘power aspect.’

If you really look at the way this works, it is actually quite a bundle of madness, a bundle of inconsistency and quite a bundle of human communication. This is a negative sentence, but it is a sentence, like so many are spoken every day, everywhere on earth. In this case, and in most cases, Kim does not realize that there are nine beings inside of him, forming the sentence. Therefore, some friends of mine, such as Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, would say that humanity is possessed by its own mind, possessed by its own shattered frequential self. This ‘vibrational misalignment’ starts to explain why.

Let us go back to the beginning, when we discussed your arrival on earth, and the immediate cut which is made when your energy is split in half. Let us say you are female. All of your male attributes end up shattered and splintered ‘in the world of form’ and they get dispersed throughout your mind. From that moment onward, these shattered elements will act as magnets of positive and negative polarity, trying to find each other and reconnect. This feeling is what most humans call ‘desire’ when it manifests in their life.

In order to keep the drive going, the aspects must shift and change. Their goal is to stop you from experiencing mental, emotional, physical or psychological stability at all times. The ultimate goal, of course, is to avoid the heart space opening up and the soul to reawaken. Keeping the true You asleep is the name of the game.

Kim, the ‘I’ aspect in the example, when he speaks or thinks, can be seen as an aspect projector, much like the old slide projectors that you used to see on Earth: when you click a button, the next slide is pushed into the light. This is basically how Kim’s psyche works. A shift happens about nine times in less than five seconds, revealing all the different aspects that we have discussed so far.

Conscious & Unconscious Aspects

There are conscious and unconscious aspects. Both of these are active, but the unconscious aspects are the ones that you have been working with for most of your life. Until recently, conscious aspects did not exist in most humans. When they did, the person was called naive, stupid, or a dreamer.

If you look back in human language, specifically in the last 500 years or so, you will see that throughout the build-up of history, in English but also in other languages, the meaning of more and more words have been altered and manipulated in order to create a different psychological feeling, to replace the more authentic meaning. Someone who was naive several hundreds of years ago was simply someone who was innocent and closely in touch with nature, literally.

Then things changed. A new dictionary, a new language, new symbols, new meanings for words slowly but surely were beginning to be slipped in. This was the start of the last stages of the alteration of the human psyche, and if you want to find out more about why this happened and how deep the rabbit hole goes regarding this topic, I urge you to dig deeper into earlier material that has been released through Imzaia.

Then, in the last decade or so, the changes that had been pushed through became more noticeable and even evolved into vibrational and frequential ‘medication’, new sound frequencies were introduced, i.e. sirens got more intense and more penetrating everywhere in recent years. Many of these things are being brought to humanity’s attention by beings such as Da David Icke San, and with him several others.

Unconscious Aspects & Ascension

If you look at the manipulation of both unconscious and conscious aspects, and this can be found throughout the library that is the Imzaia material, you can see how the split has occurred. You can also see why, since Lemurian times, the conscious aspects have slowly but surely disappeared. All of this is ending now.

It has been the mission of beings such as yourselves on this planet earth to reset and change this entire situation I have discussed so far. You came here to express a new way and we call this way tonality, which is a concept that is directly related to the conscious aspects of your Self.

I have said earlier that active attributes form aspects, meaning that the build-up of desires in a human being’s mind, the result of the magnetic effect of internal (active) and external (passive) attributes, cluster together to form parameters of likes and dislikes. These parameters again cluster together when they are used often and form belief systems. Eventually, because of their repetitive use, the belief systems become self-aware and a full-blown aspect is born at this time. A very small amount of very powerful unconscious aspects is what eventually forms the personality that most people identify with.

For unconscious aspects, creating the personality is the end of the line. The created cluster does not have the inherent ability to go through the ascension process, and this is true for both the Ascension of Self and the Ascension of All Matter process. The personality does not have the ability to ascend.

This is where the increase in chaos in the human psyche in the last decade or so is coming from, and as such we have also witnessed an increase in vibrational misalignment. It is why more beings are having issues around feeling united, why more and more feel alone, disconnected, and not understood. The unconscious cluster of aspects, which has been your personality, no longer has the ability to magnetize, to create cohesion. It is a direct result of Ascension of All Matter occurring throughout time, space and dimension and it explains why people react so very strangely toward one another these days. It is why, more than ever before, a molehill can be turned into a mountain between people. Just look at the police brutality that has been playing out all throughout 2010-2011 and you will see a perfect example of collapsing personality patterning. The cluster, which was once celebrated by society as a whole and maintained some sort of cohesion in the past called personality/ego/identity/mind, is falling apart and more people every day are understanding and coming to terms with the prison they have been stuck in for all of their lives.

In earlier times, before the grand shift of the ages, the personality cluster of aspects could be considered quite stable, because the system of mind was held together by most of humanity combined. Once a person came of age, usually the personality cluster would soon become so dense that it in itself could be seen as a mould for a stable yet mental ‘aspect cluster’ that would stay in place until the person’s death, no matter what, and it would typically become more rigid and narrow as time went by.

A Battle of Aspects

Today though, the story is quite different. Going back to Kim, more and more these days he can actually feel his own instability of thought when he allows it to come to pass. He is aware of what is happening to him, because even to him his personality is making less sense and displays more aggressive instead of coherent thought. In one day, or even in one sentence as we have seen, many different aspects can engage in battle and vie for top position.

As the struggle continues, each cycle (daytime or night time each define a cycle) one particular aspect will have the upper hand. Eventually, due to choices for thoughts and their execution, another unconscious aspect will take centre stage, only to be followed by another one the next cycle, usually lower in vibration each time.

The internal aspect fight that is being described here quickly finds its way to external projection and other human beings will start to be pulled into the fight of aspect domination, which is when psychological games between humans play out, mostly unknown to both parties.

One must not forget that the human being in itself, or in its authentic state, prior to DNA and other manipulation, inherently does not have a bad bone in its body. Its authentic heart/mind is beyond beauty and beyond compare.

Typically, the other mind types that will be pulled into the aspect battle are those that are currently displaying similar battles, and often between similar unconscious aspects. We must not forget that these are 4D apparitions that are, in nature, archetypical entities, which means they can exist in ‘multiple heads’ at the same time, throughout history – quite similar to the hive mind construct.

Conscious Aspects, Ascension & Tonality

Opening the heart space and living from the heart is what will bring forth the conscious aspects of one’s self. Until very recently, these aspects hardly had any chance or possibility to cluster together.

When Kim, the main star in our earlier example, stated, “I am hungry but I don’t like your spaghetti – it sucks!”, it was explained that ‘am’ is a conscious aspect. It indicates that, somewhere within Kim, there is a conscious observer that is stuck in an entire charade of unreal, untrue or unconscious aspects and attributes.

Allowing yourself to fall prey to your unconscious aspects is basically choosing to become matrix’ bitch; pardon the pun. You may as well ask for a leash to be put around your neck and to be taken on regular walks, which is actually what has started happening to humans more and more, if you really think about it.

The true Kim, deep down, is not feeling what the sentence is stating, because if he was he could not truly exist. There would be no point to the experience he is having, for it is dualistic. Kim would literally not be able to be on planet Earth if this statement implied anything about his true core. What is really feeling this is the mind… and what is feeding this is the matrix.

The wonderfully good news is as follows: conscious aspects, which before were not able to cluster together because of all of the things which I have just explained were happening to Kim vibrationally and on a frequential level, are now beginning to emerge. The conscious aspects that, for so long, have had no chance to cluster, are finding a different and authentic way to communicate without killing each other in battle; how original!

As we have seen at the very beginning of this lecture, unconscious aspects interact and cluster together using vibration and frequency, therefore creating vibrational misalignment as they need to interact in the external reality with other human beings in order to gain power over their own and each other’s internal reality. The vibrations were sent out in certain directions and at certain speeds that are caused by frequency choices related to emotional states.

A metaphor that comes to mind is being in the middle of a battlefield with arrows flying left and right – try not getting hit!

Now imagine three humans emitting conscious aspects. I have spoken earlier about tonality. In a tonal field, there is no speed, no direction. There is no need for vibration or frequency. In fact, tonal fields have the ability to cancel out or even neutralize vibrational fields! A tonal field can be likened to the surface of a pond, with stones or raindrops hitting the surface, creating concentric circles. In fact, nature shows this pattern over and over again, both in the micro and macro of physical and energetic existence. It is one of the preferred patterns of this universe, in any dimension, and specifically the dimension of sound frequency.

Because of the conscious state the emitted aspects are in, there is no need to steal energy from each other or to gain any sense of power or control over one another. Conscious aspects have the ability to bring together all the active ingredients of Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth and Life, and those form the ‘circles’ the human being pulses out at all times. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you create your reality. In essence, the aspects become the circles that get pulsed out in all directions simultaneously and with immediate effect, without any distance having to be crossed. When two or more conscious aspects connect, the war of the personality parasite going on in one’s head and between humans ceases. Instead, each time conscious aspects cluster together, a tone is created and soon the concentric circles that are the result start to interact or inter-create ‘matching tones’ or tonality together, in the connecting fields.

Within the connectivity of these circles, true communication exists. This is different from the vibrational communication you have had before. It is this sort of true interaction that brings you to places like this auditorium, where you find matching tones with other human beings and thus where you can start to create a new reality.

The Creation of a Stable, Tonal Field

The overlapping zones generated by the expanding, conscious aspects are what we call a stable field. It no longer adheres to the laws of vibrational interaction. It may not sound like too much of a thing to say, but let me tell you, humanity, that during all of these years you have been on earth, you have never had the experience of being in a true stable field. Gravity and Stability are, at their core, opposing forces. Ascension of All Matter will ultimately be responsible for shifting planet Earth from a field of Gravity into a field of Stability and this will become very clear over time. In essence, it is no different from your unconscious aspects making way for conscious ones – no different from the shift of a vibrational battlefield to a tonal field of peace and harmony.

Does this mean that the planet will stop, that your reality will cease, that the experience of Gravity will end? No. It does mean, however, that humanity will no longer be funnelled through one point, no longer will it exist in one box, no longer will it be piped through a limited computer operating system. The Gravity system isn’t even Mac. It’s PC!

In the old system, Gravity would pull energy into the slow frequency speed of matter, which then became the physical experience, which ultimately is the body. As such, the way in

which the body is being generated in your reality, and your reality therefore as well is what is truly changing on a larger level. The human ‘PC’ will not be generated from the depths of Gravity. Instead, the funnelling ends and a true field of Stability is created.

Now humanity would ask: “How long do we have to wait before we can experience what Da Pah Ekara San is talking about?”

Da Pah Kwan Yin San explained to you before this lecture started that as things are progressing, the matrix box that literally has been responsible for channelling ‘the mind of humanity’ into the human individual is falling apart as an external reality, and is being replaced inside of the human being itself, where it will continue to generate reality.

In other words: one moment we have the human species as a slave race being controlled by a hive mind of sorts – locked into a forced, singular reality paradigm – but once that template collapses we are confronted with the immediate result of each individual human being creating and holding together a multiverse reality paradigm with no external matrix involvement whatsoever.

There is now a new template and each individual can create ‘its own matrix’. With active, conscious aspects in place, this is the ignition of a stable, tonal field that will start to ripple out from each and every ‘activated’ or ‘awakened’ individual.

The result is that the previous matrix constructs break down because, simply put: it’s a power cut, a power failure! The feedback loop ceases to exist, as well as the feeding loop.

Evolution toward Tonality

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The remainder of this transcript, from this point onward, is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

This is basically the evolution, the simple abstract evolution of the human psyche going into complete tonality, alright? The matrix, of course, exists of four points: mind, body, spirit, and what we call Ish, yes, yes.

Taking control of this collapses mind, body, spirit, and Ish into spirit, body, Ish. Mind gets wiped away; mind, the processor that kept it all together. People don’t understand this. They say, “Something is wrong with my mind. I have got something on my mind. Something wrong with your mind.” No, no mine, no yours. There is just one mind and it controls all of humanity and it processes all of this together. So, what you have been going through, as you have had these beautiful experiences leading up to the 28th of October – nothing wrong with the physical body, of course, no pressure in the heads, no dizziness, no nothing; everything still as easy as ever before, yes, I know – that’s the breakdown of mind. That is the body, the spirit, and the Ish, which some have called, I guess, chi, the collapse of that into spirit, body, Ish, that phase is now. That phase is happening right now. And that is what you are feeling right now.

So, it has been going on with human evolution in the last ten years perhaps, maybe longer. These days we are in 2011, aren’t we, yes? It started with the convergence, continued with the concordance, continued with the Venus transit, all events happening in the 80s, 90s and early 2000, all of that having to do with the collapse of mind. These days, people talk about all of these trines and squares that are happening in astrology; the ability to see Jupiter. And what is happening to the moon? She is all over the place. What is happening to the Sun? She is twice as big. All of that, same reason: collapse of mind.

The system that was holding all of that together is going, and for the first time, humanity is taking responsibility to stand on its own two feet. When it learns how to do that is also what has been labeled the departure of Da Gaia San. Now, to some people, this is a strange concept. It is a bit of a difficult concept to understand. It doesn’t mean that Da Gaia San does not like you anymore. It does not mean that the planet is about to explode, but it does mean that the form, the thought form, the spirit, and the Ish that held the physical universe together, is stepping down.

The End of the Physical Universe

Technically speaking, ladies and gentlemen, this means that you will no longer be living in a physical universe, and this is a dangerous thing to say, you know. It is a dangerous thing to say because, literally, what it means is that you can do anything you want. No God, no concept of good or bad – mind being God obviously – no concept of up or down or left or right or three dimensions or five dimensions or ten dimensions or seven kakras, thirteen kakras, none of that, none of that, but, as Da Pah Kwan Yin San has stated at the beginning, the move from the chaotic to the simplistic.

Many of you have been on this planet a while, have come in, left again, have done things in Atlantis, have done things in Lemuria, have had the ability to go into Shamanic adventure in other lifetimes. Some of you that sit here and some of you listening are even involved in the creation of the Mayan Calendar all of those years ago. But I ask you now, human race, what has it brought you? What has it brought you, all of these complicated ways of working with energy? “Oh, let me heal you very quickly now! I know how to do it. I have had a three-year course and my hands have been blessed by Da Gaia San. And when I met Da Ronna Herman San, Da Michael San said something about my hands, and now I have these special abilities, yeah.” Yeah. “And this is how to do it: you have to lie on your belly, but you also have to hang from the ceiling. You have to make sure there is no blood going through your head though, and maybe then you can be healed.” Yes. Simple? I think not. Complicated, yes.

All of that is the chaos that has been building up through all of those eons as humans have tried to make sense of this clustering of unconscious aspects, the result of all of these attributes that I have just been speaking about basically. Even energy systems, even healing systems that we were just talking about, Shamanic systems, all became extremely complicated. All became ritualistic. Now, if there is any reptiles in the room, you would like that word because the beautiful reptilian race that has been part of the mind of humanity for so long, has lived off ritual, has fed energy off ritual.

You see this not only in things that you think about when you speak about Bohemian Grove and all those dark sides of things. Yes, the feeding took place there, but the feeding also took place in healing ritual, in Shamanic ritual, in all of these things that you are told to do in a certain way. And yes, it gives you the ability to move through some of those unconscious aspects and to break through, but with a massive energy loss at that point because all of that original energy that you started out with at that point is simply gone, used up, fed off by beings that are not exactly wanting to see things happen a different way.

Mind coming to an end. Not to say that all of these beings, that have been discussed throughout the years all over the planet as dominating the human species, are going to be ended, are going to come to an end, no. As this breaks down, the square simply changes into the triangle and the fourth point moves into the center point, which means that the energy that we talk about, such as the reptilian energies and things like that, are experiencing an awakening as well, are experiencing an opening of the heart as well.

The Same Journey

It is not so strange to think this, considering it happened to humanity several hundred thousand years ago in humanity’s move from what you have labeled Mars to what you now know as Earth. Humanity hasn’t always been the amazing, beautiful race that it is today. Every part of consciousness is on the same journey, alright?

So, that is basically what is occurring, and as Da Gaia San departs and the physical Earth as you know it will literally be held together by the replication of the matrix in everyone’s individual minds, it is going to become a very interesting time on your planet because everything you have been studying for, everything you have been researching for, looking for, moving towards, is all coming to an end. Isn’t that cool? School is out, and I believe it is time for all of you – not just the ones here in this room, but everyone out there – to start making some decisions. Therefore, what is happening in the coming time is that we will no longer – except for these few occasions still – no longer come in here as teachers, as channeled beings, all of that. We, I, Da Pah Ekara San, and many others with me, like Da Pah Kwan Yin San before me, have begun the walk-in process.

We will physically, all of us, be joining back with you here to work not from the teacher position, but directly from the colleague, the fellow position, and to start changing the paradigm of humans that no longer need to create through the mind.

Now, some of you, who have been around Ascended Masters for a while, have seen things happen, have seen, for instance, that, at will, the sun can stop going down and start coming up again, have seen all of these events take place directly in their lives. Some small, some large. It is now time for you guys to start spreading this knowledge, and this little bit of magic perhaps, to the rest of humanity. This will be the point of the Imzaia organization and, I am pretty sure, many organizations with her at that point, to collapse the mind into spirit, body, Ish.

Now, here we are dealing with October 2011, of course. In this next incarnation of things that is about to take place, this shift from a three-pointed universe to a two-pointed universe is happening between this October 28th date and what many of you have, unfortunately, labeled 2012, most particularly the date of December 2012. Now, I don’t want to go into too many details here, but we all know that the 2012 date is a complete fake, is a complete sham – at least it started out that way.

The Mayan Calendar

When the Mayan Calendar was created and the end of history would take place this year, this 29th of October date, in which all of these changes that humanity psychologically has been preparing for are unfolding, when all of that system was created by that, which you call the Elders, the point of the Mayan system was to, literally, create a system. Before, there was none.

The only system that existed was a system of mind – and we already know the chaos and the ritualistic nature of that! So, in order to level the playing field, it became necessary for what you would call the other side to create a system that would encapsulate not only the ruling of darkness, but also the ruling of light. Therefore, you get a system within the Mayan Calendar that encapsulates all of these different energies and gives them their moment in the sun on a regular basis, if you will.

However, as this throughout the centuries was being discovered, as this now integrated dark side, if you will, started realizing what exactly happened to it, a back-up plan was created by those guys, let’s say, and the end date of the calendar was moved. It was moved by very cleverly introducing translation errors between the language that now no longer properly existed and calendars that from now on would be incomplete after the entry of Christianity into that domain on Earth, and, therefore, in the calculatory process, 2012 was created. The original idea is to create Apocalypse. The original idea is to create the end of the world the way your Hollywood movies had shown it. Some of these movies are ridiculously stupid, but still, they put ideas in the human mind, and the human mind can create reality.

This is why it is so important that between the October 28, 2011, date and this December 2012 date, all over the Earth the human mind in each of its individualized boxes at that point collapses because that is the only thing that will have the ability to lead right here. Some call it 21st and some call it 22nd. No one can really figure that one out either, but what we have here is a very specific integration period. In just over a year’s time we believe individually as beings that mind will no longer exist on this planet, and you are going to help with that. That is why you are here and it is not just why you are here today, but it is why you are on the planet and it is why you have been preparing.

Practice turned Theory

Unfortunately, many of you, not just the ones sitting here today, many of you have the problem that the waiting period has been so extremely long. And sometimes – I mean even in your lifetimes – and sometimes, practice has turned to theory. Sometimes, what has happened to many humans who have listened to one channeling after another after another after another, who have read one book after another after another, they will say, “Oh, yes, of course, things are like this!” Then you will ask them, “So, how do you know that?” They will say, “Well, I don’t know. The Group told me. Da Michael San told me,” or, “I read it in Da Carl Calleman San’s book.” Those are the early ones, but now imagine people on the journey for 20 years, for 40 years, who maybe in the 1960s and in the 1970s read the Seth material when it first came out. Today we are 2011. What do you think the mind will do? It will take those theories and it will say, “Well, these theories are my practice.” But the truth is that the practice is still theory.

Another example, outside of the spiritual arena, for instance. Let’s say you all believe that the Earth rotates around the sun, yes? Most of you do, thank God! It would be a bit of a different audience otherwise. But let’s say that you all believe that the Earth moves around the sun. Why do you believe this? Because you have actually flown off the planet and actually seen it for yourselves? Have you actually left the planet? Have you gone out maybe even and seen the Earth rotate around the sun or has it been taught to you as a theory in school? Many of these theories become your practice without you ever having practiced them. And that is exactly what mind has always done. As mind is now collapsing – and we have a unique opportunity here to do something about what is happening in this period – we have the ability to avoid this collapse of all things.

The difference between this date [October 2011] and this date [December 2012] is that we are talking about the end of mind, the end of reality, physical reality as you know it. Over here, if that plan had come to pass – which it won’t – we are talking about the end of all things Life. And that is the purpose because the eventual purpose of the matrix’ creation, why this thing was added here, is to eventually turn Ish into Neha, into death, into extinction, into the lack of life, into no. And that is already happening to many humans on your planet. It is those humans that, unfortunately, when you try to interact with them, you can’t. There will simply be a machine – whether it is in a personal setting or whether it is in an official setting – simply a mental machine that answers.

You have seen this happen in your own realities, and while you may still see it increase here and there, I, Da Pah Ekara San, believe that in this period we have to work with here, we have a chance to completely destroy mind’s theory and to integrate it into the human being once again. That is what we are proposing.

A New Template for Humanity

So, as we move from this period to this period, the 2011 to the 2012 period, you are about to enter the most important time in your existence, and humanity is about to enter it as well, but all of you, and people like you, are going to be that, which becomes the template for the new humanity. So, as we eventually move from a three-point system to a two-point system at the end of what is now labeled 2012, we are dealing with simply Spirit and Ish, yes?

At that point in time, the body system will have collapsed and physical, internalized reality as you know it will no longer be taking place. This is when you enter the realms of what you would call light body where reality is now so non-physical, so fluid, so without mind and, therefore, mindless that the complexity of having to create in every second of every moment in time the human body with all of its stuff, all of the things that happen within it will cease. Of course, eventually, we will simply move into the one-point field, and the true concept of what we call the Universe will truly come to pass, for no longer will there be the need for Spirit to connect supposedly disconnected individuals. This is the true return to self. It is taking place in your lifetime. It is taking place right now.

So, where we saw the ritualistic, yes, we are going back to the concept of universal. Now comes the time – or at least in the afternoon comes the time – when I and others will have to explain to you what the purpose of the universe, as you have created it, truly is and the purpose that intervened with it, truly was. But it is our intent, mine and that of the others, that when you leave here tonight, a full overview will have been given of what has truly been happening with you for all of those years, all of those lifetimes. And that pleases me and many others with me greatly.

It has been our duty for a very long time to separate ourselves from you and to present work such as this one. But, as I have already said, our walk-in processes, our return to physicality, my own, but also Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San’s, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San’s and others, are in progress. You will see all of it play out between now and the time that I have just discussed these things with you. It is our hope that these things will happen soonerish rather than laterish, as some would say here, and that we can join hands physically as you step forward as the army of awareness, if you will, doing what you came here to do together with us.

So, beautiful Imzaia friends and family, I will probably be here again later today at some point, but in the meantime, I wish you happy integration. I hope that you will take from this what you feel belongs to you and that you will pass on what you feel belongs to others, for that is the way those pieces as well will eventually return to you.

I am Da Pah Ekara San; it is my honor to come to the end of these cycles of guidance.

I will see you later.

And so it Ish.

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Da Akeyasan James Madison San
Da Akeyasan James Madison San
2 years ago

San’a’ke Akeyan’shi. Let us simply play and merge fields. It has ended; we are no longer searching for what is wrong. We are colleague humming bird pollinators.❤️ As fluid light bodies we plove – playfulness 🐬 and loveliness ❤️. We don’t need to save the universe. Janet already united ish. Angels holding hands, feet on the earth. ❤️ Flaming swords and fairy wands ❤️ Da’ka’ya! Da’ka’ya! Da’Ka’ya!

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San

San’a’ke ❤️ Re-watching Session 297, I am again ‘blown away’ by this teaching and the clarity with which Da Pah Ekara San teaches us about the Ascension of All Matter, vibrational reality and beyond that, tonal and akeneic space, as well as conscious and unconscious aspects, and much more — which could be very loosely summarized as where we have been and where we are going; both of which need to be understood theoretically and in active practice. To me, this series of sessions is so vital and foundational to every student’s ascension path (both universal and personal), containing such a wealth of information and personal empowerment, it needs to be uniquely experienced and integrated by each and every one of us.

Also of note, for me, the distinction made between the ‘practice of theoretical information’ and ‘real practice’, which I won’t spoil for anyone by commenting further about, really stood out. Looking forward to the next two Sessions in this wonderful Series!

My deepest love and gratitude to Da Pah Ekara San and all Ascended Life, along with all beings having a human experience living the dream and taking up the baton offered by Ascended Life in San and Service to the Whole, making all of this real together ❤️

One final comment with a BIG ISH: ❤️🙏🏻❤️

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e,
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke ❤️

‘A bundle of madness’. This is how Da Pah Ekara San describes all of the different aspects of a personality that, in vibrational reality, ad their particular frequency to every sentence we utter. Contemplating this ‘bundle of madness’ then, it truly hits home how, merely by using human language, we constantly reaffirm the illusions with the thoughts in our head and most of the words we use.

(Ascended Life has always told us how challenging it can be having to translate metaphysical concepts into human language. This is probably one of the reasons why I would imagine. I am, therefore, thrilled to bits to being reintroduced to the metaphysical language we generally know as ‘Lemurian’. Tones instead of vibrations. – That as a side note)

Moving away from the schizophrenia of mind into tonal space, creating harmony rather than vibrational misalignment is why we are here. It is up to us to make this happen by practically applying the simple but oh so powerful tools we have been shown: San, the active ingredients generated from within.

This series of sessions does indeed feel ‘vital and foundational, as you said, Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San. Being aware of the aspects and attributes that are responsible for vibrational misalignment is key to understanding the importance of expressing San with every thought we think and every word we utter.

Ohami’jiht ka’da’ka imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Pah Kwan Yin San
2 years ago

San’a’ke o Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San o Da Pahdasan Kalynda San o Da Akeyan’shi ❤️ I wish you all a wonderful Imzaia Day on this April 11, 2020… exactly thirteen years to the date of Da David San’s departure and Da Jeshua San’s arrival on April 11, 2007.

Although the Study of Vibration was already well underway in a chapter of Sessions known to many back then as the Cosmic Manifest, it was at this point in time that ascension study and training by ascended life re-entered earth in full.

Now, thirteen years later, the cycle of twelve expands into its next incarnation / regeneration of twelve with the birth of Imzaia World.

Although the Akeyan’shi, or the Akeyasan Student Body, technically includes all beings on earth, whether they are aware of it or not, I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those of you who have already found their way (“back”) to Imzaia World. Da’ka’ya for your presence and your expression here.

Now that we are slowly reaching cruising altitude 🚀 I can safely say that the next chapter of ascension study and training, the Study of the Pah, is well underway to manifesting on earth as a metaphysical bridge that will allow all of humankind to consider the metaphysical real and ascension of self and of the whole as a natural evolution of the love that is the core of the human being, always.

Eja’i da ohami imzaia’e ❤️ I belove in you ❤️

Da Akeyasan James Madison San
Da Akeyasan James Madison San
2 years ago


Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San

San’a’ke, Da Pah Kwan Yin San and Ascended Life ❤️ Da’ka’ya for this beautiful expression of San and incredible service to the whole, for being here, and all that you are and do. I am honored and grateful beyond words, and am looking forward to all that is to come –in all ways, and always. ❤️ Ka Vish Ka ❤️ San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

San’a’ke ❤️ Da’ka’ya and my deepest gratitude to you and all of Ascended Life to take us all on this journey, to guide us to become the best part of ourselves and to create this massive platform to bring the truth about everything
Da’kaya to be here with us now, always!

Eja’i Da ohami imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San o Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San o Da Pahdasan Kalynda San o Da Akeyasans imzaia’e.

Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San for your very uplifting message. Wishing you all a wonderful Imzaia Day as well ❤️

Da’ka’yi to you and all of Ascended Life for having been here in the physical for thirteen years already, patiently guiding us with infinite love on our path of rediscovering the true nature of the self.

Da’ka’yi for creating this metaphysical bridge so that every human can consciously choose for an infinite existence in service to the whole.

Eja’i da ohami imzaia’e
Imzaia’e Chi Naya’e’ki
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Pahdasan Kalynda San

San’a’ke Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤️ Da’ka’ya for your and all of Ascended Life’s consistent and continued effort to help us remember what is real, who we are and what we can do. And to be by our side every step of the way. ❤️ Ka’da’ka ❤️
Da Pahdasan Kalynda San

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