In the morning of the final day of their stay on Big Island, Hawaii, Da Jeshua San and the direct students in the imzaia fellowship gather in the garden of their temporary home in Kealakekua Bay to record the Session you are about to experience.

“From Void to Abundance” (The Study of Vibration, Session 168) is a presentation by Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, in which he shares some of his past – and his early days on the path to becoming an ascended master – in a very personal and vulnerable approach, leading to vital, universal truth that is shared for the benefit of the whole.

In this class, Da Adamus San hopes to invite you to stop seeing yourself as a “void” that needs to attract energy on a permanent basis in order to maintain balance and security, and instead to discover that you are a “source” yourself; that you are the heart of all things.

As you graduate from the dualistic perspective of “what it is in it for me” this class invites you to find a new way of being, based on the questions “what am I responsible for? What am I creating? What is coming out of me?”

Da Adamus San shares his own journey of understanding abundance during his physical lifetime. While he thought that he was assisting others by sharing some of his wealth with them, he realized that he was merely doing this for himself, to feel good about himself. He went from an existence of material living, to material giving, but it was not based on love, joy or freedom.

In this class, Adamus will remind you that you have the ability to change the world by changing your own inner reality landscape. You will learn how to reset your illusory void programming and step into a true experience of universal abundance and cosmic responsibility.


From Void to Abundance


The Cosmic Manifest


Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San


Kealakekua Bay, Big Island, Hawaii | November 1, 2007

The Study of Vibration | Session 168

by Da Ojadasan'ka Adamus Valen San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

And so it is.

Greetings, everybody. I am that I am Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, cosmic buddy to all life in this universe. And when I speak of ‘all life in this universe’, I want to bid all of you a good morning in this beautiful area that we are sitting in right now, Kealakekua Bay, ‘Pathway to the Gods’ in the old Hawaiian language. And isn’t it so that in the last weeks that you have been here you have indeed gotten closer to your divine self, to your God self?

It didn’t always seem that way, my dear Imzaia, it didn’t always seem that way. Sometimes it felt as though when you were trying to get closer to yourself, you were getting further removed from yourself. But that was just the illusion because the self that you were trying to connect to has nothing to do with the self that you have always seen as the core of you, the core of your personality, you see.

People on this planet Earth speak a lot about the concept of ‘self’. And then you’ve got the notion of being self-ish. You see, this self that is part of the selfish is an energy that works very much like science today thinks a black hole works. It sucks energy towards it; it keeps energy very close to itself, trying to consume it as it comes in. And people do this with love; they do it with joy, and they do it with freedom.

You will probably notice, once you look in society, that if you are feeling good about yourself, if you are having a good day – like I always have a good day – that people tend to suck that energy away from you, and not just people; especially people that are put in positions of power. And when I mean ‘power’, dear Imzaia, I do not necessarily mean people that are police officers or people that are security officers. I mean people that are put in a position of power over you.

Selfishness draws energy away, but this is not the self that I and all the others want to talk about today. The real core self that is part of who you truly are, the real core self that is part of your essence, that is part of your higher self, isn’t a black hole energy at all; it isn’t an energy that sucks energy towards it. It is a source of energy, you see. It keeps pushing energy out of itself because this energy is indeed abundant.

The Notion of Abundance

And to talk about the core self, I must talk about the notion of abundance, and this is a very important notion indeed, for it is something that so many people who call themselves ‘enlightened seekers’, so many people that call themselves ‘Imzaia’ or ‘Shaumbra’ — I have a lot of contact with the Shaumbra energy) or ‘Lightworkers’ (I also have a lot of contact there, as I am a part of that which you would call ‘the Group’, you see) — a lot of people are calling ‘abundance’ something that should come towards them. In the seventies on this planet Earth… Ah, the good old seventies! Do you remember the disco? Do you remember the dancing? I do! I do! But in the seventies, you had the notion of abundance defined as the following sentence: Sit back and let the universe come towards you. Sit back and get ready to receive.

Now, this was a wrong translation of energy indeed. Abundance has nothing to do with receiving. Abundance has nothing to do with waiting for the universe to be your waiter, so to speak, to deliver everything on a platter to you; has nothing to do with that.

Abundance has to do with being the source of all things, the heart of all things, the soul, the creation, the grace of all things, you see. True abundance, dear Imzaia, is something that comes from within. It doesn’t come from without; it is not something that you are going to receive like a package in the mail that you just have to wait for. It is not something that you have to sit back for, just relax and let it happen, like you do every morning in the bathroom. It is something that is always within, always.

You are an infinite source of universal energy. There is nothing that can deplete you. There is nothing that can take you down. There is nothing that can suck the life away from you, as some would have you believe, nothing! You are a universal source of energy. And as you have been learning about the Akene and the connection to the Akenet, you will learn that this source of abundance will continue to grow from within, not from without. And that means that you should change the perspective that you have on your life. Everything that is around you is indeed being created from you.

I noticed as this group was getting ready for the Ekaraia that two of you were standing in the sun, enjoying the sun, eyes closed, hearts open, ready to receive, ready to pull that solar energy, that warmth, that life force energy into your being. I would like to change your perspective on this. I would like to change it for each and every one of you. What you just did as you connected to the sun, as you connected to the energy of the sun, is not drawing energy in. You were sending energy out!  You see, that is the way it always works. This tree that you see here behind me, the palm trees of this beautiful Hawaii that are standing right there, the waves that you hear in the distance, the birds that are chattering away, the house that is standing there, the grass beneath your feet – the list goes on and on and on – the clouds in the sky, the sun in the sky, the stars in the sky, the planets in the sky, the veritable cosmos itself is drawing energy from you, you see, because you are the conscious creator. You are the one creating the universe and all the other universes around. You are the one creating All That Is. You see what we mean with that? You are always the one that is the source of abundance, the source of life, and everything that is around you is being created, at least in part, by you.

Now, Da Pah Ekara San a long time ago has told you about un-shattering yourselves through time and space. He has told you that if you are in a specific piece of space and a specific piece of time that you should no longer try to send your energy or connect your energy to all the other places that you share a connection with on this planet. If you are in a specific country, for instance, it is pointless to try and communicate through your technological devices, he said, with all the others around the planet.

But why did he say this? It is not because we don’t like technology. It is not because we are prejudiced, we have judgements about technology; not at all. What it is about is that you are learning how to be a free energy human or, as it has been called, a ‘new energy human’. You are learning how to work with this within you, this Akene thing that you have inside of you. You are learning to work with your energy in a completely new way, you see. As you do this, it is very important to learn how to bring all the energy inside of you again because this is what the new energy quantum leap, the change that is happening on this planet Earth, is basically all about. It is about un-shattering yourselves. It is about reclaiming all that energy that you have spread around. Reclaim it! Take it back because you haven’t given it away freely. You haven’t given it away based on free will. You have given it away based on a set of wrong parameters, you see.

A Personal Story

And we have all been there. I, myself, too. I used to be an aristocrat. I, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus, Valen San used to be one of those people that lived in the upper class of so many, so many circles: the royal court (royal ‘courts’ I should basically say). I was called a ‘Count’; people called me a ’Lord’ funnily enough, if I look back to this. But in that position, in that lifetime where I finally got to know my Master and where I finally learned about ascension, learned about all those things, I noticed that the first thing I had to do was withdraw my energy from all of these spaces.

You see, I wasn’t a Count that was all about gathering all the money that I could find. I was one that actually helped people. I tried to donate, which wasn’t done in those days, believe me. I tried to assist where I could, to be the helping hand, but I did it, you see, from a wrong set of parameters because I believed in lack. I believed in shortcoming. I believed I had been granted a higher position than anyone else, so from that space I should make amends.

I, dear Imzaia, I felt guilty. I felt guilty to be born in the upper classes. I felt guilty every time I ate food from a silver plate with a silver knife and a silver spoon and I drank my wine from a golden cup. And I sat there in these high dim-witted rooms, watching the fireplace, being bored to death basically, looking across at a person or sometimes persons that didn’t interest me at all. But I kept the happy face. I tried to show that the world I was living in was wonderful indeed because everybody around me kept thinking that.

But I felt sad. And I felt guilty, for I knew as I was watching the huge fireplace with flames sometimes going up high as two meters because the room was so big, you see, all made of stone, as I was watching that fireplace I knew that that fire and all that wood that we were burning away could actually help probably ten people to be warm for the night. So, I continuously felt guilty.

And at a certain point I couldn’t take it anymore, you see. At a certain point I decided that I should start giving; that I should start giving away money; in some cases food; in some cases wood and all these other things. But I did it from a wrong set of parameters. I did it out of guilt and I wasn’t feeling happy as I was doing it; I was feeling sad. I wasn’t feeling love; I was feeling fear for the world. What was the world coming to? Even then we had those questions, “What is the world coming to?” Well, actually today more people have these questions than I did back then; I was just one of the very few. I wasn’t feeling freedom, I was feeling stuck and I was trying to make amends. I was trying to do something, not just for the others who had lack of food, lack of wood, lack of money; I was doing it because I wanted to feel better about myself.

And, of course, at first I didn’t realize this. At first I thought, dear Imzaia, that I was doing it for the right reasons.

Connecting to Master Energy

And then, at one point in my life, a Master energy showed up. It took me some years to figure that one out, that it was indeed a Master that had come into my life to teach me about other points of view, other points of reality, you could say, different viewpoints in which to see the reality that is all around you.

And at that point you know, I had been giving money away and I had been giving food away and all these other things for about three years. And I was feeling pretty good about myself because, although I was feeling sad as I was doing it, I thought I was at least doing something.

So, I thought, I thought – and therein lies the problem – that it wasn’t such a bad life after all. Okay, so I was born in the upper class. I was born with all this wealth around me, but at least I could do something with it, something else than partying, something else than attracting interesting people that I wanted to control, like many of my supposed ‘family and friends’ were doing at the time. You know the only contact most of the aristocracy had with the lower classes – if you want to talk about that, if you want to talk about lower and higher – was a contact based on the draining of energy, the draining of power, showing your own power to take the power away from other people.

And those few ladies, usually they were ladies, those few ladies who had the ‘fortunate luck’ to enter into the higher classes because a specific gentleman had seen her somewhere in a pub or seen her somewhere on the streets, didn’t enter into a life of happiness. At first they thought so. First they thought all their problems were solved, you see, because now there was someone who had money and now there was someone who was going to take care of them. Never worked out that way. I have seen it happen so many times because the basis on which that reality was created in the first place was wrong.

But I am… I am digressing. What I want to say is this: as the Master energy came into my life, as – at first I thought it was a he; it turns out it would be a she, but at first I thought it was a he – as he, this Da Pah Kwan Yin San energy, came into my life back then, I was pretty confident because I had found a way to put all my misery, all my sadness, all my loneliness, in a small little box, unlabeled, and put it somewhere deep within my subconscious. And I had transferred those sad feelings into the feelings of giving, materialistic giving away of the things I had an abundance of.

And so, when this supposed gentleman, who turned out to be a lady, who turned out to be a gentleman, who turned out to be a lady – because sex and race and all of these things, of course, do no longer matter once you are in a position of energy beyond matter, you see – once this ‘person’, let’s call it that, once this person came into my life, I was feeling pretty good about myself. And I was seen with the lower classes as that person who was a ‘saver of lives’. “There comes Count Germain,” they said, “and he comes bearing gifts.” I was like a Santa Claus really, before that concept really got materialized on the Earth.

And I was seeing myself that way. But then, then, sweet Imzaia, I had a conversation. One night this Master Energy of Da Pah Kwan Yin San entered into my life as a relatively young boy at first. It was a young boy who was filled with emptiness, filled with hunger, filled with pain, filled with despair. And as I gave my ‘santaclausic’ tools, as I gave my ‘santaclausic’ abundance to that child – fifteen years he must have been – I threw it at him and he threw it back. “I don’t want your crap”, he said, “I don’t want your money,” and I stopped. What could this be about?

Seeing the Truth behind his Actions

I went towards that child, just turning into a young man, and he looked at me so fiercely, so intensely. And in those eyes, for the very first time, again I noticed that box that I had put very deeply within myself. And in those eyes I saw three single words, that I never forgot the nights after that. The words were the following: ‘You are pathetic’. ‘You are pathetic’, and my ego responded to that immediately, but I didn’t want to show it, of course. I wanted to show my abundance and I wanted to show my Santa Clause nature.

So, as the child told me, “I don’t want your crap,” I went up to him and I said, “What do you want then?” And he said to me, “I want your time. I want to have a conversation with you.” And as such, things took place the way they did, and we had a conversation. I took him back to my – let’s call it a ‘castle’ because these days it would be called a ‘castle’ – took him back to my castle. We had many a conversation after that. And I… I was feeling some very strange things.

As the days passed and as these conversations grew in intensity, I thought it was ridiculous that I could have a conversation with a fifteen-year-old boy while all around me there are adult people whom I couldn’t even say hello to from the heart. I couldn’t, but every time I saw this boy, every time I saw this young man, my heart opened up. Although it was very confronting at times, these conversations, I started noticing that something was wrong; something was off. How could it be that a fifteen-year-old boy didn’t have any family, didn’t have any friends, and didn’t need anything actually? If I didn’t bring food up to his room, he never asked for food. If I didn’t light the fireplace in that small room he was in, he didn’t require heat; he was just sitting there all the time, waiting for me to have another conversation.

Well, but those words, those words, dear Imzaia, ‘you are pathetic’, they stuck in my brain. and you must know that they have never been spoken. It was just something that was transmitted through the eyes, or so I thought. Or so I thought.

I am going to skip the long story here because I am not Da Tobias San. I am going to make it a little bit shorter.

Who was really telling me that I was pathetic? It wasn’t that boy that would turn out to be my Master in the end. It was my own essence; it was that box that I had pushed away for so long, you see, so long. And I was forced by this small child to look deep within and to see that the life that I had gotten accustomed to, the life of material giving – I had gone from ‘material living’ to ‘material giving’, you see – that that wasn’t a lifestyle at all. It was just something that I tried to satisfy myself with because I wasn’t doing it out of love. I wasn’t doing it out of joy, and I wasn’t doing it out of freedom.

So, the years passed, and I started growing as this Master-energy kept coming into my life, pronouncing its presence more outspoken each time, until I finally saw the true person behind it, the true energy also behind it. And in those years, I learned that I had been selfish; that I had tried to fill the void by emptying my void, so to speak, onto other people. Because, and this is what Da Pah Kwan Yin San at a certain point told me, “If it is indeed so, dear Adamus, that your money and your wood and your food and your wealth haven’t made you happy, how dare you put that onto others? How dare you? How dare you be so selfish as to take that energy of money away from you and give it on to other people, knowing what money actually does? It just creates a lack.” People think that money creates abundance, that money creates happiness, but it doesn’t, it creates a lack. Because the energy of money, my dear friends, has been so specifically programmed that you will always want more.

There are just a few on this planet, and most of them are love angels, that at a certain point today, in these days and age, have actually seen how the energy of money truly works, that if you get it, it never fills a void; it just makes the void bigger, you see. Imagine yourself as an empty space, an empty space that the mind and the ego wants to fill up so that you feel satisfied. And then that empty space is filled up with the energy of money. And what you would think would happen is there is less empty space left to fill. Ah, that’s not right. What the energy of money does, it just invades that emptiness, invades that stillness that is within you, or at least the emptiness that wants to be stillness. The emptiness that is within you is penetrated and actually the emptiness gets bigger as the money comes in. And people on this Earth do this every single day.

How Dare You Put This on Others

So that is what Da Pah Kwan Yin San told me, “If this is the way the system of money and the system of wealth truly works, how dare you put this onto others?” And then, then for the first time I really opened my eyes, I really did, and not dressed that day, or that evening at least, in my wealthy frocks as I usually did, not dressed in my wealthy outfits, but just dressed as… well, a very, very, very normal person basically. I walked the streets again and I started seeing faces, the faces of people who I had previously ‘helped’. Helped… And I saw, my dear Imzaia, that their misery had only increased, for now I saw something in their eyes – and you must know that Da Pah Kwan Yin San – because she was no longer a fifteen-year-old boy at that time, she had grown considerably in most spaces. What Da Pah Kwan Yin San had taught me was to see the real face behind the face, you see. And as I looked into the eyes of those people who I had given money to before, I saw now the energy of greed, of wanting more. Instead of silencing their need, I had increased their need.

And then at a certain point, it hit me. And at a certain point, I realized that if you really want to give, the only thing you can really give has to come from within. And it is not knowledge per se; it is not words; it is not ancient wisdom; it is not preaching to the public. It is about energy. It is about showing people what they truly are. And you don’t just do that by giving them wisdom, you see.

Actually, there is just a very small group of people on this Earth who respond to these types of teachings that I am giving you now. Because these are the people like the Imzaia, like the Shaumbra, like the Lightworker that have come to this planet to be the teachers, to be those that give, you see? And these words, these Ekaraias or these Shouds or these channels or whatever you want to call them, are always based on the energy of those teachers such as you, all of you, all of you sitting here, all of you listening to these words or reading these words.

You are the teachers, and the reason for these words that I am transmitting to you now is just to activate the teacher within, you see.

Forgiving, for-giving is what it is all about. You give something before the need seems to arise. That is abundance. I saw need all around me and what I didn’t realize back then is what was inside of me: just more need. I was addicted to giving my money away because I knew deep down that it could never be fully depleted, never. I was addicted. I gave because I saw need, not realizing what Da Pah Kwan Yin San told me afterwards that the need was always inside of me, you see?

In a very strange way, after a fashion I learned that those people that I had been ‘helping’, supposedly, were happier than me. They were happier than me because they didn’t feel that emptiness the way I felt it. And if they got cold at night they huddled together, they crawled together and they made love.

Now, I am not trying to give you a romantic vision of poverty and I am not telling you to move somewhere to a cold country because then the act of making love will be so much more beautiful. I am not telling you that poverty is great. I am just telling you that if you see something around you that seems to be negative and you feel called to help in a material way, then think again because you are not really helping. You are not helping that person, which is a reflection of you, and you are not helping yourself. You are just creating a bigger void, a bigger need in that person and in you. If you want to help, then be the teacher. The Earth is ready for this.

A Very Special Day

Now, what was supposed to be a five minute intro turned out a little bit longer I guess – five minutes and half an hour. But you get my point. You get my point, and it is good that we took the time to set the energy, dear Imzaia and dear Shaumbra and dear Lightworkers. It is a good thing. You will notice that today, I don’t just use the name ‘Imzaia’ when I speak to you. I don’t, and that is because a very special day has been created. It wasn’t planned in the stars. It wasn’t planned in the energy; it is just something that we wanted to do.

When I say ‘we’, you must realize I am not the only one sitting here, I, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San. All the others are here, too. They are in the tree next to me, playing with the leaves and they are the butterflies that are flying around and they are the branches that are making love to the wind basically. And they are here because in the last eight hours, while most of you here in Hawaii were sleeping, we have gone all around the world. We have connected to all the enlightened seekers around the world.

Now, we do this on a regular basis, of course, but usually we do this on a one-to-one basis, connect to someone, just go deep within their sleep or just when they are feeling sad or when they are feeling happy. But now we took the effort, first to connect all of our energies – and I am talking about myself, I’m talking about Da Pah Ekara San. I’m talking about Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San. I’m talking about Da Tobias San. I’m talking about Da Kryon San, about all the others. I don’t need to name all their names. If you feel the name in your heart, if you ask the question, “Is this energy connected to it as well?” you will get a ‘yes’ because all of us have connected tonight, in your night.

And we created an energy web around the world, staying just a few kilometers outside of the atmosphere. And then we drew the web together; we descended onto planet Earth, touching all the hearts of all the Imzaia – and there’s much more than you think – all the Shaumbra – and there’s definitely much more than you think – and all the Lightworkers, and even those that don’t call themselves by that name, all those people who have listened to our messages, to our Shouds and Ekaraias and to our channelings or sometimes even who have just found that wisdom within their hearts, not looking to the outside to listen to that. We have connected to all of them.

And as we did this, we have invited everyone – and I’m talking about millions of people – everyone to be here now, to be here in Kealakekua Bay, the ‘Pathway to the Gods’, for this energy transmission. They are all here, not necessarily here in the garden where you are taping this Ekaraia right now, but here in the energy vortex that is Kealakekua Bay. Some of them are part of the waves; some of them are just part of the trees etc., but they are all here, in a way.

So, I ask you, listener, think back when you hear this message, think back to the moment when it was recorded, what were you doing then? Were you sleeping or were you sitting somewhere in your workspace, being distracted dreaming of…? Or were you doing something else altogether? Were you in a traffic jam somewhere? Were you preparing food? Were you crying? Where you were doing whatever it is you were doing, well, at that moment, the beginning of November 1st, you were here in Kealakekua Bay. And those few people that are sitting here right now are those that are bringing you in. And that is why before this Ekaraia started, all of you did an exercise to connect to the heart and the soul and the creation and the grace because that is what everybody is, you see. That is the way you connect to another person.

Now, why did we bring all of you here? It is very simple: because we want to tell you something. It is a very simple fact basically that we want to talk about, but it is not one that is easily discussed.

You all know that the Earth has undergone many changes, although some would say that you don’t feel these changes around you. Some even that call themselves ‘Shaumbra’ are pretty, pretty sad in the last few days because here was this big energy train called ‘the Quantum Express’, coming in near September 18th in that case, and this new energy would transform the world, would change the world. That is what they were told. And these last few days, a lot of Shaumbra are looking around and asking themselves, “Where the hell is that new world we were promised? I still have to go to my work. I still fight. I still see the hunger around me. I still see the sadness around me. I still see all of these things around me.” And our answer – not just ‘my’ answer, but ‘our’ answer – is, “Yes, yes, of course.”  And hold onto your hats now because I am going to say something that you are not going to like, “Yes, of course, because you are still being self-ish.”

I don’t mean selfish in the 21st century type of meaning; I mean self-ish. You are drawing all the energy towards you. You are drawing all the energy that you see around you and you are still trying to fill a void. The void, my dear Shaumbra, my dear Imzaia, my dear everybody, the void is no longer there. And that is what you have to see. It is no longer there!

You Are the Missing Link

If there is a change on this planet with a move from an old energy paradigm into a new energy paradigm, then it is something that happened within. It has to do – and this I would like to be the title of this message – it has to do with ‘Potentials and Pathways’, you see, for this is the heart of this message. For so very long you have created potentials of things that needed to come towards you. You have created potentials that things needed to exist in 3D before they could manifest in your life. You have created so many potentials, and as you were doing so, you have created many negative potentials as well. What the old energy was all about is getting, is receiving. That was what abundance was all about. Old energy was: what is in it for me? New energy is: what’s coming out of me? You see? That was a rime right there. What’s coming out of me? What am I doing? What am I responsible for? What am I creating?

Why do you think this new energy or this free energy has so much potential? Why do you think that is the reason why this new energy can create so much, why is it so chemically reactive, you see? I have told you before that new energy – much unlike old energy – is something that if you change one little part of it, one little particle of it, there is a chemical reaction – in energy, not in chemics, but this is just a metaphor – there is a chemical reaction taking place that allows you to change the whole.

[Dog barks) Now, is that isn’t a chemical reaction, I don’t know.

As I said, new energy is about a chemical reaction taking place. Where do you think that chemical reaction starts? It starts in your consciousness. It starts from within. As you change the needing parts of yourself, that used to be called ‘the void’, as you change that, you change the world.

Yes, the new energy is there. Yes, it is present. Yes, it has come in. Yes, it is ready to be used, but you need to be the one using it, Imzaia, Shaumbra, Lightworker, whoever you are, you need to be the one doing it. We were the ones that prepared for everything that has happened to the planet in the last few months, last few years actually, but you are the ones that still connect to the planet through your physical bodies, and through your energy bodies you are connected to us.

So, do you see that you are the catharsis? Do you see that you are the missing link? As Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San has said a while ago in one of the Shouds, “What is missing, is you.” You will understand that this is more real than you thought. What is missing, is indeed you. You are the missing part of the puzzle. You are the one now that needs to do the last bit of shifting within yourselves. Even though your consciousness is based on new energy now, you are still focusing on drawing energy into you. You must start focusing now on pushing energy out of you. And this requires a complete change of the way you look at the universe. Completely different.

You know, if you look at the way people have looked to the universe and have philosophized about the universe in the last hundreds of years, at a certain point there was the belief system that the Earth was the center of the universe, and all of the universe revolved around it. And then some scientists came and said, “No, no, no, no, no, the Earth is revolving around the Sun, and the Sun is the center of the universe.” And then years after that, they said, “Oh, but the Sun is revolving around something even greater, and that is the center of the universe.” And then another scientist came and he said, “But the universe is evolving around something that’s even greater, and that is the center of All that Is,” that which you call the Central Sun.

It is All About You

Now, we will finish that cycle and say: there is no universe, and if it is there, the illusion of it, then it is evolving around you. Not to put the pressure onto your cookers here, but if someone is responsible for the way this universe evolves, it is you. You alone, no one else around you; it is you. You, my dear Imzaia, Shaumbra, Lightworker, whatever your name is, you are the center of the universe. You, as such, are the new energy coming in. You are the foundation, the center for the chemical reaction, you see? You; no one else. It’s all about you.

And then you have two options. Then you can be very, very afraid, because how are you, small puny human, going to handle a massive universe? That is one reaction. You can walk away from this message and be very depressed because then that means there is a lot of work and then you can feel responsible about the fact that there is killing in the world and that there is hunger in the world and that there is death and disease and sadness and all of these things. Or you could feel happy and you could feel free because that is what the shift from new energy onto free energy is all about, and you will see this take place all over the world. New energy is energy that still came in a dualistic paradigm where there is a plus and there is a minus, but it had to come into the duality. It had to come into the duality that you were already living in, the duality, which basically is the equation between mind and consciousness.

But then, there is a next step. Because if you stay within the duality, then you will see that there is the fear of being the center of the universe or the joy of being the center of the universe, but you will always see that these two things are based on the void, are based on the need that I was telling you about in my story as this Ekaraia started. Because if you are afraid, then you are pulling the entire universe towards you and you feel the pressure of the work. And if you are happy then you are happy because of a self-ish reason because you feel the Master of the universe within you.

And then there is another option. Then there is the option to go to the state of freedom, universal freedom, which is the result of experiencing universal love, which creates universal joy, which ultimately creates universal freedom. And if you are in that state, then you know that everything around you is fluid. And you know that everything around you can be changed by one conscious thought.

And I am not preaching to the choir here. I know that all of you sitting here, listening to this message, wherever you are, have done this in the past, the recent past. You have all done it. You have all changed realities by just one thought. Maybe you have forgotten it, but if you take the time to think back, then you will see when you did it and how many times you did it.

You are the center of the universe. It is you. You are the center of new energy. It is you. You are the spark that ignites the fire of change. You are. And you have the ability to change worlds. It had to come to this in the end. If you have gotten used to the concept that you are God, if you have gotten used to the concept that there is just one divinity center living in each and every person, then there can only be one that can change everything, and that is you. It is always you, you see?

And then, once you get to that point, then things become really interesting.


I know there is a conflict somewhere in the back of your brain, where it should be (keep it there), but the conflict is saying, “Alright, alright, it is me, but how can it be then that there are eight billion people on this planet? How can it be all ‘you’ being the center of the universe?” I know that is difficult. I know that is probably one of the most difficult concepts you are going to have to grasp. It is one of the most difficult ones because the mind is linear and the mind keeps telling you that you need to put one next to the other, next to the other, next to the other, next to the other.

The interesting thing is when someone like me, when we, all of us, would look at a group of people all in one room together, we never see a row of five people or more sitting there, and another row, and another row and another row. We don’t see you that way. What we see is a huge energy center that you would call ‘the Akene’, and from that center we see layer upon layer upon layer. And these layers are ‘energy signatures’, let’s call them that, based on vibration and frequency, that ultimately get projected in a time/space frame, and that makes you believe that you are separate from one another.

And then, what the basic Akene does, is project itself into those layers, which are you, and from that projected Akene, which is one, all the rest of reality around you is created, all the rest of the universe around you is created: the trees, the grass, the animals, except for some — I will get into that later — you see? That is how we look at you.

So, you must be united now. There needs to be a unification. And unity can only be created once you are completely sovereign, for only when you are completely sovereign as a ‘you’, only then can you choose to once again unite and be one. Otherwise, you have all these anchors; you have all these things attached to you which are all based on illusion, the illusion that you are sitting in, and it will create a space that will not allow you to be sovereign and as such, that cannot allow you to unify, once more, to be one.

Now, it is very interesting, as I was communicating with Da Jeshua San this morning about the transmission that I was going to be handling – actually I hadn’t planned on, as I said before, such a long intro – but as the energy of every Imzaia, of every Shaumbra, of every Lightworker and every enlightened seeker came in, I knew that there were certain things that I still needed to clarify before I can continue.

Now, this message that you are listening to now, and this is especially for the Imzaia, is the tenth to last message of that which you call ‘the Universal Manifest’. It is also the last time almost that I shall contribute to the Universal Manifest. After this one, after this message, once I am finished and a new Ekaraia comes in at a later point in time, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San has been asked to speak and he has been asked to finish what I started. I will get in to that in a minute.

And then there is several other messages that need to come in. And I and Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San will be back to the one but final message that will be broadcasted, that will be given to you on the 15th of December, which is as you will remember a 9, numerologically speaking.  And after that, a final message to finish the energy of the Universal Manifest will come in, will be given by Da Pah Ekara San. And in between my and Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi’ Valen San’s message now and the last messages that we will do, there will be Da Pah Ekara San, giving you the practical side of everything, of how you can truly create that you are the center of all things; that you truly are the heart of all things. This is what being the heart of all things is all about.

From void to Abundance

It is no coincidence either that this message today comes in on the 1st of November in this year 2007 because you have now gone one third of the road that is leading to the final 1-1-1-portal, the final activation on January 28th – and what an activation! You see? It is no coincidence. The reason why I am telling you these things is that you need to know and also you need to believe that the worst part – and I have told you this before that this would be the date – that the worst part of what you were doing is over. It is.

Even though some of you at specific places in the world are in wintertime right now, I invite you after this message, to go outside. You don’t need a jacket. That is just illusion. You don’t need to feel cold because if you feel cold, then you are still creating the void within, you see, that needs to pull energy towards it. How can you be cold if you are the source of all things, constantly bombarding energy out of you? You can’t be cold that way.

So, I invite you to go outside, once this message is complete, to find the Sun wherever it is, even if it is behind the clouds. And if you are listening to this message at night, then find the moon or find a bright star. You will find one; I guarantee it. And as you go outside, understand in what special energy you are on this planet today. Special. The greatest shift ever is happening right under your fingertips, and you are still waiting for energy to come in! It is happening everywhere you walk, and you are still waiting for something to be handed over to you.

All these energy broadcasts that all of us have been doing in the last few years have been about reconfiguring your system of void to a system of abundance, where you are the abundance. The abundance is not about financial gain. It isn’t about having enough food; it isn’t even about the fact that you have enough food and money for today. It is not about food and money; it is about energy. It is about the fact that you are creating the world. It is about the fact that you are the center of the universe; it is about the fact that you are becoming what you have always been: divinity. Divinity knows no lack. It knows no pain. It knows no shame. It knows no fear, for it is All That Is. And if you are still in those positions of shame or fear, then you are in the energy of void, which is the essence of the mind, projected into yourself as the ego because the ego always wants to have. It wants to have attention; it wants to have power; it wants to have. If you go beyond the ego and you go into the Akene, if you go into the source, then all you want to do, my dear friends, is give.

And again I implore you not to start giving all your money away; not to start giving all your possessions away. What you need to give is what you know is your truth. What you need to give is to the world that which will set them free.

You have gone through the hardest part of all of it now. The month of October 2007 wasn’t a very easy one, and all of you know this – not just the ones that are here, but all those that are listening. Everybody knows that… How do you say it in this day and age? October was a bitch? Well, it was a bitch. Let’s call it a ‘bitch’. It was a very difficult month indeed, especially after the closing of the 9-9-9-portal, which put you in a very uncertain space because you knew something had stopped and something was about to begin, but what was happening, you didn’t know. Where could you go? Where could you ask the questions? Nowhere. Nobody could truly help you.

A Shift of Perception

Now, you have held on. And that is very good because again the worst of that journey is over. November will be about the integration of what I have just told you, I and all the others, the fact that you are the center of the universe. And then December will be the final preparation for the actual shift of consciousness, which is basically a shift of perception that is going to happen.

You see, when I mean a ‘shift of perception’, you think that because of your eyes and your ears and your nose, your senses that are all pointed outward, that you have always looked to this world from the inside out. That is the biggest mistake of all. The energy of void, the energy of ego, the energy that is pulling everything into you has taught you, society has taught you, to look to yourself from the outside in. Haven’t you noticed how the shell of your body, which is your skin and your looks, are so much more important than what is going on within you? At least until you get sick, and one of your organs need to be fixed. But even then the doctor goes from the outside to the inside to do that. Even though you have that microscopical type of surgery these days, there is still something going inside of you.

This is also the way that your life has worked. Looking at yourself from the outside in. How do others perceive me, you see? And you have been looking at yourselves from the standpoint, the viewpoint of the other. And that, my dear friends is called ‘identification’ because then you are actually saying and sending the message out there that there is ‘you’ and there is ‘the other’. And the way the other perceives you is even more important than the way you perceive yourself. That is identification.

Now, if you unify yourselves with the other, then there is no looking from the outside to the inside. Then everything you see happens from within and goes to the outside of you, which is just your playground, which is just an energy, which is still part of you, but it is the understanding that your body is bigger than the flesh you are sitting in. It is the understanding that your body is the complete universe around you. That is your body, even though you are not aware of the movements of the waves, which is something you are doing, or the movements of the clouds.

Some have told me, asked me in conversations, “If those clouds, if the wind that is blowing, if the birds that are flying right now is me, then why am I not aware that I am doing it?” Well, the answer is very simple. Are you aware how you are making your heart beat? Are you aware how many biological functions are going on inside of you right now? No. No, you don’t. You don’t think about this. You don’t think about how many heartbeats per minute you should create. You don’t think about how many breaths you need to take. You don’t think about your brain functioning. You don’t think about what is happening with your kidneys right now, what is happening with your liver. You don’t think about all those thousands and thousands and thousands of red and white blood cells running through your veins right now. You just allow it to happen because it is a biological function, while everything that is going on around you is also a function of your energy body. It is the way the system works; it is the way life really works. So, allow that, allow that to happen and take all the energy back within, so that the void no longer needs to be there.

That was the actual message that Da Pah Ekara San wanted to give you during ‘The New Energy Human’, un-shattering yourself through time and space. Take all the energy back, all the energy that you have said is not you, take it back within, fill the void and then start the transmission again. Then start transmitting the energy from abundance and create that all around you. If you keep that abundance within, you will be amazed at how quickly you will see the world change around you.

What you are sitting in right now anyway is a shattered reality. You are all living shattered realities, all of you. You have your reality, you have your reality – everybody has their reality. Hurray! And as you do you sometimes think that you interact with a person. It is true indeed that if there is a person A in your life and if there is a person B in your life that these energies do really exist. But have you any idea how often you really communicate with them? No! Most of the time you are just communicating with a part of them that has been created in favor of you because you have done that creation; you have created that. Most of the time you are not speaking to the true self, so what you are speaking to is just a reflection of you. That is what the mirror means; that is what all of those things mean that we have been talking about for such a long time. So, if you learn how to handle that, then you will see how things will change in the future. So stop thinking from the perspective of void and start thinking from the perspective of abundance, alright?

Being Here Now

Now, as I have told you… Because I need to close this, the energy has been set, and we need to continue, very shortly actually. The energy has been set. What I have told you is that this is the tenth to last message of this Universal Manifest which is about creating your universe. What I have done now is give you the introduction, let’s say, the energy introduction to what Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San is going to be talking about very soon. You will learn that the concept of that which in Lemuria was called ‘Eja’i Chi’, which would roughly translate in to ‘being here now’ — it is one of the translations that you can come up with — ‘being here now’ is not just about being in this body. It is not just about being here in this space that you sit in. It is not just about being here in this universe. ‘Being here now’ – and you will learn this very soon – is about being ‘here’, inhabiting this universe, understanding that you are the complete universe, everything that goes around. That is the actual art of Eja’i Chi, being here now. Do you understand this? And this is something that you need to look at in the coming days.

Now, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or the day after that, depending on the time that you can find within your own field of creation, I will ask my beloved friend Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San to come in and give you the poetry of all of this. What he will do, and I am already telling you because then you can prepare, what he will do is take you further than you have ever gone before.

You have taught and learned about the Akene; you have learned about the geometry of existence; you have learned about manifesting free energy; you have learned about the triangle that gets a three-dimensional perspective and how this basically is your field of reality, this ‘pyramid’ let’s call it. This pyramid is basically your field of reality. Now, have you ever thought of the fact that the Akene, once you open it up into a three-dimensional existence, once you completely open that up, that you have two pyramids connecting to each other in a horizontal way? What Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San will take you through next time is the actual activation of the Akene, and that is going from the energy of void to the energy of complete and utter abundance, something that is not taking place without, but something that is taking place within, you see?

Once that happens, you will learn how to shift your reality. Let’s just say that in these last few messages that will finalize, complete the Universal Manifest that you have been listening to now for the better part of the year, that these will be the last messages to prepare you for what is to come. But right after that, you will get in to a state of exercise. The coming messages in 2008, especially after the leap that you will witness on January 28th, will no longer be about giving you information. It won’t even be about giving you practical tools. You have almost gotten to the end of the information after all those years of listening to it. But now the introduction, so to speak, is over, and the first chapter is still to be written. And this first chapter is again about you: how you work with that information; how you put that out there, you see? So from January 2008 onward you will see that the theory will end and the actual practice will begin. And these types of Ekaraias and even the Shouds and even the channels that are happening all around the world will take on a different shape, a different form indeed. It will all be about practicing; it will all be about working with energy in such a way that you haven’t done so before. Also you will see that it is not just going to be about us talking; it is going to be about you.

I can’t even begin to tell you how that is going to work because we haven’t gotten an idea yet either. But if Mastery has taught us something it is that we always find a way. It is about a revolution happening on the planet; it is about eight billion Masters waking up. It is not about us versus you. It is not about us giving you the information; that part of the journey is going to be over. You are going to bring it in yourselves in such a way that you haven’t even conceived of.

Declaring Independence

So, let us then announce this celebration on the 15th and 16th of December where we finalize the actual Universal Manifest, which is the introduction to your own Mastery. And let us do this with a great party. I understand that you have all decided, you as the Fellowship here have decided to go to Camelot, to be in Tintagel, England, for this, and that you are preparing to declare your own independence: independence from energy, independence from thought, independence from other people’s power. It is very important that date, and we will gladly all be there. Then we will party with you. And we will show you some very important pointers that you still need to see before you can actually step in to this yourselves.

Then there is one last thing I would like to say because this is turning out to be quite a long Ekaraia indeed. There is one last thing that I would like to say. I know since all the Imzaia and all the Shaumbra and all the Light workers and all the enlightened seekers energetically at this very moment are locked onto this position, are connected to this bay right now – which is what we did last night – I want to tell all of you something. I know that within many of your minds lives the fear, the fear that there has been so much information provided and that it is veritably impossible to contain it all. I also know that there is a very big chance that you listening right now, wherever you are in the world, think that you are the person that understands this the least; that you think that you are the last to cross the bridge; that you think that you are the one that is not getting it at all and that you are going to be left behind.

Well, let me tell you this, about ninety percent of the Lightworkers, the Shaumbra, the Imzaia think this. It is not true. There is no one that is first, energetically speaking, and there is no one that is last. You are all crossing this bridge together. That is very important to understand. There is maybe someone who is just a couple of meters ahead, trying to shine the light for the rest, just being the pioneer, looking if the path is created well enough, but you are all creating it yourselves, together. You need to understand this. It wouldn’t be possible for one person to cross the bridge, if you weren’t all creating it together, do you see this? So, no one is going to be left behind. No one is going to be the last one to cross.

I need to tell you something – and that is the very last thing that I will tell you. As you look upon this world and as you see all the problems that still exist within this world – now we have talked in great detail about all of these problems in this Ekaraia – but as you see all of these problems, you need to understand that something is indeed being done about it. There are not many people that know this, but now I would like to bring this out for the rest of the world to hear: there are some who are joining in teams, who are joining in energy teams or trinity teams, that are gathering to create a better world, that are doing this. These are the pioneers. But again, they are dependent (in a positive way) on your creative ability as well and on what you as a person on this planet are doing.

So many of you think, “I have been listening to this information for years and I’m still stuck in my job. I’m still stuck in my house. I’m still stuck in my unhappy marriage. I’m still stuck in a financial problem. I’m still stuck in disease.” Well, unclog yourselves. Today you have been given the information on how to do that, on how to go to from energy of void, where everything is coming in to you, to energy of abundance, where everything is coming out of you, leaving from your perspective. And if you feel that you are stuck, if you feel that you are someone who is still in a position that you don’t want to be in, then do everything you can to energetically support these teams. They have already liberated themselves from their old paradigm and they are about to take the next step for you, to be the pioneers for you, to check if the bridge that you have all created is already strong enough to be walked upon, you see, to see if all that energy has already solidified and if it is ready to be walked upon.

If you want to help, then just help from the perspective of abundance and from the perspective of giving. Transmit that energy that you can miss to these people. There are just four teams in the world right now, and only one has actually started up. Three others will follow, but you need to know that as this happens, they are doing this for all of you.

Be Prepared for the Change You Asked For

So, if you don’t see change in your lives, know it is happening behind the scenes anyway. And maybe you won’t see the results next week or next month, but you will see a lot of results at the beginning of next year, the end of January 2008. You will see what we are talking about. Be prepared, for all the change that you have wanted in your lives, that you have prayed to God for, “Please bring me change”, well, you are all going to feel it getting dumped onto you all at once. It is all going to happen all at once. So, all that energy that you have put in that container is going to come down on you like a rainstorm on a hot Texan day, if you understand my drift.

So, my beloved Imzaia, my beloved Shaumbra, Lightworkers, enlightened seekers, whatever you want to call yourself, change is coming. It is coming pretty fast. Take the time to explore the inner side of you in the month of November; that will be very important. And get ready for the coming message. It will be a very practical one. It will be the activation of your Akene, in a way that you haven’t done before. And this will be the actual activation of it. Up until now the Akene has just been a theoretical concept, but from that point onward you will see it enter into your lives in a completely new way.

I bid you my love. I bring you all my joy. I bring you the abundance that I have found within myself, within the you that is me. I have found this abundance here. It is in my heart and it is the source of all things, the heart of all things. It is creating everything around me. And all I can do as a teacher is help you find that space within, find that very same source of energy, that very same source of abundance that is no longer sucking things to it, but that is so full, so complete and so divine that it can’t but create; that it can’t but send out all that energy. And I have found that space within myself, as will you find that space within you. All of that is happening; all of that is going on in the coming months.

Make sure you are ready for the final jump end of January 2008, because after that we are done steering this car for you and you are going to get the steering wheel. So, you better learn how to drive.

And with that, my beloved Imzaia, all of my energy raises itself and stands up to shout on to this world, “I am that I am Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San!”

And so it bloody is. Namaste and all that.

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