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  • The Study of Vibration | Session 159

    SUMMARYImmediately following Session 158, the day on Black Sand Turtle Beach (Big Island, HI) continues with Session 159 and the arrival of Da Lemuaya San. In fact, this unique moment in time marks the return of Da Lemuaya San to the collective human consciousness, as, in his words, “the last time I spoke, the words…

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    • San’zaia’e da akeyan’shi o imzaia! ✨☀️🧡☀️✨ Returning as a restored Session to the Study of Vibration archives today is 159, originally titled “The Akene in Action” — a fascinating session for many reasons if not for the fact that this is Da Lemuaya San of tachyonic service’s first presentation to human consciousness since Lemurian times. Recorded on Black Sand Turtle Beach, Big Island, Hawaii, in the middle of nature, with a few dozen attending students sitting spread out on gigantic tree roots, we hope that you will find yourself transported to this beloved and special moment in space/time. We are certain that all imzaia attending, no matter where in space or time they are, will welcome your akeneic presence with open arms and an open heart! ✨☀️🧡☀️✨ Enjoy your journey! 🚀

      • San’a’ke ❤️ Wow, Da’ka’ya!

        So wonderful that this session has been restored and is now available to all. Da Lemuaya San’s first communication was and is rather impactful, I remember it as quite the moment, because of the topics discussed but also just sitting in his presence during the class.

        San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e ❤️🙏🏻❤️

        • San’a’ke ❤️
          Da’ka’ya Da Lemuaya San.
          It is a true privilege an honour to be able to listen to your words. Reading the session’s transcript helped to refresh my memory about what you exactly said then about tachyons/photons and time/space. Love it and much more!
          It brought tears to my eyes to hear you speak for the first time. thank you. ❤️
          🌺 🌷🥀

        • Beloved One,
          Beloved All beings,
          Beloved Da Pah Kwan Yin San,
          Beloved imzaia,
          Beloved Da Akenet San,
          Beloved Da Gaia San’s entourage,
          Beloved ake’yan’shi

          Now, Tabernacling celebrating within the infinite One Shi’ha’lyn i’imzaia’e
          Now, Oh Yes iam jumping of Joy as Gratitude as within that given Love is bending Light within that akeneic beingness celebrating imzaia’e ka’ra
          Now, Ba Ohami imzaia’e ka’ra oja’i eja’i to All beings
          Now, Eternal blessings within eternal Light as eternal Love of all is akeneic creation.
          And so it is! Da’ka’ya
          Shi’ha’lyn na’e i’imzaia’e Honomeia
          Now riding the dragon Da Lemuaya San Da Ba i’karaya eja’i iam paying all celebrating 🍾 🐉🔥🤍🧡🔆 👌🧡🤍Da BaDaDa within Oneness, one Da akeneic 🔥 Ba Service to the whole.
          Within Loveforce for creating Da La’na’eSanka’ra
          Honoleia Hanaloa Hanasanka shi’ha’lyn i’imzaia’e
          Honomeia Ba Ohami imzaia’e ka’ra
          Eja’i imzaia’e ♾ ake’yan’shi ake’ya’San Da JoYYa San imzaia’e
          now i belove to Be o’i’da i o’i’ba i’karaya ohami vish imzaia’e
          within Godspeed Da’ka’ya ♾ 🤍🔶️🙏🐢🐬🐳⭕🔆♾🐢🐬🐳🔆🧡🐢 🔥🐉 within 🧡🤍🕊
          Honoleia Hanaloa shi’ha’lyn i’imzaia’e San’a’k’aya
          Honomeia ejai, oja’i.

      • Every Tine when i listen to the power of thausend suns my Heartbeat goes stronger and my breath much slower . This is a amazing expierience ❤️🙏❤️

      • ” Beloved imzaia,

        It is about inhabiting it all

        and living it all.

        It is being in the Now.

        The body is the only ship to navigate 

        the Sea of Now 

        Beloved imzaia, staying in the Now is everything you will ever need!

        Falling out from this is going into a state of flux and your energy is not balanced any more. You just go round and r…[Read more]

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        • Enjoy today’s Imzaia Quote by Da Pah Kwan Yin San, taken from a recording in 2009, for your conscious contemplation. ❤️🙏❤️

        • San’a’ke 🙏 Am I correct that this is what you explained the other day as the full 2nd simplicity with the metaphysical expression of Rahnish Vayanish: “Expression before experience, only insofar that the expression (aya) is contained within the experience, leading to further expression?”

        • Thank you Beloved Da Pah Kwan Yin San’a’ke Da’ka’ya
          Da Akeyasan Da JoYYa San is bringing 🍵 🫖 tea for all ake’yan’shi Beloved imzaia’e
          To celebrate our conscious infinte akeneic Creatorself
          Shi’ha’lyn Honoleia i’imzaia’e
          See you soon!

      • I Am Awareness over Matter

        This is a 15 minute clip featuring Da Jeshua San, taken from an Ascension Radio episode, in which a personal encounter with a mosquito leads to a discussion on the concept of I Am Awareness. Da Jeshua San invites you to raise your level of awareness to the holographic nature of reality and to explore…

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        • An encounter with a mosquito inspires Da Jeshua San in 2009 to speak to you about the concept of I Am Awareness over Matter. We hope that you may experience enjoyment and expansion as you connect to this 15 minute clip. 🙏

        • San’a’ke 🙏

          Da’ka’ya for this very fascinating teaching. ‘I am awareness over matter’ pulls you out of separation. As long as I look at a mosquito (or whatever it may be) as being separate from me, it will always bug me. In the I AM, the mosquito and I are one. I recognize it as my creation and my creator. And in that, I am awareness over matter.

          San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e
          Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

        • I am awareness over matter. I feel an expansion that moves beyond this physical body and mind into the sense of being the source all things. Da’ka’ya!! 🤗❤

        • 🤍💚♾🥰🙏🔆 San’a’ke
          Da’ka’ya to All beloved imzaia
          San’a’kaya Da Ohami imzaia’e
          Eja’i shi’ha’lyn i’imzaia’e
          Now Now Now Now eternal blessings to all beings as infinite ♾ points of consciousness
          Coming together within one’s akene ake’yan’shi as
          many rivers of San are now celebrating
          Eja’i Da Honoleia na’e i’imzaia’e San’a’ke
          Eja’i imzaia’e
          iam that iam that iam that iam that iam thY Origin of Love
          and I belove in you !
          Eja’i Da akeyasan JoYYa San

      • @oreion San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Oreion Anu Merlin San ❤️ I am overjoyed with your arrival on Imzaia World, welcome back! 🌈 So wonderful to see your beautiful smile and to feel your excitement for all that is to come. I wish you the most wonderful of journeys, and very much look forward to connecting more, also in the Mentorship Group! ❤️🌟❤️
        Eja’i…[Read more]

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        • San’a’ke ❤️

          The first Imzaia Quote in this fashion and so simple and true. Just continuously staying aware of this will naturally create change.

          Da’ka’ya ❤️🙏🏻❤️

          San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e

          Da Akeyasan Amy Makai San

        • San’a’ke ❤ Only by being Present in the Now are we able to create and bring out what we really want. Not based on previous experiences from the mental data-base that take you left and right and round and round. It will all fall away. Live from the Heart. ❤🙏❤

        • San’a’ke 💖
          Be here now.
          It keeps us in a place of love, not fear.
          Da’ka’ya o Imzaia’e 🙏

        • San’a’ke 🙏


          Actively focusing on being present here now for me is a meditation, no matter what I am doing at any particular moment. And I can only do this when I am fully in the heart. Otherwise, I lose my focus, and the mind instantly goes off into any of the four directions it can go, as Da Pah Ekara San explained: the past or the future of the self and the past or the future of the (supposed) other and the world.

          Da’vish’ka i ohami imzaia’e
          Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

        • 🧡🙏🤍
          San a’ke Honoleia na’e i’imzaia’e
          San’a’kaya Ohami da’ba’vish’ka’ra iii’imzaia’e
          Eja’i shi’ha’lyn imzaia’e

      • The Study of Vibration | Session 298

        Part of the “Life After Ascension of All Matter” seminar, recorded in the Netherlands in 2011, Session 298 features a joint presentation between Da Pah Kwan Yin San and Da Gaia San. Opening the Session is Da Pah Kwan Yin San, who takes the Akeyasan Student Body through an exercise, which teaches the true meaning…

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        • San’a’ke o Da Akeyan’shi 🙏 I hope everyone is enjoying this San-day 🥰 and that your celebration of yesterday’s Imzaia Day 2020 was one to never forget!

          Today, we have released the next SOV Session for your study, practice, and contemplation: Session 298, which opens with an exercise by myself, followed by a presentation by Da Gaia San, which she titled “Becoming a Planetary Creator” 🌎 Transcript and detailed description to follow! Bah’jiht da’vish’ka imzaia’e! 🔥❤️🔥

          • San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San 🙏

            Da’ka’ya for releasing the next part of this very important series of study sessions. I am thrilled to see these treasures online for benefit of all, as I myself am thoroughly enjoying revisiting these sessions again and again, discovering deeper layers still every time I do. As such, I am very much looking forward to being with Da Gaia San again in this particular session.

            Da’vish’ka i ohami imzaia’e
            Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

          • Honoleia na’e i’imzaia’e
            Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San’a’ke
            Da’ka’ya Da Gaia San’zaia
            Bah’jiht da’vish’ka imzaia’e
            ake’yan’shi Da Ake’ya’San Da JoY’Ya San
            Ohami vish kara imzaia’e
            Eja’i imzaia’e

        • San’a’ke Da Akeyasan James Madison San 🔥🙏🔥 You uplift each particle defined and undefined with your radiating universal fire! 🌈 Da’ka’ya vish imzaia’e! In gratitude and well-being I belove in you! ❤️

            • San’a’ke ❤️

              This session with Da Gaia San is just something else 💚🌍💚
              I am speechless 🙏


          • All Students in the Mentorship Program are encouraged to check the Zoom channel. A written teaching on Da (Love) and the quantum realm happened there several hours ago. 🙏

            If you have already sent your email address but you have not yet been added: I will do so soon.

            If you are a Mentorship Student but are not yet aware of the important…[Read more]

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            • San’a’ke 💖 This is such an empowering quote: it truly invites us all to embrace and celebrate our creator self in incredible expression and experience, making the knowing that Love is All and All is Love real, and is simply an experience not to be missed! So very grateful for all that we are learning and experiencing in the Imzaia Mentorship classes! One big, heartful Da’ka’ya! 💖 🙏

              San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e 💖 Eja’i imzaia’e 💖

            • San’a’ke ❤️

              Da’ka’ya for turning this piece into a Quote. When I was going through the class again today this was one of the sentences that impacted me hugely. Initially as a challenge in the realization that, indeed, we really do have to love ALL of it. The perspective quickly changed because of the fact that we are, indeed, transforming all of it, through Da and all that we are leaning in the Mentorship Program. Da’ka’ya ❤️🙏🏻❤️ This feels extremely powerful. So grateful! 🥰

          • @pahdasan San’a ke Dat Pahdasan Kalynda San Da’ka’ya for explaning the stones .much love for you ❤️❤️❤️

          • @kenneth San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Kenneth Chan San ❤️ A very warm welcome to Imzaia World 🌈 So wonderful that you did not resist the pull, that in your own words was stronger than gravity, and joined us here! Your timing could not have been more perfect! Enjoy the first Mentorship Class, and see you very soon, for Imzaia Live or a Mentorship…

            [Read more]

          • @kenneth San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Kenneth Chan San 🙏💖 What a great JOY it is to welcome you here to Imzaia World and to the Mentorship Program! I feel your beautiful heart and feel over the moon blessed to share this incredible journey Home with you! May every breath and every heartbeat and in between embrace you and all that you hold in your…

            [Read more]

          • @kenneth San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Kenneth Chan San 💖 It is so wonderful to see you following your heart and joining Ascended Life’s Mentorship Program! I am truly looking forward to getting to know you and learn about your insights and experiences as we continue this journey of the heart together. May you feel welcome here at Imzaia World, the…

            [Read more]

          • @kenneth San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Kenneth San ✨☀️💛☀️✨ It is a blessing and a joy to welcome you to Imzaia World 🌈🙏🌈 Da’ka’ya (gratitude) for joining the students in the Mentorship Program. You arrived as I am sat here, preparing for a recording by Da Pah Ekara San, right in the middle of a grand acceleration and renewed activation of this…

            [Read more]

          • @kenneth San’a’ke Da Akeyasan Kenneth Chan San 🥰 It is a pleasure to meet you here. Congratulation! Enjoy the journey home, where the heart is 💚
            Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San 🌸💐🌸
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              • San’a’ke ❤ When we focus on Consciousness, we can move into the space in between of what we now experience as our physical body and the reality around that. Go beyond the limited perception of mind and bring mind the understanding that separation is an illusion by direct experience ❤🙏❤

              • San’a’ke 🙏
                It is really quite incredible how limited we have allowed ourselves to become over the course of many a lifetime, supposedly locked into a personality with only 5 physical senses, through which we perceive our ‘external’ world.

                Da’ka’ya Da Pah Ekara San for exposing this lie with this simple truth. And even though I might not experience this truth right away, I can feel deep within that it is so. It is my understanding that if I keep expressing it and living it as much as I can, it will eventually move from the realms of the theoretical into a practical experience.

                San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e,
                Da Akeyasan Chachi Ram San ❤🙏❤

              • Beloved One,
                Da’ka’ya Da Pah Ekara San’a’ke
                Da’ka’ya lyn ka’ra
                Da’ka’ya Da Mer’ka’vah San’a’ke
                Shi’ha’lyn ohami vish’ka’ra i imzaia’e na’e
                Eja’i imzaia’e
                a’ke’yan’shi Da JoY’Ya San’Ka’ra

            • 🌴〽️♾🥰🔼⭕♾🔶️🟠♾〽️🐢🐳🐬🥰🧡♾〽️🔆♻️🔶️🦎🐲🐉🥰🦁〽️🌴
              Da’ka’ya to All beloved imzaia beloved ake’yan’shi + One akeneic cell
              San a’ke Dah’lyn Shi’ha’lyn vah’lyn shi ish ka’ra imzaia’e
              a’ke Da JoY’Ya San 🐎🦁🐕🐈🐈‍⬛ shi vish ba’ka’ra’e imzaia’e
              Ohami to All beloved beings !
              Honomeia…[Read more]

            • Honoleia i imzaia’e
              San a’ke
              Hugs within a’ke’yan’shi Da JoY’Ya San’ka’ra imzaia’e
              Ohami vish’ka’ra imzaia’e
              a’ke Da ☀️🧡☀️
              i am breathing infinite eternal Da
              Eja’i imzaia’e
              I Belove in all of us

            • 🌴🐬🐢🐳🌴

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