Session 281 is a presentation by Da Pah Kwan Yin San who opens this first part of a three part introductory set of lectures on the Sovereign Ascension Spectrum technique (a.k.a. the SAS technique).

The brainchild of Da Pah Ekara San, the SAS technique finds its origins not thousands but millions of linear years ago, in a period of cosmic time often referred to in The Study of Vibration as the Fluid Lemuria (as opposed to the vibrational, third density Lemuria, which existed around 50.000 years ago on Earth).

As the English translation of the name suggests, the SAS technique is an ascension training program, originally taught by Da Pah Ekara San, that takes the student to the edge of one’s known reality and beyond.

In Da Pah Ekara San’s own words: “The Sovereign Ascension Spectrum (SAS) Technique that we are proposing hopes to enhance, advance and speed up the experience of you letting go of your mind so that you may connect quicker to all of life to the fullest, so that you may create a New Earth with your full consciousness intact. Indeed, all of this is available. The wonderful thing about this technique is that only certain things, and not the vast entirety of the mind world within you, has to be broken down for the entire system to fall apart completely and, in essence, for you to be liberated once more.”

Although The Study of Vibration Sessions are not necessarily designed to be studied and worked with in linear sequence, akeyasan students that have already studied Sessions 169 through 203 (often referred to as the Mastering the Grand Illusions Collection or the MGI Collection) will find themselves arriving at deeper insights and expanded understandings by studying the SAS technique, which takes many of the concepts originally offered in the MGI Sessions and moves those into practice. Both Collections can also be experienced and studied in their own right.

As Da Pah Kwan Yin San explains, in its introductory stage the Sovereign Ascension Spectrum technique is designed to help you move through your daily situations with mastery and reach for the truth of what is really happening to you in every moment. Even in the course of these three introductory Sessions, the student learns to interact inter-dimensionally with the neural nets of the brain, achieving full access to belief systems and synaptic pathways created through years of new and repeating experiences. Da Pah Kwan Yin San goes on to explain that, with proper training, the SAS technique as taught by ascended life, can expand one’s mind to encompass the entirety of creation, which is not the end of the ascension road, “but it certainly is when the fun truly starts.”

Other Topics Include...

Learn how to neutralize charged neural pathways in the brain – The SAS technique as a major detox system for your neural net and energy grid – The mind matrix is designed to stop the personality from escaping it – False Memory Identification – Light body Merkabah Restoration – The restrictiveness of choices within the mind matrix reality – You are making choices that you have been taught to make – The SAS technique is about becoming the programmer of your mind and reality – Memory gaps – Authority Identification – Lack Identification – Pillars of Identification – Gender Identification – The Ascension Codes – Sub-Frequential Realities – Tonality & Tonal Reality – The impact of childhood experiences and of other lifetimes – Teaching the SAS Technique – What you are doing in every moment matters – Attributes, Aspects, Archetypes, Sub-Archetypes, Personality types & Personas – And much more.

Originally Titled: “The Sovereign Ascension Spectrum (S.A.S.) Technique: Introduction, Part 1”

The Study of Vibration | Session 281

by Da Pah Kwan Yin San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

Many, many greetings and welcome on this beautiful Sunday afternoon to the first Global Master Class presented by

Today we will be talking about the SAS Technique and I am sure that many of you out there have already heard about this as you have browsed the material of our website.

I am Da Pah Kwan Yin San and I am here today with Da Amy San.

Da Amy San: Yes, hello everyone and thanks for joining in this beautiful class that we are having together. I am sure this information about the SAS Technique will do a lot for you, will change a lot.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: It is true because SAS (for people who may not know, who have not read the brochure or anything) stands for the ‘Sovereign Ascension Spectrum Technique’, and it is something that was developed many millions of years ago in what was called the ‘fluid Lemuria’ – not the Lemuria that everyone speaks about, which was more based on the physical reality that humans exist in today, but in a more timeless and spaceless experience of Lemuria that actually permeates even our life and everything in this world in this moment. It is amazing how this energy is always available to people, and part of what the SAS Technique does of course is bring that back to them. So we are very excited that we can finally start talking about this.

Da Amy San: Definitely.

Strong Connection to Mastering the Grand Illusions

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: In fact, the SAS Technique is the brainchild I should say of Da Pah Ekara San, who many of you out there of course know from series such as Mastering the Grand Illusions of course, which bases the entire SAS Technique spectrum in it, but as many people, who have gone through the Mastering the Grand Illusion Series in the last two/three years or so, have said: “It’s a great series, but it is very difficult for everyone to actually get the entire overview of what is being presented.”

Yes, everyone knows that the Grand Illusions are Form, Time, Space, Exchange, Death, and Separation and everyone knows probably everything that has been said in those fourteen episodes presented by Da Pah Ekara San and Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San and Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San and others (I believe Da Satya San was part of it too), but this Online Master Class that we are starting today (this is the introduction to it) will start moving all of that into more of a practical arena, where people will be able to start working with the neural net in their brains, in their heads, which forms their belief systems, and start literally erasing or neutralizing some of the neuro-synaptic pathways that have been created through years of experience.

Da Amy San: We have been working with it here several times of course, and what it kind of does is give you the neutral overview of what is happening and connecting everything – the illusions with your attributes and with your pillars – and that really makes it so neutral that you can see it and that you can just drop it, change it.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes, that is the beauty about it because everyone that is participating in this class today obviously has already had the notes sent to them before the class started, so everyone (I am assuming) will have already looked at that.

So if you take that in front of you right now, the pyramid structure that we have presented you with before this class started, then you see all of the arenas and all of the segments there are to the SAS Technique and everything it touches. As you can see in the middle there, the Grand Illusions are only a small part of the entire thing. The beauty about the SAS Technique is that it all starts with your daily situations and it takes you all the way up to what has been blocking you; to translate those daily situations into your direct experience of life. When we talk about ‘life’ of course, we are not talking about life as it is lived here. That would be more like a mental construct.

Da Amy San: Survival.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Survival instead of living, indeed. The survival that Da Amy San just mentioned is basically taking place in your pyramid between everything that is between the ‘Daily Situations’ and ‘Life’ at the top itself. A lot of people are surprised when they see everything that is basically illusion, that is basically a construct, but all of that (attributes, aspects that we will be talking about today, the potential archetypes and sub-archetypes that exist, the Grand Illusions obviously and the sub-illusions, the catalysts between those illusions and the minor illusions of love, joy, and freedom) how all of that connects back to truth, and obviously how all that connects to life. Many people are surprised when they see such a vast construct and that everything inside of that construct can be identified as the life they have lived. Just like Da Amy San said, in the last half year or so I think the Akeyasans here at Hana San Ka in Tintagel have been working on this technique and have been experiencing things through it.

Overview of What to Expect

Let us get a bit more clarity on the situation. I am just going to give you an overview right now of what you can expect, not just today but also in the SAS Technique classes that are to come, because as many people know who visit our website (I think everyone who is connecting to this material right now would be visiting our website, otherwise they would not know that the material existed), we have a lot of free information out there. I already mentioned the Mastering the Grand Illusion Series. There is also the Alchemy of Ascension Series, there is the Cosmic Manifest Series that started in 2007 that we now are translating into English (some of it was in another language), and there is the Divinity Manifest, the Reality under Construction Series – in other words there is hundreds and hundreds of hours worth of material out there that people have been connecting to, that you all out there have been connecting to and that has obviously brought some clarity back to the life that you are living.

But now we are going to take it a step further with this course that we are presenting, the SAS Technique, and with another course that will be kind of linked to it called the Ascension Codes. We are going to take it one step further. As I said before, we are going to be taking it into the practical. The beauty about that is that we can offer these courses (the SAS Technique courses and the Ascension Codes classes) for people who are really ready and willing to take the next step. I guess that is where the expertise of people such as Da Amy San and the people who also are also present here but not in the studio right now, Da Georgie San, Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San and Da Rose San, will come in handy, because of course the only thing we really do here except for working is working on what is happening on the inside.

All of that just to say that there is a lot of information out there and that this is going to basically take it one step further. It is going to tie in a lot of the loose ends for instance that have been building up in the course of three or four years or maybe even more of ascended information that has been coming through, first started by Da David Dubié San, then continued with Da Jeshua   Ben Ekara San, and now continued with myself, Da Pah Kwan Yin San.

Da Amy San: It makes very much sense that this is going to be the next step, because everything that is in the channelings right now you can kind of play with a little bit, while if you are going to do this, I mean, then we are really talking seriously working on yourself in a fun way.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Not always that fun.

Da Amy San: No, not always that fun; that is true too.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: It can be quite intense.

Da Amy San: Sometimes that is true, but you do start to know that it is going to break away something again, that you are going to blow up a neural pathway again.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Exactly. And you feel the immediate expansion that comes with that.

Neural Pathways & False Memory Identification

And that, Amy San, brings me into the first step of the SAS Technique, which literally is the blowing up of neural pathways. For people who have the notes in front of them, the one page that we have provided for you today, the entire pyramid that you can see, going all the way from the ‘Daily Situations’ all the way up to ‘Life’ is basically step one of the SAS Technique itself, which is the deletion and neutralization or – as they say it here – ‘the blowing up’ of neural pathways.

I am going to be talking to you today about neural pathways, what they are beyond the information that many of you perhaps already know, how they are formed, why this structure is in place and what you can do about it. All of that is to be found within that pyramid, which basically covers the entire spectrum of Ascension theory that has been presented via in all of the years of its existence.

After that, behind the first step, once the neural net and specific pathways of the neural net are neutralized, the big thing that comes to the foreground in step two basically, if you will, is False Memory Identification. This is usually a kicker for everyone that is connecting to the SAS Technique, as we have been experimenting with it here, the deletion of false memory, because people who have been going through the procedure here have actually realized that at some point in the procedure they actually have two sets of memories about the same events taking place, and one of them can’t be true, you know. Both can’t be true, so one of them has to be a false memory identification, which you can start to see because of the neutralization of the neural net that we will be doing in the course of step one.

That all leads into the third step of the SAS Technique, and as it says on the notes, that is the Lightbody Merkaba Restoration, which basically is a fancy word for saying ‘the restoration of the original state of being’ or even ‘the state of beingness’, if you will, after all of these things are out of your system.

In other words, this entire SAS Technique is like a major detox system for your neural net and your energy grid and everything that connects to that, because what people often don’t realize is how much the neural net actually controls in your life – I am not just talking about what happens inside of the body; I am also talking about what is happening outside of the body. There is a whole lot of control, and actually the world, beloved Imzaia, looks quite different from, removed from that perspective, let’s say. That is what we are hoping to give you a glimpse of today, as we go into this introduction.

Da Amy San: Could you say that the false memory identification is because of your colored perception?

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes, yes actually that is true. As you say, neural nets create belief systems. They create parameters, they create a perception of reality, and because of that you actually generate another memory set than actually took place in many of the cases. It doesn’t just happen in the immediate moment. It happens afterwards. It happens when people start revisiting their experiences of the past and either start putting other people’s perceptions on it or their own altered perceptions that now allow them to live life in some sort of happy state.

You know, you would be quite shocked – throughout the many years of my beingness in service to Earth and other locations within this universe – you would be surprised how many people and beings I have worked with that actually discovered things like having had a child they didn’t know about because it had been taken, let’s say – which is a topic we don’t necessarily have to go into too deeply at the beginning of this class, but as I will tell you out there later on in the four hours that we will spend together about why the neural net and why the entire brain wiring has been created, why all of that happened, then we will go a little deeper into that. But people have big memory gaps, amazing memory gaps at some points in their life. Do you have any of those examples happen to you by any chance?

Da Amy San: I don’t have a direct example, but I totally have seen situations that were not so much concerning myself but people around me, how all of a sudden people are thinking… and of course I have seen it for myself as well… it is how you are thinking a situation is just because of your emotions around it and that then everything that happens is like a confirmation of what you are feeling already.

Subservience & Authority Identification

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Indeed. Of course it goes much deeper than just that. It goes much deeper than what the emotional level does to your memory of the past because this becomes a system in the human psyche that now is going to start, once fully in place. This usually happens at about age seven, I would say; back in my day, which is a long, long time ago on this Earth, over 4000 years ago, at age seven you could say that someone was completely implanted and ready for this matrix (according to the matrix’ wishes of course), but by now, in this day and age, because don’t forget Amy San, I’ve only been on this planet since a year and a half now, and in that time I have experienced quite a lot of shocks, simply to see how different and how much stronger mental inflection has become on this Earth; everything has gotten this twist – so by now this neural net and everything that we will be discussing today is in place by age three really. That is a very young age for that to happen, which is basically about the time children start going to school, I believe, isn’t it, these days? Basically before they even get submitted into a school system, the basics are already in place.

Da Amy San: They need to fit in quickly.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: They do, but that is also because the parents of this day and age obviously have become meeker, have become more subservient in following the matrix. Just this morning I was watching a little clip on the Internet where now police in Philadelphia in the United States have increased just basic searching of people, you know, stopping and searching people on the street with an amazing percentage that about one eighth of Philadelphia in this short amount of time has already been frisked. There are of course a lot of pro’s and con’s that are being put out in the media about it, but the most interesting thing that is put out about it is that a lot of people, who are middle class people most of the time or upper class people most of the time, but also other categories of people (as this society divides everyone) are saying that they actually think that it is necessary and that they feel safer and that they say that “I would rather look away from the declaration of rights and look at the declaration of safety for my children.”

That is not the only place where that is happening. Even today on I posted an article about this airport in Spain – I believe is was in Madrid – where the air controllers went on strike. In a period of twelve to twenty-four hours the entire government had basically decided to call a state of alert so that the military was now able to force these people, who are slaves obviously, to go back to work because if they didn’t they were facing eight years in jail. That is what is happening today and that is all a result of the subservience that has gotten into people’s minds. People are really into authority identification today, which actually brings me – because I want to talk more about false memory identification which will be step two of this process, but which actually brings me into another important topic.

We were talking about authority identification here, how people easily submit to authorities. That is authority identification. For instance an example of authority identification could be: You are driving in a car at 3 AM in the morning on a small country road and there is a red light in front of you and let’s say it takes three minutes for the red light to go green, to say ‘go’ basically, and you are actually seeing that nothing is coming from left or right or even from the other side of the road, and still staying and still standing still because your program is basically telling you to do so – literally. I am not saying that everyone should just start going mad with everything.

Da Amy San: It is just this thing that happens.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes, and this has to do with the pillars of identification.

You know, for everyone out there, I will be throwing a lot of different concepts towards you right now that are all categorized actually on the notes sheet, but just to introduce them, just to get you acquainted with them and see what you can do with them, and start playing with them. Eventually, as this class today even progresses, we will go into more of a step-by-step overview of everything we are talking about here right now.

Main Pillar Identification

But let’s go back to main pillar identification: Every mind, every personality, on this Earth is founded upon three pillars. There are three foundational pillars. A lot of people in this day and age where for instance sexuality and their gender has become so important to them, whether they are male or female, for instance are suffering from the condition of what we call gender identification. In other words, we call it a ‘condition’ because consciousness is never ever going to identify with anything. It doesn’t need to because it expands beyond everything and encompasses everything so there is no need for an identification. Identification only happens the moment your focus becomes so narrow that what you see is what you get, the ‘wysiwyg’ of Earth. People are out there and their focus is so narrow in their daily life that what they see in daily life is what they are accepting as daily life, is what they are accepting as a physical, fixed, solid universe that is unchangeable.

Da Amy San: It is almost like fire-walling yourself for the rest that is there.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes, and so of course one of the main situations in which that happens is gender because everyone is born in a gender. You are either male or female and there are people these days that are switching, but they are still switching between male or female. There are all these operations out there that allow that to happen and that is all wonderful, but understand that even when you are making a switch like that you are still staying within a field of duality. Everything that happens in the neural net is about duality. Everything in the end comes down to ones and zeros.

So too for gender identification, where we first identify with a gender for ourselves, calling ourselves a male or a female, and then there is also the sub-pillar of that identification, which is the sexual preference in that form of gender identification towards potential subjects and objects of desire, you see. There are two layers to each of these pillars. First there is what we identify with as ourselves, and the second is basically what we identify with in the outer world. Even though we are speaking about three pillars, of course always be aware that there are actually six of them kind of reflecting each other, kind of mirroring each other, kind of keeping each other alive. As I said before, the gender identification pillar about our own gender and about the gender that we have a preference towards, you see.

We call this a ‘condition’ because consciousness does not do this, consciousness does not need to go into an identification. It can have some fun, yes, but it is never going to get stuck and defend that identification with its life or it is never going to go out of its way to not have an experience that opposes the identification it has just had. So that is one of the things we are going to be talking about.

Actually within the first step of the SAS Technique this is going to become very important because as you look back to your notes, everyone, you will see  here that we are talking about potential ‘Archetypes’ for instance, which are 4D archetypical realms, fears and belief systems, which I will go into in a bit. Underneath there you can see ‘potential sub-archetypes’. Also, if you look at ‘the Grand Illusions’ just a bit higher up, then you can also see the ‘potential sub-illusions’. Both the sub-archetypes and the sub-illusions are connected to main pillar identification, and that is why these pillars are so important.

You know, a lot of people tend to go mad when they really start getting this system because if you just look at the second to the bottom here, the ‘Attributes and Aspects’ level for instance or the level of ‘Archetypes’ or the level of ‘Catalysts’ as you go up, or the level of ‘Truth’ for instance that exist – if you combine all of that together you have got millions and millions of possibilities. Of course this matrix is designed, set up in such a way that you can’t get out, that even if you started braking one after the other after the other after the other, it would probably take you about fifty billion lifetimes to get out of it. As such the SAS Technique was devised by Da Pah Ekara San and others like myself with him as a tool to blow up specific areas of the neural net so that the entire thing collapses.

It almost brings me back to – not a fun thing to talk about really – but 911, as you look back to the images of the twin towers and building seven, you know – “pull it” as they said ‘accidentally’ on the news; before it actually had been pulled they were already talking about its demolition, but that is something for the radio shows – but as you saw those buildings collapse, those were like prepared deconstruction, it was like bombs had been planted throughout the buildings, as happens with these prepared deconstructions, so that when it collapses it goes down swiftly and immediately and something new comes in its place. That is what the main goal of the SAS Technique is, to get people out of fifty billions lifetimes of having to work through it, let’s say, metaphorically speaking, and into a way that is concrete and practical and direct. It all comes down to these three main pillars of identification that reflect themselves in their own outward existence, outward resemblance, basically.

Da Amy San: I like what we called it a few days ago… like right now most of our mind is still programmed and now we are becoming the programmer.

Gender Identification

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Indeed. That is a very important way to look at it. I even believe I put it on the invitation to the class. One of the things that people don’t get… let’s talk for instance about gender identification: you come into this Earth and you have actually never decided whether you are going to be a male or whether you are going to be a female – not really, that just kind of happens in the last minute, let’s say (although there are people who kind of get stuck in their program, that keep repeating the same patterning for many incarnations) and you have never decided whether your gender preference is going to be going towards men or towards women, but here it is: you are programmed; you have a preference, and you have a body and all of these things that are happening to you in this life that keep programming you deeper and deeper into it.

So this matrix is kind of like a sneaky thing. It kind of programs you without you realizing it, because what it makes you believe is that the choices that you are making are your own, and what is really happening is that the choice pallet that you are offered at the beginning is a very restrictive one, and as you go deeper and deeper into the pallet you are no longer making your own choices; you are making the choices that you have been taught to make as good or bad and up or down and all of that stuff.

So yes, matrix has programmed your mind; matrix has programmed your neural net, and what this is all about is becoming the programmer indeed. It is taking charge of what has happened to you and show to yourself basically that you have the power here.

You know, there is something very magical that happens with people who go through the unwinding of main pillar identification and who are basically going through the neutralization of their neural net. The magical thing is not that it is very difficult at first for most people to accept what is going to be necessary and how far they have actually gotten stuck in their own sense of personality or identity, but the beauty is that once you get through a certain breakthrough, you actually begin to feel the power that you have because if you can become anything you want to become, that is the end of the matrix program in you. Now you understand the program. Now you understand what to do.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone. This is not the end of the road. Once you are basically through the SAS Technique and once you are without a neural net, let’s say, and once you actually can expand your mind to encompass the entirety of creation, that is not the end of the road. In fact to us… we would say it is the beginning because that is really when the fun starts, you know. A lot of people going through Ascension Initiation, which this SAS Technique is part of, sometimes or after a period of time start to think: “When am I finally going to get out of here? When am I finally going to start realizing something beyond this reality?” But once you are through this, that is when this starts, you could say.

Da Amy San: Well, let’s go for it!

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: So you know, main pillar identification… I have already explained about gender and I have kind of touched upon authority identification for instance, which of course is very prevalent in a lot of people today as this society becomes more and more fascist and locked down. Look at the TSA thing that is happening in America. If you don’t comply, you are basically a terrorist. So of course authority identification is going to be high on the level of people.

For instance, everyone, again this pillar has an opposite because where you have your inward authority identification where you basically are afraid of the world out there, there is also the externalized version of authority identification, which a lot of these narcissistic people that basically run TSA and that are basically put in jobs like that end up relying on, their external sense of authority – their costume (you know, I would not call it anything but that, not a uniform) – and basically the power that they then have, or the authority that they then have over others. Again, there are two sides to this coin.

Da Amy San: They do that because they themselves probably have been severely suffering from… or not, not always?

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Well, that would be true within the world of karma. It is true that it is still happening a lot today, where people once were the victims of suffering in whatever way, they end up becoming the victimizers. That is a lot of old karma school here that is still running some programs.

But I would say that in this day and age – I am going back to the beginning of this discussion, Amy San, I am going back to what we said when we discussed the formation of neural nets in people’s lives, where back in my day over four thousand years ago it actually was at age seven, now it is at age three, so there are a lot more narcissistic personality types and neural nets out there that actually would gladly take the candy from the baby, that don’t actually need to have been hurt in order to do that themselves. That is kind of like a progression into an even darker version of this reality, which fortunately is coming to an end obviously. Don’t forget, that whatever we are talking about here and whatever information we may ever put out on and, everything you read is going to change. This SAS Technique and the Ascension Codes and the other training modules that we will be creating for you are designed to do that [finger click] right now, but eventually, in a very painful way if necessary, if that is the way how it has to go for some people (obviously not for the people that are listening here today, because they have obviously chosen to move into deeper arenas of themselves), but with a lot of people that is going to happen in quite a painful way, but happen it will.

Lack Identification

So, to go back to these pillars: We have talked about gender; we have talked about authority. There is another one that I could mention right now in this instance and that would be lack identification. Lack identification is a big one too, you know. These three that I just mentioned (gender identification, authority identification and lack identification) are often the template for a lot of brains and a lot of minds out there. You know, there are loads and loads of pillars that are possible. But those are the three … If you look at the system, if you look at the fascist system that is beginning to emerge in this world every day more and more, you can see how you can lock people down with an identification of gender, with an identification of authority and with an identification of lack because that is what the entire system is based on, isn’t it?

Da Amy San: Then you are just stuck already.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Basically yes. You know, once you have that gender identification going for you, then your lack is going to tell you that you have to fulfill yourself your entire life… it just goes on. It goes into so many different directions. Those three are three big ones, and I am pretty sure that most of the people out there hearing this in this moment are being affected by at least two of those three that I have already mentioned. They are very important, because what they do is not only lock you into this reality and your view on it, they also – if you go back to the notes sheet – they also create a deeper SFR.

Sub-frequential Realities

Now SFR’s for those who haven’t heard yet are sub-frequential realities. Just to go into that explanation a little bit: we are actually tonal beings, not vibrational and definitely not frequential beings. Tonality, in other words, can be compared to the surface of a lake, which you can see as a horizontal field, and it is still. Vibrations, however, are vertical. Imagine raindrops falling onto the surface of the lake and actually making little parts of the lake rising up and also going into the lake’s surface as the raindrops hit and tension is generated and the laws of physics kick in. So we have the surface of the lake, which is horizontal, which you could call a ‘tonal reality’; we have got the vertical aspects when things hit the lake, when basically disturbances happen within the tonal field, vibrational reality is created. When disturbances happen within the vibrational field, frequential reality is created, when disturbances happen in the frequential field, sub-frequential reality is created.

You can see this as a vectorial given because if you imagine the surface of the lake and the raindrop hitting it, which would be the disturbance hitting it, which could be the matrix for instance let’s say in this case hitting it, you will then have the very brief yet experienced for the ones inside of it as a very long rising up on these vertical vibrations. Now these vibrations start vibrating horizontally and their horizontal vibration – if you can imagine that – which is kind of beaming off them, which is kind of moving away from them, is again experienced as a horizontal field, while actually it is completely vertical from the perspective of the vibrational reality.

Now once you are in that, that is kind of where people are born in, but then, as belief systems and as neural nets start activating and as these main pillars that we have been talking about start moving into position, that field of frequency that actually is vertical, although it is being experienced as horizontal, starts creating vibrations again and starts creating the sub-frequential vibrations, if you will, that are now going up in this way. By the time  that this class is released or by the next class is I will probably have some sort of schematic for that so people can start seeing that more clearly. I believe that we are doing the next one anyway in like a week or something, or whatever, so I will be showing that more clearly at that time.

So just imagine this horizontal field going into the vertical field as the frequency hits, then going again into the horizontal, which actually is a vertical one, then going again into another vertical one. So now you are very deep ‘up shit’s creek’, as they say.

Da Amy San: Very far from the core.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Basically. That is what these main pillar identifications do because they actually make you see the world through your brain, through your lobes of reasoning and things of such nature – basically through mind.

You Are Basically Blind

You know, if you look at science, then science for instance has already discovered (to my great surprise) and actually released (that is the surprise, not the fact that they discovered it) that human eyes can only see 2% of what is actually in front of them. That means that if you look at your wall right now wherever you are and you see this entire 180° landscape in front of you, most of that is all made up of what the temporal lobe and the lobes of reasoning etc. have imagined is there, based on what they have seen before, based on what they have been told, etc., etc., etc. Only 4%, 2% for each eye, is actually continuously new information that is coming into the eye, and even then that still has to get to the brain. When that information (let’s say you are staring at the wall you stare at every day) gets into the eye, the information of that wall, then the brain will very quickly say: “Oh, all right, that is the wall. We don’t actually have to update our images.”

You know, actually it looks a lot like Google Earth. When you go to Google Earth you can see an entire overview of the Earth, but then you start looking, and this bit of landscape is taken on the 23rd February 2001, and this bit of landscape is taken on the 16th March 2009, and you basically get this completely screwed-up vision of what is actually happening. Yet people, when they go onto Google Earth, mostly believe that they are seeing what is actually happening. They actually think that they are going to see people coming out of their cars and everything. That is not for the common folk; that is only for the military installation on this Earth to see that sort of thing, and for those who obviously want to pay for it, but even then they are not seeing the truth. They are only seeing what the satellite is showing them, you know?

Anyway, that is very similar to what the brain does when eyes observe something and when it is piped through to the brain and if it is in any way recognizable, not even necessarily the wall you have always seen, but eventually you go into a whole different place of Earth and there you see another wall. Let’s say, there could be great things on that wall – codes of a higher consciousness that have been written on it – and you would never see it! You’d never see it because your brain would just say: “Oh, well, it’s a wall and we don’t really have to do much with the wall now, do we?” That is kind of how it goes.

Da Amy San: It is just like you are so deep in it that you don’t see the totality anymore.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: You are basically totally blind. It is totally gone. The real reality is totally gone. – I think Da Pah Ekara San is coming closer; I am beginning to feel that we are going to have to go into a little break in ten or fifteen minutes or something, and then I am sure Da Pah Ekara San will come in and start teaching the first class, which I have now been introducing a little bit.

The reality, the way it really is happening is totally gone. For most of our brain activity we are just basically relaying images that are already stored there. The brain has gotten lazy. That is what the SAS Technique is about again, kick-starting this beauty. That is what it is. It is a massive database. It is a massive computer. It can do wonders, but it has to be booted properly.

Da Amy San: So far everything just got adapted into the system knew already anyway, and now we are going to play with it and expand.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Exactly. Once you get to that place of sub-frequential reality where the eyes as I was just saying, are seeing the things in the way I have just explained, seeing the reality around them in the way I have just explained, well then you are definitely in sub-frequential energy. That can go even deeper and deeper and deeper into the mad stories you hear about people these days, how someone is found in their home after not having left it for forty years and has been collecting newspapers all of his life. You hear odd stories. And of course these are the extremes, they think. The extremes – for everyone who is out there right now – are happening inside of you, and that is what this technique gets you to recognize; how bad it really has become.

So once these main pillars are in place, you get sub-illusional and sub-archetypical reality playing with you, where you are not really seeing what you are seeing, but where you are seeing what you are being told to see even more so than is already the case in a predetermined matrix.

Denied Access to Greater Parts of You

Of course, now going back to the earlier point of this discussion, that is where false memory identification comes in because that is where these false memories come from. You know, Amy San, you are staring at a wall right now. There is a very great chance that you could see other things on that wall, that maybe it looks differently than it looks right now – or I am not saying that you are going to find Egyptian hieroglyphs on it right now, but another thing that I haven’t broached upon so far, without these main pillars in place and without this false memory in place, that wall, when observed, would not necessarily go into the belief systems of your brain and that wall could become a portal, you see? It is not just about how you are being deluded to see something different from what is really there. It is also how you are being denied access to the greater parts of you because, you know, everyone can make a portal anywhere. Everyone could step into a different dimension anywhere. Hell, there are probably hundreds of inter-dimensional beings walking through this room right now and other realities happening in this room right now. But if your eyes can’t translate it, you are stuck! You are stuck, because to you it just isn’t happening. You are watching BBC 1 when all the fun is being had on Sky – or maybe I should turn that around. I don’t watch television, or hardly, so I wouldn’t know. Let’s say I was correct here.

Anyway, false memory identification is a very important part of the process, because not only do you need to neutralize all of the things that are present within the pyramid that you can see on your notes sheet, but you then have to kind of start digging back into your identity and start looking at all of the bits and pieces that have built up or led up to what you have become today, you know. Let’s just talk about one of the things we talked about recently (I am not going into details obviously), where you were going all the way back to a very young age to see something that a parent let’s say had installed in your neural net, something that you had never thought about really as a connecting point between everything in your life at that moment.

Da Amy San: Yes, that is true.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: It is part of this technique. The other thing it does, it sometimes also goes back into other lifetimes where it actually goes beyond the top of the pyramid. At least once we are at the top of the pyramid we have got inter-dimensional access to everyone’s full soul existence, so at that point you can start removing false memories from other lifetimes even, which will then have major impact on what the soul is experiencing here and now.

Merkabah Restoration

Then we go to the third point of this entire technique, which is the light-body Merkabah restoration, which is something that kind of needs to be done with an observer present. It would be great if that observer could have a great awareness and a great consciousness, because don’t forget, what we are trying to present here today is going to eventually create people who are going to work with this towards other people and are going to be teaching it to other people. So yes, an Ascension perspective is always pleasant. “Get on with it already”, I’d say, “and ascend”. A great level of awareness and a great level of consciousness is what is needed. That is what you will find for yourself as you go through this technique.

You know, eventually, once these Online Master Classes about this specific topic will have been completed, I am very much looking forward to teaching this technique in real life, in person during five or seven days seminars where we can take people through all of this and where people can actually have the experience of having their Merkabah restored and how that feels – which is actually something that hasn’t even happened to anyone here. We have never been able to take anyone that deep into the technique because we just don’t have the time with everything that we are doing to go there.

So, those are the three steps. I am just going to give you a quick overview before we take our first break of all the different aspects here, of all the different steps in the first part of the technique.

The Impact of Daily Situations

Let’s start at the daily situations. Amy San, you know all about daily situations, don’t you?

Da Amy San: I know everything about daily situations.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Well then, you have got the mike!

Da Amy San: Oh my god! It is just the situations you find yourselves in daily and where you notice that you act from program or you don’t know why you act.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Do you always notice?

Da Amy San: No you don’t, that is the point. So you are getting yourself into a daily situation and you are kind of distorting it for yourself with all the other things that are around it and intertwined.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: That can be small things, can’t it? It can be deciding to go for dinner and feeling worried about the dogs, for instance, or wanting to take a cup of coffee, something that small, without realizing that it is actually a catalyst for the minor illusion of joy for instance. Etc. etc. etc. So all of these daily situations that take place… The thing about them is that people don’t notice. They don’t pay attention. I don’t know, you are human, Amy San, how do people look at it?

Da Amy San: You just float through your day and it is just happening. It is just like the automatic obeying to authority – it just happens for most humans, I guess. You are not aware of why you are choosing.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: I can imagine the great frustration this must be causing in this day and age where everything is becoming so locked down and people are beginning to question these things, but still they are blind to see these daily things happening in their lives and they are looking at theory and they are looking at big things that they need to change in their life, but they don’t see that it all comes down to what they are doing in every single moment, isn’t it?

Da Amy San: It is very important to start really seeing that.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: So, we are going to be discussing a lot of these daily situations and how you can see them in the course of the day and in the next classes that we will be presenting about this.

Attributes & Aspects

Then if we go one level up, then we have ‘Attributes and Aspects.’ Now that is quite a difficult level to discuss, isn’t it, because attributes obviously are part of your own energy but which again you don’t recognize, which are actually stuck in each and every object and person and experience and event and particle and atom in the entire universe that you could potentially connect with during that lifetime. Attributes are taken from you from the very beginning of your life. It is about 50% let’s say, which is usually set that way, of your energy that is just taken away, that is then programmed to create narrowing parameters in your life and spread out into the entire existence so that whatever you meet, whatever you connect to you are finding this part of yourself outside of yourself and you get longing. That is basically what attributes do.

Attributes, however, also have a positive side to them. Alchemists know this (I have taught one, so…) because you can also use attributes that are in objects  to create, to create a better circumstance for yourself, but again that is very limited and only works here, but this is one of the techniques you need to learn in order to get out so that you can move past these attributes, because the only reason why this entire pyramid exists and why you have to climb all the way to the top and what is behind that actually is existence itself and beingness, is because you are reclaiming your own energy. That is really what you are doing. That is what it is all about.

Da Amy San: You are starting to choose.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: You are staring to choose. That is what is comes down to. That is attributes.

Now aspects of course is the splintered-up versions of yourself that are almost like mind compartmentalized identities where one aspect can be very narrow-minded and the other aspect can be very outgoing. Still they are part of the same expression and they are part of the splintering of the identity, the splintering of the mind that can no longer hold its center. They are very important, because that is where you can see the daily situations of your life play out. We are going to be talking about that. It is kind of like a measuring system, the attributes and the aspects, to see what daily situations you are really experiencing and why they are happening. They are a measuring system because they connect to archetypes.


Now we are dealing with the next two steps of the pyramid here. Archetypes — of course everyone will kind of know what I mean when I say ‘archetypical realms’, when I speak about 4D, when I speak about worlds that are less solid than the one we are experiencing here, but where everything is about emotion and energy discharges. It is where your fears live. It is where your belief systems operate, because they don’t really operate in the brain. They work through the brain, but they exist as entities, as beings literally in that 4D realm, which people have called the ‘astral plane’ in other times. This astral or archetypical realm is very important for the successful implementation of the domination of the neural net because it is that what people fear, the things that are happening there. That is where the identification pillars come from. You know the gender identification exists in the archetypical. The identification with the authority figures and things of such nature exists there. It is the world of ideas, as Plato has said before, where a leader (let’s just say a ‘leader’) like Obama comes forward or any other president or anyone else in the world who is basically stepping into an authoritarian position, where they come forward and basically project an idea, which isn’t theirs to begin with but which is archetypical, and you connect through that to them through your own archetypes. So that is how you kind of get stuck there.

Now the problem with archetypes is that you can have potential sub-archetypes take place when you are dealing with your main pillar identification. I said before this first hour of the class here started that every mind, every personality has about three main pillars in place, which reflect into six, the opposites of themselves, the internal and the external, but the three pillars which actually keep the personality going and create it more and more narrow over time.

So when you are trying to use the SAS Technique – and all of this will become clear to you in the next few hours – when you are trying to use the SAS Technique on something that involves that deep an identification that they have become a main pillar, you will be in those areas of SFR’s or sub-frequential realities, as I have just said, so when that happens you end up with sub-archetypes, which is almost like a mirror universe. These sub-archetypes, and as we go higher in a minute these sub-illusions (and I will go deeper into all of that in the next segments), they exist only to keep you even more away from what is really happening, you know, to get you even more confused, to put you even deeper down the rabbit hole basically. You are thinking that you are dealing with an archetype of superiority and actually you are dealing with an archetype, that can be something that is completely beyond that, a fetish-based archetype or something where the superiority plays into and you never see it play out. That is because main pillars of course need to be kept in check by this neural net system because when they crash, the entire system goes down, and they don’t want that to happen. So you can find that there.

Now these archetypes, they connect to the Grand Illusions, and the Grand Illusions as you know from the Mastering the Grand Illusion Series are Form, Time, Space, Exchange, Death and Separation. They connect to it because for instance an archetype of superiority could (could, not necessarily will have to – there are many pathways that these things can follow) could for instance lock into the Grand Illusion of Exchange, let’s say, but it could also have to do with the Grand Illusion of Form. It all depends on what level it is playing out in the archetypes and the attributes etc. Even though for many people, as they must be listening to this they are thinking “OMG. How am I ever going to remember all of that and how am I ever going to be able to apply all of that.” This course and this class that we are teaching you and that we are going to be teaching you in the next few weeks for those who are interested, it is not only about memory retention; we will focus you on becoming intuitively connected to the people you work with so that you don’t necessarily have to have everything stored in your brain, but so that you have an access to the space where this information that I am bringing to you all today and in the next few weeks is actually coming from. That is all part of this class and that is definitely going to be part of the classes to come and even the real live ones.

So, anyway, archetypes connect to the Grand Illusions. Again if you are dealing with main pillar identification, you will have sub-archetypes connecting to sub-illusions and then you have to find the correct illusion to find the correct archetype and to go down again on the whole thing.

Identifying the Catalyst

Okay, so let’s say you have identified all of these things that I have just mentioned and you are at the level of the Grand Illusions. Let’s say you have identified the Illusion of Exchange as playing a very vital role in this specific neuro-synaptic pathway that you are dealing with. Then you are going to look back onto your daily situation and with the understanding that has now been built up from the daily situations to the Grand Illusions upward, you can start to identify a catalyst because where we are now, we are getting close to the element of truth and that will bring us to life, so we are stepping out of the depth of where we are. You are going to start to see more clearly at this stage of the process.

And now we can see that in the entire depth and entanglement that is existing in everything that I have just said, there is one simple catalyst, one simple catalyst – it can be anything – connecting you from the Illusion of Exchange to for instance the Illusion of Love, Joy or Freedom – always very simple. Why are you in the Illusion of Exchange? Is it because you seek love, joy, or freedom, basically, and the catalyst will tell you.

So then once you are there and you have worked your way up to the minor illusions, you then can come to the truth: Why does this specific neuro-synaptic pathway exist in my brain to begin with? When you get to that truth, that is where my other class that I will be teaching, the Ascension Codes (and that is why they kind of have to be taught side by side) will start to come in, because the Ascension Codes take place in that entire level of truth and basically break you through to the level of life itself.

Ascension Codes Personas

I am not going to go into the depth of the Ascension Codes here, but what I can already say (because it is so connected to this) is that every soul on Earth can come in with twelve major personas, which fall apart in twenty-four different personality types. We have spoken about this in other things that we have done on, but just to remind everyone who is here, or maybe you haven’t heard so yet, so let’s say for instance you can have a personality type that is a traveler or you can have a personality type that is a destination, when that dualistic fracture that keeps those two separated doesn’t exist, they would exist as a persona, which is a conscious personality, if you will. There are only twelve of them. Each splinter up into duality into two personalities each time. There are only twelve of them and they are very elegant and actually quite beautiful and poetic, in the sense that they are called ‘White Fire Dragon’, ‘White Roaring Lion’, ‘White Spiraling Butterfly’, etc. All of that is playing out in that level of truth.

When you go beyond the personas there is a whole new pyramid actually that is happening there, which I am not going into go too deep into now because otherwise I am going to be teaching a different course. There is whole  different pyramid happening there that will actually eventually take you all the way up to the three reflections of Self that is your godhead, you know, not the one the Bible said ‘the father, the son, and the holy spirit’ but you, you and you and those three elements inside of you. That is the level at which breaking through all of this stuff that I have been talking about for the last hour now is all about. That is what we have to offer.

So, Amy San, I think it is time for us to take a short break here.

Da Amy San: I really want to just say this is a lot of information and it is a lot of concepts, but you are really going to get it. You are really going to get it. If you start getting the hang of it, it makes sense.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: How did it work for you?

Da Amy San: I don’t get everything yet.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Was it very unclear for you at first?

Da Amy San: At first yes, I thought I was never going to see through this and then I listened a few times for myself or someone else here and all of a sudden you just start to see, and especially when you go through it yourself. All of a sudden it becomes such a neutral thing that you just can see it.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: I think that mostly happens, doesn’t it, on the level of the examples. I have been going very theoretical right now about all of this, but when we are going to for instance analyze Da Amy San to death here next to me, if you are so lucky that Da Pah Ekara San would be there to do that with you, then you will see how easy it actually is – also how easily you can make mistakes and that you do need a bit of an expanded vision here. It actually isn’t that difficult.

We are going to go and be back in about fifteen to twenty minutes or so. We are going to be listening to some music in the meantime. Take some time to integrate all of this and please be aware that if you have any questions, this is the time to email them to or if you are on our Skype, you can Skype them to, which is our username there, or you can just post them in the comments section where they will be passed on to me, and I will be taking some time (or Da Pah Ekara San or whoever will be in) to work with those questions and see how we can make this more clear for you.

So, until that time, we will be back in about twenty minutes, have a good time and relax.


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Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San


Da Akeyasan JoYYa San
2 months ago

♥ o Da’ka’ya o Da Pah Kwan Yin San as to All beloved imzaia’e
♥ ♥ ♥

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San


Da Hono'shi Kim San
Da Hono'shi Kim San
2 years ago

San’a’ke i Ohami Imzaia’e ❤️

False Memory Identification
How does this relate to the experience of linearity? Is FMI used to create the illusion of a linear experience?

And since linearity is or can be seen as a loop, is the future on a linear path affected by that as well?

I also wonder if the kakras are (representations of) the three Godheads?

San’a’kaya I Da’Ka’Ya Vish Imzaia’e

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke ❤️ How very wonderful that this first part of The SAS Technique is back for everyone to connect to, with more parts to follow soon, and the door being opened for a continuation of the SAS Technique this year!

The greatness of this technique to me is that because of the focus on discovering the way of the neural pathways and on detecting its way from daily situations, attributes and aspects all the way up the pyramid to Life, you neutrally start understanding where your actions come from. Clarity does not get soaked up and infected by emotions. Because of this clear view you start to have a much bigger understanding of what you thought was you, and to start to embrace an evolving and expanding version of yourself.

I very much look forward to the continuation of these Sessions and learning to read situations through the SAS pyramid 🙏🏻 I also very much look forward to learn more about the catalyst. That for sure is a step which is challenging for me to identify. 🙏🏻

Last edited 2 years ago by Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San
Da Hono'shi Kim San
Da Hono'shi Kim San
2 years ago

San’a’ke i Ohami Imzaia’e 💛
I am i Gratitude for this re-upload Da’Ka’Ya 🙏

I am fascinated in experiencing how I am influenced in my daily life by our Merkavah as I could clearly see how my experiences and what I find and become aware of within, so clearly resonates with the teachings that are being released here.

To re*fin(e)d this teaching and the exercises that come with this after 10 years also is very interesting as I find myself able to look from the tonal ‘side’ at this now as well.

Seeing, knowing and practicing the expression and experience of the Active Ingredients of San more directly which causes me to become aware of the stages in the pyramid way more easily. Becoming aware of habitual focus of areas in the mind that I am so fed up with, to see them and just to let go of that focus with ease.

The other day I choose to observe the pattern of Life in the way Lorien refered to this and could actually experience this again, with greater detail.

Just now, focussing on a star again, feeling the pattern it is in, I decided to stay with the star a bit longer. (Just today I saw how doing things fast actually also is an expression of the lack identification Pilar. Now I could feel how this focus actually helped me to experience myself out of patterning more. Then I looked at this Stars pattern and then it’s tonal beingness.

In Gratitude and an ongoing drive of passion for this process and a special Da’Ka’Ya to all the direct students for all the transcribing and work. Thank you, I see you and you support us greatly with this.
Imzaia’e I beLove in us and look forward in exploring and practicing this this deeper and more expansive together as the Akeyasan student body.
🌈 Namaste 🌈

Imzaia World
2 years ago

It is a true honor and a special joy to relaunch into Imzaia orbit this first part of a Collection of three Sessions known by many as the Sovereign Ascension Spectrum technique or SAS Technique. These three Sessions form the introduction to a vast network of Sessions that have yet to be released at the time of writing.

We recently were treated to the news that ascended life, including Da Pah Kwan Yin San and Da Pah Ekara San, will soon continue with new 2021 Sessions of The SAS Technique.

This gives you, the reader in this now moment, the perfect opportunity to study these Sessions (again, in some cases) and to form your observations and questions about it. You can post them here, in the comments, so that they can be picked up and discussed or answered in future Sessions.

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San
Reply to  Imzaia World

San’a’ke ❤️ It is a true honor and a special joy to see these restored sessions on Imzaia World! Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San o Da Pah Ekara San ❤️ I am already enjoying the anticipation of diving into the SAS Collection and the new SAS Technique Sessions for 2021. Truly magical, empowering, and vital, from my perspective, not to be missed on the ascension path, nor in our daily experience of life! In San. ❤️

Da Akeyasan JoYYa San
2 months ago
Reply to  Imzaia World


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