Session 132 is the third installment of a three part lecture that was presented by the Asisian Architects.

In this Session, the Asisians open the room up to questions from imzaia and akeyasan students who are coming to terms with grasping some of the metaphysical wisdom that is presented in Sessions 130 and 131.

Other Topics Include...

Is gravity a mental concept – Coherence and the difference between ‘cotention’ and ‘potention’ – Dimensional in-between layers of reality are made of consciousness – What is devoid of frequency cannot be measured – The concept of exit points – You are the universe and are, therefore, never alone – Stars exist beyond time & space and are a reflection of you – Frequency and thought can be measured, but consciousness cannot – The significance of the big bang concept – The physical senses are becoming a two way street – Energetic alchemy – Reclaiming the ‘without within’ – Connection to nature awakens awareness of the presence of the active ingredient of Joy – You are bigger than your body – And much more.

Originally Titled: “The Asisian Principles, Part 3” | The Cosmic Manifest series

The Study of Vibration | Session 132

by The Asisian Architects

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

The Asisian Architects: Are there any questions you would like to ask, Imzaia? If so, take place in this chair. You can stay wherever you are. Take place in this chair, we will answer each and every one, we, the Asisian, of course.

Hello, dearie.

Akeyasan 1: I could not sleep all night and all day I felt something weighing down on my heart. I don’t know what it was and now it is gone. Was it self-created? Or did it have to do with my family perhaps?

The Asisian Architects: What do you think it was?

Akeyasan 1: It might have come from my mother. She’s been having a rough time because she feels lonely. Is that what I am sensing?

The Asisian Architects: It has nothing to do with all of these things. It has to do with what you have heard here today, the information. You have lifted a weight off your heart. It is the weight of separation. So if you think that your mother is lonely, it is just another part of the separation thought. So now it is gone; there is no more separation. Call your mother. You will notice that your relationship has once again changed between you and her.

So many on this planet will start feeling this way. The heaviness always has to come in before it can go. You, however, are very good at accepting it. Whenever you feel something, whenever you feel heaviness or whatever it is you feel, you accept it immediately – almost – and, therefore, you grant it the power to go away. So that is what you experienced. It has nothing to do with your mother alone; it has nothing to do with other people alone. In the first place, it has to do with you. And you have now lifted your own veil, your own gravity.

Akeyasan 1: Mhm. Mhm.

The Asisian Architects: Do you understand?

Akeyasan 1: Yes.

The Asisian Architects: Okay.

Akeyasan 1: Thank you.

The Asisian Architects: We thank you for being the explorer.

Are there any other questions? And know that you can answer them, or ask them rather, in Dutch, without any problem.

Our Connection with the Stars

Good afternoon, Da Akonaia San! How doth thee do?

Akeyasan 2: I found it extremely difficult today, but my question is: We are a reflection of some stars or some stars are a reflection of us?

The Asisian Architects: All the stars are a reflection of you. You are the universe. Every one of your cells finds its representation in the stars.

Akeyasan 2: And is this connection via the dimensions, the vibrations, or is this out of time and space?

The Asisian Architects: This is out of time and space.

Akeyasan 2: So these stars exist beyond the dimensions?

The Asisian Architects: Indeed. You know what creates the illusion of distance between you and a star? The illusion of time and space is created by time and space itself. In fact, it is created by the dimension that you inhabit and by the concept of other dimensions. This is what creates distance. If you would go beyond dimension, there is no distance. That is why you are the stars and you are All That Is. Do you understand?

Akeyasan 2: Yeah, I feel it, but, but … yeah. Then I have another question about gravity. Is this the dimensions that we put in between the stars and us?

The Asisian Architects: Parts of it, yes. Gravity is just something that is created to keep you as you are, to keep your cells and your atoms and everything else locked in place. This is why we told the story of the astronaut, for when he finally left gravity, he started noticing that his cells, over the course of the several months, started losing coherence. And as they lost coherence he once again became free. He could let go of each and every part of his body having a specific function, which is not the case. It is just what you have created. So, is gravity keeping you from the stars? It is. It is in fact a – how shall we say – connection between several dimensions coming together.

Akeyasan 2: But is this a mind thing or…?

The Asisian Architects: Yes, it is a mind thing.

Akeyasan 2: So if we eliminate it from the mind… ?

The Asisian Architects: It is gone.

Akeyasan 2: We don’t have to exist in this coherence anymore?

The Asisian Architects: No, no, no, definitely not!

Akeyasan 2: So we can be energetic?

The Asisian Architects: And this is indeed co-tension instead of potention. Co-tension has to do with coherence; potention has to do with power and the tension between power and disempowerment. Coherence and non-coherence, co-tension is the strength in between, you see? These are all new words, we know, but you will start using them.

Akeyasan 2 I feel the concept.

The Asisian Architects: I know. I know. Do you have any more questions, Akonaia San?

Akeyasan 2: A lot! A question… I don’t know. You did not talk about it today… But, I have difficulty with the inter-dimensions, with the in-between layers.

The Asisian Architects: Oh, we talked about this.

The Way Out Between Dimensions

Akeyasan 2: Yes, I know, but let me feel it. What is this? I cannot… I see the dimensions; I see the vibrations, but for me there are no in between layers. But…

The Asisian Architects: Then there are none. You are the creator of your reality. If you consider the existence of these in between layers, in between frequencies, to be non-existent, then they are not. If you open yourself up to it, however, then you can experience them. We cannot let you experience them if you do not believe they are there.

Akeyasan 2: But are they necessary to exist?

The Asisian Architects: Well, they are a way out.

Akeyasan 2: And, therefore, I want to feel them.

The Asisian Architects: They are consciousness. Frequency, as we have said today, and the frequencies themselves, can be measured. Thoughts can be measured in frequencies. Consciousness cannot. There will never be a scientific experiment or even an esoteric experiment where people will be able to measure consciousness. That will never happen. It will happen in time, however, if the things in the United States – as we talked about before – go as planned, that you can actually place a thought in someone’s head, making a person think it was his or her own. Do you get it?

Akeyasan 2: Yes. But what I don’t understand is what you mean by ‘it is a way out’.

The Asisian Architects: A way out of the mind, a way out of intelligence, a way out of coherence, a way out of limitation, and a way …

Akeyasan 2: These in between layers?

The Asisian Architects: Yes, yes. These in between layers are non-existent and so they are a way out.

Akeyasan 2: Okay, now I understand it.

The Asisian Architects: Ah, indeed.

Akeyasan 2: Okay, thank you.

The Asisian Architects: Thank you, thank you.

Any more questions, dear ones?

Hello, sweetheart.

Akeyasan 3: Hello. The big bang, is that just the vibration that you are everything? I mean, I was holding her hand and her hand went away. It was like I was in her, just like the week before with the exercise of being in nature. It was also going into nature, being a tree, being everything, being … And now I am thinking being a star, being everything, being …. And that kind of being, that kind of vibration, from energy, is that the big bang?

The Asisian Architects: That is indeed the moment of big bang. Yes, it is. It is when you realize you are All That Is. And the big bang does not take time nor space. It just is. It fills every potential at once. So yes, to answer your question.

Akeyasan 3: Okay, thank you.

The Asisian Architects: Anyone else?

Hello, dear one.

Akeyasan 4: Hello.

The Asisian Architects: Still here, eh?

Akeyasan 4: Yes. Yes, I want to ask what was happening when I came from here.

The Asisian Architects: When you came from here, last time?

Akeyasan 4: Yes.

The Asisian Architects: You had the accident.

Imploding versus Exploding

The Asisian Architects: Well, this was your exit point. This was the moment you were considering to leave this planet, to leave everything else behind. It was a moment that you had programmed for yourself as a way out, if you would not have reached certain truths. It is just the moment when you left here after the information that you had heard then, that you decided to stay anyway because things might get interesting. There might be a party after all. So you decided to stay. Of course, the time between your decision and the actual event that was to take place that would take you away was so short that the accident needed to happen, but it didn’t need to be fatal. You see? The things, the matter and everything couldn’t reorganize itself quickly enough so that the accident didn’t happen. It did happen, but it wasn’t fatal. And it has shifted you as well. It has pushed you into a new area of yourself.

So, explore yourself now. Find your own energetic truth. Find that you are neither male nor female. Find that you hold in your consciousness not a singular limitation. For this is what has happened to you. What has gone away in the end – for something left during the accident – what has gone away in the end is in essence the energy of your identity. This is now gone. You are still recreating it in your brain because your brain tries to constantly grasp thoughts, memories, energetic patterns, in the third brain, that it wants to relive, so you are still locking on to identity, but is no longer a part of you.

Akeyasan 4: I was a little bit in shock to see there is nothing.

The Asisian Architects: There is nothing.

Akeyasan 4: The only thing going through me. Then…

The Asisian Architects: But you will find that in nothing there is everything. The only reason you went to nothing is because you actually de-imploded. You imploded yourself again. When you are born on this planet and when you do the big bang thing, you actually become All That Is. When you go away again from this planet you don’t explode, you implode. You take all the energy back with you. And of course there is nothing then, for you weren’t on the other side of the veil, my dear.

Akeyasan 4: Yes, that was shock for me.

The Asisian Architects: You weren’t; you were still here. And to you, for that second, there was no universe, you see? So there was nothing. If you had decided to continue anyway, if you had decided to continue in your death state, then you would have crossed over. Then you would have gone to the other side of the veil and you would have gone to the sea of potential and to the fields of lavender and everything that we metaphorically use to explain this. But the moment of death – and this is why so many atheists are walking around these days – the moment of death, you implode the universe back into you. And there is, for one split second, nothing. And this is the same thing that Da Jeshua San went through when he actually died on the cross. Even for him, who is a Master – everyone here, everyone is a master – even for him, there was the illusion that there was nothing, that all that he had talked about wasn’t true, wasn’t real, just because he imploded his own universe, and then there seems to be only nothing, only blackness, only emptiness, and this is scary. But even this blackness is you, even this nothingness is you, you see?

Akeyasan 4: Then I have another question. The last months I feel a very strong charge, electrical energy, and sometimes it is so heavy. Inside it is calm, but my body was shaking, so maybe I need to find a way to canalize this energy. It is now… It’s… I must…

The Asisian Architects: Well, the only thing that is happening – it is not electricity – what is happening is that there is a dis-congruence, a disharmony between your inner world and your outer world. What you need to do, my dear, is to look at your cells up in the heavens, to look at your cells up in the skies and to just take back what is there. You need to re-integrate parts of yourself within yourself. And that is where you are at right now. You would have done this on the other side of the veil after you would have died. Now you didn’t die, so you need to do it here.

Akeyasan 4: And the smell that I smell, it is like when you burn hair, there is a smell

The Asisian Architects: O, all your senses, all your senses are changing.

Akeyasan 4: Yes, in the meditation I smell constantly that smell. Is it an alchemistic process?

The Asisian Architects: Well, you could call it ‘alchemy.’ It is not so much alchemy because alchemy is still taking place on a biological level. But you are doing this on an energy level, so it is not alchemy. It is… a word that does not exist. It is a process of your senses realizing that they are a two-way street. You see, you have always looked at your senses, everybody here has looked at their senses as a one-way street. You look outside: you look out of your eyes; you don’t look in. You smell something, you take the breath in, you do all these things; it is always a one-way street. Yet, you are realizing now that as much as you explode and implode, your senses are also becoming a two-way street. So that is what you are experiencing: you are experiencing the smell of change within you. You see?

Akeyasan 4: Yes, so I must continue on now.

The Asisian Architects: Just continue on and watch out where you go if you ride your bike!

Akeyasan 4: Yes, but it was green!

The Asisian Architects: Yes, it was. So you see that structures and all these things are not working anymore for you. Logic is out of the window, my dear, and so is your identity.

Akeyasan 4: Yes, I know. Okay, thank you.

The Asisian Architects: We love you.

We have time for one last question. A short one, please.

Let’s just say the answer is ‘yes.’ No, come on.


Akeyasan 5: Aloha.

The Asisian Architects: Mahalo. Are you leaving for Hawaii yet? Just kidding.

Akeyasan 5: I don’t know. I have the feeling that I have been away, so maybe I am in Hawaii.

The Asisian Architects: You have been away.

Akeyasan 5: Yeah, I know. I have got a lot of things going on in my life, but I don’t feel myself.

The Asisian Architects: Why do you think that is? If you feel yourself, my dear, what do you feel normally? What is ‘feeling yourself?’

It's All Around You

Akeyasan 5: I feel lots of joy.

The Asisian Architects: And where is the joy now? You know where it is? You have projected it everywhere around you. It is all around you. You are so used, and everybody on this planet is so used to feeling it all within. Within is no longer there. It is all without now. It is finding the experience without that makes it happen within.

“What the hell are they talking about?” Right? “Now I sit here, I cry, and all I get is this?”

Akeyasan 5: I don’t understand. They usually say that everything is within and you need not look outside, which is why I was getting confused.

The Asisian Architects: Yes! Yes, we have always said it is the other way around.

Akeyasan 5: And that is why I was confused.

The Asisian Architects: Yes, so many things are the other way around. But everything is now a projection of you. So find the things out there. The reason why you are not finding it inside anymore is something you did to yourself. You know why? So that you wouldn’t stay in this body, so that you would start realizing that your body isn’t this piece of flesh with a couple of clothes on it; it is the entire universe. This is your body. That is why so many Masters, including Da Jeshua San – again, we keep referring to him because he is doing the translating right now – said, “This is my body you eat; this is my blood you drink,” because it was all his body; it was all his blood.

And your joy is the sunshine itself, my dear. Your joy is animals walking in the meadows. Your joy is finding yourself a good spot in high grass, lying down and reading – not a book, but reading nature. This is you! Go to these places and find it there. This will bring it back inside of you. But it will never remain inside of you. You are now bigger than your body; you are bigger than your mind. You are now the universe. You are the architect of your existence, and we are so very proud of you for having the guts to sitting here asking this question, and we know that you are going to follow up on it. We know that you are going to find this joy again. So don’t worry about it and give us a hug, come on.

You are so beautiful, my child. See you later.

So, dear ones, we thank you. We thank you for allowing us to come in. We thank you for giving us the chance to make you return to your roots. We know that in the coming weeks much, much will change for all of you. And as much as we would like to hold you and explain everything to you, as much as we would like to understand what you are about in the same way that you are trying to understand what we are about, all we can do is put you on the brink of the nest and kick you out so you can fly. And if you can fly, there is nothing you can’t do. So in the coming weeks we will be your guides. We will be your Asisian assistants – even more s’s. And in this assistance that we will bring, we will never make you dependent. We will never tell you that we are around you all the time. You are around you all the time. We are you. You understand?

We know that the masters that inhabit this Earth think differently than us. It is just because they are part of this universe, and we are not. We are around you all the time when you realize that you are the universe. Then we will be around you. Do this and you will never ever walk alone. Never! Be the universe. Be. End of sentence.

And again, as we now go, we still want to speak of our love for you, the love that we share for these… these heroes of freedom, these heroes of independent thought. You, who have lifted yourselves up to a next level of experience and existence; you, who are now ready for true freedom, true love, true energy, true consciousness, you are now ready to experience you – everywhere.

So, to conclude what we have told you today, we now hope that you understand that indeed there is much more truth to be found in a simple, simple stone.

And so it is

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