The Session you are about to step into was recorded during a live Imzaia event, with a group of akeyasans in attendance, immediately following an exercise that was lead by Da Jeshua San, who taught the student body how to connect to the elements of nature and how to direct the time-streams and space-streams of these elements, thereby rearranging the connection between the building blocks of this reality.

As the akeyasan student reaches this area of The Study of Vibration, one is invited to become aware of humanity’s collective consciousness that exists within the one, where the now is always filled to the brim with new beginnings. Da Mattias San, at the start of Session 125, reminds the akeyasan student body that this awareness means a constant opportunity for un-definition.

Da Tobias San takes over the Session after several minutes and teaches about consciousness. He takes the student body through a micro/macro exploration of Love, which is unconditional, without identity, without definition of any kind; an essential expression of magnetics. He teaches that love/magnetics is, in truth, an incredible power source and a dimensional key to unlocking the truth of this universe. In doing so, Da Tobias San also teaches the student body about the nature of dimensions, clarifying the non-linearity of this inter-creational, infinite concept.

Da Tobias San repeats the first Cosmic Principle, shared earlier by Da Satya San in Sessions 104 through 108 (“The Pleiadean Principles”): Everything that one pushes away has to return to one, and everything one tries to hold close will be pushed away, much like a pendulum.

He shares that it is the practical realization of this first Cosmic Principle that allows the student to discover that all the stars, the planets and galaxies, which in vibrational matter are experienced as far away in time and space, are in fact nothing but portals, leading one back to the place one started, here on Earth, in a different dimensional variable of the original starting point.

Last but not least, through the first Cosmic Principle, one learns that that Love, when experienced unconditionally, will express as Joy in this reality.

Originally Titled: “The Principles of Love, Part 2” | The Cosmic Manifest series

The Study of Vibration | Session 125

by Da Mattias San & Da Tobias San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

Da Mattias San: [singing] Itsy bitsy… master… came down the water spout. Out came the new energy and washed the master out!

Good afternoon, everyone! I am, yes, I am Da Mattias San and I am here to play with you today. I will be joined shortly by that energy that you know as Da Tobias San, my dear, dear brother. Also at this point in time I will be joined, of course, by Da Jeshua San and some others in this White Guild, including Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San who will make his appearance today. In fact, he has made his appearance at the beginning of this day when you were playing with nature, when you were sensing the things that you touched, when you were holding the plants and the trees, when you were tasting them, hearing them, smelling them. Be assured that this was the energy of Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San. So today, I get to be your spokesperson.

You know that we no longer call ourselves ‘masters’, not after what you did yesterday, not after what you have created yesterday. This entire planet, dear ones, loved ones, Imzaia, has been changed. Not just because of you, but because of everyone. Everyone here on this planet Earth has made a conscious decision yesterday: to enter into a new realm, into a new reality, into a new type of existence.

The End of Separation

So, again you find yourselves in the position of infants, small children, ready to go out into the world. Only this time, you will never grow up; you will never grow old. So, I, Da Mattias San, can come in and tell you now that we will not just be working together in the next four years of your existence, as you are preparing yourselves to grow up, as you have done so in the past.

No, this time, you are ageless. This time, you are sexless. This time, you are without hate, without pain and without that very, very negative sensation that you have, each and every one of you, as you come into this Earth and as the umbilical cord is cut and you are entering into separation. This will no longer happen.

I am telling you now that you have an umbilical cord connected to your very Akene and that this connection goes straight into what you have called the ‘Central Sun.’ So, never again will you experience separateness; never again will you experience the fear of ending up and being alone in your lives, for alone indeed you are not, Imzaia. If you have noticed anything just now during your exercises as you made the wind appear, it is this: that you are All That Is and that there is no world.

We have said this on so many different occasions and we will continue to speak our truth, even though we no longer call ourselves ‘masters’. We call ourselves ‘guides’, ‘equals’, in fact. And this is what you have created yesterday. Yesterday we have told you about the new plan for planet Earth, the new plan for the entire cosmos, the new plan for you, created solely by you. And if you have not heard this plan, then we advise – I and my brothers here – advise to go listen to your very souls. You do not need to listen to a channel. You do not need to listen to information that is being presented by others. Everything that is ever said, ever spoken in moments such as this, emanates from the soul, and so does everything else.

You find yourselves here today, Imzaia, in nature. You find yourselves surrounded by trees, grass, birds and even butterflies. It has been such a long time since so many of you saw butterflies. And that is why I, Da Mattias San, love to come in and play with you today.

But I will not be responsible for everything that is being said here. I am not much of a talker anyway. I don’t like to go into lengthy details. I leave that up to my brethren who love doing this, who love taking the time to talk to you, to confuse you, to fill your head with crazy ideas that will, in the end, become your truth.

Was this just created? Or is this just free will of nature that you see butterflies flying around you? The same thing can be said for the wind that you created. Oh, it is very easy, very, very easy for your mind indeed to think that the wind that is coming now is not guided by you, that it is guided by Gaia. Oh yes, because everything else has to take place outside of you, does it not? You are small. You are nothing. You are little. That is what you have believed in the past, but no more! It is time for proof to come in and kick your ass!

Okay, my brethren have said I need to stop talking now. So I, I will enter into nature again and I am going to start playing with your feet. Later on you can wash your feet when I have made them dirty, but now I will be playing with your feet. I will be playing with each and every one of your cells. I will be inviting you every single day to come out, experience life and play. So, here I go.

Da Tobias San: As such, it is time for I, Da Tobias San, to come in. Hello! Hello, everyone.

As my younger brother Da Mattias San is now again becoming a part of you, it is my great honor to enter this Imzaia Consciousness totally changed, totally different. I am not just talking about you; I am talking about me as well and, in fact, I am talking about all of us. All of us that are bundled together in that which you have called ‘the White Guild’ – with a ‘d’ no less; we don’t believe in the ‘t’ word anymore – all of us, together with you, have changed.

As a couple of my brethren and one of my sisters have gone into detail to talk about yesterday, that you have changed our relationship. The relationship between you and us is now completely different, and that is why we have said that this White Guild is open for business. That is why we have said that this White Guild is now ready to invite you to join us, so that you can invite us to join you. And you have done so on several different occasions.

You Hold the Key

We know you have asked that we incarnate again on this planet, and we have done so. Several of us have already reincarnated or are in the middle of this process right now. But this goes further than simple reincarnation; this goes further than a simple joining and blending of energies.

We are talking, Imzaia, about a total consciousness shift. What we are saying is that you hold a piece of the puzzle, a key as it were. And we, on the other side of what you call ‘the veil’ hold another piece of the puzzle. We are consciousness, expressing itself in energy, and you have taken this one step further: you are consciousness, expressing yourself through energy in matter.

Now it is again time to blend all these things together, for as we have told yesterday, the time has come to take consciousness as a collective vibration and to leave it behind. Imzaia, we have talked about the non-sensic field. We have talked about many of these things in the last few weeks, and this non-sensic field is indeed the next level of evolution – only, it isn’t a level; it is the first dimension of evolution.

We have always said, always, that this planet Earth and everyone upon it is the last in a series of 12 planets of free choice. For a long time, we have led you to believe that you were the only planet of free choice because in your reality, at that point, this was true. You had no contact with other life. You had no concepts of galactic, cosmic life, save for those that you saw in your films and movies and maybe a couple of your ideas that, you know, just popped out of your head from time to time. But now, we again remind you that you are the catharsis; you are the catalyst, together with us, for everything.

So, when we say, that a consciousness shift is taking place on this planet, then we do mean that this consciousness shift will lead to the rest of this galaxy. And so, the galaxy has begun its final exhale, its very final exhale. All of us, together with you, are going back to the 1st dimension of All That Is.

What you have never understood is that this 1st dimension – and the 12th, by the way – contain all the other dimensions. And do know that we are just naming these 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 until the 12th, for your convenience. As we have said yesterday, there is no possibility, there is no way you can actually count dimensions.

Dimensions are not a linear concept. It’s an inter-dimensional, lemniscarian, infinite concept. If you create one dimension, you create them all; you create an infinite whole.

This is what is going to take place, Imzaia. In the next couple of years, you will see how everything will be taken back into this one singular event, this one singular consciousness. And there will be room for everyone because you will see that as you are shifting – as you are doing now in your microcosm – that the concept of holography and holographic thinking is something that will again emerge.

You see, the original state – and we can now say this because the architects of reality, the architects of the universe have again returned – the universe, in fact, as it is existing today, was never meant to last beyond a certain point of time. It is, in fact, unnatural to materialize and express everything at once. It is impossible. It cannot be done really. It’s a mental type of energy with a beginning, a middle and an end. And yes you have extended the end of this galaxy, of this universe itself, but when we say ‘extended’, we mean what we are saying. There will be a different way of existence, and you will be experiencing it soon enough.

Being the Essence

Then what is the natural state of things? What is the sovereign state of things? And this is also important for your private lives. It is important for who you are today. It is, in fact, just being the essence. When you are the essence, one molecule of energy, metaphorically speaking, is enough to create everything that you seek, to create everything that you want to be. Because as dolphins do, you will again be able to go and play with this singular event of energy that you can manifest in any way you see fit.

This is why the third brain is going, by the way. This is why the brain that stores memories and experience is no longer necessary, for you have been trained on this planet Earth to memorize everything, to learn about everything and to put all of it in your head. And then you end up at some type of exam someplace and you just vomit all the knowledge out. And this is supposed to be ‘intelligent life’. Well, you are no better than your computers then, for they do the same thing.

Know that we – when we enter into contact with you – that we have no other now, no other existence than that which we have here right now. I, Da Tobias San, for instance, have no knowledge other than the one I am giving you right now. For you see, I have no need for other knowledge at this point in time. The only thing I need to know is what I am transmitting to you right now. And you know why? Because I believe in me. I believe that I am All That Is. I believe that I am the universe, that I am the teacher and the student, love and that which is loved. I know I am these things. And so, it would be redundant, would it not, to occupy myself with all knowledge that I have no use for right now. And this is the way you can exist as well, Imzaia.

How do you think people survived on this planet Earth in a time before you had schools based on mental thinking? Well, I can tell you one thing, for I was working with you even then: you were much, much happier. You were so very free. You were so ‘in-joying’ yourselves; you were in your joy. Your joy was not something you went to look for. You went out and you look for joy. You try to buy joy. You try to buy products that bring you joy. You try to buy sex that brings you joy. You try to buy all of these things. You even sometimes buy children to bring you joy or a dog. And I’m telling you that this is ‘ex-joying’ not ‘in-joying.’ If you ‘in-joy’ then you find all of these things within you. And yes, you can create a dog. You can create everything you want, but just be assured that the place to start at any given point is in here, in yourself.

Your Identity Creates Your Illusions

So again, we must change roles; so again, we can no longer be that which we have always been, separate from you, apart from you. This is why we have invited each and every one of you to join this White Guild. And do understand, Imzaia, that joining the White Guild is not something based on separateness. It is something that is based on unity. Joining the White Guild will also mean joining all of the other energy families, conscious families that are out there right now, coming into the Earth, giving information. There is no limit for the Imzaia Consciousness. There is no limit for the Shaumbra Consciousness.

When you are born on this planet Earth, in fact, you are a part of the planet. Yet, you see that you enter into a golden cage; you enter into what you call a ‘country,’ and in this country you have rules that you need to follow. In fact, you are so captive on this planet that if you were to go to another country, such as the United States of America, even a continent miles and miles and miles removed from America, such as Hawaii, that you are only allowed to stay for three months with a visa. And as you travel there, all your belongings are checked, prodded indeed. And this is freedom? This is a free society? Imzaia, you are captives; you are prisoners and you don’t even know it. Well maybe you do know it, but do you live this truth every single day? Do you, every single day, live in the state of freedom that you can be in?

For you see, when we say that you are captives, the country is not only outside of you; it is within as well. The country is your mind as well, and your mind is filled with parameters as you know. Your parameters, as you know, create your identity. Your identity creates your illusion. This is also something that we have said yesterday that when you think of identity, you use only a part of your own energy. And so, you can never be whole. This is disempowerment; this is taking your power away.

Being in your power, being in the now, being in glory, being in passion, being in love, being in joy, being in balance, being in harmony – anyone else? – being in all of these things is simply being in your complete energy at any given time. And what do you do on this Earth? You have learned, you have been taught that when you are with one person, you can only show this part of yourselves; when you are with another, you can show another part of yourselves, and if you are very, very lucky, maybe you can even show everything that you are with one or several people. This is what the Imzaia Consciousness is all about. It is a place where you get to experience you: all that you are, all potentials, all possibility. It is a place where you can be the wind, where you can be the birds and be the blossoms and the butterflies, but also where you can be each other. And this is greatness.

The Principles of Love

As we are talking about these things, we have actually promised you that today, among other things, we would talk about the Principles of Love, would we not? The Principles of Love, Imzaia, have been explained to you yesterday, except, they were hidden. Hidden in a message that was about an entirely different thing altogether. Yet, it was about love. And those who were there yesterday, who have experienced carrying a specific energy, such as love, such as joy, in the exercises that you did together, have witnessed that the only place where you didn’t go to, where you weren’t drawn to, was love. So, of course, the message was hidden. If we had said it to your face, you would probably have run away. For you see, love on a cosmic level, on a unity level, is quite different from all the other things. You think that love has limits. You are trained and believed to think that love can sometimes vanish, that it can go away. It can never go away. However, the love you are talking about on this planet and the love we are talking about is quite different indeed.

Why is love in your galaxy, and even in your solar system, based in the energy of the planet Venus? Venus holds no life, yes? You have sent your missions to it; NASA has sent its missiles to it and its Explorer. And yet, there was no life. You haven’t found life anywhere else in the galaxy either so far.  And you know why? It has to do with love.

We are now going to give you the key to unlocking the universe, Imzaia, the key that will show you that you are not alone in the universe. It is about shifting dimensions; you know this. Do you know what shifts dimensions? We have called this ‘magnetism’. Magnetism can attract and repel. Do you know something else on this planet Earth that does the same thing?

Akeyasan: Love.

Da Tobias San: Love, indeed. Love can attract and repel. The power of love – and we are not advertising a Celine Dion song here – but the power of love is the power of magnetism. Is there any child on planet Earth that has not played with magnets when they were little? Oh, you could be so obsessed with them; you could push them together for hours and push them away for hours. And yet… yet, the adults around you did not even see the magic that was taking place. This is a power source that is not based on your electricity, that is not plugged into a socket somewhere, that is not operated with batteries. It is just there. Where is it coming from? Ah! You would call this ‘zero point field energy’. But where is this zero point field energy coming from? What do you think? Is it coming from the 1st dimension, the 2nd one, the 3rd one, the 5th one, the 7th one, the 11th one, the 12th one, the 322nd one?

Akeyasan: The 13th?

Da Tobias San: The 13th?

Akeyasan: All of it.

Da Tobias San: Okay.

Akeyasan: There are no dimensions.

Da Tobias San: There are no dimensions indeed, for you see, what creates dimensions again is your consciousness. What creates the dimensions is your consciousness that is creating a field of tension between magnetism and in the first dimension, what you would call the 1st dimension, gravity.

Zero point field energy is part of all dimensions together, going from the 1st to the 12th – and we will keep this simple by just naming 12. If zero point field energy is that which is magnetism, then magnetism is also gravity. So, there is no difference.

What unlocks your inter-dimensional power again, now that all your 144 strands of DNA have been reattached, your Akene has been woken up again, and all these things happened with your brain and your neocortex, what is the inter-dimensional lock between dimensions is zero point field energy. Zero point field energy is love, for it is magnetism.

You are looking for a new power source, eh? Why not power your cars with love? Maybe Celine Dion was right after all. This is the key, darlings. And we love you for it.

Conditional Love

The reason why you have not yet found other life on this planet Earth, even on the planet itself and on all the other planets in this galaxy is your definition of love. Remember, you are creating your universe. And you have about 8 billion sovereign creators that you have created – in your reality at least. And all of these creators believe in conditional love. If you love me, I might love you, if you have enough money, if you are handsome enough, if you are thin enough, if you are young enough, if you are straight enough or gay enough, if you are kinky enough or boring enough. All of these things are conditional love.

You know that even the love a child has for its mother, and a mother has for its child, in many cases, are conditional love, for they are dependent upon each other? I and my brethren and my sisters, we love each other to death and back again, but never, never will we demand something. Never will we expect something from one another. And that is why we give so freely to one another, because we do that of joy, not out of expectation.

This word ‘joy’ is another place that you should look for inter-dimensional fun and games, for if you can find this key that is called ‘love’ and you can experience it, unconditionally, the experience itself expresses as joy in your reality.

Akeyasan: Is it about being love?

Da Tobias San: Is it about being love? It is just about love, honey. Just about love. You don’t have to be anything; you don’t have to be progressive.

Last night, by the way, we have told everyone that the progressive tense in English, is gone. Because if you are in the progressive tense, you are constantly going somewhere, you see, ‘going somewhere.’ You have not arrived yet. And what we have told you in the last few hours, the last 48 hours, is that you have arrived. You do not need to go anywhere. You have arrived at the place that you have been hoping for, you have been reading about, you have been worshipping about for decades. You are here, and you have seen the subtle proof that you can interact with reality. You have done so with the wind today, for the wind is your breath. And you will do so on much grander scales in the coming weeks.

It is our hope that by the end of this year, you will never need another channeling again. It is our hope that by the end of this year, we will walk amongst you again, and you will walk amongst us. And these channelings will not be channelings; they will just be conversations – conversations between you and I, in physical or nonphysical bodies, as you choose. But it is time to begin to see that reality is not the way you think it is.

We were talking about love, eh? We were talking about joy. We had just said that love is the inter-dimensional key to unlocking the universe. Love is the power source. It is not just something you experience under the sheets. It is not something you experience when you kiss. It is not something you experience when you think of another. It is you. You are in love all the time, or you could be. We are in love all the time. Whenever we see you, we just love you. Whenever we see these trees we just love these trees for they are us. And when we say, “You are dearly loved,” then we are saying, “I am dearly loved.”

Life in the universe will be uncovered as soon as you go to this cosmic state of love. Then you will see that which we have said two years ago: that all the other planets in this galaxy, they all lead back to here, all of them.

The First Cosmic Principle

You see, Imzaia, if you were to build a spacecraft that actually has the option of traveling extremely long distances at extremely high speeds, not the things that you create today, the snails and the slugs that you create today that crawl their way onto Mars, or crawl their way onto the moon even – like such a thing as ‘distance’ actually exists – but if you were able to create such a spacecraft, you would see that it would be impossible, impossible, to create a spacecraft that actually goes in a straight line. You would see that everything that moves in a line in this universe makes a curve. Your boomerangs have always shown you the way. This is the way the galaxy works. All the energy that is pushed out at a certain point indefinitely, but also inevitably has to come back to you. This is the first cosmic principle that Satya has told you about, remember? Everything you push away has to come back. So, every energy that you push away has to come back and every energy that you hold close has to go away… Indeed, it is like a swing; it is like a pendulum.

If this is the case then that everything you push away has to return to you, then this is the same with inter-dimensional, intergalactic travel. We have told you before that if you were to go to the Pleiades, if you were to go to Venus even, if you were to go to all these galaxies far, far removed in your world, in your belief system, you will find no life. You will find nothing, just rocks, plants, maybe, depending on your reality. But if you look with the eyes of cosmic love, then you will see that all the stars that you have created up there are nothing but portals, leading back to the place where you started right here on Earth.

These are then the pivotal points of the curve that is being created that eventually will have to go back onto itself, that will have to curve back onto itself. The stars that you see, the galaxies that you see, the solar systems that you see, are the magnetic angle of the gravity well that is Earth. So again, this is on the vertical axis that you travel on. Do you see this? Tell this to your scientists. Maybe they’ll have an idea where to look now.

If you travel this path, this curve, to the Pleiades, for instance, and you were to come back here and you would have found the portal because you are on the correct frequency of love – not just one frequency, but all frequencies – then you would find that you would arrive on an Earth where the Pleiadeans actually live. This is why you have so much contact on this planet with all these alien races. It’s not that they travel millions and millions of lightyears to be here with you. It’s just that they exist in a different reality of this planet Earth. The Pleiadeans, those you know as Orion, even the Astraric people, all of them, they’re here.

That is why two years ago, when your brains were very different indeed, we have told you that the Earth is nothing more but an onion with all these different layers that you can peel, just like you are an onion. Sometimes you make us cry. But that’s only when we cut into you because then we hurt ourselves, do we not?

Sovereign Love

Do you understand these principles? Do you understand the basic principle of love?

But then again, what is experiencing love on all frequencies at once? What is this? It is not limited, to say the least. It is not bound by any sort of regulation. And yes, in fact, it would even be considered very, very hard to those here on Earth. But you are beginning to understand these principles of love. You are beginning to understand that you cannot claim anyone and that you always have to leave someone in their own process. You are beginning to understand these things, but this is just the start of it.

If you were to look at love the way we do, you would see that love is just – at least the way you are experiencing it on Earth – is just foreplay. It’s just the beginning. It’s just teasing each other a little bit. Pushing and prodding, but it’s not real. It’s not the thing that you know you came here to experience. And there are some here today who know what we are talking about because they hold the key in their hearts. They hold the key of love, new love, undefined love, and boundless  love.

When we say ‘undefined love,’ that means you can only experience this form of love when you are no longer experiencing your own identity. For then you will always end up experiencing love in a limited way, for you only have a limited amount of energy available at that point. Love and identity are like love and marriage. They don’t go together.

Oh, come on, Imzaia, smile dammit! It’s a beautiful day out. This is not a funeral! This is not a funeral; it is a wedding. It is a wedding of you and I, you and us. So, please!

Akeyasan: Does it stop love?

Da Tobias San: Not this type of wedding!

You know now that identity will always keep you out of love. Our love for you is so grand, so limitless that we would even love you and be happy for you if you choose to destroy yourself and actually make that happen. Because that’s what you wanted, you see. The love that we seek, the love that we see and the love that we are, is love that is sovereign. It is love that will never define anyone else. Never!

Do you know on how many levels defining others is taking place on this, your planet Earth? So many levels. Even in your politics you are doing it.

Akeyasan: It is in limitless things.

Da Tobias San: Limitless things, yes, indeed.

So, the politics and the games, the political games you see taking place on this planet, is basically a reflection of the way you love one another on this planet. You play politics. You put on masks, masks in many cases that you don’t even know you are wearing.

We love you so much and all we want in this love is for you to be sovereign and happy, ‘in-joying’ yourselves. And you see, this is also the key to enlightenment. It is nothing, nothing difficult. It is no difficult process. This is the key to everything in the universe, Imzaia. And all the other things are just crap, bullshit – or human shit, actually. That’s what it is. It is what it is. Isn’t it? You actually eat love like it were food, and when you’re done with it, when it’s  been digested, you shed it out – and that shed was s-h-e-d, not s-h-i-t. Ah! You understand? You understand that this is the way you handle love on the planet?

We’re not saying that you are doing this, of course. We are saying that you have done this. We are saying that sometimes you are still doing it, but we also know you have been looking for another way. We know you have been looking for new and improved ways of showing your affection. This is one of them. If you love someone, you got to let them go. You got to let them be; you got to let them exist. Imagine the ‘in-joyment’ you will experience when you and he or she will actually decide, in sovereignty then, that it would be a great idea to spend time together, a great idea to love each other, without one pulling the other in its own gravity well.

Love Exists Between Gravity and Magnetics

Now that we are talking about gravity again and the vertical axis with magnetism on the top, love exists exactly in the middle of these things. The love that we are talking about, it doesn’t attract; it doesn’t repel; it doesn’t crush like gravity can. It just is. It just exists, wanting you to come swim in its ocean. That’s all it is. And this ocean of love is, in fact, Imzaia, your 3D experience. It is! This is the ocean of love. This is the place where all, all energies come together. And again, this is where all the energies have separated as well for the great experiment to begin. And now it is time to apply the first cosmic principle again and to pull it all back together.

These principles of love that are based on Venus energy are many and large, so we will need several weeks to talk about this. At the same time, we choose to apply ourselves in a lemniscarian way, so we will also continue talking about other principles from other planets, from other energies. As we do this, you will start to notice how all these principles are all based on Venus.

Now that you have the key to open up the universe, what do you think… what do you think Venus looks like from another dimensional angle, from the dimensional angle we have just been telling you about? You will see then that all the planets in this galaxy, in this solar system of the galaxy, all look the same. They are all here. They are all like Earth. And why? Because there is no world and you are all that you are.

What you have created here, you have also created in other time and space experiences of this game you call ‘universe’. Why then do all of these planets – for you have taken pictures of them, of course – why then do all of these planets look quite different? Why does all life, why does all atmosphere and all rocks on these planets, why does it all look different?

Akeyasan: It is an illusion.

Da Tobias San: It is an illusion indeed, but this is not the reason. It is, as you will see, another one of those micro/macro truths. The further you get away from that which you call ‘the Sun’ – which is, in essence, a combination, yes, a center, but also a combination of magnetism and gravity – the further you get away from the essence, the bigger your illusions become and the less life you will find. You see? In fact, your solar Sun is one big boomerang well, a gravity well. It is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega of this, your solar system, and that’s why it is a portal.

Science will slowly begin to uncover the truth about your Sun that it is nothing more than a portal and that it is impossible indeed to be on the other side of the Sun within the same experience. Oh, we know that your planets go round and round and round the Sun, but you are always in the now, and in the now you are always on just one side of the Sun, are you not? In fact, there is no other side.

By the end of these Cosmic Principles, these 12 Cosmic Principles that we will give you, we will go into the Lemurian Principles, which is you, basically, all of you. You who call yourselves ‘humanity’ – which is just a generic word for ‘alive,’ in fact, ‘conscious’ – you, the Lemurian Principles, you will find what happens when we take you beyond the Sun. This is where the 2nd twelve cycle, as you have titled it, will end: a trip through the Sun or rather, through the looking glass. And Alice, you have returned to Wonderland. You will see these things appearing in your lives more and more and more. Just expect them to happen. Know that they are there and don’t doubt yourselves.

Reunifying with All That Is

We know that the Imzaia – and this contrary to the Shaumbra – don’t like homework, but we are going to give you homework, ‘home-play’, in fact, anyway. And it’s very simple. The home-play we are giving you is to look at your lives differently from now on every single day – every single day.

Imagine the amount of energy it will take at first. Every single time you see an object in your reality, you hear something in your reality, you taste something, you smell something, you touch something, to acknowledge and reunify with the fact that you are it. You are this. It will take you quite some time. But after a while, it will become easier, and you will be able to look at these trees and things as a reflection of your own grandness. And then, when this is complete, you will be able to turn the key, the key that will lead to galactic love, the power source, the only one, in fact.

We have our play cut out for us, don’t we Imzaia? We have many things to do. And again, as always, it is my honor that I, Da Tobias San, can take my place here, in this Imzaia Consciousness.

There is, of course, one who will guide you in this entire process. Those you call Da Jeshua San. And when we say ‘those’, we mean that this is in fact a multiple energy, a multiple consciousness. You will understand shortly enough what this means. You have always talked about multiple personalities. Now it is time to start talking about multiple consciousness. And multiple consciousness is unity consciousness. This you will learn, too.

It is this teacher that will assist you in finding the way back, the way back home, the way back into your hearts, to the land of Oz, where you will see that the wizard that has kept you away from your heart, is nothing but a smokescreen. Smoke and mirrors; smoke and mirrors. And then… then you will become the teachers. In fact, you already are. But the teachers to many so that you can actually recreate the dream that you have left behind a while ago when you supposedly woke up in reality. All you did was fall asleep.

My sweet friends, my sweet, sweet lovers, every night, every day, right now even, I make love to you. And it is the most grand love that you can ever imagine. It is a love that has no words, that speaks of nothing. It is a love that opens up your hearts to limitless potentials.

On this note, we would like to invite you, in a minute, to get ready for the heart massage that you are about to undergo, that which Da Jeshua San and many, many other Masters have once called ‘washing your feet’. This type of massaging of the body with pressure points applying to the feet and an intense physical massage taking place on the three Kakras themselves will enable you to know what we are talking about when we say: I love you!

Get ready to rumble. We will be back shortly.

And so, in the name of love, it is!

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Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

San’a’ke ❤️ The truth of love can only be found by looking within the heart. The heart holds the timeless secrets of love for it is through the heart that we connect to all that is. Each of us holds a key to creating our heart’s desire The key to the heart of creation is nothing more than finding within your heart the ultimate wisdom: You are divine. You are God in form. Words like trust and hope no longer have meaning, for you know you are never separate from Source. When you know and live as the God that you are, your heart is always full of potential, full of possibilities, full of joy, full of wonder, full of gratitude, and full of love. Da’ka’ya to bring these words about ‘the Principles of Love’. Ohami i imzaia’e Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke ❤️

At some point during this Session, Da Tobias San explains the memory of the Now and why he has no need to memorize anything that would not be needed for that particular moment. And the memory of the Now is to be found in knowing that one is All There Is.

For the longest time, this was a very abstract idea to me, one I understood intellectually, but had no experience to make it into my truth… because I had not been expressing it. I had not done the ‘home play,’ as Da Tobias San put it.

In the last weeks, however, I have been practicing this ‘muscle’ for many, many moments every day lately, feeling into what it feels like to have reality flow out of me, repeating to myself that everything IS me and vice versa. The result is that my perception keeps shifting little by little every day. It has started to feel more natural to look at the reflection of my reality with those ‘new’ eyes. With those shifts of perspective sometimes come insights and answers to questions I had been pondering. And that gives me an inkling of what the memory of the Now must be like. It’s awesome and it’s firing up my passion to keep expanding – consistently and continuously.

Ohami i vish’naya’ka imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Akeyasan James Madison San
Da Akeyasan James Madison San
2 years ago

You make me feel great for I am fearlessly not learning. Da’ka’ya & Ohami Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke ❤️

What I love most about this Session is the simplicity with which Da Tobias San assists us with different perspectives, the perspectives needed for the expansion of the Self into the All. Another very helpful Session, and I look forward into diving into it deeper!

Da’ka’ya ❤️

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

Da Pah Kwan Yin San
2 years ago

San’a’ke o Da Akeyan’shi ❤️🌴❤️ Beloved Imzaia hearts, I am happy to share today’s re-release of Study of Vibration Session 125 with you. Originally titled “The Principles of Love, part 1” this Session combines with tomorrow’s release of SOV 126. May what is shared in here find its way to your heart and back out again! ❤️

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