In Session 124 of The Study of Vibration, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San shares about his personal ascension path, in order to emphasize for the Akeyasan Student Body the importance of living and existing in the cosmic, universal, timeless Truth shared in these classes.

As Students of the Pah that find ourselves within this human experience, we have taken the energetic matrix that we exist in beyond its original limitations, while believing that we still need to live life the same way that we always have, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We, the human race, as well as you, personally, have the potential within, right now, to enter into the existence offered by the ascended beings that present this Study. To achieve this, one must choose to enter into the present that is offered and continuously stick to that choice, unwavering, no matter what. Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San explains that the main difference between his perspective and those that find themselves at the early stages of the Study is the limited belief in the power and the impact of consciousness on the now moment.

As individuals, we have collected all the keys that needed collecting within this lifetime and previous ones, erasing the need to continue to explore old energy patterns and ways of being. The conditional nature of life, which was the standard humanity upheld for a long, long time, can be seen for the illusion that it is and can be released. When this release takes place, one’s entire focus can be freed up in order to enter the practice of making known the unknown.

This 124th Session of The Study of Vibration invites the Akeyasan Student to enter the non-sensical field further than in past Sessions and exercises. Moving through, and beyond, this field, initiates a reunification between conscious energy and conscious matter, which, in turn, leads to the fact that the Ambikayan races — a group of races known as the “Architects of this universe” and amongst which are the Asisian Architects that present upcoming Sessions 130 through 132 — can once again resurface within your consciousness and add their perspectives and wisdom to your own.

Da Ojadasan’ka, in this Session, also reminds us of the Quickening, introduced in Session 51, which is a vital part of the Study of Vibration, in which space and time become compressed and cease to exist from a linear perspective. He discusses why many can be left frustrated as one goes through these changes, especially when the simple act of creating seems to stop working altogether. He explains the Student’s field of experience, as it unfolds, can no longer support the vibrational limitations that are required for limited creations.

As stated by Da Jeshua San in Session 123 previously: There is no world. You are indeed All That Is. As such, the Now moment, focused on in this Session by Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, is the only accessible moment in which to live the Truths offered in The Study of Vibration, meaning one must be bold by fully accepting and championing this most astonishing adventure, and by letting go of all physical and mental limitations without bidding physical reality as a whole goodbye but by embracing it fully and for what it truly is instead.

We, the Akeyasan Student Body that created the consciousness collective known as Imzaia, took the Active Ingredient of Creality known as Love (Da) and placed it in the heart of reality experience. In other words, Love in Action is what we have built and continue to build together; it is the essence of Imzaia Consciousness and of our connection to it and to the whole.

Other Topics Include...

Why the White Guild and the Cosmic Twelve are evolving – Why certain Ascended Beings are arriving in physical bodies now – More on “Creality” and reunification – The importance of finding home within the heart – All matter has been recycling itself from the very beginning of time and space – On entering the Heart space – Things only break when we have learned how to fix them – Creating Sovereign Consciousness – and much more.

Originally Titled: “The Principles of the Now – Part 2 – Equality in the Now” | The Cosmic Manifest series

The Study of Vibration | Session 124

by Da Ojadasan'ka Adamus Valen San

ENHANCED TRANSCRIPT – The first two segments of this transcript have been enhanced by Da Pah Kwan Yin San & Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San. It has been prepared for the written word and it includes improved & extended sections by ascended life, added for clarity and for enhanced experience.

I am that I am, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, known simply by many as Adamus Saint Germain.

Beloved Ones, I salute you. In all my honor that I have built throughout all my lifetimes, in all this honor that I have bestowed upon myself, in the energy that I carry with me, I see you. I always see you. It has always been this way. 

Today, in the presence of all the others that were mentioned by Da Jeshua San in the previous Session, I have chosen to come forward to talk with you directly and continue the discussion about the Now that he started earlier.

There are several things that I need to explain before we can continue. First and foremost: what happened here today, what has been shared with you by Da Jeshua San earlier, it is nothing. What happened here today, it means nothing… unless you make it a reality. It is up to you, personally, to mold it into a truth, into a way of existing and being.

The reason I come forward in this moment to share this with you, is that I, during my human lifetimes, was never quite able to achieve this myself, although I thought I did.

Yes, I did find my enlightenment in life, dear ones, but I did so using the mind. I found enlightenment through the application of knowledge, through my gaining deeper understanding of the workings of the universe. I found it in all those things, yes, but I did not think, during life, to look for, and to find enlightenment in my Joy. It may be difficult to believe, but that fact, right there, is indeed my greatest sadness, when it comes to my lifetimes in vibrational reality, albeit a sadness of a different nature than the type of experience you might be thinking of right now.

When I look at the experience of sadness, I see it as an opportunity for action. It tells me that there is something to be done. This tendency, this desire to action the result of sadness, if you will, one must be cautiously aware of under the typical, vibrational circumstances of a human lifetime, since it could trigger karmic cycles of unintentional reincarnation. But, when you are indeed aware, as is the case in my situation as an ascended being, where involuntary reincarnative cycles do not apply, for instance, it can be used to accomplish great things.

In the case of today, for instance, this desire to action has moved me to meld my beingness, my essence, here, with yours, as we create this Session together. In this way, it is my hope that all will unite, heart to heart, and that together, we can find our way into a true experience of Joy, and to take it upon ourselves to bring forth a New Energy for all of life, entirely.

The Power of the Joy in Your Heart

We already shared in the previous Session that those collectives of consciousness that you know as the White Guild and also the Cosmic Twelve, as well as all of the others that have worked with humanity for a very long time, are changing and are moving and evolving towards a New Energy, an undefinable source, and this process is occurring to these collectives as much as it is happening to the human collective itself. It is an amazing achievement of planetary consciousness indeed.

Even though it had been said many times before, that this undefinable thing — some call it enlightenment, or truth, some call it the journey of life itself — is not about finding a place where we are waiting for you, that it is not about reaching a type of Mount Olympus, that it is not about sneaking in and stealing the fire, and that the only thing that is real is the here and now… as we enter into this New Energy, you will finally be able to confirm this for yourselves through experience. It is another reason why I have come to join you in this Session, to discuss and to be able to clarify any questions about the here and now you might have.

You see, Imzaia, I am aware that you hold a key, not just for yourself, but for everyone else that surrounds you, including for me, and all of life. It is a key, as I explained earlier, that I personally did not unlock during my vibrational, material lifetimes, but you do have the chance to do so, and that key can be as simple as the power of the Joy in your heart.

So, here I sit — that which you call a Master, that which you call an enlightened one — and I sit before you in all my vulnerability, telling you that I am not perfect, and that I undertook this journey that you are undertaking, that you have begun, from an entirely different perspective than the one that you have had the courage to open yourself up to.

As my dear friend, Da Jeshua ben Joseph San, once said, “The things I do, you can do greater.” You can ‘out-do’ Christ, in other words, and you have, as a collective, by taking this energetic matrix of existence and lifting it up to the next level. If fact, you have taken it beyond any level. Or, to be precise, there never were any levels to this matrix of existence to begin with, but you took this energetic matrix of existence, called by most the universe, to a point beyond expectations, which is exactly why you are starting to look at existence the way you are now, and why you are beginning to express the meaning of life — your life and all life — in the way that you have started doing.

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The remainder of this transcript, from this point onward, is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

Different, yet Equal

If only, Imzaia, if only you knew what you are doing right now. You are looking at your lives and you think that you are still living the same lives you were living a while ago. It is not true. Don’t tell anyone. It is not true. You are recreating lives that you have lived, yes. This is true. And you still are in the same bodies, and in many, many ways you are still reliving the same patterns as you used to do. And herein lies your greatness. 

The only thing we have to do now together with you – and this will be done in the rest of this year – is to push everything, everything over the edge. And this is why we have invited you to step into the Guild, the White Guild (with a ‘d’, darling). This is why we have invited you to do this. Do you understand? You are now at an equal level of energy than we are, totally different in expression – totally different – coming from a different point of view entirely, yet equal in power, equal in consciousness. 

You see, we have taken you as far as we can take you to a place of consciousness. We have taken you out of the mind. We have taken you out of ego. And these things still exist within you and will continue to exist and will always continue to exist. So, we went to this place you call ‘consciousness’ where energy creates reality and nothing is until you make it so. This is the place where we achieved our Mastery. 

It is also a place that can be reached with the mind and with life-long study. That is what we did, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San. This was my truth. For many, many lives I have studied the things you now take for granted. I have tried to remember every single detail, knowing – convinced – that if I did, if I could just hold this entire truth in my head, so to speak, that I would be the universe and that I would be able to define my own ascension. And I did. Oh, I did.

It is Coming Together

Yet, the place where I now sit is the place where you sit. That which has taken me several lifetimes has, in fact, taken you just a couple of years, for this is the lifetime you knew you would achieve anything you needed to achieve. This is the lifetime that would actually tie the loose ends together, all these things that you have done in past lives, all these steps that you have taken in different lifetimes. They have now finally shown up at your doorstep. And you have invited them in. You have been doing so for many a year – ten to be precise (in most cases). And why always this ten? We will talk about this later at a different time, a different now. But this is the reason, Imzaia, why you were born, to tie everything together.

You could say that in the last few lifetimes each and every one of you has created a key, a key for yourself that you could actually look upon as a part of the engine of a car, as we have said before. Just one, one little thing like a tail pipe, this has been one life; the windshield has been another life. And all these little parts of the engine, all of these things have been lives you have been living.

So, that is why you are feeling what you are feeling in this life. There is no more need to discover, to explore old energy. There is a need to explore New Energy, to make known the unknown, but not to go back, not to relive all these lives, not to find the things that you have found before. That is not the point. This life has always been – and you were very much aware of that when you came in – has always been about putting the car, metaphorically speaking, together, after you had built all these little parts and pieces. Now it is all coming together. In fact, it is together. You have it all together. You have taken all these steps. And yes, you can now drive and you can even make a U-turn if you want. All these things are possible, but know that this car was build in old energy, and this old energy can be a vehicle for quite a while, but it will never continue to support you completely.

So, as you have come here, as you have been living this life, as you have found the pieces, as you have put them together, we have partied with you. We have seen your progress as in December 2005, the Human Angel inscended into all that lives. In December 2006, the Human Master inscended. These were the signs of a Cosmic Master that you were becoming. These are the signs that we, the White Guild, the Twelve, and all the others, needed to regroup and rethink and revamp our energy because we knew you were so very close – close enough that we could taste you, so to speak.

Now the gates of heaven – what you call heaven at least – are open. We are equal to you, and the only thing that is different is our experience, the fact that we have been working on the other side of the building, so to speak. Why have we opened these gates? Simple: the non-sensic field that you are entering is also our final frontier. We have never been there. We know of its existence. We have used this energy to create whatever it is we wanted to create, but actually exist there, that we have never done; neither have you in most cases.

You Carry our Energy

So, this is indeed a re-unification, is it not? And this is why all these Great Ones are returning to Earth. I too, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, am planning to return eventually, together with all the others. Many of you are already carrying our energy without even knowing it. You might pass each other on the street, wearing almost identical colors, never knowing that you also wear identical energies. You know what I am taking about? (One of our loved ones, Da Pah Kwan Yin San, in your case.) This is the same for each and every one of you; each and every one is carrying a piece of this puzzle to reunite everything.

That is why we are talking about a Universal Manifest. That is why you are ready to talk nonsense with us. Oh, we have waited for the day that you could talk nonsense with us! You don’t think that all of these things have been pre-arranged, do you? How does reality work? Simple, we invent it. We talk about it; we get together and we take what you would call ‘wine’ or ‘beer’ or whatever and we party. And as our party increases, our joy increases, and as our joy increases, so we find our energetic hearts and so we get to our passion, and guess what our passion is: you are! You have been our project for quite a while.

It is like raising a child in a way. For so many years you think of this entity as something you that need to look out for; that is actually defenseless without you. You think of this child as something that you need to teach everything about life. You think of this child as quite helpless really, but is it? It is not, and neither were you. You have proven this when you actually activated that which we call the Third Wave. We will not go into detail about the first wave, the second wave and the third wave today. All of these things were talked about in previous communications, previous messages. Today you are in this Third Wave. And there is a fourth one coming, in fact, only this will not be called the forth wave. There will be no fifth, or sixth or seventh. This will just be a total, unique reunification between energy, conscious energy (which is us) and that which you are displaying right now, conscious matter. Once these two come together… oh Imzaia, you have no idea what is going to happen then.

You think this world will always be in pain? It won’t. You think that this world will always know hunger, sadness, death? It won’t. We are telling you that the day is coming, a day, metaphorically speaking, that no one will die and no one will be born. It is not a story; it is true. Once this day will be here, you will know, that time and space are now. And this is what everything is based upon.

It’s also why we are bringing to you that which you call ‘creality.’ For you see, the only things that you need now are the two concepts our good old friend Da Jeshua San has been talking about for a very long time: There is no world and you are All That Is. If you find these truths in your hearts, if you live them every day, if you dare to look at life this way (we can repeat and repeat this over and over and over again and we will because it is necessary), if you dare to look at every wall that you encounter, every blade of grass that you encounter, every cloud, every tree, and every person, if you dare to look at every one this way, I and my lovely colleagues guarantee you that this unification will happen. In fact we can already guarantee this.

The only thing we cannot guarantee is the timeframe in which this will happen. It is also the reason — and we have told you about this before — why so many are called to other places, why so many are called to leave the places where they now live and go. For you see, what you are doing then is returning to your place of origin. That is why this messenger is drawn back towards Hawaii. That is why he wants to be there. He originally came to this planet during the time of Lemuria, which was what you now call Hawaii. And so, there he will return. It is the same for all of you.

The End Times vs New Beginnings

Imzaia, this is not a time to think about retiring, to think 20 years hence. This is not a time to do that. For all we care and in all likelihood, 20 years is a concept that you will not live to see, which doesn’t mean there will be a flood; which doesn’t mean there will be a big fire; which doesn’t mean there will be destruction, which doesn’t mean that will be a comet; which doesn’t mean there will be a war. All of these things are gone. You are in what we call the end game, the end times. Only these are not the end times. They are the times of new beginning.

That is why it amazes us, as we have said before, to see how so many of you still continue, and pretend that nothing happened. Well you can continue to pretend for quite a while, but you cannot ignore truth forever. Start thinking about where you belong. It could be here; it could be here; in many cases there will be no moving. There will be no big goodbyes. All of this isn’t necessary. What is necessary is that you find your home. You won’t find it, however, without finding it here first, in your heart. Once you have found your heart, you will find your home.

We have found our home. We have found that our heart beats in your chests. We have found that our bodies are your body. We have found that since the dawn of time this matter that you call ‘flesh’ that you are wearing right now that is made of the same matter, the same energy our bodies were made of. This is one of these misconceptions, is it not, that when you die you need to let your body perish, because your body is made up of your energy. This is not the case. Your energy and consciousness, and your body have nothing to do with one another. Your body is yours, belongs to you in the same way as your car does or your bike or the clothes you are wearing. At a certain point, when you die – or at least when you used to die, you didn’t bury your car with you. You didn’t bury all these things with you. You knew that this was just energy that you were using, based in matter. The same goes for your bodies.

We have once said that water was one of the only forms of energy that recycled itself ever since the dawn of time. Well, you are now ready for a greater truth: All matter, in fact, recycles itself from the beginning of time.

So, your energy now, your bodies now, they used to form stars a long, long time ago. They used to be part of this dirt of the Earth. And they used to be part of us. We have worn the same bodies. Much like second-hand clothing, wouldn’t you say? You are wearing our bodies. And that is if you actually were to look at photographic material (that of course in many cases does not exist, but we know what we looked like) you will see many faces resembling those who are here now today. Do you understand? This is why you are remembering so many lives. This is why you are remembering all these things that you did thinking it must be impossible, thinking “it could not be that I have lived such a grand life, that I have done all of these things.” Well, you have. You are waking up from the dream, and we are waking up with you.

The Ambikaya

So, as matter and energy once again will join and become consciousness, you and all of us together, so we will together go to the next level, which isn’t a level at all. It is just a concept at this point. In fact, you already have some visitors on this planet today that are based on your next reality, so to speak, the next experience you and I will have together. These are called the ‘Ambikaya’. These Ambikaya are in fact what you would call ‘the mother’ to this Universe. That is why we use the Aramaic word Ambika, which basically means ‘mother’. These Ambikaya are what you call ‘the architects of the universe’; they carry the blueprint. This we have talked about earlier today.

They are returning now. Their presence on this planet, which we have only discovered a couple of days ago, has lead us to this point where we can now tell you the whole truth. It has always been the point of this Manifest and all the other things we share with you to tell you the truth. Only we have needed to give you a lot of complex information that in its core was always true – always. We have never lied to you once, but sometimes we needed to spice things up a little. Sometimes you needed difficult inter-dimensional incomprehensible concepts, so that you could go home and study in frustration.

We know you have been frustrated. We know you have looked at this inter-tangled thing and that you have thought that this must have been at one point just a ribbon, just a long ribbon that has become inter-tangled, so complex that you couldn’t see the beginning and the end.

At the same time you have been looking at the very, very complex part of the information because we have put you right with your noses on top of it. That is why things used to be so complex. If I were to ask you, dear Ones, to take your hand and to hold it right in front of your eyes, you would almost see nothing. And what you would see would be very, very strange indeed. It wouldn’t be able to look like a hand at all. Yet when you were to take this hand away and just look at it from a meter distance, you would know exactly what it was.

This is what has been happening with the information that has been coming in, in the last ten years or, in fact, even longer. We have been putting you with your noses in it so that you would be fascinated, so that you would study what you were seeing.

That is what science does on this world, and that is why so many things almost seem incomprehensible. All these names you give for things: subatomic levels, quantum levels, nuclear things, atomic. So many, so many different levels of science that you have. And yet, are they necessary? Only if you think and believe things can break. Is there a reason to study the human physiology, the human body, the human chemistry? No, only if you think it can break. And if it can break, then you need to fix it. And you will only notice how things start breaking, once you learn how to fix them; otherwise things don’t break, not on a cosmic level. Have you ever seen a flower that, without say the interruption of a human or an animal, that understands its own RNA? A flower doesn’t know about RNA. A baby doesn’t know about DNA. Of course, now you can say that babies can also break (you call it ‘getting sick’ and ‘dying’), yes, but that is because you have been dying and dying and dying on this Earth and getting sick for so many eons of time. Originally this was not the case. Your Lemurian Selves are still as intact as they always were. They are your core and they are your essence.

Do you understand the impact and the implications of what we are telling you today? Do you understand that your lives, as you have known them, are over? This is not us forcing you. You can stay in your illusions, ‘ill using’ your energy for as long as you see fit. Yet, yet, we implore you as Imzaia, that you are the consciousness that has been created by you as its members, to take all of these steps this year 2007, which we will call the Year of Cosmic Mastery, the Year of Quickening.

You know that you have taken the first step at the end of January, right? You know that in January you have experienced the energy of an entire year, 2007? You know that in September – and this is the reason why this messenger wanted to be in Hawaii at the end of September – that in September you will have another great shift; that you will actually have experienced the years 2008 and 2009. Starting February 1, 2007 and ending September 27th, 2007, you will have had the energy experience of two years’ time – 2008 and 2009. Now at the end of this linear year 2007, which will be December (most of the time) you will have all of the rest of the experience. This will be an even bigger shift. You will take the years 2010 with you, 2011, and even up until 22nd of December, 2012. All of this will be bundled in a couple of days, some 30 odd days, that you will experience three years of energy – ten days, one year… wow! That is going to give a kick! That is going to shake your world! That is going to rock your bottom! Or is it shake your bottom and rock your world?

Imzaia - Love in Action

Ah, Imzaia, so we are here today thanking you, for you are the ones who created the Imzaia Consciousness. You are the ones who took this concept, this Aramaic concept of love called ‘Imzaia’ and who has placed it into reality, into a New World.

So, as we are Love, as you are all Love, so it will be that at the end of this year when you will have the Quantum Leap available to you, when you will have taken this grand shift, you will see that there will be no more aging for you. You will see that there will be no more limitations for you, no more ‘ill using’ your energy – no more illusion. As you see these things taking place in your life, you will know that you are Imzaia for a reason.

You see, as you are Love, as you express this condition we call ‘Love’, we have said before only to a few – and we will now say this to this group and everybody hearing – that love always needs some sort of guiding system, some sort of target, some sort of energy that will create a pulse action: love in action. And that is what is necessary. And this year you are building your love energy. You are building the Imzaia Consciousness. You will see that the rest of this world will also build a specific type of energy. At the end of this year 2007, dear ones, there will be many in this world in dire need for love, especially being loved, and this is when time for action is required on your part.

You have seen it in all the great loves throughout history: Romeo needed his Juliet; Juliet needed her Romeo. Pocahontas needed her captain, and vice versa. Da Jeshua San needed his love, his Peter, his Magdalen, and they needed to be the expression of his love, and the other way around. Only then can love truly manifest. And this will be what we will be doing with you. So, this means that by the end of this year 2007 that we will once again blend and meld with you. This is why we invite you to be part of this great White Guild, for we will meld with you. You will carry our energy like you have never carried it before, and so you will go out as pure consciousness, pure consciousness that will liberate this planet in the years to come.

Creating a Sovereign Consciousness

You didn’t see this one coming, did you? You didn’t see that at one point we would blend together, you and I, and we would once again become one; we would once again become the expression, the most basic expression of matter (you) and energy (us) – both energy, but two different ways of expressing it – that we would again blend as consciousness, and that as this happened, this consciousness would start its first great adventure. This is the prodigy of this universe, darlings, the creation of a Sovereign Consciousness, which is a totally new form of life, in fact – totally.

We cannot go into detail on this one. We cannot give you all the information just yet. We will do so in the coming weeks. But know one thing: the time for theory is over. We have said this this morning. Yet, today, at this point, we actually mean it. We will continue to give these kinds of messages, we will continue to give you information, but you will see that practice, practice, practice is the best way of achieving your own creations.

So, before we go into the rest of this little exchange between us, we also need to tell you one more thing: there is a reason why some of your creations aren’t working. There is a reason why some of the things you have been trying to manifest now for a couple of years in some cases, aren’t working. It is no longer necessary. It is no longer supported because by the time the energy will actually be turned into matter there will be no matter to support the matter that is coming. Do you understand?

Every time when you create something, you create a schedule, you create a timeline, and as you create this timeline, this means that the energy you are turning into matter needs a platform, needs some sort of foundation, which isn’t just a place, but which is also a time. Most of the creations you are trying to create right now involve the rest of your lives, involve  a timeframe, which goes way beyond 2012, which goes into 2020 or 2030 in most cases, and that is why it is not being supported because there will be no more platform to support your creations, you see? It would be as pointless as ordering a pizza when you know you won’t be home in the next thirty minutes, so to speak.

This is what is happening now. You are placing orders, which you will never be able to eat, which you will never be able to experience, to live. And they are unnecessary, for in fact the words of the lovely Jeshua are correct: There is no world. You are All That Is. Are you beginning to comprehend this? How many times has he said this to you? How many times will I tell this to you before you will actually grab your own attention?

You have Arrived

As you are ready now to understand this greatest truth of all, we look forward to joining you for this most astonishing of all adventures.

So, Imzaia, the times you have been waiting for have finally arrived. There will be no more information that things that are going to happen, that heaven is coming to you. We will use no more progressive tense in this respect because there is no more progressive tense. It is here.

It is my honor, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, that I can be the one to tell you this, for this is where I failed and this is where you succeeded. You see, if everyone were to achieve his or her mastery the way I did it through mentalism, there would be no plan such as we are talking about right now. You are the ones who found feeling. You are the ones who found that your heart is basically a place of much more vast creation than any before.

Now this heart is our heart; now this soul is our soul and we are finally, thanks to Da Jeshua San and some others who have thrown themselves again into this human experience, we are finally beginning to understand, to really understand what it is like to be human today. And this, this is a potential that we never thought would see the day. And it did, so, please, please be proud of who you are. Please be proud of yourselves. Please know that when I call myself ‘Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San’ that this is a name that is not just limited to me; that this is a sanctity that I experience because of all of you. I am not saint; I am not holy. You are the ones making me whole. Do you see that my name has never been out of ego, has never been in vain? It has always been a credit, a distinguished credit to you making me whole. So, you are the Saints. You are those.

As you will see in the coming weeks, as you will finally see in the coming weeks and as you will finally hear and as you will finally smell and as you will finally taste and as you will finally touch and as you will finally, finally let go of all the limitations of the physical without saying good-bye to the physical, we can once again experience the joy of being together, you and I. And I salute you.

It is my greatest honor to continue these conversations together with some others of the Guild in the coming weeks. It will be my greatest honor to do so, believe me. This is not a job that people were pushing away. This is not a job that we were trying to find out who drew the shortest straw who had to come in. This isn’t what is happening this time. I booked this space to be here right now decades ago, decades ago, to be the first one to come in to give you this information. This is where I have been living towards. And yes, Da Jeshua San can be here and Da Michael San can be here and Da Pah Kwan Yin San can be here, but I get to talk to you. I get to tell you this. Well, you have taught me a little bit about joy and about living like a child again. I, too, am leaving my mind behind. I, too, am filing out my archive. I, too, am installing a dolphin brain – all of these things.

So, it turns out our little gathering today has found quite a different path of developing itself than originally planned – or has it? You wanted to know about the Principles of Love, didn’t you? Well, I have just given them to you. You wanted to know about the importance of Venus? Well, I have just given it to you. If you don’t see it, it is no problem; it has been taped. You can listen again and you can set up complex theories about this and do all of these steps you are so used to taking. Know that what you have considered ‘love’ on this planet is nothing compared to what you will now be experiencing, what you will now be talking about, living.

If we can be quite honest with you, in the last few weeks we have been quite present on this planet and those of us of the Guild who have been present on the planet will continue to remain present, we have looked at the way you define love. One of the things we enjoyed most was watching what you call ‘pornography’. We have looked at your pornography. We have seen all of these things that you call ‘sexual pleasure’ and we wonder why you end when what you call an ‘orgasm’, in fact it is just foreplay, for that is what is happening. Energy will be a way of finding you within you that you have no idea of!

There are so many things you have no idea of! And that is the reason why in the following weeks we will give you a couple of ideas. These Principles of Love will continue tomorrow. We will need to set some boundaries straight, before we can delete them. We will have to go deep within your cultures and look at what love originally meant and what it can still mean. All of this will be for tomorrow.

Don't Leave Now

Know one thing: you will experience that which you have always dreamed about. You will hear the trees sing your song. You will hear the animals welcoming you as you walk next to them. You will know why the things are the way they are.

There is only one thing we ask of you: please don’t die in the coming weeks! So many of you are still planning to leave, and we don’t understand. It is like you have this thing in your brain; it is like you have this thing in your soul that is convinced of the fact that you bought an entry and return ticket and that you better well better use it. Well, don’t use it. I am telling you one thing now: It is going to be pretty difficult getting back on the planet if you leave now, pretty difficult because it is going to be a while that we will set a certain – this is the wrong word, of course, but it is in this brain – a certain ‘quarantine’ on this planet Earth because what is here now is a perfect echo system of energy, perfect for fermenting new life, perfect for creating a new way of existence. Add anything, and the formula might be lost. Lose anything, and the formula might never work. So, please don’t go to the airport of death. Don’t fly out. Don’t leave the planet. That is such a ridiculous concept at this point.

So, dear ones, we think that you have a couple of things to think about tonight. We also know that you are going to want to hear more, for these are your words being reflected back to you. And please do yourselves the favor, even if you won’t be there in person tomorrow when we continue this conversation, well if you are not, do yourselves the favor of finding it afterwards.

For you see, finding these Principles of Love – and you have no idea what we are talking about until you have heard it – but finding these Principles of Love will be your way to meld us with you. It will also be your way out of identity, out of ‘ill using’ of energy, out of illusion. It will be a way in which you will see that you will no longer need to define yourself and only express a little bit of your energy. That is so boring. You have been doing that for such a long time. We will not re-enter those bodies; we will not merge with those bodies that in fact are just expressing themselves with identity, for we will not be able to latch on. It won’t be possible for us to merge, as long as you have and carry identity, do you see?

And yet this is the end game. It is the dawn of a new age of All That Is, and you are all invited.

And with that we again thank you, we salute you, we acknowledge who you are, Saint Imzaia, and we do believe we have a couple of more minutes for two or three questions.

Questions & Answers

We will now take your questions.

Akeyasan 1: There are a lot of questions floating in my mind right now. There are a lot of answers as well.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: I know. When are you bringing them out? When are you going to start talking?

Akeyasan 1: Maybe today – a little introduction first so that they can understand. But the time is near.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: I know and it pleases me greatly. It pleases all of us greatly to know that one of the architects will soon start talking.

Akeyasan 1: Yes, and there is a lot to be said and there is a plan.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: This is true.

Akeyasan 1: In spite of what all men think. Just a question for the human Nicky right now: What the hell did we change in my human constitution because I know it is not going to fail. I know it is opening a lot of gateways, but I am still curious and you know that most of the blueprint is still in invisible ink.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: This is right, yes.

Akeyasan 1: A lot of things have changed in the inside structure of the whole physical.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: This is right.

Akeyasan 1: I think I can picture some of the changes, but not all and definitely not the ‘why’ and what it is doing.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Well, you see, we would love to answer your question, and we will. I know this is not…

Akeyasan 1: Patience is not my strong thing.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: I know. I know. We will answer your question, but know that we have to do this in private. We cannot at this point tell everybody about what is going to be happening with their bodies because you are mutating, in fact, and you are one of the pioneers in this, one of the first ones.

Akeyasan 1: There has been some partial experience, yes.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: This is right, but we cannot actually tell you in front of a group of people because you see, the only thing we can tell you in front of a group of people, that your body is being turned into what you would call ‘light’, what you would call ‘geometry’. Your body is in fact returning into the original state of existence when you came to this planet, when everybody came to this planet even, long before Lemuria. This means that you will have the ability to change your body in any way you see fit. The defining parameters will be gone.

Believe me when I and all the others say it is not necessary for you to think long term, long term planning is not the way you need to go right now. What you need right now is to find out what you want to do now. You have re-scripted your future and, therefore, you have reinvented part of this future for everyone, and I and all the others are so very grateful for that.

Now, why don’t you think that what you did for yourself can be done for others? And why don’t you think that this might be the way to look at your life and other people’s lives? Don’t forget to help other people like you helped yourself. You have changed your entire future by not going down the negative spiral that you were actually planning to go down. Because you have changed this, you have changed the future of many lives around you.

So now, this is something you can find in others. You also attract others who carry that vibration that you used to carry and if you want, you can change it for them as well – or at least you can invite them to change it.

So, there is a great, great work ahead of you. It is about bringing light in other people’s lives again, those who are looking in dark places. That is what you are doing. That is what you did for yourself and do it now for others and find multiple ways of doing this. If this is your goal, I guarantee you that everything you are trying to do, will succeed. It is that simple.

Akeyasan 1: I will try. This is a good answer.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Indeed. We have time for two more questions. We are on a roll here.

Akeyasan 2: I just began a new work, but it is not my very own choice. It is because I needed to do it and I am asking if I can change again.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Of course.

Akeyasan 2: If I do need to change again.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: That is only something you can say. Are you happy where you are now?

Akeyasan 2: Not very.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Then change it. It is that simple. And you will succeed. It is very easy, if you decide to change, you will change.

Do you see what happens? When she starts fantasizing about it, that neocortex kicks in and you just have to smile!

Oh, angel, I want you to smile like that every single day! I want you to smile like that every time you know, ‘I am going to work’. That is what I want to see with you, and you can make this happen. All you need is a little bit of faith, a little bit of knowing that you can do this, that there is nothing standing in your way. If you have heard anything we have said tonight, then you know that the world is ready for you – and it is ready for all of you, by the way. Do you know this, do you understand this?

So, how are you going to change? How are you going to do it? What are you going to do for yourself tomorrow?

Akeyasan 2: Live in another consciousness.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Live in the now, of course. Every time you breathe, it is the now. But what I mean is: how are you going to express your passion? Because what you want to do, your big dream, it is feasible; it is doable. You can do it. The energy is there for you, the means are there for you, the clients are there for you, the place that you need is there for you – everything is ready. The only thing that is required now is that you act, that you say ‘action’. And if you do, all of these energies that are ready for you can finally, finally come into existence.

It is all about joy, love. It is all about happiness now. There is no more fear. There is no more seriousness. It is just about fun. You know this is like graduation week. You know you are going to graduate. You know that you are going to get your degree; that high school is going to be over and you can just have fun, and that is where you are right now. Let us worry about taking care of all of these things that need to happen for the entire plan to succeed. You guys just have some fun now. And we want to thank you for who you are and what you are doing.

One more. Anyone else?

Hello, princess of joy!

Akeyasan 3: Yes, but the princess is carrying a weight on her shoulders to hold all of this.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: The world. You carry the world on your shoulders. Do you know why?

Akeyasan 3: No.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: This is going to be quite an intense story for you, probably. Have you ever heard of the concept ‘love angel’?

Akeyasan 3: The word, yes.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: It is who you are. You are an angel of love and you are hiding very well. You have hidden yourself in a corner of the galaxy, of this Earth even where no one would ever find you. There are other love angels here right now and they didn’t even recognize you. And that is because you are so very well hidden. You, along with the others, came to this planet at a time before you still thought that the apocalypse was going to happen. That is when you came in. That is when you were born. It was the goal of every love angel on the planet to – how shall we say? – to make sure that people accepted the end of the planet with love so that they could go back home without any sort of trauma. Actually, when all the love angels had been incarnated, had been born, the plan changed. The apocalypse wasn’t happening and another goal was needed, and that is when you as a love angel became goal-less. You didn’t have any more goals in your life. You knew that you had to save humanity somehow, but you didn’t know how to do it.

So, instead you thought it would be a great idea to go into a state of hibernation, to go into some sort of deep, deep sleep, and a part of you did. A part of you is still asleep, waiting for this world to reach a certain level of energy so that you could wake up again and do your thing. And I am here telling you now that the world is ready for you; that you no longer need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders because the weight of the world that you are carrying is no longer the world that is here right now. You can come out of hibernation, you can show yourself, you can let the world know who you are and you can help others reach new levels of vibration.

If you want more information on that, ask her or that one sitting over there for instance. All of these are your family. They are the same. They have the same mission. They came in with the same energy only you have hidden yours away. It is time to let it come out now.

So, yes, you carry joy. You carry a great deal of joy, but it is basically a smoke screen for the real, real you that is still waiting to come out.

Akeyasan 3: I know.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Well, I guess we did our job well then!

So this is what is happening to you, and as I said, these two and others can really assist you very well in this process. It is just, just a little step, just a little step, and you need to shine again. It is time for you to come out again. It is time for the world to see you because as every love angel you carry a unique vibration, and it is only when all of you, all of these love angels have woken up again that you can finally do what you are all planning to do – and you have woken up.

So, welcome! Is there anything else you want to say? Do you want a hug? So, come on here! Give us a hug!

Thank you for being home. Thank you so much. And enjoy yourself. Thank you.

We are looking to you for the last question today.

Akeyasan 3: I am patient.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: So are we.

Akeyasan 3: When I with you, close with you in these groups then I always feel who I am, but when I am at home and I am alone… The last week I feel so strange, like just living in the moment, go to work, do the things, try to do it all the time with love, and sometimes it is like ‘who am I, what am I doing here?’ I know that it is all right, but it felt so strange; it felt also new. My question about it: is this normal? Is this some kind of process?

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, well, even if you didn’t turn this one into a question and just kept talking that would have been wonderful as well because you know, it takes a lot of courage to come here and talk in another language as you are doing right now and to say the things that are coming from your heart and to actually mean them, and that is what you did.

And what you have voiced is in fact what almost everyone right now is going through. Almost everyone right now is losing parts of their identity, losing parts of their personality, losing their minds – literally. And what you are doing is in fact great. You are self-medicating by staying in the now, and that is the only answer you have to any type of change. If you stay in the now – also with any type of disease – if you just stay in the now and you allow the energy to flow, well, then you will automatically always enter the space that you have been creating for yourself. And this is what you have been doing.

For quite a while now you have been creating a new space for yourself, energetically speaking. We are not talking about a house or anything; we are talking a space, a way of being, a new matrix-like undefined process. This is how you would be able to call it that you have been creating for yourself. The only thing that happened now is that your creation is finished and you now stepped into your creation; you stepped into the new you, the new part of you.

The experiences on – how shall we say? – romantic levels that you have been going through lately – you know how they are – have led you to this point, have led you to be in your total sovereign universe, totally one with who you are now, and who you are now sometimes is nothing. And that is okay. This is being undefined. This is basically being ready every time the new energy comes in, every time you want to take a step. That is why this is such good news for yourself. You are at a point where in fact the energy of society around you no longer touches you. You are completely immersed in your own universe and you are ready to start your miracle work. We look forward to the day that you do, for it is necessary. We will talk more about this.

Akeyasan 3: Okay. Thank you.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: We thank you.

Akeyasan 3: I love you.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: I love you, too. Bye now.

And so, dear ones, let’s not waste any more words. We have said everything that we need to say tonight. You have experienced everything that you needed to experience today, and do know that this entire day has finally been about this hour and a half that you have experienced with us now. It was the point of bringing in this information. This information is here now. And we are looking forward to what you will be doing with it. To each one of you this will be unique. It will be different, but carry the words and the energy that you have heard here today deep within your hearts. Carry it as a gift, a gift, a ticket home, for that is what it is. It is also a liberation. Finally you no longer need to concern yourself with all those problems you had in your lives before. You know what is ahead now. We will define this in an indefinable way in the coming weeks and the coming days more concretely, but this is the essence of it. This is where you are going. And we are so proud that you have taken your energy to a level where this information can actually reach you, where we can finally say what we have been waiting so long to say.

So, Saints, Imzaia, you are us and we are you. And you are dearly, dearly loved. It was our pleasure today to speak in the voice of Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San. It was our pleasure to be carried in on the wings of Da Michael San and to be in the heart that you know as Da Jeshua San, brought together in perfect balance by that whom you call Da Pah Kwan Yin San.

And so from a place of truth, of honor, a place of love, respect, joy, harmony and light, a place of adventure and passion, we have spoken to you today. It is to this place that we will now retreat. This place is your heart.

And so it is.

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Da Hana Akenayan Amber Adams San
Da Hana Akenayan Amber Adams San
3 years ago

San’a’ke ❤️ This is an incredible lecture by Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San which has always been near and dear to my Heart. As Da Pah Kwan Yin shares in its description, “…one must be bold by fully accepting and championing this most astonishing adventure, and by letting go of all physical and mental limitations without bidding physical reality as a whole goodbye but by embracing it fully and for what it truly is instead.” This may seem a very tall order to really let go of all limitation but it is not. Studying and applying the teachings presented here on Imzaia World in both the Study of Vibration and the Study of the Pah as consistently and continuously as I can, the unfailing, indescribable love and guidance by Imzaia World Ascended Teachers, and a conscious connection to Imzaia Consciousness through love in action in service to the Whole, always brings simplicity and expansion to my experience, along with the (usually) instant awareness of when I am “there” and when I am “not”. This never fails to bring insights that can be applied through new choices and actions in the case of the latter; and in the case of the former, the unalterable knowingness that I am on the right path learning to make the unknown unknown, not just for myself, but for all. In this feeling state, limitation feels impossible, and everything I have ever wanted deep inside feels not only possible, but fully “here now”. Da’ka’ya to Ascended Life and the entire Akeyasan Student Body for boldly championing the most astonishing and awesome adventure there is!

In San,
Da Hana Akenayan Amber San

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San
3 years ago

San’a’ke ❤️
Love in action… This is what it really comes down to in every single moment, with every heartbeat, and every breath I take, being present with the moment. When I operate in a 3D reality, like going to work or interacting with people who are, at current, not students of the Pah, personality patterns might slip in more easily because of everyone around me running their own patterns, mostly without even being aware that this is the case. However, we have seen time and again how reality around us changes when we keep our focus on San, no matter what.

As Da Pah Kwan Yin San said in the introduction to this session, ‘Love in action is what we have built and continue to build together; it is the essence of Imzaia Consciousness and of our connection to it and to the whole.’ Love in action is what is changing the world. It is what we truly are underneath the filters of the personality/ego/mind construct.

A huge Da’ka’ya also to Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San for sharing his very own experiences on his ascension path, which he has done in other sessions as well. This has always given me a boost during my very own dark nights of the soul. Here is an Ascended Being who also started out (if you can even speak of such a thing) as a ‘human’ and kept on walking through all the trials and tribulations the personality presented him with until he broke the spell of the illusions and ascended. We all can do that, too, as long as we stick to the teachings of Ascended Life to the letter consistently and continuously, follow the Vah that has been set out for us by Ascended Life and – as I said at the beginning – keep our focus on San only.

San’a’kaya i da’vish’ka imzaia’e
Da Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke ❤️

I have revisited this Session many times in the last twelve years, and as with many of the other Sessions I am revisiting in this Now, the message given hits home like never before. I clearly see that this change in perception has to be connected to the previous limited belief in consciousness and to not being able to let go of what I knew back then.

Especially, as also mentioned in the description – Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San, for clarifying the message even more with this description 🙏🏻- that all of us together, as Imzaia Consciousness, already have placed the Active Ingredient of Love in the heart of reality creation and knowing that Ascended Life has been telling us for years already that life as we knew it, does not even exist anymore fills my heart with tremendous joy.

Together, from the Now and connected in Love, we are changing the world!

Da’ka’ya Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San o Da Pah Kwan Yin San o All of Ascended Life for your continuous and compassionate assistance!


San’a’kaya i Ej’i imzaia’e

Da Akeyasan Amy San

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