On the last day of the New Lemurian retreat on Big Island, Hawaii, Da Jeshua San takes the attendees on a long trek of Big Island, arriving at an unknown beach. There, the group of private students and visiting students makes contact with a beloved Sea Turtle that exits the waves to connect with the group for a while before departing again.

The experience leaves everyone in silence. After a while, as everyone gathers around Da Jeshua San who is sitting on the sand near the ocean, in the welcome shadow of the palm trees that are spread around, Da Pah Ekara San arrives to deliver this important lecture on manifesting free energy.


Manifesting Free Energy


The Cosmic Manifest


Da Pah Ekara San


Big Island, Hawaii | September 30, 2007

The Study of Vibration | Session 164

by Da Pah Ekara San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

And so it is. 

Greetings, my beloved Imzaia. On this glorious of spaces we come together to close the circle that we have opened just a little while ago. We are near the waters. The sand is covering our feet, and the light is touching our eyes. I am that I am Da Pah Ekara San and I am here to bring you an energy class, a Free Energy Class that is going to be based on three different aspects today. 

I will begin with a relatively short Ekaraia on the subject of manifesting free energy. After that, we will do a Trinity Talk on a similar subject, but we will expand the energy that we all together will have brought in at that point. And then, as a third segment of today, I will hand over the teaching to all of you as you will find a partner or two partners and team up to teach each other about manifesting free energy. 

Now, you have all heard about the concept of free energy. And yesterday, when we were doing the first Trinity Talk, it was very interesting indeed the things we came up with together. You know that the things that we brought in yesterday, the things about Sacred Geometry and the things about creating this triangle, and within that space a circular event, and within that circular event space (which goes beyond time and space anyway) creating an infinity event that will create space where none existed before. This is the way a true hologram works. It needs no space; it needs no time; it needs almost no energy to create an event, an event that you would call ‘life’, for what else is life than this coming together of trinity, circularity, and infinity building up, creating the hologram that you see before you? 

But before we go on to manifestation of free energy and before we have the time to talk to all of you about this, I want to share something with you. 

A Different Voice

As I was coming in, into this body, into this timeline where we now sit together at the end of September 2007, there was a different voice calling me in. It was a different voice altogether. Usually when I come into spaces such as this one, finding groups such as yours, there is an uncertainty. There is a need to know. There is a need for information. Today as I came in, there was a different type of energy wave that was bringing me down, so to speak, that was brining me down to these materialized vibrations that you all sit in. And it was the I Am Presence. It was the I Am Awareness. And it is starting to glow within all of you. There is no exception. Even those who are not here right now, even those who are having the wonderful experience with the turtle, the honu, they also show the first lights, the first blossoming of I Am Awareness. 

And there is nothing special that you had to do for this. There is no training required for this. There are no steps that you needed to take. It is about becoming. It is about choosing to be that which you want to be. And today, the voice that called upon me, that showed me the way in, the Towers of Light, the Lighthouses that you all are, the tune that it was playing was very simple, but very, very strong and it went as follows:

I Am ready to be of the highest service to this planet. 

I Am a Warrior of the Light. 

I Am aware that I have always been here, always guiding, always helping, always shifting. 

I Am Awareness in the highest expression of Self. 

I Am that I Am that I Am and I Am ready. 

And as you all are ready, so I am ready to teach you about actual close contact, divine contact with this Free Energy Principle. 

Now, in the last few days you have heard a lot about free energy. It has stimulated some to start the creation of a universe within themselves. It has stimulated others into frustration because all of a sudden a lot of information was coming in, a lot of information that might be difficult to handle at first because it is one thing to hear all of these things; it is another to experience them in reality. 

What you heard yesterday as we were doing the Trinity Talk was information that is based on a free energy world. And the world you are sitting in right now is not yet this free energy world – or is it? The question again becomes then: What lives inside of your heart? What lives inside of your soul? What is the expression of self that comes out of you with every breath that you let go? What is the expression of purposefulness that comes into you with every breath that you take? 

Crystal Clear

Someone has placed a crystal in the centre of this circle. It is a Lemurian crystal. Aren’t you all becoming this crystal? 

You need to be crystal clear about your purpose. You need to be crystal clear about your goals, crystal clear about your focus. Because, you see, this focus is something that is very, very fluid. It comes and it goes, much like the waves. But what you must understand about focus is that it is not about the way it shows up in your life. It is about the current; it is about the foundation behind it. You cannot always stay in the same focus that you will need when you are manifesting something. It is impossible to do so within a human body, but the current, the movement beneath can always be there. It is much like the changing climates you have seen as you were here on this Big Island of Hawaii – lots of different climates. Sometimes there is lots of vegetation; other times there is no vegetation at all, and you are just walking upon the lava rock. And although these spaces offer totally different types of focus, at the same time, it is the undercurrent of lava that is always flowing beneath. 

Now, let this metaphor of lava be your focus. And the way it shows up in your life?  Well, that is dependent on the space that you are sitting in. Of course, with that I don’t mean the external environment. I mean the ‘space’ you are sitting in: what is going on in your head? What is going on in your heart? What is going on in your belly? 

I have spoken to some of you who are about to bring in some very ancient and authentic techniques based on the energy of chi. It is very important that these techniques be brought in. And they will show you very easy methods of finding your focus no matter where you sit. 

But, of course, this wasn’t going to be a teaching about focus. It will be a teaching about manifestation. You have felt the new energy. You have felt the free energy. But there is one thing in feeling something; it is another to actually to really make it happen, to bring it into action, and this is what we will be talking about today. 

For you see, you can have so many thoughts in your head; you can have the most brilliant ideas; you can be that person that is constantly bringing in information, constantly bringing in thoughts, ideas, concepts, stories, but what happens if you don’t bring these aspects into the three-dimensional world? Nothing. You just move on from one idea to the other and to the other and to the other. And although on an ethereal level you are doing a good thing, you are taking these ideas and putting them into unity consciousness, although this is good, it doesn’t help you or anyone else in the 3D world. 

Shifting the 3D Experience

Now, manifestation of free energy, my beloved Imzaia, requires that you shift the 3D field experience to something new altogether. Last night we have been speaking to you about Sacred Geometry. And 3D is very similar to the Sacred Geometry that was discussed last night, in the sense that 3D limits itself to the triangle alone. So, this has always been here. The hologram that you live in has always consisted of this very basic triangle: triangle put together with a triangle put together with a triangle put together with a triangle and making itself bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger. This was all the basis that you needed to live within a 3D world. And it is the basis of your cellular system. It is the basis of all the things around you that you call ‘life’. It is the basis for DNA, although DNA takes one extra step in that it blends the potentials and makes those potentials into a reality, manifests them. 

Then we have also spoken, a couple of days ago, about the Akeneic Cell. And if you look at the Akeneic Cell, you will see the circle, and going through the heart of the circle the infinity sign. Now, why do you think that the Sacred Geometry that we have talked to you about yesterday offers the very same akeneic perspective but puts the triangle around it? This is what is taking place. This is the truth behind free energy. 

What we are going to be doing, Imzaia, is shifting the perspective of the hologram. So far, you have always worked by projecting something out of the Akeneic Cell and taking it right into a level of illusion. But what… What would happen if you could take 3D and not keep it within an illusion, but put 3D into Divinity? It would do the same for 1D, for 5D, for 7D, for 9D, for 11D, for infinityD, in fact. This is the basis for all manifestation. 

We are now discussing this with you on an abstract level. The purpose of the Trinity Talk that will be brought upon later on is to make this more real, but first we must download this information into your Akeneic Cell.  – And I don’t mean disinformation; I mean this information, as the keeper and all the others were asking these things. Isn’t it right, keeper? 

So, anyway, just a summary before we continue: 3D reality always based on the triangle, three points of light coming together to create a field of experience within the triangle that is your reality. And no matter what potentials coming outside of the triangle trying to come in you choose, it changes the beacons of light here at the three points of the triangle, hence creating a different vibration in the field of experience within. This triangle field is basically outside of the Akeneic Cell, and thus, the Akeneic Cell was projecting your hologram into it, you see? And that is why everything that was coming in, all the potentials that were coming in, were always ending up in your world of illusion. 

Making it Real with Divinity

If you want to manifest free energy that is based on photonic/tachyonic energy and actually takes it a step beyond that, you are going to want to manifest the akeneic energy within the field of illusion. So, what you are doing is taking something, which is not real, and you are giving it reality. And that is what free energy is going to be about because if you are in the illusion of 3D world, then you are always outside of truth. 

What is the way to put your own Akeneic Cell into this 3D world so that the projection isn’t happening at an external level? It is going to be happening at an internal level. This is what we have always meant, I and the others, when we were talking about ‘inscension’: bringing the divinity to planet Earth, the divinity that shows up in yourselves as the Akeneic Cells. If the triangle is the basis for the hologram, what we are going to be doing is taking the Akeneic Cell, the circle, and putting it into the field of experience and then activating it with infinity energy, infinite energy. 

This is the basis for true freedom, for if you are in the field of experience, showing up as divinity… And some have done this for you in the past. Some angels have materialized and spoken directly to humanity. Even some Masters did it. Mother Mary, for instance, is very famous for materializing into the 3D world, showing up and giving her messages of hope and love and peace. 

Now the way to manifest this is much more simple than you think. You see the problem with the field of experience that is showing up without the Akeneic Cell is that the three beacons of light here, the first hologram creation, the second hologram creation at the other end, and then the third ray of light at the third end, was always filled with things that you didn’t really need. They were always based on illusion. 

Now, we have talked about the Six Grand Illusions, so one of these will have been the illusion of shape, obviously; the other one would have been the illusion of time, and the third one would have been the illusion of space. It is these three illusions that create the field of illusion; the other ones are taking part within. If you go look at the illusion of exchange that happens here, right into the field of experience itself, the illusion of death then is the discontinuation of the triangular pattern that is 3D life. And then, of course, the grandest one of all, the illusion of separation, also taking place within and without of the triangle itself, for if you are in your own field of experience, others will always be partaking in their own triangular fields. And these can touch each other, yes, but the only way to actually touch one another is through the rays of illusion, those being illusion of time, the illusion of space, and the illusion of form. It is always the illusion of form that links one triangular sensation or illusion to the other one. 

The way out of this is pretty easy. It is a pretty easy way to create the akeneic field within this triangle, and thus making 3D more real or more divine than ever before. That is the simple replacing of these three rays of light that are creating your hologram by universal truths: the universal truth of love, the universal truth of joy and the universal truth of freedom. If you do this, you give yourself the ability to incarnate your own divinity into the hologram itself. So what do you do in effect? You are making this place real, and it starts at your own cellular level. 

Junk DNA and Potential

This potential that I am now describing, my beloved, it is present within that which science today is calling your ‘junk DNA’. And it is already existing on the planet; only it isn’t existing in the four major levels of consciousness. 

Now, what are the four major levels of consciousness? Very simple, and we will again start by creating the triangle as we have done so yesterday. (I will ask some others in a while to create these images that I am now creating in the sand so they can be reproduced for those listening in at a later point.) The four major levels of consciousness obviously are that which you call ‘dolphin consciousness’, that which you call ‘whale consciousness’, that which you call ‘turtle consciousness’, and all of these connect to the fourth level in the centre of the triangle, this being ‘human consciousness’. 

Now, what do you do, what happens if these four levels of consciousness actually touch? And the key here is humanity; do not forget this. It is humanity that is fulfilling its role at this very moment on planet Earth so that these other levels of consciousness can touch. Don’t forget that, although these three other levels of consciousness – being the whale, the dolphin and the turtle – exist within the waters, it is humanity that exists without and that carries the water within. So, basically, you are all carrying the dolphin consciousness, the whale consciousness, and the turtle consciousness as you have come out of the waters and you took this into land, into the landmass. And now this land is ready to once again breach… breach the border, the frontiers of ocean life and make it a reality once again. That is why today, before the Ekaraia started, you were visited by the honu or the turtle. They came to give you the missing link. 

Before the Grace of You, Go I

Now, what is the missing link in human consciousness? There is something that humanity has forgotten over the years, and that is the message that the honu came to bring. You asked… You asked if she had a message for us, and Da Jeshua San didn’t speak at the time, for it wasn’t the right time. But the message is a very simple word. It is very simple. I know you like simplicity. The way to connect these three levels of consciousness is to exist within Grace. ‘Before the grace of you, go I.’ And this has always been the message of all oceanic life. ‘Before the grace of you, go I.’ 

And as such, what happens? You know you think that 3D is a three-dimensional field. But you are making a mistake. You are putting the concept of three-dimensionality and 3D in a 12D universe; you are putting this on one line, but it isn’t so. If you are looking at a three-dimensional existence and if you are looking at the image, the visual that I have now created, a three-dimensional existence doesn’t take place in 3D. A three-dimensional existence takes place in the upper dimensions. 3D is basically a flat universe. And you think because there is a timeline, because there is a space-line, because there is progress that you are in 3D, that you are in a three-dimensional world. But basically, what you are seeing: I am sitting here right now, and I see you sitting closer to me than him, for instance. But this is just a part of the holographic illusion. Actually, what I am seeing is basically a flat projection. And no matter if you are ten meters or five meters away from me, there is no difference. You think you have all traveled a long way to come to Hawaii. You haven’t. You have just traveled the hologram, so to speak.

What happens if you used grace to activate these other three levels of consciousness here at the edges of the triangle? You would turn this triangle into a pyramid. Human consciousness would be raised, you see? And you would have not just a holographic illusion; you would have a holographic reality, much in the same way as the higher dimensions are existing today, much in the same way as your Akene is an actual three-dimensional object, projecting onto a screen that which you call your ‘reality’. 

You are now ready to step into this, for an Akeneic Cell, my beloved Imzaia, isn’t flat. It isn’t just a circle. The hologram of the triangle must become a pyramid for there to be room for the actual existence of the Akene within, you see; otherwise, it cannot exist. It would be impossible to exist as a flat creation, a circle. It is not a circle; it is a sphere. An akeneic event, which you would call ‘creation’, is a spheric event. 

And the only way to manifest free energy and to turn that into a reality is the process that I have now just barely begun to describe, for if the Akene, a spheric event right here, is real, it no longer needs to project on a singular screen; it now has one, two, three, four spaces, a four-dimensional projection. 

What happens once this four-dimensional projection locks onto each field? It returns back to the source and it becomes fifth-dimensional. Once the fifth-dimensional object is projected back into the truth, into the reality of the Akene, other dimensions start to come into existence, for within the Akene there is no limited space. There is infinity in there, as you will remember from the infinity sign. And it is this infinity sign… It is this infinity that is within the Akene that is creating the higher dimensions. So 5D isn’t just your goal; it is just the door through which you will travel. And then there is no 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D, 11D, and 12D – at least it doesn’t end there. The projection keeps coming back to itself, keeps coming back, keeps coming back, keeps coming back, building, building, building, building. You understand this? 

Connection with the Elements

Now, we are going to take this one step further then. We now have the pyramid with its four fields and its fifth one. I will now link this to something that we have been speaking about a while ago. It wasn’t a very big discussion. It was a small one, and it has taken place especially within the Fellowship. It is about the five elements. If this top here and this top here and this top here of the pyramid’s bottom floor, and the fourth one here is about love, joy, freedom, and truth, then you have four fields in which to work. These are the four elements. The bottom one being the energy of Earth, and then the energy of sky, the energy of light, and the energy of water – four elements, the fifth one being the inside of these four elements, namely consciousness. For what you have created now is not just an energy paradigm that is limited; it is ever expanding, you see, for if you have this pyramid, and this pyramid offers you truth, a real divinity-based 3D experience called ‘incension’, then one of these fields of the pyramid will once again form the basis of a new one, and a new one, and a new one being built on top of this first one. 

And so the process will continue. It is not just about thinking on a two-dimensional level as you were doing last night. Now, we take it one step further and we make it three-dimensional. And such, the portal opens into multidimensionality, infinite dimensionality. And this is the basis for what we wanted to teach you today. 

Now, how can you work with this on a practical level? First of all, take the time to listen again to this message, for it will just be the beginning of that which is to come. The fourth part of the Universal Manifest will indeed be a very complex one at first. But it will become much more simple, as time not progresses but dissolves, for this is what creating an akeneic reality does. It dissolves all illusion that was around you beforehand. 

How can you work with this on a practical level? If you are going to want to manifest free energy, it is based on the elements, yes? So, it is basically very simple. You have been taught how to create using magnetics, how to create using magnetism, but this type of creation only works within the field of experience that you are in. What you are going to want to do now is to create without the field of experience, beyond the space that you are in. It is the only way of attracting those potentials that are existing without and to make sure that the pyramid of consciousness basically is never, never diminished. The energy always exists within and without. 

Magnetics Exercise

So, there is a basic exercise that you can do during your meditations, and it is focusing on the Akene and then bringing the Akene outside of you and you put it between your hands, right. You can start by doing the magnetics exercise because it starts in the reality that you are trapped in at that moment, and if you want to get out of that. 

So, you just start by doing the exercises of magnetics with your hands, as you have been teaching yourselves, and you go the other way round again. At a certain point you get this field. Now, some of you have actually felt this field in between your hands. Have you felt as well that that field that is between your hands is more real than anything else that is around you or within your body as well? Even though you can’t see it, even though you can’t smell it, even though you can’t hear it, you can feel it. And it is more real than touching another person sometimes. It is so strong. Actually, it demands attention as you create it. What you have in your hands there, dear ones, is basically your akeneic energy. It is your Akeneic Cell. And if you want to manifest – and you are now ready for this – we have just given you the first step all the way back then in England. We are now giving you the next step because you are becoming ready for this, because your I Am Awareness has asked for it. And the turtles and the whales and the dolphins are in agreement now upon human consciousness. 

As you hold this Akeneic Cell between your hands and you open up the power, you can bring it back together. Now you have five fingers don’t you? If you have the Akeneic Cell in your hands and your fingers are very close, you first connect the element of earth [by connecting your thumbs]. Then you connect two other fingers [index], the element of water. And then you connect two other fingers [ring], the element of sky. And then you connect two other fingers [pinkies], the element of light. You take the time to do this. It is not about connecting all fingers as fast as you can. It is about creation; it is about manifestation. And then the last one [middle fingers], you connect the element of consciousness. As you do this you will begin to feel the power build up. 

144 Strands of DNA

Now, this is just an interesting exercise if your 144 DNA strings aren’t activated, but you know the way to do this now and you know what energy is doing it for you. It is the dolphins, it is the whales, and it is the turtles that are the bringers of that level of consciousness that you can only find when 144 DNA strings are combined again, are one again. And when you go into those 144 strands of DNA, you will also see that all vibration around you becomes one. 

You see, the reason why – and I am going back to the triangle now – the reason why you are stuck in the illusionary field of reality is because of the fact that due to the separation of your 144 strands of DNA you are living in the illusion of having a set of twelve separate vibrations. And so, as time progressed ever since the nineties, you have been learning about DNA; you have been learning about vibration, and we have told you that within those vibrations exist frequencies, a set of twelve frequencies each. It is on the level of the frequencies that you can meld the twelve vibrations together again. Do you see what I mean? 

Here we have the 3D field of illusionary experience, and the twelve vibrations set themselves within these fields as follows: they create a series of twelve – and I am just drawing it quickly right now; you would do this better I know – they create a series of twelve smaller triangles within the main triangle. This is the way you reality is being created: twelve smaller triangles within the main one, these being your twelve vibrations, and these twelve vibrations create the illusion that you exist in, the illusion of shape and all the other illusions, you see? 

And it is from these aspects that matter comes into existence, comes into life. And this is the matrix that has kept you stuck. 

What happens if you are beginning to understand that it is these animals that you call ‘dolphins’ and ‘turtles’ and ‘whales’ that are making sure you are reconnected again with 144 DNA strands? It is very simple: all vibration – although there are still twelve aspects of vibration that can be separated into twelve frequencies each – but all vibration becomes one, and you master the triangle because you now understand you are not going from one smaller to another smaller to another smaller and running around like rats in a maze. You become aware of the entire field that you are in. 

And I will tell you, once you are aware of this field, you will feel extremely, extremely restricted, for you will understand very clearly that that which you see around you right now isn’t real. You seem to be seeing a huge ocean; you seem to be seeing a huge sky, and it would be impossible indeed to touch that sky, but what I am telling you is that not even five meters away from you, there is nothing that is real. This is the way a hologram works. And you have seen it show up in your science fiction films.

I refer to you a very famous prophet called Gene Roddenberry, who created this concept in his series called ‘Star Trek’. The holodeck principle, being used today in science, teaches you that holographic rays can be manipulated in such a way that they feel real, that there seems to be a force field there in place so that it feels real. So, this branch I am holding right now, this little twig here is real to me, yet it is nothing more than a hologram, a coming together of light. What happens if I throw it away? It seems to be flying over there, and in my reality I could get up and get it. And I think it is still there, but now it is nothing more than an illusion, even stronger so, because it has no form. I’m not touching it, you see? 

That is how the vibrations used to build your 3D field. If these vibrations blend because the first and the last frequency of each vibration will blend, become one, you will start to know that you are living in a very restricted field, and it will become hard to breathe. You will need to escape this field. 

Mastering Triangles

And so, human consciousness is raised, and you are becoming masters of not just the one triangle, but also the other three, creating the field of the pyramid, the multidimensionality of the pyramid. And you will begin to understand that this Akeneic Cell within there, the Akeneic sphere, is the basis of all life that you see around you. 

The next step after that, you will begin to understand that the hologram is built in such a fashion that all these pyramids link up together. You get a universal grid. What is the final step towards reaching divinity, the final step towards letting go of all these illusions? It is to again integrate all these different pyramids into just the one, for all the others are illusion anyway. There is just one akeneic sphere, just one Akene. 

So, what you are seeing basically, if you are within this Akene and you are looking at the sides of the pyramid, what you are seeing is reflections. You are not seeing another Akene here and another Akene here or another person here or another person here or another person there. You are just seeing a reflection of your Akene as it is being projected as well onto the holographic sides of the pyramid. 

Now, me thinks that I have given you enough to work with today. It is a good basis to start from. We will now take some time to integrate this information. And then after that, we will come back and go into our Trinity Talk. The point of the Trinity Talk today – although this is always free energy – is to start from the principles that we have been talking about today and then, of course, we will see where we will end up. That is the beauty of free energy. It always enhances itself because new potentials are being brought every second. 

And, as I said before, after that, we will take the time to make you pair up in groups of two or three and be each other’s teacher, as you help each other to manifest and to work with manifestation of free energy into your reality. 

My dear Imzaia, it is as always an honor to bring in this information for you. It is always an honor, for we know you are the daughters and the sons of the King. We know that you are the ones that came here to shift All That Is and to shift All That Is into truth. And that is why you are greatly respected. That is why you have love, joy, and freedom. It is coming from our hearts and flowing into yours. Beauty, however, is what you are doing as these things flow into your hearts. You as creators just take them, you enhance them and you flow them right back at us. It is a beautiful, beautiful circle of energy, a beautiful circle of life that we have going on here, you and all of us. And we thank you for listening, for integrating, for growing, for becoming, and for being ready. 

And so it is. 

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