The Missing Piece

Da Jeshua San

Eja’i Chi Pah is a Lemurian / Polynesian concept, which can be considered the root seed of all metaphysical forms of movement art.

Created during Lemurian times, the art of Eja’i Chi Pah has been lost to modern-day society and only taught throughout the ages to ascension students.

Translated from akeneic metaphysical expression, which also was last used and spoken during Lemurian times, Eja’i Chi Pah can be considered the art of “stepping into infinity” a.k.a. “being here now.”

As part of the Meaning of Life events, Da Jeshua San brought Eja’i Chi Pah out of the shadows and returned it to the public arena.

Episode 1 – Return to Lemuria, precedes the episode on this page and introduces this metaphysical form of movement art. It can be watched in its entirety here.

In this second episode, The Missing Piece, Da Jeshua San takes the listener on a journey of experience, beginning at the tree kingdom, and on from there.

Presented & recorded on November 18, 2007

The transcript is being prepared and will be added soon! Check back!

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