Return to Lemuria

Da Jeshua San

In this first-ever Eja’i Chi Pah experience, Da Jeshua San briefly explains this metaphysical form of movement art, which was last practiced on Earth during Lemurian times. Following his introduction, Da Jeshua San presents Return to Lemuria, a 70-minute long ascension practice experience.

Translated from akeneic metaphysical expression, which also was last used and spoken during Lemurian times, Eja’i Chi Pah can be considered the art of “stepping into infinity” a.k.a. “being here now.”

Presented & recorded on November 10, 2007

Eja’i chi pah is based on your own energy, on yourself. It is based on your own energy, based on your own sense of movement, the way your energy flows. It starts from within, not from without. The last time that this type of Art was practiced, was Lemuria. So, I might be a little rusty, but I know that all of you, because it was a natural thing, a natural process, that all of you have done it as well.

How it usually starts is to combine all of the Akene energy that we all carry. Some of you who were there in Hawaii know that it is possible to go to that energy centre here, not to focus on the triangle this time, not to focus on the triangle, but on the energy ball that is the Akene. This time, I am going to ask you in a minute, to visualize it, or feel it, as a golden star, a ball of fire, much like the sun, the central sun or the solar sun, it doesn’t matter, much like the sun. We all have a sun within us, for we are all the source, source energy. And knowing that, knowing that, just always brings me in my joy, just to feel that for, for one second is enough to change your whole day, to change your whole life, to change your whole energy, that you are that sun, the very same sun that you are looking at when you look out the window.

Last time, when we were still in Hawaii, when we did an Ekaraia with Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, Kepha and Minxs, before the Ekaraia started, they went to stand in the sunshine, they were opening themselves up and absorbing the sunshine, and during the Ekaraia Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San said: “what are you doing? Why are you absorbing the sunshine. You need to realize that you are not taking that sunshine inside of you but that you are pushing it outside of you. You are actually creating that sunshine.”

Now the same thing goes for Eja’i Chi Pah, Being Here Now, in geometric shape, means reclaiming your mastery, reclaiming your power as a creator. If you do this long enough, you will start to see the geometric shape of this matrix that is creating everything around you. And you will start to see its influence.

Masters of Eja’i Chi Pah have an ability within themselves, and this was much registered in the past, to actually make the walls around them melt, to make them disappear. It didn’t mean that they would go away for good, but it was known back then that the big masters of Eja’i Chi Pah, once they started doing the exercises in front of an audience in a building or whatever, would create an open golden space that would envelop everyone. That is because, once you are doing this exercise, what happens to the Akene is that it keeps getting bigger, you see? It keeps getting bigger, growing in size, until it actually envelops the entire matrix, which is what it is doing anyway when you are in consciousness.

When we were talking this morning about identification versus unification, that’s what happens.  Once you go into consciousness, into total I Am awareness, you leave no more space, no more room for the mind to claim your energy because you have filled it up completely with the energy that is you, that is I Am, you see? And that is the point. Back then, when we were all so very good at seeing vibration, experiencing it, we would have nothing else left, but this huge golden space.

I know some of you who went to Hawaii, and of course our fellowship, have memories of this. That is one of the reasons why you, Magdalen over there, why she keeps on seeing once she goes back to the Lemurian energy, she keeps on seeing these golden beaches. But not just golden sand, actual golden flow. And that is that, because of course, obviously, this used to be practiced, practiced a lot on beaches.

But first, we start becoming aware of the Akene.

Eja'i Chi Pah

I am going to ask you to focus on yourself, to focus on you. There may be many people present in this room, they are all representing you. Become aware of this. Just try it out and see how this feels, what it feels like, to be standing there, feet firmly attached to the ground, and everybody around you a representation of you. Take some time, see what that feels like.

And as you are doing this become aware of the fluidity of this room, the ground you are standing on is liquid, fluid, moving underneath you. The walls, holding you back, are liquid, flowing, flowing like the blood in your veins, like the energy in your DNA. And as that is going on, open up your DNA, unfold it, energy strings, one after the other after the other opening up. Connecting. Touching those around you. Touching the things around you. And as that happens, the realization that what you are connecting with is you. Oh Lemurian, you are blessed. You are pure. You are perfection.

And this time, when you open up your DNA even more, I am going to ask you to connect to the dolphin consciousness. The dolphin consciousness that carries so much joy and love. It has been holding so much energy on the planet, until you would come back and claim your power, so that you could once again take up your position as free energy ambassador, incarnate on this planet, representing divinity, creation, and love, and joy, and freedom, the building stones of you.

And then I am going to ask you to put that dolpin energy right there in front of you, right there. Put it right in front of you, all the dolphin consciousness. And see how, feel how thousands, thousands, and thousands of dolphins, blend as one in front of you, becomes this big ball of light, or maybe it just stays the way it is, a dolphin shape, in front of you.

And then, I am going to ask you now to connect to the whale consciousness, beings as big as the power of their heart. It is said that when a family of dolphins choose to raise their energy into reincarnate together, they are born as a whale. Calling all whales now. Feel how they are taking place, taking up their position behind you, to the left, making, creating the second pillar of energy that will be your reality triangle.

There is a memory here, somewhere, direct connection. Somewhere, you know this dolphin energy, you know this whale energy, and you are known by it.

And then I am going to ask you to connect to the sea turtle consciousness, that energy known as the honu, ancient, ancient beings, going all the way back to the dinosaur, gentle creatures with their wise eyes. Remember them now, and how you used to communicate with them, how you used to reach out with your Akene and how they would raise up their heads, looking at you now, closing their eyes and sending their frequencies to you with such intensity. Impossible to ignore. Let them all blend and put them behind you, to the right, creating your triangle.

And as this triangle now starts to engulf you, I am asking you to breathe, breathe in this energy. Good. Breathe it in. Let it go through you, through your blood. Do you feel the buildup? Do you feel your DNA responding, how it reaches out through the walls of that triangle, and connects to all the others? Hmm. And then I am going to ask you to connect to the energy that is your higher self. Your higher self, which is everlasting and ever-present. Ever-aware of all the lives you have lived, all of them. Thousands, and thousands, and thousands of incarnations on this planet alone. And then beyond this planet, millions, and millions, and millions of incarnations, sometimes in the flesh, sometimes just in energy.

You need to be aware, Lemurian, that this is your top life, and that means that this is the life that is bringing together all of it. All of your experiences, all of your lives combined as one. Being one. All that knowledge, all that wisdom, all those experiences, all that feeling, all right there, in your higher self. I am inviting you now to let that sphere of light shine, just above your head, just above. And there it is, isn’t it beautiful? Aren’t you beautiful?

I hope that you are aware that you will never have to die again. I hope that you are aware that this life really is the one that you have been building up towards. So there you have it. This is it. The one that you have been waiting for. That is why you should love the way you are. There shouldn’t be any judgement, it’s not necessary. Let it go. And if you can’t, that’s alright too. Let it be.

Creating the Pyramid

And now from that space, that point in space which is the higher self, three beams of light going down, connecting to the dolphin energy in front of you, the whale behind you, to the left, and the turtle behind you, to the right. And there you are. In your pyramid of energy. Complete and utter stillness. This is the space which is in between your heartbeats. That stillness, that size, that creative power that is there, my god, you are beautiful. That’s you! That’s you. And you’re standing at the middle of you. And you know why you are in the middle? Because the dolphin, and the whale, and the turtle, and even your higher self have waited. You are the key. You are the connection. You are the one linking all of this up, all of it. Do that now. Even if you don’t feel it because it’s been too damn long. Just let it happen. Trust that it is happening, even if you can’t feel it yet.

Your higher self on top, connecting to the dolphin in front of you, the whale and the turtle at the back. And from this space of stillness in between your heartbeats, I am asking you to focus, to focus on that central sun, unlimited energy, unlimited potential, in the centre of your chest. You feel something tingling? You might, you might not, but it is there. Just like this room is filled with air and it is not because you don’t see it, that you can’t breathe it. It is not because you don’t feel the air that you can’t breathe it. Do the same thing with that energy. You might not feel it but you can breathe it, just like you breathe in the air right now.


As you focus on that sun, there is a pattern forming around you. A pattern made up of circles and lines, and grids, ever-flowing, ever-flowing. Make that sun as big as you want and remember that you are connected to all these aspects of you here in this room. And then, and then, we are slowly going to send that Akene to the centre of this room. Just let that sun come out and send it to the centre of the circle that you are all standing in. Do it slowly, let it go, let it go.

Even though you might be sensing all of these Akenes, going to the centre, you know there is only one. This is dissolving of all illusion. It is coming together now, getting closer.

And we have a central connection. There it is.

You are now geometrically, magnetically, tachyonatically, photonically connected to all life in this room, and from thereon we are going to connect to all life on the planet, and all life in the universe.

This little experience that we have just offered you, is what you can do a couple of seconds, right before you start Eja’I Chi Pah. It is the beginning, the beginning of Being Here Now.

So next time when you practice, just breathe and go back to this moment, where you and all the others here will always stay connected, like this. And from this point onward connecting to all life. As time and space are but illusions you can always come back to this moment, always connect, always connected to all life.

Those who would start practicing Eja’i Chi Pah in the past, knew that that first activation, like you are undergoing right now, would be a centre for them, a centre of a circular, infinite existence. And so the first practice, the first moment that you would practice Eja’i Chi Pah would be very important, for it would be a celebration of the beginning of a new way of existence. That is where you are right now.

The Lemurian Memory of the Now

Considering the fact that all of you have already done this before, a long time ago, it means that you are going back to your Lemurian memory of the now. Do you feel the memories come up? Hmmm.

As I tend to speak from the heart of all things, you can move from the heart of all things, by being the heart of all things. So just, just let it happen. It will begin with your hands. Your hands are wanting to connect to each other; they want to create a geometric patterning. Let that patterning occur from within. What your hands will show you, is the geometry of your existence, just mere moments ago. The way your geometry looked like before you started this exercise.

From thereon, from thereon it is going to open up to your entire body as your energy will shift. So go there now. Experience the totality that is your reality.

… (music and movement)

Feel that your fingers are wanting to touch, wanting to take on shapes as they combine the elements together: earth, wind, fire, the fire of light, and water, and consciousness. Consciousness. Raise your consciousness. Raise your consciousness. Raise, raise your energy. Connect your elements. The power of focus is born in your heart. The power of focus. Focus your energy. Focus your consciousness. See your creation. Feel your infinity, infinity. Touch your divinity, divinity.

Eja eki eni aki neia’i. Bakha’eni’je oja’ne bakha’ne ayaneki hamayini ha’ka’nekia ha’ka’nekia hani hami’a’ni’ke hani’eki hani’eki’a hani’a’e’i’e’e hani’ho  – feel your divinity – Eyi’na’ki’ye, Akeneyi’ne – the centre that is you.

Connect the elements as you connect your fingertips. The power of within going without. And when you are ready now, let it flow through your DNA, connecting with everyone around you, inside, outside, around you. Let it happen.

Eje’ne’ni haki’je’ni’ne eji ne’ka ha’ji neki’ne ho’ni’na u aya’i e karaia’i e ia’ne’i imzaia’e i e ia’ne’ki aji’ne’ki’ne omahani’je hana’ji’ke pah chi pah imzadi’ke’nia oji’ne

Now bring in the sun. You are a child of the sun on your quest for peace and glory. There is nothing to fear

Aji’ne ki’a’no. Nothing to be afraid of.

If you have have a fear, then express it now, express it through geometry, through sound, through movement. Express it now. Let it flow away from you, let it flow. And as it does, give it to the sun. And let the energy of your DNA connected everywhere, just flow within. And as you will look towards one another now, you will see yourself looking back. You won’t see a shape, you won’t just see a form; not a man, not a woman. What you will see is you. I Am, I Am. What you will see, is you. I Am, I Am. What you will see is beautiful. What you will see is joy, and love, freedom, and unity, and balance, and harmony.

Eji’ne akonai honi’eni’ke hawaii alimani’ha hani’he o’ni’ne and then you see yourself. You feel your body. You feel your flow, neither male nor female now, just energy. Your cells are awaiting your instructions: what do you want to let them do, how must they take shape for you. Do you want to go back? You want to grow younger? Then do so now. It is your choice.

Eja maki’ne haji meka’ha’ji e ni o aje’ne hona’i e kani’e o ia’ne.

You want to get rid of disease? Now is the time. The moment is upon you now as the triangle, the pyramid is getting ready to open up. What will go first is the floor beneath your feet, that you are standing on. No longer necessary to keep you there, no longer necessary. Gravity. There is no way you could ever fall, and so, let the floor go away. It is turning into a stream, it is turning into a stream of consciousness. You are standing on the stream of consciousness. Get ready to experience more space than you have ever experienced, and don’t forget to move.

And then, the triangle at the back of you falls away, almost wants you to the back, to lean back, but stay centered, stay focused. It is just the huge amount of space that is there, that is trying to pull you in, to liberate you.

You Are Home

And then we take away the triangles in front. And all that space enters into you.

mohani’i ani’a koh ani’e komaya’neki hani o ha’ni’omia hani koh e i karaya eja i ane’ka Akene ki’a’ne u ia’ne oja i visachi ni’cha no’kia ki’e u.

And the Akene grows, that central Akene, it grows, and grows, and grows. And everything around you goes golden. You are home. You are here now. Move what that feels like, make the movements. What is the geometry of here? Move that. Put that into action, and let it flow through your kakra system, going into the heart, going through the crown, and back into the heart, and all the way down to the action centre, and back into the heart, the infinity flow of the geometry of the now.

I am going to leave you here now. I was just your inner voice. From this space you can create everything. You are beyond magnetics now, beyond photonics, you are breaching the wall of tachyon, ready to become one. One. One.

From this space, I am going to ask you in a minute to open your eyes, and although you are going to see the scenery of the mind again, you are not going to let you be influenced by it. You are just going to see it, observe it. See what it invites you to see. And as you open your eyes in a minute I am going to ask you to find two others and to form a triangle together. Three of you. The first person that you see is fine, don’t judge, don’t feel ashamed. They are not men. They are not women. They are just you, wanting to love you, wanting to see your joy, see your freedom. You are as serene as a nebula in the galaxy. Gas. Floating in a vacuum.

Now, get ready and come back here but be here and now and open your eyes and find two pieces of you. Two pieces of you. Pieces of you. And create that triangle, connect your elements, your five-fingered elements. And let go again. It’s just an illusion, separation, anyway. But stay together in your little group. Then let there be one that starts to move, the pattern of all three. Focus on one of you, just one of you, and start to move. Just begin with the one, the one, the one. And the one begins to move in an expression of the three of you. The one expressing the three. The three expressing one, expressing the three. There you go. Now you got it.

Eja ne’ki’ne oma’ha oma’hani’he o hani’e hani’e e i’ani ano’ho e ina’ke hani he kina o.

The one expressing the three. And in your centre all life. Let it come from within. All Life. All love. All glory, let it come from within. All joy, and liberty. Who could hold you back now? Who really could? Now you know, nothing and everything, and nothing, nothing matters. There is not a power greater in the universe than you. You can take the walls away if you like.

Do you feel that circle that is growing in the centre of you, the three of you, the two of you. There is a circle made up of everything. All consciousness in the circle, and inside, there is space. To grow. To learn. To show creation, stillness. Now, you are pregnant, of yourself. And the body gets more and more, filled with you. Ready to go into the circle, and within, infinity expands. New life is born as you fully emerge onto this planet. There you are. The new you. You are here. You are here. Never was anywhere else. Never. Always here, in the now. In the now, the now of time and space, and beyond. You are here.

Now take that trinity, however it shapes itself, and connect to another group, another version of you, another one. A bigger one, a newer one, a clearer one, complex in its simplicity. Creation. Creation. More chance. More opportunity to see yourself. It is how the earth began, you know. It is how it all began, you know. It is how it always is, you know. How it always is. And again, the Akene growing bigger, centering in your circle of divinity. Connecting, becoming one. As it always has been. One. And your DNA connects even further now. All lives, all your lives, are coming in. There you are. It is you. Just another body of you.

And the mind? Far, far away. Never there. Never was. Never will. You are consciousness. Always have. Always will. Awareness. I am. I am a christ. I am a god. I am that I am. See the planet becoming you. A new planet. It is all so very simple. And thinking back to the days when you used to worry, that is insane! Remember? Remember the fun you had when you were suffering, playing this game. That game of humanity, of separation, ha ha.

And now, now, now find another group, another connection. And again, again, see yourself, yourself, looking back. You are dancing between stars. All life is you, and you have a choice now. In this moment you have a choice. What do you choose? How will the planet live? How will humanity live? What is the power guiding you? Is it your love? Then that is what will guide humanity. Your love. You are divine. You are the child. Hear yourself as you play in the fields, the fields of lavender and gold, where we play. All life coming in to you. You are infinite, immortality, divinity.

And now, get ready. For this energy is about to birth itself onto planet earth. You are invited to re-enter time and space. However, remember who you are. Remember what you know. Remember what you have just seen, and felt, and touched, and graced. Remember who, who you are. Remember.

And then, get ready to connect with an even bigger group. All of you are one. All of you. Connected. Connected. You are the world. You are infinity. And again, again, connect, connect the Akene. This moment is touching the world, and you know it! It is touching the world. Don’t you forget. As you come back here and now never forget that you affect the world, all life, in the moment of one heartbeat. Affected, connected through you. You are the key. The chi. The Pah. The All.

Eja neki hoya’na

There is only one heart. Ka’ra’ya. We are getting ready to open our eyes. Getting ready to see ourselves. Ourselves. Getting ready to wake, and never again fall asleep. Never again. Never in the grasp of the mind. Because that is the sleep of life. Never again. You are magnificent.

And as you come back into the room, as you reshape reality around you, I invite you now to hold that energy, hold it always. This moment, right here and now will always touch all life. Always. You have just re-entered your geometric existence and this is where the Eja’i Chi Pah in the coming days starts. It begins with this, and it moves from this as an individual expression of unity. Non-definition, much like the waves that express the infinite ocean, and always flow back into oneness. That is the power of the now.

And so it is.


With every breath that you take from this moment on, always remember this focus. An eternal energy source has been created right here, right now. It is called your Akene and you can always breathe in this energy. If you want to learn how to focus, in the coming days, just, the only thing you have to do is just remember every time you breathe that you are breathing this energy.

And I am going to ask you something. I am going to ask you to look at the person that is standing to the left side of you, just this second. It is a part of you, it is an aspect, just standing to the left. And before, and before this seminar is over tomorrow night, I invite all of you to go into the woods here, or wherever and to find a reminder for the person standing next to you, to the left. It could be anything, could be a leaf, could be just a little walnut, could be anything. Could be something that you brought with you, could be a jewel, anything, just a small thing, or a piece of paper even. By the end of the seminar just hand it over to the other person so that in the coming days, after this seminar, you remember how to breathe, and that every breath you take is focused on this moment.

You have no idea how much your lives will change, how you will open up, what power will be available to you if you just remember to do this, because this is where it begins. This is being here now. And next time, tomorrow morning, we are going to take this Eja’i Chi Pah to the next level.

This was an activation. This entire 3 day seminar is filled with activations. Tomorrow we are going to activate the Akene even further, making it into the internal Merkabah body so that you can actually activate the merkabah completely and fully. I will tell more about that tomorrow.

And now, remember to give that person a gift, just, if it is a small note, that is fine. But remember that person and remember that you are going to receive and give a gift.

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Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

San’a’ke ❤️

I experienced something interesting while watching this video.

When Da Jeshua San asks to bring the energies in, I wondered: How could I bring in something that is already inside of me? It felt like a funny question.

I cannot really explain what but something shifted in my akene, my heart space.
Somehow a loop un-looped itself. ❤️

It felt good not trying to understand anything.

I would love to speak more about this if Ascended Life would be willing to do so.

San 💐
Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

San’a’ke ❤️

This has been a wonderful and powerful experience of a beautiful re-connection to Lemurian times ❤️ Looking forward to re-listen to it.

It has to do with a memory of very early childhood I could never figured out what happened then. I was looking at the sun and felt something I had never felt before. The space around me vanished, sounds changed into something else. I was left with the sun and a fluid beach and the sea with different colours. Did not share with anyone, kept it secret (and sacred). I never forgot ❤️

Listening to this recording tonight, I remember the same moment in Lemurian time on a golden fluid beach. I just know it was then. (was it one of my Eja’i’chi pah training? I wonder…) The two memories naturally came together. How cool! Now I know what it was and why it felt so special. Da Gaia San helped a lot. For ever grateful ❤️

Da’ka’ya Da Jeshua San ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San 💐

Da Pah Kwan Yin San
2 years ago

San’a’ke o Da Akeyan’shi ❤️ May everyone find metaphysical expansion in walking the timeless road to San that is offered by Da Jeshua San in this first Eja’i Chi Pah experience, recorded in November 2007 ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San
2 years ago

Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San o Da Jeshua San for this timeless metaphysical treasure returning to Lemuria! ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤️

Da’ka’ya for uploading this precious, precious Eja’i Chi Pah, Da Pah Kwan Yin San. I am sure that everyone is going to thoroughly enjoy this experience just as much as I am – again and again.

For me personally, this Eja’i Chi Pah was the very first time I heard Lemurian being spoken and it marked my physical reconnection with Ascended Life in this lifetime. So, ‘precious’ is not even the right word for the way I feel about this timeless creation. It is a moment that will forever burn in my Akene ❤️🙏🏻❤️

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤️ I can’t put into words what it means to me, or the magnitude of gratitude I feel in my heart, to see this precious piece online, and to think of the many more hearts that will be touched because of it 🙏🏻

Da’ka’ya o Da Jeshua San for bringing in this Gift, Da’ka’ya o Da Pah Kwan Yin San for creating such a beautiful presentation of this wonderful and powerful moment in time that can now be expanded upon forever. 🐬🐳🐢

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤

It is so precious that there are no words for me to describe how i feel but i am touched very deep in my core,
and the lemurian language took me to a place i recognize…..i remember.

Da’ka’ya Da Jeshua San for recording it 🙏
Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San for uploading this supporting video 🙏

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San❤🙏❤

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