Taking over the lecture immediately following Session 137, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San arrives for their presentation of Session 138, which is the second part of a recording in three parts, created in Belgium in attendance of imzaia and akeyasan students, and originally called “The Principles of Freedom.”

Where, in Session 137, Da Jeshua San and Da Pah Kwan Yin San focused their conversation on the topic of freedom mostly on a concept known as the grid, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San discusses the playing field. While the grid can be seen as a grid of identity of the universe, Kuthumi San describes the playing field as a type of natural ‘antidote’ to the effects of the presence of the grid: “Getting out of what is supposedly called the grid does not happen by thinking about it. It does not happen by chanting about it. It does not happen by ritual. It does not happen by sitting in rooms like this one. It happens by letting go, by being outside, being in the playing field, being part of All That Is.”

The discussion quickly turns to the active ingredient of Love and to putting Love into action. As always, a Session by Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San does not let itself be summarized well. It must be leapt into, heart first. We wish you a wonderful journey!

Other Topics Include...

Fear of sexuality, of letting go, and of life itself – The universe is a reflection – Putting Love into Action – Love is the universal backup system – Seeing everyone and everything anew at all times – Subject versus Object – The constant reinvention of the universe – The Passion Council – Reincarnation and choice – Magnetics and Geometry on Earth – Magnetic Portals – Da Kuthumi San’s first time arriving on Earth, in Lemuria – Issues with Thought – Discussions on Joy and Awareness – Definition keeps things locked into form Thinking with the Heart and returning to True Nature – And much more.

Originally Titled: “The Playing Field / The Principles of Freedom, Part 2” | The Cosmic Manifest series

The Study of Vibration | Session 138

by Da Ejakasan'da Kuthumi San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

Namaste, Namaste, Namaste, Namaste! How is you today? How are you all doing? Are you fine? Are you enjoying yourselves, Imzaia? Welcome back. You know who fucked with the equipment just now? It was I, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San. 

I just want to just walk around with you and all give you hugs. Hello! How are you today? Are you very well? I will also give you a hug. Yes, you big man, I love you. I love you. I want to sleep with you. Yes! Yes! 

So, Imzaia, you were getting quite too serious, weren’t you? You were getting all confused with all this information. You were talking about the grid and the grid and the bla bla bla bla. And there were all the others who were speaking in my name. They were speaking in my name, telling my thoughts. They were saying things in a very serious tone. They are talking to you about not being serious. They are talking to you about getting into your joy and what do they do? They nag about it! They tell you the story of Martha and a boy with leukemia. Bwoah! Is this joy? 

The Things I Want to Talk About

This is not the reason why I came in today. I don’t want to sit all day in a little corner and talk about things that not matter. I want to tell you how you can actually be free of this grid, how you can actually can get out of it. What do you think I am going to talk about? 

Akeyasan: I have no idea! 

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San: I want you all in a room together. And I want you all to get naked and then I want you all to play – not with each other. That is bad.

Akeyasan: With you? 

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San: Yes, with me! Of course, with me! I am Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San! I am the king of sex and the queen of sex, am I not? Oh, but again there we go, talking about subjects that are not really interesting for you because you are all afraid of sex. You are all afraid of letting go. You are all afraid of getting out of this box that you call ‘life’.

Damn, this room has gotten silent! I always know when I enter a room, people will notice, that is right. 

So anyway, Imzaia, the information that was coming in just now was very interesting, but if it had gone on and on and on, you would have gotten home today and still be in this grid. I love the other ones so dearly. I love Da Jeshua San. Very good in bed, too. I love, I love Da Pah Kwan Yin San, which I will not tell her real name. I love all of the others, but they are so very boring. In fact, they are as boring as you, all of you. That is probably the reason why they came in. That is probably the reason why they talk to you the way they do. Have you ever heard me talk about Martha? I don’t talk about Martha; I do Martha, in so many ways. You have no idea.

The Playing Field

Now, you need to know something: Getting out of what is supposedly called ‘the grid’ does not happen by thinking about it. It does not happen by chanting about it. It does not happen by ritual. It does not happen by sitting in room like this one. It happens by letting go, by being outside, being in the Playing Field, being part of All That Is. 

This is what is very important for all of you: Being part of All That Is. It is time, Imzaia and all the others who will hear this at one point, to actually get out of meetings like this one. I have told you this before. I have even presented to you in a very serious way the information about the Passion Council. Yes, that was me! You didn’t know it was me, and some of you still need to hear this online on your worldwide website, but still it was me giving you this information. The Passion Council is one of the most important things that you will ever run across. It is a way out of the Grid. 

The Grid of Identity of the Universe

Now, before we go on to all of this, I first want to tell you a little bit more about this grid. Some of you here, during the ‘supposed’ break I initiated, actually thought that we were talking about that which we call ‘the Crystalline Grid’, which is part of our lovely, lovely mother Gaia. This is not the grid I am talking about. This is not the grid that all the others, that are trying to shout at me, trying to get me off stage right now, have been talking about. It is in fact what the Magdalene energy has told us just now. It is the grid of Identity, but not your identity. It is the grid of identity of the universe. The universe has ego, has identity; such do you. 

Because, you see, if the universe is a reflection of everything that is going on inside of you, it would be logical – and she had a very good point in saying this – that the universe itself would also have ego, would also have identity. And we have all talked about what is keeping you not in shape, but in form. And this is your identity. This is your ego. This is your bloody seriousness, and so the universe has gotten to be a very serious place indeed. This is what is keeping everything in form. 

Now, of course it had to be me, the one to come in now, to talk to you about how getting out of the Grid is a possibility. It is an infinite possibility. It has always been there, always, to assist you in leaving a system that would at some point no longer serve you. 

Now, as you know, your life as you have known it up until this point, is over. Some of you have not accepted this yet. But it is over. And you can keep yourselves inside of the box, inside of your own identity, inside of all of these rules and regulations and trials and tribulations that you put yourselves in every single day. If you want to continue doing so, I will not sleep with you. I promise. Every night I show up in your bedroom, every single night, to check if you are ready. 

It is All About Love

Now, why do I talk so much about sex? Why do I talk so much about sleeping with you, about intercourse? It has nothing to do with only the physical aspect of it all. It has to do with blending, becoming one. It has to do with geometry – stupid word, but still. And here is an even more stupid word for you: it has to do with magnetism. And you defined all of these words. You create your identities for words as well and you even put them in dictionary. But it all has to do with love. And all of these words that you can use all of the time, they just have to do with love. Love! It is such an easy thing, really.

Every day you breathe, is a day you can love. You can be in love. What is keeping you inside of the system, inside of the grid of ego and identity of the universe? It is a loveless existence. It is the belief that love is unrequited. And for those of you who don’t understand this word, there is a concept – and this even hurts me to talk about it – a concept inside of your heads that thinks that love will never get an answer, that once you beam out your love, once you radiate out your love, that you will not get an answer. And this is one of the most insane things on this planet. That is why I use the nighttime to visit all of you. I am like some sort of sexual Santa Claus, am I not, to visit all of you and to look inside of your stockings and other parts you might have on your body and see if you are ready to come out yet; if you are ready to leave all of these things behind. And I must say, it has been quite an interesting journey as of late because every time I come into your bedrooms now, every time that I see you, sleeping like an angel, I actually see change in many of you, Imzaia. I actually see the little sparks of heaven coming into your eyes. And it is a beauty. It is a beauty to see this.

Putting Love into Action

 You know that this is, of course, not the only way to get out of the grid. It is not just about love. It is also about putting love into action. And this is something that most of you here haven’t done. Oh, you love one another. You have a special person in your life, yes? And you love this person, yes? You think this is putting love into action? You just choose the object of your desire and you love it as though it is everything in the world. It is not. All of this world must be loved for love to be put into action, every single person. That is why I don’t differentiate between you. I love you all equally, all of you. And whenever I see a flower, whenever I see grass next to the streets, whenever I see water, whenever I see the sunshine or the clouds, whenever I see all of these things, I love them equally as I love you because I know that your energy is in there as well, including mine. 

Now, when my friends told me that I could not speak today, I just loved them. And I loved them that much that they just couldn’t resist my little eyes and my little laughter. And just when I had them where I wanted them – I was teasing them, you know; I was giving them some foreplay – just when they were letting go, I just turned around and came in. Sometimes you need to do that.

Build up Your Love, Imzaia!

For you see, this is the way that the back-up entries into planet Earth actually work. It has nothing to do with schematics. It has nothing to do with a list, generated somewhere, about people who are allowed into this world and people who are not allowed into this world. It just has to do with being love, being in love and being loved. This is what Da Gaia San will always respond to, always. 

So, if you are going to leave the system, if you are going to leave the grid, you are going to have to build up your love, Imzaia. 

Oh, the other boring ones have been telling you about magnetics and how magnetics is actually love and how you have this tension in your consciousness and god knows what else. Please, forget these words. Please, do not work with them. You have heard them. They have changed your brain, and now it is time to let go. Now it is time to let go all of this information again. And I will make sure next time when you see either one of the others they will be more insane than I am. I will drive them nuts. That is what I have always done. I have always been the weak link, or maybe just the strong link in what you have called the White Guild. I have always been the joker. I have always been the player. I have always been these things that you could not hold on to. 

For this is another thing you need to know. When you think about love and when you love this object of your desire, when you love this other person – mostly – you actually place a curse upon them. And why? Because you are telling them, “You are the most important thing in my universe. I cannot live without you.” [Singing] I can’t live, if living is without you! Okay, I won’t enter into a song contest any time soon, but you know what I am talking about. You know what I am talking about. It puts a very big constraint on people. And as such, it puts a very big constraint on you. And when that happens… Oh, you are fucked and not in a good way. 

So, it is time, it is time to let go all of these concepts. It is also part of the grid, all of these concepts. It is also keeping you out of manifesting anything you want in your life. It is also taking your power away, and your power is so beautiful. If you could see your magnificence, if you could see how grand you really are, you would know and understand why I am in love with you. 

So, grid, not at all crystalline in nature, but it has to do with magnetics and with geometry. I will call these things ‘love’. It has to do with love. If you are able to love anything and anyone equally, even the annoying people at work, even the annoying families around you, even the boring neighbor or the one who makes too much noise, even the person who is trying to get you out of your joy, out of your supposed love, if you can love all of them, then you are already out of the grid, Imzaia. 

The Back-Up System

You want to know what the backup system was? It is simple: universal love. I am not talking about unconditional love. Unconditional love is bullshit, especially these days because when you talk about ‘unconditional love’ you are even negating conditional love. And isn’t it sad that unconditional love should be the negation of something which is conditional? So in de word itself, in the concept itself, you place a condition. You place a limitation. 

Universal. Openness. One heart. One mind. One body. One soul. If you know – as my good old friend Da Jeshua San has been trying to tell you for quite some time now – if you know that you are the world, you are the children, you are the ones, etc.  – okay, I won’t sing anymore – if you know that you are the world, do you think that you are not able to remove this grid yourselves? It only takes three days, three days of staying in bed, three days of pampering yourself, three days of just getting away from anywhere that you have been up until that point. 

There is so much space on this planet Earth that you have not yet visited. And you don’t have to travel long to get to that place. There are forests in Belgium right now that you have not yet visited, trees that you have not yet loved, plants, animals, people! Start your journey today, Imzaia. You will understand that once you have traveled for three days, you will not want to come back. You will want to continue traveling. You will see that not staying in a specific place is one of the ways to free yourselves, for you always open yourself up to new potential. 

Always See Everybody and Everything New

What happens when you get stuck in place, literally? The potentials start dying out, all of them. They start vanishing. Sometimes you will arrive in a place that you have not yet seen and you will see all of these possibilities there. Yet, when you start getting attached, you start getting attached to predefined things, things that you are not yet aware of, yet that already are trying to lock you in place. 

And this is why, even if you choose to remain on the same path, even if you choose to remain in the same location, you should always look at any place as if it were a new place. Why do I stay in love with you? Why do I stay in love with you? Because every time I see you, you are different to me. You are new to me. I don’t look at the person I saw the other day. I don’t look at our conversations. I don’t look at the playing that we did the other day. I always see something new inside of you. Always! And this is universal love.

Subject versus Object

The universe is constantly inventing itself. Constantly! Your cells of your very body are constantly inventing yourselves again and again and again. So, whenever I see you – I have looked at you 5 minutes ago and now I see you again – you are completely different to me. That is why when I sleep with you it never ends. Every time I treat you as a new object of desire, only I don’t call you an ‘object’, I call you a ‘subject’ of desire. And this is quite different, indeed. 

So this grid thing, if you want to go beyond it, first you have to love everything on this planet, then you will expand into a planet. Then you will love the stars. Then you will love all the other worlds. Then you will love all the other consciousness that is outside, and in the end you will be the entire universe. And you will see that you will have the identity of the universe. And then you can let go of identity. What you have done on a micro level in the last few weeks, you now need to do on a macro level; you need to do it on a bigger level. 

And I know the others were planning to come in today and they were planning to teach you very serious teachings indeed. They were planning to teach you about magnetics and they were planning to teach you about geometry. But, Imzaia, these things exist within you already. I think it is actually insulting that anyone would try to teach you anything. It will take your power away. It will take you out of being you. All anyone can ever do is give you pointers, show you where you can find some things. If you were like children and you would want something, I would not give it to you; I would show you how to do it. That is all I would do, even if it would take you several hundred years to complete whatever it is you need to do, but you will be in power. You will be the one to have changed things for you, so you will not become dependent. If you become dependent on anything, you are going from subject to object again. 

If you look at subject, it is something which is also used in what you call ‘magic’, in what you call ‘creation’. Subject is something which is fluid, something which can move. What you are trying to do when you create something is you are creating an object, something which is still, something which cannot move. I never even think about what I want to create. Usually I am very surprised with my creations every single day! 

I remember the day that Da Jeshua San, quite a while ago, created the peacock. I actually told him he should just call it ‘cock’, but then again, he wanted to pee so that is how ‘peacock’ got to be in existence. Very sad thing for that bird to go through life with the names ‘pee’ and ‘cock’ attached to it. Well, then again, Jeshua San has always been one who likes to… No, we are not going into that. We are not going into that. We will not. Sometimes, you really have to listen to your friends as well. Sometimes, not always. But he will have to go pee later on, and then I will tell you. Is this good, Imzaia?

The Passion Council

So, today there will be no exercise. Today there will be no stuff happening here. All I need to do is put you into your passion. When I talked about the Passion Council just two weeks ago, I remember certain people that heard it being very, very responsive to it. Either there was huge feeling, huge sensation, huge tears coming up, or there was huge joy coming up. And why? Because these were the old truths. The Passion Council, as it existed in Lemuria, is the place where I was allowed to actually create back-up systems that would get people back onto the planet Earth, once planet Earth would be closed, yes? Well, Imzaia, planet Earth, a couple of days ago, was closed off to all new life coming in, not because of anyone of us; not because of anyone of you, but because of other entities, other powers that are trying to actually take power from this planet Earth, to use this planet as some sort of engine. You see, it is time now to get real. It is time now to get to the bottom line of things. It is time now to speak from our hearts as well. 

The Lock on Planet Earth

When I got Da Jeshua San and Da Pah Kwan Yin San drunk a couple of weeks ago – and some others were involved as well – this was the time when I actually got them into closing off, disbanding the Guild. I will continue to get them drunk, for there are some more things that need to be closed off on this planet. And that is the – how shall I say it? – that is the lock, which now exists on planet Earth. It is like the entire planet has become chastity belt, like it has become this belt which will not allow joy to pour in, and all of the energies that are trying to get out, they are being sucked back in – and not in a good way. They are not there to stay. They are not there to reincarnate. They are there to just be used as energy, to be used as object and not as subject, and you are on the same path. 

This is the true reason, Imzaia, why so many of us are incarnating into a human body again. This is the true reason why we are taking the masks away from that which you have once called ‘Master’. This is the true reason why all of us are getting ready for something quite big. It is going to be universal party, is it not, in the end at least? This is why you are being asked to get out of your lives and to start the journey, the journey you have always been destined to take. Always! You were born on this planet with specific insights, specific power, specific energy, specific consciousness at your beck and call. And you have done very little with it. But all that is going to change now. We are taking the safety locks off. We are taking the rules and regulations of what we can say and cannot say to you off. These can no longer be there. We need to speak truth. 

Earth - the Field of Experience

One of the first steps that we are doing ourselves is actually reopening all of the magnetic portals on the planet Earth. You see, Earth was a place of experience some time ago. It was a place where you just went to; where you didn’t get bound by the laws of physics, by the laws of time and space and you could just use magnetics and geometry to travel anywhere that you needed to travel. For each and every place on Earth held something that was a part of you, and coming back to Earth, coming into the planet was just about finding the pieces of the puzzle that was you. This was the original intent for creating Earth. It was what you are calling a ‘game’ already. It was just about splintering your energy up, splitting it up into a million pieces, and this one tiny particle remaining, which was consciousness, which got born… Well, not in the ways you get born  – very ugly ways in which you get born these days, very painful as well – but once you were on Earth, all you did was travel around, see everything, experience everything.

Oh, I remember my first time on Earth. I remember arriving on the shores of what thousands of years later would be called ‘Lemuria’ – thousands of years later. (The other names are not important right now. Names are never important.) And I remember arriving in a human body, standing on a beach, which some of you might even get to see in a couple of months called ‘the Place of Refuge’. I was standing on the beach, and at that point, there was still sand on the beach, not lava rock as you have it today. My first sensation: my feet burning in the sand, in the hot, hot sand. I loved the burning of my feet. I loved this sensation that was given to me, just because elements were interacting; just because earth was interacting with fire, which is the sun, which did something chemical to sand like heating it up, you know. And then my feet getting burned, and then the water, the third element, coming in and just gently caressing the feet, cooling them down again. And after a while, the water went away again and the hotness came and the coldness and the hotness and the coldness and the hotness, and before I realized what happened, my feet actually came, had an orgasm, climaxed. And this is not something just to laugh about. This is something that really happens when you allow the energies, the elements to be in perfect balance – and I just use the word ‘balance’ to keep Da Pah Kwan Yin San happy – in perfect balance with everything that is you. 

Well, Imzaia, I have always told you about the joy you could experience, and you keep unbalancing yourselves. You keep your consciousness, which is element number five, away from a perfect synchronicity with all of the others. 

So, my first experience, the burning of my feet and the cooling of my feet. And then, as I started looking around, I knew there would be no thoughts in my head like you are having today. “Where will I find food? Where will I find water? Where will I find shelter? Where will I find all of these things?” By not thinking about them, I automatically found them. Always. 

Do Not Think

Some of the others have said in the past, ‘If you think about something, you are creating synaptic eruption in your head.’ An eruption of the synapses, which takes about two milliseconds to complete, in a long thought that is, in what is actually called a ‘thought process’. And these distances, which are very, very small, between the synapses and the time it takes to get from one synapse to the other to get information through, to get electrical information through, is what is creating time and space. And so, if you are thinking about something, you are actually removing yourself from it in time and space. Get it? Are you thinking about it? Don’t! 

If you go out of the grid and if you go out of form, you actually go out of thought as well because thought and form are very much connected. Oh, now, what is happening? Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San is getting quite serious indeed. Well, sometimes I actually have got serious things to say as well.

Stop thinking. Stop using your goddamn synapses all the time. You have been given other systems. You have been given systems that actually allow your senses to connect with your truth: your heart. Immediately. Have you ever considered what life would be like if you do this? This was the Lemurian way. This was why Lemurians were able to access all dimensions of time and space all at once because there was no separation between them and the dimensions. 

Come to my Party

And this is what the grid has created, a separation between you and All That Is by putting you in a form. I want to take you out of form. First I want to take you out for dinner and then I will take you out of form. For you see, once you have dinner with me, I will get you so very drunk. I will probably give you some drugs as well. Oh, drugs! Masters can’t talk about drugs! This is evil. This is Satan coming in, is it not? Yes! 

Oh, come on Imzaia, laugh, for god’s sake! I didn’t come here to look at your blank faces. If I want to look at blank faces I would have turned on television! I want to be with family. I want to be with all of you. I have come to invite you to my party. It is starting soon. It is starting in a couple of days. Starting date… I will not give you. You come when you come. Starting hour will be 9:15. Come on time or don’t come. Closing hour: never. This party will never stop.

Oh, there are others that talk about serious things going on on Earth, and I will tell you about these serious things at some other point. Maybe I will write you a text message on my cell phone. But what I am here to say to you now: don’t get stuck in realism. The others will say that major things are happening on the planet and that they will take about three years to complete. And this is quite true, but in those three years I am going to party. I will always have this space open called ‘the Playing Field’ where your great adventure can take a rest – just for a night; just for a couple of nights if you want, but you are always invited there. 

And this is very necessary, for the things that are about to happen on Earth – and I don’t want to alarm you, but they will involve all of you at some point. And all of you will feel the call, the calling, the pull to be a part of this. You will feel it in your bones. You will feel it in your blood. And I am happy not to be master of ceremony this time. I will let this job be handled quite well by Da Jeshua San and Da Pah Kwan Yin San, who are probably now sleeping with each other. (Oh no, they are watching television. How boring.) I will be the party leader, however. I will be the one to keep the party going at all time. And I wish, I really wish that you will come over from time to time, that you will take part in this. Do you see where the word ‘party’ comes from? It’s about being a part of it. You can always have a party when you are a part of it, if you are part of you even. You can have a party for one, for one is All That Is anyway. 

So, this Playing Field will be very important in the coming months and in the coming years even. It will be a place to unwind. It will be a place to re-evaluate, to refocus, to re-find yourselves and your powers. It will be a place where you can come in at anytime. There will not be… There will not be anything that you need to pay for. The punch will be quite free, but quite insanely alcoholic as well. At the same time, all you need to do, all you need to do …

Akeyasan: Is love. 

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San: Yes,[singing] ‘Love, exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you. The love boat.’ That’s three free songs already, Imzaia. Usually I charge for these things.

Life is Music

But you see how life is music? You see how life is about entering the Playing Field? I am just giving you songs that will be playing when you come in. And maybe in the coming days, you will be listening to the radio more often because the way into the Playing Field is actually the way out of the grid, you see. This is what is actually… “Oh god, now it gets interesting again! He is talking about the grid again; we must listen.” You see, the place beyond the grid is what I call ‘the Playing Field’. And how do you get beyond the grid? You use the frequencies. 

And now we will get an explanation, which is very theoretical on the frequencies that will last about an hour and a half and you will understand nothing, or I can just say that frequency is everything and that everything is frequency, including you, including music. When I was on Earth – and this is where I find myself at this moment – music was my way out of everything. This is what I taught Da Jeshua San. He never was able to be a good singer, but he used music to get out of his troubled mind. Oh, those who need to let all the information, who need to let all the energy pass through them is, in fact, a very troubled mind indeed. And this is a holy task that he has taken on. Someone has to do it. No one likes doing it, but someone has to do it. And his way out… I taught him about wine; I taught him about music and I taught him about a couple of other things, which he will knock me in my neck if I talk about it in public. 

Use the Things That Bring You Joy

So, use the things around you. This is the only way to get out without going into theory. Use the things around you. Use music, use color. Use the sunshine. It is all frequency. And the things that bring you joy, Imzaia, are basically the frequencies that will get you, that will transport you beyond the grid – beyond the grid of identity; beyond the grid of ego. And it could be little things, it could be big things as well. It could be little things too. It could just be seeing a little bird fly over your head and rest itself on a tree branch and starting to whistle. Oh, the Sirian frequencies that emerge when a bird whistles. It is amazing. It always does so much for me. It always gets me out of these places, and this is when I enter my magic. 

This is when I hear the calling of playtime. And when I hear that calling, I just open up; I just open up all my heart and I let the frequency of the bird, that I created because I am the creator of my reality, come in. And as it comes in, it restructures All That I Am by taking my structure away. I become the song, the music of the bird. And as I become the bird, I become the branch it is sitting on. And I go deep into the earth through the roots of the tree and I find myself again, by going up through the ground, finding my feet, and I find myself in my body again and  I am totally open, totally free. 

And then… Then is a good time to find the magnetic portal, for this portal will  then transport you to the Playing Field. And there are 144’000 portals on this planet Earth alone, and I am just talking about the ones that go through space. I am not talking about the 144’000 that go through time, and I’m not talking about the other 144’000 that go both through space and time. And I’m not talking about the other 144’000 that will go through you, that will transport you to other potentials of you. The potential portals are the ones where all the fun begins because this is the place where you can go to, to actually change your potential immediately, through time and space; where you can always go back, always go back to another point of you and choose again. There are so many portals on this planet. They are all waiting for you to come in and to use the frequency of love… to use the frequency of love that I have just told you about that is the singing of the bird – not the sinking of the Titanic – that is the singing of the solar reflection, which is also you. 

All it Takes is Awareness

Do you know when you are going into frequency and you let the sunshine come in… And now again, Da Pah Kwan Yin San or Da Jeshua San or any of the others would start talking about ways in which you can do this. They would start talking about ways that you would enable yourself to let the rays of sunshine come in. There would be complex theories and everything, but not with Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San. All you need to do is be aware of the body, Imzaia. All you need to do is be aware of the sensation of the sunshine itself. Wow, the sensation of the sunshine itself! (I need to remember that.) But, if you feel the element of fire, the element of light touching you, you who exist in all the elements together in your body, you see the response happening immediately. The frequencies of your cells just open up without you having to think about it. And as they do, there you are. Again. Your total body gets restructured. Totally. Completely – and this is so beautiful. 

Someone just walked in whom I didn’t give a hug. I need to give you a hug! Hello!

Akeyasan: But I already had one!

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San: But that wasn’t me! 

So, do you know what this hug did? “Oh my god, he gave a free hug and now he wants to talk about it!” Do you know what this hug did, even though it was very brief? It restructured me again. It opened myself up for that man’s frequencies, and I became a little part of him. If he chooses, he can become a little part of me, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San. And this is how it works with everything. 

Feel, Imzaia, Feel!

Imzaia, stop trying to see energy! Stop trying to hear things! Stop trying to be the next big channel! Stop trying to do all of these things and just feel. Feel the frequencies of fire. Feel the waving of the wind inside of you, waving you, wanting you to go deeper. Feel the one that is the water that is always a part of your body. Liquid. Movement. Connected to the oceans in ways of which you have no idea. The water inside of the ocean knows the water inside of your body. Feel the gravity of the ground, the gravity of ground that is just waiting to embrace you again. If you do these things and you do them long enough, you will see what will happen. You will see that the grid of identity, the grid of universal ego will fall away, finally allowing you to play with the elements, to play with your reality. 

And you have now gotten to a point of consciousness – which is the fifth element and, therefore, basically again the first element because this is something that is cyclic – if you have gotten to this place in consciousness where you have gotten to today, then you will see… you will see that you will have no need anymore to make mental abuse of the elements to force them into shape, not into form but into shape. It is not about forcing things into shape; it is about letting go of form.

If you want to create a bird, if you want to create a peacock, if you want to create any of these things, just let the shape go; let the energy blend itself. All the great chefs know this. All the great artists know this. Feel the joy of what you are wanting to create and then just invite the energy, the elements, your consciousness and seventeen other steps, which I will not talk about, so you will not be able to do it… No, just all of these things, which I have mentioned just now. Let the energy, the elements and your consciousness free. They will create more beautiful form than you have ever considered because you are letting form go, you see? 

This also works with conditions of your life. It also works with the shapes of your life. You have so many shapes in life. Don’t you? When you wake up in the morning, there you are, confronted with your shape – really confronted, for it takes a while for consciousness to latch on to the idea of ‘shape’. It takes a couple of seconds actually, which is the transmutational period between dreaming and waking. It is the consciousness going into shock because now it knows again that it has to take on this boring shape, that has been going on for quite a few years in fact. Then, when that is over, the consciousness is shocked yet again, for it sees, it becomes again aware of the fact that all around you is shape. Everything you see is shape and it appears to be separate from you. This is the grid at full strength.

Definition Keeps You Locked in Form

Now, the others have talked about New Energy. The others have talked about all of these things. Yet, New Energy could not be defined, could it? So, form cannot be defined. You are the ones keeping form in shape. You are the ones keeping the definition lid on it with a little barcode at the side. You are doing what you are not wanting to do and you are not even aware that you are doing it. 

And this is the way that society, and everything that is governing society, is altering your way of thinking, while all you need to do is find the birds, find the love boat, find the bees, find the sunshine, find joy because you are touching another body, another person. And don’t just feel the joy that is happening because of the reaction that your cells are giving you when your hand is touching someone else, but touch someone else and feel what you are doing. Feel your way around in their system, in their body. 

Do this and you will know that separation does not exist. Do this and you will become aware of the frequencies of love that will take you outside of the grid. Do this and come to my party, come to the Playing Field. I promise you we will have a theme every night, a different theme. And I will look back to planet Earth and I will use some of the more interesting dramas to make the themes for our party. We are looking forward to those. How about the ‘fighting party’ for instance, where you can actually relive all of the fights that you ever had in your life? Oh, this is going to be fun! Oh yes! You thought because you pushed your fighting away that it wasn’t going to come back. Only this time, it is going to come back and it is going to make you laugh. And once it makes you laugh, once you get back into your joy, that particular fight can dissolve again. 

And that is what joy does: it dissolves matter back into energy, and energy back into consciousness, and consciousness back into potential, and potential back into geometry, and geometry back into magnetics, and magnetics back into love. So you can go from fighting to love. It is so simple. Just enjoy. Just laugh. 

And you know, I think that when I go back now to the others, when I go back and have dinner with the Da Jeshua San and have dinner with Da Pah Kwan Yin San and  with Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San and Da Michael San and all of the others, I think this time they will finally see what I have been trying to do here. They will finally see the easy simplicity of everything. Once you go to a Kuthumi channel, you won’t get a lot of theory. All you will get is love, joy and bliss. 

Are you ready to jump off the cliff, Imzaia? And are you ready to find that you will not be falling, but you will be floating upwards? Are you ready to become the master of ceremony, the master of fun, the master of your own party? ‘It’s your party and you can cry if you want to, cry if you want to. I would cry too, if it happened to you.’ (I didn’t sing it, did I?) So, you can cry if you want to or you can laugh and you can find  ways, new ways of enjoying each other, new ways of entertaining each other, new ways of loving each other today, which you have not yet tried. 

Eternal Beauty

I think… Oh god, I think! I think – stupid language you have got – I think that the most imprisoned time that I ever experienced on this planet Earth was reliving everything over and over and over again. That is why when I see you I will never use names. You are never the same to me because your frequencies will have shifted again, and as such … ‘a thing of beauty is a joy for ever’, as Keats has once said it. Now what is beauty? It is eternally shifting, eternally going from one potential into another potential, into another form. That is true beauty. 

You want to know – and I guess I need to go soon – but you want to know what art was in Lemuria? It was energy, which was put in a state of constant shifting, in a constant play-mode, as it were. In every second, it would blend and it would shift. We had no paintings. We had no sculptures. We didn’t even have music. We had nothing of the sort, and we had everything at once, for when we looked at one of our art forms, we saw the colors of the painting that it was. We heard the music of the song that is was as well. We heard the chittering of the bird that it was. We heard and saw and felt and smelled every potential of that specific, specific type of energy at that very moment. That is how great lovers see each other and themselves every day. 

Think with Your Heart and Return to Your True Nature

Now, think about that, and maybe you will notice that this thought does not compute up here. Think it with your heart and you will touch the world, you will touch everyone. And as you do, you will be levitated up, away from the planet. You will dance between the stars. You will discover the true nature of things, and in the end, when you will have reached the entire universe that is you, you will enter into a state of bliss, climax, zenith. And so, you will finally be able to leave this one boring form, in which the universe exists today, behind. And then you will go insane, like I did. Make sure… Make sure you go insane silently. If you make too much of a noise, they will get you. And who is ‘they’? ‘They’ is just that part of you that wants to keep you in form, in-formed. Ah!!

This is the death that is television and the news and the papers. It is all about in-form-ation. You are being shaped by the information you are receiving every single day, most of which is not true. So let go of this, and maybe next time we talk, you and I, we can actually start showing things to each other. And you know what I am talking about. I am talking about… No I am not talking about sex. Women – all the same! Men – even worse! I am talking about… Now, I forget what I am talking about. Now, I just want to sleep with you. 

So, what am I talking about? I am talking about finding the ways within. I am talking about returning, finally returning to your true nature. I am talking about seeing the shape of this universe shapeless. I am talking about all the games you can play with each other. You have so much to show each other. Once you find the way out of language, out of this limitation that you need at this point to transmit experience to one another, imagine what it would be like to blend with one another, to become one, to become one frequency, one shared frequency of joy through which you can transmit every experience, relive it as though it was the first time. Do you think that people would still kill each other if they were aware of each others experiences at any given moment? Do you think that people would still hate each other if all they could see in one another was the frequency of love? 

Try thinking of Hitler, not when he is ‘führer-ing’ around, but when he was alone with his dog, petting it, loving it, wishing… wishing that he could just go to a place – this is an actual thought – wishing that he could just go to a place where he didn’t have to play this part. Oh, he knew he was playing a part. Imagine Bush, President Bush, sitting at the dinner table, looking at his daughter, who is talking to his wife about her love, her new love. Do you think there isn’t a moment in his mind where he wished that he could just be daddy; that he could just take her away? Imagine so many people. Now imagine your supposed ‘worst enemy’ or someone you can’t stand at work or whatever. And imagine them, listening to the sound of a bird making music in silence and what it does to them? There is not one on this planet, Imzaia, not one who doesn’t have love, who doesn’t understand love. The only problem is that the mind doesn’t always understand it, and people here are trained by the mind.

I will now take a break, for I have to go ‘peacock’ and then, if time permits, I will return and answer some of your questions in the most ridiculous of ways.

Imzaia, you are loved, you are blessed and you are also very fuckable. 

And so it fucking is.

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Da Akeyasan Christine San
Da Akeyasan Christine San
1 year ago

Da’ka’ya Kuthumi! Your Joy and Simplicity speak straight to my heart ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke o Da Christine San ❤️ Your response brings a smile to my heart. So wonderful that Da Ejakasanda Kuthumi San’s message resonated with you so strongly.

Da Akeyasan Thea Scholtes San
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