An introduction to the Grand Illusions of Form, Time, Space, Death, Exchange, and Separation, by Da Pah Ekara San, who introduces the student to some key ideas and basic axioms that will be explored further in the rest of the series.

This is the first of fourteen sessions inside of the larger Study of Vibration known by the akeyasan student body as the “Mastering the Grand Illusions” series.


Originally recorded during the 3-part imzaia event in the Netherlands and Belgium, The Meaning of Life, the Mastering the Grand Illusions series weaves in and out of the larger series and, essentially, forms the heart of both The Meaning of Life collection and the core of the entire Study of Vibration series.

The Mastering the Grand Illusions series, watched by millions of metaphysical and spiritual seekers around the world when it was released in 2007, is designed to interact with a conscious observer as 14 limitless points or spheres of a geometric field that offers the ascension student the ability to trigger, within one’s neural net in the brain, an abundant, holographic expansion beyond the limiting narrative of that, which the series labels the six Grand Illusions of Form, Time, Space, Exchange, Death, and Separation.

The spheres, and their individual content, are presented and woven together in a non-linear, holographic way, allowing the ascension student to work with these 14 episodes as different areas within which to expand one’s knowledge of personal and planetary ascension, and to move from a space of ascension theory towards one of daily practice.

The content you are about to experience can also be seen as an introduction to a larger field of study offered by ascended life, here on Imzaia World, in the Imzaia Metaphysical Mentorship Program.

Thirdly, the 14 sessions of the Mastering the Grand Illusions series, also function as the final chapter of the Cosmic Manifest, a collection of study sessions by the ascended collective known as the Cosmic Twelve, which, in its own right, prepares the ascension student in 100+ installments for the practical applications that are offered in these videos and transcripts.

Throughout the ongoing discussion on the Grand Illusion of Separation and how it is responsible for invoking the other five Grand Illusions of Form, Time, Space, Exchange, and Death, the metaphysical speakers and ascended teachers work through literally hundreds of interconnected pieces of cosmic truth, all of which are vital to your understanding of who you are, who you always have been, and who you are on your way to becoming; all of which are further explored in the direct tuition that ascended life is here on Earth to offer to all of those who seek to make personal and planetary ascension their reason for being.

Two key points of focus throughout the entire Mastering the Grand Illusions series is humanity’s interdimensional DNA, and the evolution of the human, physical brain into the holographic brain. The notion of human personality and identity is thoroughly examined, and with it the predetermining and narrowing personality parameters that, in many cases, dominate our human lives, and are responsible for the finite, linear expression of choice within these lives.

As such, the Mastering the Grand Illusions series teaches the ascension student about the ego-driven, personal neural net that is, in essence, the fake, finite, linear personality that is pretending to be someone it isn’t, i.e. you.

More importantly, it introduces a plethora of solutions to the mental, linear matrix scenario humanity finds itself in:

  • by returning to the surface of human consciousness the celebratory simplicity of ancient, Lemurian ascension wisdom;
  • by introducing the student to the three-point Kakra system (head, heart, and belly; or akonai, akene, and adonai, in Lemurian);
  • by teaching about the Active Ingredients of San based reality creation (Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, Life, Gratitude, Grace, and Well-Being);
  • by offering deep insights into the practicalities involved in awakening our 144 strands of DNA;
  • and by helping the student remember the control one truly has over one’s personality and over the physical manifestation of the neural net within the brain;

…but a few examples that barely scratch the surface of the profound wisdom found within the geometric spheres of the Mastering the Grand Illusions series.

Although much of the work offered in these sessions is, by necessity, introductory and therefore theoretical, its practical applications are vast and prepares the student for direct ascension study and training via the Imzaia Metaphysical Mentorship Program that is offered on Imzaia World by ascended life.


Mastering the Grand Illusions, Part 1


The Cosmic Manifest | Mastering the Grand Illusions

The Meaning of Life | The Study of Vibration


Da Pah Ekara San


Retie, Belgium | November 17, 2007


English spoken | English transcript available

The Study of Vibration | Session 182

by Da Pah Ekara San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

And so it is.

Greetings, my beloved, I am that I am Da Pah Ekara San, Sovereign Servant of Free Energy, upholding the principles of universal love, universal joy, and universal freedom.

And so, we have finally come to the point where we can actually have, it seems, a heart-to-heart conversation. You have gotten to the point where you have been beaten down – or should I say ‘beaten up’ – with a knowledge that is so ancient, that is so pure, and that is just at the beginning of everything that you have the ability to remember. This is just the beginning, the recollection of a different way of existence; the recollection of a different type of using your energy onto this planet Earth. And I want to talk to you, directly to you, about all of this. 

So, as usual, I don’t think many of you are aware of it, but as usual, these words that you are hearing now are based on vibration and frequency that might come into the other person’s ears very differently than they enter into yours. Just the other night, this Imzaia Fellowship had a conversation about this, how it could be that they heard the very same words being spoken, and at the same time, they heard different things. This is because we, I and all the others, don’t just talk to you in words; we talk to you in energy. We talk to you with the power of vibration. And although these words are flying now to you from this body to your body, I must make you aware of the fact that the actual conversation that you are having is taking place within your energy signature. It is not taking place like this, not just like this. This is one level, yes, but it is taking place deep, deep within, in that space that you recognize as ‘the divine’, that you recognize as ‘source’. 

Da Pah Ekara San, Undefined

So, before we get going, I just want to make some things clear. First of all, what is this energy that calls itself ‘Da Pah Ekara San’ that has been speaking to you on a one-to-one basis or sometimes towards a group consciousness, like it is doing now? It is very simple. I have never called myself ‘human’. I have never called myself ‘Lemurian’. Yes, I used to live within the Lemurian heritage. I used to live and I still am living in your future, in that which you would call ‘the New Lemuria’, but am I Lemurian? No. No. That would be a finite, limiting description of me. I am speaking from the Heart of All Things, and as such, I am the Heart of All Things. I am that which you would call a ‘Cosmic Master’, which is nothing else than a Master of the Heart. I carry within myself the entire universe, just like you, and as such, I carry within myself time and space itself. I carry the stars, the planets, the nebulae, and All Life, just like you. 

Then what would be the difference between you and me, if at all there is a true difference going on here? The only difference is, as you will become aware now that I am not limiting myself. I am not putting myself in a box, in a set of guidelines and rules. I am that I am, and in that being, I am totally free, non-defined. I am as big and as small as you can perceive me. My wisdom and knowledge is as great as you can understand it, comprehend it, integrate it. And I am not just talking out of spiritual ego now. The point I am trying to make, Imzaia, is very simple: the fact that you are here, listening to these words, the fact that you are understanding what is being said here in the last few days means that you can perceive it. You have the ability to make that choice. You have the ability to make that choice.

So then, let us tackle now the confusion that will come inevitably, when you discuss Mastering the Grand Illusions, the illusion of what it is to be human, the illusion of what it is to be put in a shell that you are stuck in, a shell of a body that you call ‘you’, while in effect it is just flesh; while in effect it is just matter. And yet, everything that happens around you, the entire way that society has been set up, is to celebrate that husk of flesh, to make sure it is comfortable, to make sure it is fed, clothed, to make sure it is enjoying itself in its preference, whatever that preference might be and on whatever level that preference might be coming to you. But that is the only thing that society sees of you, and as such, it has been for a while the only thing that you have seen of you. 

And yes, yes, I can understand – as you are all part of me and vice versa – I can understand that you must feel very much alone.  I can understand that you must feel very lonely, very lonely, alone within those boundaries, ‘stuck behind the eyes’, as some would say it. What a lonely existence it must be to say to yourselves: this is who I am. So, it is our understanding, that you have a desire to grow, that you have a desire to learn, that you have a desire to understand, to be one with All Things, that you have a desire for unification, oneness. 

And that is why we are here. It is why groups like this are coming together. It is why you are going through this learning curve now, which, as some beautiful angel here has said, is not about ‘learning’, but about ‘unlearning’, the letting go of the parameters that you have been taught as ‘valuable’. It is indeed about letting go, about unlearning, and as such, coming back in touch with those greater truths. 

The Foundations of Truth

I have promised you a while ago, as our energy was re-emerging in its full grace onto this planet Earth that we would help you master the great illusions, that we would help you understand, and that this great work would be about understanding magnetics and geometry and gravity – ‘the field of triality’ in short – that it would be about the five elements, that it would be about the six illusions and the three laws of universal truth. 

And those are indeed the foundations upon which this great truth is built. But what good are foundations, if you are not accepting them fully? Right now, even at this very moment, I feel resistance in this room. Right now I feel the resistance of some of those that want to have it all, but are not willing to give it all up to have it all again. You are not willing, in some cases, to let go of the things that you have been taught to call ‘valuable’. Hmm, you are not willing to do that Great Work. 

And yet, in the center of your being, there is that seedling of willingness that we would call ‘the Akene’. It is there. It is beating in between the rest of your human heartbeats. It has always been there, but you have just been taught to focus differently. If you are going to undertake this huge work that is ahead of you, which, in effect is as simple as breathing itself, you are going to have to go in between the heartbeats. 

The heart beats of so many things, and with every heartbeat, a new type of desire comes into your life. Fascinating that, how you keep creating desire after desire and you keep saying, “I want, I want, I want, I want,” while at the same time you could be saying, “I am, I am, I am.” And you notice how this ‘I am’ automatically brings you into a stillness.

So, mastering the great illusions then, as you know by now, happens not linearly. You don’t only master form before you go on to all these other things, but it begins right there. The insight begins right there. In the course of the last few days, you have been given information about two important aspects that had to do with form. One was given to you by that great aspect of mine, and I would be an aspect of her, called ‘Da Pah Kwan Yin San’. It was about ‘gender identity’. You were asked to all come here today, not in the opposite gender, but as a neutral gender. 

And yet, here you all sit, still behaving as though you are the male or as though you are the female. It shows up not just in your dress. It shows up in your attitudes. Oh, and we see all the little games that you play with one another. We see how you constantly use that gender identity to get what you want. You all want something and you do it all the time. Gender identity is where it all begins. If you are going to hold onto that, well then you might as well go shopping instead of doing this Great Work. Maybe you should get a haircut, a new outfit, a new sports car maybe. Maybe you should get that second television set that you have always dreamt of, or maybe you should get that cruise, or maybe… Maybe you shouldn’t do any of those things. Maybe you should be forced as a race to look at yourselves.

Gender Identity

Gender identity… How difficult it is for the macho, macho man to let go of his masculinity. How hard it is for the petite, petite female, to say it in a type of French, to let go of being wanted, being an object of desire, even though there is fear in all of this. And I’m just naming just a few things that have to do with gender identity. As you have been told in the last few days, it shows up in so many different aspects of you, so much, everything that you do. I hear that these days you even have lady cell phones, and on it, if you look at them, you have the ability to define how many calories you are eating that day and you have the ability to make the shopping list for when you go shopping. I believe the word up there is ‘duh’… Well yeah, duh! Don’t you see it? Don’t you see it, how you are letting yourselves be defined? And it is the same thing for men. It doesn’t just happen externally to you. It happens internally to you. So, it must begin there. 

And the problem is not only the way you are looking at you, but also how you are letting yourselves be defined by others around you. Everybody expects you to be a certain way. Everybody expects you to behave a certain way. 

You should see my good Lemurian friend and now temporary head of the Cosmic Council of Twelve, Da Adama San – not ‘Da Adamus San’, ‘Adama San’. Although his energy was once defined as male, there is no male overshadowing in his energy field. There is a pure blending of the male and the female so that both of these words become meaningless. Oh, blessed is the Master who sees these genders as being meaningless. You have the ability… You have the ability to give this up and to no longer express yourself this way. 

I know that so many teachings in the spiritual realm and that so many things that were part of the old energy would have you celebrate your masculinity or have you celebrate your femininity. And then they would speak about ‘letting the Goddess appear’ or ‘letting the God come out’. Duh… What is the point, as Da Buddha San would say, what is the point to come back to planet Earth, especially in your top life, if next time around you still haven’t learned anything? What is the point in reincarnating itself? It just keeps you going in a loop. It just keeps you going round and round and round. ‘Round and round and round she goes and where she stops, nobody knows’. ‘Rien ne va plus’. I like that sentence, as you might know. Where does she stop? Where does he stop? I’m asking you: where do you stop? Do you stop at all these parameters that are defining you or do you stop at the edge of infinity? You don’t stop; you just keep going. 

And so, in these changing, ever changing times, there is much confusion. There is much hardship, little understanding for the great, great celebration that is happening. This is something, Imzaia, that really makes us blow the whistle. That really, really shocks us, to see you so many times sit here or in your rooms, listening to this information and feeling bad about it or feeling frustrated about it, or feeling fearful about it: fearful of what you are going to have to give up. Fearful of what you need to let go, while at the same time, when I look at the 5D realms or the other D realms and I step back out of this body and go to look what is happening around this reality, all I see is one big party. One big party because it is all opening up again. It is all blending together again in the universe, and All That Is is manifesting itself in such a way that has been unprecedented – unprecedented – in cosmic history. 

And yet, here you sit in these little bubbles of reality you call ‘bodies’ and you are afraid. Afraid to let it go. Afraid because you might end up alone. Afraid, afraid, afraid. And yet, all around you the universe, the cosmos is celebrating, celebrating you because here you sit, because you came and you answered the call of planet Earth. 

The question then becomes: are you going to make it happen or are you just going to let it pass and do nothing about it? I know what you are going to be doing. I know because I know there is only one timeline left, and that is aiming directly at what you would call ‘the Free Planet Earth’: independent, sovereign, strong, loving, kind, full of heart, full of soul, full of creation, full of grace, and full of a type of warrior that recognizes its own stillness, that recognizes its own… its own everything; that recognizes itself. This planet is about to be born. This planet is coming into fruition. This planet has entered on your radar, and that is why you are here. 

But it begins with you. It begins with letting go. It begins with becoming more than you are right now. And for the males that be becoming the female aspect of themselves as well, and for the female that be becoming the male of them. That is the beginning of becoming more. 

This is the first great lie. As there are grand illusions and grand truths, there are also grand lies, and it is right there in your DNA. And it is not an official lie. You haven’t been told that things are different than they truly are. It is just a lie of omission, you see, of not giving you all the information, of making sure that you would be cut off from all that brilliant totality that is living inside of you. So, I and all the others have taken upon us the task of taking you beyond these grand illusions so that you can master them. 

And so, the Great Work begins. Let’s start. 

How can you pass the veil of gender identity, if you know that it is created by that aspect of illusion that you call ‘the mind’? It is very simple. The mind only creates more of that which it likes, of that which is right up its alley. So, you as someone trying to escape that alley should be doing the exact opposite of what the mind is telling you to do, of what the mind is calling your ‘identity’. You should be doing the exact opposite of what you have been taught. That is where it begins. 

So, explore within yourself, for the ladies, the masculine, for the men here, explore within yourself the feminine. And it is not about the archetypes. It is not about the archetypical things that you have been taught that is male or that is female because this could be nothing further from the actual truth. You think a male has specific sets of characteristics and a female has other characteristics. Wrong. It is nothing like that. It is nothing like that. You have no idea yet (but you will) what the essence of male energy and the essence of female energy truly is all about. It has to do, my darlings, it has to do with ‘potention’. And this is a word that has shown up several times already in the Universal Manifest, that has shown up several times in the teachings: potention.  What is it? 

Akeyasan 1: The tension between two poles. 

Da Pah Ekara San: The tension between two poles? You would think that, wouldn’t you? Well, actually, that is true in part. It begins with the concept of a potential, not a pole. A pole is already a dualistic creation. It begins with potential. 

Potential and Potention

Now, you need to know, that you have several fields: the field of the totality (triality) begins with gravity, that space where your energy has been so pressed together, so brought down in speed that it appears as matter, solid. You know this. And then, behind that – as you already know, most of you – there is geometry, the field of geometry, where you are showing up, YOU, are showing up as vibration and frequency. And those vibrations and frequencies are then created beforehand by the field of magnetics, which is beyond it, which is a chaotic field filled with potential. 

Now, we have never discussed the field that is behind it, but you know it already. There is a field that is beyond magnetics, and is called the ‘photonic/ tachyonic border of the universe that is you’. It is a very long name. It is the photonic/tachyonic border.

Now, within those photons and tachyons of the universe that is you, potentials are being generated. They are being generated with the information that is fed to the photonic/tachyonic field. And then, based on the set boundary of your creation, which is based – you would know – on your fourth brain, your fantasy, a potention is generated. 

A potention is the desire for the magnetic field to take within itself the divine potential that is present there. This is a different way of saying it than I said it before, but it is an important way of looking at it. Yes, I know, we are going to be confusing you now, but this is good. You don’t need to fully understand the things that you are hearing. You just need to feel them. Because, you see, this is nothing that you need to learn. You are already doing it constantly, otherwise, your body would disintegrate. So, you are already doing this. I just want to give you a different perspective of potention. 

What we have said a long time ago, when we were working with magnetics and geometry and gravity, is that potention can be used to take negative potentials, that are being generated by the mind, and to place within that field a so-called ‘positive potential’, that is generated by the energy of consciousness. If you do that, you create a field of tension, much like you would see between a star and a black hole. Have you seen those images, my darlings, of a star that is coming into the vicinity of a black hole and that that star is being slowly sucked into the black hole? You see the energy of the star then slowly moving towards that black hole, and it is taking all of the energy in it, until in the end, the star has not enough self-support left and it implodes. 

That is potention in a macrocosmic universe. But it is also happening on a microscopic scale, a ‘microcosmic’ scale, you would even say. If you take any type of negative potential, which is a pathway that you have chosen time and time and time again and you place in front of this a different type of behavioral pattern, which would be a positive potential, automatically the energy of negativity is being fed into the positive, and the positive will be enhanced because of it. 

This process, which I am now describing, is actually taking part in your brain. Now, that is something that you wouldn’t have expected, that potentials are right there, showing up in the brain, but so it is. Your potentials aren’t just – and if you followed the route directly, then you would see – your potentials aren’t just there beyond the photonic/tachyonic border, which is divinity, then showing up into the magnetic realm in chaos, then being structured by vibration and frequency in your geometric realm, and then eventually, where do they go? You think they just vanish and you just materialize in gravity? No, no, those potentials that have been structured need to show up in your body as well. And where do they show up? In your brain. 

That is why you have been fed all this information about the brain in the last year. You have been taught about all these different parts of the brain. And we have told you that the fifth part of the brain, the fifth brain, is basically the Akene. No, that is not what I am pointing at, my darling. I don’t want to create more confusion! It is the Akene. You have also got the Ass-ene, but we don’t want to talk about that. That is for next year.

Anyway. So, those potentials that are now structured in vibrational and frequential energy end up in the brain. And it is this, my darlings, two sets of potentials coming together showing up in neurons, that are creating your thoughts. 

Usually… Usually… – What are thee doing, lady? – Usually… Usually, when this occurs, when these potentials eventually enter into the brain as neurons, and you now must know that they have traveled a long way. They have started as photons and tachyons and then gone into the potential energy of magnetism and then turned into geometry and then eventually ending up in neurons. That is a long path for matter to take shape, and that is just not the actual matter of your cells. This is just the way your reality is structuring its own creational process, you see? But eventually they end up as neurons. 

Usually, what happens is that you will have a positive neuron interacting with a negative neuron, hence creating the reality of duality. They are attracted to one another, and one sucks up the other; one sucks the other dry. Fascinating information, isn’t it? That is how a thought gets formed. Usually, when you are working with the energy of mind you will make sure that the negative potential is the one sucking the positive dry. Taking all the energy from the positive potential, neuro-synaptic pathways will fire up, and boom… a thought is created, and boom… before you know it a reality is upon you. This is the description of a pathway. It is what you do. It is what you do all the time. And as you are doing this, so you are learning yourself how to perceive your reality.

Potention then is the replacement of a negative neuron, which used to be a potential energy, by a positive neuron. It is the presence of negative and positive neurons interacting together, which is at first creating your duality, then creating your gender identity, and then creating conditionalism in your life. If you want to go to universal energy, then you will find a great gift within every negative potention. Within a free energy universe you have the ability to choose the building blocks of your universe. Within an old energy world that wasn’t the case because you were governed by the laws of physics and the laws of energy and the laws of magnetics. 

We have talked to you about magnetic neutrality, remember? Well, magnetic neutrality is what allows you to find within the negative potential a primary source of positivity. Because every negative potential, ladies and gentlemen and neutrons, every negative potential, every positive potential was once a neutral potential. As it is appearing beyond the photonic/tachyonic border it is simply neutral. 

The Power of Intention

“How can this be?” the mind is now asking. “A potential is about something that is going to happen. How can something that is going to happen be positive or negative or neutral?” Ah, there comes your power. 

Akeyasan 2: Intention. 

Da Pah Ekara San: Yes, exactly. If every moment is the creation of the universe of possibility, then a choice of intention will define in its own very type of non-definition what is coming through the photonic/ tachyonic border. You have been taught – and the magnetic field of this universe and all the stars and all the planets and even your body have been taught – to automatically define any type of potention crossing the photonic/tachyonic border and defining it as either positive or negative. That is the old energy universe. The free energy universe allows the potentials, that are crossing the border and that will eventually end up as your own neurons, to remain neutral. And that is the free energy human, born in its own sovereign sense of neutrality; neither male nor female; not conditional but unconditional; always universal, always universal. 

This is how you get rid of gender identity. But… But the question then becomes: how do you put all of this to practice? Because I understand that you are not getting much of what I’m saying right now. Oh, nice to be talking to an audience that doesn’t get what you are saying… Gives a good sense of self. You are getting what I’m saying. You just don’t want to get it because you’re thinking about it. 

You do understand what I’m saying because all of you here have already done it, you see? I am just giving you the method that was created by all of you as you were creating the free energy universe. Go figure! This is your knowledge. It is not my knowledge, it is yours. This is how you set the new system up. This is how you created the new game from a system of non-defined neutrality. 

The thing that is important to remember here is that as these potentials, which would be divine energy wanting to manifest itself as it is crossing the photonic/tachyonic border, that these are no longer born either positive potentially or negative potentially, but neutral. This means that something is going to happen with your vibrations and your frequencies. 

We have never bothered in the past to tell you much about the workings of your vibrations and frequencies. All that we said is that they are there and that they are grouped in sets of twelve and that the frequencies again within the vibrations are grouped in other sets of twelve. We could have told you books and books and books of information how they are interacting with one another because each frequency would then have its own set of positive attributes and negative attributes, you see?

That is how it used to work in the old energy world. You thought it stopped at the level of frequency, but behind that frequency was still an attribute of two sets each: two sets of positive attributes and two sets of negative attributes would be present within the field of frequency. But we never bothered to tell you this because we knew that that complexity was going to go. I am also telling you that all complexity is going to go. The only reason why the complexity showed up in the first place is because you were living in a dual world, and that created set-up duality after set-up duality, and every set of duality could be split in two again and in two and in two and in two and in two and into infinity. 

The Divine Creating Neutrality

Like your number pi was a very complex number. And as you talk to scientists, I guess very shortly, you will see in the coming years that the number pi is going to resolve itself. Now that is something to shit your pants, isn’t it? The number pi is going to turn back into the original 3. It is going to be neutral because of it. Because this is the aspect of neutrality. It is not 2, it is not 1, it is not 0, it is 3. 3 is the neutral aspect, and that is not because there now is positive and negative and within there is neutrality. No. No. The neutrality is showing up as a way of you discovering you, no longer within an observer and that which is observed, but also with the point of divinity now entering into you. So, there is the observer within, there is the observed, and there is the divine. And it is the divine that is creating the neutrality. 

I am taking this slow so that you might integrate it. And I know that right now, I am giving you a set of very abstract theories, but as always, these abstract theories will eventually end up very practical indeed. Bear with us like you did the last time when we were going through this. Just a couple of months ago it was very difficult for all of you to grasp most of the concepts that the Twelve, the Cosmic Council of Twelve, were bringing in. That was more difficult to grasp than that which is to come, you see? 

The neutrality of 3 is going to be much more simple because – and here is the good thing, the interesting thing, the thing that is all going to bring together – if you have the divine, the observer and the observed and you put all of those together, you bring them together, then you get the neutral potential because it is now in a cycle. It now becomes about a cycle of infinity, you see, infinity, where you have the observer, the observed, the divine. What happens when you bring all of these three together? Have you thought about that? They are already together. They are together because they are traveling the same path. But as you bring these together, you get the paradigm of that what you would call ‘neutrality’. That is the badly drawn design of free energy. And you would notice that the three energy particles that you see are creating the shape of that which you are seeing. I think it is very interesting that the ‘duh’ energy is also present. But that is what is going on. 

Why is the interaction of the observer, the observed, and the divine all put together, why is that the energy of neutrality? That is also a very simple one because there is no more point left for observing. There is no other point left. There is that which is observed; there is that which is observing, and then there is the divine filling in immediately all the other possible potentials of where the observer and the observed could be. In the past, when the divine wouldn’t be present, you would have a potential, let’s say a positive potential, and there would be the necessity to create an entire set of infinitely different potentials just to make sure, that one potential could manifest. 

Do you see the redundancy, Imzaia? Do you see the redundancy of the old energy world? This would mean: you see the being of Eja’e, Kepha, right over there, sitting over there… Hi… Now, in an old energy world that would mean that if he were sitting over there, the potential would always have to exist of him sitting on any other space of this planet Earth, and not just this planet Earth, but also the entire cosmos. Just to have you appear in one spot would mean the creation of the potentials of you being in all the other spots. Man, that was one tough cookie! It was so redundant, and so much energy was wasted as you were manifested on one space, and it was gravity pulling that one potential of duality together, so that you would be manifested in the end, you see? 

Now, bear with me. I know that this ain’t too easy. (Remember my life in Texas?) I recognize that this isn’t very easy right now, but by adding the element of divinity within the equation, thus creating not duality but neutrality, you create a potential that in itself already generates gravity, geometry, and consciousness. One, two and three. It creates it within itself. And as again this design of the free energy world is multi-layered, it again will show up in a set of three. That means that next to gravity, geometry, and consciousness, another pattern lies upon this one, similar in shape. It is making it three dimensional. So, you would have another pyramid coming out here. Coming right out here, and whereas this one is manifested on gravity, geometry, and consciousness, the other one is manifested on the principles of love, joy, and freedom. And the third one is manifested upon the principles of that which you have called ‘the dolphin’, ‘the whale’, and ‘the turtle’. 

Now, how could reality be based on animals, you might think, but there is the key: they have never been animals. They have been representations of something that was being manifested throughout all of life, showing up as a form, just like you are showing up as a form because where are you in this entire equation, in this three dimensional vision? You are the Heart of All Things, remember? So, you are right there in the center as this infinitely dimensional concept is being generated. You are in the center. 

Now, why this rather intense clarification? To teach you about mastering the grand illusions, it all begins with the state of neutrality. You need to grasp the neutral concept, which is about the 3. It is about the divine entering the equation. And as the divine enters the equation, your neurons in your brain are no longer going to be created dually. And as the neurons in the brain are no longer going to be created dually, so the body can’t carry any type of duality, any type of duality: not a gender, not a preference, not anything. 

The New Energy Consciousness Coming In

Do you see now – maybe you don’t, but I am going to tell you anyway – do you see now why I, Da Pah Ekara San, Da Tobias San, Da Kryon San, Da Ramtha San, so many, so many others, Da Jeshua San, Da Pah Kwan Yin San, so many, so many others – I am not going to name all of them; I am also going to name some of the cosmic ones – why we have been working so hard, and why sometimes you might feel very pressed by us, pressured by us, to enter into this new paradigm. It is, because a dual form of life will no longer be supported in this universe, in this All That Is. So, if you want to come back here and play, you are going to have to accept your own sense of neutrality, you see? Otherwise, you can no longer manifest in the universe. Oops, you didn’t see that one coming did you? It is no longer possible for a dualistic life form to appear manifested in either form or energy within the All That Is. So, basically, ladies and gentlemen, the ‘I am that I am’ is turning into the ‘I am that I am that I am’, and, therefore, becoming the ‘I Am’ in the center. Do you understand? Dear Cocky San, give me the high five! That is what is going on. 

So, as your neurons in your brain are going to find this new way of creating themselves, there is no point in fighting. There is no point in resisting. There is no point in holding on to the duality. There is no point in holding on to the conditional. There is no point in holding on to the old because the new is already here. Do you know, dear human, that ever since the beginning of the 9-9-9 portal, your neurons are manifesting in your brain? It is beginning very slowly. It is what Da Tobias San and all the others have called ‘the  free, the new energy consciousness coming in’. It is already manifesting in your brain. 

And it is this that is making you ‘a little bit weird’, as Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San would say. It is that… It is that what is giving you all the problems. It is that which has given you the hassle in your lives. It is that which is giving you all the unbalance. It is all of that because the neurons are already showing up. And it is also this that your governments are trying to stop by means of technology. This is the actual reason for the chip to be implanted in your body, so that all cells born in neutrality would die in your body, so that they wouldn’t be able to grasp, to graft onto that which was once your old system. That is what is happening. 

And now you know all the truth, all of it. Now you know the core of what is happening to all life.

It has already been this way, you know? This model that I gave you now is also the re-awakening of your 144 strands of DNA obviously. It is the shift from four elemental thinking to five elemental thinking. It is that which is bringing it all together. This is it: ‘I am that I am that I am’ turning into the ‘I am’.

Akeyasan 3: Trinity. 

Da Pah Ekara San: Yes, trinity. Yes, exactly. Exactly. And this trinity has been displayed by us so many times in the past. It was displayed between the Jeshua, the Magdalene energy, and the Kepha energy a long time ago. It has been displayed by so many others, and so many have rejected it. It was coming more than 2000 years ago and now it is here, and it is showing up in your brain. You can either resist the process or you can facilitate the process by letting go of that thing which was once called ‘identity’ or ‘personality’. 

You are going to become big, very, very big, and I am not talking about your bodies. I am talking about your consciousness. Your awareness is going to increase because the divine is entering into it. It is no longer – to use yet another metaphor – it is no longer necessary for God to separate itself from itself, so that it might know itself. The two legs that God was separated into are now becoming one again by the third, which was the non-moving observer re-blending with it. 

Akeyasan 4: Is it the I Am Presence?

Da Pah Ekara San: This is the full understanding of the I Am Presence, yes. 

Akeyasan 4: Can you call it the geometric form of the I Am Presence?

Da Pah Ekara San: Yes, why not? But then you would have to make it three dimensionally.

Akeyasan 4: It is three dimensional, you told us. 

Da Pah Ekara San: Yes, but you need to take…

Akeyasan 4: I see it growing from…

Da Pah Ekara San: Yes, there you go. That is what you have, that is what you have.

Akeyasan 5: Is it the same symbol that you are wearing around your neck?

Da Pah Ekara San: This? No, this is the Merkaba. It is the Merkaba body, which is connected to the Akene, as you have learned in the last few days. When the Akene is creating the pyramids and coming together, that is this shape that you get then. It is around your body as well.

So, a lot of information, a lot of insight, and this is just the beginning. But it is also the way out of gender identity and conditional identity as well. You know, my dear humans, my dear Masters, every illusion shows up in your life in a set of twelve attributes. Twelve, every illusion. You have got six big ones, and these six big ones are showing up in twelve different facets of you. We have now only discussed in the last few days, we have only discussed mostly the illusion of form, and within that illusion of form, we have discussed the first two attributes: gender identity, as was discussed the other day, and conditional identity, as was discussed this morning and right before we came back from lunch. 

The Best and the Brightest

Isn’t it interesting how only at the second attribute of the first illusion you go nuts and you break down? Do you see how dependent you have become on these illusions, that only the first two attributes of the illusion of form, taking those away, confronting you with that aspect of illusion is generating so much fuss, is generating conflict? And Da Jeshua San, I must say, did it in a kind way. He gave you a type of standup comedy show about the whole thing. But if you were to look at it, in its true essence, it is very sad that you got stuck like this, especially to think who you are. Especially to think, that you are the best and the brightest that came onto planet Earth. Like others, like The Group would say: “billions and billions of entities moved out of the line, so that you could be the first ones to come in, to jump in.” 

And then here you are. You start crying as you get born and you start looking for something to identify yourselves with, something to fill you up. It is like… I have a metaphor here in this brain. You have this film; it is called ‘Superman’. And you have the actor who was playing that great character of Superman. It is a nice metaphor to see that this great actor, who was Superman, later on turns out to be paralyzed when he falls off a horse. 

Well, I could see you this way. I see these super energies, these wonderful Master energies, cosmic in nature, that came to planet Earth to help, that chose willingly, yes, to forget all of it. And then ending up here and being paralyzed by some illusion. And you are very paralyzed indeed, for as we just have discussed two attributes of the first illusion… Ooh, let’s not take your candy away! 

Well, I think it is best to take a break now. We have a lot to think about. After the break, I or any of the others will return and we will have in depth one-on-one conversations about illusion. So, I invite everybody after the break that is going to sit in that chair – as possibly Da Ambika San will move out of it; otherwise, you will sit on her lap – but I invite everybody that is going to sit there to go deep, to not just ask questions about the things that are going on around them, and then once the answer is given not to fully go for it, but to go deep. It is the only way. 

In the coming weeks we will teach you more of this and we will teach you about these Six Grand Illusions and the twelve attributes that come with each of them. It is not going to be a lot of fun because it is going to take away from you everything that you have held sacred in society, everything that you have loved. But then you are going to find a greater love, a Divine Love. It is a love I can only tell you about completely when you are through that entire set of attributes and illusions. 

But as I am saying goodbye to you now, even though I can’t put this great love into words, I want you to feel it. Do you feel it appearing inside of you, this great love? And do you notice that it begins with the self? It begins with the self, just like all consciousness begins and ends with the self, for that is the divine. I have no words right now to tell you how I feel, for this great love is something that is beyond all illusion. We have named it ‘universal love’ to give it just a name. In Lemuria we called it ‘Imzaia’ and the other words that you have seen, joy and freedom. Even then they were still words. It is much greater than that with which you now think, the mind. It is much greater than the consciousness that allows you to feel. It is much greater than anything that is around you; that is within you. It is as great as you are. 

So, those who have been so brave to follow this entire path called ‘the Universal Manifest’, we have just given you an introduction now of what is going to happen start the beginning of 2008. It is called ‘the year of Independence and Mastery’ for a very simple reason: because it is so. 

As you learn how to navigate through this wilderness, you will see new aspects of you showing up in your life. And as that happens, I ask you to be brave, to be powerful, to not go into fear. And I also ask you to cherish those neurons that are neutral that are already in your brain because this is going to be the beginning of the new you, the free you. And no one, I am sure, no one is going to stop you. 

And then I have one final question: Why didn’t anyone take these cables away? 

And so, my beloved Imzaia, I will see you later. 

Eja’i oja’i, so it is. 

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Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

San’a’ke 💕
Love listening to this first Mastering of The grand Illusions series class!
Precious on many levels.
Da Pah Ekara San :
– ” So I and all the others have taken upon us the task of taking you beyond these grand illusions so that you can master them. And so the great work begins. Let’s start. ”
My heart goes boom boom . 🥰

Da Akeyasan JoYYa San
1 month ago

oo Da’ka’ya oo Da Pah E’kara San oo
oo🙏 San’a’ke 🦁⛛⭕️️♾️ i imzaia’e ooo Da’ka’ya o Da ohami ekaraia
iam honoring the eja’i chi pah i ohami imzaia’e
San’a’ke ish a’h’i shi’ish ohami imzaia’e o eja’i a’ko’ka honomeia o vah’da’mi ohami imzaia’e Honomeia San’a’ke i imzaia’e
within eja’i ish ohami imzaia’e experience golden liquid spirals from a my akeneic roots are those of Oneness within the o’i Da Merkaba 🔶️ San connecting
All of humanity to the spheres of Da Merkavah San as we are together in service to the whole
the wholeness of Love o all imzaia energy present now within my akene oo Da’ka’ya all cosmicallONEness eja’i oja’i chi ake’yan’shi imzaia’e
San’a’ke ja’i ake’yan’shi
San’a’ke eja’i ake’yan’shi’pah radiating o DA’BA’YA chi of iam stepping into infinity with my beloved imzaia family
Iam celebrating eja’i ’da ohami imzaia’e Honomeia
Celebrating breathing Da ohami shi’ha’lyn imzaia’e
Celebrating eja’i oja’i shiishshi’kara ♾️ Da chi shizaia’e ohami imzaia’e
I am celebrating drinking crystalclear source water with green jade for us ake’yan’shi i imzaia’e Honomeia
San’a’kaya i ohami Da vish ka San imzaia’e Honomeia
Eja’i chi pah ohami imzaia’e ooo Da’ka’ya ooo
Eja’i imzaia’e Eja’i Da JoYYa San imzaia’e

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke i da’ka’ya o Da Pah Kwan Yin San o Da Pah Ekara San for this incredibly wonderful Session! I feel so blessed listening to it, with what we know now! It is filled with the concepts that are discussed in the Metaphysical Mentorship Program as well. Truly awesome!

I am very, very grateful that this piece is back on Imzaia World. Da’ka’ya 🙏🏻

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