The day after Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San’s recording of Session 157, Da Jeshua San – together with the imzaia fellowship and the lemurian retreat attendees – travels to Waipi’o Valley, on Big Island, Hawaii, with the intent to experience the arrival of, and the very first class by, Da Lemuaya San. As you will hear in Session 158, however, that intention was thwarted, although the trip to Waipi’o Valley was made.

Sessions 158, 159, and 160, presented the following day on Black Sands Turtle Beach by Da Kuthumi San, Da Lemuaya San, and Da Pah Ekara San, respectively, touch upon the metaphysical reasons behind this mark that was missed and how the deviation occurred. More importantly, however, Da Kuthumi San’s class, as well as the next two, introduce the student to a different set of choices, another way of being, that can be chosen for, as initially theoretically, and ultimately practically, they teach the student about these types of triggers for the mind and the akeneic reality that is always present behind those distortions.


Triggers for the Mind


The Cosmic Manifest


Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San


Black Sand Turtle Beach, Big Island, Hawaii | September 25, 2007

The Study of Vibration | Session 158

by Da Ejakasan'da Kuthumi Valen San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

My dearest, dearest Imzaia, good afternoon to all of you. How are you all doing? Are you happy? ‘Oh, yeah, oh yeah, I am so happy. Hoo, hoo!’ Are you in love? 

Akeyasans: Yes! 

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San:  ‘Yeah.’ I love you, too. Are you free? 

Akeyasans: Yes! 

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San: Okay, that starts to look like something. 

Anyway, on this glorious of days I actually said I wouldn’t be here, but I am here anyway. It is my privilege to bring to you an energy, a free energy that we have titled anyway, and this energy message that I would like to deliver you is going to be simply called ‘What a day!’ For you know, Imzaia, even though you are transforming energy, dark energy into light energy, even though you are on this glorious mission of yours, even though you are doing all the things that you must do in order to get there and if you are doing all the work, even though all of these things, sometimes your day can really, really suck, can’t it not? Oh yes, you can have really bad days.

The Concept of Potention

I want to tell you in particular about the different way of experiencing a day, the different way you will experience a day for instance, glorious, glorious creature over there, or you will experience a day, even more glorious creature over there, or how you will experience a day, you see? It is all about perception; it is all about perspective, and what I will introduce now is the concept called ‘potention’. It is all about potention.

Look at your day, yesterday. We are now, as I am saying these words, in the third day of your gathering, the gathering of the Lemurian experience. The second day came right after the supposed ‘day of death’ that you had, that experience that you had in the Place of Refuge, in the Pool of Death, remember? That death was the letting go of traits of the personality that you have been carrying for such a long time. You carry your personality around everywhere you go and then you will think you are in the heart. No, no, no, no, no! You are in the web of personality. It is not because you are listening to some good music, and the tune is nice, and you are buzzing; it is not because you feel happy because the sun is shining on your face that you are in the heart. 

This is a very tricky thing indeed and it is there because of personality, you see? Much in the same way as those two ducks are fucking over there, your personality fucks with you. – Well you know, when I come in, peacocks like to appear. Now ducks are fucking, it is beautiful, isn’t it? 

Akeyasans: It is nice to see.

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San: Yes, yes, yes. The fucking duck. This shall now for ever been known as ‘the Fucking Duck Place’. It is a sacred Hawaiian ground.

So anyway, I was talking to you about personality… I am distracted. Does anybody know how long two fucks can duck? 

Akeyasan: It is not easy. 

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San: It looks very difficult, yes. Oh, there is a third one!

Akeyasan: It is all about balance. 

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San: Isn’t this beautiful? We are having a fight. I love it. I love it. So … 

Akeyasan: Okay, we are ready. 

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San: Yes, we are ready again. Oh yes, the father was looking out for his daughter duck.

The Mind-Trap

So, anyway, as your personality creates a web around you, a web that keeps you stuck, you know where the personality comes from, right? It is created simply by the brain, and what does the brain do? It creates a link between synapses; it just links up one synapse after the other, after the other, after the other and it forms a synaptic pathway; it forms a neuro-synaptic connection, and this is a thought. Now, once a thought is formed a couple of times in a row, this will create – how shall I say it? – an expectation in the brain, and this expectation in the brain you can see as a little dot. And then you have another expectation, and it forms another dot and another dot all around the brain. And so, all these dots connected is called the personality. 

You know, my dear Imzaia, oftentimes, oftentimes you are just roller-coasting on to that personal web of yours, going from one link to the other, to the other, to the other, and you don’t even know you are doing it. You just are triggered by one little thought. Someone might say something to you or you might see a pattern in the outside world that you recognize or whatever, and all of a sudden there you are, riding the roller coaster of personality, because you have been triggered by one little aspect of you – and there you go. And it can take hours, sometimes even a lifetime, to get out of that. 

Knowing this, this principle is let go in the Pool of Death, and that is what you have done once you entered into that pool at the Place of Refuge in Hawaii. Now, the Hawaiians didn’t know about this; this was merely a Lemurian tool. It was being used there back then. But you all are Lemurian; you all have the energy in your genetic make-up and in your DNA that reminds you, that brings you back to Lemurian times. It is in everybody’s DNA, of course, but just several people, about 144’000, are those that needed to awaken the first, you see, so that they could build this New Earth, so that they each could be a dot in the web of a New Earth. Only this time it won’t be a web that catches little bugs; it will be a web that frees everything. So this is what happened on the first day.

Free Energy needs to be Practiced Continuously

Now, as I had the honor of opening your seminar and talking to you straight away as a very first guest-speaking assistant of Da Pah Ekara San, who would be guiding this seminar – who hasn’t shown up yet, by the way; he is on his way; he is almost here now – as I was the first, I told you… I told you that free energy and working with free energy is not about just doing an exercise every day or just taking an hour and a half every day to practice what you have been taught. It is not about just sitting in classrooms and doing all of these things. No, Free Energy Classes that you have now started, whether you like it or not, are all ongoing; they are continuous. 

You might not like this fact. You might have been pretty comfortable, all of you, going to seminars, reading the books, taking some time out in your lives to do some exercises. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Every single heartbeat, every single moment is an exercise of the Free Energy Class onto its own, you see? 

Now, what you must remember is that these teachings and these Free Energy Classes are not being given in the energy of a second wave, but in the energy of a third wave. That means that things are going to become more real. It is not just about words; it is not just about sitting around and talking a little bit. It is about injecting these truths and this energy behind the truths into your realty, you see? 

So, you are not undergoing an experience maybe as those that you have already known before. You are not just at a seminar. You are going through an experience, and it is a seven-day experience. I give you the option of, once I am done chatting away, to go back and to start again, to go through the first day that you have experienced since you have been here and then to go to the second. I am sure that if you look closely enough that you will see that every event that has taken place in your life ever since you have been here has been part of that Free Energy Class. 

There is just one class and it will continue to go on from now until now really, until the 28th of January, 2008. This is the journey that you have started, long, long time ago and now you are almost at the end of this journey. On the 28th of January, 2008 – actually the fourth one numerological number in the 1-1-1 portal of the beginning of next year – you have the option then of letting go of existing within time and within space completely, completely gone, whoosh! That is what you can do. But you have to be strong in that respect. I have told this to Da Jeshua San, your messenger for today; I have told this to Da Pah Ekara San; I have told this to anyone who would listen really, that you have to be strong. 


Once you get to this date, the 28th, no longer accept any indicator of time and space and of any other type of illusion into your reality. And this is going to be pretty hard indeed, for you will see that humanity will be on the linear timeline and that there will be a jump taking place at that point, not a jump that you have to jump off the planet, and the mother ship won’t be coming for you either, but what will be happening is that you will jump, just jump up out of the timeline, take back some of your original aspects and then fall back again into the field of experience. This is the inscension process. It is just jumping up so that thing that you call the ‘higher self’, all of the rest of your energy can be taken out of the timeline, put inside of you, and you can be dumped again into the reality that is this Earth.

If you do this, you walk the Earth a master, just like we have done only we had to ascend for it and stuff. You don’t have to do that anymore. You can just take it, pluck it out of the supposed sky and use it here in this field of experience. 

But probably not all of humanity is going to be ready for this. So, what will be created for that type of person is some sort of time loop, you see? Although the linear path will continue in a way, and you will be taking part in it, but not undergoing it anymore, there will be others of humanity who will need longer time, and there you will see that some sort of sideway loop is going to be created on the timeline where they have the time that is necessary to adapt to this process. And there are others – and some of them are even here today – who will be guiding those people to get to this in little steps, in stages. 

You have been waiting for these things all of your life, so you are just going to jump, I know this, but others will be freaked out. They will be scared indeed, and it won’t be necessary for them to live a scary life, to be that scared, so that is why extra time has been created. It is an illusion anyway, and it can be created as much as everybody wants.

Anyway, to get back to my point, what I wanted to say to you: As you have gone through the experience of death in the Place of Refuge and the web of personality, that is the synaptic pathways of your brain, the pre-programmed ones are letting go, you are going back from that state which is mind to that state which is consciousness.

The Triggers for the Mind

But the mind – which is not your own, by the way; there is only one mind and it shows up in everyone – the mind doesn’t like to let go of one of its – and I am it going to say very roughly now – of one of its sources of food, you see? The mind feeds off humans; the mind feeds off the loss of power; the mind feeds off fear and all these things. 

So, the mind doesn’t like to let go, and what will be created then? And some of you here, who are working one on one for a long time or at least quite a while, with Da Jeshua San now, some of you know this. What will happen is that the mind will continuously trigger you back into its trap, you see?

Now, I have been telling you that these Free Energy Classes are ongoing. What you have experienced yesterday, what was supposedly a ‘breakdown’ in your joint energy field is nothing more than a consciously triggered trap, a consciously triggered way of trying to trigger the mind, you see? And this needs to happen. It is not easy and it is going to happen again. It must look very real to you; otherwise it doesn’t work.

But let me tell you this, if things happen around you, and you have the ability to stay in consciousness, so you don’t go to anger or you don’t go to sadness or you don’t go to frustration, you just go to being the lava, if you can do that then I guarantee you that that is the time when you have broken the spell of the mind. It is the way, by the way, that we have always worked. If we want to get someone from a state of mind to a state of consciousness and eventually on to a state of awareness, this is the way it has always worked.

Your mind, you see, has been formed because of your daily routine, your day-to-day experience. So, why do you expect that it would be taken away again in a classroom? It can’t. It only can be taken away in day-to-day experience, and that is what is going on in your life right now. Will that process be done in a couple of days when your gathering is over? No, but the Free Energy Class will continue. I can guarantee you that I myself and Da Pah Ekara San and the dragon energies and all the others, who will be teaching and assisting with these classes, will follow you in your life. We will continue to communicate with you – not necessarily with a messenger at hand, but we will continue to communicate. 

Actually, we should have only spoken of these things at the end of your seminar, but I myself felt what the previous day had done to all of you, to most of you. So, we thought it important, I and some others thought it important that you should be aware of this. It is very, very brave what you are doing, Imzaia, opening your lives up for change, so very much. 

The Keeper of the Dragons

And to help you with that change, we have got a pretty busy day for you today. We have just stuffed all our energy into reality and we want to help you to understand several things. And that is why, once my talk with you, this thing called ‘Ekaraia’, once my talk with you is over, you will get some time to connect to the water here. And then after that, once you have connected to the water – and this is important to do, because the honus, the sea turtles are in the water, you see – once you have connected with the water, you will find a space – it could be this space, it could be another space; it does not matter – where another type of energy wants to greet you that you have not met since the start of this seminar. They are called ‘the dragons’, you see.

Now, you have heard of dragons such as Da Shasaya San, Da Toraya San, Da Camelaya San, Da Ranaya San. But what was supposed to happen yesterday and didn’t happen because of mind-full circumstance, is very simple. The place where you were, the Valley of Kings, Waipio (or whatever it is) Valley in Hawaiian, is the metaphorical home of that energy which we call ‘Da Lemuaya San’. And Da Lemuaya San is basically the keeper of all dragon energies.

I know you can understand this concept. If all the dragons would be a piece in a puzzle – and there are hundreds of them all over the Earth – if all of them would be a piece in a puzzle, and you would put them all together, you would get the energy of Da Lemuaya San. This is an energy that has been around. It is part of the ancient ones in fact and it is a dragon energy at heart. It is the keeper of the dragons. And this Da Lemuaya San calls him/herself of ‘tachyonic service’, because this is a king and a queen of tachyon energy. You know that all the dragons are made up of tachyon/photonic energy, yes? Well, this energy that will speak to you, that was preparing to speak to you yesterday, that has its home there, in the Kings’ Valley, is Da Lemuaya San. 

You will understand that this is a great honor for all of us that one of the ancient ones is taking a part in what is happening with this free energy coming into planet Earth. You will just get a short introduction from this being, who actually considers himself/herself a ‘servant’ to all of you, for you are the ones bringing back the land of Mu, the concept of Lemuria. It is a great honor for all of us that we can give you these classes. And that is the reason why. 

Introducing the Trinity Talk

After that we will immediately go to a meeting with Da Pah Ekara San, and you will see then that the Ekaraias are going to become slightly different, especially when Da Pah Ekara San speaks because his talks, you see will… and this is one of my… I don’t like to brag, but this is actually my suggestion: If we just talk and talk and talk to you all the time, it is just a one-way energy. Although we are, of course, always translating your energy, there is a much quicker system, and this is the system that Da Pah Ekara San is going to be using when he/she speaks, namely to invite three or four in each group to come to the fore and to actually have an energy discussion, you see, based on the information that you have been listening to and the things that you have been undergoing. So, it will sometimes be one on one, but most of the times it will be three or four on one. And these will be very interesting discussions, as they will be the introduction each and every time to free energy exercises, and several of the first ones of those exercises will finally be given today and the rest of the coming days.

What you will be teaching and learning – because if you learn you also teach to the unity consciousness – what you will be understanding then at the end of the day, is how the Akeneic Cell actually works and how you can finally learn how to input the senses not into the brain, but straight into the Akene. So, what you will learn as the Free Energy Class today is how the senses make you see the illusion that you see, and how you can use that illusion to break that cycle. That is what you are going to learn today. You are going to learn it for the eyes and you are going to learn it for the ears today. So, that is where we will start.

Of course, understand that in a free energy environment things can change pretty quickly. I have told you now the idea, the concept that we have set up for today for all of you, but if your actions, if your ideas would be different, then feel free to step forward at any given time and to talk, to change the concept, to change the flow of the energy. This is your option; it is always your option. This is not a principle, as it was in the past, of simply master and student. It is about equality, and the flow of energy, as you have seen yesterday, is guided by each and every one of you. So, the more you come to these days in focus, in preparation for what is to come, the more results you will see. But if you lose that focus, if you lose that and you get distracted then you will just have a nice holiday in Hawaii, no? And there is nothing wrong with that either; it is just your decision. 

Teaching on Venus

So this, my sweet, sweet, sweet loved ones, my sweet Imzaia, is what I wanted to tell you today. I must also tell you that I won’t be back with you in the coming days. I might be able to return to this reality by the end of the Free Energy Class, by the end of the seminar, but up until then I have been called into the Light area, the Light Cities of Venus, where I am to do similar teachings. 

It is very interesting to see – and this is the last thing I will say because I have been talking for half an hour – it is very interesting the area of Venus, you see, because when you see Venus, you just see a hot crazy planet, covered with storms, acidic air and everything that you would not like to go to. But this is just because the energy of Venus, you see, has been closed off. At a certain point, when the energy of a planet reaches a certain stage, it becomes a huge flame to a moth, which is dark energy, if you understand this metaphor. Sometimes the flame is so big that is has to be hidden in a way, especially in 3D. That is what has happened with Venus. 

You will understand the importance of your Venus planet very, very soon, and I can tell you, this is brand-new information to all of you, because in some of the spiritual writings you will find some understandings around Venus, but in the coming months, and especially at the beginning of next year after the 28th of January, you will see and you will begin to understand that the higher dimensions that Venus exists in is basically some sort of galactic airport, if you wish. It is that place where all the other Light Beings will first come to before they are being put onto the Earth. 

It is that place, by the way, when one of my dear, dear friends, Da Kryon San, once he speaks of the ‘birth canal’ and how he/she was there when you decided to jump into the Earth, well, that is the place where Da Kryon San always resides, for instance, because that is the place from where you jump into the planet Earth. Of course, this is a multi-dimensional place. That means that once you jump there, you can still go through a lot of portals and a lot of gateways, the Orion one, the Pleiadean one etc., etc., etc., but Venus is the transit point into this universe. 

The importance of Venus is grand. It is like… How shall I say it? It is like a combination of New York and Las Vegas, for instance, if you would think of today’s metaphors – New York being the boiling pot, the brewing pot of new ideas being generated, only these are the highest ideas, and Las Vegas being the City of Lights, only this being an actual Planet of Light, where people that go there are not going to be seduced, but are going to open themselves up even further.

The Free Energy Class that has started here, I will teach this on Venus. And it is the first time – and this is why this news is so grand – it is the first time, Imzaia, that something of Earth is being put out there in the galaxy. Free energy is a concept that was born on Earth, and from Venus it will spread throughout the galaxy. And this is beautiful. The day that I was asked to give these classes was just last night actually – in your reality at least. And this, I must say, threw me off a little bit because it is really the first time that Earth is opened up and information of Earth is put into a School of Light… wow!

Stay in Trust

We have all done great things; we have all taken some very goods steps. So, just remind yourself, as I will now say goodbye, just remind yourselves that every single second is part of your Free Energy Class. Trust what your teachers will be telling you, for at first it is not going to be pleasant, I can tell you that.

Last thing I will say: we are dealing with Universal Love, Universal Joy and Universal Freedom, right? Now, as you get out of the mind, you must understand that you are already unfree, that you are already in a trap, and that sometimes we will tell you things that you will find not right, that you will not like to do. Understand that we are not making you unfree; we are just breaking you out of the prison of the mind that you have been in for so very long. 

So, the feeling of ‘un-freedom’ that might be generated when we give you an exercise or when we give you an idea or a suggestion that you just can’t get out of your head again, just know that this is because you are already trapped, and we are trying to get you out. And sometimes the space to get you out is very, very narrow indeed, so you will feel even more restrained than before. But this usually just lasts up to a half year, and then you are beyond several stages of this liberation. And then you will see that the things that come after that are indeed all about complete freedom, all about complete love, all about complete joy, always in trust and always in truth.

My sweet, sweet Children, my sweet, sweet Imzaia, I love you so much, I could kiss you. I love you so much, I just wish I could be the sweat on your skin for half a day, so I could be close to you. I love you so much that if your hearts were ever to fail, I would give you my own. And from this love I tell you: enjoy this day; enjoy what it brings. I will take all of you with me in my heart when I go to Venus. And I have promised Da Pah Ekara San – and I will keep this promise – that once I am there, I will be connecting with you regularly. 

I can’t stop talking, I am sorry. One of the things I want to say: as you take pictures, for instance, as you take pictures of the places that you are, we do it in quite a different way. We use the Akenet, you see. So once we want to show one of our dear, dear friends or family something of the space that we are in at that given point, we just connect to the Akenet. And we don’t have to take the picture; we just send the whole reality, you see? And this is what you will feel at night, in the coming nights, as you are undergoing this Free Energy Class. 

I can tell you one thing: no human has ever been to the Light Cities, the Light World of Venus. And it will be my pleasure as I am there (it will also be my first time) to take you with me and to connect with you on a regular basis through the Akenet and to show you the beauties that have up until now been unspoken about. That is why Venus is the Planet of Love, and whom else than a creature of love and joy, such as myself, would be more perfect to teach these teachings? This is not ego; this is just sovereignty speaking.

My dear Imzaia, I Belove in you and I will speak to you in a couple of days. Enjoy the rest of the day, enjoy the coming classes and for now, enjoy the ocean. 

And so it is.

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Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke ❤️
One of the most important truths I have come to understand not so long ago – and failed to recognize for many years in this very important Ekaraia by Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San – is the fact that no matter the distortion, it all stems from the same source: San. Knowing this, I cannot but acknowledge that it truly is a choice to feel and express the active ingredients in every catalyst that presents itself.

We are, as Da Ejakasan’da points out, in an ongoing class, an ongoing exercise, in which we can choose at every moment to empower not only ourselves but the whole by taking charge of our reality creation in/with San.

Da’ka’ya for this impactful and empowering Session o Da Pah Kwan Yin San o Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Eja’i San’zaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

San’a’ke Imzaia’e 🌹
I very much enjoyed listening to Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San’s words here. Da’ka’ya 🙏🏻
I notice the information about Inscension being a jump up out of the time line, taking back some of our original aspects and falling back into the field of experience.

It would be fascinating to hear you speak about this concept of inscension and the approach through the movement of Vahlyn.
Very much looking forward to jump into it ! ❤️

Da’ka’ya to you Da Pah Kwan Yin San for making this possible. 💕
Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San 💐

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