Virtual Seminar 3 - A View from the Top Life

23 November 2007

The Top Life – a metaphysical axiom – explains the relationship between the current lifetime, the higher self, the wheel of reincarnation, and the moment a being chooses ascension.

In the course of 30 minutes, in the video you are about to watch, Da Jeshua San launches into a conversation about the Top Life, as well as several other topics of importance to the ascension student.

This video is preceded by RELEASING SEED FEAR, a guided experience by Da Jeshua San, which some have described “as the metaphysical alternative to an ayahuasca trip.” We encourage you to watch RELEASING SEED FEAR prior to watching A VIEW FROM THE TOP LIFE, as it will deepen your experience of this conversation significantly, however, it is still valuable when watched as a stand-alone video.


The Meaning of Life Virtual Seminar collection consists of the recorded video archive of 3 multi-day seminars that were hosted and presented by Da Jeshua San in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Until this moment of its release, in 2022, only 14 of the 60 videos had ever been published and distributed, in 2007, which at the time were known as the Mastering the Grand Illusions series.

Now that we have the opportunity to restore and release these 3 seminars in their entirety, we are thrilled to present them to you as Virtual Seminars, giving anyone at any point in time going forward, the ability to attend these magical weeks and join Da Jeshua San and all attending.

Many of the videos that were previously unreleased ended up that way due to the fact that they had been recorded in Dutch. We have now been able to fix that issue through English subtitling and making an English translation available as a transcript.

As you will come to see, the many hours of recording, prior to, during, and after the registration of the 14 parts of the Mastering the Grand Illusions videos, offer vital metaphysical information, which will deepen your understanding of the earlier releases.

This transcript is being prepared & will be available soon! Check back later!

A link to the Virtual Seminar Study Index page will be made available here soon.

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