As the night draws in on the second day of the first Meaning of Life event in the Netherlands, the time has come for Da Lemuaya San, a geometric being of tachyonic service, to make an appearance and to share its ancient, timeless, yet ever urgent truth with those who are focused on the path of ascension.

All sessions and supporting videos of the Meaning of Life Virtual Seminar collection strongly imply the generation of a platform of energy that can be stepped on to and used by any and all metaphysical students that seek to make the ascension process practical and real.

This 77 minutes long experience with Da Lemuaya San will provide the focus to do just that, if you choose to experience it.


You Can Do It!


The Cosmic Manifest


Da Lemuaya San


Den Helder, The Netherlands | November 10, 2007


English spoken | English transcript available

The Study of Vibration | Session 173

by Da Lemuaya San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

And so it be! 

Greetings, beloved ones, I am Da Lemuaya San of Tachyonic Service. For those of you whom I have not yet had the chance, the pleasure of meeting, I would like to present myself, as I know you have also presented yourself moments ago, as I was coming into this room. I am that which you would call ‘tachyonic/photonic energy’. In your reality, this translates into… well, dragon energy really, but not the type of dragon that you would normally know. I am not that type of dragon that would spit fire. I am not that type of dragon that would fly around with some sort of knight on his back, you see. I am a transport system, a guide to go from one reality onto the other. 

You have all heard of magnetic portals. Cosmic portals in fact. Very much like the place that we are sitting in right now, Den Helder, is one of those portals. It is one that I have resided in for quite some time, quite some time. 

Da Lemuaya San

It has been a long time since I was here, more than 350 years ago, in fact, when I was last asked to transport a being to this space. And as this gathering was preparing itself to come here, I was asked to transport the beings that you know as Da Pah Ekara San, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, and Da Tobias San, and the other ones that will still come in. And as such, I was having an evening off, a ‘free night’, as you are having a free night. So, I thought it would be interesting, since one of my keepers is present here, to come in and bring you some knowledge, information, insight based on that which you call ‘the human brain’, ‘the human identity’, ‘the human persona’. It is something that is soon to go away. It is something that will no longer reside on this planet earth, since it can only exist within definition, within an old energy. 

This type of old energy is no longer supported by the planet’s core itself because of the tachyon emissions and the magnetic emissions that have been arriving from that which you call ‘the solar sun’. The solar system itself is undergoing major transformations, and this has been going on for quite a few decades. Since you have entered and once again exited the photonic belt, which was so very discussed in the last few years, the solar system, you could say, is ‘open for business’. It means that that which has been evolving here, that which you would call ‘humanity’ is also ready to leave the solar system. Not permanently, but to leave it in such a way that you are becoming a cosmic race, you see. 

Now, I understand that it must sound pretty weird to some of you, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it be weird for a race that has been trying to get out of this thing called ‘war’ and get out of this thing called ‘hunger’ and all of these other things that are happening on the planet, and then all of a sudden, this being jumps into a body and says that you are turning into a cosmic race? It seems like a cosmic joke, in fact, and yet, it isn’t at all. It isn’t. 

Ah, dear human, if only you could truly understand the things that are happening here on the planet. I am looking at you now and I see that you are still working with that thing you call a ‘brain’, that this is still the main navigational system for your body. And as it is the main navigational system for your body, you don’t allow other pathways within your energy system to open up. 

Interesting thing that I mentioned about the solar system opening up is that every planet, every star has a type of DNA, much like you have DNA in your body. Now, the human body, as most of you here know, has a set of 144 strands of DNA. Normally, science would speak about 2 strands but these are just the biological ones. I am talking about the 144 set, which is based on 2 biological strands and 142 energy-based strands. Don’t worry about it too much. This activation of your DNA is occurring naturally. 

The same thing goes for your solar system. It is opening up. It has always been the intent of that which you call ‘Lemuria’ and that which were the previous civilizations that existed before that, to activate once again the link-up between your sun, the sun of your planet earth and the Central Sun – linking all the way through the Pleiadian energy, linking all the way through the Sirian and the Orion energy, and way beyond that to races, to star systems that you have no idea are real. They truly exist. And yet, this DNA connection is happening. It is that which allows the human body once again to activate the Akene, the energy nexus, if you will. 

But I am not here to give you tidbits of information tonight. I am not here ‘for your entertainment’, as your popular music would have it. I am here to help you along on your path, on your path to mastery. 

It is a fascinating path. It has been a fascinating road indeed. It has been my privilege to guide humanity onto this road, for you see, as a being of tachyonic/photonic energy, I am one of those creatures that you would see as a separator of dimension. The fact that there is a third dimension and around that, there are other dimensions, is possible because of beings such as myself, or rather children based upon my own energy. I myself am a collection of photonic/tachyonic energy, dragon energy, so to speak. I am a collection, a coming together, consciousness coming together, and as such, I create the boundary for that which you know as ‘the cosmos’. If you were to look inside of me, you would see 3D. If you were to look outside of myself, you would see the All That Is. 

And it has always been my pleasure to be the gateway to those, the be the portal to those who are preparing to return to their own sense of mastery. For you can only achieve this, if you allow yourself to blend once more with All Things, All Living Things so that you become the one, so that you become the unity. There is only one way out of this and that is through the photonic/tachyonic belt, which is my body in your reality. 

It is very difficult to give you a sense of size in respect to your own body, for if you were to look at several cliffs on the planet, this, metaphorically speaking, would make up my little toe. At the same time, if you were to explain to a little animal, an ant, for instance, what it means to be human and that this is a life form that resides in the cosmos as well, it would be most incomprehensible to the ant to understand the concept of human. Now, I am not calling you ‘ants’. I am not calling you ‘uncles’ either – just kidding – but I am just saying that there are things that are of such size, such scale that it is difficult for you to grasp it. Because you cannot see it you cannot comprehend it. 

If you were to take the ant off the floor it is walking on and you were to put it on your leg, for instance, it would not even know it is walking on a conscious being. To the ant, it would just be walking on a surface. And even so, the ant would not know that the surface is moving as the human that it is on would walk around. 

At the same time, you are on a planet that is moving at incredible speed around the sun and around its own axis, and you have no idea it is moving. At least you have an idea, but you have no sense of movement. Oh, you see the sun come up and go down. You see the moon go up and come down. You see the clouds passing by. You see the stars passing by, but to your sense of reality it is not happening. You are standing still. You are sitting here on these chairs. The interesting thing is that if the earth would stop its movement, gravity would be instantly ended, and you would fly off the surface of the earth. 

Your Drive to Evolve

So, as long as long as you are in motion, you think you are standing still, my beloved human. Isn’t this interesting? You have been in motion as a race, as a consciousness. You have been shifting and moving and waking up like never before. The last time I saw this it happen was in one of my favorite homes here on this planet, Lemuria, that which you today would call Hawai’i, but I haven’t seen it happen since. And you have actually surpassed the energy of back then. Not… not in consciousness, not in the state of awareness that you have developed, but there is one thing that you have surpassed Lemuria in and that is – how shall I say it? – the action that you are undertaking, the desire, in a positive context, for growth. 

You as a race, even though some of you do not know it, most of you do not know it, have chosen to evolve, and you will not allow this to not happen. So, that drive, that power is something that is far surpassing Lemuria. It is. 

And as you are opening up and you are becoming one, so is this solar system becoming one with the other systems surrounding it. And as such, this galaxy that you are in is waking up, like you are waking up. And as such, this galaxy will touch, connect with galaxies next to it. And as such, all these galaxies will also awaken. And as this happens, you will notice that the universe itself is waking up, becoming conscious. 

If you look at this from a micro/macro perspective, then you would see that to the All That Is energy one universe just compares to one person on this planet, for as you are sitting here, you have galaxies inside of you. You have stars within you that are burning and that are creating and maintaining life, and within the very depth of your cells, on a level that is as small and as incomprehensible as the size would sometimes be incomprehensible, the scale is the same, as small as you can go as you are entering within the cellular system, there you will find things that are as magnificent as the size that you would find, the scale that you can find, if you were to leave the solar system and look within the depth of your galaxy, you see? 

So, within you stars are burning, stars are being born and they are dying and being born again. And around those stars, planets are turning. And on some of those planets, creatures are walking around, looking up into their version of the sky, wondering what is out there, not realizing that they themselves on their level also consist of cells, and that if you were to go within those cells, that you would again find a universe of life, and deeper and deeper and deeper. This is the nature of multidimensionality. 

The interesting notion, however, is that all of these creatures, all of that energy, all of that consciousness is you. How could that be? Well, you have spoken – well, at least some of you have spoken – to such creatures as Da Toraya San, Da Camelaya San, Da Shasaya San, Da Ranaya San, and so many of the others. They are also dragon energies and they make up my body. It would be the same to have you speak to one of your cells or one of your organs and naming them. Of course, the difference is that my body is made up of a type of energy that I have called ‘tachyonic/photonic’, but I have no brain, I have no arms; I have none of these things. All I have is energy. The only time I represent myself as a body is when I am asked to transport one of you to whatever place you need to be transported to. Usually, it is as an entry/exit point between that which you could call ‘the cosmos’ and that which you would call ‘the totality’, ‘the unity’ – All That Is. 

So, as you become aware of the fact that there is more around you and more inside of you than you could possibly imagine, I am glad that I could take this time to introduce my energy to yours. Now that I have, let’s get on with it, shall we? Why am I really here?

The Human Brain

The human brain… The human brain is that which is creating human identity, human personality. The human brain. It is also that part of you body that is keeping the rest of your body together. It is that part of your body that is programmed in such a fashion that it tells your cells to gather together, instead of letting go. 

Now, you are under the impression that if your cells were to let go that you would basically shatter your molecules all across this room, that you would die. That is your impression. It is not so. It isn’t. All that would happen is that what you would call ‘the death of personality’. 

Your personality is nothing more than a program running in a human brain. In the same way, the desire to eat and to sleep and to procreate and to do all of these things is similar to the desire that your heart has as it is programmed to beat, you see. It is difficult for an identity to understand this thing about identity, but the identity is nothing more than an effect of a cause that is the human brain. Do you grasp this? Do you understand this? It is the same thing as the heart would say to another organ, “I am the beating, the beating.” But it is not true. The beating is just a function of the heart. There is more to the heart. At the same time, there is more to you. 

Others have said it before and I will say it again: Much to your disliking, you are not human! Your humanity is just a function. And you must understand this as you are taking your place in the cosmic perspective of things. 

But then, if that is so, what lies behind that thing that you call ‘identity’? There is something else. There is awareness. Much like your heart is aware that it has a part in a bigger whole that would be your body, so the personality, the identity is aware that there is something greater attached to it, only it has learned that it is not beneficial to attach to that greater thing, that greater whole. And this lesson was set up by some of those who would keep you small. 

As I have come here, I did not just come here to transport a group of that which I would call ‘friends’ so that they could speak here in Den Helder on behalf of a Cosmic Council. That is not all I did. I don’t do one-way trips. Actually, I came here to reside here in this space that you are sitting in right now. Well, I am not talking about the hall, obviously; I am talking about the portal that is Den Helder. I came here to reside here for as long as it is necessary for the human race to travel back with me. I don’t do one-way trips, and this space is one of the favorite spaces that I can offer you at this point. Think of this space, this area that you are in as a resting place. It is a cosmic portal filled with cosmic energy, and this is only going to increase, now that I am taking up my position here. 

So, if you feel depleted, master, if you feel that you need a reboot, so to speak, if you feel the necessity to fuel up once again or just to drop by, you are always welcome here. And, of course, to those gatekeepers that have been working here for quite some time, I must say that things are going to get very interesting indeed. Many, many creatures will be drawn to this area now. 

It is interesting that so many, so many translators of energy and so many workers of energy and so many others have been drawn to Europe and have been drawn to this what you would call ‘the Netherlands’ and ‘Belgium’ and every other space around there, but that they have never managed to locate the actual cosmic gateway. It has always been here, right under their noses. 

Why… Why has nearly no other person located this? Well, there are several reasons. The first reason would be that the Clan of the Bright Eyes, those that you in Dutch would call the ‘Helderianen’, that this clan has kept this portal a secret, has protected it for quite some time. And even then, others were using it, making use of it, and I should actually say ‘abuse’ it for their own purposes, which had nothing to do with consciousness and awareness at all. One of the other reasons why they have kept it a secret is that the earth simply was not ready, and neither were they. 

So, let this be a message that I am going to present about the human brain, but not just the human brain alone. It is also about what the human brain or humanity as a whole and the Helderianen, the Clan of the Bright Eyes, have in common. 

First of all – you are going to enjoy this – but this Clan of the Bright Eyes, so to speak, was based on that energy that you had expected here tonight to speak, that energy that you would call ‘Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San’. You stem forth from that energy. You were created from that energy, and your clan is not so big as you would think. 

So, if that is so, if that is the case, and if you know this energy of Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San, the way he/she is, behaves, acts, then you see your position within the human identity, within the human energy. You are, as Da Kuthumi San is, you are about bundles and bundles and bundles of joy. You are the uninvited guest. You are the ones that need to spice things up, you see. 

And I am addressing now especially those two gatekeepers of the present day realm that are here because it is time for you to step into that presence, to step into that awareness. I am not kidding when I say, it will enhance your body; it will enhance your spirit, and it will definitely enhance your power.

The Act of Random Kindness

There is also a reason why my authentic keeper is here in Den Helder right now, sitting there quietly in the back, as usual. It is because you, in that case, need to undergo certain training, certain training that you need, if you are going to do this work. It is an agreement that not just the two of you have made with her, but that actually the entire Clan of the Helderianen has made with planet earth. For as this consciousness is raised on the planet, it can only grow if there is enough universal joy present. Other clans are taking care of the power of love, but at present, there is no one taking care of the power of joy, universal joy. Simple happiness. The giving, which in itself, is the act of receiving, you see. And this is what the portal here has always been about. It is that which you would call ‘Da Kuthumi San’ has always been about: the act of random kindness, random kindness that can be found in giving. 

Now, is it not so that the human brain isn’t all that kind? It isn’t. Think about it. If you were to attack it, it would try to survive. It is always trying to survive, in fact. It knows no other mode but the survival mode. 

Human energy is quite different. Human energy is designed specifically to enhance itself always, to grow, to expand. As this energy expands, it needs to come into the consciousness of the planet. And as that happens, my beloved masters, as that happens, one of the spaces it will enter is here. But as it enters, you must understand it is cosmic in nature, and that means it is neutral. So, your job here is to activate within that neutrality the energy of universal joy. 

People are always about healing themselves. They are always looking for another space to get hurt in, and then they are looking for a way to heal that pain. Fascinating, isn’t it?  Well, that time is over. You are no longer the victims. You have never been the victims, but you have never seen that you haven’t ever been the victims. You have a unique opportunity here to get the earth away from the identification with victimhood. That is what universal joy is all about. 

You know, in your Tarot decks you have this card called ‘the Fool’. Why is the fool the fool? It is very simple: because he cares not. He were to stumble into a situation, and then he would kindly go upon his way with all the love in his heart and the joy on his face, and in the end, he would step into the same situation again, not caring again. Hasn’t this happened here as well in the history of your district? Haven’t you gone through a lot in the history of your district? And hasn’t it been so that every single time, you picked yourselves up and you went on? 

Well, let that be the message for this space that you need to do it once again. This portal energy has been given a unique opportunity – not because it was granted it, but because it has created it for itself – a unique opportunity to be one of the first spaces on earth that has the ability to step away from being the victim, you see? A change of attitude from being the victim to being the creator. And if you want to be the creator, then you need this love and this joy and this freedom and the truth within your essence, within your core. 

The next cosmic portal that will open up in this respect is that space on this planet earth that you know as ‘Peru’. And I know two people that are sitting here right now that are liking that they are hearing this. Why Peru? Well, look at the coordinates! Look at the coordinates and the relative space that this space right here is in relation to Peru, and you will know. You will understand then. 

There is a third one opening up as well, and if I don’t give you that location just yet, it is not because I don’t want to, but it is because I want to give you the chance to figure it out for yourselves. All I am going to say is that it is linked with a planetary Akene system. Do you get it now? Is somebody getting it? If this point here in Den Helder, relative to that point there in the heart, the center, the exact center of Peru, is relative to that which you would call ‘the Akene’ in the body, then you know that the Akene of this planet as well is waking up, and that this means that that which you have called ‘the Akenet’ is being activated as we speak. Or at least, as I speak. It is. 

I am not one that would kindly give you time-tables, but I would like to let you know now that this space right here will only take about three more weeks to completely activate. After that, it is time for Peru to completely activate. And that will only take about two months itself. And after that… Well, you can do the calculations for the third space yourselves. Interesting to see what you come up with, although I know one that already has a very good idea when it comes to that. Also one of the reasons why she is here on the planet still, doing the same old work, aren’t you keeper? You must be getting tired of it now. I will come to pick you up very soon for just a flight around the block. 

But anyway. In about two months after that space in space and time, you will see the third point awakening. And after that, beloved human, things on this planet will never be the same. The human brain will not have at that point enough capacity to – let’s try to translate it into your technical terms – to support the energy field that is the Akenet. Not with a completely activated Akene, as Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San will assist you with tomorrow. 

Children are Speeding Up

So, the human brain is going to go haywire. It is going to short-circuit, if you will, and that is all part of the natural incension process. You have seen it show up in your children already. The brain is trying to catch up with higher frequencies and it does not know how to do it. Children are speeding up. Have you watched them lately? 

Oh no, you have drugged them lately! My apologies, but you won’t be able to drug them for much longer with your pills and your supposed ‘medication’. You won’t be able to do that. Their systems will continue to speed up. Hear me now: it is pointless to keep drugging your little ones that are in fact the giants of your planet. Pointless. And why? Because all these drugs that are supposed to be fighting ADHD and all that sort of thing are supposed to slow them down again.

Because that is what your medical world is afraid of, isn’t it? It is afraid because it is seeing what is truly happening. And especially those doctors that work for your governments, they understand what is happening to the energy field of humanity. Do not forget that things, shadow cabinets such as the CIA – for it is a shadow cabinet; even if though they are not admitting they are it – that shadow cabinets such as the CIA have been looking into the human energy field ever since the 70s, and actually other cabinets have been doing that prior to them. They have been researching telekinesis, telepathy and so many other things. They are aware of the Akene, you know. They are aware of everything that is going on with you. 

So, they know darn well what is going on with your children. They know that their energy fields are turning into higher vibrations. They know that they are speeding up and they don’t know how to stop it. Well, at least they don’t know how to stop it for long times in a row. All they know is to give a pill or injections and soon chipping technology, for that is the main reason why chipping technology has been invented: to keep the human vibrational rise at bay, you see. That is the actually reason why it is there, the chipping technology, to make sure that the human doesn’t speed up too fast. Try to stop you! 

The Only Way is Up

Right now you are still sitting here a minority. Right now you are still sitting here ‘the freak show of humanity’, they would say. Well, “Send in the clowns!” I would say. It is not going to be long until that which others are calling ‘the freaks’ will be ‘the normals’. It won’t be long. 

The sooner your children are allowed to speed up, the sooner this can manifest into your reality. And it is not just the children. As they are speeding up, they have just brought in a new type of energy, which has been born in all of you: new undefined energy that no longer allows your system to keep your vibrational speed at a constant level. 

So, there you go. The only way is up; it can only go faster. You can only go higher. 

Chipping technology, pills and medication, warfare, the creation of artificial poverty, the creation of artificial depression based on desire that can never be completely fulfilled, i.e. the commercial world, and so many other things that have been attempted… And yet they haven’t found a way to stop you. It is because not just you but the entire solar system and, from that point, the entire universe is becoming more conscious. It is impossible to stop you. 

So, as the human brain is reaching its high voltage point where it will fry, where it will short-circuit, you will step into a new system, which is the Akene. By now you should know enough about the Akene to know what it is, so I am not going to repeat it here again. It is available in so many different spaces. As the brain fries, the only parts that will remain active will be the parts connected directly to the Akene energy, which obviously, is the mammal brain (the Heart of All Things), the third brain (the Memory of the Now) and, as it connects to the pineal gland, the neo-cortex. All the rest is gone. Kaput. Finished. 

Isn’t it interesting that all those spaces that remain, that of those spaces that remain, two have nothing to do with space nor time? So, that means that the body will no longer know space or time, not in the way that you are working with it now. It will only know empowerment, creation, divinity. 

These are words that are still pretty vague, I know, and they sound like they are coming from some type of religion, especially when you speak of ‘divinity’, but what you do not understand is that divinity is a natural state for a conscious being. There is nothing sacred about it like the sacredness of the Holy Grail. Divinity is just simply the natural state of existence for an I Am being, and the point of divinity is wholeness, completeness, totality. I should not have to repeat all of these things again. 

When will you finally listen?

I know one thing, however. I know that humanity – and even you sitting here today – would benefit from repeating things again. Why would I say that? Oh, you have listened to so much information over the years, some of you. You have heard and learned so much. Now, to a being such as myself it then becomes quite an illogical thing to see that you are not always acting upon it.  Are you watching us, I sometimes wonder, like you are watching a soap opera on television? It feels like that sometimes. You gather here and you listen to these things, just like you turn on the daily soap opera, and then, at the end of the day, you go home and you continue with your lives. 

So, it would benefit the human to listen to these things once again, not just the things that have been presented here, but all of them, wouldn’t you think so? Or do you think it is normal? Do you think it is normal to know all the answers and then do nothing? Would you do this, if your child was in danger of dying from a disease and you knew you that could go to the doctor to save it? Would you then listen to that advice and do nothing? 

Well, in this case there is nothing to save really, only an unlimited amount of universes. That is the only thing that there is left to save. It is All That Is. If I speak of saving these things, I don’t mean… 

Well, I am in conflict here. I know there are things still left to tell you, and I would like to tell them to you, but I am being held back by my own energy because I am aware that telling you yet another bit of new information is pointless, if you are not bringing into practice existing information. And in the end, it even works the other way around because then you will focus alone on getting new information and more and more and more and you forget the bottom-line. I am not the only one saying this; so many have come in through this body alone and into so many other bodies on the planet telling you this. 

When will you finally listen? When will you finally put into practice those things that you have learned? 

It is the same like the seminar space you are in right now. I know that my message is not really part of this seminar energy about Mastering the Illusions, and at the same time, it is, only on a cosmic level. 

But the human brain, if you do nothing, will still undergo the process that I have just described, only it will become more difficult for all of you and all of them ‘out there’, humanity, to adapt to it. And that is why you are the pioneers. Most of you have also come here to the planet with some type of sped-up energy. And some of you are quite difficult; it is quite difficult for you to learn how to adapt your energy, you see. 

Oh, the boat is leaving! Well, not the boat for humanity. Your boat hasn’t left quite yet. 

Gatekeeper: It is time.

Da Lemuaya San: What is time then? 

Gatekeeper: I want to be home in time.

Da Lemuaya San: Home. Home is where the heart is.

But have you truly listened? Have you truly understood? 

So, I shall refrain from bringing new information yet again. I have already done so anyway tonight. And I shall ask the others, who I have a very good connection with, to also refrain from bringing in next steps, new information, until you finally activate what you already know. Why would you buy anything and then not use it? Oh, but that is what you do this planet, right? Hm, Interesting. A pattern to change.

Make it Happen!

Anyway I do not want to be ironic. I do not want to mock you. I have the highest respect for you, but I need to tail-kick you sometimes. You are Masters. You are here in disguise and you have forgotten that you are wearing it. It is time to remember that the carnival or the Halloween party is over, that you can take your masks off and see who you truly are. The illusions that you have worn were the masks that you have existed in for such a long time. Now it is time to let go of those and to actually start making a change for a change! I know so very well that you can do it. You can do it! Then do it! 

I dare all of you to take the rest of the months that are ahead in this year 2007 and to get rid of all the old luggage that is here in the head and in the body and to bring in that which you know it is time to bring in. Here in Den Helder, one of the gatekeepers now gone, so I will tell the other one, here in Den Helder is a chance to make a new beginning based on universal joy, but, and that is the last thing I will say, and I am not saying it to just you; I am saying it to all of you, you need to get your priorities in order. I know, I know that the rest is important as well. I understand. I understand that the families are important and I understand that the partnerships are important and I understand everything is important, but is it as important as the survival, the jump that you are making? Is it not so that if this does not go right, the other things don’t even matter because they won’t exist? 

Oh, I am being prodded in the back here because the others don’t like I am being so direct. Well, then they should have gotten a taxi instead of me as they came into this dimension. 

So get your priorities in order. See what is truly, truly important and then do anything in your power – anything – to make it happen. It is not your ‘choice’ because there is free will; it is your ‘duty’ because it is free will. It is what your experiment was all about, why you came here to the planet. 

Please, please, my beloved human, don’t, don’t fall asleep now! Please wake up and finish what you started! Please wake up and finish the job! Do it now or don’t do it at all. It is that simple. And that should be the way it is with all things in mastery: if it is there, then do it now, and don’t look for things that are not there to keep you away from the thing that is there. 

The Voice of Knowing, Mastery and Freedom

Well, all that remains now is to spread my wings and to give you my love, my deepest affection for your part of the job that you have chosen, my very deepest affection and all my respect and my joy, which comes from within, and the sense of liberty that I bring. 

If you hear this voice, which is obviously a translation; I am aware of that, if you hear this voice, does this voice sound like one that would come from a slave of a system? It is the voice of knowing, mastery and freedom, and it is your voice. It is part of you, just like you are part of me. And we are one. We are always one. Just a reminder to this message, to get the priorities straightened out.

And with that, my beloved, I have decided that tonight you have enough to think about. And I personally will not be answering any questions anymore. You have enough to think about. And I, although I am residing here in the coming time, I will also not make another appearance, until you have gotten to the point of complete integration, complete integration of what you have already been provided with. At least I will no longer make a public appearance, such as this one. I do not like redundancy, redundant energy, and if I were to make an appearance after this one, unless you get into action, it would indeed be a redundant one. You know all that there is to know. I have given you the heads-up. I have even pushed it a little bit too far this time, so there is no point in me coming back, until you take up that potential and make it happen. 

There is only one type of human that I will make my appearances with now, and those are the children in their dreams, as they will learn how to fly. And then, they will teach you. 

I have all hope and all trust in the fact that I shall speak to you again at one point in your future, maybe close by, maybe not, but I shall speak to you again. In the meantime, I am transferring in the coming night all my knowledge that you might still need to my original keeper, so that she may use it when the time comes to use it. 

And again, I will return, if you allow that to happen. And now I must go. I think ‘Neighbours’ is on soon. 

And so, from a point in space and time, which is no point at all but a totality, my words, my love, and my heart have flown through you and to you. Blessed Beings of Light, be well, be safe and fly high. 

And so it be.

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Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San
Reply to  Imzaia World

San’a’ke ❤️What a wonderful session and continuing opportunity for expansion for all is the Meaning of Life collection! Diving right in to this incredible session by Da Lemuaya San ❤️Da’ka’ya and all my Love! ❤️🙏❤️

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