This Session, albeit recorded several weeks prior to Sessions 51, on December 9, 2006, is given this next slot in The Study of Vibration at the request of The Cosmic Twelve, made by them in Session 51. The Twelve state that this Session is, in fact, the actual first one ever presented by them, linearly speaking. Its main topic concerns the concept of Energetic Consciousness.

This Session continues the exploration of the Ascension Student becoming a conscious creator, while also giving further attention to the important concept of the Top Life: the culmination of all inter-dimensional lifetimes and lessons lived, and the one that opens up the gateway of personal and planetary ascension out of the linear matrix.

The Cosmic Twelve discuss the important distinction between feeling and emotion, and between mind and consciousness, as stepping stones towards learning to inhabit not only the physical body but the energetic bodies as well.

The Cosmic Twelve also explain the difference between the Akash and the Akonai — aka the first Kakra, or the ‘head’ Kakra — and how, by shutting down the former and activating the latter, one can open up to a different type of reality creation, making use of the akeneic Kakra system rather than the vibrational Chakra system.

Many other avenues of thought, relating to the concept of Energetic Consciousness, are discussed in this fascinating Session, which prepares the Ascension Student for the vast array of Sessions yet to come.

Other Topics Include...

The possibility of a human reality without laws, obligations, or complexity – The difference between emotion and feeling, Akash and Akonai – How to stop repeating past experiences to prevent perpetuation of drama and suffering – Stepping into your true power by fully inhabiting your physical & energetic bodies – Our current physical existence is the result of the Atlantean experiment of structuring energy and feeling – Free will is about creating your own choices – We enter this reality with consciousness fully intact & how Mind is only born when we hear and speak our first word – There is no ‘God’ in heaven, we are the creators of our field of reality – How it is the job of all Ascension Students to bring in this new state of Energetic Consciousness & become the teachers of the New Earth, both on a physical level and in dreamtime – How many people are going ‘out of their minds’ because they have no more space left to live within the confines of their minds – The need to let go of the last bits of the addiction called Mind in order to prepare for direct Ascension Training – and much more.

Originally Titled: “Energetic Consciousness” | The Cosmic Manifest series

The Study of Vibration | Session 52

by The Cosmic Twelve

ENHANCED TRANSCRIPT – This transcript has been enhanced by Da Pah Kwan Yin San & The Cosmic Twelve after the date of recording. It has been prepared for the written word and it includes improved & extended sections by ascended life, added for clarity and for enhanced experience.

Beloved ones, Imzaia, you are apostles, each one of you.

We know that this word ‘apostle’ has a strange flavor in your language, in your society, and in your lives. Nowadays, you call yourselves Imzaia, Lightworkers, and so many other names that indicate a destiny of your own liking, your own hopes, insights and dreams, but there really is no difference between these energies. You are carrying and working with the energy of your very own self, which is the core of all that is beautiful and majestic, and you are spreading it into the world so that it may transform the planet and make it a very different place. It is the same role that you played 2000 years ago and many moments prior to this eventful and impactful time in Earth history.

We are the energy of The Twelve, and it is indeed our honor to be with you right now. It is difficult, particularly today, for our messenger to translate these words and put them in the right energetic context, because so very many energies and amazing beings are here in this room, where this Session is being recorded, with him at this time.

Releasing Old & Predetermined Structures

We know that you believe that you do this work surrounded by your guides, but in this case, the amazing beings we are talking about are you, Imzaia, who, in this Now moment, are hearing these words, reading these words, connecting to these words, and making them Real.

Truly, the word ‘guide’ is no longer a word that is appropriate for describing the energies that you carry. You consider guides as entities, external beings, or as layers of consciousness, fields of living energy perhaps, which steer you and illuminate the next path and steps on the horizon. However, Imzaia, today we tell you: you have become your own guides. There is no need to fear anymore, or to experience grief or pain. It is no longer necessary to limit yourselves or indeed to restrict your energies, as in fact you are limitless. You are ready to start a new life and to choose the reality that you wish to experience.

Do you know what this reality is? Do you know what you wish to create? Is it a world where people are still listening to the laws of others? We don’t think so. When you look at what you are creating for yourselves, is it a reality without laws, without obligations, without complexity? We tell you that it is. You are just not able to see the changes — not yet anyway — which you have gone through in years past. As you speak with one another of working with energy, as you speak of the Harmonic Convergence and the Harmonic Concordance and the Venus Transit — all of these cosmic markers of the late nineties and early two thousands — they are all empty concepts, unless they are lived here and now, by you, today, in this moment.

Words are Structured Energy

We know that you have many languages within your heart and soul, as you have spoken every language on this planet Earth, and of other planets as well. You have been speaking about laws in more languages than you can possibly imagine, and now it is time to bring it all together.

Do you have problems understanding these words?

Just let them flow. They are, in essence, nothing but energy.

Words are energy that has been structured to fit the human body. It is time, now, to release these old structures, as well as everything else that does not suit the Energetic Body. Find new ways of interacting with the words that you speak and hear. Find different layers in their meaning. Find the fluidity that is always there for you to explore new and unimagined realms of what it means to be you. That is what we mean when we talk about releasing old or predetermined structures.

Structured Emotion & Unstructured Feeling

Imzaia, we want to tell you a little story about the last days of Lemuria. When you were all living there, you spoke as one. Even if you chose to have a body separate to the whole, you did not work with a structured sense of feeling.

It is very important to understand the difference between emotion and feeling, and you can do so by understanding the difference between old and new energy structures.

You have called emotion ‘one of the most relevant human experiences’ on this planet. You have celebrated emotion. You’ve watched it in your films; you’ve cried when you saw two lovers against all odds, and you have repeated the same old emotions time and time again, every day for your entire lives.

An emotion is a structured and, as such, predetermined, feeling. To us, based on this definition, it is nothing short of a prison. You need to understand that an emotion belongs to what you know today as the Akashic Records. The Akash, however, is no longer accessible to you in the same way as it once was, as you are in the process of deleting it. This is not such a strange concept, if you truly consider the concepts of Inscension, and its eventual follow-up into Ascension, because to rise within, and then to rise above, cannot happen without the release of predetermination.

You cannot rise above the knowledge contained within the books of only one library, without eventually understanding that there is more to the truth than what is offered within that library. The Akashic Records, in a way, is this library. You can see it as a huge television station. And you, the human race, as far as emotions, feelings and experiences are concerned, have been watching repeats for many, many years on that television station that you call the Akashic Records.

Akashic Repetition & Predetermination

There are many questions in your brains right now, and you are asking, “Twelve, what will happen to us when we delete the Akashic Records? Where will we go and where will we find the information describing our past lives? Isn’t that the very thing that defines us?”

Everything is about this life, dear ones. This is the only life that you should concern yourselves with. It is here and now, and that you should play and have fun with. As we look at your little human selves, we honor each and every one of them filled with all of their Akashic Energy, the energy of past lives, the energy of withheld tears, forgotten pain and sadness, old frustrations and hatredYes, there has definitely been some hatred in your lives. We have been watching you. But this is okay, as hatred was perfectly fine. You do not need to feel guilty about it anymore. Instead, ask yourselves, who is feeling the guilt? The mind or the heart? The soul — the energy that you are — feels no guilt.

We have told you before that your energetic body simply cannot work with structured energies based on fear, hatred or pain. There is no more room for your bodies to handle this, as they have been filled with so much love, light, passion, with action and with possibility, potential and eternal youth, if you so choose. This pours out of you every single day. And yet, you still feel so much fear, pain and sadness. How could it be that after so many years and decades of working on yourselves, you still experience the same problems every day?

Well, you are human. You like to relive your experiences, therefore. You do this every day by getting up at the same time… or simply by getting up. You take the same road to get to work and you watch the same programs on television. You have as much love in your life as you had the day before and you make love to your partner in a predictable way. You repeat everything over and over again.

Repetition no longer serves you, dear ones. You need to stop. Your Energetic Body cannot handle this, for it is now being pushed out into new fields of strength. The Energetic Body is made of several layers, and we will speak more deeply about this in the near future. However, we tell you now that the last singular layer, part of your Energetic Body, is the layer that you call ‘strength.’ As you begin to inhabit your Energetic Body as well as the physical body, you truly start to step into your own power and strength.

Imzaia, it is about inhabiting it all and living it all. It is about being in the now and being in the body. The body is the only ship from which to navigate the sea of now. This is the one of the most important lessons you will ever learn, for you will create everything you will ever need by staying in the now. When you leave the now moment, you go into a state of flux, and your energy is no longer balanced. You end up going round and round, and the energies that are supposed to be only love, laughter and joy, are now transformed into fear.

You are the one doing this. We are simply telling you what you are doing. We are standing next to you, behind you, in front of you, right now. We are hoping — and in truth knowing — that one day soon, you will change this paradigm. We are waiting for this to happen. We see you make this change, but then, in a couple of hours, you revert back to fear. It is fine though, for you can do this in your and as many times as you want. There is only one little hiccup that interferes with your divine timing, however. And that is that you constantly think about getting older, about your time being limited in some type of way. And what you think is what you get, or what becomes your reality.

The Power of Unstructured Feeling

We have asked you to bring all of your rocks and stones, and all of these sorts of things that you used to give your power away to. And we want to show you that you do give your power away to all of these things today. Did you know that they mean nothing, for they have no substance whatsoever? You, indeed, are the ones giving them substance, and with them the entire Earth. Beloved ones, you are the rain, you are the wind, you are the sun and you are the Earth; you are the very chair on which you sit. You are the presidents of this world; you are the hitlers of this world; you are death and you are life. You are all of these things.

Do you find it shocking to know that you are the clothes that you are wearing right now? It’s all your energy. It’s all you. And if you would understand this simple truth, everything would change. You are the ones turning energy into matter, not us. We just keep the energy flowing for you to weave as you see fit into the realities of your choosing.

And yes, you have created some beautiful pieces in the form of these stones and crystals that are in front of us here today. Most of them were created in Lemuria. Imzaia, you have created these stones in front of you, in Lemurian times, in a place where structured feeling, which is emotion, was not possible.

The great experiment began in Lemuria, where you lived in your light bodies that you could transform into physical bodies, if you chose to. Some of you liked your little flesh games, as you used to call them, your games of matter. You are still playing them today, but now in a very different way because you no longer understand that you are playing them to begin with. How troublesome and tedious your lives have indeed become.

During Lemurian times, you understood that a feeling was something that could not be structured. It was one of the most sacred energies in existence, the energy of feeling, as a feeling is simply energy moving through you, processed by the physical being that you currently are. As you do this, you are activating parts of yourself throughout the cosmos. Each and every one of you carries in your bodies as much energy as exists in the entire universe. And then you could ask, “How could this be? If this were true, would the universe not have 8 billion times the amount of energy it has today?”

No, Imzaia, for energy is a paradox. It can stretch and shrink. This is what we call the Breath of Life. It is how life is created. It is how nature is created; it is how you are created.

These rocks have been created because they are your feelings become manifest; your passion turned into matter. They are simple reminders of the power of your own feelings.

As a healer, wanting to help someone, you take these stones and these crystals and you put them on the human body, thinking that it is the stones that are doing the work. But now you know that it is you. Now you know that you are the ones doing all the work and that you are keeping this very universe in place. You do not need a stone or a crystal or even your own physical body to heal a patient. The patient will heal himself or herself. All you need to do is to be kind and to be balanced around them. That is the space that you need to create for healing to occur: kindness and balance.

Moving Out of Structured Reality

What does ‘Lemurian energy’ mean? What is the difference between the Akonai and the Akash? You could even use the words ‘heart’ and ‘mind’ — or ‘feelings’ and ‘the mental field’. The Akonai is, in short, an unstructured feeling, a feeling in its original or neutral state of energy.

When Lemuria was beginning to shift to what you know today as Atlantis, although it was not called that at the time of Atlantis itself — a shift, by the way, that lasted for more than 10.000 of your years — there were a couple of beings in the Atlantean part of Lemuria, and they are not here today, that decided it would be better to structure the energy of feeling. But it didn’t end there. A decision was made to structure everything you know today as ‘reality.’ This was considered by them to be a ‘great experiment’ because it would be a way of handling all energy on a three dimensional level alone, without the need for multidimensional unity and interaction.

Yes, we hear you. “The fools!” But in short, they wanted to handle things from their limited and individualized point of view only. Well, Imzaia, a minute ago, we said ‘they’ are not here today, but we lied because ‘they’ are all of you and all of us together, all of humanity, and all of Ascended Life. They — we — tried it. And here you sit, in your physical bodies, on your physical planet, in this physical plane of existence. The experiment has been a great one, as you have indeed been successful in structuring energy in so many ways. Structured energy, nowadays, goes even beyond the form of matter. And that is what you need to realize in order to move on or, in other words, in order to move out of it.

When we look at you today, we see amazing changes in your physical bodies, even if you do not see these changes for yourself yet. It may take years for you to see them, but one day you will. The structure that was created so long ago is beginning to shift and is losing its grip on reality with every passing day. Yes, when looking in the mirror you still see the same old person you were the day before, although sometimes these days you are able to glimpse what you are becoming. And this scares you to death, as you understand that nothing will ever be the same.

You know deep down that Earth is no longer the same planet it once was and you also know that this today, at the end of 2006, is just the beginning of what is ahead. You know that today free will means something quite different than it has in the past. We joke with you sometimes, as we tell you that on this planet Earth and in this society, free will means that you have the ability to choose the shampoo, the beers, or the restaurants of your liking. Indeed, Imzaia, do you know that this is not free, but limited will? It is nothing more than someone offering you limited choices.

Free will is about creating the choice in the first place, dear ones. That is how abundance and power works. That is how energy works; that is how joy works; that is how love works. Understand this is mastering life: you create your own choices and you can be aware of this.

Most likely, when you go to bed tonight, your mind will be racing. “Oh, what am I going to create? Okay, let me think about what am I going to create.” Dear ones, it does not work that way. The mind is a limited tool and it has been very effective in the last few hundred years, but it cannot handle this energy that you call ‘creation.’ What happened in this room today and what will continue to happen in this room evermore because of this day, can never be understood by mind, and those who are in mind will have felt nothing when this day is over. Even if they are feeling everything crystal clear in this moment of time, eventually, mind will instruct them to dismiss it as a fantasy — and they will comply.

It is also possible that if you feel nothing, no increase or decrease of energy, you are in a perfect state of balance. In that case, you would indeed not feel anything at all, since you would already be basking in the Life-force that our words are trying to describe whenever we speak. And you need to know this, too, because being in balance can also be used by the mind to trick you, making you believe that you feel nothing. This is very important, Imzaia. As you choose what you want to create and as you create whatever you choose, leave the mind behind and go into consciousness.

We are going to repeat this sentence: As you choose what you want to create and as you create whatever you choose, leave the mind behind and go into consciousness. If there is anything you remember of this Session today, let it be this sentence.

Evolution without Structure

The energy of mind and the energy of consciousness are completely different things.

Recently, we discussed the first seven years of life. It is during this time that you leave consciousness and that you enter the energy of mind.

You come to this Earth as pure consciousness. You are not born with a mind, for this develops much later. The mind is born at the moment that you hear and then speak your very first word. Babies, in their cribs, cannot understand a word of what is being said by their parents, their family, and their family’s visiting friends. All they hear is the chatter going on above their heads and it gets interpreted in much the same way you would interpret a beautiful instrumental song with no understandable or discernible words. Speech, and any other sound, at the time you were a baby, simply meant beauty to you, and so did everything else. It was without structure, simply because you were without structure. As such, you were able to pick up its true vibration.

But, then, it happened: as you and your physical brain listened to these songs, eventually you were infested by their structures — and the Structure became the Word. The very first thought you eventually would have, went something along the lines of, “Hey, I can do this too! I can make myself known. I can be accepted. I am one of them!” And so it was. When you spoke your first word, beloved Imzaia, you officially became a parrot. You copied so many things: ideas you heard from other people, from your parents, from your grandparents, from the children in school, from your teachers.

So, dear ones, answer us this: Are the clothes that you wear, are the thoughts in your head, is the way you shaped your life, really based upon free choice? We will answer for you: No, not at all, because these things are based upon what is in your mind and what your mind has taught you based upon what is in it. For instance, this color is pretty, but that color is ugly. And you probably don’t even remember why. Perhaps, your grandmother liked the color purple. And because of passive indoctrination, bang! Now so do you. The question is: who taught your grandmother to like the color purple?

Some of your individual choices and likes or dislikes can be traced back throughout the generations, Imzaia, throughout the continents, and even to the stars themselves — and this is not a joke. The mind and its masters have created a set of guidelines for you, a set of rules and laws; structures for you to live by. Once you move outside of these laws and outside of these predefined structures, it appears as though your world is falling apart. And if it isn’t, those around you — known or unknown — will do their utmost best to make sure it does.

We also want you to know that this ‘mind’ is just a machine and that you can choose to turn it on, off, or to change its programs and settings, just like you do with your television sets, your computers, or your cars, so many times a day. However, we do understand that this society, in which you live, is not yet ready for you to switch your mind off and to just wander around.

And yet, it is not really about wandering around at all, is it? If you switch the mind off and you switch consciousness back on, there will still be words, Imzaia. There will still be clothing. There will still be matter around you, especially for the first years as the transformation takes place. But, in the end, let there be no doubt, consciousness will take its rightful place again. And, when it does, so will you. This is not a potential, but a truth. The unity consciousness of planet Earth has already made its choice, and you took part in this choice. Therefore, you are in the process of returning to the pristine state in which you came to this planet. You will be totally enveloped in love. Just wait a few years and see. You will be in love with everything and everyone and you will finally remember that this planet was your creation. It was not God’s creation. God with a big white beard is not sitting in the clouds, tapping himself on the shoulder, saying, “I created all of this.” No, you did. You are the ones sitting in the proverbial clouds. And yet, here you are.

This is the way of consciousness. It can divide itself into energy and matter. It can experience several different lifetimes that are being lived, at the same time, and in the same time, or in different realities. As your consciousness is beginning to evolve, so are you. And, loved ones, you have not yet begun to understand the consequences of all of this. No one that sits here today has. It is important to us to communicate this clearly to you.

We do not wish to create separation between you and the rest of humanity, however, we tell you now that what you are experiencing at this time is quite different than what most that are around you are experiencing, for you have started to evolve. You are beginning to comprehend the true nature of what you really are trying to accomplish here. You will see that the path is very simple, as it is simply about creating the consciousness of all that are to come to this planet Earth.

The Path of Universal Consciousness

The simplicity of your Path is creating the consciousness of all that are to come to this planet Earth. Do you understand what that means? Your Path, unlike that of many at current, is not about balancing the male and the female; the rest of the planet is already taking care of that. You, as Imzaia, have begun this journey for a reason.

You are the walkers of the Path. You are the ones navigating the way to the stars. You create the consciousness of all that are to come to this planet after you, by way of the choices you make daily. You navigate this human race to the stars, and you are loved for all. We are all a part of you, as you are a part of us. You have come here to show this world what it is to be consciously aware of your creations.

At some further point in these Sessions, Da Jeshua San will join us and step forward to talk with you about consciousness, which, as he will explain, has to do with the way you perceive the world.

Has any historical figure been more misunderstood than Da Jeshua San? We don’t think so. Oh Imzaia, you have set it up so grandly! Even someone like Hitler was, in many ways, better understood than all of us, ascended beings throughout history, were and are. His message was clear as a bell. It was about transforming the world through some very intuitive and strong measures. And this, in fact, he accomplished, as the planet began her journey towards the light after the darkness brought on by Hitler.

The message of Da Jeshua San, however, was greatly misunderstood, as it was not about churches, prayers, redemption, or suffering. It was not about ‘getting into heaven.’ It was about realizing that you are in heaven. It is a state of heart and consciousness — not one of mind, for mind cannot create a heaven. The only things mind can create are in the range of limitation, separation, anxiety, fear and sadness.

Today, before the start of this Session, as you spent time with the energy of the Merlin, you experienced what it feels like to go beyond limitation and to allow yourself to become anything that you wish to be. Is this not a state that you wish to live in all the time, this state of consciousness? Would you not like to be able to communicate with each other like this all the time? We do understand, of course, that you cannot stay within this beautiful energy soup, created by all of you coming together for this gathering, all day; however, you can remain within this energy by making the choice to carry it with you, inside of you, all the time.

The reason why you feel so disconnected at times is that you have had no previous experience with this energy, at least none that you can remember. It is so overpowering to you at current, so strong and intense. As the years go by, however, the intensity on some levels will diminish, as the energy will go within and will become a part of you. At that point, of course, new energies will release themselves and become intense around you, but, as you continue to work with it all, you will notice that you will no longer wake up in the morning, thinking of what you have to do. Instead, you will wake up thinking about what you want to do. You will feel what you want to do and simply do it… and that can be — and will be — the simplicity of your life.

The truth is that, when you make these choices and see them through without fail, at that point you are in a different playing field, a different ball park from the rest of humanity. As we have stated earlier, as Imzaia you do not work on balancing male and female energies, nor is it about balancing the energies of fear, love, sadness or joy. That’s humanity’s general task right now, and if you are working on those levels, then you are currently deluding yourselves, as you are accepting the label, which society has put upon you as a spiritual seeker.

So, we ask you now: please, let those emotions go. Let them go. Do you know how many unnecessary tears have been shed on this planet in the last few years? It is astronomical, and if Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San were here, he could probably give us the exact number. Too many tears have been shed; too many tears have hit the ground and have been offered to Da Gaia San.

Yes, offer your emotions to Da Gaia San. Go on; let it all out! You can do it, but be done with it after that. The truth is that you can either stay small or you can let go and grow. Now, there is a choice for you.

Loved ones, consciousness is about all of these things. The Energetic Body, which we spoke of earlier, is one and the same. It is about Universal Consciousness, about realizing that you, as a human, hold within you the energy of the entire universe and, as such, that you are as conscious as the universe itself. You are on the Path of achieving that exact state of consciousness.

Working with Universal Consciousness

Did you ever notice that, since you started this path, society has a problem with you? This is because it does not know what to do with you and your choices. Ancient ones, realize that we are pointing to a complete evolution, a complete shift in the energy of humankind. We speak of the way you create energy, the way you work with it, and the way you blend energies together. We speak of how all of these things are changing. So, if the rest of the world is working with balancing the male and the female, and if they are working with all of this crap that you see on the news every day, please know what you are actually doing.

We have a question for you: what do you want to do?

You have, in essence, freed yourself from human misery and have begun the human adventure. Human misery is found in wars, conflict, politics; it is about all of these things that you see in the news. Watch the news one more time, if you so choose. We do know that there are many of you who choose not to do this any longer, but watch it one more time and you will see the mind at work. Watch the news and wait. After a couple of seconds, you will see some politician going on and on, raving about another politician, or about anything, for that matter. This, indeed, is mind in action. When you see it, do not laugh; do not mock this person, as you have been playing out your version of this type of existence for most of your lives. You have been playing the victim, embodying all those little roles that are there to teach you the things you needed to take away from them, and they have done just that.

However, school is out now, and it is time for your holiday to start. This is at your disposal right now. You can create it now. You can shape the energy and create what you want. The only thing, Imzaia, that you cannot do, is use another’s consciousness to create what you want. And this is indeed why politics and warfare will no longer be tolerated on this planet.

Once again, here is a sentence worth repeating: The only thing you cannot do is to use another’s consciousness to create what you want. New energy will not accept this, and because it will not, it is changing the very paradigm of your planet Earth.

Honestly, tell us: you may believe that one mind can manipulate another mind, but can you consciously manipulate another consciousness, another universe, another version of yourself that holds the exact same energies? You cannot. All you can do is mirror it, give it your love, and make suggestions. All you can say, is, “Look, this has worked for me. How about you? How about letting go of your pain and your misery? How about letting go of all the fear and just be who you want to be and who you can be? How about not listening to society any longer and just being whatever it is that you want to be?”

Blend all the different parts of your selves together. Hold the thought, just for a minute, that you are not young or old, but that you are an eternal being, and that you can be as young or old as you want to be, that your life is always just beginning.

How about letting go of all the fears of going to the workplace, as an example, and choosing to no longer put up with this little box that you call ‘careers?’ Just let the rest of the world play with these things. It is your true job description to bring the planet to this new state of consciousness, this new energetic body, and these new ways of working with unstructured energy.

The Act of Sharing Consciousness with Others

Dear ones, quite an intense session today, but let us now sit here with you, just for a moment, and wash your feet. We look at you and we see the kings and queens of this planet Earth. We see the ones who are brave enough to come here and to live a life of restriction, of illusion, knowing that one day soon you will wake up and play the most difficult roles of your lives in the years ahead. These are the True Beings that we now address. Please, understand that you are not just ‘people’ living ‘a life.’ You are teachers and apostles, and you will see many come forward to speak about this in upcoming Sessions.

One of the reasons we speak about this now is that Da Tobias San has joined our moment to share his energy with all of you, right now. Feel and embrace this energy. He once was where you are, working on this collective evolution, and to this day, his grand work continues.

We know how you hear and read every word we share. We love you dearly for this. We, in fact, do the same when it comes to you; we receive, with great joy, everything that you share.

As you become the teachers of this new planet Earth, as you step into these new roles, which you have created for yourselves, you will encounter those who want to experience what they see in you. They will want to try it out. All that you will have to do, during those encounters, is to project who and what you really are.

In sharing your consciousness with others in this way, there will be many who will likewise want to share their expression of it with others. You will meet them walking down the street, perhaps. You will smile at them, and they will stop and turn around. These will be the love angels, the ones who have waited the longest for your expression to arrive, and they will be the first to notice, for these are the ones who, all of their life, rejected the games played by the rest of humanity, knowing that change was coming. They have lived by themselves, going their own way, while they waited you to appear. It is high time, Imzaia, that you step out from under your own shadow, that you show yourself, and that you connect to these love angels passing you by on the street every day.

There are so many sensitive beings on the planet right now, sensitive to the energies that are currently unfolding, and they need you. By positioning yourself this way, you will end the human game that you have been playing for so many years. It is time for fun, time to simply be who you truly are, time to face what is ahead, head on, even though it may seem difficult in the years ahead, as things unfold.

You will share your consciousness with those who seem — for lack of a better term — ‘weird.’ We speak of those judged to have a mental problem. It will, in fact, be those who will come to you, looking you in the eyes, and they will understand that a teacher has come, that a teacher is also awakening within themselves. They will know, as they look into your eyes, and they will know that this is their two-second window, in which to communicate. You will look at each other, maybe just for a couple of seconds, and maybe you will share some words — not necessarily a conversation, but a meeting on the heart level. From the perspective of consciousness, there will be a lot going on during these meetings in your lives in the next many years to come.

We want to make you aware, dear ones, that the Consciousness we are talking about and the sub-consciousness, which you know as being ‘the subconscious mind,’ are very far removed from each other.

True Consciousness is Energetic, which is Universal — and it has no sub-consciousness, no duality. It has no space, in which you can store away all of these things that you do not wish to face. As there is no room for this, they just disappear, as does the current state of mind.

So, people will come to you, and you will choose to be their teachers. There are those hearing these words that are resistant to these tasks we are now describing, but we tell you of the surprise that you will feel when you will eventually look back and see how good you truly are at accomplishing your teacher role in those moments. However, as you will learn to see, ‘school will be out very soon’ after your eyes lock with one another, since after about 5 seconds you will have taught them everything they need to know, and the energy exchange will last them a decade in some cases.

This is how powerful you can be! This is what happens when angels of consciousness walk past someone and the life of that person is changed forever. This is what you will be able to do and what, in some cases, you are already doing.

Most of you, however, have not yet been able to do these things on a Conscious level, which is why you dream and sleep so much at this time. In some cases, you carry the whole of the energy of Gaia. You have to sleep, because there is a lot going on with the planet right now, and you will feel the fatigue running through you often, in years to come, when your work is required and you are called to focus beyond the confines of the body.

We tell you though, in moments like that, revitalizing yourself is possible, simply by connecting to the very things that you represent: Nature, and Life itself. Connect yourselves to the cycles of existence and breathe with them, as you would on every other occasion.

In many other cases, you are the teachers in your dreams as you are visiting the dreams of other people and teaching them in what we call Dream Time. They will wake up one day, smell their coffee, and they might actually start to smell the roses. Then one day, they will begin to see the clouds and look up to the skies. When they do, they might understand that the clouds are parting in their own waking minds, as even their waking minds say goodbye to what was. It could be that one day, they will come home, and everything they know will have changed. It will not have changed in the old way, but totally changed, as they will not recognize the place they were living in, and everything about their lives will be dramatically different. This is what you do. This is your job description. It is why you are Imzaia. It is why you are lightworkers.

You can choose your names — we do not care about names — however, do remember that our name is really your name. Do remember that when you are listening to these words, you are listening to your words. Even if you are in a room with all of these people, you are listening to your words. You are here, changing your life. We have little to nothing to do with it; YOU are changing everything. You are changing Universal Consciousness itself… and you should be proud.

The Alpha and the Omega of Consciousness

Imzaia, we are back and we are not going anywhere. We are staying right here, with you, as we promised we would — because we are you.

Some of you have speculated that we are the future versions of you. While we have indeed previously touched upon this as an explanation of our presence, it is not entirely accurate. It would be closer to the truth to state that we are the circular versions of you. We are you when you are out of linear time, when you are out of your mind. From where we sit, we have a very clear picture of what is going on with you from all perspectives on the spectrum; we have a very clear view of all of you, which is why we so often emphasize your beauty.

You are the daughters and the sons of the king and the queen, and you are the king and the queen. You are the beginning and the end; you are the alpha and the omega. You are the ones who have slaughtered and you are the ones who have loved. You are the ones who have been slaughtered. You are the ones who have been loved.

Now, as you commence to walk this path of ascension, you bring it all together, and that is beautiful to observe. As you remember some of the things that you have done and experienced, you are bringing it all together. It is so beautiful. You should save and cherish every second of this process, because there will be a time, Imzaia, when it will be over, when you will have ascended, when you will have integrated it all, when you will have brought it all together. Most of you are like a lot of parents, wanting their kids to be small adults and then, when the kids have grown up, and they are all alone in the house, they call their friends and they say, “Why did they have to grow up this fast? I do not even recognize their smiles anymore. I don’t see the little things that I used to love so much.” Well, this is who you are right now. You are the sons and daughters of the king, the ones who have come here to change Consciousness, to change the way Life expresses itself.

The Whole of Consciousness

We know that we are repeating the same things over and over again right now, because we need to get this into your heads. It needs to be in there so very deeply that your mind cannot project illusions and lies into your consciousness about these Truths. This truly is the point of today’s Session. We will be talking a lot with you again tomorrow, during the next Session, and much of it will be activated by the memory of the myth of Avalon, which, as you will learn, was no myth at all.

Do you see why you have forgotten about Avalon or Lemuria — why you have forgotten about yourselves? It is because you went into a state of mind. What you do when you go back to Avalon, or Lemuria, and to the lives that you once lived, is you dive in to your Consciousness, where everything is readily available. The Akashic Records separated everything, and the Akonai blends it all together, it makes everything whole again.

As everything is made whole once again, there are no past or future lives; there is just the Now moment, and within it exists the potential of every lifetime you have ever lived and every lifetime you will ever live from a linear perspective. That is all there is, and you had better learn how to take care of this Now moment, because it is your playground and it is your paradise. You are not going anywhere. You are not going “Home” as there is no other home but your own energy as a whole, otherwise defined as All That Is.

Ten years ago, you were ready to hear about an energy called “Home,” where you could go once your hard work on Earth was over. Even longer ago, during the birth and comings and goings of many of your religions, you called this concept heaven. Now you are ready for the fact that there is no other home than what is to be found in this moment. It is the heart; it is Consciousness. And as you die, if you choose to do so, your energy simply recycles into that and returns — reemerges — here once again. You come back either in the sam e body or in a different one, in the same time period or a different one; in the same geographical area, or on a different planet even. This home you call Earth, and all that surrounds it, dear ones, is Home. It is part of the whole.

Finding Balance in Consciousness

We will tell you a little secret about your near future advancement. First, there is mind, and when you shift your mind into the truth of itself, you move into a state of consciousness. When you move into consciousness, Imzaia, you open yourself up — maybe for the very first time in a long time — to nature, meaning your external nature, the natural world. Next, you will open up to your internal nature, which brings you into a true state of balance. When you go into balance, you naturally balance everything and everyone around you, allowing for others to shift their minds as well and move into consciousness themselves.

Why do you think, Imzaia, that people who are in love say that they are ‘out of their minds?’ Another good question: why do so many people appear to be ‘out of their minds’ on planet Earth? As an example, we will share a piece of information that may shock you. On your news channels, a couple of days ago, a grave robbery was reported on. A 29-year-old female had destroyed over 350 graves, and the police were puzzled. “She is very unstable,” they said.

Many people are going out of their minds because they literally have no room left inside of their minds. There is so much activity in people’s lives, so much going on at work and at home; so many things to do with the kids and the family. And then there is television with its manipulation filling people’s minds. So, many are busy… busy… BUSY!… until the mind has nothing left to give, and they can no longer live in their minds. This is when people go out of their minds. People often think that they have gone insane at that point.

We would like to finish the instance of the grave robbing girl. Some of you are aware of a television series called ‘Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.’ This is what this young lady’s mind connected itself to. Over-stressed synapses in her brain had connected incorrectly, forming an illusion-filled neurosynaptic set of pathways, making this young woman believe that she was indeed the main character Buffy. The police determined that for more than 35 days she had been disturbing graves, while in fact, from her perspective she had been saving people, and fighting demons and vampires.

This delusion proved to be the only way for this young woman to deal with her dying mind, or, as some would call it, her mental breakdown. Given that she had no deeper truth available to her except for television, her subconscious attempt to escape her mental prison made it so that she got locked into it even deeper. A strange story perhaps, but true.

It is for this reason that you need to stand up now, dear ones. If you do not choose to show the world what you are, if you do not choose to spread your consciousness, the above story will become the new play of planet Earth. Don’t get us wrong, this is not a doomsday scenario, it is merely a potential, which — if you think about the madness of the state of affairs in your surrounding world — is not so farfetched.

In the coming years, it won’t be a war against terrorism nor against nature, eventually. There will be some floods and what you call disasters, but they will pass. The new problem on the planet will be that, which can be labeled ‘instances of singular insanity:’ people going out of their mind because they are so full that the personality has no place left to go, and wha t it has been filled with cannot offer redemption or a route of escape, ascension being one such route. You, the teachers, are needed now with your light and love, with your humor and truth, and, above all, with your joy.

So, make the connections. Reach out your hand often. Show the world who and what you are, while letting go of the drama and all of these other things.

We will speak further on this topic and we will offer practical information on how to deal with it, one example being the use of the Energetic Body and how to connect to it. We will share much with you about your consciousness in upcoming Sessions.

This, indeed, will be our mission for the coming eight years, as this Study of Vibration takes shape, and you will get more used to these new and cosmic ways of being with every passing day, as you will evolve along with us.

You will travel this world and others, visiting many places that have been calling you. Yes, Imzaia, we know your dreams. We know that you feel your lives are too small. So, make them bigger! Make them limitless! When you connect to nature, you go into a state of consciousness. You connect to your inner nature and you go into balance. Once you are in balance, you can accomplish everything that you have been dreaming about.

Later, when you find yourself in bed, but not quite ready to sleep, we ask you to use that opportunity to start taking your filters away, the ones of fear, anxiety, depression, negativity and hatred. Dissolve them in any way that you see fit and open up. It does not matter how you do it, but it very much matters that you do. Then, get ready for what comes next, because it is big. But… as you move forward on this path, it is high time, and highly necessary, to start letting go of these last bits of that addiction called ‘mind.’

Two Akeyasan Questions on Consciousness

We will now turn to a couple of questions before the closing of today’s Session.

AKEYASAN: “My question is about consciousness. Do I have to do or leave certain things to remain in this state, or does it come and go like ebb and flow?”

THE COSMIC TWELVE: Dear and beautiful Creator, there is no need to ‘do’ anything. What we touched upon earlier is that there are so many telling you exactly what steps to take and what to do in order to become ‘enlightened’ – supposedly — but the truth is that it doesn’t work that way.

There is no schedule to this process. It is not possible to say that there is a five-step program and you do not need to study with anyone to be enlightened. This is not necessary. You will see this as we continue our work together. Also, it is impossible to do this within the confines of a mental rule book. You have to trust your instincts and your own nature to do the work — and as we explained earlier, with regards to this energetic shift in consciousness, it has already begun.

You don’t need to do anything. As we are informing you of what is taking place, the only thing to mind is Mind itself, for it will start questioning what has been shared here today and it will try to make a lie out of it. It will try to come up with paradoxes. There are always paradoxes, for energy is paradoxical in its simplicity.

So, in answer to your question: just be still, just be you. Be in your silence. Be in your energy. Be in your passion. Try to not get your mind running you; just let it go, let the mind go. Then, when you do reach this state of evolution that we have described and you start seeing the first signs of this happening, there will be several times when you think you will have fallen back and you will feel the energies and the Earth closing in on you again. It is very important to know that this is normal. It does not mean that the process has not started; it has and it cannot be reversed. Whenever this sensation of the world closing in occurs, stay in your state of joy. That is all you have to do. It is an ‘old’ concept to think you need to move into a state of consciousness, because the truth is that the state of energetic consciousness needs to start moving within you. Find yourself — and this is what you will find.

Does anyone have a follow-up question?

AKEYASAN: “Since I have started learning more about my energy and my connections, I am blocked. It is as though I have been traveling in time. I thought I was in my consciousness for a while, but now I no longer know.”

THE COSMIC TWELVE: You have a choice: either you are blocked and you continue to be blocked, or you unblock yourself. No one can do it for you. We cannot do it for you. You have to do it yourself. You are strong. You are powerful. You are worthy. Many are waiting to speak with you. All you have to do is allow the light that is all around you to be visible to everyone.

Traveling back or forward in time… all of these things are mental concepts. Thinking that you are in consciousness for a while and then you are out of it… is a mental concept. It is these mental concepts that make your light visible or invisible.

Trust your evolutionary process and where it is taking you in each moment. Your mind is still holding on to its personality. It is still trying to survive. Somewhere inside of it, your ego is going crazy. Just remember this: once you let go, everything will change. The necessary release will then follow.

Let Go and Share Your Consciousness

Loved ones, as always, it was our heavenly pleasure to be here on Earth with you, to be in human form and to communicate with you in this way. It is a cosmic orgasm, indeed, just to be around you and to watch you do what you do, to see you make the changes that you make, and to observe the things you set in motion when you choose not to repeat yourself mentally.

We see your fears. We see these little things that still block the forward momentum of your path; they make it difficult for you to be who you really are. Remember, then, that there is a time when these blockages will be over; a time when you will actually miss this ‘good old state of mind’ that you find yourself in at the start of this path. There will be a time, when you sit with each other, and you will think back to the way life on Earth is currently lived. You will be gathering just like you are now and you will remember Avalon, Lemuria, Atlantis, and the childhood you once lived. Then will come a time when the human race will take its place between the stars and become the inter-dimensional race that it really and truly is. This will happen in your lifetime.

Now, if these are not good reasons to get out of bed in the morning, then we don’t know what is! Are you worried — truly — about paying bills now that something as huge as this is going on? Don’t get worried about such things anymore. Do not create small lives. Do not accept living in imbalance and limitation. You once thought that these limits protected you and that you needed them… but when you are balanced, you need no protection. You will be limitless. Your energy needs to beam out in all directions because, dear ones, everyone and everything that will be touched by it will be balanced or will be shown the way to balance.

Let go and share your consciousness, for when you are balanced there are no limits, as the mind is no longer in control. Share your consciousness and be one.

Be Love in the same way we love you. Sometimes, be open and still, and at other times, be joyful and playful.

Let your consciousness create what it wants to. Never put any limits on creation or on consciousness. Express your own ideas, and your creations will come to you; this we guarantee.

Beloved Imzaia, we salute you and we love you. We adore you. We are crazy about you. We have been falling in love with the human race for a long, long time now. We will see you again soon. And so it is.

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Da Akeyasan Rogier San


After listening to Session 47, 51 and 52 the following poem flowed through me:

Identification caused by Indoctrination leads to Justification. Liberation from Indoctrination leads to Illumination.

Us as a Nation now Gracefully grazing upon Waves that are Raising the Ra that’s within. Never Complaining about the external we’re Facing, the Wants and the Don’ts, in the Fields that we Spin.

Theology praises that there’s just One that is Aging without it Contemplating that this One may be You.

No lost Interaction or Communication as One steps behind the so called Veil of Creation but simply Awareness of all that Flows through.

Therefore, Beloved Individualization, that One that plays You in the field of Equation, embrace not just this One but all that is True.


Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San

San’a’ke ❤️

As the Description for this Session indicates, “The Cosmic Twelve discuss the important distinction between feeling and emotion, and between mind and consciousness, as stepping stones towards learning to inhabit not only the physical body but the energetic bodies as well. The Cosmic Twelve also explain the difference between the Akash and the Adonai – aka the first Kakra, or the ‘head’ Kakra – and how, by shutting down the former and activating the latter, one can open up to a different type of reality creation, making use of the akeneic Kakra system rather than the vibrational Chakra system.” — just a portion of the eternal guidance offered in this beautiful session full of Love and Wisdom, which offers many keys to prepare us to become the teachers of the New Earth and to prepare us for direct ascension training.

Contemplating and fully embracing the guidance in this Session along with all of the material here on Imzaia World, this is a non-linear, empowering “wake up call” for all of us to make a committed, unshakeable decision, birthed from consciousness, to step up to the plate and be and do what we have come to be and to do, in balance and in the Now.

For me, this means a second-to-second decision and practice in fully letting go of habits of thought, emotion, and unconscious aspects – in other words, any and all structured emotion, akashic repetition, and predetermination – based on lifetimes lived in vibration and identification with the programs and patterns of the ego, mind, and personality – that I allow to hold me back from being and doing all that I came here to be and do, in service to the whole.

Da’ka’ya Cosmic Twelve and All Ascended Life for being here for us and showing us the way!

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e,
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke ❤️ i ohami imzaia’e

What a magnificent moment it was when this message came in. Every time I have revisited this Session it has surprised me how clear this message is, and how much was shared about how to stay in consciousness, all the way back in 2006.

The following sentence from this Session really says so much:

“It [Heaven] is a state of heart and consciousness – not one of mind, for mind cannot create a heaven. The only things mind can create are in the range of limitation, separation, anxiety, fear and sadness.”

It is so true, the real moments of love, of connection, of growth, expansion, and all the things so many of us love to create can only come from heart and consciousness in expression.

As soon as we enter mind, reality around us adjusts accordingly. Ascended Life has always spoken about the need for consistency and continuity regarding consciousness. The simplicity of knowing that being in consciousness rather than mind is but a choice makes it abundantly clear that – unconscious aspects or not – whenever I have chosen for mind, I simply chose for self rather than for The Pah. The moments expressed and experienced from heart and consciousness are just timeless gems, always bringing about expansion for all.

Da’ka’ya for this wonderful Session ❤️

San’a’kaya ❤️

Da Akeyasan Amy Makai San

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

One of the sentences The Twelve repeat in this session is: ‘As you choose what you want to create and as you create whatever you choose, leave the mind behind and go into consciousness’. A sentence well worth contemplating…

We are programmed to either dwell on the past or worry about the future, which basically means that we are creating our reality through experiences and/or expectations – and then we are surprised when we experience the same things over and over again, which usually are the things we thought we didn’t want to create! In order to consciously create our reality with San (our active ingredients of love, joy, freedom, truth, life, gratitude, grace, well-being, etc.) in the driver seat, we have to leave mind out of the equation. Time and again I have found for myself how easily something will manifest if I keep my focus on exactly what I want to see manifest and don’t allow mind or anyone else for that matter to distract me with buts and ifs or what have you not.

Da’ka’ya for another session full of invaluable information for the budding ascension student!

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