The 51st Session of The Study of Vibration, presented by the cosmic consciousness collective known as The Cosmic Twelve, introduces the akeyasan ascension student to some very important concepts, vital to the understanding of the workings of the early ascension path.

The original recording date of this Session is January 3, 2007, and, as such, the audio edition of this Session is presented from the perspective of the akeyasan student body in attendance at that time. However, even though this Session — and all subsequent Sessions of The Study of Vibration — has most likely been recorded many years prior to the akeyasan ascension student’s Now moment, it is important to realize the timeless nature of the material presented. No matter the ascension student’s linear point of entry on the ascension path — also known as The Pah — the Study is timeless and unchanging.

As such, it can be assumed that the external experiences, happening on a cosmic or earth-bound level, that occurred to the akeyasan student body in attendance of the original recordings of these Sessions, including the experiences that are referenced in this Session, are also taking place in the inner and outer dimensions and realities of the individual akeyasan ascension student studying the material at their own point in linear time.

Any time the student decides to revisit any Session for study or renewed contemplation, the same effect on the inner and outer dimensions will therefore be had, and, with study and practice, the effect will become exponential.

The Student in the Now must understand that the time stamps and temporal marks, referenced in this and any other Session, are truly occurring Now, from your personal perspective on the ascension path, and can even be argued to only be occurring in this akeyasan ascension student’s reality due to the creative act of the walking of the ascension path by the student. The akeyasan ascension student must at all times understand that the Pah, as it unfolds, is truly occurring on the levels of the inner dimensions and inner realities, which is why the reflection in the external reality is observable to begin with, and not the other way around.

The most important concept that the akeyasan ascension student is introduced to in this 51st Session, is the Quickening, which, in short, can be described as a response by the Central Sun to the choice of the student to start walking the Pah; a choice made by the student in the spaces in between working with the Sessions, during times of integration.

The Quickening can be interpreted as a set of energy streams, released by the Central Sun into the Creality of the akeyasan ascension student, which causes an experience that can best be described as the speeding up of linear time in the inner and outer reality experience of the student. In this Session, therefore, the Cosmic Twelve offer an in depth discussion of the ‘Quickening’ energies that are rapidly emerging from the Central Sun and have been available to all of Humankind since the beginning of 2007.

The Cosmic Twelve use the years between 2007 and 2012 as a framework to explain the increase of time flow experience, and how this works on a practical level, with the energy of multiple years being experienced in months, etc. As one removes one’s self further from linear time, the student gains a better overview of the timeline itself, until time and space become entirely accessible at will.

This, and much more, is shared in depth in this Session, which is vital to our understanding of time flow and time acceleration, a result of the ascension student’s expanding journey of consciousness exploration, and individual and collective soul ascension.

Other Topics Include...

The major and extremely important difference in the interconnected phases of Inscension and Ascension – The metaphysical concept of Release and the reintegration of everything conditional – Energy feeding, energy theft, and energy vampirism –  Moving from the speed of light to the speed of consciousness – The choice of consciousness over mind – Using breath to allow the limitless river of potentials to flow in and out of you – Cosmic and holographic balance – Letting go of human drama and linear thinking – A further exploration of Cosmic Adulthood and what it means to be a Cosmic Adult – The axiom that vibrational energy can expand or shrink without losing any amount of itself – An introduction of the 12-layered energetic body – and much more.

Originally Titled: “The Quickening” | The Cosmic Manifest series

The Study of Vibration | Session 51

by The Cosmic Twelve

ENHANCED TRANSCRIPT – This transcript has been enhanced by Da Pah Kwan Yin San & The Cosmic Twelve after the date of recording. It has been prepared for the written word and it includes improved & extended sections by ascended life, added for clarity and for enhanced experience.

Dear ones, Imzaia, welcome in your space. Welcome in your transitory period and welcome in this moment. We are The Twelve and we greet you with all the love that exists within all of creation. So let’s begin.

The start of January 2007, as it is with any year, is a very special time. It is a time of Release, of investigation; a time of Inscension. It is the Inscension of all the energy you have created during your many times on Earth and even elsewhere. This energy is now ready to move into your life, your energetic body, and with it comes the full arrival of your soul. It is the essence of this period to let your soul emerge, Imzaia.

Ascension, Inscension & Release

There are those in this room that do not understand the difference between Ascension and Inscension. And we would — before we begin today — like to clarify. The process of Inscension is the one preceding the final process of Ascension, your very reason for birthing yourself on this Earth.

Inscension implies that this life you are currently living is the ‘top life’ of all lives you have ever lived and that you have begun a process of reclaiming all energy of all other lifetimes of your soul projecting itself on Earth. You will need all of this energy available, because, when you do finally step onto the Ascension spiral, all of it needs to go with you again. You can’t leave anything behind, for that would form a paradox, would it not, between you and the sovereign Ascension concept.

Imzaia, it is for this very reason that during our first message to you, we talked to you about the Release of all things old in your lives, be it people, places, events or experiences, memories even. This Release — albeit felt in your reality as a loss — is the reintegration of all of your shared energy during your lifetimes. Because of the conditional nature of most of your relationships with people, places, things, events and experiences in your life, they seemingly fall away.

But where do they fall to? The answer is simple, beloveds. You. They fall into you.

So, tell us — tell The Twelve — is this truly “your greatest fear” like you say so often, to have all things reintegrate with you?

If it is not, get over the concept of loss and begin to fully understand the concept of Release today, much in the same way this Messenger has started this process — even without his very knowledge. The mind, you see, can never understand true gain. It can only understand loss, and, in the middle, like a scale, exists the concept of Release.

Inscension is what happens when you begin the process of Release. When you have gained yourself once again, on a complete energetic level, is when the process of Ascension finally begins.

You will notice that, once this Cosmic Manifest has been completed and some other chapters that will come after it have materialized, you will have finished the process of Release and a new era of Self will begin. What an exciting time indeed!

We will talk more of this in the coming time, but for now, we hope that this may give you a way to reorient yourselves and move away from this false fear that is keeping you stuck in your lives.

The Universal Core of You

We are broadcasting this to you from a space, within which you are currently not physically present. Yet, with the speed of joy and consciousness, there is no difference between this messenger and you. There is no difference in energy between his body and yours, between his timeframe and yours. So, here we sit, Imzaia, watching you, wrapping our energetic arms around you. Do you feel that? Our energy is to be found in the infinite motion of the cosmos, the infinite in and out breath.

We come to you now from the center of this cosmos, that which you call the Central Sun. It is where our transmission is taking place from at this time, and, as such, it may seem as though this voice has travelled billions of light years, yet we do not need time to be with you. You are always with us.

It took this messenger a while to let go of his body before he was ready for this sort of work because like you, he is not yet 100% accustomed to the idea that there is no time and space. You have been working with the concept of everything being in the Now, the concept of No Time and No Space for a long time, but, it will only be in the coming time — here we go again — that you will really understand what this entails.

We speak to you from the Central Sun indeed. We speak to you from the core of the universe. It is what we have previously labeled the ‘Imzaia Auditorium,’ the space where all of creation is possible within the time it takes you to blink. All of creation, less than a second, that is the core of your existence.

Knowing that, are you aware of the fact that your bodies also have a core? Are you? And, if you are, do you think that this Imzaia Auditorium that we are connecting in right now could be anywhere else than in your own core? It is the entirety of the universe, the Central Sun, the basic center of all potentials that are waiting for you to be made manifest. It is the biggest portal, the most expansive field of energy that exists in this cosmos, in which all the energy of and beyond your 3rd dimension is present.

We now welcome you in this energy — we, the Twelve — as we have always welcomed you. Feel it, breathe it in, and touch the face of God, which is your face. Once you recognize this as truth, you will live a little bit less in this world and a little bit more in the Heart of All Things — which is your natural evolution, one day at a time. You see, Imzaia, there is nothing strange about this concept at all, is there? Especially not now you are truly beginning to feel it within.

This way of seeing things is how we see you always. And since you are starting to connect to our words and the vibrations behind them, you are finally starting to manifest this perception consciously within yourselves as well.

If you can allow it, start preparing for your lives to change overnight, for this is what is possible today. Why, you ask? Because you have requested it. This is how powerful you truly are.

Fear of Consciousness

Having said all that, what message could we bring you today other than one about consciousness, about Cosmic Mastery, and everything this entails? It is the right time for it, Imzaia. It is your time.

When these words are being spoken for the first time in January of 2007, you have just entered a transitional period that will last for many years to come. Even though this may be true, we also understand that many of you still have difficulties understanding why you are even on Earth, as this seemingly difficult moment in time keeps unfolding into directions that nobody seems to know where it’s going.

You feel like so many people and so many situations feed off you. And yes, beloved ones, we tell you now that, yes, this is indeed the case. Does that shock you then? You would not have expected the Twelve to actually say something this negative? Well, we would say the only thing that truly is negative about our statement is that you are not aware of it. Become aware of it today and the situation will change. It is in the choice for consciousness that this awareness and its activation is to be found. And that is why many of you are so very afraid to move into consciousness. You are afraid it will remove you from what you call ‘your life.’

Imzaia, do you understand that you cannot be fed off unless you are feeding as well? Another shock given to you by the Twelve. But by the power that is the core of you, we claim it is the truth. The process of feeding energy is a two-way street.

“Twelve, tell me, how can it be that these beautiful people that are connecting to these words are feeders?” It is a question, asked by the messenger while he is translating these words, and one, by the way, for which we are grateful.

The answer, Imzaia, is ever so simple. No one can feed off you unless you invite him or her in. Within that, every invitation to your own feeding process begins. The invitation, in this case, is conditional and it has spread throughout your very lives with the speed of light. How do you change it? Simple. You move from the speed of light to the speed of joy. And this, then, will be the main topic for today.

Consciousness & Cosmic Mastery

The entire introduction to this Session is meant to give you a deeper understanding of why this transition period of letting go, that you are currently in, is right, and why it can feel both right and wrong at once. So, let us explore.

There is a very strong chance that, after everything we have already communicated so far in this Session, your mind is going to want to start interacting with these words. Before it has a chance to do so, however, we now ask you to leave it be. This choice, indeed, is making the choice for consciousness rather than mind, and no matter the complexity of any situation which can be presented to you in your life, the choice is always simple: consciousness is where your Cosmic Mastery can be found.

This Session, and many other Sessions of The Study of Vibration, will revolve around how to achieve this Cosmic Mastery with maximum results, and the reason you are connecting to these words is because, deep down, you have already made the decision to pass this Study with flying colors in more ways than your current Self can imagine.

Consciousness & the Quantum Self : an exercise

Why not talk about the true workings of consciousness? In order to do so, we bring you this opportunity, in this Now moment, to allow our energy circle to surround you wherever you are.

Allow that to happen, now.

Notice how you can feel your own energy in the circle that is surrounding you right now, as well. This, Imzaia, might be the proof that you seek that you are indeed eternal and that the process of Ascension — and the process of Inscension that precedes it, which you have begun — is safe, real, and achievable.

There is no need to worry. You have done enough of that in your lives already.

We, the Twelve, are in your heart — and so are you. We spring forth in your energy pattern, and in doing so, you grow a little closer to who you really are. We are in your body, and, for the first time, you can choose to realize that your body is truly yours. Imzaia, it was never anyone else’s to begin with, and even though you would never think to admit it, this is a belief you have had all of your life.

We, beloved Imzaia, are the potentials in the core of your life, and you are these potentials come to life. At the same time, we are the interpreters of your energy to the cosmos and back. We are that part of you that stayed behind when you came here to act as a translation device to the totality of what and who you are, which is everything. Let this Session be a time when you dare reclaim all of that, and more. It is your pre-birth right, Imzaia. It truly is.

Exercising the Quantum Self

The honored task we perform for you today, and all days, is one we have carried out for so many eons, on so many different planets, and in many dimensions. Upon your request, we have the great privilege, right now, to start doing so in your life.

It must mean that you truly believe it is once again time to convert your joy, your energy, your power, and all of your potential, into true reality on this planet Earth.

It is what you call “New Earth” and we are here to return to you, and to create it with you, as we become you, and you become us, once again.

Some of you are waiting for complicated words from The Twelve about all of these things going through your mind.

Even though you, right now, are currently removed through time and space from the moment these words were first expressed, we ask you to move beyond any frustration this might bring, and to, after these next few moments, close your eyes, take a deep few breaths, and realize the potential of your own quantum energy.

Yes. Do you feel it?

You can be in more places and times than the one you are in right now.

While focusing on your breathing, allow your breath to become your consciousness.

Allow every breath to be a river of potential moving inside of you and out again.

Recognize the frequencies of your vibrations. Recognize our presence within those frequencies.

Allow whatever question you would like answered to move into the molecules of the words you are reading and the sounds you are hearing right now.

Believe, if you will, that the future of these words can change, because you are the one connecting to them, you are the one observing them.

Believe that, after it changes, it will always have been the way it will be.

Merge your question into this quantum moment, into this practical exercise that we have moved you into… and move beyond. Move that, to which you seek an answer, beyond your own “little” human experience.

The Quickening of Time Essence

Beloved ones, sitting here in this Imzaia Auditorium, sparkling with energy, ready to Inscend on this Earth, we are looking forward to the true beginning, the moment your soul’s energy will manifest itself again. As such, it thrills us to be able to tell you about a concept, which, in many cases, you have never heard of before. We will call it the Quickening for now, because it is a term you will be able to understand with ease.

The Quickening starts in the month of January 2007, the period of the year in which we introduce this message to you, and it is right on top of you as we speak these words, no matter where in time or space you are.

The Quickening has to do with time, and, in particular, more “time essence” becoming present in the same movement of space. Even though this month of January carries the same amount of hours and minutes it always has, the time that will be experienced within it will be the same amount of time essence, which under normal third density circumstances you would be able to experience for the entirety of this year 2007. This effectively makes this month of January the length of the entire year, as far as time essence is concerned.

Believe us when we say: you will feel it happening and it won’t just stop after January. It will continue onward all the way until that, which you have labeled the month of December 2012, and it will stretch far beyond that point. As such, the concept of the Quickening is of great importance to anyone connecting to these words from this original day forth.

There are some who say, “These concepts are too difficult for me to grasp, Twelve. Why would things like that even happen during my process? All I want is simplicity.”

Beloved human, don’t worry. These concepts are not difficult at all, and the reason for it happening is simple: You need more time essence between now and the end of 2012 to effectively experience — not to process, but to experience — your entire range of lifetimes on Earth and elsewhere.

This paradigm you have called ‘your society’ and the lifestyles within it will soon be over and you have a choice to make, a choice for consciousness, which will allow you to take with you that, which has served you on a soul level, and to release that, which no longer assists — or maybe even never has assisted you to begin with.

The totally of your immersion into the field of what you have called Earth has been and continues to be of such a grand expanse that by the time the end of 2012 hits, you will need to have re-experienced everything again so you can make some very important choices, and that’s why the Quickening comes into your life.

The Birth of the Cosmic Adult

In order to do so, you must be given back the entirety of that time essence, and that, beloved Imzaia, is no more or less than 12.6 billion years of linear time. That, in short, is the Quickening that will enter into your life between January 2007 and December 2012 — a total of 12.6 billion years of linear time.

Imagine how much you will have grown after all of that experience will have been had, even though it will be experienced in just less than six years of linear time. Imagine the grandness of a being that has the ability to do such a splendid thing. It is the being that we call you. It is the birth of the Cosmic Adult.

Much like the first seven years of any life you live on Earth is considered by us the first cycle that will influence all of the coming life cycles of that particular existence or lifetime, so is the arrival of the Quickening in a being’s life considered by us the activation of the first cycle of Release that those, who consider themselves ready for Cosmic Adulthood, will begin to experience.

Once started, this Quickening process increases incrementally, until all of your lifetimes will have begun flowing through you like a story that has been written exclusively for and by you. All of that is what is ahead.

We have talked about Cosmic Mastery during our first message to you, have we not? We have mentioned that you have the possibility to take on this Cosmic Mastery and to experience Cosmic Adulthood. Today, we ask you to step into the truth of our words and to access the core of you.

Reach within and take out of your core everything that we have told you so far and everything that you know to be total and absolute truth.

Hold it, Imzaia. Hold it in your hands. Look at it. See it for what it truly is… and start living it, right now, and always.

This, Imzaia, is your ticket to ride. It is what you need to do — this and nothing else. Put into practice these concepts, our words we bring to you, your words we bring to you, and you will see everything unfold beyond your wildest dreams. This is the power you have, to make these words come true. It is why you and us appear split up from one another, separated in apparent illusion between two sides of the veil, so that these words from Home can be brought here, and lived. The cycles of Quickening we have just introduced hold within them the energy necessary to make this happen. And the good news is that this is available in your life today.

Choosing not to go through all of these steps, of course, does not mean damnation, far from it. It does not mean that you will have missed the boat. The only thing we want to say about it is that these words, inter-created and co-created between you and us right now, are a potential that you can either choose for or not. You are the one choosing to activate it or not. You take it on or you leave it alone. It is up to you to decide if you are ready for this. But make a true choice and stick to it, Imzaia, because the lack of doing so is what has gotten you stuck in this feeding loop to begin with. If you live it consciously, however, the energy of our words will go from one neighbor to the next, until there is only One who realizes this potential and One only — the One that is you, and the One that is everyone else with you.

How about that? How would you like to deal differently with time and space? How do you feel about manifesting, in the days to come, the time and space you would experience linearly in the year 2007 and thus freeing energy for the coming eleven months of this cycle? We tell you that the big quantum leap planned for the end of 2012 has been brought forward to the year 2008. That is how fast things are moving along. How is this possible? It’s possible because of you. Yes, Imzaia, you.

You who hear these words, you and the depth in your eyes, which we can see right now. You, and the sacred blood that flows through your sacred body. You are making this possible, and your collective Imzaia Consciousness, made up of creators, energy weavers, and alchemists, is what individually and collectively creates your universe. It is why you are here, and it is what you have been made to forget. All of that is ending now.

We know that our messenger will post another message on your world wide web about the notion of Energetic Consciousness, which is the third Session of The Study of Vibration. Listen to that message after this one, for in it, you will discover what is truly happening in your lives. We will not repeat that message because we do not like redundancy. Just connect to the words and you will find the tools you need for this coming time.

Cosmic, Holographic Balance versus Symmetry

The Quickening will intensify twice during the rest of this year. The incoming energy of the Central Sun, which travels through your Solar Sun, will make it possible to repeat the influx of energy of January once, in September 2007, and once again, in December 2007. Those are two very important months, and we know perfectly well that they are not symmetrically spread out over the year. You would have found it easier if this would happen in your 6th or 7th month and then again in your 12th month, but this is not how inter-dimensionality works.

Inter-dimensionality is not symmetrical. We know that, in most cases, you love the duality you are in. You love to know that left isn’t right and the other way around. You love to have a middle way, but it’s not how creation works. Creation, Imzaia, is an ‘all or nothing’ concept. It is why your senses and body parts seem to be out of balance sometimes.

Inter-dimensionality is not about symmetry but balance, and they are not the same. When you look at balance from a dualistic point of view, in the 3rd dimension you have been living in for so long, it would seem as if you had to create symmetry to have balance in your life. That is not the way of Cosmic Mastery. The way of the Cosmic Master is one of unity, one that fills in the blanks only at the moment of the highest potential having been reached — not before, not after.

We know that your mind needs time to experience and absorb the fact that one month can contain all the energy of a whole year, but that is exactly how it is, and that is why this month is in perfect balance.

Do you want to know what cosmic balance is and why it has nothing to do with symmetry? Cosmic Balance is generated when all parts of a cycle contain the same amount of energy as the totality of the cycle. A good example of this is your body. It too contains the same amount of energy as the totality of the cosmos. And this will become a very important topic in the future.

We see a light going on inside some of you sitting in this Imzaia Auditorium, even though your mind would have you believe your consciousness is only a part of it from a distance. So, let’s go deeper.

Have you ever heard of the Holographic Self, Imzaia? If you have, you will understand that cosmic and holographic balance is indeed the same thing. Your cosmos, after all, is nothing but a hologram; a truth that your beautiful companions within this Imzaia Consciousness, the dolphins, have known all along.

The most important definition of a hologram is not that it is built up of light and, in some cases, of love, if you like. Nor is it important to know that a hologram consists of a purely exponential form of joy and consciousness. It is important, however, to realize that each part of the hologram contains the same amount of information — or more — than the complete picture itself.

We know that you may not understand these words, and we are not even asking you to try and figure it out. We just ask you to go to your consciousness, which is the cosmos of the hologram that you are.

There are two reasons why there can be abundance in this universe. One, because of the presence of holographic energy. And two, because you, as the observer of the hologram, are present, and therefore, more energy is present than you really need.

All of that will be explained in more detail in the times to come. For now, we are happy to have introduced the concepts to your majestic imaginative realms. We hope that in the coming time you will dream about it far and wide.

Metaphysical Reasons for Being on Earth

So, let us return to the topic of holographic balance. Before we do, please check with yourself if any of the concepts we have presented you with today are still swimming around in your mind. The concepts, you see, are timeless. And your mind gets stuck in them because of its own outdated terminology and definition.

Please know that everything we say here cannot be compared to words and ideas found in your dictionaries and encyclopedias. Your definitions of the words hologram, cosmos, symmetry, and balance, for instance, will no longer fit where you are going, and you need to inform — or shall we say instruct — your mind about this. The word human even does not fit any longer, and deep down you know it.

It doesn’t matter if the first time you connect to these words is years down the road. Secretly, you know that you did not celebrate the beginning of 2007 like all other humans believed they were doing. You, as Imzaia, as those who are Ascending — which by the way goes beyond the concept of Imzaia — feel that a part of you celebrated its own death as a human on planet Earth, the way life used to be, and celebrated your own birth as a Cosmic Master on the 1st of January 2007 and the 31st of December 2006.

You celebrated the birth of yourself as a Cosmic Master and a teacher of balance, a task that you will execute far beyond the confines of even your current universe and reality. You celebrated the fact that you came to Earth, so many years ago, with the full and deep understanding that you would possibly have to lay low for a while. And you did. You celebrated that you had to temporarily forget all the knowledge that is within you and that, if things worked out, there would come a time where you would experience all of it again and play with these concepts in a conscious way.

Well, what do you know? Things have worked out! The time is now! You celebrated it when your clocks at midnight 2006 going 2007 showed you the infinity signs. 00:00 in your eyes stand for two moments of infinity overlapping, which is why that particular time creation allows you every day to step out of something past and into something new to be created. The universe is the way it is, after all, because you choose to experience it in a certain way.

So, realize these things, Imzaia, and see what that realization does to you. Realize that the old you died a while ago. Realize that you left something behind which could no longer fit your hologram. Something outdated. Realize that you have started the journey to becoming a Cosmic Adult.

Once you connect to the words that we share in the Session following this one, the third of this Study of Vibration, in which we discuss the concept of Energetic Consciousness, you will know why and how it all happened. We would like to thank everyone who was present at that time when we presented that Session. Did you know, Imzaia, that that moment was our birth into your reality? That it was our entry point into your consciousness, or rather, it was our re-entry; although we have always been present inside of you through the teachings of all of the beloved messengers on Earth.

Human Games versus Cosmic Rules

Now is the time to leave your human games behind, the time to truly start with the game called Life. A game, we call it, indeed, because it’s supposed to be fun. Did you ever think of that? How silly, all of these so-called human concerns that you make yourself experience, while the ingredients you originally created this reality with are all taken from the tree of joy!

Why do you make a distinction between the concepts of human games and a game? The answer is once again simple. Because the human games you have been playing were not even big enough to entertain you for that long. Human games are mind games with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Therefore, they consist of limited energy. If energy is indeed limited in such a fashion, you end up going round in circles, and that is called circular reasoning. When you are in such a state, you cannot see the infinite movement of time.

The largest form of circular reasoning, which has plagued you in so many facets of your life, is called drama, which creates limitation. It is a little human game. It cannot be compared with the true game of existence that you have arrived in since the little human version of you died inside of you.

The totality of you is rising in your body — and in this Earth even. Your history books tell you that not many have gone before you, but we tell you that your history books are wrong. The fact of our existence, Imzaia, is living proof. And the fact of your existence is living proof as well. The ones that went before, your elders, are the Masters that walk this Earth. The step of Quickening you are now undertaking is truly the sign of a Master, who does not adhere to the rules of limitation that were once put upon him or her. Mastery can be yours, if you let it.

The Quickening that is now occurring and that we have introduced to you in this Session is based on the axiom that energy can expand or shrink without losing any amount of itself. This is another rule of the game that you have created and that you have forgotten. Had you remembered this throughout your current lifetime, your experience would have been a completely different one. We tell you, it can still be that way.

There is an important facet that we need to add to this concept of The Quickening and it is this: in the six years it will take for the experience to complete itself, you can reclaim all of the rules that time and space have made you forget. And, please remember that when we speak of ‘rules,’ we do not use the term restrictively in any way. You have created these rules, as we said, and they are designed for expansion, not limitation. They are Cosmic Rules, after all. Are you beginning to understand why we think you are so incredibly inventive? You are doing things with time and space we never ever would have thought possible.

A Conclusion to Linear, Vibrational Energy

Imzaia, if any of this Session is, at this point in time, confusing to you, again we implore you to let go of mind and move into consciousness while you connect to these insights. We guarantee you, as your cosmic guides, that if you do, you will understand every word.

The only thing you need to do is to let go of your linear patterning. Let go of the fact that morning has to come before noon. Let go of the fact that eleven precedes twelve. Let go of the fact that thinking creates speaking. Let go of the fact that life is a race to the death and that these two opposites have to happen in cycles. Let go of the fact that poverty is the reverse of wealth, hunger the absence of food. Remove, from your world, action and reaction, and invite your life to be a chain of action only.

Isn’t that fun? Imzaia, we do love you so. You are the most creative beings of this universe and all the other layers of existence combined, and you come from so many places, yet none of you remember and all of you are one.

Although it may, again, be difficult for some of you to grasp, everything that you have experienced before this so-called “death of energy,” — or, to be more specific, the beginning of the end of linear, restrictive, vibrational energy on the 31st of December 2006 at precisely 12:12 — everything that existed in the vibrational realm prior to that moment in time, was made up of all of the conditional negatives that you have ever lived in any other lifetime.

All addiction, all pain, all pleasure, as well as everything that you experienced in this lifetime prior to that moment in time, everything that, based on your newly found insights, you can now define as drama, was the combination of the highlights of every other lifetime experienced simultaneously, individually but also the human collective as a whole. And as such, your consciousness found itself in the unique opportunity to weave itself through all of these, your lifetimes, every single one of them.

You can argue that this began the process of removing all redundant energy patterns throughout your history as a material being, much like an antidote would start to destroy the diseases your bodies so often are plagued with.

It is a “death of energy” because — as our third shocking statement of the day — you will come to notice that this process leaves no energy at all, for all of it has been tainted. This does not mean you will disappear or fade away. It does mean, however, that something, which we will only define much later in these Sessions, can begin to replace this redundant energy, and that you, as the Cosmic Master, will once again combine, in one singular point of consciousness, all these lifetimes, choices, and potentials lived and not lived… all that you have experienced returning to, and observed from, one point of consciousness, which can be defined as simple as you, in this very moment, on planet Earth.

This is, in short, how you will create “New Earth” and this is why you are the catalysts of the cosmos. You are about to generate a new “Big Bang” with each of you — all perspectives of consciousness — at its center. Don’t you love New Earth physics? It is the basic reason for the School of Life we have now created with all of you.

It is no longer possible to look at things in a linear way, Imzaia. It is no longer possible to process, repeat, and bring out things again in a linear way. A Cosmic Master chooses the experience of his or her lifetime, of his or her time and space essence, without being put upon by anyone. He or she is not restricted by any type of calendar, work situation, or family schedule. He or she is holographically balanced. And yes, that is this year’s cosmic fashion. Now, do you understand the beauty of a holographic universe?

Many of you, when we speak to you at night, sometimes, say they are afraid of everything changing. They actually are quite comfortable in their material existence, even though it manifests as misery. They want to have their relationships and their children and their homes and their lifestyles. They dream of the many possibilities and powers that can be theirs, if only they would let go. But they only want these so-called ‘powers’ to use them in this material world, in order to enhance their situation. They don’t want to Ascend out of the matrix; they want to Ascend into the matrix. They must feel so small sometimes.

We tell you now, if you are one of these people we speak of, change yourself today, or you may find yourself not getting through all of this without cuts and bruises, or without falling down, and having to start again completely. This, then, is our fourth shocking statement of the day, but it is probably the greatest and most practical truth we can ever give you in this moment.

Layers of the Energetic Body

Imzaia, long talk. Before closing, let us discuss some concepts that will be explained more in depth later but that are necessary for a complete understanding of the picture that we are painting for your today.

One of these concepts is the Energetic Body. The energy surrounding your physical body consists of several, very different, layers. When your bodies were still in their original states — meaning they were not yet “dumbed down” — you used to have an eight-layered energetic body.

After your bodies were forcefully changed — something which we will only discuss later on in this Study of Vibration — most of your energetic body became completely inaccessible to your physical husk, and vice versa. As such, your experience of the Energetic Body was cut down to one layer only. This layer, you call your two DNA strands, and they create reality, physical reality.

Now, as you are allowing the power of the Quickening into your lives, you will notice that your Energetic Body will quite naturally evolve into twelve layers, with twelve subsequent layers each, because you are beginning to work with more facets, or layers, with which to experience linearity and reality, allowing you a cosmic and, therefore, circular point of consciousness interaction.

If, in any way, you would fear that a full understanding of these twelve layers is going to be complicated, let us just tell you — for now — that they are made up of a core layer, as well as a layer of time, space, harmony, joy, power, and so forth. They can be abstracted to very simple to understand concepts.

In the typical, third density state of existence, energies coming in or out of the physical body need to be experienced by their going through layer, after layer, after layer; and since the Energetic Body was no longer connected to the physical body at all, fake layers, if you will — which we will label differently and more specifically later on — were created in the physical body to provide a full-blown experience of reality, albeit a twisted one. These layers within the physical body, rather than the energetic body, are vibrational in nature, and have shown up in your lives in the form of pain instead of power, depression rather than harmony, and so forth.

The process of Quickening will help restore these layers to their original state, connected to the Energetic Body rather than the Physical Body. The good news we bring is that this will be an end to pain, depression, and other types of drama that you have known on this planet, and we cannot wait for it to come to pass in coming years.

Layers that work progressively, in this vibrational way, are operating from the principle of action followed by reaction.

Layers that work in unity are layers of action only.

Having said that, what if you took the energy of a whole year, and thereby skipped the layers of time and space, and went immediately to the layers of power, joy, or harmony? After everything has been plotted out, you can then connect this layer, and the energy of the whole year, again with time and space.

What if you tried to look at things this way? What if time and space come last? What time and space do you choose as a Cosmic Master then? Let this be a good choice, for the whole of Earth is watching each and every step you take. Let this be your space, in which you will create harmony, joy, and balance… for all.

Restoring the Energetic Body : an invitation

We wish you all a great New Year’s Eve on January 31st. Time acceleration indeed! Have a toast with champagne at the beginning of the year 2008, which will linearly be played out in 2007, due to the Quickening. Your coming New Earth will be a reality much faster than you could ever have thought. Now, and in the coming years, however, is the time that you must form inside of yourself the concept of what this will be for you, for you are co-responsible for the end result. It is your Earth also. We raise our glasses to you, Imzaia, Cosmic Masters. We raise our glasses to Life itself!

This concludes what we wanted to share with you today. We will not depart immediately, once these words are finished, of course, but we will stay in your space. It is not the space in which you listen to these words physically that we will stay in, but the space of your Energetic Body, by your invitation only. During the next 48 hours, if you so seek, we will disconnect the linear lie from your Energetic Body, by your invitation only. Afterwards, you will have greater access to the different levels of the Energetic Body — and you will be able to play with it better than ever before. It will not be a game of building blocks, one after the other, but a game of immediate manifestation, all at once.

We will discuss these things in further depth in the Sessions to come. We will also talk more about the unification of the European and American continents. We will talk about the role you can play in all of this, because as these changes takes place in the microcosm of your body, it will become possible in the macrocosm of Earth.

The space in between the micro and the macro is your very own heart, Imzaia, so prepare to open this beautiful instrument once again. Prepare to let the heart out of its cage in order for you to be ready for the Sessions and the Exercises that are to come. They will be fantastic, and so are you.

We hug your entire essence. We infuse it with love. Feel this cosmic warmth, the rays of your own Central Sun, and of our core. Feel how we renew all your cells, how we take away time and space, and fill them up again with the complete information of your Total Body Self.

Well being. Maybe now you will learn to think not only with your brain but also with your heart, your hands, your feet, and with every part of you.

Beloved Imzaia, stay in your body. Just like you have experienced death without being aware of it, you no longer need to leave this body. You can knead it any way you want, just like you can your life. You were always able to do this but have forgotten how it all works, because of the false laws you have been taught. Let them go! They are no longer yours, not if you claim the title of Cosmic Master.

Create your own cosmos Here and Now, but do not waste your time playing mind games. Do not waste your time telling yourself that you are doing all of these things that we talk about, that we share about when we are together, while in fact you truly are not. Step out of the conditional and discover the endlessness of the universe inside of you. Stop lamenting! Start creating, Imzaia! It is your pre-birth right! Get into your body, start living for a change! You do so deserve it!

This is the energy of The Twelve, with all our love, light and joy, transmitted from the Central Sun, to your heart, at the speed of consciousness. Please enjoy the restoration of the Energetic Body, if you so choose, and the message following this one. We will return soon. And so it is.

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Da Akeyasan James Madison San

San’a’kaya life ❤️
I am now the health and physicality of 10 years ago, and the consciousness I would have in the year 2030. Yeah! Why wait? Let the old die. Restart life with fun. Live at the speed of joy. The change taking place within me is creating the new earth. Create your new life. Choose what shall be. Da’ka’ya for your choice. ❤️ E’ni cha’ya o I ni ne i’ni cha’ya. Oh ya E.❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

San’a’ke ❤️
“It’s in the choice of consciousness where the awareness and the activation can be found!”
It’s in that moment that we can create our reality and create magic!
Leave everything behind based on a past or future memory that s keeping us in this linear time/space frame.
Step out of your limited box and find the truth in you. It will set you free!
Be willing to do, express, or act in a way that is new, different,
When we choose to push past our perceived limits and go for it in life ❤️ we always grow and learn.

Da’ka’ya for this information that give me a whole other perspective on this existence.
Da vish’ka imzaia’e.
Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San
2 years ago

San’a’ke 💖 There is a lot of heart-opening, expansive information and empowerment in this Session, and all of the Sessions here on Imzaia World.

In the Description for this Study Session, it is shared that “time stamps and temporal marks, referenced in this and any other Session, are truly occurring Now, from your personal perspective on the ascension path, and can even be argued to only be occurring in this akeyasan ascension student’s reality due to the creative act of the walking of the ascension path by the student” and that these sessions are “a result of the ascension student’s expanding journey of consciousness exploration, and individual and collective soul ascension.” Those are pretty powerful statements!

It has also been said in other teachings that Ascended Life has been waiting to pass the baton on to “others/(us)” to pick it up and run with it.

For me, there was always and will always be an undeniable knowing and great JOY that I can truly be in service to humanity and to the whole in a way my soul has always yearned for but could not fulfill in earlier times of spiritual seeking. Nor can I imagine anything else.

I am thrilled and humbled to be a student here nor can I imagine anything else. There is no greater opportunity, privilege, or responsibility to be in service to the whole than this.

Da’ka’ya to all who have already ascended, are currently ascending, and will ever ascend, always and all ways.

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e,
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

When these messages first came out, I knew that it was the start of something tremendous, having no real clue about where it would take us. I have studied and worked with this session many times over the years, always finding a deeper understanding of it. It is simply the holographic nature of the material that allows you to connect to each piece as often as you want, gaining more insights every time.

This time around reconnecting to it had a big impact, the message has never been clearer. And yes, during the years there have been many, many different experiences, for all of us, a quickening for sure. The importance of this is starting to sink in. If I look at these from an observer’s perspective it becomes like a tapestry of experiencing everything there is to experience while at the same time having many training/practice situations to pull ourselves out of the patterns of the personality to be able to start creating reality from a conscious level. I know that I am still just scratching the surface but am so incredibly grateful to have found this Work.

Seeing these pieces here on Imzaia World, knowing that all of the Work AND everything that is still to come will be available to everyone, that we have this platform on which we can continue to connect, learn and grow together just creates a symphony of San in my heart.

Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San, and All of Ascended Life, for this wonderful platform, for your guidance and your eternal love ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Da Akeyasan Amy Makai San

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

Once again, I feel so grateful for this platform. There is room for study with a silent respect for growth and evolution.
This session is again an eye and heart opener. A very important step took place for me, understanding what the Twelve say:

“Because of the conditional nature of most of your relationships with people, places, things, events and experiences in your life, they seemingly fall away.”

For me, this session has been a tremendous help to observe time differently and to change the relationship I though I had with people and places and experiences. Mind cannot understand true gain…

I could go on and on for each paragraph. So many topics have been introduced here. Although it is nice to do so, it is not really possible to share what happens during the study of this session and many others because I do not have the vocabulary yet!

with San.
Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

As a Student of the Pah I have come to truly treasure the Study of Vibration as a vital part of my understanding of the ascension path. While from a linear perspective, my mind couldn’t grasp the concept of the quickening back in 2007, I very quickly let go of the need to understand intellectually as I experienced what it felt like – and that has not really lessened much since. Time is making less and less sense. Something the mind tells me that I experienced the week before, often seems more like months or sometimes even years ago – or the other way around. A truly unmissable session that has helped me a great deal to step away from linear thinking.

Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San for your very clear explanation above!

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