Session 123 of The Study of Vibration is an exploratory lecture presented by Da Jeshua San, who discusses the ability of the Now to lift us beyond the illusion of a three-dimensional, linear world.

Illusion is  everything that keeps us limited within ourselves. Duality, in turn, one of the most impactful consequences of illusion, is what keeps us away from creating our world with Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, and Life at its base.

As such, we routinely express ourselves in our daily lives using only a very small part of the total energy being that we are. When we express ourselves from within the often narrow framework of personality that we have established for ourselves, we are separating ourselves from a large part of ourselves.

Part of the shift in human consciousness that is currently underway, is our collective evolution from personality and identity to energity, a state where we fully embrace All That We Are. It is vital, during this period of transformation, to reunite all parts of ourselves, pushing nothing away.

We are invited to leave our identity behind, yes, but this does not in any way involve giving up Who We Are. That, we can never do. But we can give up the pre-defining parameters of the expressions that we are, so as to enter the unknown, which is a major reason for any human choosing to be on Earth in this Age.

We came here to make known the unknown. The only thing we can truly lose in the process are our illusions. We have never been not whole. Jeshua explains how very simple it is. Everything that brings us Joy will lead us to our hearts. And this leads us to our passion, which leads us to why we are here. We have chosen to become a part of our own creation. No more compromising and no more running away from who we are.

This powerful talk by Da Jeshua San plunges us into the non-sensical field, far beyond linear space, into the heart of the Now.

Other Topics Include...

The dark night of the soul – Moving from ego-based thinking to energy-based thinking – Shifting from “identity” to “energity” –  What you push away, returns to you – What is death? – “The Now” is a concept of time and space – The “Third Brain” and memories – What it means to no longer allow compromises in your life – The Eja’i, Oja’i principle – Being here now – Moving from theory to practice – The power of Joy – The connection between your senses and matter – The Central Sun and the Akene – The opening up of the White Guild – Gravity and Magnetism – A world of “non-sense” rather than one of walls and definition – and much more.

Originally Titled: “The Principles of the Now – Part 1 – The Illusion of the Now” | The Cosmic Manifest series

The Study of Vibration | Session 123

by Da Jeshua San

ENHANCED TRANSCRIPT – This transcript has been enhanced by Da Pah Kwan Yin San & Da Jeshua San after the date of recording. It has been prepared for the written word and it includes improved & extended sections by ascended life, added for clarity and for an enhanced study experience.

And so it is. 

Loved ones, dear ones, Lemurians, creators; you that are you today, I Am that I Am Da Jeshua San. Today, I stand in front of you, united with my lovely friends from beyond that, which you call the Veil, from beyond that, which you call the realm of infinite possibility. 

I would like to introduce you to my dear friend, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, a.k.a. Adamus Saint Germain, who will be attending this mission of yours, this journey into your deepest, inner realms. And also, I will be joined by Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San, Da Pah Kwan Yin San, Da Michael San, and, in fact, the many others, whose presence will be necessary tonight, for as this Session unfolds, you, on your path, will begin a ‘long, dark night of the soul.’

Returning to a State of Sovereignty

Such a thing, a ‘dark night of the soul,’ seems like an amazing concept, does it not? Usually, the night is something that people fear. Many, in one way or another, are afraid of the night. Oftentimes, you will find yourself walking in a forest, or a city, the sun is shining and you are enjoying everything that you see around you. In amazement, you marvel at the wonders of the world, the things that you want, the things that you seek.  And yet, at the same time, when you walk through that same forest, or that same city, at night, fear will rise up. It might be a fear of the unknown or a fear that something bad might befall you.

The truth of the matter, of course, is that nothing can ever happen to you, since you are the creator of your own life, not someone else, nor someone else’s.

This energy, ‘the long night of the soul,’ implies that your soul has, at this stage of your ascension path, entered into that space, where fear can no longer reach you.

All of you have been dying to get away from the darkness within, have you not? In your attempts to do so, you have been looking towards the light — which has been an amazing journey indeed; yet can light ever be truly efficient without its counterpart, without that energy that actually creates the confession that you find in the light itself? It cannot.

And such, at night, when you are afraid that your life might actually start to catch up with you, the eyelids close and you drift away from this world — from everything that you have created here — and you enter into the illusion of sleep, thinking that when you sleep the world will continue to revolve around you. It does not.

When you close your eyes and when you go deep within, there is no world. Is there even a world to begin with? Or are you merely in a state where you feel entrapped in your body — entrapped, even, in your soul, in your energy, in your consciousness itself? Yes you are.

You have taken a long journey indeed, one from ego-based thinking to mind-based thinking, then onward to energy-based thinking, where you came to the point of acknowledgement that dark and light, love and fear, plus and minus, are all part of the same energy.

You have surpassed this type of duality living, which is, in itself, the entire drive and reason behind many of the previous Sessions of The Study of Vibration: to assist your re-entry into a state of sovereignty, to allow you to truly know light and dark, and that all things expressed in duality are truly a mere expression of the same energy. 

Energized Identity vs Limited Identity

[This messenger oftentimes has a little game he likes to play when people still believe themselves to be trapped within their own duality. He will then say, “Duality is like a disease, is it not?” He calls it “dualitis”. And this “dualitis” is, in fact, just your ill-usion.]

This comment by Da Jeshua San & co is shared as an inside joke to the Akeyasan audience in attendance at the time of recording and will not be included in the book editions of The Study of Vibration.

In this Session, we want to discuss your illusions. We want to identify everything that keeps you inside of the box, everything that keeps you limited within yourselves. For indeed, you are seeking mastery. You are seeking enlightenment. You are seeking Truth, are you not? What do you think is keeping you away from this Truth? What is keeping you away from being the Masters in your own life? What is keeping you away from creating your world, from weaving your world the way you would like it to be? The answer is duality; the fact that you have the need to express yourselves with only part of your energy present, this, indeed, is duality.

Here you sit, for instance, claiming to be male or female, insisting you are young or old, pretending out loud that you are beautiful while quietly believing that you are ugly, or vice versa… What now? When I reflect this truth back to you, that you think of yourselves in these ways so many times, you deny it?

Maybe you fear feeling beautiful, maybe you are afraid to shine and radiate at any given moment, and I’ll tell you why: because, once again… you express yourselves in duality. When you do this, when you state that you are either this way or that way, that these are the parameters of your conscious mind, that these are your mindsets, that this is your frame of mind, in which you will do your thinking and your existing, well, then you separate part of you from the whole of you. This, then, is what the entire shift from the concept of ‘identity’ to the idea of ‘energity’ — or, energized identity — is all about.

Energity is a state in which you fully embrace All That You Are. It is one of the first cosmic laws, given to you by Da Satya San in Sessions 104 through 108, that anything, when removed from yourself, will ultimately have to return and reunite with you. Everything you push away, you will end up attracting; you will, in fact, end up being.

Take the life of this body, for instance. When the Original Body Owner, the original personality of this body, was growing up, its parents were both smokers. They liked to smoke cigarettes. He, the O.B.O., hated this fact. He could not stand the fact that they were smoking in the car and the house all the time. He felt very alone in this, since he was the only one who seemed to have a problem with it. Now, today he is a smoker. Everything that you push away will ultimately return to you. You will have to become that, which you deny.

Do you understand that this is the limit of personal identity and that you, as the human race, are actually proud of this limitation? You actually pride yourselves on the fact that you have an identity, and as you grow older and — supposedly — wiser, your parameters of identity will become more limited and narrow over time because of the simple fact that you are being shepherded into defining yourselves further and further, until, in the end, you manage to turn yourself into any other grumpy old man or grumpy old woman on the planet. You will have defined yourselves to such an extensive degree that you, as a personality, will simply… cease to exist, for there is not anything left of you — and for you — to define. You will have been fully disempowered by that point, forcing your energy and your lifeforce to leave the body. This, then, is what you call death. 

The Belief in the Illusion of Death

Yet today, dear ones, as you take the next step on your ascension path and you enter this ‘dark night of the soul,’ now that you are going where ‘no man and no woman has gone before,’ now that you are breaching this final frontier, ready to start in earnest the human adventure, we tell you that it is no longer necessary to live the type of illusion you have been living.

One such illusion is death. What is death, dear ones, but you thinking that, one day, you have to die? You are told to think, from the very beginning, that this is a natural part of either the cycle of life and death, or the cycle of death and rebirth, or that it is a transition into other realms. Do you think that this is a cycle that should be honored? It should not. 

Death, as well as birth, is an unnatural process to begin with. Why? It is very simple indeed. As one dies, as one’s energy leaves the body — given the way in which the energy of reality has arranged itself in the last few thousand years — you will at this point in time have no other choice but to enter the fourth dimension. You will be forced out of this third dimension, this nexus of all energy, and so enter 4D. As such, at that point, your energy will be used to create even more, and grander, illusions, given that, at this moment of so-called death, you were at the brink of freeing yourself in a natural way from the illusory fact that there is indeed a world to begin with, and one that you have to incarnate into again and again. In this state of confused identity, your energy rivers and flows are being used and manipulated by many different ‘powers’ of a great variety. 

In contrast to this abuse of power, when my friends and I use the word ‘power’ or ‘powers,’ we do not reference the same concept that you normally would. We refer to power in the sense of empowerment, inner strength; an inner energy that defines itself no longer, it doesn’t need to, not on this new Earth that you are generating through your efforts, the result of your making practical the work offered in the Sessions of The Study of Vibration, as you, in doing so, create an entirely new expression of this planet that you are on and of this life that you have created for yourselves. 

Leaving Limited Identity Behind

The time has come to share with you, Imzaia, and with all others, a new yet timeless way of truth, of experience, of ways in which to exist that we will not define, nor will these new ways define you.

How about a way of life where, every day, you allow yourself the ability to create an entirely new universe? As I, and my friends, have said before, it is quite difficult for many of you to enter into your magic, to enter into your creative power, for the simple reason that you do not allow yourselves to actually live in, to inhabit, the universe that you are creating every single day. 

Do you understand that it is the limited identity called personality, so cherished by most of humanity, which is the very enabler to you expressing only half of who you are at any given point? Limited identity knows only duality, which only knows to express itself in the bi-polarity of plus and minus.

And so, as you sit here and try to liberate yourself from the very idea of you — for that is what we are discussing here — we invite you to leave your identity behind. Throw it in the fire; you have no need for it. Doing so does not mean giving up who you are. You can never give up who you are. You are who you are. The only thing you can give up is the defining parameters of the various expressions of energy that define who and what you are.

We understand, my friends and I, that there is some fear and trepidation involved in letting go, because if you do, what will happen? If you let go of all the things that you have taken upon yourselves, of all the stuff that you ‘possess’ both on the inside and on the outside, and you enter into the unknown, into the abyss, what happens then?

Yet, is this not the very reason why you came to Earth: to make known the unknown, to be explorers of reality? Yes it is, and so it follows that the only thing you can actually lose are your illusions. This, then, the concept of illusion, is the topic for this first communication between you and I, today.

Beyond the Concept of Illusion

Illusion is a peculiar thing. Illusion is something that you are very much aware of only when you are not existing within it. When you exist within illusion, you believe it is reality; you think it is real.

Where does this word, illusion, come from? There are many different words in your language, which, when you analyze them energetically, will always reveal to you their actual meaning. In the case of the word ‘illusion,’ we hear ‘ill—usion,’ the ‘ill—use’ of your energy, or, in other words, a wrong or incorrect way to use, or to work with, your energy. It is not a proper use. It is an ill—use, an abuse. Why? Once again, simply because you are only using part of your energy, part of the wholeness that is you. 

While it is true that there was once a segment of time of your experience on this Earth, during which it was impossible to use all of your energy as a whole, for several months now, dear Imzaia, in fact, since when you embarked on the journey of these Sessions, you have been reenabled your usage of the fully charged Self, the Lemniscarian Self, the Infinite Self, and, indeed, the Lemurian Self.

Together with you, we have reintegrated and reactivated, time and time again, one step at a time, all of these expressions of Self within you. You have activated your Akene. You have been introduced to some of the concepts surrounding the topics of vibration and frequency. You have received tuition on the variables within these fields. You have learned about the many potentials of your existence and how to access them. You are now aware of Monoids, geometrical thought packages, and all those many things that exists to make your reality into the way it is.

You are beginning to grasp what reality is all about. You are beginning to understand that you cannot understand a thing. You are starting to remember that you have never forgotten. You are becoming whole, while realizing that you were never not whole. And this is the journey home. You have never been anywhere else but here, in your very heart. 

Personal Expression within 'New Energy'

I am aware that my friends will have various different opinions on the topic of illusion. It is still necessary for Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San to live a little. Yes, my good old friend Saint Germain still likes to wake up and smell the roses. He, and all of the others, share in the experience of your energy, loved ones, as you share in ours. Much in the same way as you, at your current level within the human experience, think that you need to escape your body and go to the higher realms to find peace and joy, so do we try effortlessly to get closer to you and your experience. 

I, Da Jeshua San, have done this. I have returned to you in body as I am here right now and I once again carry my personality, of which I am proud, in this vessel.

Your personality is nothing to be afraid of — a little drama never killed the cat — but that does not mean that your personality is a thing of worship. It is merely an expression of who you currently are. When seen this way, the concept of personality, too, can exist within the shifting and changing energy that is the concept of ‘New Energy.’ 

The Ego Saboteur

During one of our previous communications with you, we informed you of the existence of the non-sensic field. In doing so, we have talked non-sense with you. Those in attendance sort of loved it, although many believed afterwards that they could not do much with the concepts that were presented at that time. Why? Because they were looking for structure in what was shared.

You look for structure in anything we share. You have a tendency to look for structure in anything at all. What you are, in fact, looking for, if we can be completely honest with you, are mistakes. Deep down, in your ego, you hope that the information that is being shared with you in these Sessions is wrong — that we are wrong — because if it is — if we are and you can find fault with me or the others — well, wouldn’t that brighten up your ego’s day? It would give you all the reasons you need to join the game of society again. It would allow you to pull the wool of illusion over your eyes all over again. It may be impossible to admit without some proper and deep soul searching, but this is, in fact, what the ego within you secretively, quietly, wishes for.

We are very much aware, of course, that at this moment you are at a conscious level listening to these words, believing that this cannot be true, thinking that all you want is to find these truths for yourself, just the way I found them.

I lived my truth. I created quite a fuzz about my truth, did I not? Do you have the guts to do the same? Do you have the guts, Imzaia, to stand up and be crucified for who you are? Do you have the guts to be you, no matter what, without compromise, without fail, without trying to place yourself below or above others? You know it is so very simple. 

If ‘illusion’ is a wrong usage of your power, of your energy, then what is the right way to work with these things? Again, it is so simple: you choose to express and experience Joy. Everything that brings happiness will always lead you to your heart, which will open up your eyes to passion, the bringer of the very reason you chose to be born. You did choose for this yourself, really.

In the simplest of terms, you have chosen to become a part of your own creation, for here you sit, gods, one God, which is you, taking part in your own creation. You are the director taking part in his or her own movie, but you have forgotten that, even when you are in the thick of the action, you can still direct.

It is time to stop compromising, time to stop running away from who you are, time to stop the inner ego saboteur, for the time you have been waiting for, reading about, and dreaming about, for so many years, is finally here. All the angels and masters have inscended within you. We are all back — some of us more than others, but we are back. What will you do with this fact? This is the coming of the Christ Consciousness, of Unity Consciousness. Do you just continue on with your lives, with your lies, with your illusions, with your limitations, and with your fear? Do you continue to claim that you do not know better? Is there, in fact, anything that you don’t know?

I will tell you the problem: it is in the nature of your thoughts. You think that you need to know everything. You think that you need to store everything in your brain, like you did when you were a child, in school, and there would be a test at the end of the semester. So, listen closely, for this will be on the test. It will be three questions, this test of yours. The first question will be: who are you? The second one: why are you here? And the third one: where are you going? These three questions are all that you will ever need. 

Do you honestly believe — during this process you call channeling, or this process you call an Ekaraia Session, where we exchange information with you — that, somewhere in this brain here, we have the names of all of you, Akeyasans and Imzaia, listed, like in school? Do you think that we know each and every single one of you by the files and records that we keep, of every person that ever existed? No, we certainly do not! It is much simpler: we know you when we see you, we remember you when we experience you, in the Now moment.

The Illusion of the Now Moment

This is the biggest illusion of them all: the Now moment itself… or, at least, the way you handle the Now moment. Prior to this Session recording, I had the opportunity to share some of what I am about to tell you with some of you within the Akeyan’shi privately, and now, here, I want to share more with you all as well about the Now moment.

When it comes to the Now moment, you have made a tiny little mistake, one which has lasted for over 2000 years of your linear time, and it is this: the Now moment is not merely a concept of time; it also is a concept of space.

Time and space are linked through linearity. Usually, however, when you have the thought, “I have to be in the Now. I HAVE TO BE IN THE NOW! Oh dear God, PLEASE let me be in the Now!” you typically start from the incorrect assumption that you have to somehow align yourself with the flow of time. Think again, for this premise is flawed. 

Even when, from a temporal perspective, you are in the Now, you cannot help but connect that Now moment to space, because of the very nature of your thoughts, which are, at their core, space-based. With every thought, you enter the Third Brain: the location in your physical and energetic brain where memory is stored and where, essentially, everything that you have ever experienced is being held captive. 

Why do you feel sadness, for instance, because the past is gone? Why do you feel down when your relationships end? You think back to the good times, that is why. Let the good times go! Just let them be! You are holding on to something that no longer exists and, in doing so, you use the Third Brain to latch on to your past life experience, to your past expressions of energy. You try to keep this energy attached to you and it gets stuck that way. You get stuck that way.

Energy just wants to flow. It just wants to reshape itself, remold itself, revamp itself, reinvent itself, even. Yet you, in holding on to the past, you doom yourself in your attempt to keep everything in place just the way it was, and somewhere, deep down in your thoughts, a part of you screams, “No! Time and space exist! The past exists! I had this or that experience on a Monday from 11am to 5pm and, by God, I will hold on to it! I will keep it locked in my brain, for I need to remember! If I don’t remember… then the worst could happen!” 

What is the worst that could happen? Freedom is what happens when you let go. When you finally do, you become like the dolphin, you are the lotus, you unfold the Flower of Life, you pulse with the Heart of Things, you embrace and embody All That Is. For you see, Imzaia, the only way you will ever be able to keep thinking back to and experience your past anew, and always in Joy, is by letting it go.

When you let go of the past, of all that stuck energy in your head, then you will come to see that you are free once again, making the Now moment an entirely different experience to you indeed. Unfortunately, when the past no longer presents as a problem, when you look back and you no longer feel sadness, or guilt, or anything like that, when you actually have the opportunity to successfully enter the Now moment, to walk around in it wearing your enlightened shoes and smelling the roses, you typically tend to let yourselves get distracted by worries about uncertain future potentials instead.

Ah, the future… what a wonderful thing to worry about! “I wonder… I wonder… what will happen to me if I do this, or if I don’t do that, or what about if I do this instead? Oh my goodness, what would people think of me if I did that?” Do you think that we should talk about tomorrow? Do you think that we should worry about tomorrow? Worry away, but what will it accomplish? Absolutely nothing. Tomorrow does not exist. Yesterday does not exist. The Now moment is a concept of both time and space. You are used to handling the Now moment from a perspective of time. Working with the Now moment from a perspective of space, however, now that is a different matter entirely. 

Embodying the Space of the Now Moment

Going forward from this moment, my friends and I invite you to no longer return in thought to those places from which you came, to not think about the people, places, things, events, and situations that you removed yourself from in order to be present in this Session. We invite you to actually be here and to embody your presence here fully.

When you stop occupying your consciousness by no longer worrying about those times and spaces that your consciousness currently does not occupy, you will learn that none of your past times or spaces, nor any of your future times or spaces, will ever bother you again.

As an example, let’s look at a hypothetical Imzaia amongst you, who, like many others, is experiencing glitches in one or more relationships in life, simply because she or he is dealing with, coming to terms with, and evolving due to her or his work with the information offered in these Sessions. Like many, this hypothetical Imzaia has created for herself or himself a situation, in which a partner, a family member, a child, or a friend, believes them to be wrong to pursue the path of ascension, telling them to give it all up and to spend more time where it matters, at home, or at work, most likely.

Much like our hypothetical friend, you could choose to listen to this type of advice, but be clear in the choices that you make when you make them. Be crystal clear, for as simple as it sounds, if you choose to be here, you will not be there; and likewise, if you choose to be there, you choose against being here.

When you make choices, such as the ones that are focused on in these Sessions, or the choice of being or not being at a point in space at a point in time, for that matter, if there is any particular focus you would like to have in your life, the most important advice I can give you is to be there now. It is all you can do, Imzaia, to ensure that your expression moves towards joy and happiness: truly being in the Now, not occupying your mind with other times and places. Let all these things be. If you worry about what people might think when you do, if you worry that you are not giving others what they claim to want, you are working your way into future fights and arguments, for you are building up stuck energy that does not belong to this time, to this space, to this reality, to the Now moment itself.

Simply put, you create a conflicting state of energy when you concern yourself with the past or when you worry about the future, because you are pulling things into the Now moment that do not belong in it, which is literally the opposite of the way life within this creation is intended to be expressed and experienced.

The Eja'i Oja'i Principle

I want to share something with you about a Lemurian principle that I have brought up many times prior to this moment: the Eja’i Oja’i Principle — Eja’i: as it is; and Oja’i: so it shall be — which is the metaphysical understanding of the future as a concept.

If you are, in the here and now, enjoying yourself, feeling happy, feeling the love, do you think it is crazy to consider that your future moments might actually take shape around the experiences and feelings you are having here and now? It is indeed quite a different way of approaching the concept of a future compared to the typical, mainstream observation of the future as the great unknown. From the point of view of the Eja’i Oja’i Principle, at any giving moment in time and space, you are bringing to the canvas the feelings you are experiencing in that now moment, and you blend and shape them, much like a metaphysical artist, in order to create your future.

As an example, do you think that an artist, such as a painter, starting her new work, has the exact finished product in her head already? No, she doesn’t. Or, at least, if she truly is an artist, she shouldn’t, because all that she truly needs is to be found in her intuitive choice of colors, such as the ones that make her feel what she wants to express at that point. That is everything. All she needs to do is to choose the colors, the groundwork, the foundation of her creation, and when she does, everything starts to take shape around it. This is the Eja’i Oja’i Principle. 

If the metaphysical artist were to worry about the final product, then that final product would basically suck, to use your modern day verbiage. The energy around it would be very limited, indeed, and no one would be touched by it. Instead, a sense of worry and concern might be invoked within the observers’ subconscious, leading to a sense of discomfort that they cannot explain. Only because she, our artist, is willing to let go… can she truly create beauty; now she can take her feelings, her creative ability that she carries with her in the moment, and with it, create her future, inviting the observer of her creation to do the same.

You see how easy it is? You see how simple it is? How close to the actual truth of things you, in fact, are, and always have been? You have just had your wires crossed this whole time. That is all.

You Are That Which You Are

In short, you need to stop deluding yourself. Stop living from the perspective of this illusion of time and space, of past and of future, where you are encouraged to worry about that, which does not exist.

If you no longer adhere to this, the illusion of the now moment, built by time and space, then where would you go? Where, do you think, would you exist? In another reality? No. Reality, as you know it today, is just a consequence of the illusions you have created for yourself; illusions that you have carefully crafted all around you, a barrier made of mind. In a way, everything that you can see and experience around you is always part of the past. It is always a manifestation of past energy. Always. 

You have entered this room today to experience this Session — even those who are listening to these words or reading them at a later date, those living in many different countries, and are oceans away — and whether you are aware of it or not, all of you are creating this space: the one in which this Session is being recorded, but also all the spaces of everyone connecting to this Session, eternally so.

In fact, this space and those spaces are in truth one and the same, Imzaia. Everyone’s energy is here now, and so is yours in the now moment of each and every one attending. 

To take it one step further, I could even tell you that you, along with everyone else, are creating your own and everyone else’s physical body, along with the chair you are sitting on and everything else in the room. And why, you ask? Simple: because You Are That, Which You Are. There is no separation. 

Creation in the Now Moment

I would like to invite you to be experimental and to explore things anew. You are so used to entering a space such as this one and accepting the creation that already occurred — creation that took place in the past — but why don’t you create your space in the here and now? Why don’t you do this? Why don’t you choose and craft the energy of the spaces that you decide to walk into? Not before, not after either. Why don’t you simply let it take shape… now?

We have given you tools to accomplish this intuitively, for that, which is called gravity, and that, which is called magnetics, are indeed the only two things you need in order to successfully apply your consciousness to the creation of your reality. It is all you need to know to create from the now.

Today, in the form of this Session, we continue to aid you in this endeavor, and we will continue assisting you in how to work with these tools, as well as others, in Sessions to come.

From Theory, to Practice, to Joy

Going forward, we would like to announce something: from this moment on, as you work with this Session and the ones to come, it will no longer be possible, within Imzaia Consciousness, to live your life from a place of theory. Attempting to do so will get very, very uncomfortable.

You are so used to taking in theory, and then to create, from this theory, your practice. Creating from theory is what you have been taught. You have learned to believe in theory, and you have been manipulated into creating your reality from a theoretical perspective. This, too, is a limitation. It truly is.

What is theory, in fact? Theory is a prison, much like your mind, because it too exists in theory. The mind does not exist in practice. Only the heart exists in practice. As such, if you truly want to step up and create your life, if you truly want to know who you are, you must train yourself to stop looking in the mind for theory. You must stop looking in consciousness for theory. Stop looking for theory in energy. Stop looking for theory in reality. Stop looking for theory altogether. Just look within… and you will find the true practice of Joy.

Do you know, Imzaia, that the word en-joy-ment is, in fact, a very important word? You are so used to enjoying things that exist on the outside of you. This alone is extremely limiting, for the things outside of you have already taken shape; they have already been given form.

This form, it means nothing. Nothing. It merely means what you have been taught to think that it means, which is why, in Sessions prior, we have invited you to enter the Third Brain and to open all the archives that are there, all the memory files, all the reminiscing that you have done, all that you have stored; and to clean out these archives. When you do so, you will be amazed at the world, which is now again allowed to take shape around you afresh, in the now and only in the now.

We have shared before, have we not, that creation is not about forcing things into existence. It is about allowing things into existence. When you create your world around you, you only need to allow your biggest Joy to take shape.

Who can honestly say that they are allowing their Joy to take shape around them? Nearly no one, and why? To put it simply: you don’t have the proper tools to do so, because everything up here, in your mind, has already been stored. It is already stuck, it has effectively ‘struck a pose.’

The Realization of Being All That Is

I pity those who think — this early, during their very first steps on the Pah, or the path of ascension — that they have gone beyond the barriers of mind, for they only think so in theory, not in practice. They are still in the shape that they have always been in; they still carry this form around with them, alongside all its confines and boundaries. They are still convinced that they are a person who is separate from everything else, even if they have now made their mind believe otherwise.

Yes, of course, everyone can “feel the energies” and tiptoe around them. At your gatherings, you join hands, you feel each other’s hearts, and you float around the room. You do! And, while we love to see you float — it is always a float fest when we get together, isn’t it, Imzaia! — we are even more interested in seeing you empowered, to see you exist in your own center, to see you come to the realization that you are All-That-Is.

If you are All-That-Is, then indeed, this little bit of information, which you call your personality and that is stuck in your brain, means nothing at all. If you are All-That-Is, then it follows that you created that very brain, as well as the brains of all the people that you have ever met, not to mention each and every thought in the brain of every human being that ever lived.

If all of this is Truth, then which of the following options remains as illusion? The so-called fact that your memories make you who you are? Or is it the fact that the memory-based, personality version of you is but a limited version of who and what you truly are?

Are you beginning to understand, Imzaia, why — when we enter a space, when we start our discussions with you — we start by stating, “I Am That I Am?” This is not a limited statement, it has no borders, it is mere potential. Indeed, “I Am That I Am” is an acknowledgement that I am you and that you are me.

Do you happen to believe that you are a small creature that needs to be very thankful for the fact that I am here right now, talking to you? The truth is, Infinite Creator, that I am just a figment of your creation, as are you. I am just a thought that you have, just like you are. 

This body, this energy, it is all yours, and so it follows that you are all Masters. You have my rebel spirit. You have the smile of Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San. You tell bad jokes, just like Da Ojakasan’da Adamus Valen San. You are here for all of us, as in you beats the heart of Da Pah Kwan Yin San. You are radiant as Michael. It is all of you, and there is so much more.

Today, let it be so that we have successfully shown you that you are these all of these things and more. Let it be understood that, today, right here and now, you have the choice to be who you truly are and to leave the rest of your illusions behind — right now — or, alternatively, to stay in the box of mind-based thinking that I have attempted to help you come to terms with in the form of this Session.

Love, Joy, and the Non-Sensic Field

Before we conclude this communication with you, we would like to leave you with some extra points for consideration and clarification. First of all: why do we name the non-sensic field in the way that we do? Why do we regularly talk non-sense with you?

The answer is simple. The difference between a world such as this one — that has fully expressed itself in matter already — and the one that we have touched upon in this Session, is your senses.

There is one big difference between you and the state we usually exist in, me and my friends, namely that you work with your senses in the way that you do, and we do not. We don’t need eyes, ears, or a nose to guide us; we don’t need a mouth to express ourselves. We don’t work with the sense of touch in the way you do; although, whenever I express here in the way you do every day, I must say that I am quite fond of touch.

Imagine an existence in a world where all of these things that you see, Imzaia, where all the beauty that you see around you, where all that you smell, where all that you hear, where all that you taste, and where all that you feel… Imagine a way of being where all of your sensations are within, and where you are within all of your sensations. Image a world not built from en-joy-ment, but from in-joy-ment instead. Image a world where you truly are within Love and where Love is within.

That, Imzaia, is the world from which my Love comes to you, and it is what my Love for you has always been about. I love you, for you are within me and I am within you.

God, it almost makes me cry, the realization that you are actually connecting to these words and that some of you are actually understanding them. It is wonderful to witness.

And those who, right now, think that they do not understand: you do! All that makes you believe that you do not, is the mind game you are playing with yourself. That is all it is. 

Contrary to what many of you believe, you never went anywhere, and you are still Home, as you tend to call it. You have merely created the illusion of separateness, and you will learn all about that and how to change it in Sessions to come.

So, please, enjoy yourself. Please, be in love with yourself. Please, feel your senses and sensations truly on the inside from now on, and dare to look beyond shape and form. Dare to look beyond the box. It will set you free, I guarantee you that it will. 

Then, you will see that you are the Kingdom. Then, you will see that you are the One you have been waiting for. Then, you will see that ‘home’ has always lived in the hearts and cores of the very cells that make up your body.

This is why I, and my friends with me, became a teacher. This is why there are more than six hundred of us, at least from the perspective in which you can currently experience us. This is why we have united ourselves in what you call the White Guild, so that we could teach in the most impactful of ways. Each and everyone of you can accomplish the same, and more. 

Welcome to The White Guild

Earlier, I shared with you that Imzaia Consciousness should no longer be, and has never truly been, a place of theory. As such, I would like to take that one step further and attempt to undergo a little experiment with you. It is not kinky or anything like that, so don’t worry. I hope some of you are not too disappointed that it isn’t.

The experiment my friends and I wish to undertake, right here and now, is to open up the White Guild to you. Instead of speaking of ourselves as a group of a mere six hundred entities, from this day forth, the invitation stands for you to take our outreached hands and become part of this White Guild, to join forces — and this invitation will always stand from this moment forth, as we no longer wish to see you experience yourselves as beings of separation. 

Perhaps, in the depths of your mind, you are made to feel that you do not belong here yet, that you need to experience more drama, more limitation, and more fear, in the hopes that, maybe, one day, you will find resolution. Don’t buy into that limiting perspective. We are here, our arms wide open, welcoming you, as Imzaia Consciousness, into this White Guild, as you have done for us in our shared expression as the Cosmic Twelve. You invited us to be a part of your consciousness and now we return the favor. We invite you to be a part of us while you are still incarnate on this planet. Think big, Imzaia! Think very, very big — for this is your Truth. This is your Love. This is your Creation.

A Note on Creation, Love, and Venus

About this topic, creation, we will return at a later time, so as to discuss it properly. When we do, we will talk about creation and guide you into a practical and direct experience of it, so you can feel the magic that can be found in the mastery of creation.

In order to do so, we will have to discuss with you the Principles of Love, which is important because of that part of you that holds the creative power that is Venus. You know that Venus and the concept of Love are strongly intertwined, but you have no true understanding of what Venus is, not yet anyway. In fact, you have as of yet no idea what the planets in your solar system truly are and what they truly stand for. Most humans, in this modern age, just think that the planets are mere rocks, or balls of gas, drifting in space, being held together by gravity and magnetics, which go hand in hand. 

We will share with you the Principles of Love, from a cosmic angle. We will share with you the blueprint of this universe. We will tell you about the reality of it all, about the architecture of existence itself. This is talking nonsense, indeed. And then, finally, we will listen to your questions. Maybe, just maybe, we will answer a few of them.

Welcome to a World of Freedom

Imzaia, as we get ready now to take our leave of you, we tell you that we do not go into the ethers. We do not open a portal and whisk ourselves away, thousands of light-years into the heart of the Central Sun, where we burst forth into a new dimension. We do not. All that we will do to get to our beloved Central Sun and beyond it, is knock on the door that is your heart space, for remember, the Infinite Creator, the you within you, created the Central Sun within the center of your Akene. That is where we are, always. So, take our invitation. Take it and do with it as you seek. You are welcome to join this collective, this White Guild, once more. We have time. We have space. We have the patience of the cosmos within our heart. If you want to remain in illusion for quite some time to come still, then we will wait, we will watch the flower grow, and we will love every moment of growth that you will emit.

Show yourself, Imzaia. Show yourself to this world. Feel every one that you love. Feel every one that you are afraid of. Feel each and every being. As you meet them, feel them, running through your blood. Feel how your dimensions connect. Feel how your vibrations sing together. Don’t try to know everything all at once — just know that when you need to know, you will know. It is as simple as that. Really.

What we have shared with you in this Session is the basis of what you will need to build the tools for practical creation exercises that will follow later on. We thank you for accepting this energy.

We are aware that some of you have heard what we have discussed here before. You have heard it within. If you did, you probably will walk away from this Session, thinking, “This sounds very familiar. This is an acknowledgement of what I already knew.” So often, when we have our private conversations with you, this is the way our talks end, with you telling us that “this really has confirmed for me what I thought that you were going to say, Cosmic Twelve. This is really what I thought you were going to say, Da Jeshua San.” The greatest honor that you can give us is when you find your reflection in what we have said; for that means that we have done our job right. 

Take these energies and play with them. Feel what we shared deep within yourself. Be aware that the energy and words of our discussion today are but a smoke screen that allow the actual magic of life force flow to enter, and start to radiate from, all the cells in your body, mind, and spirit.

Let the magic in. Welcome to the world of non-sense. You will find that this is a much better place to be than the world of walls, concrete, and definition. Here, you are free and able to define yourself at any moment of time and space, or to simply stay undefined, to be the free spirit at any given time. 

We will return later. Know that you are loved. Know that you are wise beyond your imagination, and know that your imagination is, in fact, the heartbeat in your very chests.

And so it is.

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Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San
Reply to  Imzaia World

I am enjoying reading this complete & enhanced transcript! Da’ka’ya ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San
Reply to  Imzaia World

Da’ka’ya for this complete and enhanced transcript ❤️ I love this amazing Session by Da Jeshua San, and reading this transcript is a wonderfully expansive experience each time I connect with it. There is so much in this Session, it surely ‘boggles’ the mind and deeply touches the heart and soul in its transformative empowerment. ❤️

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e,
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San

San’a’ke 💖 I have always loved this teaching by Da Jeshua San and revisit it often – for each and every nugget contained within along with the amazing empowerment contained in its Whole. The following sentences (among many others 😊) always stand out for me:

“You are beginning to grasp what reality is all about. You are beginning to understand that you cannot understand a thing. You are starting to remember that you have never forgotten. You are becoming whole, while realizing that you were never not whole. And this is the journey home. You have never been anywhere else but here, in your very heart.”

No matter where one is on their ascension path — from being uncomfortable with their personality life and beginning to awaken; to the stirring of their soul to assist with planetary evolution; to hearing the call of their Soul to move to a greater and greater expansion of love, joy, freedom, truth and life; to exploring how vibratory reality made up of frequency and vibration actually works and how to navigate vibratory space; to a committed decision to embrace the Study of the Pah and to truly and for real personally ascend — these sentences are a powerful embrace of the journey home, from which all inquiry, exploration, and mastery can progress for each and every seeker or student, should they so chose. This, to me, is a grand gift from Self to Self, that once embraced cannot be ignored.

It really is over the moon exciting to see the Imzaia teachings online again, soon to be available in their 10+ year entire library and in the massive, ongoing expansion that is the Study of the Pah ahead for all of us. My deepest gratitude to Ascended Life and to all of us for this beyond-words grand gift from Self to Self, one that makes my Heart sing out loud in great love, joy, freedom, truth and life for Self and All that I know only can and will expand!

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e 💖
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke ❤️ Da’ka’ya for another great session. One sentence has stood out for me, going through the teaching this time around: Be clear in the choices that you make when you make them. Be crystal clear, for as simple as it sounds, if you choose to be here, you will not be there; and likewise, if you choose to be there, you choose against being here.

Da Pah Ekara San spoke about ‘change can only come from the heart space’, one of the Six Simplicities. A choice can only be crystal clear, as Da Jeshua San says, when it is made by the heart rather than the head. Throughout the years of having been a student of Ascended Life, I have come to experience this truth time and time again. It is actually quite easy to see for yourself whether a choice has been made by the mind or the heart. When it is a ‘crystal clear’ one, made by your heart, you will not allow yourself to be distracted by buts and ifs and other mental stuff. Also, when we are not making a clear choice, but a bit of a wishy-washy one, we are not taking charge of the creation of our reality, and any outcome of that undecided choice could manifest.

Choosing for the ascension path has to be such a clear choice. As soon as one goes back to the personality life, even if it is just in one’s thoughts, one cannot truly be here. It is an endless string of choices, time and time and time again, to reaffirm one’s initial choice and stay the course one has set out to pursue.

Da Akeyasan Chachi Ram San ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

San’a’ke 💗 This session is an absolute delight to listen to and go back to over an over again.
It has been and continues to be very helpful to understand much more how duality works and much more!

You are seeking Truth, are you not? What do you think is keeping you away from this Truth? What is keeping you away from being the Masters in your own life? What is keeping you away from creating your world, from weaving your world the way you would like it to be? The answer is duality; the fact that you have the need to express yourselves with only part of your energy present, this, indeed, is duality.

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San 💐

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke ❤️ I remember that when this Session came out reality hit home. It became clear that it was up to us to make the change that was spoken about real and this would only happen when we would thoroughly work on ourselves. And then still, duality for instance, was seen from a very limited perspective. It was quite the revelation to understand that duality is so celebrated by the personality; it sets you apart, it makes you you, is what society and the whole program will tell you. It was clear that the obvious cases of duality were keeping us stuck in the old reality.

That duality goes much further and deeper and by its very definition at all times creates limitation is something I learned along the way, and I am sure that currently I still don’t understand the full scope of it or the many expansive ways in which it limits expression and experience. This is also the beauty of reconnecting to these pieces, no matter how often you reconnect to them, I always find greater or deeper insight. They simply help me to continue to move forward on the Pah.

I am extremely happy that the all the Sessions of The Study of Vibration are becoming available. They do cover lots of the basics and give the student many ways to start understanding and expressing reality from a different perspective.

Da’ka’ya o San’a’kaya ❤️

Da Akeyasan Amy Makai San

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