This Session, originally titled “The Ascended Senses” in 2009, is presented by Da Pah Ekara San and was recorded as a 1 hour and 40 minutes long video feature presentation.

As it follows directly behind Session 248, guided by Da Lorien San, this Session starts by discussing the shift from the pineal gland to the pineal lobe and assists the akeyasan student in completing the triality of the Akonai kakra (pineal lobe) and the Akene kakra (thymus / solar plexus) by connecting them to the third kakra or Adonai (stomach / sexual center).

Moving into the main topic, the restoration of one’s ascended senses, Da Pah Ekara San explains that, due to the lockdown of humanity’s 142 energetic DNA strands, leaving only 2 active physical ones, humanity has been unable to access the non-physical or ascended senses. As such, humanity lost its ability to properly navigate this reality as well as others. However, when one reactivates one’s complete DNA template, which is part of the ascension process, the ascended senses will become accessible again.

Da Pah Ekara San explains that there are 12 ascended senses or energy senses, which form the angelic body and are always in divine geometry. Each ascended sense is connected to 12 of 144 DNA strands. They are active reality creation tools.

Unlike the physical senses, the ascended senses or energy centers must be seen as impersonal for them to work properly. They are a means to help one choose whether the reality one is creating around oneself is truly what one wants to experience or not, given the fact that reality is much more connected to one’s perception than most people think.

Due to the introductory nature of this Session, Da Pah Ekara San offers an overview of some of the ascended senses that one can learn to reactivate, including the sense of thought, the sense of time, the sense of direction, the sense of choice, and the sense of speech. He offers many examples and simple ways for students to begin experimenting with reactivation.

Da Pah Ekara San also discusses the importance of cutting cords and cleaning up one’s past when wanting to reactivate these 12 senses. As long as one holds on to the ties of the past — and with that to everything one thinks one is and one is not — it is impossible to access the free energy reality, a.k.a. the tonality or “tonal space” that one prepares to enter as part of the student’s expansion beyond matter-and-energy-based vibrational space.

Learning to work with these ascended senses in every moment will help one to discern whether the reality one is expressing is limiting or expansive to the whole. Moving into ascension status, then, as Da Pah Ekara San states, simply means that one starts to truly sense, actively instead of passively, the true interactive nature of one’s reality.

Other Topics Include...

Why the Adonai, or third kakra, is neither defined nor un-defined, and why it can be considered non-defined instead – The necessity of a non-defined space in order to explore both the defined and the un-defined – Activation of the pineal lobe is the access point to the inner, quantum dimensions – DNA responds to your creation – Dormant DNA diminishes your ability to navigate reality – Changing your perception of time and why time is the ticket out of vibrational reality – The sense of impatience as the direct opponent to the sense of time – Differences between old energy and new energy paradigms – How to work with the sense of time, also in relation to money – The inner and outer realms of time – And much more.

Originally Titled: “The Ascended Senses” | Alchemy of Ascension series

The Study of Vibration | Session 249

by Da Pah Ekara San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters, I am Da Pah Ekara San.

I stand in front of you as a sovereign being reminding you of who you are.

I stand in front of you as an ambassador of love and joy and freedom reminding you of who you are.

I stand in front of you to reach out my hand, to reach out my heart, as we together combine who we are on the bridge of imagination, moving from the land of awakening into the land of ascension.

It is a process that will take you into a field that will be a non-stop change.

Change is something you better get used to from this moment onward because change will be all there is.

Bridging our Realities

I once was a Lemurian being that lived in a peaceful, spiritual, and ego-less society created only for art, created only for beauty, only as an expansion of this cosmos and this universe and all other things. As such, I have the ability, just like you, by the way, to be with you in this moment and to truly grasp what that means.

Before we go on, we might want to choose to latch onto that idea. Even though I stand in front of a technological device and I am bridging my concrete reality to your abstract one, the reverse can also be said. You, in your concrete reality, sit in front of a tunnel of technology, bridging you to an abstract reality. In that exchange, we are connected.

All of you are here in this room and I see all of you. I am there with you, together with everyone else who is here right now. Of course you know all of these things but I would believe that it would be a good reminder to focus on that and to understand that your reality is not complete without having that bridge, without having that gap alive within yourself.

So where exactly is this aliveness, this idea that we are bridging the abstract and the concrete at this very moment? If understanding the nature of physics, one would very quickly turn to the idea of the quantum. Viewing the universe through quantum physics would indeed bridge that gap for you. However, do not forget that this knowingness is only a mental one. Science today only understands the level of quantum on a mental plane. It is yet to be experienced by most of you out there.

If you take all of this in stride, there must be a place inside of you where this quantum connection between us occurs. Partly, the place where we are standing now together, the white gate leading to the white bridge toward the imaginative realms, the moment between heartbeats, signifies that place.

This gateway in your head is your access point as it is connected to the gateway in your chest. The Akonai connected to the Akene can be used as your access point to these dimensions that are yet to be discovered by science. How this is and why this works is what I would like to focus on today.

Sovereignty Births the Sacred Mind

I understand that you are still processing much of the information given to you by the being known as Da Lorien San, a fellow colleague of mine, in the previous Session. He stands beyond the bridge further than where I presently find myself. In that knowingness, however, you and I are where Da Lorien San is as well. That is the nature of holographic information.

So, as a part of you is still processing, still observing what it means to integrate this information that has been provided about alchemy and ascension into your soul, please know that what we will undertake today is a little bit more of a ‘mental’ process. I want you to understand certain things to a point where the mind can follow because this being that you know as Da Lorien San, in an ascended state from the moment of its creation, the first one of the Akonai, is nothing more or nothing less than your sacred mind.

It is the result of the 12th quantum dimension, which you are, having given your mind sovereignty. And so it was birthed in the 13th quantum dimension to which you and I will be known as angelic beings. This is the way of things, the way of the horizontal field. As you become aware of this, maybe you can understand or grasp that there is a place within you where your inner dimensions are accessed. These quantum dimensions do not exist anywhere else but inside of you. It is the nature of dimension, size being a very important factor in all of that.

Taking all of this to a little conclusion and closing off my first few paragraphs of this talk, be aware that on the level of biological DNA, there is a vertical plane which shows up in biology as the chemicals connecting both biological strands together. In the smallest version of themselves, these chemicals contain gateways to these very tiny dimensions, from your perspective. As such, it is necessary to work with your DNA and this is what we’ll do today as well. We will work with your DNA so it can support your exercises that you will be undertaking in the course of this series. Da Lorien San opened up some of the more interesting avenues of thought regarding your DNA during his last talk and this we will explore also.

The Akonai, the Akene, and the Adonai

It is important to realize, as these Sessions continue, that you can only truly experience the things that Da Lorien San and others have invited you to experience when you have a strong connection between the Akonai and the Akene.

The Akonai, or pineal gland, forms the connection between the defined within you and the un-defined, which would be these minute dimensions that exist on the deeper planes and deeper realms of you. To be activated, the Akonai needs to be in permanent connection to the Akene, which is formed by the 144 akeneic cells behind your thymus and solar plexus area.

Now I would like to introduce a third point that needs to be connected to the flow between these other two for your experience to really be taken to the next level. Much lower in the body, in the center of the third kakra (passion kakra) area, is the point which, in Lemuria, was once described as the Adonai. This is a very interesting space because instead of being either defined or un-defined like the Akene and Akonai, the Adonai manifests itself as non- defined.

There is indeed a difference between an un-defined space and a non-defined space. An un- defined space is only un-defined because it is in the process of being defined. For instance, the act of becoming explorers of the 13th quantum dimension and beginning your defining there could be described as you entering an un-defined space for the purpose of defining it through Self. Once observed by Self, a non-defined space becomes an un-defined space for now it is in the process of being explored.

A point of non-definition is something quite different. It is a necessary bridge between a point of definition and un-definition as it allows you to explore both. This non-defined point or space then becomes the true point of action, which is why the third kakra is called the passion kakra. It is the non-defined space which we shall now refer to as the Adonai.

This space is also “where your DNA ends,” metaphorically speaking. If the Akonai, located in your head, is the space where your energy strands of DNA begin to move into this 3D reality, then the Adonai is the place where they end or move back out of it. This is simulated in your biological reality in the form of breath, where the breath comes in starting at the head and leaves again starting at the belly. This is why your breath is an inter-dimensional bridge when conscious breathing occurs.

The akeneic principle or Akene exists as an un-defined space in the middle of the defined and the non-defined, creating a field of tension for you to explore your reality, for you to dive in and choose what you want to experience. It’s a point of consciousness, as it were.

The disconnection between these three spaces is what has kept you locked into the mental, believing only in the realm of 3D and matter. At the same time, these three points act as a vibrational translation device. It is within these realms of the Akonai, the Akene and the Adonai that you can choose how you translate the vibrations and the frequencies that are around you. Let this be known to the mind so that it knows where to look in the exploration that is about to come. With the mind occupied, you are allowed access into a deeper space of true exploration.

Towards the Pineal Lobe

A very long time ago, going beyond Atlantis or Lemuria into the civilization of Vhalhania and into hundreds of others that came before, a biological race existed whose creational biological equation was not dual but trial. This race is connected to the string of pearls of races and life force forms that would eventually lead to the one you are expressing now.

A biological equation, based on triality rather than duality, means that all creation is based on three instead of two. If you look at your body today, you will see a general division into one or two different parts, for instance, your body’s two mirroring lungs, hands, eyes etc. This race I am now discussing had a biological make-up of three, meaning that everything was reflected in 1’s or 3’s. As such, theirs was a brain of not two lobes but three.

This third lobe of the brain did remain in your biological evolution and is still present in your DNA, where it has remained dormant and inactive. It manifests through biology in the form of the pineal gland. It is time for all of you to begin thinking of the pineal gland as a lobe for to allow it to develop is to make space in your brain for an area where the non-defined, the un- defined and the defined come together.

It has been my observation that this pineal gland has already increased in size and will continue to grow in coming years, allowing you to develop this third lobe of the brain once again, although it will not have an impact on the rest of your biology. The pineal lobe will end up processing all 142 energy strands of DNA. This is quite an important fact to know because the exercise of exploring the neocortex and pineal gland, which you have already undertaken with Da Lorien San, activates the further manifestation of the pineal lobe which will eventually become an extremely important biological device for creating and manifesting reality.

If it is true, and of course it is, that the 142 energy strands of DNA belong to the horizontal field (of the quantum dimensional) instead of the vertical field (of the linear dimensional) and your two biological strands of DNA belong to the vertical field, then you see that the energy of your pineal lobe or your Akonai, as it will process the energy strands, has to be horizontal in nature as well while the two other lobes of the brain, processing the two biological DNA strands, have to be vertical and, as such, linear.

It is for this reason that activating the pineal lobe will return to you the ability to truly travel on this vertical plane and from there, on to the horizontal, and access there anything that you need to access. In order to truly understand this, we must again turn to the nature of DNA.

Twelve Energy Senses

Simply put, DNA responds to what you create and when it is kept in a state of creating the exact same thing over and over again long enough, those strands of DNA that are not necessary for the expression of your experience and the manifestations of your imagination, quite literally shut down. In this shutdown, you then lose your ability to navigate with precision. One of the first steps that we must take together is for you to regain that ability. In order to do that, I must bring you, my dear brothers and sisters, to accept the understanding that you, at the moment, are working with limited, partially activated senses.

There are many of you here today that would think I am talking only about the current senses of the human body and their limited ability to pick up certain vibrations and frequencies. For instance, the eyes cannot see the infrared spectrum because of a limitation of this sense as it is only plugged into the two biological strands. However, you must understand that with the activation of the 142 energy strands, more senses will come into your experience.

This then, is going to be my addition to these Study of Vibration Sessions at this point of your study. I will take you through the twelve senses of the human body or, to be more precise, the angelic body, which is synonymous with the ascended body, if you will allow the use of the body as a metaphor in this case.

There are twelve senses indeed, and, as always in divine geometry, a Flower of Life kind of diagram exists ‘around’ these senses, allowing them entry into the infinite fields of quantum. This is now being projected into your neocortex so that you may observe this. Twelve times twelve creates 144, so twelve senses connected to 144 energy strands in total means that every sense that we will discuss is connected to a total series of twelve DNA strands. As we activate these strands, so the senses within your realm will begin to reactivate as well.

I remind you that these are energy senses, not biological senses. You will understand that, as we go on this journey of exploring these twelve senses, I am talking about things you are already aware of in your reality. It’s only that you are observing them differently and are not seeing them in the true sense. This is how it always works. The more your awareness grows, the more you move into ascension, which basically means a completely activated DNA grid, the ability to move in and out of every dimension as you have left behind all the Grand Illusions.

You will begin to know that the realm you currently observe as 3D is much more connected to your perception of it than you currently understand. I’ll give you an example. What could be a new and different sense that you have not yet considered is one? This then, the act of thinking I just displayed in these words, is a perfect example of the sense of thinking itself.

Thinking as an Ascended Sense

Thinking is a human sense. This is a very interesting idea because if you tie this idea to the knowledge that you possess about the senses that you are aware of, it points you to the understanding that the sense of thinking, which you perceive as ‘a thought,’ simply shows you how you are creating reality at this moment.

The sense of sight, for instance, translates for you the vibration that your brain can manage, depending on the activity or dormancy of the pineal lobe and shows you how reality is shaped around you. You can see it, literally. The sense of touch then, allows you to touch reality and the sense of smell allows you to smell it. And so your reality is formed.

The sense of thought is based on the same principles. Thoughts show you how reality is shaped around you in the now. This makes them extremely impersonal while you, most of your life, have believed these thoughts were you and have mostly acted in line with the ‘voice’ of thought because you were identified with them. This knowingness can allow you to dis-identify, in some cases immediately, for continuing this would be similar to purposefully staying wet under a cloudy sky, If you understand the metaphor.

Thoughts are a very different creature than what you previously have conceived them to be. They simply are a translation of your current universe, coming into you much in the same way as eyesight, for instance, would give you a perception of your reality paradigm.

Thoughts are simply frequencies attracted to move into the vibrational realm which is you. You translate your reality in the form of thoughts also. So thoughts, then, can become a means for you to perceive what is truly around you, similar to a bat using sonic radar to perceive what is around it.

If you feel thoughts coming into your field, or into your head, you can observe them as a barometer of the reality you’re currently in. This makes thoughts into a means of perceiving your reality and they show you, as with your eyes, whether or not the metaphorical energy path in front of you is the best one to continue traveling on or not.

The well-known senses of sight and smell, for instance, would tell you that, if you see a big fire further along the road, and a big traffic accident, it would be prudent to slow down or even move in a different direction in order not to get hurt. Yet, when it comes to the sense of thinking, you act quite differently.

Most of the time, when humans experience a thought of self-criticism, or fear, or whatever, which would indicate a similar ‘undesirability’ in that realm of vibration as the one we just discussed, they move right into it. The personality mind chooses to just walk right into it and repeat it over and over again. And then you wonder why this keeps happening to you, why you seem to continuously create more of it. This, of course, is very basic behavioral information that many know yet keep repeating nonetheless.

Going back to the example of the traffic accident, some would say that they would not want to turn away but instead to offer their help. I cannot deny that compassion is required in some situations during these transformational times as you move into the tangible experience of ascension. Yet there is a difference between assisting and actually getting caught up in what appears to be reality. There would be no point moving into the traffic accident, walking up to the person who is hurt in his car and, instead of helping that person out, hitting your own head against the dashboard so now you too are incapacitated. This is not helping you nor anyone; yet it is what you do with thoughts all the time.

You are a Vibrational Psychic

Personality-driven humans will be programmed by their neurosynaptic patterning to, whenever a negative thought realm is nearby, move into it and actually become that thought. They are not actively using their sense of thinking. Instead of being in control and aware that a thought is merely a vibrational translation of the reality one is currently in, one allows the thought to identify itself as part of the one experiencing or translating it. Once this occurs, you slowly start creating more of the same, unfortunately.

We have always shared with you that thoughts are simply generated by the mind. Now, however, you are moving into an angelic realm of existence about to be born right here. What happens if there is no more mind? What happens if the sacred mind has already been birthed and now occupies a different space where it executes its own evolution based on its own sense of sovereignty? When this occurs, and in fact it already has, then your sense of thinking can no longer be picking up mind, now can it? This is indeed when your sense of thinking begins picking up and translating the vibrational reality around you and you start ‘hearing’ it.

You have, in fact, become a ‘vibrational psychic’ once again and this, to a Lemurian, is as normal as breathing is to you now. Knowing that you are no longer picking up mind but left- over mental fields which are easily identifiable and, next to that, simply picking up the vibrational waves of your reality, language becomes a very different thing as well. But this I will discuss later on.

What is important now is to realize and live what we have shared here together and then to notice how much easier it will become to change your thoughts as you pick up, change and navigate your reality. You don’t have to let a negative thought run its course anymore, for now you understand what it truly represents and how meaningless it would be to, quite literally, chase your own vibrational tail.

A little while ago, many of us have told you to stop processing, to stop looping and simply to make a choice to move out of a certain range of thoughts. It is that simple, really! Thoughts have dominated you for so long and that is why they can fascinate you. That is why there is an attraction to go there, to move there, to become them.

Simply understanding that thinking is but a sense such as eyesight will help you to begin to choose the beautiful thoughts, to focus on that aspect of reality. Imagine an ugly painting on one side of the wall and a beautiful one on the opposite wall. Would you stand and continuously look at the ugly painting instead of turning to the one that brings you joy?

I believe that indeed your eyes would drift to what you perceive as beautiful. Start treating thought this way and very quickly it will become as impersonal to you as the ugly painting. Eventually, when the ugly painting is no longer observed, it will move out of your realm of choice.

It is not my point right now to move into the idea of thinking as a sense and to explore this too deeply, for we will do so at another point. The energy sense that I would like to discuss tonight is the sense of time and, connected to that, acceleration.

Time as an Ascended Sense

Acceleration itself is not a sense. It is the result of a sense. Time is a sense and can be observed as impersonal, similar to what I already explained regarding the sense of thinking. Yet, as with thinking, you have developed a very close and intimate relationship with time. For most people on Earth right now, it dominates their entire reality, takes them in its grip and tells them where they have to be at what given point in time. To the evolved version of yourself, this again would sound ridiculous as a concept to exist by.

Think about it. Time, seen as something outside of you, is merely a translation device for you to observe reality. Let’s go back to the sense of sight. If you are in a room and there is a bright light shining in your eyes, quite literally annoying you, do you choose to sit in front of that light every day and expose yourself to the point that it starts to hurt your eyes? No, you choose to move away from the light source or dim the light.

Yet with time, or rather the sense of time, you choose to focus on it more strongly with each passing year of your life. Imagine then, how this way of existence has been going on for lifetimes and you see how true it must be that you may very well have lost sight of the fact that time is but a translation device, known as a sense, used to interact with and create reality. Even if you go back 300 years in human history, you can see how different humanity’s relationship to time was compared to the current age.

Time and Acceleration

What is time’s relationship to acceleration? The more personality-driven mind puts its focus on or through, a certain sense, the more intense the perception of reality will be filtered through that sense. This is especially true when the focus starts to interfere with the workings of the third brain, where memory is stored.

The linear past and future have often been referred to as not real and this is because only the now is a vibrational space. The past and future are non- vibrational spaces that are vertical in nature, which means that no real experience can be had. The memories stored in your third brain are therefore non-vibrational in nature and can no longer cause an expansive state for the vibrational field (i.e. the conscious I AM which is you) which is experiencing it.

Acceleration happens to a sense when it is forced to create a vibrational, quantum experience in a non-vibrational, linear space. Due to the sense of time’s necessary interaction with the third brain, a black hole into non-vibrational space, you can see how this sense would be so vulnerable to the effects of acceleration. This is what humanity is experiencing now and it is creating the acceleration of a linear space into non-linearity or the quantum (horizontal) state. This event is called mass ascension and occurs when an un- defined space turns defined as previously explained.

Acceleration is a good thing when fully understood for it represents the conscious desire of a personality-parasite ridden mind to return to its original state of sacredness. In one of my upcoming Sessions, I will go much deeper into the notion of acceleration. It will lead us to explore the true nature of what we are now defining during this talk as ‘senses’ and their relationship to Self.

For now, let us return to time. I already mentioned that the more you focus on a certain sense in your life, the more intense the presence of that sense will be. Time, in fact, has become an enormous obstacle for most people today.

Start reclaiming the idea that time is but a sense. Imagine that you have created a reality for yourself where time is very prevalent, where you have to move from one moment of time to the other and this dominates your reality. Instead of letting personality feast on you as you try jumping through linear hoops, sometimes with and often without success, treat it as an impersonal phenomenon, as consciousness would.

You can use the sense of time and translate or ‘sense’ that you have manifested a very narrow energy pocket in which to exist. You can also sense that, over time, this becomes more narrow, providing you with an ever narrowing amount of space in which to be a free and sovereign being.

When this is fully realized, a stirring within you will begin making the choice to change it and this would slow the acceleration down, allowing the sense a more natural and balanced flow through your energy field once again.

And if you begin to understand that the sense of time, much like the twelve senses that we will discuss, is simply connected to twelve energy strands of DNA, then you understand that changing your perception of time is going to open up exactly those twelve energy strands of DNA, allowing you to have a different perception of your reality.

These are the practical things that DNA will begin to teach you. DNA is as much a part of your body as are your hands and is basically very similar to the concept of hands. Hands give you the possibility to pick things up, to move things around, to shape your reality, to create your reality in the material world at least. And your DNA does this for you in the energy realms.

So it is not so much an impersonal thing. It is a conscious part of you, allowing you to move through the energy realms that you will become aware of in a very short time, depending on how you integrate this holographic manifest, this holographic coming together of information.

Two Biological Strands Connected to Thinking

The sense of time and acceleration connected to twelve energy strands indicates that there must be one sense that merely is connected to ten energy strands and to the two biological ones. Otherwise the geometry of twelve in 144 does not hold. Now there is one sense, only one, that also contains within it the energy strands of DNA and the two biological strands of DNA and that is the sense of thinking.

The sense of thinking impacts your two biological strands enormously and that is why your thoughts create your universe as it is today. It is because they are connected to the biological strands.

There is a way to move away from containing the universe in the way that you do it. It is by connecting the sense of time, which is connected to twelve energy strands, to the sense of thinking because the sense of time has the ability to accelerate or decelerate your reality perception. Are you beginning to see how easy a being you really are and how nice it is to begin observing these things in a different light?

Many of you do not quite know how to take my words at this moment. Many of you do not know what it really means to have a sense of thinking. So what we will do in the course of this holographic information session is to impart a deeper level of understanding. Either after this session or during this session, as you listen to it repeatedly, you will have the ability to explore the sense of time as well as the sense of thinking and what this truly means.

We will show you, as this choice is being downloaded onto your neocortex and from there into the pineal lobe, how it works. We’ll show you how thoughts can be perceived as simple senses, how thoughts can be perceived as indicators, radars really, for the current state of reality you are in and how this also works for time. So take the time to really allow yourself to move beyond the words, either after this session or the next time that you listen to it, and use the hour and a half that we will be together for that very purpose.

So let’s move a little deeper then. It is of course with great pleasure that I stand in front of you here tonight because my main reason for being has always been to clean up the timelines. In a quantum universe, it is normal that there would be many timelines, many alternate realities, many potentials for time etc. as you are continuously confronted by choices, which to you now seem as something outside of you as well, if you make the choice.

But choice too is a sense. And we will go into that a little bit deeper at some other point. We now have the ability to stand here in front of you, knowing that this goal that has been mine and yours together has been achieved and knowing that we stand on the bridge. Finally, we can talk beyond the point of theory and really move you into the realms of experience and exploration. We can start playing together and in this way, we have so much more freedom.

The Sense of Speech

You must understand that it is not about these words that are being spoken right now. This is just a reality screen, which is called a channeling, that is presented to you so that your focus remains within the connection between our energies.

These words are merely a sense as well. So what is the energy of the word, the sense of speech? You will notice, as we continue, that some of the senses are connected to a very important facet of vibrational and frequential creation. And this is the essence of sound.

The sense of speech, basically, is the essence of sound. And now we come to a very interesting place because this means that you will begin to understand that your senses are a practical realization of your essence. And it is the essence of your angelic self, of your divine self, to be twelvefold. So twelve senses then, expressing twelve different essences of what you truly are, is what we, you and I together, will discuss as part of my contribution to this series.

Let all of this be a little introduction my friends, I want to start focusing now on a more clear topic and dive in a little deeper. And I want to take us back to what I said in the very beginning of my talk to you tonight. I want to take us back to the connection between the Akonai and the Akene and something which I have identified for you now, the Adonai, the non-defined.

The Sense of Impatience

What makes this connection possible? What is it, inside of you that gives you the ability to truly move beyond these realms, to truly step into what you have defined as ascension status? What is the thing, the very thing, that connects these three important points inside of yourself? Think about it for a little while. And now you see why you have to start treating your thoughts differently. You cannot come up with an explanation that is provided by a thought that the brain or the mind simply doesn’t know. It’s impossible to do that.

You are still in the space of accepting thoughts as things that are out there, that can come into your head and that can shape your reality. What we really have to achieve in this session is you understanding that you need to start taking things less personally — the things around you, the things that occur, the reality, the thoughts that come in. All of these things are changeable. None of these things are real. You will gain that ability to totally re-identify, re-shape, and re-create your reality.

But I must warn you. You cannot step further onto this bridge until you truly make the choice, which is a sense, to start observing your reality this way. All of you carry this knowledge. All of you share these insights that we have been talking about for years now. And all of you have gotten frustrated; all of you find yourselves at a point where you no longer know what to do and where you get frustrated over the basics really. You get frustrated over how to go into your heart. You get frustrated over little things, like generating money. You get frustrated over fear that stops you from making certain choices. You get frustrated over believing in what you believe in and yet not see the results in your reality.

And you throw that frustration at us. You throw it at myself, you throw it at the Ojadasan’ka, you throw it at the Ejakasan’da, you throw it at all of us. And we say… good! Throw it! Let’s keep it coming! That frustration, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing else but a sense. I would not define it as a sense. I would not define a sense of frustration but I would define impatience as a sense. Why? Impatience, as a sense, is a direct opponent of the sense of time and so there is balance.

When you allow the sense of time to be observed as a sense, you will notice that you no longer want to wait on things. You no longer choose to go through 144 courses, let’s say, to explore a certain area of yourself. You no longer choose to take life the way it is and you know that it is time for a change. Well, that is the point where you truly will begin to access this information. That is the point where you truly will say, “Fuck it all! I am done with it. I am over it. Being human has been a nice experience and I would like to come and play in here sometimes but I am so done with it, I am over it and I am stepping through it.” Or rather, “I will own it. I will make it mine. I will claim it as that which I am. THAT WHICH I AM!”

Da Lorien San himself has told you that it is a very peculiar thing for him/her – if we may give it an identity of gender – that everything around you is you and yet you pay no attention at all to your surroundings. And now that you begin to understand that your surroundings, the reality that you live in, is completely formed by these senses that we will go deeper into, you may become conscious of the fact that you do not have to exist this way.

Open Up to Who You Really Are

No more! This far and no further have you come for the one simple reason that there is in existence. It is that you will answer the question. It is that you will be the answer to this question and that you will end up as the one who asked it in the first place.

So now the flood gates are open and we stand on this bridge. The only way to step further is to stop believing in yourself. And now many will be puzzled. Isn’t spirituality all about believing in yourself? I believe in me. I believe I am beautiful, no matter what they say. I believe that I have power. Yes, all of these things are good. But if you believe in yourself and if you believe in any given moment that this reality that surrounds you is not you, how do you think you’re going to move beyond it?

When I say you need to stop believing in yourself, I mean that you need to start opening up to knowing yourself, to completely owning yourself, to understand that you are All Things. I do not say this lightly. I say this because those that will step with us onto this bridge and move beyond the space that we currently inhabit will begin to see drastic changes in their reality.

You might have the feeling that you are not ready to move further, if that is the case, I implore you to stop here and get the job done! Whatever it is, whatever is hampering you at this moment, get the job done! Move beyond it! It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to exist in that space any more. You’re just there because you’re so damned used to it. You’re just there because you think it’s the only way. You believe that you need to suffer, that you need to answer phone calls from abstract realities that you no longer want to face. Well then, cut yourself off. Stop it. Start making a true choice.

The Sense of Direction

The sense of direction, ladies and gentlemen, is the most divine sense known to be in existence at current. It is knowing where you want to go, knowing where you have been, and knowing what you want to be in existence.

When I call you my brothers and sisters, it is coming forth from my sense of direction because that is the path I want us to travel, you see? That is where I want us to be, in the space of brothers and sisters, in brotherhood and in sisterhood. And that sense of direction immediately manifests this in my reality. So how can there be warfare in my reality? How can there be anything that takes me away from that sense of direction?

I tell you, cut yourselves off. Stop this game, stop this nonsense. If you really want to move beyond it, it’s time to really start making that choice. I know you’re all tired. You’re as tired as I was when I was at that point. I know your frustration. If you’re experiencing a mismatch of energy, cut it away. It’s only a sense that is telling you that your universe is too narrow, that the energy levels do not match.

Why stay in a bathtub when the water is too darn hot? Why not simply change the heat of the water? That is what your senses are showing you. That is how your senses communicate to you. The essence behind the senses communicates that which is your most perfect and desirable reality.

Stop Suffering and Become Sovereign

Suffering simply means not making the choice to choose for your essence, to choose to move your essence into a space where it can flourish, where it can sense what it wants, where it can experience that which makes it expand and from there on, creates expansion to the whole galaxy, the whole universe and all beings with it.

The answer to this question of why you do not do it is very simple. There is a cycle going on at this point in your soul which has created a certain loss of sovereignty. And this loss of sovereignty, which is a deeply implanted soul fear, simply means that you think that you have to suffer.

Look at your religions. What is the first thing you are told? Let’s talk about the Christians among us. You’re told that you are a sinner, that you are in original sin. This original sin is nothing else but a reflection of the loss of sovereignty. So instead of believing that you have separated yourself from god, I challenge you to celebrate the fact that you have separated yourself from god because in that act, you celebrate that aspect which you have once called god, in becoming your own sovereign godhood, your own sovereign being. That is the normal process of creation. That is why creator has generated you and has made you into its own image. Creator is simply another version of you, another aspect of you, another part of you where in the end, all of us are one.

This is the importance of understanding these senses because if you do not start to work with them, if you do not start to accept these things and start to practice them, you will notice that you cannot move into ascension status. We have always talked about inscension instead of ascension and this word still holds truth. Yes it is true that you will move into ascension status within this reality, but no, it is not true that this reality can then in any way contain you.

Cut the Cords, Make the Choices

Making the choice to step into that ascension status simply means that you start sensing what your reality is truly all about. And then alchemy will come into play, the very simple alchemy of taking away those attributes through which you sense that your reality is restrictive. That will be the practical part of working with these things.

Now the beautiful part is that these twelve senses, each connected to twelve DNA strands, making up the whole 144, exist on the horizontal plane. So beginning to play with these things, as you will begin to play with them in the next few weeks and months, basically means that you will begin to get used to existence on the horizontal plane and automatically, the remaining subfrequential realities, the vertical mental existence remaining, will be obliterated from your reality.

But I challenge you, be prepared. Prepare yourself for this. As you move through this hologram that we are creating together, your life will no longer be the same. It won’t work the same. It won’t feel the same. It won’t be the same.

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to some aspects of yourself before you move into this, I ask of you, cut the cord, make the choice, step through it. I know it sounds scary. I know there still are some things inside of you that don’t feel quite right. You don’t quite feel ready to let go of them.

You think, “I don’t really know, Da Pah Ekara San, if I want to let that one go. I know that one is attached to all of these over here. But you know what? All of these over here, I don’t really have a problem with. So these I can let go of.” And then you fool yourself because these things over here that you are able to let go of are connected to this one thing.

The time of compromising yourselves, my dear friends, is over. The time of doing it 99.9% of the way is over. Cut the cords. Make the choices. We have a space waiting together, a journey waiting together. And I know it is the calling of your soul to step into that. I know it is. Otherwise, you would not feel something when I speak of the sense of direction. You know that this is already operational inside of you.

The Sense of Time is Your Ticket Out

So why do I want to begin with discussing the sense of time, you may want to ask? I personally believe that time is your ticket out of here, out of this space you are in, out of the smallness that you still create for yourselves from time to time, out of the lack of focus that keeps you distracted from time to time. Time is the ticket out.

When you begin to understand the sense of time, you will begin to see that all of these things that you don’t like about your life can very easily be removed by changing your perception of time. By making time into a sense, you will begin to see that you own time, that you can claim time, that there is nobody who can tell you when to be where at any given moment.

Oh, but we have a past agreement so I now hold something mental in my hands because we have agreed upon something, yes? I am sorry but if that is what you want to believe, then you are stuck. If that is what you want to see, if you want to choose anything out of the past and prove your right to be in a certain reality with that past, then you are recreating energy that already exists. And this then is the big difference between old energy paradigms and a new energy paradigm. Old energy structures were all based upon creating a stable energetic base, like the roots of a tree. And from that base, add new energy to it so that the tree of your creation can grow. This is old energy existence, is it not?

You begin a career at age 20, or 25, or 85 in some cases, and you try to hold on to that career as long as you can. If you happen to be born in Asia and you lose that career, you choose to let go of life in some cases. And so you do it with everything. You do it with your careers, you do it with your love, you do it with everything in your life.

You create a house and the old energy paradigm of that house needs twenty or thirty years, in some cases, of adding financial resources so that this manifestation can be there forever. Have you ever thought of this, what this means? You’re working for thirty years within the same energy realm. Now that’s exciting! On the other hand, new energy allows you to step into your creations and look at your creation manifesting the whole tree at once.

And in that moment, your new energy has created that tree but it doesn’t have to be added to. It doesn’t have to be held on to. It doesn’t have to be revisited because in the next moment when you start to work with the pineal gland or the pineal lobe and all of these things that we are now discussing, this energy is already gone. And new energy has already replaced it.

Allowing Energy to Be New

This is the symbology of using the word new in front of energy. This is because at every single moment, energy moves through you and creates anew. Using the sense of time will allow you to read your essence and to understand how long you want this energy to be in this certain form. But there will be no dread or no fear when the energy dissipates and new energy is generated to either continue or drastically change or completely obliterate what was previously there. And all of those things are perfectly fine.

Oh, I know that the body’s owner thinks of these things as well. He thinks of his own creation as something that must be precise, must be categorized and must be added to and in perfect balance for it to be meaningful. And so, when unexpected things happened to this body and the original owner and things that were agreed upon in previous Sessions that we did together, with friends such as Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San or Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, at gatherings, points of information in time, when these things could not become manifest because reality chose differently, they were seen by him as a failure.

This, to him, puts the quality of what is being said and the essence of what is being given into doubt. And it would for you as well in many cases when you create something. Let’s look at, for instance, the one who is out there right now, and many with him by the way, who has once started writing a book, maybe seven years ago and in some cases, even longer. This material is still sitting somewhere in a closet or in one of your computers, on one of your hard drives, and the book has never been finished.

It could very well be that the reason for this is your sense of time, generating within you a field of failure. And why is this? It is because the old energy that was once there to start the book was added on to by new sessions in writing the book and there were a couple of flares of activity that allowed the book to grow but it never got finished.

In an old energy, basically, that creation is lost. The energy of it is wasted you could say. Within the field of new energy, however, this creation keeps refreshing itself while you, as a new energy creator, move through energy cycles.

So even though there is a manuscript somewhere that hasn’t been touched for seven years, my dear friend, as you are connected to this creation and you are now in a new energy realm, your own energy having changed, there is an affect on what you created seven years ago. And you can, at any given moment, choose to re-activate that creation, to re-energize it, quite literally, sometimes completely obliterating it. And these things are still present within your life.

Clean Up Your Past

It is time to go back into your past and look at all of these creations you have that are still based upon old energy, that have not found a goal, that are still there. They do not really hamper you and they will not stop you completely but they will slow you down. This is because your mind is still trying to look for purpose there.

Purpose has once been given, a purpose which, at this point in time, can no longer be fulfilled. All of us knew, including yourself, before you ever came to this Earth to be here in these times of great transitional changes, that this would happen. This is because you started out in an old energy paradigm and are now in a new energy paradigm. Many of these things are still there within that paradigm and so a part of you still exists as an old energy paradigm.

It is time to methodically go through all of these things in your life and finally revamp them, obliterate them, recharge them with new energy or to finally say goodbye and begin creating anew, whatever this means for you.

This will mean different things for each of you. If you personally want to find out what it means for you, I invite you to go to your neocortex, to be in your pineal gland or in your pineal lobe or in your Akonai whenever you are ready for that, and to allow us, you and I, to interact. You’ll then see which things in your very existence, in your very reality, are not in line with the senses that we will begin discussing together in the next few weeks.

Take that time, take that moment within your existence, to go through everything you own as if you were inventorying yourself. And when I say own, I do not mean only your possessions. I mean everything you own, everything you claim as you, including your past. Go through all of these things and finally start the clean-up process.

When the beloved Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San, a beloved brother-sister of mine, spoke through another vessel about ‘eating the elephant,’ about how half of your change had already occurred and the other half had not occurred yet, this is the very thing that was meant. It is time to truly start inventorying yourself and see what you really want to take on this journey.

You can fool yourselves and sit there at home or sit there wherever you are and think that you’re going to take all of this with you. I tell you, you are not a tortoise. You do not carry your house on your back. You do not carry all of these possessions on your back. All of these possessions, in the shape they currently exist, are old energy possessions, old energy objects whether they be truly objects or whether they be thoughts or memories that belong to a certain past. And all of it does not have to be taken with you.

You have a chance before you finally leave, before you finally go on this journey, to look around you, look within you, see what still belongs there, see what needs to be re-energized, obliterated, or changed. To know this, to know what these things are in your life, is to understand the sense of time.

Time as a River

Let’s get poetic for a little while. Time is a river, a river of energy. And the river can be an exciting river with top speeds that moves you through all of these things. Or the river can be nice and slow, with you lying in the boat, the boat gently rocking, knowing that the waters are safe.

All of this can be contained within the sense of time. The moment you feel that there is anything that takes you out of that exciting river or that takes you out of that silent, relaxing river, then it is your essence indicating to you, through your sense of time, that you are not in alignment with the reality around you.

This also means, in a perfect scenario, with 144 activated DNA strands, that some of your energy strands, twelve to be precise, connected to the sense of time, are out of whack, are not in alignment with what your essence, inside of you and all around you, wants to generate.

Then, you can either try fitting into a life where you continuously run or are continuously affected by time that you now see as something separate from you or you start to make these changes. Making these changes, once and for all, is what your next few days or weeks should be about.

Yes You Can

This holographic information, as presented in a patterning of eventually 144, is not simply something outside of you. It is something that you are connected to. It’s something that you are co-creating, meaning that to truly Be this information, to truly resemble this hologram of new Earth and what you want to be within it, it is a matter of taking these steps.

You have asked for it, my dear friends. You have wanted change to come. Well, change is here. In the words of a famous Ojadasan’ka, I would say, “Yes, we can!” and this is indeed true, yes you can!

Yes, you can finally make those changes. You can finally let go of the things that bother you. You can finally allow yourself to be brave enough to do this. You can finally allow yourself to start living, to start existing.

Is there fear around the lack of money? Fuck it! Is there fear around the lack of food? Fuck it! Do you want a pack of cigarettes but you don’t have the money to buy them? Fuck it! Stop accepting that this is how reality works.

Working with the sense of time has a very strong impact on your relationship to money. You know that money is not really energy. Money is simply a reflection of your energy. So think about this for a minute. The quicker your sense of time moves, the more money you need because that is how this reality is set up. The more time passes, the more money you need. The quicker time passes, the more of a budget you will need to suffice the passing of that time.

If you can become perfectly aligned with your sense of time, you will begin to understand that this is what you will emit and since money is connected strongly to time – that is how you have set it up – it simply will start to align with you. As you align with time, the reflection of your own energy in this construct of a reality called money will also start to align with you.

This sense of time and slowing it down will also allow you to regain more control of things such as age because that is something that most of you are still struggling with. The sense of time can help you move through a reality that you no longer choose.

These Senses are Attributes of Reality

Consider these senses as attributes of reality. When you are in a reality moment where you are experiencing a lack of time, for instance, or are in an expansion of time within the frequential range – an example of that would be to have a disease that is going to be affecting the way your reality continues – you can choose the sense of time as an attribute and apply it to the reality that you no longer choose.

Let’s say that, for instance, you are suffering from a disease or you are suffering from a type of lack. Once you start to understand the sense of time, you have the power to attribute to that reality a certain time slot and then to move out of it, to move out of that reality, to let it go.

Your sense of direction will help you on that path. And as you begin to understand your sense of thinking, you will begin to notice that all you have to do is to start looking for areas within yourself where those thoughts exist. This is what navigates you to the reality you want to perceive rather than the one you are currently perceiving.

This is the simplest way to explain to you how you work with your DNA and how effective working with your DNA truly is, how completely interactive this whole experience really is. Think about it. If you were to be a computer programmer, would you ever design a computer game that is restrictive?

In this moment, I’m speaking to one that is out there right now, who is on the verge of creating real artificial intelligence, the one that is out there right now that is on the verge of breaking through the barrier of matter and energy, the one who has combined science, technology and biology together in their head and is about to come up with a wonderful way to finally move one object of matter to another place and space-time. Yes you, I am talking to you. Do you finally get that this reality begs to be interactive with you?

Your sense of time, coupled with the attribute of acceleration, will give you the breakthrough that you need. It will allow you to understand that nothing here really needs to be restrictive and that you have control over that.

Look at the Things that Matter

An important thing to mention when you truly start to work with these things is that you are going to feel that aspects of your frustration want to keep you out of the big things in your life. For the longest time, you have searched to change things within you but then it came down to certain aspects, certain repetitive gestures within your own nature, that you simply did not want to look at. These are the things that I now challenge you to look at. These are the fields where you really should start practicing with all of this.

Stop with the small, stop with the little experimentation, stop with wanting to change the digital clock on your microwave oven and then to think that you have a certain purpose or a certain sense of control within your reality. Stop trying to walk through walls. Stop trying to break through to the next level but really begin looking at the big things that are still hampering you in your reality.

These are the most important eddies that you will find in your river of time and when you can straighten these out, the more direct and directed you can let that sense of time, that river of time, become, the easier it will be for you to accept the flow of new energy and to align the sense of time with the flow of new energy. This means that quite literally, you, as an explorer, are on that river, looking at the shore, which would then be the reality. But you’d never really be touching the shore.

If you can accept that you can stay on that river, that you can stay afloat, you will also begin to realize that it is not really you who is moving on that river but it is that river moving underneath you. You are the centre and the heart of all things.

Working with the big things will show you this. Allow the difficulties now in your life to be cut away by cutting through them. Stop the complaining about what you are and how you are and how difficult it has been for you and start accepting that by your simple choice, which is again a sense, you can make things really easy for yourself. Start accepting this. Start cutting away these things by facing them once and for all. I promise you that this is what you will need to do if you want to get beyond that bridge, if you want to get to that space where that being known as Da Lorien San and many others are, if you want to finally, finally understand that you are more like us then you choose to believe. That is where you will get my dear friends. And it is time to make that choice.

Reality is an Interactive Experience

This concept that you call channeling, which is occurring with me right now, is changing tremendously. This reality is an interactive experience and understanding that will become the foundation for this type of work. Like Da Lorien San himself said, if you can allow your sense of time – and this is my addition to it – to flow in such a way that we could be working with you during these Sessions, during these moments, on a very direct interactive level on the inside of you while you focus on the presence of me now right here, all of these things that you finally want to move through would be moved through.

I am an un-defined being with the ability to be with all of you on a very personal level right now. Allow that to happen. Allow that very private part of me, that only exists because it is connected to you, to move. Allow us to dance. Allow our energy strands to melt together just for this moment, just for this experience. We are here reaching out. We are here wanting to assist you to move through that which still stops you.

Understanding the sense of time is what I want to offer you in this moment. Take my hand, close your eyes or open them, and let’s focus on one thing that bothers you in your reality right now. Let this be a little exercise where that simple focus, as well as being open to our energy realms connecting, will show you a different way, a different path. I do not fix the problem for you, but rather, invite your sense of time and acceleration to be more in line, to be more matched with mine.

The only reason why a problem re-occurs in your reality is that you have chosen to stop the flow within the sense of time and to remain still on the water, anchored if you will, so that the same scenery, the same situation, continues to occur, even though within the illusion of this reality, you seem to be on the move and days seem to pass.

And now we come to a very important point regarding the sense of time. When I define the sense of time, I am not speaking about your clock time. It is not your time as you can see it all over this Earth whenever you look at your cell phones or your digital watches or your internet screens and things of that nature. The sense of time I am talking about is very different and it truly entails the combination of the word sense with the word time. It is how you perceive time that illustrates to you the need of your essence to either expand or shrink. Do you feel the difference?

Inner and Outer Realm to Time

Somewhere inside of you, there is a river where these things come together and where you understand that your clock time actually is relatively meaningless to this sense of time. Your poets and your practical mothers and fathers, let’s say, have always told you that if you are in a situation that you like, time seems to move fast and if you are in a situation that you don’t like, time seems to go very slowly. This is because you are not operating with a sense of time. And so there is an inside reflection of time and an outside reflection of it. There is an inner and an outer realm to time.

In the outer realms, time is a result of your energy strands connected to the level of vibrational translation that is occurring within your brain. On the inner realms, your sense of time is these very same energy strands but not connected to the objects and the situation around you but connected to your perception of it.

The parameters for this are very simple and these are love, joy, and freedom. This is how your essence navigates the reality it’s in if it were given the choice. As it has the ability to experience love, joy, freedom… and I will now add the concept of expansion to that… the concept of growth… and the concept of reflection.

Is your inner being, your essence, experiencing these things? Then it will be a natural effect of the sense of time to decelerate and time to come to almost a standstill. This is a very Lemurian thing to do. You may or may not be aware of this, but as Lemurians, we had, and in the futures that are possible, will have, a choice to perceive a moment in a very different way.

So yes, there is natural time outside of you and there is the inner sense of time within you. If you choose to exist within a moment, your sense of time will have the ability to decelerate the evolution of that moment on the flow of natural time and for you to exist within that moment will be one of the most simple things that you have ever done.

How about getting lost in a moment of a kiss? How about getting lost in the take off of a bird as it begins to lift itself out of the water? How about slowing down your perception in that moment to really be there? That is what the interactive nature of this reality truly allows you within the sense of time. If you could accept this, your life would be completely different, would it not?

My dear friends, I have not told you anything new tonight. I have not gone to places that I have not gone with you before. I have not shown you anything that you haven’t seen before. I have merely attempted to pinpoint certain facets within yourself that are now slowing you down by accelerating you. Do you understand this? If not, think about it and you will.

This has been my attempt for tonight, to allow you, as you reflect upon this information that was shared, to see the booby traps that still remain in your existence, focusing most especially on time.

Make the Time to Experiment

As you process this, I hope you will exercise with it. I hope you will start to look at your reality differently, filtering your reality through what we have shared here tonight. As the rest of this holographic manifest will continue to build up, as a few pieces will be added to it before I return, I hope you will take the time to experience the things I have said. The next time I speak about these twelve senses, we will go deeper into the sense of time and acceleration and will discuss it from a different perspective than we have now.

I will then share with you practical examples of how you can actually start to control this sense. The reason why I am sharing the theoretical aspects, or the more introductory aspects, with you right now is that I need to know at what sense, at what level of sense, you will take this information in and how you will experiment with it. Based upon all of you out there, everyone that will connect to this information by the next time that I am back here, I will have been able to evaluate the status of your group consciousness and the awareness of the sense of time. I will then know the easiest way to help you move through the level you are currently at.

As such, I hope you really will take the time to experiment with this. We need to work together. We need to create this interactive hologram together. I am looking forward to how you will play. I am looking forward to the questions that will come up within you as you move into other Sessions and other pieces of information and as you find connections that you previously thought to be non-existent.

Next time, when we are back together in this way, we will finish our discussion about the sense of time and how it connects to your DNA. We will also go deeper into the evolution of the pineal lobe. We’ll talk about why it has become smaller in the current state of humanity and how to manifest this third lobe once again, basically non-defining the third brain. This will make your perception of reality, as connected to time, more loose, and you can then begin to really exist and experiment with existing within the moment.

It will be utterly fascinating to you, as you will experience how your clock time can quite literally come to a stop and you can observe the beauty of a raindrop hanging in front of you or experience the crystalline nature of a snowflake. You will see what really exists as light when time does not influence it as a factor.

You will learn how it feels to move through rays of light, how it feels to actually see the manifestation of a rainbow, how to stop time and step into that rainbow and feel its light. But, most importantly, how beautiful it will be to let go of any sense of urgency, of any sense of having to move into something because the clock is always moving forward! You will learn how it feels to start moving the clock by accelerating and decelerating your sense of time.

This is what you can do. This is what we will see you do. This is what we will play out together and this is why I love you. I wish you happy playing and we will see each other again.

For now, the only thing that I can say, as I have always said, is that my heart is with you, that my passion is the air that surrounds you and that I hope that we will meet where no shadows fall. And so it is.

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Da Akeyasan James Madison San
Da Akeyasan James Madison San
2 years ago

San’a’ke ❤️ greetings
This presentation is timeless and perfectly on time. The affirmation of our angelic-ness awakens our senses and reminds us of our dream. Expanding into dimensionality is moving beyond limitations, stepping into cosmic energy. Step out of the dot of time and space. In the ‘Now’; Stop it all! Stepping through the veil I AM ART. ❤️
Da’kaya ❤️ thank you, Da Pah Ekara San and Imzaia World ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

San’a’ke ❤️
‘The sense of thought’
When we feel a thought realm somewhere out there and usually a negative one, we don’t have to move into that. We don’t have to become that thought. we don’t have to become that Sense of thinking.
This is a new way of looking at thoughts.
Stop processing the thoughts, they only get generated by the mind. Stop looping. And simply to take a choice to move out these thoughts.
The sense of thinking will no longer be picking up by the mind but simply will be picking up the reality around you!

The sense of time dominates your entire reality, it completely takes you in its grip and tells you where you have to be at one given point.
‘Time, seen as something outside of you is simply a translation device for you to observe your reality!’
We totally have to re-identify, re-shape , re-create our reality but we can not step further on to this bridge until we truly make the choice, which is a sense to start observing your reality this way.

We need to start opening up ourselves, we need to know that we ‘are’ all things!
We have to stop all these nonsense,
We have to stand for what we know is the truth!
Make the choices, we have a journey waiting together!
Like Da Pah Ekara San says: ❤️ I know it’s the calling of your soul to step into that!

It certainly is my call and we have the power to change our consciousness in every moment!

Da’ka’ya for this amazingly powerful session🙏🏼
San’a’kaya I ohami imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

Da Akeyasan James Madison San
Da Akeyasan James Madison San
2 years ago

I love nonsense 🤗 and your wisdom ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke ❤️ Da’ka’ya for this Powerhouse of a Session. I am very excited to reconnect to this Session in this moment of time. The many ways in which Da Pah Ekara San describes how we can work with reality, using our Ascended Senses, to me, feel much more practically and actively applicable than they did before. I look forward to practicing this, and to hearing about other selves’ experiences with this Session.

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

Da Pah Kwan Yin San
2 years ago

Da’ba’ya i imzaia’e 🙏 It is my pleasure to re-release this potent, impactful, transformative Session by Da Pah Ekara San, who introduces the concept of ascended senses or energy senses to the student body, together with many opportunities to experiment with your own reactivation of these 12 senses. I wish you great Joy (Ba) in your exploration! ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

Da’ba’ya imzaia’e ❤️
I am looking forward to explore this session with great joy.

Da vish’ka imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

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