Session 64, recorded by the Cosmic Twelve during a two day Imzaia event in The Netherlands in early 2007, presents the akeyasan student body with a crossroads, and invites you to enter the next level of your ascension training. It appeals to that part of yourself that is infinite and can help you come to terms with the fact that the never-ending need for further input, for more information, for increasingly more intense experiences, is simply an aspect of the self that does not accept that it is and always has been in a state of divine perfection..

This is the time to accept that you are simply energy that is expressing itself. When you can achieve this acceptance, you can experience for yourself that you have arrived in a time in which the state of “inscension” — which precedes ascension — has occurred, leading to the understanding that you are in a “top life” state, i.e. this lifetime carries the energy and experiences of all the other lifetimes you have ever lived, imprinted in the energetic DNA stands of your being. As such, there are no more scripted potentials to play out that are waiting for you. This is the time where it is up to you to choose your potentials and to create that which is in your heart.

In this Session, the Cosmic Twelve encourage you to stop any and all excuses, a good example of which is the excuse of money. The Cosmic Twelve offer assistance in this Session to change your relationship with money by helping you reach a level of understanding above the vibrational field of polarity, thereby removing money as a polarity in your energy field.

Last but not least, this Session is a powerful reminder that it is up to you to accept that, ultimately, your life’s mission has nothing whatsoever to do with the roles that you have immersed yourself in as a personality in this lifetime. Instead, you are here to be a teacher of balance, of new energy, expressing as you do the consciousness of the central sun. You are here to find cosmic mastery within yourself… and that is only the beginning. May this Session help you remember.

The Study of Vibration | Session 64

by The Cosmic Twelve

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – This is a speech-to-text, unedited transcript of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

Loved Ones, Imzaia, Energy Weavers, welcome! Welcome, welcome, welcome to this moment of Now, this moment of your passion, this moment where what you have defined for yourself as reality is becoming real.  

We are The Twelve. We have come here today to be a part of you. We have come here because you are a part of us, and we are a part of you. And this has never been any different. 

We have invited many, many of you, Masters, in this room today. We have invited many, many who were once called Angel; many who were once called Master; many who have once been called Demon, have we not? We have invited all of you.  

Here you sit, one big happy family. And when we talk about family, dear Ones, we talk about all of you who are here right now, to be the connection, energetically speaking, for so many others, so many others who would not heed these words; so many others who would not hear these words; who would mock meetings like this one, who would mock the ones now sitting in the chairs – such as you are – but you are their connection. That, which you are experiencing on a conscious level, they are experiencing on a subconscious level. 

Who are these, these ‘they?’ Who are they? Well, they are your loved ones; they are your family; they are your colleagues. They are everyone you know; everyone you touch on a daily basis. Well, all of these people are now here. All of them. Energetically. Through you.  

Did you think that during the day when you opened up a portal that what you did was something that happened outside of you? What you did, was opening up the portal that IS you.  

And this is quite different from what you have been doing before, isn’t it? Because you have always been these… these puny little humans – in your mind at least – that have no reality, that have no base, on which to found their magic. Well, now, you do. Now, you do.  

You have awoken in the year 2007, and the fact that you are still here on the planet today, means that you are, indeed, a Cosmic Master. It means that you have, indeed, played all the other games, all the other interesting planets that you have been on, the eleven other planets of free choice. You have been on them.  

“So Twelve, tell us,“ you say, “tell us about all those people who have dropped out of my life in the last few years. Tell me about those, Twelve!”  

Well, Imzaia, well, Energy Weaver, Master, Angel, these are the ones who have supported your previous vibration. You are now ready for something completely different. You are now ready for a game of your own volition, of your own making, one where you are the keepers, the keepers of your own energy. This is what is happening now. It is happening NOW.

What You Create Is What You Get

So, here you are, in a town in Holland, listening to these words, be it in body or be it in energy, and here you are sitting on a crossroads, are you not, a crossroads of your own life? Because whether you have come from Australia to be here; whether you have come from Holland to be here or whether you have come from Belgium to be here; whether you have faced great difficulties to be here or not, you are all on the same crossroads. And that is who you are today. New energy, teachers of balance, the consciousness of the Central Sun of the universe, expressing itself in human form.  

You are so clever! It is not often in this game of free choice that masters decide to enter into a human game, into a game of flesh and blood and disease and all these things, life and death, and birth, feeling not good about yourself, entering into a state of duality. It is not often that this happened. It has only been happening eleven other times in this universe. And out of all these eleven times, the best were chosen by themselves. By themselves – not by anyone who had interest in this. You have chosen yourselves to come here again.  

Now that our introduction is over, we do not wish to speak of what you have already heard. We do not wish to speak of those things that play over and over and over again in your head. We wish to speak of the Third Wave, renewal, the recycling of everything that has ever happened on this planet Earth because none of your energies have ever gone away – none of them! Anything you see as a loss, is actually a gain because everything that you have not been able to manifest, create, in your lives, has not been thrown in the garbage trash. It hasn’t been thrown anywhere where you would lose it. It has been put in the most valuable of places imaginable: the sea of your own potential.  

Now, we have been talking about you being the captain of this ship that is your body. We have been talking about the lemniscarian self where you are the center of your own universe. We have been talking about so many concepts, and so many of you who are sitting in the chairs today have activated these concepts in their lives.  

“But, Twelve, I am still at the same position that I was before. No, I even think I went a couple of steps backward. Yeah, I, actually devolved. Oh, yeah, yeah, I feel it. I feel it in my body. I am getting older. I am not getting younger. I am missing this boat! Please, Twelve, tell us what to do!” 

No, we won’t do that. Why would we tell you what to do? You are the masters. You are the angels. You are the ones telling us what to do, do you see? If you have been getting the feeling that you have been devolving; if you are getting the feeling that you are getting older, Imzaia, then that is what you are creating.  

Well, so here you are today, sitting in this course that you have paid quite a deal of money for, no, to attend? Here you sit, in the chairs. The founders of the solution. You have created what you needed to create to be here, no?

An Energetic Holiday

How about you start looking at this from a different perspective? Can we offer this to you? Can we offer a different angle, Master? Can we offer a different angle, Imzaia, Angel? Can we tell you that this is basically your energetic holiday? This is a gift you have given yourself: to be pampered in this hotel, to find the mints on your pillow, you know, to be offered the wine in your glasses. All of these things you have given yourself as a gift, and why wouldn’t you? You have been working so fucking hard!  

[Laughter] What? It is your language!  

Akeyasan: You do a pretty good job!  

The Twelve: Thank you! 

Akeyasan: You watch too much. 

The Twelve: You have been inventing this language, haven’t you? So, do you have a problem if we use one of your goddamn words?  

Anyway, you have been working so effing hard, haven’t you? You have been doing all the seminars. You have been cleaning up all the shit out of your system. You have been shedding all the tears. You have been mocked; you have been laughed at; you have been pushed away. You have been driven away – not quite different from burning at the stake, only now in energy form, isn’t it?  

So, here you sit and you are ready, ready for a new life, ready for a new game to play, ready for mastery, the act of creation at the simple implementation of thought. This is where you are, Imzaia, whatever you want to call yourself, human. This is where you are right now. So, why didn’t you deserve a holiday? We think you did.  

As always, when you plan these events for yourself, you just don’t go to a tropical island –  as our messenger is now attending one during this conversation with you – you just don’t go anywhere you want to go out of fun. You want to learn more. You want to become better. You want to find out about the next step, about the Third Wave, about the following stages in your evolution. You want to do all these things. And so you justify the fact that you are taking this holiday, that you are unconsciously doing, by learning more.  

Well, you are getting more than you bargained for! You are not just learning more. You are learning your own authentic way of being. You are the Cosmic Masters. You are. And it is time that you, all of you, accept this fact because only when you do that, your lives can truly begin to change.  

What we will do today and in the coming days with you is going to be a bit more – how shall we put it? – a bit more daring than we have done before. We want to take this information that we have been spreading out, that has been entering your bodies on the cellular level even, we want to take this information to the next level as well.  

Acknowledging You Are Perfect

For you see, you might be in this course that is called ‘Level One,’ but as humans, you are in level infinity. You have again returned to level zero, the beginning of it all; the end of it all. The alpha and the omega. That is where you are right now. And your soul? She doesn’t need to learn anything else.  

Now, this is difficult for you, and that is why you all keep coming up with the courses. That is why you all keep coming up with the seminars, don’t you, because you need to get this brain of yours wrapped around the idea that you are, somehow, perfect.  

How could that be when you got the addictions going in your life? How can that be when you got the sin going in your life? And how can that be when you got all of these bad things going in your life that you don’t want to have people find out about? How are you going to do this? How are you going to marry these two ideas: that you are perfect, yet, you are not perfect? 

Maybe remembering your cosmic heritage might have something to do with that? Maybe remembering your infinite power has something to do with that? Maybe the fact that you are coming to a point where you are now realizing that you are not light at all; that you are not darkness at all; that you are not love; that you are not hate; that you aren’t any of these things? You are just energy, trying to express itself. Well, maybe this will do the trick, won’t it?

No More Preset Potentials

So, here you are, ready for what is about to come in your lives. Well, can we tell you a sad fact? Right now, you are all dead. And you know why you are all dead? Because there are no potentials waiting for you, no. Not even one. And this used to mean death to your energy, the fact that you had no other options to choose from.  

This is the difference, Imzaia. This is the difference. Right now, your energy is no longer allowing anyone else to make choices for you, to create choices for you, so that you can choose. Your energy has grown up, so you are now ready to create the choices for you.  

You want to be an artist? Good! You are an artist! You want to be a prostitute? Good! You are a prostitute! You want to be a channel? Don’t go there! It’s boring. You want to be anything you want to be? Well, why not?  

Why don’t you free yourself of all the addictions? Why don’t you free yourself of all the patterns you have built up over the years that are now part of your evolution? Why don’t you free yourself of yourself? Because come on! Do you really like your personalities? Do you really like these people inside of you that can become angry at the drop of a hat? That can insult one another without even wanting to? That can create drama out of nothing? Do you want to be these things?  

If not, then you are dead. And if you are dead, then maybe it is time to be reborn again. You have gone through this process of death and birth. It has happened at the end of December 2006, and completed itself at the beginning of January 2007, at the inscension of the human master.  

Again, you know this information. Again, we will no longer spend too much time on things you already know or things you can look up, but what we want to do, is we want to give you a chance at a new life. We want you to do the thinking for you. We want you to become aware of the power that is here and that is here and that is here. The power that is right in front of you: the attitude that you can create everything you want.  

Yes, we have been talking about this for ten bloody years! The books have been writing about this for thirty years or more, but are you creating everything you want? Uh, uh! Everyone who is in this room right now, if we were to talk to each and every one of you, each and every one of you would be able to name a few things on their list of creation that have not materialized yet.  

Yet, we say, “It is so very close!” It is so close that your senses, your human senses, are not equipped to even see it, right? Because when, for instance, particles of dust, like you can see appearing in this beam here, when these particles of dust come too close to your eyes, you won’t see them. When certain things come too close to your senses, you won’t experience them.

The Big Finale

So, you don’t experience us because we are right on top of you. We are making love to you every chance we get. We are part of every part of your body. So close, so intertwined that you no longer feel us. But the only thing we want to do is love you. The only thing we want to do is honor you because you are on the planet, the last and final planet of free choice, the one that is closing the experiment. And, God knows – YOU know – that all the masters and everyone that ever had a name in this universe has come home for the big finale.  

It is a lot like your television shows, you know, the shows you see on television. It is quite like that. You know, you have been watching this show you call Life for eleven seasons. This is the twelfth and final season, the one that will – how shall we put this? – that will solve every mystery that there is left to solve, but the only problem is, you don’t want this to be the last season. And you didn’t want the previous one to be the last one either. So, you added on to this experience. You started creating a game within a game.  

This desire for continuation has changed everything. It has pushed your bodies into a state of being where all your energy can now be carried within, all of it. Are you aware of this? Are you aware you are literally carrying all your lives, all of them, in this body?  

Could that be an explanation for all your strange behavior in the last few months, the fact that you are liking different foods than you were before; the fact that you are all of a sudden drinking alcohol where you were drinking none before. The fact that you are getting different attitudes about yourself is because you have now got a free rein to all your lives that you have ever lived at once. And again, this is energy, so, you can again become the serial killer you were, but you can also become the prophet you were. You can become anything.

From Akash to Akonai

This is the great shift from the Akash and the Akashic Record to the Akonai. Because, you see, you had invented a system for yourselves where you had segmented each and every life you had lived and every experience and every thought and every memory – everything you had said, everything you had done, were locked up in this one life. That is Akash.  

Now, with the coming of the Akonai – and we honor everyone who is involved in this – the segmentation, the walls between your lives, are gone. And so, you remember everything – everything! And you can take every path you would like to take, and it is like a little game. It is like you are in this supermarket and you got 1’000 Euros to spend on everything you would like, and you are just filling up, filling up, and filling up because you know you have been given this great gift. Well, welcome to the Third Wave, the great gift! 

You are now working with a power that is bigger than anything you have ever imagined. And we tell you that there need be no death. There need be no end. There need be no suffering. There needn’t be any of this. And why do you continue on this path, we wonder? Why? Why do you continue to create dramas in your life? Why do you continue to fall asleep when all you need to do is wake up into your new energy? Well, that is all that is requested, isn’t it? That is all that is requested.  

You now have the ability, dear Ones, to be awake, present, in yourself, in your bodies, in your own energy – mhm – 24 hours a day. You have this ability now.  

Akeyasan: It is so nice to sleep. 

The Twelve: You also have that ability.  

Do you understand that energy is energy and if you seek to sleep, you sleep; if you seek to be awake, you are awake? What we cannot stand is the frustration you have because you have to sleep. Many people think it is a hassle to go to bed, while, in fact, it is something they love doing because for once in their lives, it takes away the drama. You see? It takes away their own forced perception of one reality at the same time.  

We are looking at you right now and we are looking at your birth; we are looking at your death; we are looking at your rebirth; we are looking at your tomorrow; we are looking at your yesterdays. We are looking at everything you are, while if you look at one another, you just see the one expression.  

Now, we have told you that this one expression of Now is, in fact, a good place to be in because it allows yourself to create whatever it is you want to create. It allows you to play with your own energy.

But… What if? What if you took the next step? What if you were able to look at your life from every possible angle, from every possible potential, right now? You know why you don’t want to do that? Because you don’t want to see the potentials that you don’t want to create. Well, a Cosmic Master is aware of these potentials, but knows what to create and what not to create – chooses, seeks out what to create and what not to create.  

We have sent so many, like this messenger, to this planet, so many different times. We have sent so many. Some of you have worshipped these people; others of you have killed and destroyed these people. We don’t care. They will keep coming back anyway. But we have sent so many, so that you would be here right now, hearing this message, waking up – waking up by slipping from the radars of society.  

We know you have been frustrated. We know you live in systems where you are forced to contribute to a system that does not fully understand you and, especially, does not support you. Again, we implore you: create your own system. Let go what no longer serves you.  

So we have offered you all these gifts. We have offered you tools for taking your own vibration above light speed. We have told you about the configuration between the speed of light and the speed of consciousness. We have told you about the 144 lemniscarian cells, the cells of infinity, that rest behind your thymus. We have told you about all of these things, and yet, you haven’t gone there, have you?  

We have told you about the birth of the Akene and how you can use this power to connect to your small brain in the back of your head and how you can connect to the midbrain in here, but have you done it? No! You have not, have you? 

So, again, we bring forth the Kuthumi. Again, we invite this Master Energy that is a part of you, that is imploring you now to do this – right now!  

When we will break for lunch, we will have the Twelve come in again and we will invite them to do this exercise again with you and to let you know how you can be this different energy.  

Ah, yes! Ah, yes, we know that once you go towards this Akene, once you go towards this place you call the thymus and once you find this infinity in here that things start changing for you. We know because we have seen others do it. We have seen this messenger do it. We have seen that lass over there do it. We have seen all of you do it.  

Yet, five minutes later, you have forgotten it. You thought it was a dream. The gifts are standing right in front of your door, and you delete them. Well, what a waste of energy, Imzaia! What a waste!  

We no longer seek to separate ourselves from you because this, too, is a waste of energy. Because what good would it do to have you talk to you, if you don’t even want to hear what someone else has got to say? How do you know what you want to say? Well, you should know.  

How do you know what your mission is in this world and in this experience you call Life? How do you know? Well, you know by choosing it. You know by creating these potentials. And again, why don’t you? Why don’t you?

The Promise You Made

We remember each and every one of you. We were there when you came in because you were there when you came in, and we were you and we were standing next to you. Oh, yeah, you, too! And we remember saying to you, “Look, we will give this a shot, this, planet of free choice, this Earth, this game you want to play. We’ll give it a shot! You know, it is Cosmic Tuesday; what else do we have to do? So, we’ll do this.”  And you said, “It won’t take long. It will just take a couple of thousand years, and we will be ready. We will be ready for you to come in and talk to us directly.”  

And that has happened. That has happened.  

Now, we are waiting. Now, we are giving you the next step. Now, we are asking you to stop this nonsense, this nonsense you call life, in which you can suffer, in which you can die, in which you grow old. And again, we don’t want to rain on your parade. We have given you the tools, and with the advent and the start of that, which what you call the School of Life, we will be giving you more tools, won’t we?  

Will you use them? Will you stand up and live the life you want to live or will you continue to go on as you have been for so long? Because this power is yours and it is yours to use right now.  

So, are you ready to go beyond the speed of light, Lemurian? Are you ready to bridge the gap between thought and feeling, Atlantean? Are you ready to part the mists that cross the dimensions, Avalonean? Yes, you are!  

You know, you would be expecting us to say right now that the average speed of vibration in this room is “blah blah blah.” Good news is, you have just broken the light barrier. Oops! Do you have to pay for it now because it is broken? Well, no, you don’t. You have broken the light barrier. 

So, here you are, vibrating higher than the speed of light. You have moved past that today. Vibrating above the speed of light and hence, existing in the speed of consciousness. The speed of consciousness is, by the way, the slowest speed, by which anything in this universe is ever picked up. You are a race now that is taking up its place within this Galactic Federation. And what else is this Central Sun, the consciousness of which is talking to you right now, than the coordinator of this Galactic Federation?  

It is time for humanity to step into its role it was meant to carry out, and we want you to develop a sense of knowing, a sense of consciousness where what you decide what is true, actually is the truth. But, you know, you will find this out in your good time, in your own time.  

So, dear Ones, loved Ones, Imzaia, are you ready to play? The average speed of vibration in this room – if we can allow the words of our lovely friend, Adamus, our Saint Germain, to come in – the average speed would be about 1.7, the speed of light. You are now at the point, at the very point of where everyone who has called himself or herself a Master has always been. 

You see, the trick is not to get to a very high vibration. The trick is to remain in a very high vibration. And you know what takes you, what pulls you back towards this vibration, which is lower than the speed of light? It is the mind. It is the convictions that you have in your life. It is the addictions that you have in your life. It is all of these things that you think you need to do in order to survive, things that if you do not do them, your life will be destroyed. And for most of you people, this is a very subtle game, isn’t it? This is not about, you know, doing the marijuana or doing the heroin or doing the drugs or you know? All of these things is a very, very subtle game.  

Your Relationship to Money

It is about money. And this is basically the reason why we are here today, money, because your relationship with money is going to change this weekend. It is not something you are going to change as a core belief. It is something that we will show you as an example of what these cosmic energies are all about. Because when you change your relationship to money, Imzaia, you change everything. It is the plastic surgery of the universe, isn’t it? It is the ugly nose on the face of humanity, isn’t it, money? It is a friend and it is a foe. When you have it, you don’t want it and when you don’t have it, it is all you are after.  

Well, we are here to change this relationship this weekend. And how are you going to do that? By understanding that you are now above a vibration that supports money as a polarity in your energy field. Money is an energy that cannot go and vibrate higher than the speed of light. Only consciousness can do that. And once you are at the speed of consciousness, you create everything exactly as you want it to be, exactly, down to the very pores in your skin; down to the weight your body has; down to every, every inefficient cell of your body. That is the speed of consciousness.  

So, everything that isn’t consciousness can be created and uncreated at free will. And so, you create a myth – because you cannot handle the truth? So, you warp the story of the Jeshua because you cannot handle the truth? Well, you can handle the truth. Hell, you are here to set the truth straight!  

So, how about we take every excuse out of your lives, every one, so that you are no longer able to put off what you came here to do? How about we take the money issue out of your lives?  

We will tell you one little thing. We are so tired of these excuses of yours. We are so tired of all these things you tell yourselves, so that you can stay away from your destiny.  

We will tell you another little thing. You are no longer allowing yourselves to be on this planet Earth, unless you are here to take action. Basically, there is no room for those who are not taking action.  

Yes, these words are hard and, no, we are not talking about any type of segregation. We are talking about evolution. We are talking about choice and we are talking about growing up, you getting out of the rut you have been in for so long; you moving away from what you hate and moving into what you love.  

You know today, we have given you many, many different concepts, energetically speaking. These words, they could be interpreted as just words. Then again, they could change your life because you are the one doing the changing, aren’t you? 

So, you could look at these words and you could say, “Uhm, I like it, but it ain’t for me. So, you know, I am just going to throw it in this trash can over here and I am just going to go home and I am going to my job on Monday and I am going to hate it and I am going to be miserable, yeah, because the entire planet is miserable, right?”

Letting Go of the Illusions

Think again, dear Ones! This planet is now a part of the Galactic Federation. As such, it is part of the Central Sun. As such, it is part of the consciousness of this universe. And that is why you have now connected to the Central Sun again. That is why this messenger and all those around him are setting up this School of Life, to let go of all the crap, of all the illusions, of all the shit you have had to take and swallow.  

Letting go is not going to be difficult. It is not going to be easy either. Haha! It is the easiest thing you can do, and yet, it is the most difficult thing you can do because it is in the details, dear Ones, it is in the details.  

You see, you can be as enlightened as the Pope – well, bad example… You can be as enlightened as Gandhi; at the same time, you are holding on to so many little things that none of you are seeing, really. You are holding on to them, and they are not doing you any good: the belief systems – although you read the books and you go to the meetings and you sit in the chairs and you do all the things and you donate the money to the third world and whatever it is you do; you save the puppies, while you don’t look at the person who you are passing on the street? Okay. But, have you looked at your life? Have you really dared to examine your life? Have you? Have you looked at all these things that really aren’t a part of you anymore, have you?  

Let today then be an introduction to changing everything you know about yourself, your relationship to money as an example because this is nothing, you see. You all see this as this threshold that you have to get over and then you will be happy. Think again! Think again! Your money issues have been the most fun you have ever had! And letting that go…Oh, that is going to be tough! That is going to be tough.  

We are not saying that you won’t be having any fun. We are not saying that you won’t be enjoying this experience you call Earth. We are just saying that it will be a different experience. It will be one that will allow you to finally give birth to you, to finally become that part of you that you have always wanted to be.

You Are Finally Listening

Now, there is a reason why we are keeping our messenger far away from his body right now. And that is because if he were in this room, he would probably be frustrated. He would probably think, “Blah blah blah… The same old bullshit all over again!” Well, no. You know why are repeating ‘the same old bullshit all over again?’ Because every sentence we are saying is being accepted for the very first time – for the very first time. And most of you are not even listening to the words we are saying. Well, that is fine. Your energies are hearing them, they are, for the very first time!  

Oh happy day, when Jesus walked! And that is the reason why we are doing this big summation today. We need to do this to remind your energy of who it really is. And you have grown so tired of this word, haven’t you: energy? Well then, why don’t you become this energy? Why don’t you let all the other things go and just focus on this?  

When we have said that you have so many little things going on in your lives that are keeping you away from who you really are, we are talking about your haircuts; we are talking about the clothes you are wearing; we are talking about the attitude and the appearance you want to have, the fake layer of yourself that you used to project your image unto other people. You know you have gotten to a point in society that is so twisted, that is so warped that if you were to stop using all the products you are using and you were to return to your original scent of your bodies, you would think it stinks. This is how far removed you are from your own energy.  

Hmm. Now, if that can happen to your body, imagine what has happened to your consciousness. Imagine what has happened to your mind. Imagine all the people… No? This is the other way it can go. And once you understand this, then you will see that all that is necessary to let go, to take these Twelve – that are more than12 and that are less than 12 – to take these and to unite them into the one that they, in fact, are; to take your 12 strands of DNA and to unite them into the one expression, the one bridge between matter and energy, the one portal that you are allowing yourself to create.  

Now, there is two more things we want to say. First thing has to do with the images you are seeing on this screen right now. Now, our messenger isn’t one that would do this very often, but we want you to understand the way reality truly works. You see, even though these appear to be random patterns, generated by a limited computer program, responding to the audio tracks that are playing in this computer, we are saying that these images are exactly in line with the energy that we are transmitting in the form of words.

Expression Creates the Experience

Now, you see how this can be, how these supposed ‘unrelated’ events are, in fact, related? Well, if that is the case, then two unrelated events, namely you becoming a free person and you becoming free of the slavery that is money, are related, too, are they not? For this, too, is just energy, and the fact that we have expressed this through you, the fact that we have expressed the fact that you can be free of the reign of money, creates the outcome that you seek. This is how it works. This is what it is like to be a Master.  

Now, tomorrow, when we come back – as if we ever go away – we will take you on this journey, on this journey where you can let go of certain energies in your lives, certain issues in your life. You will learn how to work with consciousness. You will go through the process of activating the Lemurian self and hence, activating the lemniscarian self. You will do all of these things.  

And again, we will take you one step further. We will go to objectified situation creation where you can look at any situation from an objective point of view and create this situation or move it to a place of energy where you want it to be.  

Now, do you see? Do you see that this empty hand, that is stretched out to you, can be filled with anything? Maybe even your own hand as we try to cross the bridge between you and who you used to be? And once your hand materializes here in front of ours, we will take it and we will move you.  

But this can go one step further, can it not? You can use this empty hand of yours to create anything. We want you to create your own lives, going back to the day your lives started where the Cosmic Mastery has been completed and you finally understand what creation is all about. You see anything you want to create – a chair, for instance, in a shop – and you move your Now time ahead and ahead and ahead and ahead, and you are days later from this event where you saw the chair. And then you go listening to our words and getting all frustrated because we are telling you that you can create matter from energy and that you are supposed to be able to create this chair, we are telling you about?

The Way of the Lemurian

Well, how about you look at this from this angle? Why don’t you go back to the moment you saw the chair and you make a different choice in your past, hence, creating a different outcome of energy in your material world, where one chair that did not exist before, is now present. If this is the case, you can do many more things. This is working with the lemniscarian self, where you use parts of the energy of the lemniscate that is behind you to create the lemniscate that is in front of you.  

This is the way of the Lemurian. This is the end of segmentation between Akash and Akonai because events will no longer be separated, you see. Events will no longer be segmented. They will just be one. And this is the Third Wave.  

You see now, why we have been speaking about the coming together of light and dark? If your events, if your pasts and your futures need to be one, then you need to let go of polarity; then you need to let go of duality, and then you need to let go of all of these things that are no longer serving you, Imzaia, Energy Weaver, Cosmic Master. Then you need to let go of the drama that is no longer serving you. Then when your wallet is stolen, you go back in time to change that fact. You can do that till the end of this natural life on this planet. And you can do that with so many different things. In fact, we couldn’t even think of one where you couldn’t. The only thing we can think of is where you would influence the words of another.  

Now we are talking, Lemurian! Now, we are talking, Avalonean! Now, we are talking, Enlightened Being, Energy Weaver.  

We will now close this session, for it is time to open your stomachs to the food, to this experience of Earth, to the joy of your taste buds, and to everything that makes this Master and this Angel, sitting in front of us, human.  

It is in this trinity of angel, master, and human that your greatest power is present. If you want to change something on any of these three levels, all you need to do is take a look at these other two levels. For where a human seems to be unequipped to travel back in time and make a different choice, a Master is able to do this. Where a human is limited in its traveling through the dimensions, a Master is able to do this. Where a human and a Master are not capable of looking at this planet Earth and this experience from a completely different perspective, an Angel has always done this.  

It is time, you remember this. It is time, you remember this. It is time, we shut the hell up as well! Enjoy your night’s rest. Know that you have experienced a miracle today by opening the portals that you have.  

And so, dear Ones, it is with our most abundant joy, with our most prosperous of respect, and our most heartfelt balance, and love that we now retreat this energy that is being transmitted into words to each and every one of your hearts. We will return tomorrow for practical information to show you how you can do all of these things that we have talked about today – and basically, just to sit with you and have some fun! 

So, as this conversation was guided by the energy of the Jeshua, who is translating for this Central Sun that is us, so, we Belove in you.  

And so it is.

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Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke ❤️

The Cosmic Twelve, once again, gently but firmly remind us to finally get on with it, to get off the fence, and to see the illusory web we have created that we call our life. It’s not life. It’s survival.

I see the personality, thirteen linear years ago, at that very crossroads, the Twelve are talking about. Sitting on the fence. To jump or not to jump, that was the question. You recognize that feeling that when you know with absolute certainty that something is inevitable, but your personality tries to procrastinate as long as it possibly can? Finding excuses why that choice can’t be made now? I tell you: waste of time – in my experience anyway.

“We will tell you one little thing. We are so tired of these excuses of yours. We are so tired of all these things you tell yourselves, so that you can stay away from your destiny.

We will tell you another little thing. You are no longer allowing yourselves to be on this planet Earth, unless you are here to take action. Basically, there is no room for those who are not taking action.”

I can feel the urgency of what The Twelve tell us in this session, the urgency for us to realize that we are here for a purpose. Ascended Life is here for Us. They have opened the golden cage. Now it is up to us to fly out. We are needed, each and every one of us. We have come here to create New Earth, and it starts with us, with me. No more separation – and this means that I have to live the teachings with every breath I take.

Da’ka’ya to the Cosmic Twelve and all of Ascended Life for giving us the tools to do just that ❤️🙏🏻❤️

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Akeyasan James Madison San

The message was given 13 years ago, now we are witnesses.❤️

Da Akeyasan James Madison San

Witnesses at the threshold. ❤️

Da Akeyasan James Madison San

San’a’ke Merkava,
I took the leap 🥰 I Am out of the way. I Am ready to Pah. No more bla, bla, bla, bla blah 🤗 I know the truth, I return to truth, to Is-real. ❤️ Real-ity is reinforced with each revolution on the strand, approaching the arrival or incomprehensible bliss. ❤️ This is manifesting Now. I surrender into the divine dream. ❤️ Tune in, turn on, let go! ❤️ Tickle my energity; so good! I wanted to comment for the spirit of sportsmanship! ❤️
Da’ka’ya Cosmic 12, Da Pah Kwan Yin San & Imzaia’e, ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Da Akeyasan James Madison San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San
2 years ago

San’a’ke ❤️ It is with grand joy to say: “Wow, another amazing ‘you have everything you need to fully live your truth and to fulfill your destiny, and it is time to go for it’ Session which can completely change our lives and empower our ascension paths, if we let it. In other words: an introduction to a follow-on exercise in which the beloved Cosmic Twelve express what is already inside of us, bringing it to the forefront of our conscious awareness, so we can BE the Lemurian, we can travel dimensions, we can go back in time to change events, and we can shift from the akash to the non-sensical field or akonai at the speed of consciousness, beyond the speed of light — when we find the infinity inside of us and let go of all that does not serve us or our purpose. We are asked to actively develop a sense of knowing, of consciousness, in which what we decide is true, actually IS the truth – not practiced half-heartedly for a few minutes or sporadically, then to be forgotten, but with consistency and continuity. As the Cosmic Twelve say, paraphrased a little, ‘the trick is to get there and stay there.’

Like me, I wager that many listening to this Session have created and experienced quite a spectrum in this regard, with polarity, with dualistic highs and lows, vibrational habit ups and downs, and mental thoughts, drama, convictions, addictions, and belief systems I have allowed to keep me small and limited, instead of always being who I truly am and have always wanted to be, doing what I love, in service to the whole.

Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San o Da Cosmic Twelve with all of my heart for this life-changing Session and reflecting us back to ourselves, expressing those parts of self we have not been able to accept so we could see our own energy and magnificence, and guiding us every step of the way – in everything, big and small. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e,
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

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