Session 179 is a vibrant and rather special recording in the Study of Vibration lineup, as it provides a first row seat to a 1.5 hrs long ‘in the moment’ presentation by Da Jeshua San. It was recorded during the second of three Meaning of Life events: multi-day imzaia seminars that were organized in the Netherlands and in Belgium in the closing months of 2007.

Presented the day after Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San’s open-hearted conversations, A Time to Choose and You Are In Control, Da Jeshua San takes the opportunity to discuss a multitude of topics with the attending student body, mainly focusing on the workings of the akene (metaphysical/geometric heart center), the grip and power that the mind and ego can have on early metaphysical ascension explorers, the 144 infinite, lemniscarian cells in the thymus of the human body, the unlimited potential of the neocortex and the pineal gland, and more.

Like the sessions and supporting videos surrounding it, this presentation is an important part of the runway leading up to the core presentations of the Meaning of Life events, a 14 part series called the Mastering the Grand Illusions.


Unleash the Universal Power Within (The Secret Tapes)


The Cosmic Manifest | The Meaning of Life | The Study of Vibration


Da Jeshua San


Retie, Belgium | November 16, 2007


English spoken | English transcript available

The Study of Vibration | Session 179

by Da Jeshua San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

Deep within the purity of your heart, you will find the purity of the womb of life that is the ocean of LOVE.”

I have told Da Komaya San over there a while ago that the word ‘Komaya’, the name ‘Komaya’, means ‘wealth’. But in fact it means wealth in such a way that wealth could be translated as ‘the purity’. So, you will see here [points at flip chart] purity, and you will find it here again [pointing at the flip chart]. But this purity refers to the wealth. You will find the purity or the wealth of the womb of life that is the ocean of love.

There are so many Lemurian truths, so many insights that they have to offer still, but before we go on to these today, I would like to say to you: Meh’e’ye ne’ke i’ka’raya i imzaia’e. I, from the bottom of my heart wish you a good day, wish you a day filled with love, filled with joy and filled with freedom.

If you remember Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, the first day of the seminar, at the end of his second channeling he told you, you would be feeling like crap by the end of the second day. Well the crap has been felt, the experience has been had and it is time for us now to look deep within, to look at what happened, to look at the power of the soul and the true value of that which you call ‘humanity’.

For we all have power within. We all carry strength, but also, we carry that which we call ‘the mind’, that which we call ‘the ego’. Now this ego, this mind energy is something that is very easily neglected because it is not seen. It isn’t felt. You can’t hear it. You can’t touch it. You can only experience it. And the problem with the experience of mind is that it is something that is actually celebrated on this planet.

Having the power of mind within, wanting to be the first, wanting to arrive there first, making it, getting things done, walking above all the others, all of that is the power of the mind. And it is revered, don’t be mistaken about this, it is revered in todays’ society. What can we do about this? How can we work with it? Those are the questions that we are going to be answering in the coming three days.

Before we go there, I would like to give all of you the opportunity to go deep within, deep within the self, and in that space that you call your ‘body’ to recognize there a field of energy, that which science has called ‘the thymus’. A field which is boundless. It has no walls. It has no barriers. It has infinite space available to you, infinite joy available to you, the energy of love and the purity of freedom available to you.

Here on this Earth we value love as we find it outside of ourselves. We find joy when we find it outside of ourselves. And we think freedom is the pursuit of our very desire. ‘Following your heart’s desire’ people then say. Freedom has nothing to do with the external world. You can be in jail and you can be free. Freedom comes from within and it doesn’t need to be judged. It doesn’t need to be shown; it just is what it is. In that space here, in the center of your chest, you can find that freedom, you can find that joy, and you can find that love.

The beauty in the many conversations I have with people is that at first everybody who comes, everybody who needs to speak, thinks that that freedom is without. And they know about the power of the heart, everybody knows about the power of the heart, but actually experiencing that power and working with it is something quite different.

The Power is Within You

Now in that space, in your heart, here, right behind the thymus energy, is a power that belongs to you, only it has been hidden so very deep that it is impossible sometimes to find that power. It is impossible sometimes to see it or to grasp it. And then people have a tendency to start working on themselves and they start doing workshops and then they start reading the books and then they start going to the sessions or whatever it is they do to work on themselves. What is the reason for that work? Even if it is found within the greatest of intent, in the highest of all potential, namely to help the world because you are here to do something greater, still, it is fired up by ego energy.

And that is a very difficult concept to grasp for most people because they think, “If I am working on myself, if I am doing all of these things, it must be that I am on a good path.” This is about universal love, not even about unconditional. It is about universal joy and it is about universal freedom. That space, that room within, that universe, that cosmos within, once you find that, you are in such an unconditional love that it transmutes into universal love. And then you will notice that you will no longer need to do anything. You will no longer need to go to anything. You will be in a space where your energy will raise itself naturally.

That sentence was spoken by Da Toraya San, Da Shasaya San and Da Camelaya San, if I am not mistaken, in ‘the Declaration of New Energy’ that ‘energy tends to raise itself naturally’. But you need to be in the space where you will allow this to happen, and that is the space of universal love, where you automatically will be there, will recognize all the world as you, all the universe as you, without any type of boundary. If you are in that space, then yes, this will happen, then you need to do nothing because all of your actions come naturally in the raising of energy. This, this is the space where mind – in Dutch ‘denkgeest’, obviously – where mind will no longer have a hold on you. It can’t, because all there is at that point is a space beyond duality, that which you call ‘the heart’, the Akene, which goes beyond the heart.

The Akene begins at the heart, right here, and as everybody here probably knows it takes a direct line up to the second part of the brain, which is the mammal brain. From that point it goes into the third brain, which is the space where all of our memories are stored. I want to repeat this to you to make it very clear. But the memories that we store are no good if we allow our future experiences to be dependent upon them. If you have fear, for instance, that a situation might occur before it has even taken place, then you will be in the third brain, already building up from past experience that event, which might occur. You don’t want to be there.

The only reason why the third brain is interesting is that which we call ‘the memory of the Now’, where you construct the Now for yourself, a now energy, a now space for yourself, based on what you know, but not limited by what you know; based on what can come out of your past experience to be created anew, not to be repeated. That is the energy of the memory of the Now and it is available to you in the third brain. 

144 Divine Cells

And then if you close that triangle of energy, if you close it right back by letting the flow go back to the thymus, then you create your basic Akene. It is basically a first step for those who want to learn how to work with it, and if you want to do that yourself or if you want to teach other people then give them this at first because it takes a while to understand that there is divinity here behind the thymus, 144 cells of lemniscarian infinite energy.

 I repeat what that is. It is the atom of the cell and the electron of the cell not going around the atom core, but creating an infinity loop. The electrons go infinitely through the cell core, through the atom, and as such, the cell is not losing power, which will create your old age and your disease and what have you not, but it will build on itself. 144 divine cells, which are the basis of your Akene, which are the basis of everybody’s Akene because everybody in the world is to be found there.

You sitting right there and you sitting right there are in the same space. Although it seems like you are a few meters apart, it will take you the illusion of time to cross that gap. No, it is right here. If you want to communicate with everybody, anybody, you don’t need to try to find them somewhere because they won’t be anywhere. All you need to do is go here and communicate here. If I want to talk to Da Ambika San, for instance, if I want to communicate with her, if I want to invite her to come over, like I was in my room yesterday, all I do is go to that space and communicate with her because she is here. When I am in that room and I want to communicate with her, she is not here in this room, because then I would actually give in to the power of the mind and to the power of illusion, you see? All I need to do is communicate to my own heart center, for that is where she is. And all those people practicing telepathy, what do they do? They use the mind to communicate from one space to another space. It is still based on illusion and at a certain point you will hit a wall.

So, you got the triangle – Can I use you? – so you got the triangle here. This point (the heart), this point (the mammal brain at the back of your head) and this point (the top of your head), creating a triangle, through the head all the way back here (the heart). Now there is a space, a second stage of the Akene activation, where people might run into a problem, and I have heard it countless times because if you are one that has a problem with the following stage, this is normal. You have got your neocortex, here, right in the center of the forehead. It is basically the fourth brain. It is a space where no time, no space is present and as such, you are not linked to linearity when you are in that space of the head. You are in a space of concept, imagination, fantasy.

Now, what have all of you been taught as children? Imagination is no good. You shouldn’t fantasize. You should think about the real world. You should be in the real world. Get a job. Make sure you got a degree. You have to go to university. Don’t play around thinking all day. You have to get a job. You have to take all of that knowledge that society has to offer and pump it right into the third brain, so that you as a parrot at a certain point can sit in front of a professor and barf it all out. And then you get an A, then you get a degree and then you got some time for a holiday, and then the society, which is mind, really latches onto you because then you got the job. And then your time is even more divided than it was before and then you have to make sure that you go through traffic jams every morning, unless you get the fun, you find the fun of becoming self-dependent. And then you have to start filling out all the forms, you know. 

The Power of Imagination

But as I know from personal experience, as Da Komaya San has told me before, as a child even though this was said to you, you would still wander away because she knew intuitively, and every child knows intuitively, about the power of dreams, about the power of imagination, fantasy. The only difference between the world of dreams and the world of reality is that linearity is handled in a different light. In this reality as you are in right now, because I hope most of you are awake, you are stuck on a linear paradigm and you have to take one step after the other after the other after the other and you are in 3D. In your dreams, you are still in the same space, but you are no longer limited to a linear field. You can actually jump the timeline. That is what you do, and you can’t just jump the one timeline, you can jump from timeline to timeline to timeline, which is a much more natural process anyway.

So, that is why the neocortex is so very important in the Akene activation. How do you get this wonderful instrument, that is basically another representation of divinity within the body itself, how do you get this wonderful instrument to be interlinked with the first Akene activation? It is very simple. Within the center of the triangle of the Akene, you have a very specific and special gland, and science is slightly discovering this right now and it will get better at it, it is called ‘the pineal gland’. The pineal gland is right there. Can I open your head for a while? It is right there, here in the center of the brain. If I were to go the center of her brain right now, I would touch the pineal gland, you see? So what you do, at that pineal gland, is basically at the centre, in the middle of your triangle that you have created. Now, if you take the neocortex and connect all that energy, which is the neocortex and you take it right into the pineal gland, then you take it into the center of your Akene.

Now we are 2008 almost, so at the end of 2008, the beginning of 2009, you will see that science will discover the unlimited potential that is to be found right there in the pineal gland. You will notice that at the end of 2009… and I don’t like to do predictions, but I am going to do it anyway, because it is no longer a prediction. It is a certainty. At the end of 2009 you will see the ability of science married to spirituality at that point to beat, well ‘beat’ is actually a wrong word, to, neutralize any type of disease, be it a mental type of disease, be it a psychical type of disease, psychological or emotional, even ecological. All disease is directly linked to the pineal gland not sending its information directly into the rest of the body. When I mean ‘the body’, I mean the world, I mean the universe.

That is the importance of the pineal gland. If you take all the power of the neocortex and put it onto the pineal gland, you have the beginning of the second activation of that which is the Akene. And this is where most people have problems because then you need to do something three dimensionally and I have not yet found the time to create the right schematics for you to see, but I will, together with Da Minx San – oh, there she is – at a certain point create some sort of 3D model that will move, so you will see what happens.

But if now – can I turn you around, thank you, fun huh – just think we are in the center of the brain right now, of course, I can’t go into that center [Ambika’s head], but I will do it in front of her head so it will be as if I am in the centre of her her head. So, I go to that space, which is the center of her head, and you have a triangle right, you have the triangle right here, and you take that center and you pull it out and what you create are two pyramids, one going this way [to the left] and one going this way [to the right]. The first Akene activation that you used, which is the triangle, will now become the basis of these two pyramids, you see? Is there anybody here that doesn’t understand, because then I will explain it again? You forgot? Okay. Do you want me to start all the way at the beginning? 

I am just going to repeat it very quickly. So, you got the thymus right here, yes? You have got the back of the brain, right here, and you have got the top of the brain, and then you made that triangle, you see? And you take the neocortex, you put it in the middle of the pineal gland. So, you basically have your triangle at the center of it and you tear that out, pull it out to both sides, at that point you just pull it out and what you create are two three-dimensional pyramids, you see? You understand? Okay. We will do exercises on this, so you will get it better.

This is the second Akene activation. It is still a beginning because it still is a buildup to what is to come. Most people when they activate their Akene they work with these two principles that I have just shown you, first creating the triangle and then making it 3D as you create the two pyramids. It takes them about two to four months to actually start working with this on a daily basis.

Mind Entering your Dreamstate

What I have just shown you is something that you should do the moment you wake up because as you wake up, especially the ones that are really going to go for the deletion of the mind, as you wake up you will notice that your dreams, once you start no longer allowing the mind to be there in your present day reality, you will start noticing that your dreams are going to take over that function. At first the mind would play around in your 3D reality, and it would give you images, constant images that are projected in front of you. Your daily life are those images, and it would constantly give you, feed you that information that would make you lower your energy, and go deeper down into the ego.

What happens when you no longer allow this to take place is that the mind will shift its field of focus into the dream state, and then you will begin dreaming about that which was your biggest desire. And you might be shocked what it was because you will think my biggest desire might be sexually oriented, for instance, but at a certain point you might see that it is about killing people. You might be killing one person after the other after the other after the other after the other, or you might be brought back to an old reality that you used to live in, before you started this entire journey, before you started this entire process, you see?

So, as you go through these stages it is very important at the beginning of every day to do this. It has been said in channelings and in Ekaraias and in workshops over and over again. The first thing you do, even before you have opened your eyes is do this, to create that field of energy that will allow you to step out of your bed, to throw back your sheets and to put your feet on the ground as a master energy because then you will create the reality that you are walking around in. And that doesn’t mean manipulating everybody else. That doesn’t mean that you are inhabiting your own personal space. It means that your space is getting bigger and that you understand that everybody and everything around you is you, and that you are it or them. And as such, you walk around with a divine responsibility to make neutral that which has been warped, to bring back into a field of neutrality all those things that are negative, all those things that are pain, shame, death, destruction, ego basically.

That is what you do at the beginning of each day and you will see the impact you have, if you do this. After two to four months, when you really are – what shall I say? – when you really are comfortable with working with these two levels of Akene, at first I would even suggest that you just do the first level, just create the triangle, until in every time when you find irritation, when you find judgment, when you find whatever, you create that triangle, and you remember that energy. And then, once it becomes so natural that you do it every time you breathe, because that is what dolphins do and whales and turtles do: they create. Every breath is a creation. And the Hawaiians know this. That is why the breath is sacred. In the morning, they will get up and they will breathe to each side of the world, north, east, west, and south.

The Inner Merkabah Body

So, as you become familiar with this, and you are ready, you have built up that triangle system yet again, then you are going to let it go. And how do you do that? By creating the inner Merkabah body.

You all know what the Merkabah is? It is all around you. It is a divine energy, which is often called your own ‘lightship’. In Egypt people used to work with it, to travel from space to space sometimes, but unfortunately it was activated by technological magnetics back then, which was a leftover gift from Atlantis, where they used to work with magnetics, combining this with technology. Huge magnets that would allow the magnetic field of the body to speed up, you see? And as the body speeds up, the vibration goes up, and this is what the Atlanteans thought was a good process because as that happened, as the vibration went up, the light body or the Merkabah body would start spinning. It would start spinning so quickly that actually it could ascend a person that did it often times enough. But nobody knew what it actually ascended them into. And, my precious ones, it ascended everybody into that which you call ‘4D’, which is not the space you want to be in because 4D and 3D have no difference. There is no difference between 4D and 3D. The only difference is that the archetypical energy is much stronger there, and that means that you are in a dream state, the dream state that tends to repeat itself naturally, not ‘raise’ itself, but tends to ‘repeat’ itself naturally.

What do you get then? You get these horrible images and stories of people that have died and that keep repeating their death. You know these horror stories. Well, they are based on reality. It is not that this happens as you die, but it happens sometimes to those who ascend technologically, which is basically what society will offer you in about 10 years. In about 10 years from now, if nothing is done, these types of technology will start to reemerge again. I am not saying this to frighten you, I am just telling you that there is a different path.

However, this path will be walked the moment the chipping technology enters into the reality. That is why so many people are warning you not to go in that chipping technology. It is not necessary. So, don’t let this happen to you. This is another way. I don’t mean Ambika. She is the way. She is the way. 

Chipping Technology

Akeyasan 1: What is chipping?

Da Jeshua San: Chipping, implementing chips? A very good book about that is written by Marcel Messing. Although it is very fear based, some would say, well, actually it just gives you a kick in the butt. He just tells you with every chapter, and with every paragraph. 

Akeyasan 2: I just want to mention that I have brought this book, so if anyone wants to read it, I can give it to you. Just ask! 

Da Jeshua San: That is great. And if you want to find out more about all of this, because there is so much going on, David Icke, for instance, is also one who writes fascinating books about this and, of course, a lot of movies that he makes, which I think during the break you can talk to Da Kepha San because Kepha San stores all of these films that he find on the internet and he places them on his YouTube or his MySpace sometimes and he can give you the address where you can find all of these things, if you want to hear more about that.

But again, it is not necessary to focus on all this. It is just necessary to be informed about it and then choose again. That is all that it is about, you don’t need to fear it.

Yes, my darling. 

Akeyasan 3: When you talk about chips, I think about all the animals that are chipped now, what about their consciousness? Is there an influence on their consciousness?

Da Jeshua San: Yes, it is indeed, all the animals that are chipped. Well, I said it before in a personal conversation with a group of people, but the chipping of animals is not just about making sure that they can no longer get lost. It is basically about making sure that at one point, when it would become necessary, you could give them a type of impulse, which would turn them against humanity. Some of you might know this. I know Da Wietske San looks very shocked right now.

Look, I tell you the process of what chipping technology actually does. It gives off neurotransmitters, neuro-electrical shocks, which can be used as a communication device, but if you want you can neuro shock the brain of animals, too, into creating new thoughts. It is just about the frequency of the electricity that is being used. And that is the reason why everybody needs to be chipped, for the governments at least, so that when it would become necessary, all they need to do is to send the right frequencies into your brain so that the brain gets stimulated into creating certain thoughts processes.

Akeyasan 4: Manipulation. 

Da Jeshua San: Yes, manipulation. Born to be wild. I see it. 

Manipulation, and it is happening on lower levels already. It is happening through advertising. They did it in the 50s already with the subliminal messages that were put in movies and then they started doing it openly because it was a law now that you couldn’t do it in the dark, that you couldn’t do it hidden, so they started doing it publicly. And now people are even seeing these advertisement that they see all around them as something positive because it gives them ‘the option of choice’. Now you see when the next Nokia cell phone is going to come out or the next Harry Potter movie or the whatever, and you can get it. You can get the latest washing product, you can get the latest shampoo and this is choice, a world of choice right at your fingertips. Fascinating, isn’t it?

And then, after that, it started up with making money virtual, because money, which started up as a trading system, obviously, became a virtual system. Nobody actually works with cash almost, and it actually quite shocked me when we were flying back to Belgium from Hawaii, there was an airline which won’t allow you to get a drink of 5 dollars without using your credit card. You can’t pay cash anymore, and why? Because they say it is easier for the stewardess or whatever, but actually it is just making money virtual, bringing these chips ever closer to you that you can’t do anything without that chip. 

And at a certain point, there is going to be something which is going to be let loosened upon the Earth, a type of disease or something, I can’t go into details yet. I have been working with a group to make this not happen, to make sure it doesn’t happen. It is about a disease that could come out, which would affect the neurotransmitters of the brain, and then science can, like 9/11, create fear and create a solution, you know, the very strong bonds on freedom that are created. In this case, it would be about the neurotransmitters of the brain. And actually, it would have already taken place, but it didn’t, and it can still, but I don’t want to go into much detail. What I want to say is that science would come up with the solution of a chip which would again enable the neurotransmitters of the brain to create the right energy bursts. 

Now, this is strange for you to hear it from my mouth, I understand this, but it won’t be so strange when you hear it in the news, and you will hear it in the news that that step wants to be taken at least. People won’t stand for it, that is the good thing. Most people are now aware of the danger of technology.

But to go back to the consciousness of animals: it is being affected. It is being affected and it is basically a major test case to see how it would work on humans. And if, if it is necessary, humans could become the new animals to the most powerful people on the planet that want to rule the planet, you see?

Now, I am telling you all of this, not as a shock, not as a danger bulletin or to scare you. I am just telling you to empower you. You don’t need anything from the outside to be put in you: not a chip, not a needle, not a type of medication, not a pill, anything. You just don’t need it. The body can rebalance itself. The mind can rebalance itself. The energy field, the magnetics can rebalance themselves. It is what they do naturally as the energy raises. The Akene that I am telling you about is the thing that was used in Lemuria and beyond that, before that, to make sure that the body stayed in balance and that the 3D reality was just but one reality of many that created a full spectrum, you see? 

There is Another Way

It is like you told me just several days ago, I think two nights ago, you said, “It is insane that I am stuck here behind my eyes.” You know, I thought it was a very good remark, “It is stupid that I am stuck here behind my eyes.” As a little girl she thought, “I should be able to be in that tree. I should be able to be in that cat. I should be able to follow it.” Of course! It is natural. But it is the cutting away of your layers of DNA that have made it so that you can’t. And all of that is being governed at this point by the energy of mind. It is the mind that is making sure you that can’t raise yourself naturally.

And a lot of us came back to give you this information, to make sure that humanity chooses differently, a different path. It is necessary, and that is why we are here, so many of us giving you this information. 

So, once you start working with the Akene, once you do the first level and you do the second level, you then activate the Akene as the inner Merkabah body. How do you do that? Well you just take – like we did in Den Helder for those who actually went through the process – you take one point right here and you take the other right there, and you just squish them together because that is what creates the Merkabah. You squish them together. You don’t squeeze them all together, but you make sure that this part [at the right side of your head] gets pushed in like half and this part gets pushed in like half [at the left side of your head] so you get these two stars being born, you see? 

What happens then, this is a lot of power that you are working with at that moment because as you are doing that, as these things are coming closer together, there is an exercise that you need to do. It is ‘Being the Universe’, ‘Being All That Is’, ‘I Am That I Am’.

You know what that means, ‘I Am That I Am’, the thing that Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San likes to say so many times? It is very simple: it is understanding that you are that you are. It is understanding that you are the things around you and the things within. 

And as you squeeze that Merkabah body, as you activate that, as you squeeze these two levels of the Akene together, go high, go all the way from the Earth through the galaxy, through the cosmos, through the universe, through all the other universes, until you reach that wall, that wall of the All That Is, which is photonic/tachyonic in nature. It is Da Lemuaya San, dragon energy.

Most people think that at one point, the universe that we are in separated itself from God. Most people are saying this, that this is our guilt, that we separated ourselves from God, but we made a little mistake, didn’t we? [expressed with accent Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San]. Sorry, yeah, he wants to come in today, so he is just around here. But we made a little mistake. If that God energy, if that divine source energy is All That Is, [draws a big circle on the flip chart], if that circle is All That Is, that would mean that there is nothing here [points outside the circle]. It doesn’t work the same like with a cell that is going to turn into a human that would separate itself and create a second one here [small circle outside the first circle], no. This [first circle] is not God and this [second small circle] is not reality. This doesn’t work [second circle is removed]. What is actually is taking place is that this universe was created here, you see, right in the middle [of the circle] because there is nothing out here [outside of the circle].

Infinite Dimensions, Infinite Versions of You

And this is linear thinking that is blocking you from that. Linear thinking would say, “But if you go further back, something should have created the source. Something should have created All That Is.” No, it has always been there, it will always be there. It is circular thinking. If you want to see this, if you want to see all of this in small, then you get this point [draws one point]. If this point is this circle here then this [draws an infinity sign] is the energy of the divine. That is infinity. It is recreating itself with every time, every time it is going round and round and round and round, it is recreating its very essence. But we aren’t anywhere out here. We haven’t separated ourselves from the divine, from All That Is. We are just in here [points at the middle]. We have created a bubble, a bubble within infinity of All That Is. And within this bubble, there are many, many, many, many different universes, many universes, infinite universes [draws dots in small circle] and they just keep coming and they just keep going, because they get born, they die, they get born and they die, again, and again, and again. It is infinite, infinite energy within a finite space, you see?

Now, as you are, like let us say this speck [points to a dot in small circle] would be our universe, and in this speck there would be a galaxy, and on that galaxy there would be a solar system, and in that solar system there would be a planet and on that planet there would be a human and that is you. You think you are so small. That’s it. Just a tiny speck of dust that you just push away, if you don’t want it. No, no. If you activate that Akene, then make sure that you see yourself on that planet as a light source and that as you leave that planet to go back to the divinity, that you see your speck of light on that planet and that as you go outside of the solar system, you see that speck of light on another speck of light, which is planet Earth. And as you leave the solar system and you go out of the galaxy and you see all these other solar systems around you, understand that there is so much life around you. And as you go, you pull further away, you will just see the speck that is you on the speck that is the planet on the speck that is the solar system. And as you pull further away, you will see that solar system as a speck, again a little bit of light in a galaxy. And as you pull further away you see all these other galaxies. And in the end you see the universe and in it that little, little speck of light, which is our galaxy.

Then you think you are done, right? But you are not done, look around you then. You see all these other universes, all these others, being born and dying again. And now we are still talking about 3D. Just keep in mind that there is infinite dimension out there, infinite versions of you. As you then would leave this universe and see all of them around you, at a certain point, you would hit a wall. That is tachyon/photonic energy. Why photonic? Simple: because photons are the basis of light. Photons are basically that which is creating the elements. Photons, if you put them in a certain order, you get the energy of water. If you put them in a different order, you get the energy of earth, the energy, not the actual physical manifestation of it. If you put them in a different order, then you get the energy of air. And if you put those in a different order, well, and so on and so on and so on, you see?

And all of those are simply based on frequency and vibration. That is why a long time ago during one of the channelings I believe it was, you got the information about ‘o’, ’a’, ’e’, ‘i’ referring to the kakra system, but also referring to the elements. But all of those elements are based on photonic energy, and that photonic energy that is just the foundation, the basic principle of light. 

Now I say photonic/tachyonic. Why tachyonic? Because if you were to say that this red line right here [pointing at border of small circle in the middle] is photonic in nature, then there would be another line, I am just making it thicker, I am not separating it from each other, I am just making it thicker, I am just bad at drawing, that is all. A line of tachyonic energy. Now what is the nature of tachyonic energy? It either brings back into neutrality that which isn’t neutral or it allows infinite energy to enter a 3D world. Tachyon source is the barrier in this case. It isn’t just the barrier, it is also the carrier. It is the barrier when you leave 3D, when you leave the universe and All That Is. But within that universe there is a possibility, that which we have called ‘portals’, that allows you to jump from one point here to that point here, without doing this. You don’t do it, you don’t move, you just jump from that point to that point and you are there. That is dragon energy, and you find them in all the portals on the planet.

Now you have such a thing as – how should we call them? – time/space portals, yes! Time/space portals are those that you have been going through, that humanity and the planet has been going through in the last few years. It was called ‘the Harmonic Convergence’, ‘the Harmonic Concordance’, ‘the Venus Transit’. It was called so many names, the ‘11-11 portals’. You all know about them. And it is humanity as a whole, the planet as a whole, going through those. 

These portals that I am talking about now are cosmic gateways. Let’s not call them ‘portals’; let’s call them ‘gateways’, just for the sake of making them different, so you don’t get confused. Gateways basically are made up of photonic/tachyonic energy. It is what you have called ‘the dragons’. If you go to one of the most important portals on the planet then you would end up in Glastonbury. Glastonbury, where it is very cold right now. Glastonbury, where you find the Tor. The Tor is one of these portals, gateways actually. It is based on that dragon energy that identifies itself as Da ‘Toraya’ San that has spoken before. There is another one and we are going there really soon, I think it is the 14th of December, and it is Camelot obviously, in Tintagel. 

Akeyasan 4: Tintagel. 

Da Jeshua San: Tintagel, or whatever … bugger. Tintagel. 

Akeyasan 4: You have to say it in a Celtic way. Not English, but Celtic. 

Da Jeshua San: Tintagel. Celtic? Yeah! 

Akeyasan 4: That’s why you say Tintagel. 

Da Jeshua San: Yes, that’s right. Those Brits! We know, yeah, that’s right. 

But anyway, over there, you have a gateway based on Camelot energy, called ‘Da Camelaya San’, also a dragon. And there are others in Shasta, for instance, ‘Da Shasaya San’. And there are many, many, many more gateways of such nature on planet Earth and throughout the galaxy, and throughout the universe, I should say, and throughout the All That Is.

I Am That I Am

If you combine all of those gateways, you get this border here [pointing at the border of the outer circle] which calls itself ‘Da Lemuaya San’. It is basically the border of All That Is. In this bubble [small circle in the middle] we experience all of our realities.

As you activate that Akene, take yourself up, go through the planet, go through the solar system, go through the galaxy, go through the universe, until you reach the edge and then step through it [points at border small circle]. If you do this, then saying ‘I Am’, really gets meaning. Then the ‘I’ in the ‘I Am’ is literally All That Is. 

I have been training in the course of the last years many people and – well, actually when I say ‘years’, I mean a long time – and most of those people, as they let go of their life and they started this training towards mastery, they oftentimes began with within them the desire to in the end reunify with that which they were leaving behind. Take, for instance, a person, who was very much in conditional love with someone and he would choose to let that person go, part of his brain was still hoping that at one point, as he reached mastery, so would she, so that they could be together again. Isn’t that cute?

What happens as you step out of this reality and you step into the ‘I Am’? Then there is no longer a difference between ‘I’ and ‘that person’. Then there is no longer a name for myself and that person, that ‘I’ is that person, you see? And as you activate the Akene and become this [points the big circle], what some would call ‘spirit’ or ‘God’ or whatever, and as you then squish those two triangles or those two pyramids together, then you take all of this energy [points at small inner circle], all of it and you take it within because once you get here [outside small circle] you will realize where you are. And I know I am being confusing right now, but a part of you is understanding this. Once you are here [within in the big circle] then you realize that you are here [points at heart], you see? Then you realize that you have traveled the universe, gone higher, higher, higher, higher, crossed the barrier, and you find yourself in your body. Oops.

You haven’t gone anywhere because you can’t go anywhere because there is no time, there is no space, there is no form, there is no separation, there is no exchange and there is no death. It is all bullshit. All of this [points at the big circle] even though you are experiencing this [small circle], all of this [big circle] is right here [points at heart], and that is the basis of your Akene. Are you beginning to grasp it?

So, as you take all that energy and you push those pyramids together, they start building up, building up, building up, building up, building up, building up, and all of a sudden like a star that is dying, it implodes, and a sun is born, right here [points at thymus]. A sun that takes with it your own heart, the heart of All Things [points at mammal brain], the memories of the now [points at third brain], your own fantasy [neocortex] and bringing it all together in that pineal gland energy, you see? That is all you need, if you want to… not escape this reality, but if you want to master it.

And that is why you can activate this Akene energy in a three step program. First you do the triangle for a while. Then you make the pyramids and then you bring it all together by activating the Merkabah. And as that happens, you create the central sun, which would be this [points at big circle] right here inside of you [the heart]. And then, we can start talking… because that is just the beginning.

Once you have mastered this, you are beyond illusion, you understand the true principles of universal love, universal joy and universal freedom and you are no longer bound by anything. Then you are on your path, then you are becoming the creator and then your biggest desire will be as a sovereign servant of freedom and love and joy, which I would call ‘free energy’. As that sovereign servant you would recognize all those other aspects of you that are still stuck in that dream and you would come back to assist, to help.

And then the question no longer becomes ‘what do you want?’, as I was trying to say yesterday. Then the question becomes, ‘why are you here?’ And it is not just a question for yourself, ‘why am I here?’ It is a question that can begin all of your counseling sessions, if you would have counseling sessions. Because so many people, they are getting worked up about everything and then they go into a counseling session. If you just ask them: why are you here? And that question has a lot of different shades of grey. Why are you here? In my intonation, I would try to go to that space where I would ask that person, “Why are you keeping yourself here? Why do you stay stuck?” It is like going into an elevator and then letting the door close on you and just don’t press the button to go higher. It is like, ‘Oh man I am stuck. I am stuck!’ And you try to call the alarm number, but nobody is answering. And you wait for hours and hours and hours, and in the end someone breaks up the top of that elevator, he comes into the elevator and he says, “But you just had to press 7,” you know? 

Or it is like that joke, you know: Two people talking to one another and the one says, “My computer is not working”. The other says, “Why not?” The first one says, “Because I haven’t turned it on,” you know.  You can turn on your own computer; you just have to do it. Yes, Herman understands that humor, doesn’t he? ’Because I haven’t turned it on!’ 

Now that is a stupid way to look at yourself, isn’t it? I have been living this life here, right here and I have never turned on my computer. I have never turned on my potential. I have never turned on my soul. Well, I just gave you the button – and again, it is not Ambika! Touch her now, quickly! The button to turn on that computer is the Akene, you see? It is just about the rewiring process.

And this is just a name that was used a long time ago. It doesn’t need to be named ‘the Akene’. Nobody will trademark this name, it will never become ‘Akene copyright’ or ‘trademark’. It will never become one of these things, it is just a name. You can call it ‘Ambika’. 

Akeyasan 5: Ake-ja [‘ja’ is ‘yes’ in Dutch] instead of Ake-nee [‘no’ in Dutch].

God, the Seed, and the Apple

Da Jeshua San: I see ‘ne’ in French as ‘birth’. Ah! Well actually the Akene in French, if you look up the word then you will actually find the word ‘bolster’, like the seeds of an apple. You know, I oftentimes compare the Akene to an apple seed, because as you see that the tree would be God, that the tree would be the divine, there. Then the apple is growing on the tree, the apple is a human. And the apple grows on the tree and becomes bigger and bigger and bigger, in touch with its divinity. And at a certain point it is fully born and it falls down the tree, falls on the ground and, although it is very near to its own divine center, to God, it can’t touch God, because it is there on the ground. And the apple, much like the human, needs to learn at a certain point that the seeds to create that God again are to be found in its inner heart because the apple can recreate God, it is there, in the seeds. That is the Akene; it is there in your seeds, you see.

So, you all carry the seeds from home, because you are home. When I say, “You are home”, I don’t mean you have traveled a long space and you are home. You are home. It is you, this is you [points at big circle], you see? And this, and that is what makes it so difficult, this [the big circle] is your inside, and this [points at small circle] is your outside, this [points at the big circle] is happening within the body, and this [points at the small circle] is happening without, on the outside of the body. And as you start mastering these illusions, you will learn about all of this and you will see that it is not just a theory; it is very real and a very practical tool indeed. It is very simple. 

Now in the coming days I have decided to go further than we have gone before. Because even though these teachings used to be given in a different light in years of past, long times ago sometimes, now we are forced to give them within this seminar context because people have no more time on their hands to say, “I am going to take a year off everything, or half a year off everything and I am going to do this. I am going to set myself free.” No, now they think it must be done in five days, or “I much prefer three days actually, then I only have to take one day off work, you know? Or maybe even a one day seminar.”

Yes, it is true, it can be done in a moment. Nobody understands the power of the moment, ‘the power of the Now’ as Eckhart, Da Buddha San, would say it, Buddha energy. The power of the Now is infinite. And that is why so many people falter as they are on this process to self-liberation because there will be one moment when they have a thought or a problem or a frustration, an irritation, what have you not, and boom! It will all be gone again and they will be at the beginning. The power of the moment is the power of eternity because in ‘this moment’ the entire universe is present and in this one and in this one and in this one and in the next and in the next.

So, you can set yourself free in the power of one moment. All that you really have to do as you work through these illusions is to convince yourself of this fact, and that is what is all about. Because, because of the illusions and because of the conditionalism of life, you need to remember that you can do this because you have just been dreaming, you see? You have just been dreaming that you are this [small circle], while in essence you are this [big circle] and you were just playing a game. That is what someone like Steve Rother would say, “You were playing a game”. And yes, you were playing a game.

Now you need to understand the power of the moment, and how the moment can set you free forever. You don’t need to stay stuck in here. You don’t need to remain in this game. The game can continue, and the game will continue. This 3D experience will continue. But it is like you have a favorite show on television, say ‘Desperate Housewives’. I love ‘Desperate Housewives’. I love ‘Desperate Housewives’, but if I were forced to watch it three weeks nonstop, I would hate ‘Desperate Housewives’, without going to the bathroom, without doing anything. I would hate that external situation, and I would find my liberty within. I would find that space, you see? That is what it is all about.

Stepping Out of the Box

So, it is like you have been watching that show called ‘Life’ for such a long time and in the end, you are like Truman in ‘the Truman Show’, stepping out of the box. I am sure if there would be a second part written to that movie, if I were to write a second part to that movie, I would put Truman, I would put Truman in the real world, longing at a certain point – at first having so much fun because of all the freedom – and then at a certain point longing for all those people who are in that box. And he, after he had experienced his freedom, he would go back to set all those others free, you see, to let them know that they can exit. 

Now of course, in that movie all the others were actors, and this is not true in this case. You are just doing the same like everybody else. Although there are people who are acting in your life, they are called ‘presidents’, they are called ‘politicians’ etc. And although some start with good intent, as I have said yesterday, at a certain point in every politician’s life, in every king or queen’s life, there is a point, when somebody steps up to them and says, “What do you want?” In the end the answer will be, “I want it all! I want power!” In the end, that is what the ego will say, and power they shall be given, the power over you. It is a reality. What they don’t know is that there is some bigger level, where they are being fed to this greater power, but that is something for another time.

But I just wanted to tell you the story – I don’t know what time it is right now – I  wanted to tell you this because you need to be really aware of what we are doing here, of why we are here and why you are in this experience. What you have seen take place yesterday, is nothing personal. It wasn’t anybody doing anything. Look at your lives and look at all those people around you in your life. So many times you have been held back by someone when you wanted to do something that would be good for you, that would free you a little bit. So many times you have been held back by others who were giving you good advice. And what advice did they actually give you? It wasn’t even them talking to you. It was the mind talking to you through them, telling you, “Don’t do it. Don’t do it, you are going to fall, oh, you are going to hurt yourself. You think you can fly? Oh, you are going to hurt yourself, it is not going to work, nope, nope!” It is rather just saying that they are cutting your wings, just cutting your wings.

And you stay small. And you get smaller. And every time your brain wants to have this good thought of liberation, the experience that others have given you shall come back in, “No, don’t do it, it is not going to work. Oh, no, don’t quit your job, don’t do it.” Once you do it and you feel free, well, then they’ll have other things to attack you with. “Oh, now you are in a cult probably! I haven’t seen you for a year, you are in a cult aren’t you?” Or, “You must be, you must be on drugs or something. What are you doing? Why are you acting this way, I don’t even recognize who you are anymore.” “Of course, because I don’t… I am not bound by the same rules as you are. I am free now and I can take you with me.” Oh no, they want any of that. “Don’t take me with you. No, no! I need to go to my job now. I need to go to work, otherwise they’ll miss me.” 

Da Ambika San: “Don’t brainwash me.”

Da Jeshua San: Are you talking to me? Yeah. 

Then when they go back to their work, and you talk to them again later on you say, “So, are you happy there?” “Oh no, not happy, my boss sucks. Really, it is the worst boss in the universe.” “Why do you stay there then?” “I need to pay my bills.” “Why do you need to pay your bills?” “Well, I need my car.” “Yeah, but do you need two? Do you need two television sets? Do you need a car? Do you need a television?” “I need my house.” “No, you are your house.” “I need my house. I need to pay my bills. I need to do all of that.” No, no, no you don’t. You can create another way. You can choose the path of freedom. 

Hm… And sometimes, someone might hear you, most of the time they will just be afraid and they won’t hear you. I know everybody here in the Fellowship that has been traveling with us for months now, probably had the same thoughts at one point. Nut how am I going to do it? What happens if I leave my job? What is going to happen to my bills and everything? There are other ways. You have within you the power of creation. You can be this instead of this [the big circle versus the small circle], just this; you can be both of it. And these paths will take you to spaces that you won’t even have considered every day when you were driving to that job. Or maybe it was your dream that you would go there one day. And you can.

That is just the beginning, at a point you will see that it is not even about going to any space, going any place. It is just going to be about herebeing here now, Eja’i Chi’ Pah. And that is a space of feeling. It is not a space of exercise. It is not a space of training in the sense that you think of training. It is not doing the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, 1-2-3-4-5-6, it is not about that. It is about allowing the movement to happen, being the constant movement. Consciousness, my dears, is about constant movement, constant. And then you are in a space where you no longer fall back. Then you recognize the power of the moment. In every word that I say to you, I have the power of the universe available. In every look that you look, in every moment that your heart beats, you have the power of the universe available.

And then we are not talking about any type of secret where you can see the universe as a catalogue and pull towards you anything that your heart desires because all you are doing then is just create a better prison. We are talking about letting go of that prison. We are talking about creation in such a fashion that it is about liberation, universal freedom. 

And to bring it back to where I began this morning: if you go to that space here in the center and you are that sun, then all you need to do is simply be there now and your energy will start an automated, recognized and honored movement to go higher, and in the end, you will be All Things again.

We have about two and a half days left. Yesterday afternoon we took the afternoon off, so everybody could be within themselves, close to themselves. Originally the plan was to do that this afternoon, as you remember from the newsletter. We are obviously not going to do that again this afternoon. So, after lunch, we are going to come back before lunch, but after lunch we are going to start again and we are not going to start again with the seminar, we are going to start again with the teaching. It is not going to be what you are used to. It is not going to be dancing around; it is not going to be exercises. It is going to be direct. It is going to be honest, and in some cases to your mind it is going to be brutal. But you need to see this.

Your Own Set of Keys

I have now, we have now two and a half days left to bring you a gift that you have given yourselves already. I just have to point it out to you. Will it work? I don’t know, but I do know that I believe in all of you and that you can make it work in two and a half days, in two and a half minutes or two and a half seconds, if you want. 

Last time in Den Helder, Da Pah Ekara San and Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San spoke to you about the Universal Manifest, about putting all the pieces together and that within the manifest are openings, missing pieces that can be filled up by your own personal set of keys, depending on your experience. That key is to be found with other teachers, such as Eckhart and so many others. 

Try in the coming days to look at your life, how it has guided you towards these keys and what is your own personal set of keys. What things have touched you to the deepest of your core? What things that you have read, heard, seen or experienced in the course of your life? These are your keys. It could be a sentence, it could be a word, it could be anything, it was provided to you so that you would have the means of a scale, so that you could turn the set of keys.

All of your life has led you to that liberation, and this is your top life where you are bringing together all of the experiences of all the other lives that you have lived. And that means that you have these things available to you: all the experiences that you have lived maybe hundreds of years ago, thousands of years ago, universes ago! And some have been here on the planet for a very long time. Here are a lot of keys on this planet, and they have been implanted by those Light Beings, that first group of 500 that came here. You would call them ‘angels’, and they are closer than you think. They are sitting right here in between you sometimes. And actually, if you were to look in the mirror, you would see that angelic self. You would see all of those points of time where your life has touched you in such a way that you can no longer deny it. Find these moments now. Use the rest of this morning to find these moments and the rest of the two days that are ahead and the half day that is today. Find them and we will make sure that you know how to implement them.

So, that is what the rest of these days are going to be about. We are going to bring Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San and the others back in sometimes to assist you. Sometimes, the assistance will come from myself. And then you will see what you can make happen, what miracle that you can make happen in just a couple of days.

Now, before I end and before we go into the break, there is one last thing I want to tell you. If you feel that this is not for you yet or ever, if you feel that you are not going to take that grand gift in the coming two days and a half, then I would suggest that you find a better way to spend your time because then you are here for no reason at all. Think very well about this. I am not looking at anyone, I am trying to avoid any eye contact right now. Otherwise you’ll think: “Oh, he is talking to me!” I am just trying to look in between you. But if that were to happen, then just choose wisely, okay?

Now, it must be later than half past, oh no! It is half past 11. 

We will have a 15 minute break and will be back here at a quarter to twelve.

See you later!

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Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

Wonderful to see this empowering Session restored to the Study of Vibration! ❤️Da’ka’ya ❤️

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