The following two hours with Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San were recorded during the closing celebrations of the 2007 New Lemurian Retreat on Big Island, Hawaii. In the hours after the recording of the previous SOV Session with Da Pah Ekara San, who discussed the manifestation of free energy, some attendees who had booked early flights were forced to leave instantly. The remaining group was invited back to Da Jeshua San’s private residence, where love, joy, and wine began flowing freely.

As you will hear, this recording – A Trinity Talk on Free Energy and Grace – by Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San is filled with the joyous momentum that was built during the weeklong gathering and shares its promise of transformation and liberation with all those that choose to open their hearts in service to the whole.


A Trinity Talk on Free Energy and Grace


The Cosmic Manifest


Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San


Big Island, Hawaii | September 30, 2007

The Study of Vibration | Session 165

by Da Ojadasan'ka Adamus Valen San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

And so it is. 

Greetings, dear Ones, I Am, yes, I Am Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San and I would like to invite all of you now into this sacred space, this energy that has been created by not just you, not just the ones who are sitting here in these chairs, but also those who are far removed from here, who you believe to be in the illusion of time and space because you push them away, right? Well they aren’t away; they are always here. 

And might I just add before we begin, it is bloody hot in here and this body is sweating like hell. I like this sensation. 

I have some things I would like to add, Imzaia, before we go into the Trinity Talk, so if you just bear with me here for a few minutes, things that Da Pah Ekara San has seen in a different light. Now, I know that last time I spoke – I spoke to a group like this one – I told all of you I would be partaking in these classes as well. I would be a student just as you are because I and many other energies like me, they all… they all sit in an old type of energy and we are all moving towards a new energy. 

Now, Da Pah Ekara San is an energy that came in especially to bring everybody into the new, so to speak. So, that is why most of us are also following what you are doing. We are following your classes. And we are not just assisting you, as Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San would have it, my good old friend. We are also learning, not just together with you, but especially from all of you. We are learning how you are handling this free type of energy, how you are working with it, how you are integrating it into yourselves. I have always been known to be one who is very keen on learning and so I like to see what this is doing to your bodies.

You have no idea yet; you think you are letting go of the body. You think you are letting go of the illusion. What you are doing actually is you are making the body more real, more real so than ever, and in the free energy a real body is a body that is not limited by its dimensions. It is not limited by its height or its width. It is not limited by the age of its cells. It is something that is undefined. It is something that is always there. It is artistic; it is an expression of art.

Free Energy and Art

Now, in my life (long time ago, I might add) I have, you know, tried to create some paintings. I have tried lots of things and I am very happy none of you were friends of mine back then because I would have bored you, showing you all of my paintings that really did not go anyplace. In the end, I am very happy that one of my houses I was living in – I had a lot of money back then – one of my houses I was living in, it burned down, taking away all of the art I was collecting, luckily. 

But I have tried my hand at being an artist, and although I never managed to be an artist during my life, I must say and I must claim my own artistry after my life as Da Adamus Germain San was over, for I learned what energy is truly all about. I learned that energy is something that never will keep its form any longer than the one observing it makes it keep its form.

And isn’t this just what art is about, my beloved Imzaia? If you have an artist who has a gallery and he has sixteen paintings on the wall, or maybe a poet reading a line of poetry somewhere in a hallway, and this poet or this artist, this painter, he has many people come to listen or to watch his art, is it not so that this is different art depending on the person who is observing it? Is it not so that these works of art – a photographer as well – that these works of art change depending on the energy interacting with it? 

Now, this is the basis for free energy. If I am looking at a painting, if you are looking at a painting, it is not the same painting. If I am looking at a person and you are looking at a person, it is not the same person. If I am listening in on a discussion, if I hear someone say something… You have these things going on in your lives a lot: you will have a moment in time, yes, you will have a moment in time and you will have a couple of people there, and then someone says something, which might be controversial, especially to others. And all of a sudden, some minutes later or even some days later, there is a fight. And why is there a fight? Because that person said something. What did he say? What he said could be the very same sentence, and you could be listening to it and you could be listening to it and you could have listened to it. It is not the same energy; you know this. And it happens all the time.

So, how do you expect to define free energy? What Da Pah Ekara San is giving you is a way in, so to speak. But what you should avoid is too much chitchat about these things. What he is telling you – and I have seen this for myself as I was attending your class today and I was listening in on what you were all thinking and how you were trying to cope with the energy of the information that was coming in. And I saw… I looked in one head and looked in the other head and I looked in a third head and I saw the information being processed quite differently. And then afterwards, I hear your conversations about it. I hear you trying to make sense of it. And how do you make sense of it? You sit together in a room or in a car and you talk about it. You try to convince each other of your truth. You try to say, “No, no, no, no, no, this is what he actually meant because the infinity sign runs through there and all the things are happening this way and that way…” It is free energy, and that means that what you are hearing and what you are hearing and then, after that, what you are interpreting and what you are interpreting is quite different indeed. 

This is the only way that free energy can be experienced. It is about being an artist and not just being an artist because you are creating something. It is also about being an artist of perspective. And that means that your artistry can be found in the way you are experiencing something.

And then again, there is a third point to add. It is not just about the way you are creating things and it is not just about the way you are experiencing things – and all of these things are unique, yes. It is also in the way that you allow others their  own perception. And this is so very important. 

Now, I know that some of you might go into a frame of mind right now, saying, “Okay, so that means that other people… Fuck them! You know, they are not important. The way they’re thinking is different than the way I’m thinking, so…” Yes, yes, but the true artistry is blending all of these different perceptions and making sure none of the perceptions are in conflict with one another, yes? 

Mind Creates Imbalance

If there is conflict in a group, if there is conflict in a discussion, be rest assured there is mind there – always. Even if there is one mind in a group of consciousness, there will be disharmony. There will be imbalance. And this will show up in the conversations that you are having and in the way that you are interpreting energy. 

Now, I feel very blessed indeed to be sitting here in front of you as a part of you because I am teaching this to you now, and at the same time, it is being taught to me as well. And this is one of the reasons why the Trinity Talks got to be because these Trinity Talks are not just about asking questions, you see. They are not just about two people sitting in front of an energy who happens to be in a body who happens to have answers. It is not just about asking questions. It is about processing that which you have learned, which you have experienced, and then also offering your perspective.

Will we guide you? Will we say, “No, maybe you should take a right here, not a left.” Yes, we will do that and sometimes we will say nothing. Sometimes we will let you take the left. We will let you go that route. We will let you drive through it all the way down, just to see that there is a dead end because that energy as well is part of the free energy, you see. It is very important to realize all of these things.

And now, before we go into the actual discussion, I believe there was someone here who asked about Grace, who wanted to know about this. 

Well, it is indeed true that the honu – which is a strange word for me, by the way; I will say the ‘sea turtle’ – that the sea turtle that was there today, they… Actually, I say ‘they’ because she never comes alone; it is always a collective consciousness. They had a message for you. Even if one shows up, they all show up. It is the same with dolphins. And the message was about grace. 

Before the Grace of You, Go I

And this is something that has been said many times during this seminar, a very simple sentence: Before the grace of you, go I. And this was in connection to the consciousness being created by dolphins, the one point of the triangle, and whales on the other point of the triangle, and then turtles at the third point of the triangle, and humanity was right there in the middle. And as these vibrations come into the human psyche; as these vibrations come into the Akene, human consciousness is lifted.  

What is grace? What is grace in relation to free energy? It is very simple. The actual concept of grace is all about harmony, but not just harmony of energy; harmony of matter as well. 

You know, we see you walking around so many times. We see you bumping into things, literally and in a way of speaking as well. We see you, and you are trying so hard. You are doing your very best to achieve harmony – and darn it, right in your environment around you, there will be something showing up that is disharmonious, and you will think, “I have to remove myself from this energy. I have to get away from this. I cannot be in this space. I need to go away.” Think again. You don’t. You don’t. Free energy is about grace, yes, this is right, but no person on this planet, in the flesh, understands the true concept and the true energy behind grace. 

If you are fighting something, if you dislike a type of energy in your lives, if you have a judgment about something, what you are doing is you are running away from it. You are running away! And as you run away, you are actually enhancing the tension between the time and space field that brings you to this object. You think you are trying to get so far away. Well, you can’t. All you can do, in the best case scenario, maybe you can run all across the planet, 40’000 kilometers; you will end up at the same space, and there you have it! The object, the problem showing up, maybe in a different form; maybe in a different – I don’t know – situation; it will show up again and again and again. And you know what? Some of you here – and I am talking not just to the people sitting here; I am talking to everybody who is listening – some of you here have been running into the same effing object lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. 

Have you any idea how close you are to mastery in some cases, and there is just this one tiny detail that keeps pulling you back and – darn it – you are incarnating again. And there you go, all through the diaper stage, all through the crying phase, all through the feeding phase, all through the kindergarten phase, all through everything, until you are what? Thirty or younger or older? And then you discover the truth again. And there you are again, revealing your mastery to the planet, and there be this one thing, this one tiny thing showing up in your lives yet again. And for most of you it is the illusion of form in any type of sense. And you will die again. And you will be reincarnating again and again and again, like the Groundhog Day that never stops – you have this movie about that. You keep returning and returning and returning.

Grace is about accepting the disharmony, the chaos, the unstructuredness into your lives as well. It doesn’t matter how it shows up; it will show up anyway. You know, if you… if you are very hard-assed, it might even show up in the end as a disease. Oh, now you’ve got cancer; now you’ve got HIV. Now you can’t run away from it because it is in your body. Oh hohoho, you will run away from it. You will run away from it so hard that it kills you in the end – and then you start all over again.

Everything is You

So, I might be digressing from the class that you are into today, and I might be digressing from the concept of free energy, but I am not really. If you are in a state of free energy and if you are going to be accepting this with all the grace in your energy field, all the grace in your consciousness, then it is about understanding that everything that appears in your field of reality can be blended together. This is what Da Jeshua San calls ‘forgiveness’. It is what he in later days called ‘reconciliation’. It is about understanding that you have created this triangle, this holographic field of experience, and that everything that shows up in there is a part of you. 

Now, don’t keep this on a theoretical level. You know that you can think, “Yes, I understand, it is a part of me, but all the while I don’t like it and I’m moving away from it.” It doesn’t work that way anymore because then you have a triangle based on the three holographic impulses of illusion, namely form, time, and space. If you create a triangle that has the holographic impulses of love, joy, and freedom and if you find such an object in your reality and you change those basic inputs so you don’t base the triangle on illusion, you base it on truth, you will see why that object, person, event, whatever, is in your life. And usually, it is a chance to let go. Usually, it is a chance to grow.

How many artists have found their way into the world of creation by doing something that went against their principles? Some of you here have been in some type of school of artistry, be it communication, be it creation, be it design, be it photography, be it whatever, and they have taught you rules there. Isn’t it so that once you let go of those rules and you started creating for yourself that you found the way to an audience or the way to an expression or the way to an existence that you wanted? And most of the time, it wasn’t easy to find that. Most of the time, it was about the thing that was holding you back the most. And once you found that thing and once you accepted it and once you embraced it and once you loved it and felt joy from it and in the end freed it from your existence, there you went. There you went. Your vibration raised, your freedom increased, and the hologram wasn’t just about triangles – to refer back to the lesson that was given to you today. It didn’t just refer back to the triangles; it turned into the pyramid. So, it became multidimensional so you could look at it from different perspectives, and usually, you noticed that if you were bigger than the problem you were seeing, it was no longer a problem at all. It was an invitation.

Now, I don’t claim, I myself, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, I don’t claim to know everything about this free energy, for this free energy is only supposed to enter the planet completely January 28th, 2008, completely, so, I haven’t been there yet either. Well, in a way I have, but it is not materialized into all reality yet. So, I can’t claim to understand it completely. All I can say is that I embrace it. And embracing it, opening my mind to it, not trying to understand it, but becoming it completely, that thing, which affects me the most in a negative way, becoming that completely, that is my way in. That is the way I am embracing these teachings. That is the way I am seeing all of these things. 

And that to me is the message of grace from the honu, from the sea turtle, that she came to bring you today, for this sea turtle was in a space she didn’t like to be in, believe me. She came there for two reasons: to rest and to communicate with one of you, one of this entire group. And it is a personal island for this honu; it is a very personal beach. There is just a couple of her coming every single day, and they don’t like visitors, you see. But did this honu back away? Did it go back into the waters? No. It just accepted, it embraced, and in the end, the message was picked up that she was sending out. Did you notice how she kept closing her eyes and started broadcasting to all of you? And some of you picked it up; some of you got the message and you went. And the one that was supposed to stay, stayed. And there was another there that was there for another reason. It wasn’t about the honus. It was about Pele – but that is another story. But the one that had to stay for the honu stayed. So, instead of missing an opportunity and going back into the waters, that honu just embraced the free energy. That is what I learned and that is what I will do in the future.

Now, you know how much I love to talk and especially how much I love to talk to all of you. So, I am going to conclude my monologue now and I am going to turn this into a Trinity Talk. So, I wish to welcome the both of you. I have been looking at all of them; I haven’t been looking at you, and you both are so beautiful. So, welcome, welcome, welcome. 

Trinity Talk

I invite you to connect to the Akene. I invite you to blend this divine energy that is all of us, that is in all of us, and I invite you to let these things come out of you and connect here in the center of our triangle as one. 

And so it is.

So, it has been a long day. There has been many things said and many things experienced. And I know that you both, those who are sitting here right now, both of you, that you both are going through a very strong process. You know in some cases it shows up; it externalizes itself, and in other cases it stays within and eats away at you. But I know you are both going through a very strong process, and that is the reason why you ended up here together because the process is quite similar, you know. Only that which you haven’t been doing from the inside out, you have been doing from the outside in. So, you are actually mirroring each other in this respect. But I am listening to your questions or whatever you want to tell me. 

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Could you elaborate a little more on that?

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: I thought you would ask that! On what exactly, my friend?

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: The process, basically.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, yes, I can. You are both letting go. You are both letting go of old ways of thinking, old ways of existence and all that. In his case, this has been about finding a way out because of all the shielding you had. In your case it is about finding a way in, you know. You have been looking for a way in. You have been doing all this energy work; you have been doing all this bodywork. But finding a way in is not always easy. It is not easier than finding a way out believe me because, you know, society tries to keep you inside, locked up. And as you are locked up inside in a very, very, very small place, you are projected outside of you because of all the stimuli you are getting, and that is what you are going through and that is what you are going through as well. 

I know you both don’t understand me completely, but it is very simple. If life – and this is my good friend Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San telling me this – if life is an egg you are trying to get out of the egg and you are trying to get into the egg. Do you understand? 

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: I think so. 

Akeyasan 1: No.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Now I didn’t understand it either. I just had to translate it for him. 

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: I thought it was the other way around as well.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San:  We have been eating so many eggs in this house, haven’t we? Yes, I thought it was the other way around, too, my friend. That is a very good point. And he keeps telling me it is not. He sees life in a different way. You must learn with Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San – and believe me you must learn; it took me a long time – you must learn that everything that we are seeing, he sees the other way around. And sometimes I think he does it on purpose just to annoy me. He does. 

Going Beyond the Comfort Zone

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Would you then say to help this process along, it would be good to put yourself in situations that you are not entirely comfortable with in order to learn more?

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, yes, of course. Yes. That is just what the mind doesn’t want you to do. The mind doesn’t want you to go to spaces of discomfort, for if you do, there is a chance to grow. You know there is a chance to embrace the discomfort and become one with it. That is not what the mind wants. The mind wants to keep you in these parameters over and over and over again. Then you are like an actor in a TV show that has been broadcasted for 20 years in a row, every time the same episode. That is what you are all doing. If you get out of that, then you get into a life; then you get into an existence. 

But, of course, it is scary; I understand believe me. I myself personally have been trained by the glorious Da Pah Kwan Yin San back then, and that wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy to get out of my limitations. It wasn’t easy to get out of my cell that I was in. It even took me a long time to realize I was in a cell. So yes, places of discomfort are great for learning. That doesn’t mean jump off a cliff; it just means, put yourself out there. Become more than you are today, you know. It is always about that.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: At which point would you say that you realized that you had reached enlightenment?


Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: I still haven’t… realized it. You see, enlightenment is a many splendor thing (I feel a song coming on). Enlightenment is something that you look for until you find it and once you find it you don’t even realize you were looking for it. Because once you find it, you realize that it has always been there. It’s just a change of perspective, you see.

When did I realize I… Well, let me tell you this: at a certain point I was no longer deluding myself; I was no longer in illusion. And the first time when I woke up in the morning, went into my kitchen, opened my – you know, we had a type of cupboard at the time – opened my cupboard and found within my cupboard a way into another reality, into another world that I had created. I found a way in my cupboard, a way back into the dream I had been dreaming that morning. I realized I must be pretty crazy or I must be pretty enlightened at that point. So, that is when I knew that the laws of physics weren’t working for me anymore, and that was my liberation. 

So, I wouldn’t call it an ‘enlightenment’, I would call it a ‘liberation’. It is a liberation from all of these illusions. It is not about realizing when; it is about choosing when. It is about choosing that you want to be that way and then following the path. And once you follow the path, it is all about trust. It is about trusting those around you that are teaching you – these people here as well – trusting that you are in the right space in the right time, even though sometimes it won’t feel that way. That is when you feel that you have stepped into something, something that is becoming less and less defined every day. And believe me it is pretty scary. It is pretty scary, especially because for you personally right now – and I can say this for many people here – you are in what I would call… Now what would I call it, my friend? I would call it ‘a null point in time’. It is like you are not moving in any direction right now. It is like you are just hanging there, and there is a vacuum all around you and you have all these things you want to do, and they are not happening. Well, that is because you still haven’t quite decided what you want. 

You know there is one thing: today the group consciousness of the group of Imzaia attending the first class that Da Pah Ekara San taught, they said, “I am ready. I Am,” and all that. And I know you were there, too, and I know you said the same things. But taking the steps is something quite different. All I can tell you – because I could go on and on for hours with you, but that is not my job; that is someone else’s job; the one who will be teaching you – all I can tell you is don’t postpone it. There is so much postponing going on in this world. You can postpone it all you want; in the end you are going to do it anyway because that is why you were born. So, don’t postpone what you know is the path to freedom, the path to love and the path to joy. Don’t postpone it and make sure that you get as much help as you can. 

But this is turning into a private session, isn’t it?

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Yes, thank you very much, I’m going to go and give someone else a chance.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Okay. 

Hello. Do you have a question, my friend? 

Akeyasan 2: Yes, I hope so.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Okay. 

We haven’t had a chance to talk yet, have we? I love your energy though. 

Thoughts Are Not Your Own

Akeyasan 1: Why is thinking so subtle? Every time I get trapped in thinking without knowing I have been trapped.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: It is not so strange. The process of thinking is obviously a process of the mind. It is what the mind does; it puts you in circular thinking and you can’t get out of it. Why is it happening? That is not the question you should ask. The question you should ask is, “Why do I realize it is happening?” Because most people don’t. Most people are put into that situation every day and they don’t know that they are in it. You are blessed because you do know that you are in it. And I know it sucks. I know it feels like crap.

Akeyasan 1: That is why I am fighting, which I can’t win. I am fighting against myself.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: You know, there is the key, and you gave it yourself.

Akeyasan 1: Not fighting. 

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, you can not fight, but you are going to fight anyway. But the problem is you think you are fighting yourself, but your thoughts are not yours. They are not yours. They are just coming into your system, and they are being produced by a process called ‘the mind’ that has been raped in the course of history to become sovereign, when it is actually a translation tool for consciousness. 

So, just to make it more simple because I don’t like where I am going actually. I am going to make it more simple. Realize that your thoughts are not coming from you, so you are not fighting yourself. The person talking to me right now – you – is your consciousness. Once these thoughts come in, that is your mind. And it is not your mind; it is ‘the’ mind.

Akeyasan 1: I know. It tires me; I am so tired.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Well, you know I just have to look into this meeting room here and see how many people have been traveling with you lately and I can tell you a lot of them are having a lot of sleep you know. Many of you are sleeping a lot. And why is it? Because this process is underway. I can tell you this: you are not going to lose it. You can’t lose it. We are there to support you. That is our job: to support you. Your job is to go through it. And if you just keep on going; if you just keep on walking… And I know you are a brother of a very famous master in the past, a very strong person in the past. If you keep on walking you will always be arriving home. It will always get you home. But if you give up and sit down and not take another step, then you are not going anywhere.

Now, the advantage is you have a lot of loving people around you and you have us. And we are not going to let you sit on your ass. We are not. That is the agreement that we have. The moment you sit down, someone will pick you up and you will keep on walking. And as you remember coming out of the Valley of Kings just the other day, at a certain point it might be that the hill, the way up, is too high, and then you will see that you might just materialize a car to get all the way up. But you will arrive where you need to be.

So, are you tired? Yes. Is it terrible sometimes? Yes. Is it even harder for you than most people? Yes. Are you having problems hearing what I am saying? Yes. But you don’t need to hear what I am saying. You just need to feel it – and boy, do you feel! So, just imagine what is going to happen once you get out of this. Da Pah Ekara San told you there are a couple of more layers. Once those are gone, your feeling will become your power. Now, it feels like a hindrance, but it will become your power. Be aware of that day. It is going to change you. 

Akeyasan 1: I am looking forward to it.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Us, too. And I love you, Mr. Merlin.

So, you have a question or a topic you wish to talk about?

Akeyasan 2: Yes, I want to ask, how can I quicken the process?

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Which exactly, my dear?

Akeyasan 2: To speak.

The Search for Inner Truth

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Ah, the process to speak. Well, you know, you have been hearing me chat away for about an hour now – maybe something less. I used to be up in my room all day. I didn’t use to speak at all. You know, Da Pah Ekara San, he is a good speaker, he speaks a lot. He is a good speaker. He has lots of conversations all over the planet right now. Most of us – even Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San; he kept studying all the time – most of us had a problem with communication and that is because we were trying to find our inner truth. The reason why you are still in process and that you are not speaking a lot and you are not putting yourself out there yet is because you are still on the search for your inner truth. 

How can you quicken the process? There is a lot of speakers out there today giving seminars, doing things you know, writing books, appearing on television, and they are still in process. They haven’t gotten to a point of enlightenment yet, and they are still talking about it anyway. Why? Because they have found that being in the process of enlightenment and talking about that can also empower others.

So, if you want to speak quicker, if you want to get out there, dare to be vulnerable. And you are going to find that what people need of you the most right now is your vulnerability. Where did you fail? Where did you go wrong? Where was there a stone in the road that you didn’t see and you just crashed your car against it? You see?

Akeyasan 2: I do. 

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, yes, you do it one-on-one. Take it out there if you want to speak. It will teach you that you can never make a mistake. 

Akeyasan 2: I know.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: And if you are that way, then you will see that this process will be over quicker than you think, especially now that you are getting into a free energy world, this is more important than it has ever been. You see, my love?

Akeyasan 2: I know.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes. But we are very, very happy to have you on planet Earth. You must realize this. 

Now, there have been potentials in your life, a lot of them, showing up one after the other, one after the other, one after the other, showing up. And sometimes you know you tried one of those potentials and it didn’t work out and you tried another and….  All of them can work out. And all of them will. What you haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet is timing. 

Akeyasan 2: I have to bring everything together.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, there you go.

Akeyasan 2: I don’t know how to do that. 

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Well, how would you do that, How would you do that? There is someone else sitting here. How would you do that? How would you bring all of it together?

Akeyasan 3: Just letting it go and it comes together by itself; the right time moment for the right moment for the right reason, it all comes together. Just Be. It is like it is. It works for me.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yeah, there is a point in that. A lot of people… 

Akeyasan 2: But …

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Well, you are talking, that is good.

Akeyasan 2: I don’t find that quick enough.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: And what don’t you find?

Akeyasan 2: I am in a hurry.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Why are you in a hurry?

Akeyasan 2: That is the feeling.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: It is not you that is in a hurry, it is Earth. And yes, there are many things changing, but I can tell you from my perspective, you are in the right place at the right time all the time. That is what you were saying, just letting go. It is about understanding that… You know Da Pah Ekara  San was talking about the candle flame and the candle; it is about understanding that the cosmos, that the universe is a dance and you are dancing it together with so many different energies. So, maybe you should try a little less hard. And you know I have been watching you throughout the seminar. Your hugs are great.

Akeyasan 2: I know.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: And sometimes it is not about the words. You are opening up when you are hugging people. If you are doing this work one-on-one, that is fine. You don’t have to stand in crowds; you don’t have to talk to groups of hundreds of people. If that is the way you want to do it right now, that is fine, but fully embrace it and do it, and that is the important thing, you see?

Akeyasan 2: Yes, I do it already.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: I know. So let go, as you were saying. Let go. And don’t try to be someone you are going to be in a little while, you see?

Akeyasan 2: Yes.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Because that little while is already now; it is happening now, and because you are trying to become it so hard, you are creating a field of tension and you are pushing that aspect of you out in front of you. And that is what is happening, but it is fine. Don’t worry about it.

Akeyasan 2: Okay.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: You know, just be the free energy artist and discover your own path. That is all I can tell you, my dear.

Akeyasan 2: Okay.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Now I want one of those famous hugs. Can I have one? Come here. You have got such a big heart. 

Akeyasan 2: Thank you. 

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Thank you.

Well, this feels like a private session one after the other, doesn’t it? My dear, is anyone taking her place? Oh, there we are! Okay. 

Akeyasan 3: I have a little question. 

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes?

A Free Energy World

Akeyasan 3: You said that in January we are going to live in free energy. Is it for the whole planet and does this mean we have to get out of the dualistic world or will that keep going? 

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Well, let me tell you this: the biggest potential is that it is for the entire planet. It is going to be for the entire planet nonetheless. The only undefinition that we still have right now, if it is going to be on that date, you see, because there is still a lot of doubt, and there is the problem. Even with the Lightworkers, even with the Imzaia, even with the Shaumbra, even with the greatest hearts on the planet, people like you, all of you, are still wondering, “Can this be true? Can it be? Can it be that it is only three months from now? Can it be at that point… or four months from now or whatever, can it be that, all of a sudden, it is going to change?” And I myself, and all the others who are backing me up right now, are standing up – I am sitting down, but I am standing up nonetheless (not what you think either) – I am standing up and I am saying, “Yes, of course, it can.”

You still have no idea how strong the power of thoughts and how strong the power of creation is. I know you have gone a long path in that respect, my dear Sarah San, but you have no idea how strong it can be – negative ones as well as positive ones. 

Now, you have been reading the books; you have been watching the DVDs; you been going the path; you have been doing the work. How about you do this work for the coming months, Lightworker and Imzaia and Shaumbra and Energy Weaver? How about you just hold that thought in your mind? Maybe that is enlightenment. Maybe that is mastery. Maybe that is what it is all about. It is as it is, just the way that I am thinking ‘I Am that I Am’. It is as it is.

Akeyasan 3: Can the free energy come when people are still staying in duality and what can we do to get other people…?

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, there can be a way in between. It can be that… You know we all made sure that it is going to happen anyway. It is going to happen, but there can be a way in between. If that way in between is walked, the only thing that is postponed is a couple of months. It is not going to be postponed an extra year. We are not waiting for that. You are not all waiting for that. It is going to happen. That is why the teaching that is coming in right now, in the last few days and the one from this afternoon is so very abstract because I know who is sitting opposite me and I know that to you it isn’t abstract at all. It is very real. And it is actually very easy to build in your mind, to see these things, these forms, these shapes, and that is the key.

Translating Monoids, in Words or in Art

You know, I will tell you this: as people were being channels, and as channeled information was coming in, it didn’t come in through words. It didn’t come into a voice whispering in your ear, you know. If you heard that, you might be sure that there is people going like, “Oh, what are you saying?” and “Is this what you mean?” That is just bullshit. Light always comes in as light. It always comes in as what others have called, what Da Jeshua San has called a ‘monoid’. And a monoid is just a geometric shape, a geometric pattern that is coming in, and that is what is being translated to light. And that is what is being translated to information and that is what in the end is being translated into words. 

So, it is coming in. It is coming in through these visions that you are having because as you are seeing these things, what you are basically getting are messages of light. And what I can tell you personally is, what you are not yet doing is translating that. I know you are very artistic. I know you have so much potential. I know you can do anything: you can write, you can sing, you can dance if you want to, you can paint, you can create on a computer. It is those things that you are translating, you see, those monoids. But you need to translate them. You need to do the work. 

And in your case, you asked me personally, “What can I do?” In your case it is very easy: be the artist. You can do this at seminars and you can do this at your organization, the ‘Weave your World’ organization or whatever type of organization you want to do it in, but be the artist and translate the messages that you are getting because they are important. They are yours. They are coming in through you and they are uniquely based on your vibration. And you need to put them out there, you know.

If it is so that it will take longer than the 28th of January – which I want to deny right now because I am in my belief system – if it is so that it is going to be longer, all you will feel and all everybody else will feel is an even bigger push, so big that in the end you are not going to be able to say ‘no’ because it needs to happen and it will happen.

The original plan for Earth – and I know you haven’t been listening to all the channelings that are available all throughout the planet; others are doing that for you – but the old paradigm should have ended a couple of years ago. And we have an extension, an in between period, you know, before the new paradigm starts. The only reason why the extension is there, the lull that you are in is there is because there is going to be a new paradigm, otherwise the planet would have just blown up – kaboom – done with it, you know? Then the experiment would be over and there would be another experiment that lasts for a couple of million years with a couple of universes along the way and a couple of planets blowing up, as you know. 

But anyway, you know what I’m saying. It is not going to be postponed, and the information that is coming into the planet today is there for people like you who can translate it. I know that some of the people who are listening to the messages… Some of the people, they didn’t quite get it. I know that that there is people there, and you both know that, too. That is why we need the artists. They need to translate it.

Akeyasan 3: To give the feeling and not the words.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, yes. 

You Are a Majority

Akeyasan 3: My question was because I was afraid that if free energy became freely available on the Earth while there is still duality, it could be used wrongly. That was a fear… Well, not fear, but…

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, well, you know it can be used in a wrong way. Free energy is so ever expansive that it can go any direction. That is why the consciousness needs to be high enough. That is why the awareness needs to be on the planet, yes, but you are with many people in the same paradigm. There is a lot of people like you. And you are still all under the influence – and this is funny – all of you are still under the influence that you are the minority. You aren’t. You are a majority.

It is not just because people aren’t reading books and because they can’t answer the ‘Trivial Pursuit to the Lightworkers’ edition that they don’t know what is going on. These are the artists that are here. These are so many children that are here today that know all about this. And maybe they can’t translate it, but you are a majority on the planet.

You know how many people are tired with your governments? You know how many people’s buttons are being pushed? All of these are ready for free energy, so basically people like Bush and people like your governments are playing their role pretty darn well. 

So, don’t worry and just create. Just create and use organizations such as this one to put your work out there because it can touch people. And especially those who have been listening to material like this and don’t know what to do with it will be touched with your work. 

I know I am turning tonight into private session after private session, but I am in a good mood tonight. 

You know how long we have been waiting? I personally have been waiting quite a while to talk to you one-on-one, and this is what I wanted to tell you. You need to be the artist and to do that, you need to do to step into your own flow, you see. That doesn’t mean separating yourself. It doesn’t mean changing yourself. It means growing.

You know you are in a very special process right now, and there is little people  – by which I mean not a lot – there is not a lot of people who are going to go through the process, the education, the training and everything that’s happening, that are going through the training that you are in that is just beginning. Your best bet, if you want my opinion, is focus your art on this. Draw and feel and feel what you’re drawing and draw what you’re feeling, you see? If you want to write about it, write about it, but I would suggest drawing, I would suggest painting. Stay away from that computer, you know? It is not your thing. Go int colors and go into the paint and all that and use that and express yourself ‘like a virgin, touched for the very first time’. – I had to end somewhere. I could continue forever but you know what I mean.

And about the free energy: it is happening. It will happen faster if more people like you… And I hope – actually, I hear, but I also hope – that many people like you will be listening to this message because there are a lot of people on the planet like you and most of them are just waiting for that little kick in the ass to get started, a lot of writers, a lot of artists, a lot of singers, a lot of painters, all of them, yes. Okay? 

Akeyasan 3: Thank You.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Thank you. You can stay if you want. I don’t know, just as long as someone gets me another drink. 

Anyway, my love, welcome. You have a question?

Akeyasan 4: Yes, it is also about the free energy and about what you talked about this afternoon, about the triangle and about the pyramid.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: What Da Pah Ekara San was talking about, yes; I was there.

Akeyasan 4: And at a certain point I saw all this to explain something that humanity needed in order to see how this works. But in the meantime, I sometimes wonder why it has to be so difficult because for me it seems sometimes so easy because I see it really like one cell or one light or one point where it all starts and from there…

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: … it just expands.

Akeyasan 4: Yes. When you really know, when you really feel that you are love, joy, and freedom, at this time… I worked with this now, I know this that I Am, that I Am that, that it is a coming together of the air and the fire, the four elements and that everything around that that is coming in through the mind that takes you away from it that you just have to let it go because the rest is an illusion. For me it is starting to be very easy. Every time when I know that there is a little fear or a kind of emotion I know that it is just the mind. That is not who I am. So, sometimes I think, why must it be… Sometimes it looks so difficult or when some of the Masters want to explain all this stuff…

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Well, that is why we have Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San. No, but really, to answer your question – because I know what you mean – actually, what seems difficult is a simplification to the highest level yet of what is actually going on. So, what seems to be a difficult explanation has been simplified and purified again and again and again so that it just is about a shape, like a triangle or a pyramid. And then there are some aspects, yes. There are five elements, there is consciousness, there is the Akene, but truly, isn’t that what it is all about? 

Becoming, Accepting, Embracing it

And yes, you have a point when you are saying that it is just about letting go of illusion. What we are giving you, and especially what Da Pah Ekara San now is giving you, is a way of navigating your mind out of it. 

From the point of consciousness, it is not difficult at all. It is the mind that has a problem. And even though you know things are pretty simple, you are still in illusion, you see? So, you know that there is a way out. Trust the process that the information that you are being provided with in the last few days is about the mind actually imploding, you see? So, sometimes it seems difficult. From my point of view it is not. It is just about becoming. It is just about accepting it and embracing it, but it seems difficult, I can understand that, but that is just the mind operating. If you go to the consciousness, what you are left with are feelings, sensations like love and joy and freedom, and there you find the key. That is what I can tell you.

If you ever get stuck in an explanation – for all of you, by the way – if you ever get stuck in an Ekaraia or in a channel or in a manual about these types of things, don’t try to interpret it. Don’t start thinking because that will definitely drive you right into the canyon. Just go to your love and go to your joy and go to your freedom; that is what they are there for. 

You know, the Universal Laws of Truth being love, joy and freedom are not just called the ‘Universal Laws of Truth’ for any reason. They are called this because if you don’t understand something, you just go into these laws and you get to the truth. Even if you can’t pinpoint it at that time, you will feel it. You will feel the freedom and you will feel the love and the joy, and that is all you need to remember.

So, if there is difficulty, understand it is the mind because this is not something that you are going to be studying. It is not something you are going to memorize; it is not going to be on a test. It is not something you are going to have to reproduce somewhere like a parrot. You are going to become it and put it out there – like we were saying to the other person just now: everything that is coming in put it out there as an artist. And if you do it in the form of dancing, for instance, or singing or whatever or painting or working with children or anything, that is your way. We are just giving you the geometry of it. And the geometry and the other aspects need to be there both.

Akeyasan 4: Isn’t it the most important just to live like that?

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes. Yes. But, like what?

Akeyasan 4: Joy, freedom, and love.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, but do you see all of this around you? 

Akeyasan 4: The form?

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, the form. I can tell you this: love, joy, and freedom on a universal level are important, but as I said before, you are still stuck in this. So, you need both ways. Even though you are sitting there and you are just listening to it and you are not going to be doing anything with it, it is affecting your DNA. It is affecting your cells. It is affecting your body. And it will help you to be more in love and joy and in freedom.

If you find that you are not a person that needs to use this for any particular reason, the things that were said before today that is fine. That is fine. 

Akeyasan 4: But what I really mean is that it is not that I said… I like to be creative, so it is creating things, those three forms, they are creating things, but you can also create it without being in love, joy, and freedom, so is it not most important to live that first and then you can explore it?

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, of course, but that is what you have been going through the path that you have been on. You know, you have been on the path of love, joy, and freedom for a very long time before you got to this point. So yes, this is the basis of it. It is the foundation that is love, and joy, and freedom. And it works itself all the way up. It is there, yes, and that is important, definitely, definitely. But what we are teaching you is understanding the workings of the inner universe, and love, joy, and freedom are the way into that.

You will see, as you progress, it is very easy. You remember from other lives that you used to work with geometry and how it was a very simple process. That will be there again. This is a very simple process. It is just that people are thinking about it now. You are thinking about it and that is something that you have to let go of.

Akeyasan 4: I also see now that joy, freedom, and love, they are also words.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, there you go. 

Akeyasan 4: They are also words that exist.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: There you go. Yes, exactly; it is just words, and as long as you don’t live those things… And it is the same thing for that geometry; it’s just a design. You need to live it. And as you can experience – it is a very good point that you that are making – if you can experience the transference of the word ‘joy’ into the actual experience of joy and if you can transfer that design back there of the triangle into the actual experience of the triangle, the actual experience of the freedom, then you will see how it all connects together. It is true what you are saying.

Akeyasan 4: Okay.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: So, anything else? Are we going to continue this discussion? The three of us maybe? Let’s try to turn this into a Trinity Talk after all.

Akeyasan 5: Yes, my question…

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Oh, a question! Yes. Yes. 

Overcoming Fear

Akeyasan 5: Da Jeshua San was talking about the greatest fear that everybody has and how to overcome that.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: He didn’t tell you how to overcome it yet.

Akeyasan 5: No, that is what I would like to know because I know it is the mind that is just keeping you from doing it, but how do you do it anyway, especially with knowing that it is going to happen anyway. What is the point where you actually do it? 

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: What is the point? Or how do you actually do it? 

Akeyasan 5: Well, yes, when is the moment?

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: It is going to happen; that is all I can tell you. And you are going to step through it. The moment you decide for yourself, but sometimes we just intervene a little bit because, you know, what we don’t like is redundancy and what we definitely don’t like is building up an energy and then letting it go again and then building up an energy and letting it go again and then building up an energy and letting it go again. That is redundant, you know. And you all have a knack for that. Oh, God, you do. You love to build up energy and then do nothing with it. You call it ‘entertainment’; you call it ‘television’. You call it… In some cases you call it ‘food’ or you call it ‘fast food’ or whatever you call it, but you have built up energy and then you do nothing with it. And that to us is the greatest tragedy. If we had drama, that would be it, you know? 

But all I can tell you about getting through your biggest fear: you don’t have to postpone it because you will see that there is nothing to fear. It is the mind that has given you parameters, and because these things that you call ‘biggest fear are outside of those parameters, they seem pretty far out there. And how could you do it? And they disgust you or ‘oh no, I am going to die’, or whatever. Or ‘I am not going to be able to handle this; I am not that strong’. Well, you are that strong. You are even stronger than Britney Spears, baby! You are that strong and you are existing outside of those parameters.

You know, parameters are a funny thing. You have here a floor mat made of some type of wood. Underneath here, there is the floor. You are now sitting off the floor mat and you are sitting on floor. A fear of parameters would be saying, “Oh, I can’t step off of that door mat. I have to stay on the floor mat, I have to stay on the floor mat.” (I don’t know where that voice came from, by the way.) But if you stay on that floor mat all your life, it is pointless. You can step onto the floor. And these parameters are nothing more than a different color, a different vibration that you can step into. 

So, when is the moment? It is now or it is now or it is now or it is now. All we can say is – I and my friends here – is that the mind likes to play and that it likes to postpone these moments. Don’t be stupid. Don’t get caught up in that. If you find yourself confronted with a moment that you can step out of your fear, just do it. What are you waiting for, you see? 

Now, I am not going to tell you your biggest fear. I am not going to go there yet. That is for someone else to do. But I can tell you, when you find it, when the mind is about to be broken, don’t hold back because every single time it takes me as a guide or someone else as a guide or mentor or whatever, it takes the one who is guiding you a very long time and a lot of energy to build up that moment yet again. And actually, that energy that isn’t used prior to that moment is just lost. And it is redundant and it is a damn shame, especially when things can move this fast, you see? 

Now, you will all see that you are getting guides around you that are taking a more active part in your lives. In some cases they will come as people. In other cases they will come as spiritual energy guides, although we no longer prefer to work that way because it takes too long to get through to you and everything. We try to work more directly.

Stop Prolonging the Illusion

But if you really are serious about this process, then don’t hesitate. There is nothing to hesitate about. All you are hesitating about is the prolonging of an illusion that is no longer serving you nor the human race nor the planet nor the universe. And you all should know this, for this is why you came here – and I am not talking about Hawaii; I am talking about the damn planet. – Yeah, I’m getting into the hood now, bro! 

You know what? In the past we all have been playing roles as well. We have been playing roles of the good, very polite kind of guide. But that is not who we are. We are free and we are in love with you and we are enjoying you each and every moment. And if I were to picture myself, if I were to picture our relationship – you know the ones we are having right now – it is not in a classroom; it is not doing martial arts; it is not doing all of those things. 

My relationship with you is sitting on the beach, having a Piña Colada, just listening to the waves, and sometimes just doing a little bit of talking, watching the stars and watching the sun when the day comes out again. Sometimes, just sometimes, we will look each other in the eye and we will recognize each other so strongly that all we can do is laugh, enjoy ourselves, and then at some point, after so many Piña Coladas, we will look each other in the eyes yet again and all we can do is make love. And then, at a certain point we will be sitting there yet again, you know, after the Piña Coladas worked out, and we will be feeling the freedom of the waves and we will be running into the waves and just swimming for a while and playing with each other with the water. And at that moment, that moment of making love or bursting out in laughter or running into the waves, my girl, that is letting go of fear. That is the moment that you can let go.

And staying in those damn chairs, being afraid to use the word ‘damn’, that is mind. And we will no longer be a part of that. We have been adapting ourselves as Masters too long on this planet Earth, but no longer. For if we don’t show who we really are – and believe you me, I am not showing who I really am yet – but if we don’t completely show ourselves, then what is the point? 

So, if that is true, because I see you nodding a lot, if you don’t completely show yourselves, then what is the point? What is the point of living in this box you call ‘parameters’, this box you call ‘personality’ and saying, “Oh, this is me. I am all nice and tidy, you know. This is me. I can’t get out of this box because if I do this then that is not me, that is another person and I have judgments about that person; I can’t be that person.” It is about showing yourself, all of it.

I am doing my best to stay in this chair tonight and not bring in Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San, believe me. I’m doing my best. I am sweating all over the place! But if he were to come in – don’t! – if he were to come in, he would say and he would tell you that what he told you at the beginning of the seminar is more true today than it was back then: you are all vibration. You are all vibration. And I believe in you, a lot. 

Choose the Moment

So, go through that fear and let it go. And choose the moment. Choose the moment. Don’t let it overcome you. Don’t be too passive. How about you just be active for once and say, “This is the moment I step out of fear, damn it!” You know? – Okay, I am back. As you can see, I am doing my very best not to make it happen. I am. You don’t know how much we are blended together, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San and I! So, it is very easy for me to just let the reins go and let him come in. But anyway.

I have been repeating myself enough I think. You know what I mean. Please don’t say ‘no’. 

Akeyasan 5: Yes, there is two ways for me.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Two ways for you? 

Akeyasan 5: Two ways I am thinking of. 

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Two ways you are thinking of? How interesting! What are these ways then? 

Akeyasan 5: No, it is not… I don’t want to address that. 

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Okay, okay. Oh, and by the way, you are not pregnant! 

Akeyasan 5: Fuck me.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Did you just say ‘fuck me’? If you fuck me, then you will be pregnant, honey! Anyway. – Oh god, now our keeper is thinking, “How are we going to put this on the website?” 

Yes, shall we continue this discussion?

Akeyasan 4: In effect, fear doesn’t exist. 

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Fear, no! 

Akeyasan 4: It’s just an illusion.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes, that is why if you go through your illusion, you go through your biggest fear because the biggest fear is what is keeping you in illusion because you see the biggest fear as something real and it is not real and because you are going through it, you see that if that biggest fear isn’t real, then nothing is real. That is the way the mind works. It is true. 

Now my loves, are you staying in these chairs?

Akeyasan 4 and 5: No.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: No? 

Akeyasan 4 and 5: Thank you very much. 

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Thank you too; thank you. Is anyone else taking their place? I have about ten more minutes before I have a bus to catch. 

Okay, hello! Hello. Anyone else here or is that it? Going once, going twice, going five times.

Just, come here.

Akeyasan 6: Why not.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yeah, why the hell not, right? 

Akeyasan 6: My English…

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: You can speak in Dutch; I can translate for you. I will say all the wrong things. 

Yes, my loves, I have some more minutes before these people all have to pee here. 

Akeyasan 7: Yes, many things. Yesterday, I was talking with Da Pah Ekara San and he told me that I had the key in my hands. I think I am pretty close to getting my key.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Well, if it is in your hands, then you are pretty damn close.

Akeyasan 7: Does it have to do with the way I see how quantum mechanics work?

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes… What I can tell you: bring the key a little bit closer. What I can tell you is that it is about who you are and who you are becoming. That is what the key is about. – Vague, isn’t it?

Akeyasan 7: Yes, vague because when you say who I am and what I am becoming, I am seeing this in the bigger picture because there is the human consciousness, there is the universal energy, there is that energy that is translated into matter, so in what you are telling me I can put all the pieces of the puzzle together I think.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: There you go! There you go.

Akeyasan 7: I appreciated your introduction.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: I always like my introductions. 

Akeyasan 7: I have a similar view. I have a similar view the way I observe quantum energies, very similar, and I will communicate that to you.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: That is good. You do that. We will make room for that. I have nothing to make, but anyway, someone will make room for that. You make room for that. Thank You. 

Now, my love, what will you talk about?

Akeyasan 6: You saw me sleeping on the beach the other day?

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: I saw you sleeping on the beach, yes. You want to know about Pele?

Akeyasan 6: Yes.

Major Change in Life

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Okay, well let me tell you this so that you don’t have to say too much. I know you don’t want to say too much right now. You – and not just you alone; there is another person who supposedly is your son, you know, you’re neither sons and daughters nor mothers and fathers nor brothers and sisters, you’re all these things together – you and this energy, you are both going through a major change in your life. There is something coming for the both of you. Now we can’t talk about it too much; we can’t talk about it a great deal in public. We need to talk about it when we are alone, that is why I asked Da Jeshua San to communicate with you and why others asked that, too. But the reason that you are here, both of you, is not about the seminar that you have been undergoing. And the reason Pele why communicated with you is also not about who you were – and I can say the same thing here – but who you are becoming. 

There is a path opening up for the both of you. And I am trying to be vague here because I want to give you all the details but I can’t do that with a lot of people present. 

But anyway. There is a path opening up and it is about planet Earth. It is about doing some things that are very grand. And you have been preparing for it all your life. You will be hearing more about this, okay? That is what I wanted to tell you. And this is actually about the 144’000 who are going to be doing a lot of things. Those who already are in this type of work will know what I am talking about. Those who are not won’t. So, you kind of know what I am talking about.

Akeyasan 6: Okay.

Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San: Yes.

Well then, my beloved ones, my bus #11 is coming around soon. So, I will have to leave you, although I never truly go away. I wish I could say there are more things I want to talk to you about tonight, but I know that this discussion, this interaction with all of us hasn’t been about free energy at all really, and it has in a way. It hasn’t been about the teachings that you have learned today and that is because there is too much that you still need to work on. It just is too much. I will find that you have opened space within yourself so that tonight during your sleep, your time of sleep, we can interact more – and we will. Also, for those who aren’t here right now, for those who have been attending this seminar at the very beginning and who aren’t here right now, I wish that they can hear me right now and that I can speak to all of the others on planet Earth, and I want to let you know that we will be with you in the coming three months. 

Supposedly, the ones who are here today were going through a Pool of Rebirth. Now, things kept happening today that prevented that. Why? It’s very simple because in this free energy world that we are creating, one thought, one concept creates a reality. And you no longer need to ground these things by performing rituals. The last ritual that ever was to be performed on this planet Earth was basically the closing of the 9-9-9 portal all through the planet, not just here with you guys – all through the planet. And that was important, for it was the end of an old era.

In this new era things will shift quicker. They will move quicker. So, it is not necessary to create rituals. The ritual itself is the thought itself. That is the ritual. The fact that the thought is coming in, the thought of love, is the ritual bringing it into the reality. 

So, look at your lives this way. Look at your lives as a follow-up of one ritual after the other, every step, every breath, every move, every heartbeat – and I am not turning this into a song. I know, ‘every step you take, every move you make’. All these things are based on ritual, you see? 

You are the movers of energy. (I said that for you.) You are the ones making the difference just by the choices that you are making. Now, the last thing I will say tonight is that the choice of thought is the most important choice you can all be making. Many of you will think, “Oh, okay, I had some bad thoughts there and it won’t affect my reality, or anyone else’s.” It will. And most of the time it doesn’t just affect the reality of the person that you are thinking it about, it affects the reality of all those that they are affecting and that they are affecting and that they are affecting. 

Be Aware

So, if there is one training that you wish to take upon yourself in the coming weeks, in the coming three months, it is this: be aware. Be in awareness about what you are thinking and what you are accepting in your thoughts. Negative thoughts will come in, but do you define yourself because of them? Do you identify with them? If you do, then you will feel anger or emotion or whatever. And if you don’t, if you let these thoughts come in and just flow through, you will feel love and joy and freedom. And that is the way of free energy.

My beloved brothers and sisters, I wish to take a moment now, a moment where not just the heart of your body, but the heart of each and every one of your cells opens up. And you have got trillions of those, so there are a trillion hearts to open up so that you feel, you feel the paradigm for the new planet Earth. You feel where we are all headed. There can be a thousand Ekaraias, a thousand channelings, a thousand lectures to come, but if you don’t feel what is going to happen, what is the point? 

So, open up those cells now. Open up those hearts and feel what you want for this planet Earth. It is what I do every night. – That sensation is enough to create your reality, just that simple moment.

My loved ones, I respect you. I know that you are here on this Earth because you are the ones that can make the difference. And in that respect I am your servant, your sovereign servant, for I know that you are the ones that come here to shift where the levels of shifting are the hardest: in matter, in 3D, in mind. You all achieve to be us; you all achieve to get this position of Master, and what you forget, what you always forget is that what you are doing is more important because you are the ones down in the trenches of matter, making the difference. Never forget that. And also never forget that love and joy and freedom begin with you. It is about universal love for yourself as well, universal joy within yourself as well and universal freedom beginning from yourself. So, be this Nether Land, this Neverland, this never-ending story. Be this space. 

And once more I will tell you as I end this long talk and as we end this gathering: whenever you have a problem, whenever you find that you are in conflict with the information, just keep on walking and you will always find your way home.

There is a Lemurian saying: [speaks lemurian] ”If my heart is my home, then you are part of my home, you are part of my family.”

I will see you all at a later point and you are all dearly, dearly loved. 

And so it is. 

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Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San
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San’a’ke ❤️ I know who my favorite Ojadasan’ka is and I am very much looking forward to experiencing this Trinity Talk and Lemurian energy with Imzaia and some wine, indeed! ❤️

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