Language versus Metaphysical Expression

Da Pah Kwan Yin San

Da Pah Kwan Yin San discusses the impactful difference between physical language and metaphysical expression (a.k.a. dahlyn)…

…thereby showing the immediate & direct impact on reality and the instant practical application of the metaphysical ascension training offered by ascended life, when applied by the student. This clip is taken from Returning to Joy.

Original music:
Tibetan Dreams, from the album Stepping Into Infinity by Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San.

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Da Pah Kwan Yin San: I have been meaning to add something to tonight and it has to do with the concept of Dahlyn.

I have been meaning to add something to tonight, and not just to tonight but also to a lot of the other classes, and it has to do with the concept of Dahlyn.

Dahlyn is the metaphysical expression, of course, as we have been teaching you throughout the last couple of years. And, of course, it may feel to some of you – or people over the years have wondered – why all of these different expressions. And I’ve explained all that to some extent, but one thing that I would like to add to this right now is something about the power of Dahlyn, in comparison to language as you know it.

Because… I don’t know. I think of the concept of fire, for instance, and in Dutch fire would be another word, and in French fire would be another word, and even in English, it just is what it is, fire. It is just a couple of sounds that you express, in order to reference something that is actually happening. You see a fire in front of you or you have a match that you are holding or whatever. You are sitting in front of a fire. Now, the fire in itself is an experience that you are expressing, but you are not expressing the fire or the table in front of you or the computer by the words that you are using. Not by saying ‘fire’ or by saying ‘table’ or ‘computer’, you are not… That in itself is not a creative act. It is merely a reference. It is a referential and at best a descriptive act. And that is what language is. It doesn’t matter whether there is one language or multiple languages, whether you are translating different concepts to one another, but it is a descriptive thing.

And Dahlyn is different, and especially now that you are beginning to practice portal travel, which, as I have earlier in the first part of this class already explained, is, ultimately – now that I have explained it in this way – nothing else but entering a state of joy. What Solarys San was expressing previously in the build-up and the steps, is, ultimately, the invocation of an infinity sphere, and Ba is the invocation of an infinity sphere. So, it’s the same thing.

And in that way, now that you are doing all of these things and beginning to practice all of these things, I want you to truly consider the difference between language and Dahlyn. Because when we go back to fire, for instance, the concept of fire, expressed in Dahlyn would be the same as light, would be ‘i’. You have the o, a, e, i, the building blocks of energy and of – how shall I say? – of matter even. Earth, water, wind, and fire, o, a, e, i. And, as you have been taught, these are not the actual physical representations but abstract representations, the more platonic ideas of these things, the abstract ideas of these things.

So, when you express ‘i’, you are not referencing something; you are not describing something. You are literally partaking in a creative act. And that is what you must remember. And it doesn’t matter whether you are expressing through language and through sound, or whether you are thinking these things or – as someone said during the break as I was coming back – whether you are feeling these things. Indeed, Da Patricia San. Hello! Nice to see you by the way! As you were saying, the feeling is what it is all about because that is, ultimately, what Dahlyn is doing. It is working with the realm of feeling to manifest reality.

So, when you are invoking ‘i’ – that is literally why we always use the term ‘invoking’ because that is actually what you are doing; it is in a sense a creative, magical act – and when you tap into ‘i’ or ‘o’ or Da or Ba by expressing these things, either silently or as a thought or as a feeling or using sound, you are tapping into that creative force, and not just tapping into it. You are enabling that creative force. You are part now of that creative force. You are part of the manifestor of that energy or of that being or of that thing. And that is what Dahlyn is all about, and that is why it is so powerful.

And on top of that, the reason why it has these creative powers, again in big opposition to language, is that it uses… or not uses, it works with literally the building blocks of creation. This is an expression where you are, indeed, using earth, wind, fire, water, where you are using love, joy, freedom, truth, etc., and weaving them together, knitting them together into manifesting reality. And that is what makes it so unique.

Let’s go back to Ba, for instance, for just one minute, and relate to what Da Solarys San was saying in her previous portal travel class. One of the triangles that she asked you to invoke had within it, for instance, the energy of the dolphin in three states of itself. Now, the three states are less important in this moment as I am trying to explain, but the Dahlyn expression for dolphin, or one of the Dahlyn expressions at least for dolphin, is Da’ba’ya which is love-joy-flow. Da’ba’ya.

So, even in there you see that you cannot even being working with this exercise of Da Solarys San, without immediately already invoking the entire exercise because immediately, you are working with Da and Ba, as I have been trying to explain to you earlier today.

And in that, it is always – whatever you do with Dahlyn or with Vahlyn, the experience – it is always holofractographical. It is always containing the whole in every individual piece because the individual piece is not truly separated from the whole, and the inside of the individual piece and the whole itself is not separated, as I have tried to explain to you now.

And in that, you see that power of Dahlyn. You are working with the building blocks of reality, the building blocks of the consciousness expression itself, and you are manifesting these things.

Whereas language, if language worked that way, then I think – and I hope and I know, actually – that people would be very different with the words they choose, the thoughts they choose, the expressions they choose. And Twitter would be a wonderful place, instead of the place it is in a day or in a year or in a decade as this one. Because people would realize that 99,9% of the things they say, the things they express, is not what their heart is saying. If their actual words would destroy, they would never speak those words again. I am 100% certain of that. I believe in the human being. I believe in our human family of consciousness with all of my heart, and I know that humanity will eventually if not already right now, return to these basic principles because it is humanity – I am reminded of, nearing the end of the Cosmic Manifest all those years ago, Da Solarys San or Da Pah Ekara San saying very clearly – it is humanity that brings these elements and these San ingredients here, manifests them in the observer principle.

So, all of the rest, everything else that has been added to this Ekaraia and to this reality since, is nothing else but entanglement and, eventually, humanity, each individual will find it within themselves to clean that up. And I know that it is beings such as yourself, actively partaking in this, doing these things that you are doing that has a greater effect than you may believe sometimes. One of the reasons being what I have now just explained about Dahlyn because what you are doing is big. What you are doing, matters.

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Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke ❤️
I very much enjoyed this enlightening and empowering clip about the creative power of Dahlyn – metaphysical expression versus language as we know it. The former creates reality, the latter only describes that creation.
Ascended Life has always spoken about “the song of creation” and how creation is an ongoing, never-ending, always changing, always expanding song, to which every being adds its own ingredients. Dahlyn. Beautiful ❤️ Lak’shi’dan ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

San’a’ke ❤️ Da’ka’ya for your beautiful and spot-on comments, Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San. The difference between the mental realm of language and the expression of Dahlyn is monumental. One describes things and the other dances with creation with great love and celebration of the truth of who we are. i’da i’ra o i’karaya (for love, for truth and from the heart).❤️

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