What on Earth Happened Between 2019 & 2022

Da Pah Kwan Yin San

In this clip, Da Pah Kwan Yin San provides deeper insights into the metaphysical reasons for several past and current global events that took place between 2019 and the time of writing, 2022.

The clip is taken from Introduction to Light Body DNA, in which the metaphysical evolution of the human race in the last two decades is explored, as well as its current state of development.

The class provides the viewer with excellent and vital insights into the evolutionary, metaphysical steps that each and every human has transitioned through in the last 15 years, but perhaps even more importantly, Introduction to Light Body DNA offers unique and practical steps for light body activation.

Introduction to Light Body DNA was presented as a live broadcast on September 22, 2022.

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It is a state where everything that has ever come before becomes possible. Humanity gets access to all waves of human consciousness, from the lowest ones to the highest ones. And as we would describe it: your reality perspective is now at a complete 144 frequencies accessible to you and completely based on what you are creating within yourself, and, ultimately, the understanding of the inner being, the inner self, the creator of all that is around. 

Eventually, we come to the years 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. In this moment in time you are seeing a massive… some would call it ‘a massive counter attack’, a locking down of external reality. And many would describe this from a concept of villains and heroes and victims. But, ultimately, that is not what it was about. The reason, ultimately, that these years in human history that you have experienced have happened, is because, much like the bird that is getting ready to fly after months and months – in your case lifetimes and lifetimes, in a way – in the so-called ‘nest, first in the egg, then in the nest – at some point gets pushed out of that nest and must fly. 

And as humanity came close to collectively doing so in those years, it retreated and created what it knew as the control system all over again in ways that many of you have never even considered possible in your lifetime. Maybe you heard of it in faraway lands, but never in your direct experience. So, this is a type of collective fear that has played out. 

But now, we have come to 2022 and beyond, and even though you see old systems shatter and at war with one another, duality literally battling itself out on the world stage once again, I am here to tell you today, that it is up to you to take upon yourself the responsibility of a creator, and from within that responsibility to understand that your mind and the systems that are still running within that mind – and to some extent some more subconscious elements of the self, but let’s not go into that today – is, ultimately, what is creating your reality second by second, and everything that you see outside of you collectively and individually as well. 

And you have now come to the point to be ready to leave this so-called ‘vibrational nest’. And this does not mean that you leave this universe, or you leave this reality. Far from it. It means that you are ready to step into a much more true-full, truthful version of it. 

But in order to do so – and this is, ultimately, what this ascension study is about – it is time for you to, on a very practical level, learn to work with yourself, to truly get to a place of, not understanding, but compassion and love for the self and for the other and, ultimately, for the whole. And in the coming time, as we proceed with these classes, that is exactly what we are going to do because the only thing that is truly stopping you from taking any of these steps and changing literally the reality that is around you as a creator, is your own mind that is in the way. 

I have explained to you how the years have prepared you mostly from within, to step into this new version, this true version of yourself, a version that is literally based on Love, on Joy, on Freedom, on Truth, on Life, on Gratitude, on Grace, and on Wellbeing, and at that point even will manifest its own expressions of active reality creation. 

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