The Truth About What Happened to Humanity

Da Pah Ekara San

In these 10 must-watch minutes, Da Pah Ekara San gets to the heart of the matter of what has been happening to humanity…

…not only in these last several years of lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions of personal freedom & movement, but he discusses what has been going on from the very start of our world as we know it and how it has lead to where we are today.

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As humanity has now come to that point that the comfort zone has fallen away, even in western cultures, even to those that appreciated the so-called nanny state, the so-called complete control of one’s life. Even those in the most civilized and docile – when I say that I mean it in western terms, not in universal terms – civilized and docile countries, such as here in the Netherlands or out there in Canada, for instance, you see a change of heart, and you see the governments and the authority figures in general responding to that. 

It is in that moment that consciousness expands. It is in that moment that humanity came to the decision, consciously or subconsciously, to reverse the process that had begun a long time ago, to reverse the splintering, to reverse its adherence to the authority of power. 

And when we speak of power, we speak of a very specific type. I brought it up earlier already. We are speaking of the concept of mah’non. 

Now, this is the idea that goes back to the invention of money and the invention of that sort of ownership, let’s say, because Mah’non in ancient cultures, was seen as a deity, a deity that often would express itself in negative ways, in ways that you would then consider demonic. 

And so, a lot the power structures in your world adhere to this principle. And the principle of mah’non, as you look it up or research it through your metaphysical knowledge that has been accumulated over the centuries, you will see that this involves the principle of stacking. 

Now, think of this for a minute, stacking. Look at the development of your cultures and your societies. Look at how as humans begin to gather and gather and gather and collect with more and more and more in the same space, eventually, this concept of stacking even seems to take place in the physical world. You begin to build skyscrapers and those sort of structures. Recently announced here in the Netherlands that in places, such as The Hague, millions of new homes need to be built, and they are going to be built in the form of these massive skyscrapers. The principles of stacking. 

The United States and places like Canada and other places – think of more modern cities, more recent cities, such as Dubai, for instance – all over the world you have this principle. Very much looks like a computer chip sometimes where you also see the same principle in data processing. But you most especially see this principle of stacking when it comes to money, when it comes to finances. 

Now, there are many that have gone before you in this question of, why? Why this principle of stacking? Why this principle of mah’non? Why is this power structure so important to those that through service to self usually get caught up in this? 

And I can save you, if you will, a long, long journey on this one because, eventually – even though you will go through many an explanation for why this principle of power, of stacking, of mah’non is in place, at play – it is very simple: Just for the sake of it. For the sake of it itself. It is that simple. It is just like you see in your own tiny obsessions with your notifications and those systems that keep pulling you back in if you are not aware of it. It is that same principle. 

One thing, literally, led to another, led to another, led to another, led to another. And as the pile of – whether it is money or power – grows, the being that begins to hoard this like – if some of you may understand this – like Dagobert Duck [Scrooge McDuck], the head duck of the ducklings in the Disney stories, like one of these rich uncles that literally swims in piles of gold in the cartoons for this reason. These same entities get stuck in this power play. There is no other, deeper philosophy here. 

This philosophy is now at the surface awareness of every human being on Earth. It took centuries to get there because, obviously, those cultures that previously had been colonized by the west, and in so many places where this colonization is still ongoing, already had centuries of awareness of this. But finally, this awareness has reached these shores of western consciousness. 

And you have seen in these last several years, as the ‘MeToo’ movements and all of these other things began, that hell has been raised and that political advantage, the mah’non structure itself, has begun even politicizing and benefitting financially from these structures. So be it. 

That is, of course, the principle that is at play. Therefore, it will also, as this consciousness gets raised, do the same thing. As I said, there is no deeper thinking about this. It is just for the sake of it. 

But as this happened, you could argue that a great unbalance has been created in human consciousness, and that people are now even more against one another, riled up against one another, than ever before perhaps. 

I would argue that this is not true. I would argue that this, too, is merely something coming to the surface that has been subconscious for very long. And so, you see attacks between races. White people, black people, people of all sorts of cultures can’t seem to find themselves, if… if you observe the nuisance at least. Because if you do not watch the nuisance, if you merely look out there, if you merely connect from one person to another, you will see a very different story. But more on that later. More on that later. 

Through the lens, however, of the common cultural nuisance that you call ‘media’, it seems to be the story. And even worse! Not only between the so-called individual races – like that’s even a thing! – but also within countries themselves, and within cultures themselves. You have the big battle of vaccinations and that sort of story going on, and if it is not about that, then it is about other preferences. I have told you about this for years as well that it is through the defining and the constant defining of preference that eventually, these goals are reached. Because, let’s face it, in order to continue to stack something that is already stacked, must you not divide it again? Exactly! Just for the sake of it. 

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