The Metaphysical
Point of No Return

Da Pah Kwan Yin San

August 9, 2014

As we begin the second leg of this journey into making our metaphysics real, let us review the entire reason you are even reading this series: a profound attraction and unexplainable connection to metaphysics. Possibly, even, an undeniable wish for personal ascension.

If you made it to this second part, then, deep down, you know that there is a different way than the mind’s perception of reality and its perspective on what life is meant to be. If we could collect all these divergent and improved ways of life, all of which exist inside of you, as strings on your metaphysical violin, then the questions we are truly asking here are as follows:

Do you have what it takes to get over your stage fear and let your song be heard? Are you ready to make that song real? And, if you are, how do you reach and maintain the highest note?

Into the Heart of the Matter

You know you are a creator of reality. You know of the power that is within you and you believe in that power – even if you experience metaphysics mostly on a theoretical level still – and you have spent years working on improving yourself in all matters of the head and the heart.

You are aware of the vast and boundless intelligence and the consciousness that is the driving force as well as the thriving core of this solar system that we inhabit. You know in your bones of its infinite connection to even vaster conscious reality generators, such as the ones that are known to us as the galaxy, the cosmos, the universe, and the holographic multiverse herself. Joined with all those who are awake to this fact, you find yourself in awe of it all often. You feel endlessly inspired by the beauty and grace that is the result of the oneness of all things.

Many even believe (based on heart core evidence) that they can remember having studied the truth and meaning of life over and over again, lifetime after lifetime deepening one’s knowledge and experience with every incarnation. Deep down, you know that you have done this before and that, when you did, it was real, it was all-encompassing and it nearly – if not completely – consumed your mind and life.

In other words, if you are one of those… then it figures that you have been preparing for quite some time and that now, reading these words, you most likely feel the urge to take the next step.

You Are Not Alone in This

If all of this is indeed the case, then I want to make sure that you know that you are not out of place, you are not the odd one out. In fact, you are right on schedule and you just happen to be fully aligned with the cosmic clock.

You may even want to consider that this is the one and only reason that you ever decided to incarnate once again: to be here at this crazy and exponentially expansive time, this moment in creation that is the culmination of everything that you, as a soul, have been working on realizing since the crack of the dawn of what you consider time.

This article is not meant to be a confidence booster – although it is always good to look at these things from a place of empowerment – but just so you know:

You are on that sweet spot of leading edge consciousness evolution and for this you have my everlasting respect as well as the admiration of countless other beings that are observing and interweaving their efforts with all that is happening here, from a myriad of dimensional planes where those that base their existence on consciousness ascension are already legion.

You are not alone in this, nor will you ever be.
Just so you know.

Vibrational Mind Mapping, Deconstructed

During our last excursion, we made a quick slingshot around the mind and offered you an observation of it that you might not necessarily have considered before.

We explored the strong possibility that the human mind matrix links every person on the planet together in a linear and finite expression of possibilities, based on the creation of repetitive realities that are the result of vibrational feedback loops and rehashed neural-sensory networks of experience.

This suggests that we exist in a type of reality loop, but only insofar as we allow our reality to be translated this way.

Yes, the mind trap that we have been studying has at least one weak spot that we know of so far: it stands or falls based on you believing the reality that you are made or programmed to believe. In fact, the program will go out of its way to convince you of its factuality, which in effect is a dead giveaway for its illusory nature. Only stage magicians need men behind curtains to pull the right levers at the correct time in order to make their stunt or, in this case, the grand illusion of it all, workable and believable.

We also discussed, previously, that this repetitive program runs on vibration and frequency, and you already know that it needs a strong landscape of duality in order to be effective. Above all, you know that it cannot escape these self-imposed limitations.

It cannot indeed.

But you, all of you, can.

While the second part of this article series was in the process of being written, I already released a set of exercises or meditations on Imzaia World to help you achieve tonal resonance with the heart-based realm of consciousness rather than continue to be connected to the dreary and seemingly endless fields of thought strings that the mind offers you on most occasions.

If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to study these exercises and practice them a million times if not more. Then, when you feel you have mastered them, please continue to remember that your success is to be found in the continuous application of what is offered here:

Both of these come with illustrations that will help you to better understand the metaphysical principles that we are currently reviewing.

A Change of Perspective

If the mind matrix map can be deconstructed, then the required change of perspective that we introduced at the start of the first article in this series can be executed in a simple, yet very effective and impactful way.

Could it be so simple as to just discard and override the old mental mind drive and instead activate the master mind drive that you have been building in the background all along, as you were processing the endless streams of information and the countless loops of esoteric experience and growth over the years? Most of which, let’s face it, might have gone in quite unnoticed. But, as you know, experiences that have been had never disappear out of the soul’s records entirely. There is no erase button.

Could the infinite part of yourself have been building this database, this roadmap, this blueprint for ascension, in the back of your mind, over and over again, creating a more complex tapestry with each lifetime you entered into, all the while patiently waiting for you in the background of yourself, until, one day, you found yourself evolved and awake enough to realize it was there?

If so, can it be used? Is it just sitting there waiting to be accessed and implemented?

Could it be truly that easy?

Yes, it can be. The basic vector of the change of perspective required is within you, lingering until it is discovered, indeed. But it does come with a warning label: understand that once you make that choice and flip that switch, there is no way back. It is the metaphysical point of no return.

There exists a deep and innate knowing within you about all of this. It is so foundational, so essential to your very being, that your mind/ego/personality complex could not bury it completely. It could only be bypassed and ignored for so long… and its time has come.

No matter how much you might try, once activated fully, you cannot undo a change of perspective of this magnitude. It is for this very reason that so many are afraid to truly GO THERE, knowing that there is no way back. As such, they push it out of their minds in ever increasing cycles of suppression and frustration, all the while realizing it has to be revisited and acknowledged sooner or later. Once again with feeling: nothing known can ever be erased and unknown; not entirely. A state of building compression like the one described here, a paradoxical status quo of this nature, cannot be maintained forever. People try, but it cannot.

Thus, the first and inevitable steps towards making your metaphysics real revolve around untying this knot of self-induced cognitive dissonance.

You might be one of these magical people that is just about to burst forth into the cosmic domain in such a fashion. And, if you are, then it is my hope that this article series will help place you firmly on your way to success.

Let's Get Metaphysical

So, assuming that you are ready to explore beyond this metaphysical point of no return, how can you get out of the way of this relentless mind stream and enter the ocean of consciousness instead? How do you actually make the change?

Simple: you bend the mind’s rulebook.

And you evolve.

Now that you understand that the mental mind matrix has had quite an impact on your reality perspective, as well as on your experience and quality of life, and now that you have fully decided to let go of the lie and embrace the truth, you have started a chain of events that will only make sense if you commit to basing your experience of reality, and your expression of that reality, on a different set of principles than the vibrational ones that you are used to working with.

These changes of perspective are multifold, as you will know from your efforts in the past, and they are impactful, mainly because they are not as set in stone as you might have been used to until now. On the contrary, they are very fluid and flexible. Where you are going, there are no boundaries, no limited or predetermined notions of reality.

You are on the edge of traveling deep into the unknown… or, not the unknown exactly but rather that which you have been hiding for yourself in plain sight until the day that you’d be ready to drop your blind spot and come face to face with your own, undeniable evolution.

That day is today. If you let it be.

Let it be. Today.

Enter the Space in Between

As you proceed on the path of ascension study and training, you will learn to demystify the metaphysical roadmap for ascension. You will learn to uncloak the heart of your master mind matrix itself. And that, honestly, is just the beginning of the journey.

In preparation for the third part of this Supporting Study article series, I invite you to take the time to go within often.

Read, engage in the exercises that are provided, contemplate that which needs contemplation, and work as much as you can at entering these previously unexplored realms of yourself. You will find what you are looking for in the space in between everything that you think you are – your thoughts, your atoms, the totality of your universe itself.

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Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke ❤️

Entering the space in between…

When I consciously focus on the headspace, I am almost being deafened by the chattering that is going on. It is constant, even though I am only aware of a fraction of it most of the time. But, my lord, it is LOUD!

For the longest time, I tried to ‘figure out’ what that space in between would look or feel like. And, of course, as long as I engaged mind in that process, the chattering would just continue, albeit a bit quieter.

Lately, though, something has shifted. When I put my intent on e.g. wellbeing and abundance, everything goes quiet, like a lid has just been put on the chatterbox. It is a very, very peaceful space, soft, warm, and loving. I know that everything is to be found there, but for now, I just treasure the overwhelming feeling of peacefulness, knowing that continuous and consistent focus on San inevitably will reveal the true, all-knowing nature of my essence.

Da’ka’ya for this empowering article Da Pah Kwan Yin San.

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San

San’a’ke ❤️ I know that this IS the reason I am here and this is most certainly true for all of us here now. When I first came across this Great Work years ago, I knew that I had “stumbled” onto something way beyond what I had experienced in my personality life and it resonated deeply, even though I had not yet considered personal ascension, nor did I understand what it was or what it would require to achieve. It did not take long to know I just had to go forward and keep walking. I eventually realized that if we are honest with ourselves and seek within rather than from without, we don’t “stumble” upon anything; we create it, especially something of this nature we do know deep inside resonates with our consciousness and our whole being.

I remember the moment I decided to go for “the whole enchilada” and trusted more would come, and it did, although I created many fits and starts before I truly embraced and stepped onto the personal ascension path. And, guess what? When I truly made the choice and actioned it, Ascended Life was there waiting for me, as they are here for all of us. My so called “life” has never been the same, and honestly if I could in this moment, go back and change those “fits and starts”, I would do so in a heartbeat (and someday will).

There is absolutely nothing to fear; there is everything to gain, not only for ourselves, but for all humanity, for all life. Given this, it is even more ridiculous to allow myself to “stumble” walking the Pah, and yet I do. From my experience, it is not difficult unless I make it so. Making it complex and choosing complexity over simplicity is resistance. Once a few years ago, Da Pah Ekara San said to the direct students directly living with Da Pah Kwan Yin San at the time that “It is really simple. Do the opposite of what the Mind wants and follow Da Pah Kwan Yin San’s lead” (and with her all Ascended Life, of course). If we look at simplicity and this teaching by Da Pah Ekara San and all of the amazing teachings here on Imzaia World and what they represent in full service to the whole, it is even simpler than that. The “whole enchilada” exists in the ascending particle within us. It pulses from the Akene and It’s who we are — it is up to us to make it and our metaphysics real, actively rather than passively, and with pure intent and pure will.

Embracing this, the purest simplicity would be to say “No More” to that which I let hold me back, which is not real, and “Yes” from Consciousness which is real, and to why I am here. This is more real than anything the Mind-Ego-Personality can throw my way, if I carry this with me all of the time, actively creating what is required to ascend in every moment. To do otherwise, could not be more complex, more unreal, nor more resistant to the Truth of who I am, and my metaphysics cannot be real.

So, I say “Yes”, knowing that this “Yes” fully made from my inner and metaphysical being appropriately practiced and applied in action as continuously and consistently as I can, is the only “Yes” that has and will ever matter; a “Yes” that I know deep inside will carry me through, with the guidance of Ascended Life, which is always available, not only within this incredible metaphysical university but is always available within — waiting for me/for all of us to express and apply in the simplicity it truly is, to finally “be real.”

My deepest gratitude to Da Pah Kwan Yin San and with her, all Ascended Life, and for everyone who is here searching with me for the “whole enchilada” we know we are, can be and are for real. It is a GREAT honor to be here now and to make this incredible journey together. Da’ka’ya, always.

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e,
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

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