Being In Conscious Resonance

Da Pah Kwan Yin San

August 1, 2014

Thoughts are not your own; they are a mere reaction to an outside environment that you do not see as you. Thoughts exist because you have displaced yourself from the world around you.

If you see yourself as one with your world, if you see that the rocks you sit on, that the sky that you look at, that all the waves kissing the sand of all the beaches you have ever walked, indeed, that all of this is within you and that you are within all of this, then there is no need for thought.

Thoughts, ultimately, are but geometrical distortions — waves of vibration, frequency and sound — that bounce off and between the objects, people, events and situations that you believe to be separated from, and yourself.

Given enough thoughts bouncing off and between enough people, thought forms that are often called archetypes are created that are fuelled by the constant back and forth motion of the thought vibrations created by people constantly feeding this loop.

This ‘eternal bounce’ between the otherness and you can only end when you reunite with all that is around you, with all that is within you, with all of your potential all at once. It takes some time and practice, but most certainly it is achievable.

Vibrational Resequencing Exercise

The trick is, should you decide to practice this during your meditation times or your metaphysical exercises, to not focus on the thoughts by listening to its words or even sentiments but instead to use your other senses, such as sight, taste or touch to feel into the geometrical building blocks of the thought. Let the construct of it guide you, but not the content — never the content.

If this should confuse you, then try to experience your meditation close to your dreamtime — practice it right before sleep. It is specifically during those moments that you can blend your senses into a more fluid and right-brain experience.

In fact, blending your senses together as one and thus manifesting the dreamscape happens to be one of the most typical ways in which your consciousness switches you from the waking to the dreaming (out of body) state. We are only taking some conscious control of the process here.

Once you feel you have gotten hold of the actual ‘behind the scenes’ construction of the thought field, overlay it with the flower of life template and place the image right in the heart of your pineal gland.

Flower of Life

When you feel both fields have fully merged, move it down into the Akene (heart centre) to let the new creation of this thought field — now manifested by you and only you — replicate into your Merkabah field. It will now, by itself, find its way into your akeneic space and you should no longer be bothered by the same thought field ever again.

Continue to do this with the most impactful or crippling thoughts of a recurring nature in your life and watch the results as a new merkabaic field will start to unfold around and inside of you.

When this is completed, what remains is resonance, which simply means the empowering vibrations of loving, joyous, free and truthful feelings between all of consciousness experienced as one.

This method is called Vibrational Resequencing.

Personal Thoughts and Universal Archetypes

The type of exercise described here is meant to be used solo, as such it is presented as a meditation.

There is also a group method for this same exercise, to be used for larger, sometimes even universally accepted, archetypes and even culturally crippling thought groups, which we introduce during our online & in-person events around the world.

These larger group exercises actually involve the inner and outer generation of sound waves in geometrical setups and are quite powerful as its effects are felt immediately and permanently.

The Vibrational Resequencing Exercise is one of the starting blocks for those on the ascension path that seek to move away from the old uses of our mind and thought systems and instead start to work withΒ  the holographic brain, which is a conscious resonator with the galactic and cosmic whole.

These and more techniques are constantly being discussed, taught, practiced and deepened, together with direct ascension students of Ascended Life, who have a subscription to the study libraries of Imzaia World.

You are very welcome to join us there whenever you feel ready to do so.

Find the magic. This is your time to rise and shine.

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Da Akeyasan Stephen San
Da Akeyasan Stephen San
7 months ago

Oh yes! Excited to come back to this exercise again. Worked with it a bit last year. Such a magical, powerful practice! Da’ka’ya for the amazing description of how thoughts are constructed and are fed in this way. Really takes any personal feelings out of it and makes it a clear, simple path.
Honoleia’i Imzaia’e β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈ

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

San’a’ke Da Stephen San. πŸ™ Da’ka’ya for the inspiration to come back to Vibrational Resequencing exercise again . This exercise is so amazing indeed!
Find the magic in your rising and shining heart. πŸ¦‹ πŸ’™ πŸ¦‹

Da Akeyasan Kim San
Da Akeyasan Kim San
2 years ago

San’a’ke I Ohami Imzaia’e
This is one of my favorite exercises that for me is becoming natural again. I practice this by simple and clear intent. Realizing that my focus and choice become experience… Noticing the archetypes has become much easier now already. I simply ask the geometry of this pattern to float up and then I blend in the Flower of Life. I wholeheartedly recommend to draw the Flower of Life several times. This will make visualization way easier. Then I simply allow the blended pattern to move to the Akene by itself when it’s ready. I really learned with this exercise that I can simply gently decide that this happens in flow. The resulting experiences are pleasant. Lovely lovely lovely technique. San’a’kaya i Da’Ba’Ya while doing this as this truly can be a joyful process .
Imzaia’e β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

San’a’ke ❤️
When I ask myself the question : Do I seek to move away from the old uses of my mind and thought systems and instead start to work with the holographic brain, which is a conscious resonator with the galactic and cosmic whole?
The answer is: YES ! This is the way ❤️
Enjoy your practice everyone 🌈

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San

San’a’ke 💖 I love the ‘magic’ of this exercise! I think for many, including myself, in the beginning, it depends on belief, intent, and pure will, with the Akene fully involved, when doing it. And that may take some practice at first, like it did for me. I recommend not giving up or giving into any resistance that might pop up and to keep going. It has been shared that all of Lemuria would periodically do vibrational resequencing together which would generate an explosion of color and light in the Lemurian skies and much more. For me, like Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San shared in her comment, you come back forever changed, connected to the true nature of reality around you, and I would add, the true nature of YOU, which naturally will be reflected in your creation of reality.May we all enjoy the experience of practical transformation with exercises such as this one and with all ascended teachings.
In San, with deep gratitude to Ascended Life,
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

Da Akeyasan Kim San
Da Akeyasan Kim San
2 years ago

San’a’ke I Ohami Imzaia’e ❀️
This regular collective practice in Lemuria sound for me very much as the origin of Ho’oponopono which was practiced on Hawaii by families once a month, to come together in a space of Love and Gratitude and to forgive oneself and the others so the next period would be clean from this. Onederful practice β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

Imzaia World
2 years ago

Indeed, Da Akeyasan Kim San, it very much is connected to the origin of Ho’oponopono. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San


During seminars with Da Jeshua San, we often practiced 'Vibrational Resequencing' with sounds. I will never forget how impactful it was, even the very first time I came in contact with this ascension exercise. Immediately, there was a tingling, like an electrical current, in every cell of the body, which, by the end of the exercise, resulted in a wonderful feeling of San pouring out of the Akene. My physical vessel felt incredibly vibrant and energized.

So far, doing this 'solo' in the fashion Da Pah Kwan Yin San explains has proven to be a bit more tricky for me personally, but I know that with continued practice, this will become another grand tool to consciously take charge of my reality creation.

Da'ka'ya o San'a'kaya,
Da Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

Da’ka’ya for this amazing exercise Da Pah Kwan Yin San 🌸🙏🏻🌸
The Vibrational Resequencing exercise should be in our awareness all day long. This is one of these meditations in the Imzaia Material treasure box from where you come back forever changed, connected to the True nature of the magical reality around oneself.

In San,
Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San 💚

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