Welcome to the start of the second day of the first Meaning of Life event in the Netherlands! We are dropping in right after the first ten to fifteen minutes of the day have passed and Da Jeshua San is preparing to embark on a unique experience called Goodbye to Mind.

Da Jeshua San uses the first introductory minutes of this Study of Vibration session to discuss a few truths that he feels people need to know before launching the Goodbye to Mind experience, at which point the presentation switches to English.

All sessions and supporting videos of the Meaning of Life Virtual Seminar collection strongly imply the generation of a platform of energy that can be stepped on to and used by any and all metaphysical students that seek to make the ascension process practical and real. These precious minutes with Da Jeshua San certainly hold up to that standard and will allow you to discover the portal that is the human heart.


Goodbye to Mind Experience


The Cosmic Manifest


Da Jeshua San


Den Helder, The Netherlands | November 10, 2007


Dutch & English spoken | English subtitles | English transcript available

The Study of Vibration | Session 172

by Da Jeshua San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

(Da Jeshua San to audience) Indeed.

In that case, however, you could use the expression e’naya’e. It is a different expression of the same phenomena, in that moment. The Lemurian language (dahlyn) as such, is never based on fixed values. There are no fixed words in Lemurian, nor in any other of the geometry based languages that predate it. Everything is based on the akene, and on the akene’s communication in that moment. 

The same is true for the Lemurian art of movement (eja’i chi pah), which we will start practicing together a little later today, in order to give you the pleasure of feeling and experiencing geometry, and the freedom it brings to do so. 

Eja’i chi pah, for instance, is such a tuition of movement, based on geometry, and as such not predetermined. Although we all commence the movement at the same time, with the same akeneic intent, but from that moment on we all become an individual, and, as such, a collective expression of the same movement. It is a beautiful experience to have, especially when you do not allow fear to enter. 

You Are Capable of Anything

Sometimes, due to fear, people start to think that it is impossible for them to generate the movements. And that is definitely not true. Everyone is capable of anything. Everyone is capable of generating any type of movement. Everyone can bring about a conversation and be the change maker, because we know that we are a source of creation unto ourselves, and that it is possible to be a generator of change. Some amongst you, here today, know that this is true, and they know how to make it happen. 

The goal is to exit the mind, so that you can experience this source for yourself. 

Before we move on to the eja’i chi pah experience, and to the rest of the day that we have scheduled, I would like to present you with a moment, to offer you the possibility, as it were, to say goodbye to someone, or something, that you have been infatuated with for a very long time. You’ve been in the most intimate of relationships with it for a very long time indeed. A beautiful relationship, perhaps, sometimes, because it gave you exactly what you wanted out of it. However, it is a relationship that you have outgrown. 

The relationship I am referring to is the one that you have with your mind. We are going to say goodbye to the mind. At least, we will take the first step together, if you wish to. 

In a minute, I’ll ask you to take out your candles. Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San is going to take care of some live guitar music. Anyway … when you’ve got your candle, make sure to keep a lighter close so you can light the candle later. 

Power and Truth in Music

Before we get going, I’d like to still share that, these days, there is a lot of music coming out in the world, music that expresses, in a very powerful way, exactly what we are working on here today. I know it may seem a little odd at first, if I name a few select artists here, but take a moment to think about the huge, iconic artists of this day and age. Such as Michael Jackson, for instance. “Heal the World.” “The Man in the Mirror. “I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways.” Such an abundance of songs. 

Such as Celine Dion, who you heard yesterday when we played “The Power of the Dream.” The song could not be clearer. But, one that is even more obvious, especially in recent years, is Madonna. A massive icon – she certainly picked her name right. 

Anyway, when you listen to her music, and especially to her most recent album, “American Life,” then you will discover song after song, each one with lyrics focused on saying goodbye to the mind. One of those songs that we’ll be working with in a moment is titled “The Power of Goodbye.” The song describes a saying goodbye to the mind, in such a way that the mind is described in it as a lover. 

It is very obvious, really. “I want to go higher.” Just listen to the music we use and you’ll find that there are countless places to discover truth these days, and that there are countless ways in which you are supported. 

Another recent, and very obvious, song by Madonna is ‘Hey You!” Another song I can remember is “The Love Profusion,” which says there are too many questions, that there are too many expectations, while life is truly about being permeated by love. The song “Frozen” is also quite important in this regard. In fact, I could continue listing songs for a while.

However, the song I have chosen for this experience today is called “The Power of Goodbye.” We are going to say goodbye to the mind. 

So Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San …

Audience: So Da Pahdasan’ka, and so it is! 

Goodbye to Mind experience

Close your eyes and go to a place of silence, a place of the heart, buried under years and years and years of sadness, shortcoming, pain, layers of fear that mean nothing. 

Open your heart. There is a greater truth inside, a greater power. There is a god inside. You are divine. You are the universe. You are god. Every thought that you have, everything that you think is real. You have a responsibility to yourself to choose only those thoughts that will benefit the love that is you, the joy that radiates from you in any given moment, even if you yourself can’t see, freedom. Feel the freedom. Feel the space, the space that comes from consciousness. Bigger than the earth itself. Bigger than the universe. We are all connected. Imagine your DNA, two strands interlinking, connecting, defining you. Defining the way you look, even the way you feel, until… until… until you open up. See those two strands of DNA light up, lighting up everywhere inside of you. Everywhere. From those strings thousands and thousands and thousands of lights start to come loose, creating more strings, going beyond the boundaries of the flesh, the boundaries of the body, connecting with those people sitting next to you, in front of you, behind you. Connecting with those people in your past and those in your future. Connecting. You have a right, you know? A right to live with 144 activated strands of DNA. It is your right. Your birth right.

So, and as you connect to all those people around you, throughout space and time, I invite you to follow the path all the way back. Let the years pass. We are going far now. Far, far away, hundreds of years back into time. Thousands of years, going beyond the birth of Christ, beyond the beginning of the Egyptian society, beyond the beginning of Asia. 

You are seeing continents now, continents that you never knew where there, on the planet. Lemuria. You can see Lemuria. Its golden beaches. Its golden sunlight. Its golden shimmering towers and what seem to be people. People, are they really people? If you touch them? Try to touch them. Do you see what happens? Do you see how they touch your heart, and start connecting with you, opening up, exchanging frequencies. So magnificent. So beautiful. 

Then they are telling you, “Go, go further. Further back through time.” And you do. You see the earth getting younger. You see the earth as it has just been born. You see the angels, the angels that chose to connect to this planet: the original beings of light. 

Your DNA brings you there. You are connected to those original beings of light and love and grace and power. The power of creation. Can you see their vision, human? Can you see their vision, Master, that they once held for this planet. The twelfth in row, on its way to complete and utter liberation. Can you see the vision? And maybe, just maybe, you can see. Maybe you were one these original 500 beings of light, come in to create this earth and all that would stem forth from it. 

You, as you sit here now, are part of that creation. You were thought of. You were conceptualized as an expression of god, an expression of the divine, so that you could make a difference. 

Within you is the power of all those beings of light, all those societies that you have seen and have traveled through. Lemuria, all the other continents, it is within you. It is within your DNA. 

And we are going to go further to a point when the earth wasn’t yet born. Let’s follow those beings back, back to where they came from. And we are traveling through the galaxy, traveling through the cosmos, entering star after star after star as we are following the pathway of the gods, as we are following the portals. And we arrive at the great Central Sun. Around you nothing but light, whiteness. A shimmering. A shimmering, that is all you are. A shimmering of energy as you are invited to reconnect again to that place of birth, that place of creation. 

Connect now, have no fear. Go into that space that is the great Central Sun. This is where your DNA brings you now, to have another meeting with yourself, god. 

This time you see yourself much like you are today, sitting. What are you sitting on? Do you dare to know that that is your throne, king? Do you dare to see the mantle that you are wearing, queen? You are magnificent. You are as bright as all the stars in the sky put together in one moment of great union. That is you. 

And as you are meeting with yourself once again, sharing all those stories that you have lived, all those lives that you have lived, all those names that you have carried, and laughing because of it. You see yourself holding the candle. 

In Conversation with your Creator Self

“What is it for?”, you ask yourself. 

“This, my dear,” you say, “this is the universe, right there, in that candle.” 

You: “I don’t understand.” 

Your Creator Self: “Well, this candle has been created out of energy.” 

And as you are looking to the candle you see the patterning how that energy got turned into matter. It is just matter. It seems like you have no control over it, but that is because you think you are the matter, you see. 

You: “No, I don’t.” 

Your Creator Self: “Well then, look through your pockets.” 

You: “Okay.” 

You find a lighter. 

Your Creator Self: “You think you are the candle”, you tell yourself. But you aren’t. The candle has been created to support you. The candle is there, in matter, so that you can reclaim that matter and shake up its divinity. 

You: “But if I am not the candle, then what am I”

Your Creator Self: “You are, you are the light. Would you light the candle?”

And you do. And as you do you begin to understand, you begin to see this beautiful, beautiful dance of that flame. Do you see it dance? Do you see it spin all around? Do you see it play? That is your play. That is your light. That is who you are. You came to this earth to be that light so that you could transform all matter around you, like the candle flame turns the candle into energy, sets the matter free, yet again. That is what you do as a god. That is what you do as a creator. 

First you create and then you undefine your creation once again and you set it free. That is why you are the light. That is why. And as you look into that candle light you begin to understand something about yourself. You begin to understand that you don’t need to plan your future, you don’t need to plan the way your light will dance. All the cosmos is a giant dance. You are the dancer. You are the light of the candle as it is dancing around, playing around. The light never thinks about the way it is moving. Never thinks about its next move. It just knows its next move will happen, and that it will be perfect. 

You are perfect. How could anyone ever tell you that you weren’t. How could you ever have believed such nonsense. You are perfect. The way you are dancing is unique. The way your light shines is unique. 

“I understand. My god, I understand!’, you say. “But…” 

Your Creator Self: “But what?” 

You: “But I have to go back. If I have to go back how will I remember that I am perfect? How will I remember that I can do my dance without anyone controlling me? How will I understand? How will I see?”

The Gifts of Remembrance

Your Creator Self: “Oh. Well, that is very simple. As soon as you will be back, as soon as you will open your eyes you will see the gifts all around you. It will begin with the candle that you will still hold in your hand, or that you will see somewhere near you. Find the gifts in all matter around you, that is why it was created in the first place. So that you could be reminded of who you really are. So that you could do your dance. So that you could be the light. So that you could be the flame.” 

You: “Sometimes it feels as though all things around me, all people around me are just trying to take my light away. Like they are trying to blow out my candle. You see?”

Your Creator Self: “Yes, I see it. Are you going to let them? What is the big deal? If your candle is blown out you just light it up again. You are the light. How can someone shut you off from it? How could someone take your love away? How can someone, or something, take your joy away? How can something put you in jail? You are free, a free spirit. Doing the cosmic dance of the flame, always knowing, always trusting the next move will be perfect.” 

You: “I want to dance. I want to be free. I want to be in love. I want to be in joy. I want to unite myself with everything around me. Please, won’t you help me? Won’t you come back with me?”

Your Creator Self: “Oh, little one, don’t you see? Don’t you see where you are? You didn’t go anywhere, you just went deep, deep within. As you open your eyes later on, all you will do is leave that space, that undefined space of free energy, that is your akene, that is the center of your heart. But every time it gets too hard you can just close your eyes and talk to me. I will be there, you don’t have to go far.” 

You: “But I can’t get to my heart sometimes. Sometimes I feel stuck.” 

Your Creator Self: “Uh huh, what makes you feel stuck?”

You: “The bills I have to pay and everything around me. All those problems. All those thoughts. All those emotions.”

Your Creator Self: “Yes. But you were responsible for them. You have invited them.”

You: “I don’t want them anymore!”

Your Creator Self: “Well then, do you have the guts to say goodbye. Do you have the guts to let it go away completely?”

You: “Let what go away?”

Your Creator Self: “The mind. It is the mind that is trying to blow out your candle, time and time and time again.”

You: “I, uh, I think I am ready.”

Your Creator Self: “You think? Ready for what?”

You: “Ready to, to say goodbye.”

Your Creator Self: “Yes.”

You: “But, there is just one more thing before I go.”

Your Creator Self: “Uh huh.”

You: “If I say goodbye, then won’t I be alone? Won’t I be more alone than ever if my thoughts are gone.”

Your Creator Self: “No. No, you see, you have been in a little box, with your mind. Once you go away from the mind, you, you will step into a landscape, more space. You will never be alone. You will be able to connect to everything around you. Do you hear the music? Far, far away? 

You: “Uh huh.” 

Your Creator Self: “Well, that is you playing that music, just like you are holding that candle somewhere. That is your angel, somewhere. Just go towards it. But first, as you travel back to your body, as you will come out of your heart and go back to your body, take some time. Take some time to say goodbye. Goodbye to the mind. Goodbye to that love affair that has been holding you back. Time to say goodbye.” 

And so, so it is. 

Madonna - The Power of Good-bye

Your heart is not open, so I must go

The spell has been broken, I loved you so

Freedom comes when you learn to let go

Creation comes when you learn to say no

You were my lesson I had to learn

I was your fortress you had to burn

Pain is a warning that something’s wrong

I pray to God that it won’t be long

Do ya wanna go higher?

There’s nothing left to try

There’s no place left to hide

There’s no greater power

Than the power of goodbye

Your heart is not open, so I must go

The spell has been broken, I loved you so

You were my lesson I had to learn

I was your fortress

There’s nothing left to lose

There’s no more heart to bruise

There’s no greater power

Than the power of goodbye

Learn to say goodbye

I yearn to say goodbye

There’s nothing left to try

There’s no more places to hide

There’s no greater power

Than the power of goodbye

There’s nothing left to lose

There’s no more heart to bruise

There’s no greater power

Than the power of goodbye

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Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San
Reply to  Imzaia World

Ohami o Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤ Da’ka’yi for restoring this very touching, expansive, and precious session. An absolute joy to relive all those moments of the Meaning of Life seminar from a new perspective – without the many thoughts that undoubtedly ran through my head back then, but with a heart filled with deep gratitude, love, and joy for the expansion that occurred because of these teachings.
Da imzaia shi’ha’lyn o vah’da’mi 🌈 🙏 ❤

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