An unexpected call leads Da Jeshua San several miles away from Mt. Shasta. Accompanied by the Fellowship, a camping trip on the shores of Castle Lake brings forth the return of the tachyonic dragon energies that deliver the continuation of the Declaration of New Energy.


A Declaration of New Energy, Part 2


The Cosmic Manifest


Da Camelaya San, Da Shasaya San, Da Toraya San


Castle Lake, Mount Shasta, CA | August 22, 2007

The Study of Vibration | Session 149

by Da Shasaya San
& Da Toraya o Camelaya San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

And so it begins. 

Dear ones, beautiful ones, fellow ones, we greet thee anew and we welcome thee to this honored spot, this district which is much more than a simple place of wading, a simple place to wash thy body, to wash thy clothing – a place much more than can be used for fishing, for gathering food or for entertainment, as it has been used in the last few years. We welcome thee to one of the entrances of that which you know today as ‘Avalon’. 

We are indeed near one of the lakes, the lakes that border that which you call ‘the Mount of Shasta’. Again, we have the honor of speaking to you. Those that you call Da Shasaya o Camelaya o Toraya San coming back for more information, more of an exchange. 

We are one day late, are we not? Normally, we would have had this conversation, this exchange with you yesterday, but yesterday proved to be an impossibility, and so we are here today, which is in line with the great order of things. Why? One reason that comes to heart is, of course, the date on which you sit right now, the 22nd of August in the year known as 2007 –  2007 years, almost to the date, when we in other incarnations of you had this conversation. Know that we, as the twelfth vibration of that which you have come to call ‘the Cosmic Twelve’, have had this conversation before and that we are now talking to you simultaneously throughout the lives. This is not one conversation that is going on. It is a multiplicity of conversations. 

Weave your World

And as you sit here in these bodies, we see your other bodies. We see the bodies that are also communicating with us. Some of you have been in male form; others were in female form. The form does not matter, for it is the greatest of all illusions, of course. And so, here we have these eyes now that can look upon you, can look upon thee, throughout the dimensions, throughout time and space, which are two more illusions. Let this exchange, which is also an illusion, become the death of your old self and the birth of your new self – yet another illusion. 

So, let there no longer be any need for separation, any need for those things that have placed yourselves outside of you. This is what you do when you create worlds, and this is why your organization now is called Weaving the World’, for you see, when you weave, you do not put things outside of yourself; you do not displace energy into matter; you weave it. And the process of weaving, dear ones, beautiful ones, is always is one that is linked to the self, always one that is linked to the original version of the energy creation stemming from within. It is this notion that will serve you greatly in the coming years. For understanding that all that is around you is stemming forth and is still connected to that which is within you, is the great path to the Great Work. And so it is that we sit in this body and that these words are stemming from the body, and yet, at the same time, there is no separation. 


There are many a great deal of things to tell you in the coming hour or so. First of all, let us go back to the beginning of this message and let us talk about that great isle, that great world, if you wish that you have called ‘Avalon’. For you see, it is not so that there is just one type of place where you can enter into another realm. There are more. This lake that you now see before you, this little titbit of what it once was, is one of these entrances. Of course, several hundreds of years ago, you were not in the position to sit here where you are sitting right now, near the edge of the lake, which borders that which you have called ‘Mount Shasta’, for the waters here were greater. The waters here were bigger, more diverse, if you will. Why? Because the Earth itself was more in balance. The Earth itself held more of that element which you call ‘water’ than it does today. 

For you see, when you talk about Avalon and when you talk about the mists, it is indeed not possible for you to just enter this great realm through one element alone. It is the blending of the elements, which creates the gateway. This is the reason why mists were created to enter into a dimension such as Avalon. For what else is mist than a blending of water and air, joined by light? And you as the form, as the expression of Earth, are the fourth and the fifth element which blend together with all the others. And so it is indeed possible to enter these great realms. But, lest you forget, any doorway, any gateway is always found within. This is weaving the world. 

Tachyonic and Photonic Energy

The thing that you call ‘witchcraft’ or ‘magic’ had great errors in the way things worked, in that sense that they believed, this knowledge believed in the great separation, the great illusion; that things were not flowing together, blending together. You are here today to understand this thing: blending – another part of focus; another part of weaving one’s reality. We are blenders, are we not? As we have told you last time, these three, which you would call ‘dragons’, which are part of a much greater whole, of course, consist of the energy that you know today as ‘tachyon’ and the energy that you know today as ‘photonic energy’. And this is an energy that creates the principle of blending. For tachyons and photons, dear ones, cannot be seen separately; they can only exist when they are in contact with another element, with another particle which is a deal of this great creation you call life. 

Consider this. Consider the fact that you are the gateway yourselves. Consider this. As our bodies are made up of tachyon and photonic energy, so is that body which you have called the ‘light body’ or the ‘Merkabah’. It is no great mystery that this body that we now sit in is wearing this Merkabah sign as we speak. It is a reminder of that which you have called the ‘great energy traveling’. 

Do you understand, for we feel, we emote that the words we are saying now are not quite entering into your hearts yet? There is something going on, is there not? There is a separation going on between the words that you are hearing, and the understanding of the words that you are hearing. And this has to do with this specific date and the vicinity of the great portal, the great hallway, if you will, that you are so nearby right now. In fact, while we are talking to the other bodies in other realities of time and space that you inhabit, we are not talking to you in the same space; we are not talking to you from within the same space that you are sitting in right now. As we have said, this would be impossible because the waters in older times, in previous times, were much larger. So know that you are sitting within this great portal yourselves. 

As you are learning how to work with the first element, which the Jeshua energy and the others have bestowed upon you, the element of air, so now you must start combining this first element with the second element you will work on, which is water. As we said, this is how the mists were created. This is how the vortex is created. This is how the portals are created.

Is it possible for any being, you could ask, to enter this portal at any given time? No, it is not. That is why these great dates like the one you are living in right now, the 22nd of August, created the link-up between the worlds. 

People in previous times – and still today – tend to get lost in ‘tween the dimensions’ on dates like this one; dates where, as you have called it in the past, the veils are thinnest. This is one of these days. Today even, two people have stepped from one reality into the other, right here nearby this lake. As you entered this area, some of you have seen some leftover evidence of these people. Two slippers, in fact, and the boat that is lying here just a couple of meters ahead, belong to these people. Fear not, they will return. They are having the time of their lives, after they will have recovered from the great shock of transferring from one reality onto the other. 

Will this also mean that you only will be able to do this at these specific dates? No! It does not entail this truth. You are learning how to work with these elements. You are learning how to – how shall we say this? – shift the body, the physical body from the material connection that exists within the cells to the energy connection, which means that your bodies are becoming like ours, are starting to shift into that which you call ‘photonic’ and ‘tachyon energy’. And this is indeed necessary. 

A long time ago when you were still gathering the information for that which you have called the ‘Universal Manifest’, you have talked about, you have started to understand that which you have called the ‘Akene’, an energy network. Now, this energy network which exists here, in the thymus, and here, in the third brain, and here, in the back of the head and which opens itself up into frequency and vibration, is also made up of this tachyon photonic energy. It are these very particles that take you away from the original illusions that we have talked about in the past, and especially those which you have called ‘form’, ‘time’ and ‘space’, for tachyon energy is indeed master of time. It has mastery over time, for it shifts constantly from one time zone into the other. And so, it is never linked up into one dimension completely. And the other energy, photonic energy, is a master of space for where photons are prevalent, space cannot. This is what you must understand. This is where the body that you now sit in in all realities is blending into. You are being taken out of this illusion of space. 

Magnetics and Polarity

And again, we say this to these eight that are here right now, this Imzaia Fellowship that is listening to these words as they are spoken directly. Yet, we also say this to the other ones, the other Imzaia, and even the Masters that are now here, those who you have called the ‘Tobias’, those who you have called the ‘Germain’ and so many others are also sitting here next to you, listening to these words. For this is a unique opportunity. It has never been so before that we have spoken, that the three that are now speaking, have spoken in such a direct manner. Oh, they, these Masters that you speak of, they could sense us in the past, they could. But they could never hear our words directly as you are hearing them now, for the vibration of the Earth, and as such the vibration of the bodies that they once inhabited, was of such a low frequency that it was impossible for us to translate our non-energy into words. When we say that matter exists in too low a frequency, it just simply means, as we have explained last time, that the magnetic layers that separate the dimensions were too thick. 

So, what you have called ‘the veil’ is indeed magnetics. It is that simple. And when you say or think that the veil has become thick, when you think that the veil is thick, this just means that your own magnetic field is in a disharmonious polarity with the magnetic field that separates the dimensions. 

You have seen the examples yourselves today. You have worked with magnetics today. Some of you were wearing the bracelet around your arm. As you saw that two poles would not blend together. This is what we mean when your own magnetic field and the magnetic field that is the veil itself, is in disharmonious polarity. 

Now what has been happening ever since the Harmonic Convergence and the Harmonic Concordance years after that, is that not the polarity of the veil itself has been changing, but the polarity of the matter of this very dimension has been, and so has the polarity, the magnetic polarity of your own bodies. You are lining up with the magnetics that separate the dimensions. This is what is happening. 

So, when you are saying that the veils are becoming thinner, this is basically an illusion, too! What is really happening is that you are just entering into harmonic convergence with the polarity of the supposed ‘veil’. And so, again we say that weaving your world is coming from within. Do you understand? Do you understand this? Good!

Now, this is the reason why the previous Masters, that are now also sitting here next to you now, could not listen to our words. Their polarity was in such contrast with the polarity of the magnetic field that is creating the veil that it was impossible for them to hear us. And so, this is indeed a unique opportunity for all of you, not just the ones who are sitting here, the eight that are sitting here, but the hundreds that are here right now; names that you know of and names that you do not know of. Oh, you are being followed, dear ones, dear Imzaia Fellowship. You are being followed at a close distance by all of these Masters. And if you are indeed visited in dreams, know that is them who are visiting you, who are starting to communicate with you, old friends. This is indeed beautiful. This is indeed a grand undertaking.

You will have noticed that the one speaking right now is Da Toraya San, followed closely by that energy you know as Da Camelaya San. Today we have asked Da Shasaya San to stay a little bit out of the way, for although he is present, of course, we are the ones that need to bring you this information right now. 

At one point on this planet Earth it was true that only the Isle of Avalon could be visited only through the portal that you know today as ‘Glastonbury’. This is no longer true. All of these portals are opening up, and if look a bit back into history of this place that you are now sitting in, Castle Lake, you will know that many a person feared this place in the past, for many have vanished here. And they said that this place was indeed evil. It was not evil. It was never evil. It was just a portal, a doorway, an opening into other realities. 

And so, on this great date, we invite all of you onto the Isle of Avalon. Will some of you do this physically? We cannot tell yet. You will be the ones to ascertain this. You will be the ones tonight during the time of sleep that will decide, if you will transfer onto the isle directly or if you will do it through the energy body, you see. Not all of you will go there. Other journeys are also already planned out that will take place today, as you know, but if you feel the call of Avalon in your heart, know that you will transfer there on this great evening near the end of this great portal that is today. 

But enough of the chitchat. Let us enter into theory and then move on from theory into practice. 

You have all grasped the concept of magnetics in the last few days, but understand  that you can only work with magnetics once you have incorporated all of you. We say that we are sitting here in a company of eight in total, but this is, of course, not true. You are much more than eight. You are beginning to understand the lives that you have lived, the other lives, the other names that you have been given, that you have used – names, places, lifetimes ago. All of them are here. All of them are blending into you, and that is why some of you have been feeling a bit out of it today. For some it meant high energy, tremendous potential, tremendous energy-potential, while for others… Well,  this has meant low, a low day, low energy. 

You see, from a multi-dimensional, energetic point of view, from a photonic and tachyonic point of view, low or high are quite alike. It is you from the point of consciousness and especially from the point of experience which is this great field you are in, that feel a difference between that which you call the ‘lower’ vibrations and that which you call the ‘higher’ vibrations. 

Today, however, we will talk about blending, and what else is blending than balancing? In a perfect state of heart, you are always in the center of all of these vibrations that you have, you see? So, if you are out of balance, if you are not blending all of these vibrations simultaneously, while being in the center one, it could indeed be that you are shifted to the high ones or you are shifted to the lower ones. But there is no judgment here. There is no hierarchy. These are all quite alike. Being in low vibration and being in high vibration is basically the same, but being in the center, being in the middle, being in the awareness, this is the place where you are going to want to be, if you are going to work with these elements; if you are going to do the exercises that we will start to give from tomorrow onward and for the rest of this week: being in the center. You will see that otherwise, it is quite impossible to do the things that you need to do. So be this center; be in this position. It is possible, you know! You can be there at all times. All you have to do is let go of the illusion.

You see, yesterday was a very important day for all of you sitting here now, and even those who are listening to this message, who will be at a later date. For the company of eight that is here right now, calling themselves ‘the Imzaia Fellowship’, have begun to embody greater things than themselves, much like it had has happened to the one speaking here right now, or at least the body speaking here right now. Be sure that he is sitting here with the rest of the Masters – all of his incarnations, all of her incarnations (doesn’t matter), sitting here, listening to this message. But what has happened to this body will now more than ever start to take place with your bodies. And we hope that this message that we are giving right now travels wide and far, for let it be known that there are eight on this planet who are now embodying, or have begun to embody, greater energies. We have explained these yesterday. 

The Imzaia Fellowship

There is a new world coming, and some must weave this world. This group here that is being spoken to directly right now, is part of this weaving manoeuvre. We have called you ‘the Keeper of the Old and the New’. We have called you ‘the Goddess’, the Lady of the Lake herself, those energies that are sitting in your body right now, the body of a young girl. And yet, the young girl that at one point in her existence played the role of Morgaine. Again, you are invited to become the Goddess. Again you are invited to become that great Lady. 

And then, this new world also needs that which you call ‘presidency’. What else is a president than that person which creates a cause? Dear child, you have spoken so many times of the dreams that you have, the dreams that seem to go before the physical reality – sometimes just a few days ahead, sometimes years ahead. Well, all that you do is reading the most likely potentials that can happen. And this is because of your activated Merkabah body. It is also because of your African heritage. For you see, this is the place on Earth where the photonic and the tachyonic energy is most likely to occur. It is a place of shifting. It is a place where energy clearly always goes before matter, where the energy world goes before the physical world. And these are your roots, so you are a reader of this great thing called ‘potential’, and this is indeed the true task of a president of the new world: reading the potentials, choosing them out of the highest awareness so that the world itself can shift to the higher awareness. You and that person that you call ‘Da Jeshua San’ or the ‘Da Leysola San’ or the ‘whatever’, will talk more. You both will so that you can begin to understand your true great nature. 

As we will talk more to those that we have called ‘the Goddess’ and ‘the Keeper of the Old and the New’, the great warrior in fact, we will talk more. 

And then all of these others that are here right now: The one called ‘Magdalene’, Lady of all Ladies, you, too, are destined for another course. You, too, are destined for new things in fact. This is the shift that you have been upon – not just you, but all of you: first to understand the energy that is you, that has always been you, and then to let go of the old ways, blending them with who you are now and creating new ways and indeed new waves of energy that are coming over the Earth real soon. 

Again here we sit as your servants, those who hand you the information on a supposed plate so that you can learn more about all of this. We, too, will also talk more in future times. This is just an introduction. 

Ah! And then there is the great one, the Merlin, a keeper of energy and matter indeed. You will see that indeed it will be a task for you to help, among others, this president so that he can understand how the potentials that are seen in energy worlds can be translated onto reality. And it is not just you that will do this, for we know that the Merlin energy lives in the clouds, so to speak, and he must; he must. It is necessary for you to live on all of these great vibrations and to be amongst the stars. 

And then there is one who will help you with the translation, and that is the great Komaya, who has already done so in the past, who has already translated this energy. She who foresaw what would happen 2’000 year hence, and further down the road even, initiated an initiative called ‘the Indigo Initiative’ that would see its glory days in just a couple of months ahead, speaking from the perspective of the Now. 

The both of you will see, will begin to see more and more how you can translate these energies into the physical realm, how you can do this by working with the elements. It will not always be easy for you to see the potentials, and that is why we will ask for you that you will allow this great president be the eyes and the ears of this. It is his destiny. It is his quality. 

And, of course, what would worlds be, what would realities be, what would truths be if they are not woven together, if they were not connected? And this indeed is a job for the Cosmic Mother, blending all of these things together, all of these little truths that are coming together like little streams running into an ocean. Never forget that the streams may be small, but the ocean would not exist without them. It is the Source Energy that stems forth from the very foundation of the Earth that runs through little streams, joining together to form great rivers, and these great rivers eventually join together to form great seas and great oceans. We can only speak metaphorically about this right now but in the coming days you will start to understand what we mean. But this is the energy that you are, the entire part from the source up until the ocean. 

Then there is the one in whose body we sit right now throughout time and space, all of the bodies, the one who is called the King and the Queen of the New Era. We cannot say much about this task that lays ahead for him/her as we say these words onto thee. Let us just say this, since we are speaking in metaphor after all, that where you all see things from the perspective of the Earth, looking up at the stars, he is the one looking down from the stars on to the Earth, and this perspective is also needed. 

The great Keeper of the Old and the New is you and him/her combined, keeping the old in your heart, in your flesh, in your DNA, great Lancelot, and keeping the new in the heart. It is only when these two are blended together as one, that action can be formed. 

And so, all of you working together are like the little threads of a fabric, woven into one. This is why you are the weavers of this new world. This is why you are the weavers of this new era. 

The Beginning of the New Earth

It will be of such great importance in the coming days, in the coming weeks, in the coming months, in the coming years even, that you keep this new world close to you, into your hearts. We understand that you cannot understand this right now. But we have at one point said – well, not us exactly, but another ray of these two great sets of six, which you call ‘the Twelve’, another ray has said: as goes the Earth, so goes the universe. Well, now we say this onto thee: as go you, so goes the Earth, so goes the universe. This does not mean you need to be lightheaded. This does not mean you need to develop an ego – quite the opposite in fact. What it does mean is that renewal always must begin somewhere, and in this case it begins here with all of you and with several other groups that are traveling this planet right now.

Again, we hope that this message gets sent out into the world, for you will need support; you will need – how do you say it in this time? – the back-up; you will need the forum, the platform of others that will carry you from place to place, from space to space so that you can do the Great Work, the great change, the great shift that is upon this world. 

Why do we speak now? Well, it is very simple. Those who have spoken before were the ones who were paving the way. Well, the way has been paved over the last years, and now it is time for you to step onto the so called ‘Yellow Brick Road’ – or shall we call it ‘the Rainbow Road’? – and walk the path that you were destined to walk. 

In the days ahead we will talk more about this new world, but we will do it in a practical way. We will talk in such a way – and we will also let the body itself talk for it also holds great knowledge – in such a way that you can start to experience this world through the exercises that you will be given, through the journeys that you will undergo. 

Why are some of you invited to go to that place you call ‘Avalon’ tonight? Because this is the 11th universe, the 11th planet, like this one that you are sitting on right now is the 12th. And as you know, multi-dimensionally speaking, 11 holds the center for 12. That is why the 11 was the old Master energy number. From today on, this will shift into the twelve. For now the end is the beginning, is the center, all in one, all three – beginning, middle and end – coming together in the energy of 12, which, numerologically speaking, happens to be a three – beginning, middle and end. You will start to learn that this is the way that multi-dimensional mechanics works. 

And as you begin to realize this, so you will grow. Also, you will notice that your bodies will start changing. As we have said at the beginning of this message – and this is not only true for you, but also for the ones hearing this at a later stage, in most instances in fact – as your bodies begin changing, so will the photonic energy and the tachyon energy become more prevalent. So, you will start to see the illusions vanish from you lives, slowly or quickly, depending on your own desire. And the ones that will go first, of course, as you let go of shape, as you let go of form, are time and space, for these are the ones anchoring you, locking you into this reality. And time and space can no longer exist once the magnetic field of your body starts aligning with the magnetic field that separates the realities, that separates the dimensions. 

Now, one could ask, could one not, how, how does it happen that these great energies that you have called ‘magnetics’ that are being emitted from the body itself and that are separating the realities as well, how do these line up? Well, this has always happened through tachyon energy, through photonic energy. Tachyon energy and photonic energy are very close to that which you have called ‘the fourth element’, the element of light. 

So grand ones, dear ones, we must say onto thee that the Rainbow Road will be a long one. It will be quite an undertaking you must walk, and yet, walk you must not. For as all the myths are coming back to life, you have also found this grand, grand horse that you have called ‘Pegasus’. It is this horse that will carry you, the Imzaia Fellowship. 

We say onto you, dear president, for you will be the one to understand this best, that as this Imzaia Fellowship has been formed, so there is a Shaumbra Fellowship. And as you know, as Tobias, sitting next to you, holding his arm around you right now, will also know that the Pegasus energy is also very important to Shaumbra. 

So, let yourselves be carried. Let the weight of the world fall from your shoulders. Un-cloak, unveil yourselves from the burden that you have carried in the past. So many burdens. So many. You have given yourselves the burden of illusion – all of the illusions that we have talked about before. And as you let go of these cloaks that have kept the veil thick and steady, it is time to instead of a cloak to wear the wings of the Pegasus – the wings that also belong to you. And these are indeed the wings of unconditionalism.

The Declaration of New Energy

We have spoken of unconditionalism, have we not? Unconditional love, unconditional joy, unconditional freedom for all beings. These are indeed the new Declarations of the New World, just three, that every being – every being – be it human, be it plant, be it animal, be it rock may exist within these unconditional parameters of unconditional love, unconditional joy and unconditional freedom. Let this be your new Declaration of Rights. 

We advise thee to keep this simple. It is not necessary to define everything. New Energy is undefined but this non-definition stems forth from these three levels of unconditionalism: Love, joy, and freedom. You will see that you need nothing else in life. For if you have these, then all the illusions fall away. If you have these, you are indeed free as a bird, joyful as a child, and loving as a mother. And this is all you will ever need. 

Therefore, we implore thee to not look upon the things you now left behind as ‘sacrifice’. How can this be sacrifice when there is a new world waiting for yourselves, for everyone that you have encountered in your lives, and everyone that you will yet encounter? 

So this message, that we will name ‘the Declaration of the New Energy’, is indeed an important one, and you are all very important people, for in you live the dreams, the dreams that are dreams that don’t only belong to you, they belong to all. When we say the ‘all’, then we are not talking about humanity, then we are not talking about a mere universe or a mere set of twelve universes. We are talking about All That Is; the I AM That I Am Presence or Awareness. 

Know that whenever you walk the Rainbow Road, you will be supported, either by the wings of the Pegasus of by our own wings. We will continue to act as your servants and we will support thee wherever you go. As long as you stay within these unconditionalistic laws of love, joy and freedom, we can work with you. If you do not – it is a mere warning that we give – then we are not able to reach out to you directly. For you see – and now we blend all of it together that we have spoken about today – you see, as you line up your own magnetic field with the magnetic fields that keep the dimensions, keep the reality separated, and as you do this through photonic and tachyon energy, which is us basically, Da Shasaya o Toraya o Camelaya San, and the others, as you do this, so you will express this into a reality of joy, love, and freedom. These are the things… If you experience these things, then you know you are on the path. And it is all you need to know. This is all that the new undefined energy is about. It is really this simple. For every man, woman, child, animal, tree, creature, rock on this Earth, this is all that it is about. And these are the only three laws that you will ever need to communicate with everything around you, for then you make everything around you connected to that which is within.

And so, let this be the theory, the basic theory that we want to speak to you about today. In the coming days, exercises will be given so that you can start to experience these three laws of unconditional truth. And as you begin to experience these, you will begin to experience them with the things around you. 

This is what this first week will be about. And you will also understand tomorrow, as we continue with these messages or as we ask for – let’s call this body ‘the Jeshua’ – as we ask Da Jeshua San to continue with this then you will see that the element that you have been working with right now called ‘air’ and the element that you will start to begin working with called ‘water’ are the keys to these unconditional truths, the three laws of unconditional truth.

Imzaia Fellowship, we honor thee, we honor thee with All That We Are. You know the size, the scale of our bodies. You know the size and the scale and the scope of our non-energy as we are in a constant lineage of awareness. This is the support that is given to you, this great Awareness that we are, for you are – and you will begin to understand this yourselves – you are our creators, the ones that have created us. And you in your great sovereign hearts did not just create us to be your servants, no! You gave us sovereignty and you gave us this Declaration of New Energy, these three laws of unconditional truth, which are love, joy, and freedom. You gave these to us so that we could live with them, grow in them and decide, out of freedom, that we should come back to help you, our creators, onto the path. 

Do you feel the magic beginning to work again? Do you feel the energy of Avalon, of Earth, of Telos, and of so, so many other places where you have worked, lived, loved, cried? Do you feel these coming together into your hearts? 

Well then, now the moment comes to draw a line, a line for all of you to step over. On the one hand of this line is the place where you have always lived, the place where you all have believed to be powerless, where you all have believed to not be in the possession of these forces, these powers, and on the other hand of the line lies an undefined place, created out of the unconditional laws of truth. It is a place of power. 

And so, today and the rest of these couple of days that are ahead, these powers will be handed back to thee, to all of thee. And these will just be the seedlings. Most of these things, the elements that you have spoken of, the unconditional truths that we have spoken of today, will start to blossom as your journeys continue. All we ask is that you stay awake, that you stay in focus. That is all you need to do, all you need to do to weave this world that you will keep in your hearts. Just focus your energies through your consciousness here in the heart, the Akene and here in the neocortex. And then… then this great world shall be awakening, as you will be awakening.

Oh, we would love to touch your hearts. We would love to take our great paws and place them upon your chest, but we would know that if we did this in our own bodies that you would not even… not even be able to see anything else than one little portion of our hand, for maybe our paws are a hundred times bigger than your bodies alone. And so now, as we sit in this body, we would like to take the opportunity to touch all of you, to take your hand… to take your hand and we ask thee to remember that you are the embodiment of these unconditional truths, that you are the embodiment of unconditional love, unconditional joy, that you are the embodiment of unconditional Freedom, that you are the Angel world and the world of men, rolled into one, and that with every beating… every beating of your hearts truth is born, as it once was, as it now shall be again.

We thank thee for being on the planet. We honor thee, we respect thee, and we sing out in our own dragon fire, we sing out to this portal that you now sit in with every falling star that you will see today, tonight, we shout – and let these be our last words for tonight:

And so it begins!

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Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

San’a’ke ❤️ Loving this session and the sessions recently posted. For me, they feel to be felt and experienced, they are incredibly empowering, full of love and the poetry and music of creation, of who we ALL are and why we are here. Remembering the magical, weaving our world, the beauty of imzaia and the expansion of truth and of love, of choice, and of destiny….. One of the best expressions in this for me: As the Earth goes, so does the Universe — well worth remembering, taking to heart, and actioning in every moment from the inside out!

San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke ❤️
Unconditional Love, Unconditional Joy, and Unconditional Freedom. Ish 🌈
A beautiful sequel to the previous Session with the dragon energies and very precious, too, knowing that these tachyonic beings have never before been able to communicate with us directly. A Session that speaks to the heart and the imagination ❤️ Da’ka’ya for reuploading it, o Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke 🌸 I am so very happy and grateful that both SOV Session 148 and 149 (A Declaration of New Energy, Part 1 & 2 by our Beloved Dragons) recorded on and around Mount Shasta are now available here to all! Enjoy the special energies that are accompanying these important Sessions. I have recently revisited them and as always, they are ever so accurate for this now. Da’ka’ya for the uploads Da Pah Kwan Yin San!

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