• Da Akeyasan JoYYa San posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    ” Beloved imzaia,

    It is about inhabiting it all

    and living it all.

    It is being in the Now.

    The body is the only ship to navigate 

    the Sea of Now 

    Beloved imzaia, staying in the Now is everything you will ever need!

    Falling out from this is going into a state of flux and your energy is not balanced any more. You just go round and round. 

    You spin and the energies that are supposed to be only Love and Laughter and Joy and Fun are transformed into fear! ”

    Imzaia energetic consciousness 

    The cosmic manifest 

    You beloved Da Pah Kwan Yin San are asking Students on the Pah us to take everything as it comes.  

    Godspeed, the spinning vectors, within 🙏 the ♾ Love as ♾  Light as ♾ Joy of our infinite One ♾ Creator within one’s akene!

    imzaia’e da kara oja’i 

    Eja’i shi’ha’lyn i’imzaia’e 

    Honoleia Hanaloa Hanasanka shi’ha’lyn i’imzaia’e 

    San’a’k’aya Ohami da ish shi’ha’lyn i’imzaia’e 

    San’a’kaya Ohami da’ba’vish’ka’ra i’imzaia’e 

    Da’ka’ya to All imzaia being in Service to the whole in that Sea of Now

    Da Akeyasan Da ake’yan’shi Da JoY’Ya San imzaia’e 

    And so it is 


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