Imzaia Excerpt February 4 2019

The Power of Unstructured Feeling

The Cosmic Twelve

We have asked you to bring all of your rocks and stones, and all of these sorts of things that you used to give your power away to. And we want to show you that you do give your power away to all of these things today.

Did you know that they mean nothing, for they have no substance whatsoever? You, indeed, are the ones giving them substance, and with them the entire Earth.

Beloved ones, you are the rain, you are the wind, you are the sun and you are the Earth; you are the very chair on which you sit. You are the presidents of this world; you are the hitlers of this world; you are death and you are life. You are all of these things.

Do you find it shocking to know that you are the clothes that you are wearing right now? It’s all your energy. It’s all you. And if you would understand this simple truth, everything would change. You are the ones turning energy into matter, not us. We just keep the energy flowing for you to weave as you see fit into the realities of your choosing.

And yes, you have created some beautiful pieces in the form of these stones and crystals that are in front of us here today. Most of them were created in Lemuria. Imzaia, you have created these stones in front of you, in Lemurian times, in a place where structured feeling, which is emotion, was not possible.

The great experiment began in Lemuria, where you lived in your light bodies that you could transform into physical bodies, if you chose to. Some of you liked your little flesh games, as you used to call them, your games of matter. You are still playing them today, but now in a very different way because you no longer understand that you are playing them to begin with. How troublesome and tedious your lives have indeed become.

During Lemurian times, you understood that a feeling was something that could not be structured. It was one of the most sacred energies in existence, the energy of feeling, as a feeling is simply energy moving through you, processed by the physical being that you currently are. As you do this, you are activating parts of yourself throughout the cosmos. Each and every one of you carries in your bodies as much energy as exists in the entire universe.

And then you could ask, “How could this be? If this were true, would the universe not have 8 billion times the amount of energy it has today?”

No, Imzaia, for energy is a paradox. It can stretch and shrink. This is what we call the Breath of Life. It is how life is created. It is how nature is created; it is how you are created.

These rocks have been created because they are your feelings become manifest; your passion turned into matter. They are simple reminders of the power of your own feelings.

As a healer, wanting to help someone, you take these stones and these crystals and you put them on the human body, thinking that it is the stones that are doing the work. But now you know that it is you. Now you know that you are the ones doing all the work and that you are keeping this very universe in place. You do not need a stone or a crystal or even your own physical body to heal a patient. The patient will heal himself or herself. All you need to do is to be kind and to be balanced around them. That is the space that you need to create for healing to occur: kindness and balance.

Source : The Study of Vibration | Session 3 | Paragraphs 23 – 30
Image credit : Da Hana Akenaya Ekaraia Gaia San

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Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke ❤️

Reading and re-reading this excerpt, the preciousness of a feeling struck me and I understood why, as Lemurians, this was such a sacred energy for us. As I understand it, as we separated ourselves from this part of the self – giving away our energy – we no longer were able to access the purity of feelings. And so, we allowed a mental construct to replace them with emotions: feelings defined.

Breathing I AM while staying in the awareness that I am All-That-Is as much as I can, helps me to almost feel the illusory veil of separation fall away. Every time a little more.

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke ❤️

Because of this Quote, reading Supporting Texts of the Study of The Pah, and some conversations had in the Domain, I have been feeling into how we give our power away, to gemstones, but basically to anything in our reality and how to be in charge of our reality instead.

If we know that we create our reality – and we do – then this should be in our awareness all the time, continuously experiencing connectedness with all that is, always acknowledging the inter-creational relationship with everything around us. The sensation that came with this was a flow of outgoing energy, like the 142 energetic DNA strands connecting to what I focused on, like an active awareness.

When we do not actively do this, we become a victim of reality (ranging from subtle to obvious), things seem to happen to us rather than being created by us. This is basically giving in to, or rather choosing, the personality mind construct.

San’akaya i ohami imzaia’e


Da Akeyasan Amy Makai San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San
3 years ago

San’a’ke Da Akeyasan Amy San 💖 Da’ka’ya for your comment, which I enjoyed reading! It is very clear that if we are in ego, personality or mind, we give our power away, and when we passively create our reality without expressing the power of unstructured feeling, in San, which automatically brings with it no beginning, no middle, and no end to our reality creation, we also give our power away. I am reminded of Da Pah Lao Tze San’s teaching “Thoughts on Entering the Pah” it is indeed imperative to always BE empowered students and remove all that does not serve this from our expression and experience. Like universal love, which would automatically include kindness and balance, it is never difficult or impossible. It just is, and as such, we can step into the wholeness of Self and All, simply by deciding to do so and taking action. 💖

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e,
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

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