Imzaia Quote for January 9, 2021
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Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

San’a’ke ❤️ Recently on social media, I saw a post that there isn’t a polite way to tell someone they’ve devoted their entire lives to illusion. It could have said conditional love, the ego, mind, programming, lack of freedom, duality, beliefs, limitation, disempowerment, etc. etc. And, from this quote, DNA.

Understanding this and feeling the ever-present invitation to explore consciousness and the metaphysical from within, with the guidance of ascended life and the love that pours out of the one heart, we learn to accept responsibility as creators for where we are in any given moment, for all of our creations, for others and for the earth; we learn to dis-identify with and change unconscious thoughts and behaviors; we open up to greater and greater truth and expansion; we embrace universal love for ourselves and the all, and we learn to never, give up — not only for ourselves but in service to the whole, because we are the whole, and having embraced all this, there is no other choice to make.

In deep gratitude, love, and joy for all, and in eager anticipation for all that is to come here on Imzaia World and for all! ❤️

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