Imzaia Quote for October 13, 2019
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Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke ❤️

Reading these lines, I am reminded of your exercise of the intercreational relationship, Da Pah Kwan Yin San. Is it this that you are referring to when you say, “… you need to create a stabilizing effect between your coordinates of departure and arrival by using the Merkavian field between the point of origin and the point of arrival…” ❤️

But then again, having to create coordinates sounds like absolute precision work. I imagine that if you miscalculate your coordinates, you could get quite lost in other dimensions. I presume that this is one of the things we will learn during Eja’i Chi’Pah training. Is this correct?

I am very much looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of the interaction between Merkabah and Merkavah.

San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San

San’a’ke ❤️ I very much look forward to learning more about portal travel and to Merkaba training! What strikes me as well, as a very practical application of this, is to consider the balancing and equalizing of Merkabian fields feels similar to how we can interact with ‘others’ and therefore with each other’s Merkabas, or any space in our daily lives, ensuring that we are indeed, balanced and equalized with ‘the space ‘we are departing from’ and the ‘space we are moving towards’.

It is a good metaphor, for me, to internally feel the potential of being San in every moment of our expression and experience. As Ascended Life interacts with us from Life Force and San, we immediately feel this balance and the potential for equalization of ‘spaces’, lovingly inviting us to consciously join together as one. It is when we forget this and we come from the ego/mind/personality construct or from a vibrational habit, and therefore are not in balance within ourselves or consciously equalizing and balancing spaces together, things can go a little ‘off’, which typically is immediately felt.

This is an amazing gift and a welcomed practical training on the ascension path, remembering always that we choose our expression and create our experience, every bit of it — with the choice to ‘turn things around’ when needed also within us; and with all of the teaching and tools we have been given through Imzaia World and direct interaction, also always available to do so. While I am looking forward to traveling the planets and stars, metaphysical realms, and more, this, to me, is incredible preparation for the ‘real deal’. Da’ka’ya, always ❤️

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

San’a’ke ❤️
This is another of these fascinating quote. It makes me feel very grateful to you, Da Pah Kwan Yin San for explaining concepts of this nature here. Da’ka’ya 🙏🏻

I wonder what sort of coordinates you are referring to. Would the departure point be my geographic coordinates on planet Earth? How would I know the coordinate of the seventh dimensional reality of Venus?

I also wonder if the friction and the tension created by the distance in space is there all the time or only when one wants to create a portal? May I assume that the distortion of the geometry between the two Merkabian spaces is a distortion of the Flower Of Life geometry?

I have many more questions and would be delighted to hear you speak more about this topic.

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San 💐

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