Imzaia Quote for 3 May 2022
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Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

San’a’ke ❤️ The sentences that really pop out for me are “The difference between you wanting to trust something within yourself…or you wanting to trust something outside of the self…is ultimately irrelevant. You are the one doing the trusting.”

When this wonderful article was first published (or if you are first experiencing it, perhaps) we were likely still creating a limited vibrational paradigm and often, as such, clinging to the vestiges of the illusion of separation and the distinction that, as such, there is an other, wanting something from the outside in rather than the inside out (even if there would be such a thing), who needs to trust, when in truth, ultimately one is one and all is one.

Da Pah Lao Tze San goes on to say in “Some Notes on Entering the Pah” that “as you will come to understand, we do not seek to create a student that is weak, a student that needs to trust, a student that surrenders. We seek to create a student that is empowered, that does not need to surrender. We seek to create a student that is empowered, that understands these concepts and their origin and their very location in the larger universal body within the vibrational realm for what they truly are. In other words, it would only benefit a self-serving, service to self-oriented being – which I am not indicating at all, of course, that any in the student body is – it would only benefit such a being to continue working with the concepts of trust and surrender, etc., because they carry such inverted power. The service to others or the being that seeks service to the whole can choose to eliminate these realities, not simply from its mind or its vocabulary, but from its very paradigm.”

Through continued study and practical action, primarily within the Metaphysical Mentorship Program, this is becoming remembered as experience, and more real — the inversions could not be clearer; the experience of the symphony of symbiosis of the creator self and the creator within the oneness that can never be separated becomes clearer and clearer in both expression and experience; and the separation between expression and experience begins to fall away.

It is a quite a joyful experience to embrace, express, and experience this oneness that has always, is, and will always be there, for each and every ONE of us. And, it is simply a choice – not from a mental perspective or trying to make something happen, or from any kind of disempowerment, but one from the wholeness that we truly are beyond a perceived need to be self-serving no matter the circumstance and beyond any and all inversions, we intrinsically KNOW ourselves to be.

I had a lovely experience with this, this morning. I can’t really describe the experience because the mind could not hold onto remembering it from its limited perspective although it knows it occurred; it is indelibly a welcome and celebrated part of the Memory of the Now that can only continue to expand.

San’a’kaya vish ohami imzaia’e.
Da Amber San

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