Happy Imzaia Day April 11, 2022

Happy Imzaia Day 2022

Da Pah Kwan Yin San

San?a?ke o Da Pahdasan?ka Barak Solarys San o Da Pahdasan Kalynda San o Da Akeyan?shi

Honoleia i imzaia?e ?

Happy Imzaia Day 2022 to you all! ??

It is on this day, April 11, in 2007, that Da David San left the body in favor of the arrival of Da Jeshua ben Ekara San, who would heart up the Imzaia project from that point onward, April 11, 2007, until my own arrival in July 2009, when I took over the project from Da Jeshua San.


It is for this reason that we call April 11 Imzaia Day, to celebrate and remember the portal that opened on this day and what it is leading to and facilitating.

For Da David San to say Yes on that day and take the leap and exit the body and leave his life behind so that we could start doing what we are doing today still, was and remains a brave act of a human personality that we, the ascended teachers, honor and appreciate greatly. ?

And not only for this reason, of course, do we celebrate Imzaia Day today, as the reasons for doing so are as abundant as there are stars in the sky ? because today, we, the teacher body, also celebrate You, and within your heart, the infinite and beloved Creator Self that you are, as you walk this path of ascension in service to the whole.

So, happy Imzaia Day to you all!

The journey is just beginning and this year is going to be a brilliant milestone in it!


eja?i oja?i ?? ohami vish imzaia?e ?

da imzaia shi?ha?lyn ?

Da Pah Kwan Yin San

In name of, and from the heart of, the entire teacher body ???

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Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

San’a’ke ??This is surely a day to rejoice fully and completely, basking in the knowing why we are here in service to the Whole, celebrating where we’ve been and where we are going — which would not be possible without Da David San’s choice and all that Ascended Life has done and consistently and continuously does for all of us. My deepest and heartfelt love and gratitude to Da Pah Ekara San, Da Pah Kwan Yin San and All ascended and ascending life for this grand opportunity, for all Life — for Love, for Joy, for Freedom, for Truth, For Life, for Gratitude, for Grace, for Well-Being for All — with wishes for a special observance of this auspicious day tucked in our hearts every day, with each and every breath we take.

Eja’i imzaia’e ??

San’a’kaya vish ohami imzaia’e,
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

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