Class 5
Infinite Human Creative Potential

by Da Pah Kwan Yin San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

Ohami to all beings!

Beloved humanity, welcome to this moment, the energy and potential of which is infinite.

I am Da Pah Kwan Yin San, and it is my joy to be accompanying you here in the next moments on this path that we will be walking together, this time that we will be spending together.

When I say, “The energy of this moment is infinite,” what do I mean by that? The potential of this moment is infinite. The potential for what, and the energy of what?

Obviously, the last part of that question is easy to answer: the energy of you. The energy of all things that surround you, all things that are within you, all things that you dream of; the energy of all your thoughts, your ideas, and the things you spend your time on. That energy.

And the potential being infinite, what does that mean? It means the potential for transformation perhaps? Or the potential for creation, or the potential for manifestation?

Yes, all of the above. The potential for manifestation in imagination. The potential for expression and experience. All of these things infinite and available right now in this moment and in the previous moment and in the one that will come next.

So, indeed, tonight during this opportunity, I would like to speak with you all about the human creative ability and humanity’s ability for creative manifestation. Because not only have we in the last week or so been listening to and connected to by Da Pah Ekara San, for instance, and also Da Zyona San, who each presented very important pieces, very important because they signify the journey that humanity is currently undertaking.

Da Pah Ekara San spoke very succinctly on the topic of power, authority, and (what he called) ‘stacking’. The stacking of power, the stacking of money – the stacking of human potential, in other words.

And Da Zyona San, in the class of a few days ago, clearly discussed humanity’s ability with regards to reality creation and reality manifestation.

The Power of the Moment

Now, I know that these things have been thrown around for many years, and that many people have all sorts of ideas on these particular types of topics when it comes to reality creation and that sort of thing. But in my own interactions with students here in my direct environment, but also around the globe – and not only with direct students, but also merely in interactions on social media or merely seeing interactions on television and those sorts of channels – it is not very difficult I believe to see that humanity, from a certain perspective, is stuck.

Stuck, not by an external aggressor that is putting the boot down on the human face, as some have described in recent years, and going all the way back to novels such as “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” etc., but stuck merely because of not understanding the power of the moment. – And ‘understanding’, perhaps, is even an incorrect word. Maybe ‘not choosing to pick up the power of the moment’, would be better suited here.

Because I want you to think about the current situation on Earth. You are dealing with governments and authority institutions and figures of authority that are making very strange choices towards the freedom of humanity, indeed. And you know all about these things when you check your Twitter channels and your social media channels. It is all happening in the moment. It is all happening now.

But, why is it happening? Some of that has been explained in these previous classes. But I want to take it tonight into the most personal of places, namely yourself. It is time – it is always time, in every moment, of course, but right now, it is high time – that humanity and each and every part of that takes a good and honest look at the self and at the whole.

And when I say, “take a look,” I am talking about looking for the comparisons, if you will, between the inner worlds and the choices and identities that live there, and the outer world and the situations that are unfolding there at all times. Because I believe that when you do, you will see that a vital part is missing in all of this, and that is you.

I know that Da Kuthumi San said this over a decade ago. “What is missing? You!” He said it even back then. And he spoke back then about the personality coming home to the self, etc.

Well, this is what that is about. It is about understanding that you in this moment are here as an expression of consciousness. And as an expression of consciousness, in every moment, you have the ability to manifest reality. Nay! You do manifest reality in every moment. You know this. It has been spoken about, but it requires repeating, not on a theoretical level, but truly on a practical level because I don’t think – if I look at the current situation and the interactions I’m having – I really do not believe that you know just how powerful you are and the empowerment that you bring to every moment if you so choose!

You look at a world, as it has been announced in the previous recordings, where a nanny state, if you will, has completely taken over everything, every choice in your life, and continues to invade those choices going forward. Every arena, every area of your life.

But the truth of the matter is, there is no invasion happening; there is an invitation happening because you, each and every one of you, are inviting this in. There are plenty of reasons why that sort of invitation could be happening. In many cases, it is a passive type of invitation, merely because the human does not take responsibility for its own creative power, its own creative ability. And in many other cases, it is happening through an active invitation because the human does not want to take that power and wants an external authority to decide for it. In many cases because the ego literally needs something to fight against – an enemy if you will – something to battle, something to overcome. So, difficult situations are created.

Now, that may seem like a strange thought to some, but at the end of the day, it is what is happening. There is no invasion of the mind. There is no invasion of nations. It is an invitation.

Intelligence versus Consciousness

And the other day, I was looking back through some of the previous Imzaia material – The Study of Vibration, to be precise — and in there, the Asisian Architects who speak of the choice between intelligence or consciousness. And that is truly what this comes to. The situation that is currently unfolding on Earth is nothing else but a grand metaphysical awakening of the human spirit, as the human spirit is put in front of that choice: intelligence or consciousness because both cannot go hand-in-hand. One is artificial, the other one is natural, universal, all prevalent.

So, that choice is a choice between taking up your own creative power and your own responsibility or giving it away. It truly is that simple. And I believe, honestly believe, each and every one of you that is watching here tonight or that will be watching at another time, I believe that each and every one of you has a beautiful vision for planet Earth, humanity, and all beings. I believe that all of you are in a way of great love, capable of expressing great joy, etc.. I know that all of you carry these things in your heart, but I believe that all of you, almost all of you perhaps, are falling for the oldest trick in the book: you forget to apply the tuition, and all of the things that you know on a metaphysical level, in the now moment. You forget.

And this is the design of the mind, indeed, to create all types of archetypes and structures and situations and events, and working with these grand illusions, as it has been shown in the previous Imzaia material, creates states of separation, exchange, confusion, and chaos, but above all, pulls your focus and attention in all sorts of directions, except for the one that matters, the one that goes within.

And I know that there are now moments where you do remember this, where you do actively look at reality and at the world in that way, but most of the moments, that is not happening, or at best, in most of those moments, it is happening somewhere in the back of one’s mind.

And that is exactly where the invitation comes in because in that moment, when you accept the standard conditions of vibrational reality, you open the door, you open the invitation, you open the mind and you make it out of a closed system that is working with your own energy bodies, etc., into a system that hooks into the vibrational cloud, filled with the vibrational habits that are still installed in your system, and you become that person; you become that personality; you become that persona.

Now, obviously, this is not an accusation. This is an observation of humanity’s current condition. And believe me, I spend every day here, and I have done so since 2009, every day in this body – except for those moments when the body is resting or those moments when I have the pleasure of bringing in other teachers or my very own teacher, Da Pah Lao Tze San. So, believe me when I say that I know how distracting the mental levels of this Ekaraia and the vibrational levels of this Ekaraia can be. I get it. I get all of that.

But I also get that you want to ascend and that you want to see this world, this reality field, expressed through the abundance of the active ingredients of love, of joy, of freedom, of truth, of life, of gratitude, of grace, and of wellbeing. That those elements, those active ingredients live in all things, and you want to see them expressed in all things. I get that.

And I understand that you are beginning to learn that this is an Ekaraia and that you are here to understand the energy of mind and of sahvok and of the grand illusions and of separation and of all of those things, but you also are beginning to learn about these active ingredients that I have just mentioned and how they are prevalent in all things. Even all of the vibrational things are twisted and turned around, but when you look underneath, you will see these same ingredients because they are the building blocks of everything. And I know that you know that, on top of that, the key reason why you are here as a student in this Ekaraia today, in this lifetime and in this string of expressions of what you consider lifetimes, is to discover and to add your own ingredients to this.

Four Unique and Personal Active Ingredients

As has been explained, perhaps, in the past already, and some may not know this yet, but if you look at the kakra system, the head kakra, the heart kakra, and the belly kakra, and the fact that they can be divided into four quadrants each, as spheres, if you will, then you can say that, as you fill up these quadrants with these active ingredients, that in the first kakra, as you have already… or those at least that have been following the metaphysical mentorship program know, exist the active ingredients of da, of love, of ba, joy, of va, freedom, and of truth, ra, and ultimately, if you continue, you take it down into ka – and you continue into life, in other words – and you continue into gratitude, and grace, and wellbeing. I say this in English because they have not been shared in full-blown dahlyn with the student body yet.

But then, as some of you will know, the trajectory of the kakra system continues into the belly kakra. And there exist active ingredients that are unique and personal to you as an individual creator of reality, a sovereign creator self. You do these Ekaraias, and you study these programs in the Domain, in the metaphysical Domain of Honomeia, in order to facilitate the creation of these active ingredients, and you add them to the whole.

This literally translates then, into manifestations inside of this Ekaraia, of this universe, of this world, that, ultimately, beings that get born into it and that exercise here, then come to see as normal reality.

As an example, if you go back far enough, then you have original creators of these Ekaraias, such as Da Ramtha San and many others, Da Gaia San, of course. And you think of the concept of a tree, for instance or a bush or the sky itself. Now, these are, ultimately, active ingredients or manifestations in vibrational reality of active ingredients that are unique and individual to these beings that add their essence to the whole in this way. An ongoing song continues to be born.

Now, I know this may sound a little abstract, but it is important to realize that all of that work, all of the metaphysical work that you will ever undertake inside of these Ekaraias filled with time and space illusions, will happen in the now moment.

Now, if you think, for instance, because sometimes…

There is a lightning storm starting here in the meantime. So, I hope that the connection is going to stay stable. I think that we are creating quite some energy tonight here together as we are speaking.

But, to go back to what I was saying, if you think, for instance, about some of the concepts that I have been explaining to you since the start of the Study of the Pah, then you perhaps think of them in quite abstract and theoretical ways. And perhaps it is time to begin to understand that they are far from theoretical and that they can only be considered theoretical when considering them in the past or in the future.

In other words when you are considering anything that is expressed in dahlyn, such as in the other class, at the end of Da Zyona’s class, I came back for a final segment, and there showed a book…

The storm is still ongoing here! I hope you can all still hear me. – It’s quite a storm here, everyone, at the moment! Anyone in the chat here at the moment, I hope my audio is still okay. Yes?

So, let’s get back to it. When you…

This is ridiculous! – Okay.

When you consider the geotrinities, for instance, that I have discussed at the final segment of Da Zyona San last time, the A’ko’da geotrinity, for instance, then people think of it as a triangle, a geometry, a triangle, in a sort of an abstract space, maybe something that you imagine or something like that, and that is about it. People don’t quite know what to do with it in that moment.

But I want you to understand that, ultimately, these things are important and can be applied in the now moment. And that is the only place where they are important. Because, as I said, if you are not applying them in the now moment — before the storm hit — then you are thinking about the past when you first heard about them in the classes or whenever you read about them or that sort of thing, or you think about the future when you are going to apply them. But what you are forgetting, is the now moment.

A Call to Arms

And let’s take an example because you could consider this video a little bit of a call to arms, in a peaceful way. And I’ll explain, why. Because if you think about these geotrinities, such as A’ko’da, such as explained last time, then try to place them directly into your reality and try to place them into an active meditation.

I will give you an example. For instance, you could be working on your computer, on a project. Your hands are on the keys, let’s say, or you could be an artist who is crafting some object or some painting or something, or you could be a butcher or a baker or someone working with their hands in a factory, or you could be working in an office, or you could be in the process of offering healing to someone. In all of those conditions, there is one thing that they all have in common: the human being at the center of it. The human being at the heart of it, and at the heart of that human being, its Akene, its heart, and expressing itself as that human being, using the physical hands.

So, I say to you, use these objects that you have, objects that have nothing to do with the objects that you have around you, not even with the clothes on your body, but merely your body itself.

We have a thunderstorm out there; another thunderclap in that moment!

But use your body. Take this geotrinity and look at it from above, as from the creator self, and you will see that the three points of these geotrinities that I have been describing, can easily be interpreted as this hand, this hand (you only have two in most cases), and your very heart itself.

So, rather than thinking of your day of separate moments that are disconnected from your metaphysical practice, think of your body as being in every moment as part of your metaphysical practice. Place your metaphysical practice right in the now moment, in other words. That is the most important thing that you can do, in order to change your reality.

When we speak of these geotrinities, I will often say, for instance, A-ko-da, and then I will say, in the center, the Pah is silent. Now, again, we will continue the visual that I have begun building here. One point is the heart space, and the other points are your hands, which you are using all day, applying to other beings, objects, things, everything that you are doing. Constantly you can have these geotrinities, therefore, running active.

But the most important thing is that they are not flat, two-dimensional creations. You must think of them as three-dimensional objects. In the case of the geotrinity of A’ko’da, for instance, where the Pah is silent, don’t think of a triangle; think of a pyramid, a pyramid, the base of which are your two hands and your heart space, and the center of which the Pah that is silent, is the observer part of yourself. The creator self that is a point that is at infinity. So, you cannot say, it is a point that is here or just a bit higher or kilometers high. It is a point that is at infinity, which means – given that this is an equilateral triangle and a pyramid that is of similar design, of which all the fields are exactly the same – that each point is at infinity in your practice. That means that your two hands are at infinity, and your heart is at infinity, much like the creator self at all times.

Now, imagine applying this in your day all the time, expressing the song of dahlyn in everything that you do, whether it is an activity that is preparing food, preparing documents or emails, or healing another human being. At the end of the day, the actual content of the moment – the healing, the food preparation, the email – is irrelevant, or at least, is redundant in comparison to the higher structure, the conceptual, the abstract of the moment. And that is where your focus belongs.

This type of living, this type of action taking then leads to another type of invitation. It is not an invitation where you invite something in, but it is an invitation that gets born as an expression.

If you continue the exercise of the hands and the heart, and if you were to apply it later on after this video, if you were to go write an email or if you were to heal a being if that is your job, or if you were to go teach a class or anything, anything that you go and do, I invite you to try and apply this triangle, this pyramid. Activate the creator self in that pyramid as an infinity point, and you will begin noticing something very interesting. After a while, when the flow actually kicks in, some very strange sensation will begin to happen. Your hands will still be out there, doing what they are doing – typing, healing, food preparing, what have you – your heart will still be here, inside of the body, obviously, but a reversal will all of a sudden take place… or not quite a reversal, an addition to the triangle that is your two hands and your heart, will come into manifestation, as soon as you get the sharp focus on that creator self point, and, therefore, create the infinity pyramid.

The manifestation that will occur, is that while you have a pyramid or a triangle field going between your heart space and your two hands here, an extra pyramid – an extra triangle it will feel initially, but eventually a pyramid – will be born that is exactly in the opposite position.

Activating the Merkabah Geometry

In other words, it will feel as though your hands are literally here, in here, and it will feel as though your heart point is right out there, right on the point that you are focusing on, right on the thing that you are actually doing. You will literally feel your heart in it.

In that moment, for those that have been following the geometry that I have described, you literally see the Merkabah geometry born. With the infinity point of the creator self here and here, and the field of the two pyramids intersecting. Now that, in a very simple way, is a direct and practical manifestation of application, of working with this type of material, working with metaphysical information in your practical life.

And I believe, if I look at the interactions I have with students that, unbeknownst to yourselves perhaps, there is such a great waste of time that occurs, merely because you continue to miss the mark; you continue to miss the moment. Again, not as an accusation; merely as an observation because, in other words, you allow the now moment that you are expressing by default to be filled in by other data than the one that I am currently describing. And, therefore, by default, you widen your parameters beyond the scope of the active ingredients, beyond love, joy, freedom, truth, etc., and into the dualistic, vibrational range.

And when you do so, is when this invitation to, in a way, invade the self occurs. And you are allowing yourself, again by invitation, to be invaded then by all of the things that are vibrationally and digitally put in your mind since birth – whether this is happening through the school system or through the media system or through the system of society itself, all of these things, all of these vibrational things then fill in the void left by you as an active reality creator, and you are put into a state of sleep, into a state of hypnosis, and you end up creating exactly the reality that the data in your mind, that has filled up your mind, intended to create. And the data is created in such a way, as it comes at you, that you do not see that all these pieces, all these puzzle pieces fit together to create a design of an inverted geometry, that you then manifest, together with all of the other beings, expressions of consciousness, of unity, with you.

And the answer to not have that happen, is so simple. Fill up the space yourself! Step into humanity’s creative ability, using a simple technique, by actually using your hands, and using your heart for the most basic and abstract reasons they were designed to begin with, literally, and using the connection that you know is there and applying in these moments all of these things that you have been learning from the elements of reality creation – the ‘o’, the ‘a’, the ‘e’, the ‘i’ – to the active ingredients of reality creation, to the various expressions that you have already discovered through the tuition within dahlyn, within metaphysical expression that we have been sharing with you. And, ultimately, also through all of these other things.

I believe that there is a problem with the stream here. We are going to start again. Let’s have a look. Yes.

Alright! Well, well, well! What do you know? Welcome back, everyone!

I’m just going to have a quick look here. As you can tell, we are having some technical difficulties here tonight. There is some glitches that have been happening. Not only do we have storms over Hana San Ka at the moment – that seem to be a little bit quieter now – but that was immediately followed by, yeah, quite some technical difficulties. And the stream cutting out a couple of times, and even during the break, our music intermezzo interlude video hung up.

So, yeah.. It’s all happening. And I guess that, ultimately, even through that chaos and through all of those glitches, the truth shines through. The truth prevails.

Because let’s face it. Everything that we are saying here today is, ultimately, at the highest level of metaphysical and very practical truth. And when I say, practical, that is also literally what I mean. I believe that humanity at large, but also the individual student has an application problem. Metaphysically speaking, you have got the ointment, you have read the instructions; you know the theory; you know what’s in it and how it is put together, but you are not reading the label. You are not following the application. And the application is in the now. It is not in the past. It is not in the future. It is not only during classes or anything like that. The application is in the now in anything you do. Every encounter you have. Every task you complete, and even when you are in meditative states simply within the self, getting ready for sleep, eyes closed, and you’re completely within the self, even then the same infinity pyramid of the creator self, if you will, can be invoked.

It can be invoked beyond the simple use of your two hands and your heart space inside of the self, when you work, for instance, with your thoughts. It can be invoked in there. Three thoughts can be connected in that way to, for instance, the infinity point of the creator self. Therefore, causing clarity in a way that you need, in a way that – if we go back to the day-to-day activity on Earth – is so important right now. Because, as it has been said, you are now standing in front of a major, major choice as a species, as a collective, but also as an individual, as a human, as a creator of reality, and it is the choice of how do you wish to continue with reality creation? Intelligence or consciousness?

Intelligence is structured in a hierarchical way, top down, as you know, where all sorts of mandates and laws and all sorts of things are put upon you. And the claim in that sort of a situation is made that these things are necessary because the human being is supposedly dangerous; that the human mind is supposedly dangerous and that it needs to be tempered; that it needs to be guided in certain ways, so that society keeps functioning.

And the idea is that, should that law and order and those mandates and all of these systems, government, authority systems, not be in place — that’s the idea from intelligence — then there would be chaos, and society would collapse.

A Trust Issue

And it comes from the very idea… How do I say this? This… At the heart of this idea is an enormous trust issue, an enormous trust issue towards humanity, and an enormous trust issue towards the individual and towards the self, the belief that people would make terrible choices, in other words, if there is not something external, an authority type situation, telling them what to do and when to do it – versus consciousness, not thinking from this hierarchical top down pyramid, but from the spherical whole, where all are interconnected, where there is no hierarchy, where nobody is above one another or below one another, where every single creation, whether it is a thought, a work of art, a meal, or a simple act of kindness towards another, is all valued at the same level of San, and where, therefore, there is a quality, an inherent quality of an immense trust in the human being and in human consciousness and in human potential.

And that trust is then not only within the self, but by default, radiates towards all others, all other things, all other beings, and you no longer think of the Hitlers of this world or the Trudeaus of this world or anyone of those in negative terms or in positive terms. There is no such thing in that moment as negative or positive. There is no such thing in that moment of service to self or service to other. There is only the whole. There is service to the whole, and the individuating aspect of that is the self, expressing its individual, unique song of love, joy, freedom, truth, life, gratitude, grace, wellbeing, and whatever beautiful additions to that you, as an individual expression of consciousness and as sovereign being, are about to reveal.

It is amazing how beautiful this expression of dahlyn is between all of us. But, ultimately, that is the choice that everyone stands for. And a choice that everyone stands to make right now. And the choice is made individually, in your own life. You clean up the mess of the clutter that has been created in your mind, in your heart, and in your belly. You, obviously, realize the delusional vibrational states that even have come within the realms of spirituality, and you begin to declutter all of these things.

And as you do, the more you do so, the more you make room for the expression of the creator self, through these simple techniques of using the hands and the heart or connecting three thoughts together, as I said earlier. Or anything! Be creative! You are a creator self!

This is not all by prescription. But if there would be such a prescription, then the most important rule – and it is not so seen in “The Six Simplicities” of Da Pah Ekara San as well? – the most important rule would be to “be here now.” And being here now is exactly what I am talking about. As Da Pah Ekara San would say, “Change can only come from the heart space.” It is in the same Simplicities that are available on Imzaia World. Go and check out all six of them.

The most beautiful thing about these simplicities is that no one that studies them can ever remember all six! Most people get to five, and then the sixth usually is the one that, once they figure it out, is the one that is interesting to focus on in that moment.

But interestingly, no one ever forgets “be here now.” No one ever forgets it, but everyone continuously forgets to apply it. It’s like one of these blind spots. You know, you get these situations with the most… with the most fundamental of truths. The simplest of metaphysical truths, are sometimes the ones that are the easiest to discard because they seem to be so… well, so simple. Obviously, be here now, but you hardly ever are! And when you are, even when you are, you are not actually actively filling up the space with your own expression of reality creation. And that is when the situation is created that society makes choices for you, as we have been saying.

A Metaphysical Awakening

That ends now, in this chaotic, all-over-the-place-broadcast here tonight. I believe that all of you feel that it is time for a metaphysical awakening, as I have been saying. And we are going to talk about that a great deal in the coming time. I am also going to repeat these things a great deal, everything I have been saying here tonight because they deserve repeating. But it is time for a rebirth of the metaphysical human within this world, the perspective on this world and this reality.

But the only way that can change, to move away from this hard and cold and soulless and dead perspective on the world that involves merely the material, and perhaps, to some extent, the frequential and the vibrational, but nothing beyond that – and only when you think of frequential in the terms of radio waves; certainly not in waves of expressions of the heart – to let go of that world is… the only way to do so, is for you to take charge, for you to take the lead, to take the driver’s seat, to step into that seat and to take the wheel of your life, of your creation, and to seriously consider where the clutter is located. What holds you back in doing so? What situations and conditions are in your life that… or objects, agreements, whatever it is, what is in your life that you have placed there and built up in such a way that it actually would do most of the decision making for you, in such a way that it allowed the mind mapping over the years to begin?

You know the mind mapping. You drive somewhere for the first time, and everything is new. And after ten times, you arrive there without realizing how you got there because the mind has created, has mapped, literally, that part of the world for you, and it no longer allows for spontaneous manifestation.

That, to get rid of that, and to step into the Lemurian way, the metaphysical way, where reality creation becomes being here now, in every moment of every day, and your work of art is your life.

Remember the great poets? All of them, but “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” comes to mind. A joy forever – a reference to the active ingredient of joy, ba. A thing of beauty – as I said at the beginning of this broadcast, the potential of transformation is your life. The potential for manifestation is your life. And that is not something you plan in. That is not something you say, “Oh, yes, I will do this then, and that then, and I have a five-year plan.” No! The now and everything that it contains within it.

So, when I said earlier, a call to arms in order to reference this exercise of your hands and your heart, I certainly do not refer to anything that is in anyway offering resistance to anything that already exists right now, as you begin to take charge. I certainly do not reference to decluttering in such a way that I say, “Get rid of things. Push them away. Separate them from yourselves.” No! That is not what I mean.

Remember from – again those that are in the metaphysical Mentorship Program will remember the very first class I believe it was. Love that… Love that which you are about to transform.

And in that lies the key. It is not about separation. It is not about pushing away. The decluttering begins when you reveal underneath the illusion of whatever represents itself to you, the love, the joy, and the freedom that are there. If you do that, that is when true transformation can begin to occur and when the invasion that has happened to the self and to humanity, will begin to take a step back, and another step back.

But as it does, as the invitation changes and the song changes, and the invitation becomes an expression, you will see that with each of these steps that get taken back, and with each of these steps that humanity steps forward, a transformation will occur into unity, not into separation, and the parties that now look at each other in alienated ways, will look at each other in love.

That is the power that is in your hands and in your heart.

So, take this chaotic talk and do with it what you will, but do something with it and do it now.

Beloved Humanity, beloved Imzaia, I will see you again soon.

Ohami to all beings.


Mentorship Class 5 – Infinite Human Creative Potential

(White Space Training Class)


Da Pah Kwan Yin San


February 20, 2022

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Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

Infinite Human Creative Potential is an amazing session!
I would like to share a little bit what I have experienced working with the information. I hope to be able to explain properly what happened. These moments are, in truth, almost impossible to describe. The only way I can do that is copying Da Pah Kwan Yin San‘s words although it seems that my experience is a blend of several exercises coming together.

These days, like all students, I have been listening to “The reality creation exercise”, “The infinite Angle” exercise as well as to several members of Ascended Life as Da Pah Ekara San speaking during Mastering the Grand Illusions newly released sessions.

Two or three days ago, I find myself in the kitchen in the morning soon after waking up. Suddenly, the walls of the room change in my perception. Instead of vertical, the geometry of the world around me tilted with an angle.

Because I went through the same experience before, I knew what was happening and enjoyed the connection. The windows, the doors, the whole room was literally projected on the walls of my merkabah.
After a little while, all went back to vertical… I continued with practical cleaning tasks and started moping the floor. Suddenly, it felt as if the floor was coming towards me although I was standing up at the same distance from it as usual. Wow… this was a wow moment. Yes, my heart center was in the floor! It took a while for me to recover from the surprising experience… What a great gift that was!

At that moment I did not make the connection with the Infinite Merkabah. I thought the experience was more related to the infinite angle exercise, connected to the floor with the infinity sign. Later, listening to the Infinite Human Creative Potential session, I remembered what Da Pah Kwan Yin San explains and made the connection with the merkabah shape. She says:
In other words, it will feel as though your hands are literally here, in here, and it will feel as though your heart point is right out there, right on the point that you are focusing on, right on the thing that you are actually doing. You will literally feel your heart in it.
In that moment, for those that have been following the geometry that I have described, you literally see the Merkabah geometry born. With the infinity point of the creator self here and here, and the field of the two pyramids intersecting. Now that, in a very simple way, is a direct and practical manifestation of application, of working with this type of material, working with metaphysical information in your practical life.

Those moments happened in the most unexpected ways. I cannot remember having been focused on the infinite points in my hands before it happened. I am doing that exercise very often, without honestly being “focus “on this all the time. The same goes for ”the infinite angle” exercise, as well as for “The reality creation exercise”.

It feels to me that letting go of any type of expectation and practicing these exercises with confident consistency and continuity will allow to experience everything we have been told for years will happen.I am writing these words for everyone to understand that what Ascended Life is teaching us can be experienced by anyone who is serious about learning and getting ready. Portal travel is not a fictional fantasy, for example.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San also says in this class:
I know that all of you carry these things in your heart, but I believe that all of you, almost all of you perhaps, are falling for the oldest trick in the book: you forget to apply the tuition, and all of the things that you know on a metaphysical level, in the now moment. You forget.

Da’ka’ya for your presence with us Da Pah Kwan Yin San 🙏

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San 🌸

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