• Da Pah Kwan Yin San wrote on Da Akeyasan Sam San's Wall 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    @sam-san Welcome Da Sam San! ❤️ It was a very joyful moment when I saw your arrival to Imzaia World! 🙏 Awesome to see you again! I read in another comment that you are enjoyed the new classes already, very glad to hear that! And I look forward to you joining via the livestream on May 28! ❤️ I also wanted to answer your question regarding what is inside the Mentorship Program. The way we work with it is that the videos of The Study of the Pah, that you watched recently, are actually recorded live for the students in the mentorship program. They can participate via Zoom or via web browser, sometimes in video and sometimes in chat. Those recordings are then eventually made available afterwards to the world for free streaming. Next to the general classes that mentorship students are part of live, there also are “deep dive” sessions, which are one-on-one recordings between the teacher(s) and one student in the mentorship program each time, where we go deep and practical into what the student needs in that moment. Those deep dive sessions are not made available publicly afterwards, because of the nature of the content, but will eventually be released in book format anonymously. If I can help you with any other questions, also regarding metaphysical topics, I am always here for all community & mentorship members! Ohami (a perfect moment) to you and to all beings, beloved one! 🚀☀️

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        • Oh thank you Da Pah Kwan Yin San <3 Grateful to be here. What a amazing welcome from you all 🙂 And thank you also for answering my question about the mentorhip program. Sounds amazing. Don't have the funds to join just yet, but maybe next month or one after that. Much Love ❤️
            • You are very welcome, Da Sam San! 🥰👏 Looking forward to working together in Love & Joy & Freedom! And whatever you decide re the mentorship program, just so you know all those recordings end up in the library archives free to watch, study & share after a while. And with your current subscription you can send me any questions you?d like answered or delved into at any time. See you soon on May 28 for the Metaphysical Salon! 🙏

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