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    “When it is time to accept love, learn, my children, to say, “thank you” with an open heart and a clear mind. The reciprocity is in accepting love without reservation or any evasion that would create an invulnerability between you and the other self.

    Similarly, when you give, give wholeheartedly and you shall experience that event as if you were being fed by heavenly food. You see, it is not money, or places, or times, or any event, or object, or any occurrence whatever that is given or received, for what is actually occurring , you are a thought. That thought is love unreserved, complete, utter and whole. This love chose to manifest itself and created light. That light in all of its rotations and degrees has built the universe in its infinity, and all that you see and all that you are is light. All manifestation is light in heavier and heavier outer garments.

    Yes, but always each iota carries the signature of the one original Thought, which is love. All you give is love. All you receive is love. The rest is masks, symbols and placeholders. So, gird your loins to accept with joy when it is time to accept and to give with equal joy when it is time to give and know that what you give, you give to yourself and what you receive is what you have given away. All is balanced in the one infinite Moment which is all that there is in reality.” – Q’uo

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