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    There is an inner opening to infinity, and patience is the doorkeeper. Difficult experiences of the mundane type, whether they be relationships or situations, are designed to place the pilgrim in the perfect place for the experience it needs to overcome deep biases which are unbalanced in the personality. To be impatient with the world because it has made you sad or angry or defeated is to be impatient with yourself, and by this time the seeker has already decided that if the self is unworthy, that is certainly too bad, for the self is here and the self must seek to be the best and the highest that it can be.

    Each self is perfect in some way at some level. This is acknowledged at some point by the seeker. The paradox betwixt the perfect and the blatantly imperfect self is accepted that it does not matter that there is a paradox, but that one must still seek and not be at war with the self.

    Thus, we ask each to meditate when impatience with the world becomes that which keeps the consciousness from its joy, for it is in the manifestation at least of peace, serenity and patience that sunshine will spring from your eyes regardless of the external weather. It is then that you shall become a blessing to all whom you see. – Latwii

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