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    Consciousness is not yours alone. You share the innermost identity of yourself with all that there is. Walk… out of the small rooms and dim hallways of fear and come out into the outdoors of wind and water and fire and earth.

    Come from the local to the infinite.

    Come from the world of detail to the world of the four directions, the elements, and the powers.

    Come to the great cross of life: the vertical reach to the infinite; the horizontal reach within incarnation to loving and being loved.

    And know that it is in the little things that you shall create a new heaven and a new Earth.

    May you do each little thing as if it were a great honor and privilege!

    May you shine as the lighthouse you are!

    – Q’uo


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      • San’a’ke 💖 These words of Q’uo and all of “her” teachings always caress my heart and soul. What to say, except a big Ish (roughly ‘yes’ or an affirmation of our infinite nature and origins in the Lemurian language) to the undeniable wisdom offered in unmistakable loving connection, of intelligent infinity, of oneness, and of pure truth.

        All that we do, IS a great honor and privilege. Should we forget at times, remembering this profound teaching puts the heart and consciousness in the driver seat where it belongs — and keeps us walking in love, joy, freedom, truth, life, gratitude, grace, and well-being…the ACTIVE ingredients of creation, of San.

        Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San and Da Q’uo San, always 💖

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