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  • @kaiab San’a’ke Da Akeyasan Kaia Blossom San 🌼💖
    My heart embraces your presence with a warm welcome. 😍
    Enjoy your blossoming experience and fruition here!
    San 💐

  • The Study of Vibration | Session 334

    In Session 334, Da Pah Kwan Yin San and Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San present the second chapter of what was originally titled “The Solar Activations” webinar. The first 40 minutes of this mind-bending Session are spent connecting to the akeyasan student body that was in live attendance during the original date of recording, 5…

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    • San’a’ke imzaia! 🙏  I hope you are enjoying a new and wonderful day on earth! ✨☀️✨  I’m happy to report that SOV Session 334, originally the second recording of The Solar Activations webinar, is now restored and available on Imzaia World! In this Session, you get to meet the consciousness of the sun of our solar system, known as Da Honoleia San. Check the description for details… or simply click play and enjoy the rays of Da Honoleia San! 😊  Honoleia i ohami imzaia’e ❤️

    • Did you ever consider that the sun of our solar system, a sphere, acts as a holographic projector of reality?


      • San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San 🙏

        I have to honestly say, no, I had not considered that. This is very fascinating. I did consider Da Honoleia San to be a portal, but not as a holographic projector of reality.

        As such, I would love to learn more about that to understand how a portal can be (or is?) a projector. Da’ka’ya 🙏

        San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e
        Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

      • San’a’ke Da Pah Kwan Yin San 🙏

        I do not remember asking myself this specific question. What I do remember is what Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San taught us in a session of the Study Of Vibration ( Gravimetrics).

        He then spoke about our strong relationship to the gravitational body of the sun. Da Adamus Valen San also explains that when we spin, we create electromagnetics, we create an electromagnetic field which is photonic energy. He then explains how the entire reality, everything we are is made of light, of photonics particles.

        I understood : Our most beloved Da Honoleia San from the tonal filed (as a sphere, a tone) is beaming photonic energy here at all times like a translator from the holographic field and beyond, as a projector, allowing matter to exist in this reality. Am I correct?

        It makes sense to me that a portal as the sun is an exit point to other realities as well as a massive entry point from other realities. Is it so?

        I would be very honoured if you would like to share more about this fascinating topic for the benefit of everyone. 💖


        Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San 💐

      • San’a’ke Da Pah Kwan Yin San.
        Listening again to the session 333 has been very informative on this topic. Da’ka’ya for this amazing session 🙏

        You explain:
        Now, you have to think of the Sun in a way much like your Akene, as a holographic projector. So, that little dent that gets created, reverberates back out into the solar system and creates a different version of reality, do you see?
        Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San 💐

    • San’a’ke 🙏

      Being able to connect with our solar, planetary, and stellar aspects in this way truly is a mind-altering experience, as, for the first time in this current experience, we learn about creation and existence from the perspective of our solar system.

      As there is so much ‘new’ information we are provided within this Session, every paragraph is worth some thorough contemplation. What stood out for me today, as I listened to Da Honoleia San again, was the fact that there is ‘no point, no goal to creation.’ She says, “You will understand why there can possibly be no point, no goal to creation, not only because it is infinite and eternal, but also, it is an important function of your consciousness to create no goals, to create no points. Only expansion can truly be created, and as there is no limit to a concept known as ‘expansion’ or a concept, as it has been translated by the Flower of Life herself, as ‘celebration,’ it isn’t possible to have a goal, you see. A goal implies a limit. A goal implies a finish.”

      Of course, this makes perfect sense. Could you then say that creation IS the point? Not a goal to achieve, but rather you create for the sake of the act of creating? Da’ka’ya 🙏

      San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e
      Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

    • San’a’ke ❤️

      Wow, I have to say, listening to Da Honoleia San in this now, is awesomely impactful. First of all, her energy is hugely uplifting, but also, the truth she is sharing is obliterating quite some belief systems I was not ready to let go of before this moment. She truly did come in as a wrecking ball, and I am tremendously grateful for that!

      Da’ka’ya o Da Honoleia San, i Da’kaya o Da Pah Kwan Yin San for bringing in this awesome message, and for publishing it on Imzaia World for us to connect to. I surely will reconnect to this message again and again, work with the exercises, and I will be back here to read how you, as other selves, are working with it and experiencing reality because of it, as well as sharing more myself.

      San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e


      Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

    • San’a’ke o Da Honoleia San

      Wow what a joyful, powerful and wild message this is.. ❤️🔥 Brings a lot of things together I’ve been listening to during the past days especially the tonal field, aspects and creation.

      A beautiful display of the simplicity of truth brought forward as shooting rays of golden light. The energies feel so good I was literally cheering at points about the way they are woven together.

      Da’ka’ya Da Honoleia San, Da Pah Kwan Yin San and Da’ka’ya Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys for bringing this forward.


      • San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Rogier San 💖

        Da’ka’ya and LOVE your joyful comment and glad you enjoyed this amazing session so much. I couldn’t agree more! It has been shared there might be more “solar activations” type of sessions and if so, I am eagerly looking forward to them, and all that is to come with the Study of the Pah — and am grateful for the magnificent opportunity every day to connect with the “shooting rays of golden light” and look forward to cheering with you, each time I do!

        San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e,
        Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San
        💖 🙏 💖

        • San’a’ke o Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San,

          Let’s cheer together indeed and not forget to cheer on ourselves to turn this exercise into experience. I’ve been working with the first part of the exercise for the past days and find it very interesting to say the least. ☺️

          San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e


      • San’a’ke o Da Rogier San ❤️ Da’ka’ya for your comment. Yes, Da Honoleia San rocks it, I also love it very much! I look forward to your replies to the continuation of The Solar Activations!

        Ba ohami imzaia’e (May your day be a blessed one in San) ❤️

      • Beloved imzaia! 🥰

        Just wanted to give a bit of a heads up for those that are waiting on our next video releases: we are currently in the middle of moving house to a next location in the Netherlands. 🏡

        This has caused us to be less present on social media and on our websites for the last couple of weeks, as well as presenting some delays in…

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      • ✨ Happy imzaia day ✨
        On this day, in 2007, Da David San accepted our metaphysical proposal, resulting in him leaving the body and Da Jeshua San arriving to activate the path of ascension study & training that I am honored and overjoyed to continue walking today with you, beloveds. 🌈
        ohami vish imzaia’e!
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          • San’a’ke ❤️ Very, very happy Imzaia Day to you to Da Pah Kwan Yin San, and to everyone. Da’ka’ya, so very much, o Da David San for his brave and beautiful choice! For always in my heart 🔥

            Da’ka’ya o Da Pah Kwan Yin San, o Da Jeshua San and all of Ascended Life. So, so very grateful for your presence, for everything you do, for us, and for…

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        • Beloved imzaia! 🌈
          The full transcript of my March 14 video, Remembering the Rivers of San, is now available on Imzaia World! Enjoy! 🥰

        • Beloved imzaia! 🥰
          The full transcript of my March 10 video, Choosing Love in Every Moment, is now available on Imzaia World! 🔥❤️🔥

        • The Study of Vibration | Session 137

          Freedom is one of the most fleeting feelings that a human can experience. The desire for freedom, even when pressing, is often considered difficult to realize, if not impossible, and is, therefore, mostly ignored and suppressed, the open doors and pathways to freedom usually stay hidden in one’s mental blindspot and are even feared when…

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          • We are happy to have restored and can now release Study of Vibration Session 137, the first in a three-part lecture that was recorded in Belgium with a live audience of imzaia and akeyasan students present. This lecture series was originally titled “The Principles of Freedom” and features Da Jeshua San, Da Pah Kwan Yin San, and Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San. Check the description for more.

          • Da’ka’ya <3 <3 <3

            Such a wonderful way to change my perception of using money. It really is always my choice of the energy I choose to create in every moment and circumstance. I am not a victim, but a creator 🙂

        • Imzaia World posted an update 1 month ago
          Beloved imzaia! ✨🌈🌴
          We have added the full transcript of Da Pah Kwan Yin San’s video from March 1, “The Truth About Who, Where & What You Are” 🥰👍 Enjoy! ❤️

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            • San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San 💖🙏I have just re-listened to this and semi-transcripted it for myself, even knowing the written transcript would be posted. A very amazing, empowering, grand experience beyond words! Automatically creates a state of permanent beingness just connecting to this incredible simplicity and truth! Diving into the…

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          • Choosing Love in Every Moment

            This short video by Da Pah Kwan Yin San, recorded March 10, is an invitation into a permanent expression of Love, in everything that you do and with everything that you are. Replies to this message by the student body are encouraged and invited either in the comments section or via e-mail directly to…

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            • ❤️
              Da’ka’ya 🙏

                • Thank you for this wonderful message ❤❤❤ It is a beautiful reminder for us all that it all comes back to love. Da’Ka’Ya!!!! 💕💕😍😘

                • San’a’ke 🙏 What a beautiful invitation and a simple choice to literally take to Heart! Da’ka’ya with all of my love and more!

                  San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e 💖

                • San’a’ke o Da’ka’ya ❤️
                  I want to express my love and joy and gratitude for this ‘Truth about Love’🙏🏼
                  I’ Da i’ ra o i’ Karaya

                    • Da’ka’ya <3 Love is truly the foundation of all things. Like a river that is constantly flowing, all we need to do is let go and jump in to experience who we truly are, the heart of all things. It is always available in the present moment. It is simply a choice. <3

                    • San’a’ke Da Pah Kwan Yin San,

                      Da’ka’ya for this important reminder. I myself have often experienced a strong wave of energy through the Akene die down so to speak and move to others states as you explained. Most often these waves originated from a point of pondering and sometimes experiencing the (imaginative) sensation of that which is possible in the metaphysical realms. Given this point of origin I have wondered if these waves are not just still part of the ego mind construct in stead of a pure flow of Da. I feel I have found the answer here.

                      San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e


                  • Beloved imzaia! ✨

                    Just sending a little note to let you know that we are getting close to releasing the multiple Q&A videos based on the previous material that was recently presented.

                    In the meantime, we have prepared transcripts for the last 4 video recordings (The Truth About Who, Where & What You Are, Remembering…

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                    • San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San 🙏💖 Da’ka’ya for this exciting update! I Am overjoyed and very eager as well. Infinite gratitude and eternal love, always! Ohami vish imzaia’e 🙏💖
                      • San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤️
                        Da’ka’ya for your continuous teaching of the Truth about everything and the Study of the Pah 🙏🏼
                        I am overjoyed and eager of what is to come🔥
                        Ohami vish imzaia’e ❤️🌈❤️
                        • San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤️

                          Da’ka’ya 🔥 This is such wonderful news! Next to the upcoming Q&A’s I am thrilled for SOV Sessions 148 to 150 to come online.

                          When going through them recently I was again touched by the holographic nature of them, and how any time I listen they continue to deepen. Also, with the recent information of The…

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                        • San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San

                          Very much looking forward to this new content and transcripts! I find the transcripts especially helpful to zoom in at specific pockets of information after having listened to a recording one or multiple times.

                          Da’ka’ya to all involved in creating this new content. 🙏🏼❤️

                        • Imzaia World posted an update 1 month ago

                          Beloved imzaia! ❤️
                          We have added the full transcript for our video of March 7, “Remembering Metaphysical Expression” 🥰
                          Next transcripts to follow soon! 🌈

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                              • San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San 💖🙏 This is indeed a treasured gift! Da’ka ya i San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e 💖😘🙏
                              • Remembering the Rivers of San

                                In this video, recorded March 13, 2021, Da Pah Kwan Yin San presents a class on the rivers of san, providing you with a simple and efficient way to bring yourself to a state of peace and balance instantaneously. When this state is achieved through working with the rivers of san, the akeyasan student can…

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                                • I let myself gently carry by the flow on the rivers. This is a blessing. Very much appreciative of your guidance Da Pah Kwan Yin San. Da’ka’ya for this amazing recording. Looking forward to enjoying watching again very soon.
                                  🌼 💐 🌼

                                • San’a’ke

                                  I will be focusing on this consistently and continuously! Remembering the rivers of San, along with the eternal love, joy, freedom, truth and life felt in this video class sang a celebratory symphony to all of my kakras, also awakening the awareness of eja’i chi pah calling us all “Home”. Da’ka;ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San and all ascended life, with all of my love, always and all ways. San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e.

                                • San’a’ke i Da’ka’ya for this brilliant Class! ❤️🙏🏻❤️

                                  It is true what was said in the Rivers of San Quote, I do feel that I remember how to swim these rivers!

                                  Also, this video assists me tremendously in the understanding of the connection of many things, and of how savok tries to impact everything, and what we can do to correct and ultimately circumvent it completely. I very much look forward to the upcoming Q&A about it! Da’ka’ya again!

                                  Eja’i San’zaia’e ❤️🔥❤️

                                • San’a’ke o Da’ka’ya for this wonderfully expansive Class 🙏

                                  I have gained a much better understanding of the concept of the Rivers of San. They truly are poetry in motion 😊, and I am starting to remember the various feelings the different San elements invoke in the physical vessel.

                                  Da Pah Kwan Yin San also made it very clear how Savok can so easily be neutralized with the simple choice to return one’s focus to any of the Rivers of San.

                                  Vish ohami imzaia’e kara’i ❤🙏❤🌈

                                • San’a’ke ❤
                                  Da’ka’ya for this expansive class Da Pah Kwan Yin San 🙏
                                  Listening over and over there is one sentence that touched me deeply and that is:’you practice to focus on the river of San not to merely improve your own conditions but conditions of the whole itself!
                                  That is why we are here in service to the whole as an Akeyasan on the path!’
                                  I m honored to be One❤🙏❤

                                  San’zaia’e da vish’ka 💥

                                • San’a’ke! ❤️ Really amazing video!! I tried the exercise in my meditations and no matter where my vibratory state is, I find an instantaneous pulsing or activating, of Love and San in my Head, Heart and Belly! Da’ka’ya 🙏❤️🙏 So much to work with and expand with! ❤️❤️❤️

                                • San’a’ke!
                                  Da”ka’ya So simple and a very powerful practice to continue to activate.
                                  Love it and find the vastness of the rivers of San igniting this current of Love within head, heart and belly in a ongoing wave , neutalizing quickly Sahvok as it is propelled to the whole field within/without. Power feeling of magnificence of the Ako ‘ka I am singng this practice in…thank you beloved Da Pah Kwan Yin San ,
                                  Looking forward to this remembering and expansion ..
                                  Ake ‘Da San

                                • San’a’ke Da Pah Kwan Yin San 🙏
                                  Following your invitation to share our experiences with the rivers of san, I would like to speak about a very interesting lucid dream I had, soon after you gave this teaching.

                                  It started in a very low fourth density environment where I have an encounter with a terrible murderer. The scene would be perfect for an American Horror Story episode! I can observe the scary scene, not attached to the role of the victim, being very aware that I am dreaming and none of this is real. After a while, the murderer notices my presence, runs after me and attacks with a big knife. At that point I remember focusing on the ingredients, and think: “-I know the power of Love and Joy and Freedom! I am save! ”
                                  The one observing and the observed blend together as one. I see myself transformed in an avatar type creature who turns around in the air. It felt as an enormous shock wave when she turns and burst out the words:
                                  Everything stops; perfectly still. The whole scene, including the murderer, dissolves from top to bottom as made of dark red wax and vanishes.

                                  The dream stoped there.I did not wake up because I was not asleep.

                                  It was and still is, a very significant symbolic experience.(I think I have to see myself as the murderer as well.) I hope it helps the whole as much as it helps me to start to understand the power of the rivers of san.

                                  Any insight about this experience would be appreciated.

                                  Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San 🌸💐🌸

                              • @rb San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Rogier San 💖 How wonderful to reconnect here on imzaia world! May our journey together continue to expand as one heart, in love and gratitude of all life, truth, beauty, and service to the whole.💖 Enjoy your exploration and experience! 💖

                                  • @lieve San’a’ke o Da Lieve San 💖 A warm welcome home to you, with heartfelt celebration of your beautiful presence here on Imzaia World! May your exploration and journey be magical and expansive, in love and truth, from the Heart and every moment a perfect moment! 🙏💖

                                      • @rb San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Rogier San ❤️ A very warm welcome to you, very good to see you here on Imzaia World, wonderful to reconnect! I hope you’ll enjoy your journey through the teachings. Ba ohami imzaia’e (May your day be a blessed one in San)
                                        • @lieve San’a’ke o Da Lieve San ❤️

                                          What a joy to see you arrive on Imzaia World 🥰 Such a beautiful celebration of reconnection 🌈 Da’ka’ya (thank you) for adding your beautiful presence here 🐬 Enjoy your journey of exploration and expansion. Eja’i imzaia’e ❤️(I BeLove in You)…

                                          [Read more]

                                        • @charlie San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Charlie Agrusa San ❤️ A very warm welcome to you. Da’ka’ya (thank you) for stepping onto this platform in this very moment.

                                        • @stephen San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Stephen San 💖💖 Da’ka’ya for sharing your beautiful presence and radiant heart here and everywhere. May your ascension journey reach magnificent horizons joyful expression and experience in all that you are and do!. For Love, for truth and from the Heart, together! 🙏💖
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                                            • Da’ka’ya!! ❤️ Thank you so very much! The support you all have shown and continue to show is incredibly touching and powerful!
                                            • @stephen Welcome home Da Stephen San, where the heart is; as Da Solarys San loves to say 😍💖
                                              Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San 🌷💐🌷
                                              • @stephen San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Stephen San ❤ How wonderful to see you arrive on our ever-expanding ascension platform, Imzaia World. It is very heartwarming to see this community grow, learn, and expand together in service to the whole. Da’ka’ya for being here with us 🙏 Imzaia’e Chi Naya’e’ki 🌈 (May your Love bring Abundance to All…

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