Virtual Seminar 1 - In the Mood for Ascension!

10 November 2007

This little, five minutes long installment of the Meaning of Life Virtual Seminar collection, brings us to the midway point of the first of three recorded Meaning of Life seminars in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Although it is brief, Da Jeshua San takes the time to share some extremely important and fundamental metaphysical truths; and, as such, should the sentences spoken in this video be applied to one’s everyday life and interaction with reality consistently and continuously, they would invoke the ascension path for the student and open it up in the now moment, right there and then.

This short recording comes at the start of the afternoon of day 2 of the Meaning of Life event, right after Da Jeshua San’s Goodbye to Mind Experience (SOV 172) and minutes before the start of the video recording following this one, the Return to Lemuria Eja’i chi pah Experience.


The Virtual Seminar video series consists of the recorded video archive of 3 multi-day seminars that were hosted and presented by Da Jeshua San in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Until this moment of its release, in 2022, only 14 of the 60 videos had ever been published and distributed, in 2007, which at the time were known as the “Mastering the Grand Illusions” series.

Now that we have the opportunity to restore and release these 3 seminars in their entirety, we are thrilled to present them to you as Virtual Seminars, giving anyone at any point in time going forward, the ability to attend these magical weeks and join Da Jeshua San and all attending.

Many of the videos that were previously unreleased ended up that way due to the fact that they had been recorded in Dutch. We have now been able to fix that issue through English subtitling and making an English translation available as a transcript.

As you will come to see, the many hours of recording, prior to, during, and after the registration of the 14 parts of the Mastering the Grand Illusions videos, offer vital metaphysical information, which will deepen your understanding of the earlier releases.

(Da Jeshua San) We are now at the midway point of this first 3-day event, well on our way to enter a space of Joy in the next day and a half, and to choose, consciously, to remain in that space of Joy, even in the face of pain, the face of sadness, or the face of fear, because you are bigger than those things, you are beyond them. 

You are a creator. You decide how you feel. These are your golden times, It is your golden essence. This is your golden throne. 

So, let’s get to work on doing just that in the coming days. And, for those of you that will be along for the ride of all three events, in the town of Retie – to ride to Retie or not to ride to Retie! 

Anyway, there we will continue to build on this energy. And just to remind you, there is still room for anyone thinking to attend. So, if you are excited about that, just check in with Da Ambika San about it. 

But for now, let’s get into geometry. Eja’i chi pah. 

Eja’i I chi pah, indeed. Eja’i, translated out of lemurian, means, “as it is,” or, alternatively, “as you are.”

“Chi” is in reference to life force energy. “As you express your life right now,” or “being here now.” 

It is the only thing that matters. Your past is but a story. Your future is but a potential. The past and the future are born out of the now moment. The past is never fixed, much like the future is not fixed. 

And, in the same way, the now moment itself is not fixed. You always have the power and possibility to choose a different energy. Because the energy of all potential outcomes is within you. 

Yesterday, after the movie we played, Da Thea San mentioned to me, at the end of the movie it said, “and now, let the free energy come in,” and Da Thea San comes to me and says, actually, it should have said: “and now, let the free energy come out,” and it’s very true, because all potential energy exists within us, and it is us, ourselves, who decide whether it comes out or it doesn’t, because, ultimately, we are the collective consciousness of this planet earth. 

The path of that energy, the direction it goes into, is chosen by all individuals within the collective, resulting in a unified outcome of how things evolve. 

You Are a Geometrical Being

Eja’i chi pah works in that same way. It is based on geometry, which means that the power of the energy is within your hands. Because, at heart, you are a geometrical being, of higher dimensions, which is constantly converting potentials into reality. You do so all the time, but often we do not realize that we are that energy, that it is us who convert that energy into reality. 

Eja’i chi pah aims to restore your faith and your confidence in this fact, and thus to reactivate this knowingness within yourself. The rest of the afternoon, we will introduce you to eja’i chi pah. 

The art of movement differs strongly from any form of martial art because the art of movement comes from within you, while any other form – tai chi, karate, kung fu, and others – is actually imposed on you from outside forces and authorities. 

Eja’i chi pah is completely focused on the movement of energy from within you to the outside world. As such, as it is with dahlyn, the language based on geometry that we discussed earlier, there is absolutely no imposed method. There is no predetermination in any of the movements. You are the movement at any point in time. 

You are the fluid advancement of the now in perpetual motion, which is why you can change your past and determine your future, eventually. 

After that, we will get into some other metaphysical exercises that we have planned for later today still. Then, by the end of the day, another ekaraia session is scheduled, which goes straight into dinner and the free trinity talk evening, during which we will do the trinity talk, and Da Magdalen San’s chat about the Dolphin Heart Fund, and we’ll share about Hawai’i, all before the party. 

All right! Can I ask you to move all the chairs out of the way? 

A link to the Virtual Seminar Study Index page will be made available here soon.

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