I Am Awareness over Matter

Da Jeshua San

This is a 15 minute clip featuring Da Jeshua San, taken from an Ascension Radio episode, in which a personal encounter with a mosquito leads to a discussion on the concept of I Am Awareness.

Da Jeshua San invites you to raise your level of awareness to the holographic nature of reality and to explore your consciousness and its aware, or unaware, interaction with the reality that surrounds you as your creation.

Presented & recorded during an Ascension Radio broadcast on May 13, 2009

What BUGS you?

Da Jeshua San: I was sitting in my room working at my computer on my bed feeling very peaceful and one with all things. I was/am in a very good, balanced mode, in line with the spirit I am within and then there was a mosquito buzzing about. After the door had already slammed several times because of the wind and I was able to maintain my I AM consciousness state of awareness, I could not maintain my level with the mosquito. I am aware that when the mosquito acted I became the reactor and at that moment identified with my body. My reaction was to scold the mosquito to GO AWAY. I actually said it out loud. I got up and closed the window but after that the mosquito plague only got worse. I wrote a question to myself, to Da Pah Ekara San, or to whomever wanted to listen:

How do you act as I AM in a reactive universe that dominates you into being the reactor instead of the actor?

Funny thing was, in the course of writing down my question, the answer was beginning to form, which was:


Now, I am awareness over matter is actually a good one in the ascension teaching that I have done with people throughout my lifetimes and generations. We did exercises that allowed people to move their consciousness into a flying bird, merge with the bird and observe the landscape, for example. You just change your point of observation at that time. But being awareness over matter is quite a different thing altogether.

Do you have any feelings for this?

I am awareness over matter.

What happens to you on the INSIDE when you hear this statement?

I am awareness over matter.

Let’s go deeper still.

What do you really feel there? What does your essence, your sense of knowing tell you?

I am awareness over matter.

So how do you do it practically? How are you awareness over matter?

If you say you don’t know, it is not awareness over matter, it is matter over awareness. Now you are actually using the matter, which are your neuro-synaptic pathways, to research throughout your brain and see that the knowledge hasn’t been stored there yet. This is something you cannot get from the third brain. This is really an awareness over matter that quite literally needs to transcend who you are at this moment.

I guarantee you, there is no answer that you cannot give. There is no question that you cannot answer.

Remember in Lorien’s first message (The Study of Vibration – Session 248) he said we need you now to reach down into your DNA throughout the lifetimes. Take up from there the knowledge that you have all been doctors, artists, scientists. You have been all life incarnated all throughout the universe, even things we have not experienced ourselves as physical incarnations. For instance, there is only one out of so many people who gets to be Pharaoh, but there are thousands of people today remembering that they have been a pharaoh because all of these things are coming together. 

Now, instead of going to your brain to answer these questions I’m not going to say go to your heart. We all know the importance of the heart, but it won’t answer your questions either. The heart is the river that will lead you to the answers by its natural flow. Go to your heart and really know that you have the answer. This is something that a lot of pioneers are not understanding.

Da Pah Ekara San’s opening statement (The Study of Vibration – Session 250) clearly states that all of us have been these mystery school scholars, that we have built this knowledge up for years. For you to say I don’t know or that you can’t do something, who are you kidding? It’s time to stop fooling yourself. Imagine the answer. Let it come out of you. Know that you cannot do or make a mistake. If you just allow the fantasy to move out of the way and allow the imagination to come in, there is going to be an answer. The answer may not be the linear answer you were expecting.

Let’s go again. If you go into I am awareness over matter… this is a very basic formula that you have been co-creating throughout your mystery school days, throughout your mystic days. You knew what that meant. You had to have known what that truly meant or you could not have put yourself in the position you are in now to actually answer it. You see what I mean?

We need to rise up. We need to rise above ourselves. We need to look at all these personalities we have created throughout the lives. Even if you don’t find the answer there, then just look at life itself. There is an interconnectedness within you, which is life. In that flow is Akeneic space. In that Akeneic space is this answer.

What is the only true answer that consciousness can give to the statement “I am awareness over matter?”

The only answer is I AM.

The only answer consciousness ever gives is I AM.

So, what if someone, who is in a mental state of personality, says to you, “You are filth; you are disgusting.” Consciousness says I AM. It never steps away from anything. Consciousness never expects NOT to know the answer because it knows that the question is itself. Even without having the physical answer, what consciousness would do, is to say I AM, a statement which it would then explore. This is the act of exploration.

You are not attending this pioneers college to get all the answers. You are attending so you may remember how to explore. If we, or any of the channeled messengers, would pretend to have the answer, they would rip you away from the act of exploring. All of these answers are always introducing directions to your sense of direction. Consciousness does not pretend to want to come up with the same answer twice. In the next moment it answers, its awareness will have changed. You see?

This was just a silly example. We brought up this little mosquito story, not to provide the answers for you, but to do what consciousness does.

I am awareness over matter is a direction that you can use. This is how the exploratory talks work that you can use to create your own mosquito experiences. Open up to exploring and investigating yourself further. Do not just push the mosquito away but actually go into the experience of it. See how it would be to actually be able to change your reality, in cooperation and co-creation with it.

So, try this out whenever something bothers you or bugs you. Go to the statement I AM AWARENESS OVER MATTER.

Try not to go to your third brain or head when you answer it or when you try to explore it. Only go the pineal lobe or the neo-cortex for this. Allow that answer to be with you and take whatever happens into the Akene and from there into the Adonai, which is in the belly.

Just see what happens.

What we need to become aware of is that this is an interactive holographic platform of information, which is built to have us join this ascension process as One.

The more you explore, the more you investigate, the more you question the material, question yourself, question your experiences and deepen them, the more it will have an effect on how the hologram is built up.

We need to realize now that we are a hologram together. What is happening to one of us is going to be presented to all of us. Keep that in mind as you go deeper into the statement I AM AWARENESS OVER MATTER and all of this material that is available.

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Da Akeyasan Christine San
Da Akeyasan Christine San
1 year ago

I am awareness over matter. I feel an expansion that moves beyond this physical body and mind into the sense of being the source all things. Da’ka’ya!! ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San

San’a’ke i da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤️ for posting this ‘exploratory talk’ with Da Jeshua San, one I have been enjoying remembering bits and pieces of over the last several days. Re-listening now, the depth, breadth, and potential for practical application delightfully tickles all of my kakras with love, gratitude, and passion, and I intend to up the ante with continued exploration of this simple, impactful practice.

My first experience with this conversation via Ascension Radio helped me a lot in opening up generally, and specifically through exploring how it would be to consciously create and change my reality and impact the hologram, as a matter of conscious choice and practice, knowing I AM awareness over matter and that I AM awareness….very up close and personally.

This was a major marker on my path that led to several big jumps afterwards, vectors leading me to being here now. I will cherish this wonder-full conversation with Da Jeshua San for all eternity.

Da’ka’yi Da Jeshua San…for everything. ❤️

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e,
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke ❤️

Da’ka’ya for this very fascinating teaching. ‘I am awareness over matter’ pulls you out of separation. As long as I look at a mosquito (or whatever it may be) as being separate from me, it will always bug me. In the I AM, the mosquito and I are one. I recognize it as my creation and my creator. And in that, I am awareness over matter.

San’a’kaya i ohami imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

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