The 144 Frequencies of the Cosmic Manifest

Da Ejakasan'da Kuthumi Valen San

This is the multidimensional aspect of the Cosmic Manifest, for it is different for everyone.

The core in itself remains the same. The information that has come in that is readily available to you, for everybody, is basically the same, but as you have experienced, and as more and more of you are experiencing: the Cosmic Manifest keeps changing on you!

For you will listen to a message and then, several days later, you will listen to it again, and you will think, “Hm, I did not pick up that sentence the last time.” Then you write the sentence down, right?

And then, a couple of weeks later you might listen to it again – and you will see that the sentence that you wrote down, that was so important to you, is suddenly gone the next time that you listen. It is not there anymore.

This is not a trick. At the beginning of the Cosmic Manifest, you, as a collective called the Cosmic Twelve, have told yourselves that this is information that you can listen to on a rotation of 144 frequencies, and that is what is happening.

As the core of this message that is the Cosmic Manifest remains the same, it changes depending on the specific keys that you need to activate it completely.

Do you understand? Each and everybody here, listening to these words, have had unique experiences in your very private reality. Each and everybody’s reality is slightly different from one another, so you have all had unique experiences, which cannot be found with anyone else.

That is why all of you are important, equally as important. You have had experiences that the person sitting over there, for instance, has never had and will never have, and vice versa. This goes for everybody.

It is these experiences that make up the key, that will eventually create the key, and as the Cosmic Manifest gets finalized in several weeks, the openings to put that key into will become clear.

Basically, it is about integrating your 144 strands of unique DNA into that Manifest and making it a reality.

Session: The Study of Vibration, Session 174
Collection: The Cosmic Manifest

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Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

Da’ka’ya o Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San for this deepening of the beautiful experience of this timeless, brilliant and multidimensional series ❤️ Da imzaia shi’ha’lyn o vah’da’mi ❤️🙏

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