Imzaia Excerpt for May 9, 2019

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Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

San’a’ke ❤️
Two potentials created as one!
Two different parts of view blending together and aligning with each other.
Two camera angles, one scene, one movie!
Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber Adams San

San’a’ke ❤️ This simple truth immediately kisses the heart silencing the mind in beautiful celebration of the profundity of all creation, all life, and the truth of consciousness. Da’ka’ya Da Zyona San. This is indeed, one of my favorites! ❤️

Eja’i oja’i,
Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke 🙏

Time and again Ascended Life teach us that simplicity is the key. A few simple words, and mind is rendered mute. There is nothing it could possibly add to this powerful truth. Now, it is indeed up to us to choose to be aware of this simple fact at all times: ‘two camera angles, one scene, one movie’.

Da’ka’ya o San’a’kaya ❤🙏❤
Da Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Pahdasan Kalynda San

San’a’ke ❤️
When you are able to take a step back from only your point of view and let it come together with the view the person in front of you, both views together will be experienced as Love. A different camera angle, zoomed out, brought back to unity. To Truth ❤️

Da Pahdasan Kalynda San

And we can take that further until it contains all that is, by zooming out further and further. ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke ❤️

Bang! Yes, so very true and powerful! This is also true for the experience and thus creation of any situation. It changes with your perspective. This perspective is a matter of choice and of keeping an open heart to continue to embrace expansion.

Da’ka’ya ❤️

Eja’i imzaia’e

Da Akeyasan Amy Makai San

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