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In Session 334, Da Pah Kwan Yin San and Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San present the second chapter of what was originally titled “The Solar Activations” webinar. The first 40 minutes of this mind-bending Session are spent connecting to the akeyasan student body that was in live attendance during the original date of recording, 5 January 2016. During this time, questions about Session 333 are answered and an update is presented about evolutionary events taking place on a personal, universal, and cosmic scale, the result of your study and working with this metaphysical material.

What follows in the next hour is a channeled presentation by Da Honoleia San, which is, in essence, the consciousness that expresses in this third dimensional world as our Sun. Da Honoleia San brings a message of totality and speaks of the oneness of tonal space, your point of origin. From this perspective, you become creator and translator of reality with “your” point of consciousness being the filter through which reality is observed and, ultimately, changed.

Da Honoleia San goes on to discuss the importance of recognizing the true tonal space that you, as the akeyasan student on your ascension path, have now entered into. Between the consciousness of herself, Da Honoleia San, and the consciousness of this planet Earth, Da Gaia San, there is a heliospherical relationship, in which one has the ability to create one’s sovereign domain. This allows you to tonally experience the reality field that you currently sit in.

In this Session, you are invited to explore the relationship between you and Da Honoleia San, and the consciousness of the solar system in general, while no longer merely working with limited energy expressions such as the electromagnetic field, but by instead moving into the higher expressions of these, which exist in the tonal realms, as do you. Here, no separation exists. No time, no space. This, then, is your invitation, by Da Honoleia San and the consciousness of this solar system, to release these concepts once and for all, and to come to realize and experience the truth of the self, the other, and the whole.

Other Topics Include...

The awakening of the Flower of Life  •  Creating from tonal space  •  The Merkavah and the Flower of Life geometry  •  There are no restrictions in the tonal field  •  The feminine frequency of Da Honoleia San  •  Da Honoleia San as an aspect of the Central Sun  •  Recreating the experience of time and space  •  Stepping out of the life-, death-, and rebirth cycle  •  You communicate with the rest of the universe  •  Princess Leia  •  There is no point to creation  •  Exercise: manifesting Lemurian seed crystals  •  And much more.

Originally Titled: “The Solar Activations, Part 2” | AscendoSphere Webinars

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Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San
Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke ❤️ Wow, I have to say, listening to Da Honoleia San in this now, is awesomely impactful. First of all, her energy is hugely uplifting, but also, the truth she is sharing is obliterating quite some belief systems I was not ready to let go of before this moment. She truly did come in as a wrecking ball, and I am tremendously grateful for that! Da’ka’ya o Da Honoleia San, i Da’kaya o Da Pah Kwan Yin San for bringing in this awesome message, and for publishing it on Imzaia World for us to connect to. I surely will… Read more »

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke 🙏 Being able to connect with our solar, planetary, and stellar aspects in this way truly is a mind-altering experience, as, for the first time in this current experience, we learn about creation and existence from the perspective of our solar system. As there is so much ‘new’ information we are provided within this Session, every paragraph is worth some thorough contemplation. What stood out for me today, as I listened to Da Honoleia San again, was the fact that there is ‘no point, no goal to creation.’ She says, “You will understand why there can possibly be no… Read more »

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