Imagine being transported instantly to the beloved beaches by Merlin’s Cave, in Tintagel, UK, where the magic of Camelot is as potent today as it ever was and the mists of Avalon reign supreme.

Imagine the magic of Merlin’s cave to your left, the pebbled beach and the ocean in front of you, and a misty waterfall of water particles to your right, a portal to anywhere your imagination wants to go.

You are sitting on rocks that are dotted around everywhere, some big enough to cast a shadow next to Da Jeshua San, who is standing in front of you, and some rocks ancient enough to have been touched by countless hands and hearts, not just during the Camelot days, but in the era of Lemuria itself.

This is where you are about to go, and it is where this 144th Session of the Study of Vibration is taking place, right now, and evermore.

In this Session, Da Jeshua San takes you and the rest of the akeyasan student body on a journey that begins in the mind, but truly commences in the heart. The human species, he says, has grown increasingly accustomed to listening to the sounds of mind, even the beating of the human heart is, in many ways, a bringer of comfort. Yet few can hear the stillness of the heart, the moment in between the heartbeats.

Humans are drawn to noise because of mind. After all, mind can only exist in relation to the ego and personality, in a complex construct, and therefore, mind can only exist when it is thinking a thought.

Da Jeshua San continues to explain what thoughts are, how they are made, and why they exist. He goes on to say that thoughts are never personal and that the only reason they even exist to begin with is humanity’s belief that it is separated from the surrounding world. “If you would realize,” Da Jeshua San continues, “that this is all you, there would be no need for thought.”

These are only a few of the early topics that are presented in Session 144. If you wish to proceed into the experience with Da Jeshua San, the time has come to make yourself comfortable on your spot on this magical beach; time to enter the space in between.

You are invited to merge into the stillness in between the heartbeats, where the sun and moon dance, where all things that surround you are alive beyond compare, and where the heart of all things pours out of you as the infinite flow of San.

Originally Titled: “The Space in Between” | The Cosmic Manifest series

The Study of Vibration | Session 144

by Da Jeshua San

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT – The following is a speech-to-text, unedited record of the video session on this page. It has been created by the akeyasan student body, at the request of ascended life, and has been adapted only slightly for grammar purposes where needed.

And so it is.

Dear Imzaia, energy weavers, enlightened seekers, enlightened ones, I welcome you.

There is water, do you hear the water? Do you smell it? Do you taste it? Do you feel it all around you? Do you feel it inside of you? There are waves, waves that are not coming into you, but waves that are pouring out, pouring out of you in every single moment. There is a stillness… a stillness that exists between the beating of the human heart. These are the waves that come out of you, if only you noticed them.

All of us on this Earth are accustomed to listening to the sounds of things, listening to the beating of the heart. But none listen to the silence of the heart. None listen to the moments in between to the power of stillness.

The reason why we are all drawn to noise is the mind, for the mind can only exist when it is thinking, and thoughts are precious on this planet, in this life. Thoughts make money; thoughts create movement. And where can we find stillness? In consciousness and consciousness does not exist in the mind, it exists in the heart.

There are so many today who are traveling the world, looking for answers, looking for portals. Most do not see that every place where you are, a portal exists, everywhere. It is always the heart.

We are very close here to Merlin’s Cave now, and some of you here have entered the cave before. You just entered into a space, your heart was not in that space. Today your heart is inside.

The stillness of consciousness, the stillness of non-movement, daring to not move, daring to exist within that place where science says there is no life, there is no energy, there is no electricity going on inside of the human heart. Science says that it is the pumping of the heart that creates life, but it is the stillness of the heart that creates consciousness. If we look at this, then this would mean that life and consciousness are not equals, are they? They are not.

Life is just an expression of biology; consciousness does not need life to exist. Consciousness never needs life to exist. The Lemurian consciousness has been on this planet for generations, decades, eons since its final reckoning. It has had no life, biological life that we know today. And yet, it exists.

Because science looks at the beating of the heart, it can never understand consciousness. It can never understand that when you enter into stillness you do not need a body. You do not need movement; you do not need all of these things. You exist anyway, and that is the message in water. The waves can only exist in the moments between the waves; then they enter into completion; then they enter into a state of infinity. And this stillness is something that people tend to run away from.

Stillness Raises Consciousness

Today, I want you to look at your stillness. Examine your day; see how many thoughts you have had, even though you are enlightened seekers, even though you call yourselves Imzaia, even though you are the ones who are willing to change the planet, to raise the consciousness.

Raising consciousness cannot be found in a technique. It cannot be found in these words that I am speaking now. It is found in stillness. Raising consciousness happens at a point where you lose your train of thought. And again, losing a train of thought, forgetting what you were saying, forgetting what you were thinking is seen as negative on this planet. For if you forget your train of thought then indeed you must not be productive, right?

Maybe the most productive you can be on the planet right now is eliminating every single thought. This does not mean eliminating consciousness. This does not mean eliminating stillness. If you take what we have said about water and the human heart up to your brain, what do you think happens to the brain when the brain is not thinking? There is still electrical activity; there are just no thoughts.

Thoughts are not your own. They are just a reaction to an outside environment that you do not see as your own environment. The only reason why thoughts exist is because you have displaced yourselves from the world around you. If you see yourself as a whole to the world around you, if you see that the rocks you are sitting on, if you see that the sky that you are looking at, the waves that you are looking at on this beautiful beach indeed, are you then there is no need for thought. The only reason why thoughts exist is because you have created a displacement wave between you and everything around you.

Here you sit and you look at each other, if you wish, and you think it is a different person. You think it is a different material, this rock is not made of flesh and bone, so it can’t be you. But who says that you are made of flesh and bone? Who says that this flesh and bone that you carry around you is real?

Have you ever looked at another person with your heart? If you do, the flesh does not matter; the structure of the face does not matter; the structure of the body, the thickness of matter does not matter. Yet, when we think, we tend to compare. We enter into comparison. And there we go: the moment you think one thought, automatically you will need another; the mind will need another so that the first thought and the second thought can be compared. And when that comparison is complete and a balance is created between two thoughts, a third one is necessary. For once again we need to go into comparison; we need to look at what is us and what is the other. 

The Space Between the Heartbeats

Once you have processed a thought, you will think it is your own, and so a new one comes in. And again you need the comparison and you compare it to what you already know; never to what you already feel, you see? And yet, the heart knows about stillness. It knows that true consciousness exists between these tiny little heartbeats.

Before this Ekaraia started, this talk, you were thinking about the Lemurians and you were talking about how the Lemurians entered into the rocks. As their bodies disappeared, their consciousness continued to exist. How do you think a Lemurian gets into a rock – and this is not a joke? How do you think he gets into a rock. How do you think you could get into a rock?

Akeyasan: Be the rock?

Da Jeshua San: Yes, but how can you be the rock?

Akeyasan: Change frequency?

Da Jeshua San: Frequency? There is truth.

Frequency is the same stillness that exists between the heartbeats. Frequency can only appear when two things are defined and in between there is a frequency because a frequency is always a shift. So to the Lemurians in the rock, all they did is choosing to exist between two moments, two heartbeats – and this is where they still are today.

So, for them no time has passed. It is the physical level, the physical plane that creates the heartbeats. So, as the physical plane creates the heartbeats, the physical existence itself, so time is created and so space is created. If you go into the stillness then you can exist anywhere, and this is frequency.

Science sees frequency as an active element; it is not. It is a non-active element, existing in a non-sensic field, in a non-materialistic field. So, if you want to exist, if you want to seek eternal life, if you want to seek eternal joy, eternal consciousness, all you need to do is cancel out the physical waves that are coming in at any given point. For this is existing in time and space… The stillness of consciousness.

What I have given you now is theory. What I have given you now is a place, a field that you can use to occupy your mind so that you can go into the stillness. There is no place in stillness; it is all around you.

What do you hear… What do you hear when you hear that water? What would happen if you would listen to that water, that waterfall over there, in between your heartbeats? Would the water stop?

What happens when time stops? What happens when space stops? There is enlightenment! The world will look no different than it looks right now. You will still exist within the same world; you will still walk around in the human flesh, if you will. Only, you will not be in the space that occupies the mind at the same time.

The Power of the Heart Space

Those of you who were here last time in Tintagel at Merlin’s cave saw a different space than you have seen today. The previous space you were in was a space of the mind. As I said before, the place you are in today is a space of the heart. It is the same space. There are people walking around. The day is passing by, hours are moving ahead, but to you no time has passed. Your bodies have not aged.

Those of you who would be aware of your physiology, would even have noticed that when you were inside of the cave, your heart was not beating. You were existing in between your heartbeats. This is the secret of the big Merlin. This is the magic of the big Merlin: the ability to raise the consciousness to such an extent that you can exist in stillness, and in stillness there is a void, and in the void reality takes shape – any reality you like, any way you like it.

So then, if this is true, why have you gone through this process of eons and eons and eons of evolution where you had to be on planet Earth, or any other planet, where you had to evolve from this primal thing, this ape like figure that the human body is, to this point? It is simple: You had to understand the nature of reality. You had to understand the grandness of reality and you had to understand about losing control. The mind, because it is always thinking, wants control of its surrounding reality. And yet, it can never achieve its control, and this creates a tension field. This tension field where the frustration builds up to a certain level of loss of control is what you call the ‘ego’. The ego only exists in those who seek control of their environment. If you can surrender control, you achieve control but in a different way.

The mind is always living in the past. It is always looking at a reality like this one around you that existed mere seconds before the thought could form in the head, always. And as such, you have no control over a past reality.

Why does the mind do this? Because it needs to process information. It needs to process information all the time. It needs to look at energy that has been given form, that has been given shape, and it needs to define this shape and this form before it can enter into a thought process.

The heart, when it beats, exists in the now. It does not need time. It does not need to analyze. It does not need to process. It does not need to have thought. It just feels; it just senses its environment around it. And this is the power of love. This is the power of magnetism. It sends out this pulse, you see, constantly, only it does not do it when you would think it does. It does not do it when you have a heartbeat happen in your body. It does it in the moments in between. And this pulse is called ‘love’; this pulse is called ‘consciousness’.

So, stillness is not stillness at all, just like a wave is not a wave at all. A wave is just water, expressing itself. And why? Because of the magnetic pull of the Moon. That is the reason why a wave exists: the magnetic pull of the Moon.

The Eternal Dance of Earth and Moon

The Moon is in love with the Earth; that is why there is a magnetic pull. The Earth is in love with the Moon; that is why they circle around each other, eternally, gracefully, never touching, just discovering one another again and again and again. For the Moon understands that the Earth is always new. The Moon understands that whenever it looks at the Earth, there is something different; no moment is alike.

If indeed the waves are created by the magnetic pull of the Moon, that the waves are created by the Moon loving the Earth, so you can create your reality by being in love with everything around you, looking at things around you in stillness.

You will never hear the Moon and the Earth talk, never. They do not need to. They understand each other. They have an agreement, you see. They have a relationship towards one another. They gravitate towards one another, and yet, this incredible gravitational field, this mass that is bigger than anything you can imagine with your mind, does not crush the Earth, nor does the Earth crush the Moon. They have found balance. In this huge, huge force called ‘gravity’ they have found balance.

So reality around you is an example. There are huge forces inside of you, huge – inside all of you. You are planets revolving around each other. You are universes trying to make contact. But in making contact, in touch, you try to once again put your energy onto something, some person, some object, and this is something you cannot do. It will always create imbalance. It will always upset the other system.

What if the Moon got so greedy, what if the moon got so lusty that she really needed to penetrate the Earth, touch the Earth, become one with the Earth? She would destroy the Earth and all life. And so, these two great lovers choose to do their eternal dance, hence creating a reality where consciousness can thrive. You have all done this; you have all penetrated one another, energetically speaking, tried to possess the other and you have destroyed others. You have destroyed originality in others, as you have been destroyed by others in your original authentic state as others try to possess you, as they try to control you.

Why would they do such a thing? Only because they thought this was love. They thought it was necessary. If they really wanted to connect that they had to take over the other’s sovereignty. So the story goes on this planet Earth where people continue to do this, where companies continue to do this, where families do it all the time, where economies do it, where countries do it and soon, if you were to discover other life in the universe at this point in time, where planets would do it. You would do great battle indeed.

Balance through Understanding

Is this the point of existence, trying to put your energy onto another life form? No! This is only the result of the mind, creating thoughts by which you think the other life form is not you. If you go into the stillness of the heart, in the moment between the heartbeats, you would know – and you will know and you do know – that all this other life around you, all these other objects revolving around you are really you, just you!

The Moon understands that the Sun is a reflection of the energy of the Earth. The Sun understands that the Moon is a reflection of the energy of the Earth. The Earth understands that the Moon is a reflection of the Sun, and the Sun understands that it is a reflection of Mars, and Mars understand it is a reflection of yet another planet. And so, this entire solar system exists in balance.

If you are listening to this message, if you have put your heart in the position to hear these words, just words, these sounds, then this means that you have gotten to a point where you can be like the solar system, where you can enter into relationships, where you can enter into exchange with another by just revolving around the other, by just using the gravitational field that exists when two magnetic fields, when two fields of love, come together. There is a dance again, you see?

If you raise your consciousness, you would see the entire planet and all life is dancing. You would see that those drops of water that form this waterfall over there that they are not destroying each other; they are just dancing. They are just playing around with all the other elements, ending up as they should; ending up as they can.

Take your examples, take your lessons from the world around you. Take your lessons from the Earth and from the light of the Sun and from the water. Take your lessons, why wouldn’t you? This is the reason why you incarnated into a body and this is why you are on planet Earth right now. This is why you are reliving all the great histories.

As you have talked before at the beginning of this day, when you were talking about the higher self and how the higher self lives all of these lives through time and space, and at one given point, all of these lives, the energy of all the lives, they just subtract and they blend together, becoming one, one life. Then you inject this life back into the Earth. At that point, you are no longer here to learn; you are here to teach.

This is a different perspective. You are not only here to teach others, but you are also here to teach yourselves. But if you say that you are here to learn, then again you place the reality outside of you. If you say that you are here to teach yourself, then this means that the reality is inside of you. And you are teacher of you. This is important because if you are your own teacher, then you are All That Is.

So, now that the great histories are coming back to life, it is time for a new perspective on the planet – histories that existed thousands of years ago in different realities sometimes, like the one you are in right now, England.


England, so many theories about England! So many people who have said Avalon exists in Glastonbury, or Avalon exists on some island, the Isle of Man, or Avalon exists right here in Tintagel, in Cornwall. It is just an energy that exists in the entire country, on the entire island of England, the United Kingdom. The energy is everywhere.

But if you look at Avalon, there is only one way you could get to it: through the waters. And again I remind you that the water itself is not important; it is the movement the water makes, or at best, the energy in between the movements. Just like the human heart.

Now, if Avalon is a different dimension – because we all like to talk about dimensions these days and about all these technical things – now if Avalon is a different dimension and if it can be reached through the non-movement of the water, and if the non-movement of the water is the stillness of the human heart in between the heartbeats, then this means that you can do as the Lemurians once did; that you can travel dimensions, shift dimension by just raising the consciousness in between the movements of the heart.

People today have a much too difficult understanding of dimensions. They connect it with technology, and if you connect it with technology, then you get into this entire system – which is true. You can breach dimensions with technology; you can create artificial magnetic fields, but you can’t dance through the dimensions with technology. You can only do that with your own energy. Again, love is the answer.

What happened here in Merlin’s cave as you shifted dimension, you did it through love. Everybody here was in a state of love, even love for yourself, as you are understanding that you are god. This is love for the Self. Finally! And once you get to this understanding, then you can love the other, the god aspect of the other inside of the other, which is you.

So, as you are dancing through these dimensions, you do not need technology. You do not need high-powered devices to de-materialize your body and displace yourself through time and space. You can do it all by yourself. All you need is love – ra tada tada! It is true!

Ah, the great ones who wrote these parables called ‘music’, called ‘song’, called ‘lyrics’! So many times a day they are played on the radio and so many times a day they are not listened to. They aren’t heard for real. You can listen to so many things; you can inform yourselves to such a great extent that you forget that you have a heart, that you have your own energy to work with at any given point. And this is all you will ever need. Then there are the others, the other expressions of you through time and space, through the universe, all these other names that you have carried and still carry. And then there are even others besides that, who exist in between dimensions.

You see, you are all here this week – we are just in the first day – you are all here this week to understand your relations to nature, your relation to the world, your relation to yourself. You are here this week to understand your own consciousness. Understanding your own consciousness means understanding the entire universe.

And so, you will shift dimensions in the course of this week. You are beginning to do so already today and you will see the great miracles that you like to see. Only, if you wish to see them; only, if you choose to see them; only, if you allow yourselves to see them.

Magnetic Portals

One of these great miracles that exist throughout the universe are these things called ‘magnetic portals’. Now what is a magnetic portal? You will get to learn about these portals, you will get to work with them even – actually you already started working with them today, but you do not realize it yet; you will soon.

What is a magnetic portal? If magnetism is love – the heart again, the heart – then the magnetic portal is love. So, you constantly create magnetic portals if you enter into a state of love, if you go in between the heartbeats and you love one another. Then this is a magnetic portal because you are creating… At that point, you are creating a different reality than the ones you were existing in before. The only problem is, if you create such a reality, if you connect to another person and you get this feeling of love, your brain starts thinking, “I need to hold onto this. This is a good feeling. I need to attach myself to it. I need to grab on.” And so, you destroy the reality that you have just created because you are collapsing again back into a state of mind. There you go, gone… with the wind, which we will deal with tomorrow.

So, love is this constantly shifting… well, I can’t even find words to describe it. It cannot be described. It is like the Lemurians knew. They just had one word for love and for every single feeling and it was called ‘Imzaia’. That was the word they gave for any actual feeling.

Now, back to the magnetic portals. If the Lemurians knew that feeling was something and that love was something you could not really describe and that the love you feel for one person is completely different to the love you feel for another person, or another person, or another person, or another person, then there you go: these are the dimensions of time and space. These are the dimensions of reality. The love that you feel at any given moment in between the heartbeats, it is always different.

So, you are wanting to shift dimension, unknowing that you are constantly shifting dimension, constantly. Every different feeling that you have is another dimension. It is the non-recognition of this that keeps you stuck in your minds. If you were to recognize this simple fact that every feeling of love you have – even for the same person it will be different at any given moment – that this is a different dimension, you would be in constant movement. You would be the waves again, you would be this dance again and you would not get stuck.

So, there you go. You were in the belief system that there were twelve dimensions, so this means that you could only love in twelve different moments of time and space and twelve different ways. What a limitation! What a rejection of the grandness of nature. What a rejection of the grandness of the human heart. And even saying that there is eight billion people on the planet, so there is eight billion dimensions, would also be ridiculous. Some would say, Lemurians would say that this planet is one dimension. What they do is they sub-divide this dimension into sub-levels. They create eight billion, ten billion, fifteen billion different sub-dimensions, which they call ‘relationships’ that you have with one another. They are in the understanding that even this is ridiculous.

You cannot attach a number to a dimension. You cannot attach a number to the drops of water in this ocean behind you or in the waterfall over there, you can’t. No one can. No one should!

The Flow of Life

Maybe one day, there will be a scientist who thinks it would be a good idea to get a grant so that he can analyze how many drops there are in the ocean on this planet Earth. Who knows? Maybe one day, there will be a scientist who wants to discover how many different kinds of love there are. Who knows? But you don’t need to discover this. You only need to experience it. You don’t need to analyze it. You just need to go with this flow you call ‘life’.

If you do this, you will start noticing that the day does not have twenty-four hours, it doesn’t! This is just another belief system. You will discover that a body hasn’t got a limited time of life on this Earth. It is just a belief system. And why? Because it is interesting to the society and the governments that exist today to have a revolving set of humans that they can drain one after the other.

The Lemurians that are in the rocks today, dear ones, they are the ones who started the entire Lemurian experiment. They never died. They never died! The ones that are in here right now are the ones that began everything. You will never find a Lemurian funeral if you were to find scriptures of Lemuria. There isn’t a funeral in Lemuria. There isn’t death. Death only came into play when there was a different way of looking at power; when there was a different way of looking at life itself. When life became divided, when it became important for certain people to have control over other people, a small group to have control over a larger group, this is when the world became mental. This is when technology started to take shape.

Now, there will be more moments when we continue with this, what we are doing now, this Ekaraia. It is going to be up to you to make the shift. Still you are listening. Still you are just listening to ideas. Still you are just being passive basically. And why? Because you are afraid to be alive? Because you are afraid to go into this self-exploration? Because you are afraid of your own inner voice, your own inner knowing? You do not need me to sit here and talk to you all day. You don’t.

You need you to listen to you and to find out about you. And this is something we can do together, but we need to do it together. Maybe it could be an interesting question for you, as you pass this evening that will now commence, because there is time and space, to investigate why it is easier to sit there and listen than to enter into a relationship, to start a dance, a dance of energy.

A Dance from the Heart

I am expressing these energies in words now. Could be more interesting to enter into the dance with me. I have created this Lemurian word. It is a new word and as such it is an old word. A new word for this society called ‘ekaraia’. Let us say it is not a discussion from the heart, but a dance from the heart.

If you believe that you are God also, then it would be much more interesting to interact with one another, instead of just sitting here, passively chewing away at these words that I am giving you. I wonder how they taste. I wonder how they feel. I wonder how they smell. Maybe they just smell like the water, the water that flows at any given point. Do you smell the salt? Do you hear the gulls? The gulls are interacting with me. The water is interacting with me, the waves are. And you create a separation between you and me. You create a person sitting here, giving you words, and I continue to give you words… more words, more words, more words, and why? Until you finally say, “Stop, in the name of love!”

So, how about we end this for today, and tomorrow we look at another way of handling this. Tomorrow I invite you, all of you, to enter into your own universe. I invite you to dance with me. You will be startled at the way in which you dance. You will be startled at the information, at the truth you can flow out of you.

And now, I invite you one last time to look at the ocean and to listen to the ocean and to understand that one wave cannot exist without the other. Let me be one wave, and I just invite you to be the others so that all of us can form this ocean and so that I do not need to be the only one that travels these dimensions.

In the last few days, before most of you were here and we were traveling through Glastonbury, at different points in time, I have tried to take certain people with me into a different type of consciousness to journey together, as it were, through layers of dimension, through layers of truth, through layers of love, and each and every time, everyone has expected me to open the door.

Now I invite you to understand that we are not the door. We are not the key. We are just the waves, and all of us together need to create this ocean. If we can do that, then we can change everything, not from this perspective, of the head, but just from the dance of the heart.

So, let us dance together, just for a while. Until next time.

And so it is.

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Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San


The fact that this Session was recorded on the beach in Tintagel, with the sound of the waterfall and the waves of the sea breaking at the beach in the background, for me greatly enhanced the experience of finding the space between the heartbeats. Even though I was not physically present during that particular recording, I felt and saw myself sitting on the rocks, one with the elements. It is a session that not only brings a deeper understanding of the seat of consciousness and the importance of listening to the stillness in the space between, it also greatly speaks to the imagination by transporting us into the mythical times of Avalon, Camelot, and the great Merlin. Oh, there is so much to be explored still, or rather, remembered!

Da Jeshua San says, “If you raised your consciousness you would see that the entire planet and all life is dancing. You would see that those drops of water that form this waterfall over there are not destroying each other; they are just dancing. They are just playing around with all the other elements, ending up as they should be ending up.

Take your examples; take your lessons from the world around you. Take your lessons from the Earth and from the light of the Sun and from the water.”

Very good advice and one I have taken to heart. It is amazing what we can learn about our own reality creation when we care to observe nature, our external reflection. It truly is a beautiful dance.

Da’ka’ya Da Jeshua San for showing us the way to the heart ❤️

Imzaia’e Chi Naya’e’ki
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Pah Kwan Yin San
2 years ago

San’a’ke o Da Akeyan’shi ❤️ honoleia i da’vish’ka imzaia’e! I am thrilled to be returning Study of Vibration Session 144 to the archives today! ❤️ Originally titled “The Space in Between” and recorded at Merlin’s Cave in Tintagel, UK, on the beach, I gladly present Da Jeshua San and the Waves. Bah’jiht! Enjoy! ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤️ honoleia i da’vish’ka imzaia’e ❤️ Jih’dan ❤️

Da’ka’ya for this great Session, which just ‘happens’ to be number 144 in the Study of Vibration: The Space in Between, the stillness between the heartbeats. The place where consciousness exists.

I am very much looking forward to studying this session again in depth and to contemplating it with my newly gained expanded perspective. I am sure I will find truths in it that have eluded me so far.

San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e
Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

San’a’ke o Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤honoleia i da’vish’ka imzaia’e.
Jih’dan ❤
I am thrilled too that i can listen over and over again to this session that brings the stillness between the heartbeats.
Da Jeshua San brings me into a space-less ,time-less void…pure peace there.
You have to find the rhythm with the s like a dance.

Da’ka’ya Da Jeshua San o Da Pah Kwan Yin San
San’a’kaya’i ohami imzaia’e

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San❤🙏❤

Da Pah Kwan Yin San
2 years ago

San’a’ke ❤️ That is beautiful. Da’ka’ya for sharing your experience in this way.

❤️ Ohami imzaia’e ❤️

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