Remembering the Rivers of San

13 March 2021

In this video, recorded March 13, 2021, Da Pah Kwan Yin San presents a class on the rivers of san, providing you with a simple and efficient way to bring yourself to a state of peace and balance instantaneously.

When this state is achieved through working with the rivers of san, the akeyasan student can enter eja’i chi pah, or the practice of the Pah, and move beyond the finite reality of the ego/mind/personality construct and its grand illusions.

This is a packed 45 minutes presented by Da Pah Kwan Yin San in abundance and in infinite love for you and your ascension path.

Replies to this message by the student body are encouraged and invited either in the comments section or via e-mail directly to

The newsletter mentioned by Da Pah Kwan Yin San in this class can be accessed here.

Beloved One, honoleia i imzaia’e. I am Da Pah Kwan Yin San and I welcome you to Hana San Ka, my home.

I am making this video in response to all of the beautiful messages that we have received in the last few days, in the last week, I guess, in response to all of the videos that we have been putting out and the information that we have been sharing. All of these things have very much touched our heart and our soul and our beingness. We are very grateful to see many of you on Imzaia World, but also on our social media engines, responding to these messages, responding to this information, recognizing San, recognizing the truth of that simplicity, and recognizing the truth of Da, Love. – It was beautiful.

So, in response to that, I would like to create this video to help you take the next step in these things. And, therefore, in this video, I am going to be talking to you about a little concept we like to call the Rivers of San.

Now, in… I guess, it was 2018, I wrote one of the newsletters I was putting out at that time about that particular topic, and I shared a beautiful image, created by Da Ekaraia Gaia San, who is one of the Hana Akeyasans here in Hana San Ka. And underneath it, I wrote a very simple text. And I am going to get it to read it to you right now.

Three of the Many Rivers of San

So, in this message that I put out in 2018, I wrote about the Ako’da, the Ake’da, and the Ado’ka, three of the many Rivers of San.

The Ako’da is a river or a flow of San that works very strongly with the Memory of the Now. I wrote back then, ‘to remember that the past is not where you live nor is the future a destination.’

This is a particular expression of Dahlyn, Ako’da, that works very well with the head kakra.

The next one I wrote about, was, ‘Ake’da, the Presence of the Now. Focus on it and venture far, far from the vibrational lands and habits of mind.’ One that works very well with the heart kakra or the Akene, but, of course, also with the other kakra system.

And finally, I wrote about Ado’ka. ‘Ado’ka, the Bringer of the Now. Focus on it and let yourself flow to the truth of who you truly are.’

So, the Memory of the Now, the Presence of the Now, and the Bringer of the Now – these are three of the many names of Rivers of San, which all are connected to the concept of the Now.

And underneath I wrote: ‘These are three of the many Rivers of San (apparently, I am consistent) that flow through the head kakra or de Akonai’da, the heart kakra or the Akene, and the belly kakra or the Adonai’ka. They are always available to stop any vibrational habit from taking you out of alignment with the true self and the All, beyond mental, physical, and vibrational reality.’

Now, I wrote this back in 2018 as a little reminder, let’s say, to help you understand the constant pull towards – as Da Jeshua San would describe it – the past of the self or the past of the other or the future of the self or the future of the other. Very simple concepts really that take you out of the simplicity of the Now.

But to truly explain to you more about the Rivers of San, I must take you into the head kakra for a minute. And that is why I drew that circle on that board before we got started here today.

Investigating Sahvok

If you look at the simple concept of the head kakra… and for the sake of this drawing, we will imagine that this is a person’s head as seen from above, with the nose being here (a very sharp nose) and the eyes being here, let’s say. So, the person would look out into reality, up.

Now, this is the simplicity of a person’s head kakra, namely the space that is around the head, the sphere that is around the head. Then, as we have explained already in previous videos, you have a constant influx there of San, of life force – or love force or joy force or any of these expressions – coming in through this sort of angle. [see image]

And, as it does, under normal circumstances for a metaphysical being, it simply brings an infinite flow of San in through the head kakra, which then moves around the head kakra and eventually exits here and goes down into the spiral of the heart kakra and begins the momentum there to fill up the energy of San into all three kakra systems, being spread out via the heart kakra at that point, via the Akene.

However, as has been explained to you a very long time ago now, I guess back in 2007, by Da Pah Ekara San, many people who enter this Ekaraia, willingly investigate the notion, the concept of Sahvok, of the ego/mind/personality construct as you call it here.

And in doing so, under normal circumstances, in complete unconscious settings, let’s say, a human being will then create on this side of its head kakra upon the exit point of the San flow, the pressure point or the point of tension known as Sahvok, as we have explained in previous videos.

Making Room for Truth

However, for beings like yourselves who have become aware of all of these things – who have studied the Grand Illusions, who have gone through the early study of San, the beginning understandings of Da Pah Ekara San’s Grand Illusion Study, the Sovereign Ascension Spectrum Study and all of that sort of stuff, where you learn about the creation of the personality and how it is manipulated, in a way, by the Sahvok mentality and energy – when you become aware of all of these things, something very interesting occurs. Because of the illusory aspect that is, ultimately, Sahvok, it must make room for Truth. And as it does, it moves itself; it moves its position from this point, the exit point of the head kakra, towards the entry point. Convenient, isn’t it?

So, here, you could say, the Sahvok point is generated when the Akeyasan accepts the fact that they are on the path of ascension training and are beginning to generate that, which we then like to call the new neural net, as it has been called in previous studies in The Study of Vibration, for instance, but which, interestingly, in The Study of the Pah – and I guess, this will interest a lot of you out there – over here it is generated, and is called, ultimately, the point of Ekara. – He does have a point! He’s always told you. – Here you have the point of Sahvok.

Sahvok, unlike the Dahlyn expression of Ekara, comes to a conclusion in ‘ok’, and we will talk about that much more when we go into the language of creation in other videos, and also into Dahlyn itself, therefore. However, what I’ll already tell you about it now, is that when you see these sorts of expressions, you can pretty much always conclude them to be Atlantean of origin, not Lemurian – at least not of origin, but last expressed during the Atlantean times, much like Dahlyn was last expressed during Lemurian times. And these two points, these two points of expression, of course, overlapped several tens of thousands of years ago, as I have said in videos that we recorded in 2015, which was the main reason why we were in the Algarve, of course, at the time, to reactivate those metaphysical potentials that the Lemurian outpost of that point in Europe still had available through the reactivation of the Flower of Life grid.

Now, that is a lot of words I threw at you. Go, watch my previous videos and then you will understand that much better, but for now, simply remember that this is a typical Atlantean type expression, while this, Ekara, would be a typical Lemurian type, an open, expansive expression. Don’t forget that the Lemurian society very strongly opted for the service to other based way of life, whereas the Atlantean society very strongly opted for the service to self based lifestyle, which then generates not a field of radiation and expansion, but a field of, ultimately, attraction and, therefore, collapse onto one point.

More about that again in another video.

The Sahvok Point Shifts

However, we are going back to this [see image]. So, here we have the head kakra. We have the Sahvok point, which is the initial point of distortion of San energy, or San flow, which has now in most of your cases – because you have made these decisions that I have recently seen you write about in your comments and all of that on my recent videos – for most of you, this has now shifted and is at the entry point of your head kakra. It would be over here [right side] if you were me for a minute.

As the San flow enters the Sahvok point, as also has been explained in ‘The Truth of Who, Where & What You Are’ recently, you get the generation of a pyramid type structure or geometry, where three points of tension are projected from the Sahvok point. We have told you in the previous videos that this can be seen as the ego, mind, and personality construct, the ego/mind/personality construct, which form the three points of tensions, the three points of manifestation of Sahvok at the bottom of its pyramid, as San begins to be turned into Sahn’vok, the absence of Vah, the absence of flow – vok – and San is here being twisted into that.

So, as that happens – and this is how the personality, ultimately, gets created really, what you consider your identity – these points refract back onto the Sahvok point, and to stabilize that – because they want to collapse back onto Sahvok, because it is a service to self based entity, so it is attracting them – but in order to stop that from happening, it must create what you have previously labeled in the Imzaia material (again via Da Pah Ekara San mostly) the pillars of identification.

Now, these can be things that very strongly influence your life as an identity, as an entity on this planet. It can be expressed as… a pillar of identification can be expressed as repetition, authority, gender, lack. We have spoken about these a great deal in the SAS Technique or the Sovereign Ascension Spectrum Technique that we have recently begun reuploading to the website. These are not so important for this conversation, however. Just remember that these have great influence over the choices you make, and the reasons for those choices in the subconscious especially.

Now, as those points get stabilized by the pillars of identification, this pyramid closes itself, and this field, as we have explained before, ultimately, is known as Lavat. Again, an Atlantean… or at least last used in Atlantean, the again closing down of Vah from vok to vat.

Now, that is all you need to know about it at the moment. However, it is what your further reaching scientists these days are calling the holographic nature of reality, ultimately. This would be their two-dimensional disc that they are continuously looking for. However, it is a triangle (don’t tell them that yet). This would be their two-dimensional disc or triangle, in this case, that they are constantly theorizing about that must be generating the third density or three-dimensional reality: time, space, etc. And they are right about that. However, it doesn’t exist at the edge of the universe, as they think it does. It exists, however, at the edge of Your universe, as they think – soon it will to be.

Now, as San then flows through Sahvok, gets twisted, Vah gets twisted into vok and into vat – which some in the west will recognize as V.A.T., just kidding! – into vat, then it begins to leave the Sahvok pyramid of the ego/mind/personality construct and comes out, as we have described previously, as the flow of Mah or full-blown illusion, full-blown three-dimensional reality with all of its Grand Illusions of form, of time, of space, of exchange, of death, and of separation, which then build out here, only… And that is, therefore, the field of your experience, you could say.

Ironically, looking from the kakra system, the field of experience is very much in line with what Plato taught when he discussed his cave and the idea of identity of mankind, observing the shadows on the wall, instead of seeing the true world outside of the cave. Look that up if you don’t know that story yet. But, in a way, that is literally what is happening here because in this entire area, if you will, you have the projection of all of your illusions.

This flows through your kakra system in preparation – normally, this would only begin to happen here [left side], but, as I already told you, for Akeyasans on the path, it begins to happen in the early stage here already [right side] – but, ultimately, in preparation to try and hit the heart kakra, which is the basis and the core of the kakra system itself, ultimately, to manifest (as we have explained before in other videos) the chakra system and everything that comes with that physical reality: finiteness – what have you. But in the Akeyasan status and beyond, you have this happening in this way now.

However, this is why we are working on The Study of the Pah. Here, you generate the Ekara point, and when this point is met with Mah, full-blown Mah, it generates a geometrical structure again, in this case ready to convert the process that has happened here and render it meaningless, basically, and to, ultimately, convert the Mah energy or the Mah flow back into San, so that it can begin to enter, properly, the heart kakra.

In order for the Ekara point to manifest this conversion, it takes what you have known as the pillars of identification and it turns it into catalysts. Now, these catalysts are fundamentally based on Love, Joy, and Freedom, purely on Da, Ba, and Va. The point itself, ultimately, being generated by Ra, by Truth, which, for those of you that know Ekara, you will understand that that is very important to that being.

Anyway, I explained to you all of this to understand the complexity that is presented in The Study of Vibration. The Study of Vibration has been long since available, since 2005 for Dutch speaking people, and since 2007 for English speaking people. And, as you know, even though this organization, this Imzaia World, has gone through many iterations and many moments of chrysalis and rebirth, ultimately, throughout the years, all of this material that helped you understand all of these flows here – that we will go into a little bit deeper at some point still because I am not done talking about that area yet, just yet – all of that has been made available since 2007 to you.

However, it is a very complex system as it appears to the observer; of course, so complex even that the consciousness of the observer usually simply fades all of that out, zones all of that out, and simply accepts the illusion of the reality that is then presented.

However, as I said, I have been very appreciative of all of the messages that you have been sending in, your willingness to explore San, to explore the Pah, and all of that. As such, I want to help you understand that it is rather easy all of this that we have now explained in great complexity. There is great simplicity to avoiding all of this. At this very moment, that is possible for you. Let’s talk about that.

Four Quadrants

So, here we, once again, have the head kakra. [see image] Now, I have, let’s say, put the person in the middle point here of the head kakra. So, you have to imagine it as quite a vast space that reaches around you, but is still quite finite, ultimately. And, as Da Pah Ekara San has also explained to you, in order to manifest the Ekara point, we think of each kakra system – the head, the heart, and the belly kakra – as being dividable into four quadrants. To make it easy, I have simply given you a schematic here. Again, the person is looking that way, alright, upward here.

So, here you would obviously have the 1st quadrant, 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th. Now, usually, as we have said before, before the person is aware of the Akeyasan status and actually pursues this appropriately, the Sahvok point can be seen to manifest – depending on the person, depending on the generation – on the edge of the 3rd and the 4th quadrant here. Sometimes, this can even go very high up into the 4th quadrant, right by the edge, which you often see with younger adults.

However, with the Akeyasan student, the Sahvok point manifests in the 1st quadrant because the Akeyasan student is on the early steps of beginning to work on the Ekara point in the 4th quadrant.

So, here, in the 1st quadrant and in the 2nd and in the 3rd and in the 4th is exactly where you can work with the Rivers of San. As I said in that message from 2018, in that newsletter, the Rivers of San are always available to you and give you the opportunity to override this Sahvok system of vibrational reality, of finiteness, of mind, ego, and personality construct, in the blink of an eye, with the willingness of pure will, and the consistent and continuous approach that comes with being an Akeyasan. And in order to do that, in order to generate those Rivers of San, you focus, as we have explained to you in the recent videos, you focus on the active ingredients of San.

The 5 Breaths Exercise & the Geotrinity of Dahlyn

I think it was in 2015 in the Algarve that I was preparing back then to teach you an exercise known as The Five Breaths, and these five breaths… Ultimately, there are more than five, but the first five is where the early student begins to practice consistency, the first five breaths are simply the breathing of the active ingredients of San through the head kakra.

Let me explain. Imagine that you are simply still within yourself or, quite the opposite, that you are extremely volatile in yourself. That entire parameter, none of that is important because this will work in any situation that you are in.

You take a moment to be with yourself. You focus on the 1st quadrant, here, 1st quadrant of the head kakra, and you bring Love into the equation. And you do so by focusing on the Dahlyn expression Ake’da. Ake’da. This would translate, I guess, if you can translate such a thing, into, “I am Love; you are Love; we are Love; all is Love,” that sort of thing – most every Michael Jackson song basically! This can translate into Ake’da.

Now, I am not inviting you to focus on this mentally, of course. This is something that you can repeat in your mind over and over again, but that is not what we are talking about. I am inviting you invoke within the kakra system the geotrinity of Dahlyn, the expression of Ake’da in this area, 1st quadrant of the head kakra.

And what I mean with ‘geotrinity’ is the following. (I will come back to this in a second.) This is the same as I already explained in one of the earlier videos. Every expression of Dahlyn manifests through the kakra system in the form of a particular geometry. It uses magnetics to do so. It converts if you will… if such a thing… This is an English word. Don’t take my word for ‘conversion’, but it transfers, transforms San into – it uses love to do so – into magnetics and then into geometry. It compresses that into geometry. And that then expresses itself, in this case through the head kakra, in the 1st quadrant in the form of a triangle or a pyramid, but to keep it easy, we are talking about a triangle in this moment.

This is what we call the geotrinity of Dahlyn. It means, effectively, that the Dahlyn expression uses geometry, geo-holo-fractographic geometry to be more precise (more about that at another point), and it expresses that in a trinity of itself, which then begins to manifest and cool down almost into the lower energy level, material level, etc. –  gravity level as it is then called often.

This geotrinity of Ake’da, would manifest as the ‘a’, ‘ke’, and ‘da’ [see image]. Now, as you know from previous videos, ‘Da’ obviously being the expression of Love, the interior expression of Love, prior to its expression into the field of experience, where it would turn into Imzaia. I will come back to that in a little bit.

‘Ah’ or ‘a’, effectively being one of the elements of creation – o, a, e, i, as I have taught you that also work with the kakra system. And, as I have explained last time, here we have ‘ke’, which, ultimately, is ‘ka’, life force, expressed through the head kakra.

So, this is the geotrinity that would manifest when focusing on this particular River of San, Ake’da. Now, this is ultimately, therefore, Love.

In the next quadrant, and this is another River of San that we haven’t discussed in that newsletter, Ake’ba.

So, in the 1st quadrant, where the energy of Ake’da is generated, you continue to focus on that geotrinity expression, that expression through the kakra system, until you truly, well and honest, feel that expression of Love, not only right here, but also immersing yourself completely, your entire being. It would be the first step to move away from the expression of the entity and into the expression of beingness. Ake’da.

Once this River of San is fully established if you will… And you can, of course, already work with this as much as you possibly can, at home or wherever you are in the world, at any given moment in time, but direct students and private students of Ascended Life, of course, practice this in greater detail in the time to come in the form of Eja’i Chi Pah, the practice of the Pah, which, ultimately, we also hope to share with all of you via Imzaia World.

But once – as you can begin to work with this at home – once you feel this presence of Love fully established in your beingness –  and then, therefore, you can be guaranteed, of course, that it is also here in this part of the head kakra – you move onto the 2nd quadrant. This is where, after the full establishing of the element of Da through Ake’da, the River of San known as Ake’da in the 1st quadrant, you begin to focus on the concept of Joy, Ba. And, in this case, the river called Ake’ba.

Ake’ba can be seen as the bringer of a state of continuous contentment in the Now, continuous presence of Love and Joy, as it contains both. You begin to focus on this in the same way as the previous geotrinity that I explained to you, until you feel your entire being fill up with this.

All of this may take a little bit of getting used to at the beginning, but you will very quickly see that with some practice, this is simply a state you continuously invoke and not something that you have to remind yourself of and bring yourself back to each time.

When we move out of the 1st and 2nd quadrant and move into the 3rd quadrant, we move into the state of Freedom, which is expressed in the 3rd quadrant in Ake’va. Now, Ake’va is a state that contains both Love and Joy on such a continuous basis that it brings forth this great sense, this unrelinquishing sense of Freedom that is unstoppable, no matter what scenario of the mind or of Sahvok you may find yourself in.

Once that breath or that River of San has been fully established through the breath, you move on to the 4th quadrant, where the focus is Truth, which is expressed in the Rivers of San as Ake’ra.

Now, you see why we explained earlier in this particular diagram [see image] why the Ra point is formed in the 4th quadrant.

The Field of Ako'ka

So, anyway. Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, four simple flows, simple Rivers of San: Ake’da, Ake’ba, Ake’va, and Ake’ra that, ultimately, begin to build up to such a state Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth that there is a transformation of the Mah into the Ekara point, and the reactivation of San flow emerges from the head kakra that it initially entered. As it should.

And as it does, as it comes out of this Ekara point and enters into the heart kakra, it generates the field of Ako’ka, the activation of life force as it exists within the grounded, within the physical being.

So, Ake’da, here in the 1st quadrant, fills you up, brings you to this state of Love, begins, therefore, the removal of all concepts of identity, all of the silliness, all of the nonsense, all of the desire to identify, begins to remove that and dissolve that from the Sahvok point.

That naturally leads the being, as you will see when you practice this on a regular basis, to a state of Joy. Wouldn’t it you? As it does, the Ake’ba, the state of Joy that gets activated within you, that is built on the significant presence of Love, obviously, is going to lead you to this next expression of this river, Ake’va, Freedom. A great sense of Freedom comes with the full acknowledgement of the continuous presence of Love and Joy in one’s beingness and one’s world.

That sense of Freedom cannot help but bring you to the point of Ake’ra, the activation of Truth, as more and more of these Grand Illusions of tah’k and bah’k and all of these things – which we haven’t spoken about, sorry… all of these Grand Illusions that you currently know as form and time and space, begin to wash all of that away. All of these personality expressions begin to move out of the way.

Ake’ra, that point leads to the manifestation of a new sense of life from within the heart space, Ako’ka, a River of San, which is very important, as you will come to learn because we have spoken before about Dahlyn, the metaphysical expression being a conduit to communicate between beings of all sorts of densities or dimensions or expressions or worlds or times or what have you. And Ako’ka is eventually what establishes that presence between those beings; that makes it actually possible.

So, anyway, simply by focusing on these geotrinities… And if that is too difficult for you at the beginning, I can understand; this might be the very first video you ever found of our work, simply by focusing then on the notions of Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, and Life, you can activate these rivers. You can activate this San flow once again and, ultimately, completely bypass the Sahvok based ego/mind/personality states.

And when that occurs in your world, you, as the early student on the Pah, will strongly begin to see the effects in your inner world most of all. However, as I said earlier, the direct student of Ascended Life that practices Eja’i Chi Pah – which we not only hope to begin to present here soon to our direct students again, but also, ultimately, to all of you – that person will begin to not only have an effect on their internal world, but will also begin to see the finiteness of illusion, the grandness of all the illusions fall away for the simplicity and the elegance and the humbleness – at the end of the day, the simplicity – of Truth.

So, I think that I will leave it at that for right now. We will obviously get back into this. I invite you to practice what I have spoken about here today and, as usual, I strongly invite you to report back to me the things that you have experienced. You can do so via Imzaia World, underneath this video, or, of course, also on social media, where this will be posted as well. And, based on that, we will look at the questions you may have, the commentary that you may make about this, and we will just take it from there.

So, beloved Imzaia, I thank you for your attention to this moment, for you focus on the Rivers of San. As always, I remind you that you practice these things not to merely improve your own conditions, but the conditions of the whole itself. That is why you are here: in service to the whole as an Akeyasan on the Pah.

Until next time. I am Da Pah Kwan Yin San.

Honomeia i imzaia’e.

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Da Akeyasan Ami Imzaia San

Such Beauty, Such Grace, Such Amazing Love to Freedom teaching. It is the Imzaia Way.
Beloved Da Pah Kwan Yin San 😘.
I very much appreciated the schematic as well. Made it easier for me to follow and absorb. Thank you.
Also Love the title: Rivers of San – there’s that unmistakable Elegance about it ❤️😍
All my Love ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Da Akeyasan Oreion San

Hi imzaias, thought I would share a little what I have experienced with working with the four quadrants, Ake Da, Ake Ba, Ake Va, Ake Ra, Ako ka. At first didn’t know if it was working, until each time I would go through each energy I would feel a pain under the left side of my skull when bringing through the energy of Ake VA, freedom. So started contemplating, what areas of my life is my freedom limited? what restrictions have I manifested that my freedom is restricted. In truth I actually placed myself in the sydney lock down, which I could have been at home in my safety zone, on top of the mountain in peace, why did I take that away from myself to jeopardise my own personal freedom. I am also surrounded by people in fear & drama. So as I am observing repeating Da da da, expanding the energy, all of a sudden, I felt the four quadrants of energy, as they where talking I’m feeling over whelmed trying to disconnect, then all of a, sudden the words where coming though, Ake da, Ake Ba mostly. I could feel a spiral of energy coming through my Centre, could almost see through the illusion of what I was experiencing..of course didn’t take long before I let go ❤️ Will keep practicing these techniques each day. What experiences does every body else have? be interesting to share.. In much gratitude Oreion.

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke o Da Akeyasan Oreion San ❤️ Da’ka’ya for sharing. Yes, this is powerful isn’t it?
We used to practice this using the English language, and the difference for me when we were taught the metaphysical expression, was vast. Especially regarding va and ra, I was able to open up to it, for real, and I would even say that I now have a better understanding of freedom and truth as the English concepts as well. Practicing the Rivers of San assists me to stay focused, centered and aware of love, Da, being everywhere. It tremendously helps me to stop identifying when I have slipped in the vibrational puddle, and gets me back on track. San easily builds in strength within, and has no other way than being expressed, even without actively being expressed, if you know what I mean. Tangible in stillness even.

San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e


Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

San’a’ke Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤️
Following your invitation to share our experiences with the rivers of san, I would like to speak about a very interesting lucid dream I had, soon after you gave this teaching.

It started in a very low fourth density environment where I have an encounter with a terrible murderer. The scene would be perfect for an American Horror Story episode! I can observe the scary scene, not attached to the role of the victim, being very aware that I am dreaming and none of this is real. After a while, the murderer notices my presence, runs after me and attacks with a big knife. At that point I remember focusing on the ingredients, and think: “-I know the power of Love and Joy and Freedom! I am save! ”
The one observing and the observed blend together as one. I see myself transformed in an avatar type creature who turns around in the air. It felt as an enormous shock wave when she turns and burst out the words:
Everything stops; perfectly still. The whole scene, including the murderer, dissolves from top to bottom as made of dark red wax and vanishes.

The dream stoped there. I did not wake up because I was not asleep.

It was and still is, a very significant symbolic experience.(I think I have to see myself as the murderer as well.) I hope it helps the whole as much as it helps me to start to understand the power of the rivers of san.

Any insight about this experience would be appreciated.

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Da Akeyasan Yukia San Darah San

Da’ka’ya So simple and a very powerful practice to continue to activate.
Love it and find the vastness of the rivers of San igniting this current of Love within head, heart and belly in an ongoing wave, neutalizing quickly Sahvok as it is propelled to the whole field within/without. Power feeling of magnificence of the Ako’ka I am singing this practice in…thank you beloved Da Pah Kwan Yin San,
Looking forward to this remembering and expansion ..
Ake’Da San

Da Hana Akeyasan Grace Gayasha San

San’a’ke ❤️
Da’ka’ya for this expansive class Da Pah Kwan Yin San ❤️
Listening over and over there is one sentence that touched me deeply and that is: ‘you practice to focus on the river of San not to merely improve your own conditions but conditions of the whole itself!
That is why we are here in service to the whole as an Akeyasan on the path!’
I am honored to be One 🥰

San’zaia’e da vish’ka ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Chachi Ram San

San’a’ke o Da’ka’ya for this wonderfully expansive Class ❤️

I have gained a much better understanding of the concept of the Rivers of San. They truly are poetry in motion ❤️, and I am starting to remember the various feelings the different San elements invoke in the physical vessel.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San also made it very clear how Sahvok can so easily be neutralized with the simple choice to return one’s focus to any of the Rivers of San.

Vish ohami imzaia’e kara’i ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amy San

San’a’ke i Da’ka’ya for this brilliant Class! ❤️

It is true what was said in the Rivers of San Quote, I do feel that I remember how to swim these rivers!

Also, this video assists me tremendously in the understanding of the connection of many things, and of how sahvok tries to impact everything, and what we can do to correct and ultimately circumvent it completely. I very much look forward to the upcoming Q&A about it! Da’ka’ya again!

Eja’i San’zaia’e ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

San’a’ke ❤️

I will be focusing on this consistently and continuously! Remembering the rivers of San, along with the eternal love, joy, freedom, truth and life felt in this video class sang a celebratory symphony to all of my kakras, also awakening the awareness of eja’i chi pah calling us all “Home”. Da’ka’ya Da Pah Kwan Yin San and all ascended life, with all of my love, always and all ways. San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e.

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

I let myself gently carry by the flow on the rivers. This is a blessing. Very much appreciative of your guidance Da Pah Kwan Yin San. Da’ka’ya for this amazing recording. Looking forward to enjoying watching again very soon.

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