Remembering Metaphysical Expression

7 March 2021

In this video, recorded March 7, 2021, Da Pah Kwan Yin San presents a packed hour of information on the topic of metaphysical expression (dahlyn) and many concepts that touch upon it, such as the notion of metaphysical experience (vahlyn).

Da Pah Kwan Yin San also shares more about her own history as an ascension student on the path and connects it to the functions of Da Pahdasan’ka and Da Pahdasan and to what they mean in your life as an akeyasan. Also discussed is the kakra system vs the chakra system, and much more.

All things that are touched upon in this video or that are discussed at length are to be explored further, in upcoming videos, but more essentially, within yourself, as per the concluding invitation that Da Pah Kwan Yin San presents.

Replies to this message by the student body are encouraged and invited either in the comments section or via e-mail directly to

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Da Pah Kwan Yin San: So, before we get started, why don’t we take a moment to simply focus on the movement of your breath, the in and out breath through the heart space, through the Akene.

Earlier today, we put out a message to Imzaia to connect to the Imzaia Merkavah, a collection, if you will, a metaphysical vessel, the Merkavah, which connects and unifies everyone that decides to connect to it through your personal Merkabah body.

And so, I invite you all to focus on that, on that connection, on the soul family community of Imzaia and Akeyasans worldwide.

And, as we do so, I invite you to put forth the expression that all that we will bring here today, that we will put forth here today, will be in the highest service to the whole and to all beings, in San.

So, is everybody ready?

Student Body: Yes!

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes? Okay.

Welcome to this Moment, Built on the Fabric of Love Itself

Beloved Imzaia, honoleia i imzaia’e and San’a’ke.

Welcome to my home, to Hana San Ka. I am Da Pah Kwan Yin San, and it is my great joy as always, and my great honor as well, to welcome you here to this moment, this moment that is built on the fabric of love itself.

We are here with all of the direct students that are currently available. They are in the audience here together. So, hi, guys! And I am also here with Da Pahdasan’ka.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Greetings to everybody. Ohami to all beings. It is a great pleasure for me to be here with Ascended Life, with you, in this moment together again. I am looking forward to it today.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: It certainly is, and I am, too. I am, too.

And we are also here with somebody else that you may not have met so far, except for on the website, Da Pahdasan Kalynda San.

Da Pahdasan Kalynda San: San’a’ke. Da’ka’ya. I am very happy to be here.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes, yes, we all are. It is such a wonderful, wonderful evening to all be together.

We are going to be taking you on quite a journey today, as I am planning to tell you more about not only the functions that you have heard just pronounced here, Da Pahdasan’ka and Da Pahdasan, but we are also going to be bringing you more information about things that I have touched upon in our last video. The metaphysical expression; we are going to be talking about the metaphysical experience that that expression generates, which we sometimes have labeled in previous work that we have put out in the last few months, the metaphysical calendar or the Vahlyn. We will be talking about that today, too. And there is going to be much more after that I am sure, as none of this is ever scripted, as we were just saying before we got started.

Is there anything that the two of you wish to contribute, before we get going?

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: I just want to say, thank you for being here. All the messages we continue to get and the support we are seeing is really enabling us to really feel a platform where this is possible. So, thank you to all of you out there and to everyone here for everything we are doing to make that happen. It is brilliant.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Very much so. I was actually saying before the recording, wasn’t I, that as we got started, as we worked our way to these recordings a few weeks ago, initially, there was a great resistance, a great buffer to get into the moment each time. But since today very strongly so, as I put out the message on social media with regards to all of you out there connecting to this moment, something changed, and rather than feeling pushed away, we felt pushed towards this moment. So, I hope that that is the same for all of you out there. Something is truly happening, and it is wonderful. It is wonderful, isn’t it?

Da Pahdasan Kalynda San: Yes, certainly.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes!

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: We are beginning to feel that platform that we used to feel before, and that is basically the collective Merkavah beginning to unify, and the essence of that community, which we so wanted to see, is beginning. So, it is an exciting moment.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Very, very exciting!

The Functions of Pahdasan'ka and Pahdasan

So, maybe it could be interesting that I tell you a little bit more about the functions that you have just heard about, Da Pahdasan’ka and Da Pahdasan Kalynda San, in this case.

And let me have a moment where to start perhaps. Some of you may still remember that back in 2018, was it, when we arrived back in the Netherlands – we were in Amsterdam at the time – a newsletter was put out to all of you who were at that point on the newsletter list, and in it, we announced The Study of the Pah, the beginning of that. There have been, for a couple of years already, a few shorter videos on Imzaia World and also on our YouTube channel, that talk about all of that. And in these videos and in that newsletter, we spoke about a lot of the terminology, a lot of the functions and other things that, lately, we have been introducing to you already.

If you have missed that newsletter, you can still go and read it – which I strongly encourage all of you to do so – on Imzaia World, by going simply to the top menu. Under ‘home’, you will find a drop-down towards our newsletter section. And when you are on there, you can click on ‘past issues’. And all the way down, somewhere at the very bottom of the newsletter overview, you will find the one I am talking about, which goes into quite some detail about The Study of the Pah and about what the Pahdasan’ka and the Pahdasan here have committed themselves to.

This goes all the way back to my own time studying the Pah, when I was an early student on the path and I was invited to become Da Pah Lao Tze San’s direct student, who all of you will soon get to see again – I have got a feeling… Now, that I have awoken the dragon, as they say… But in those days, I, very quickly, evolved through the various functions on the path, starting, like everyone out there as well, as an Akeyasan, which I spoke a little bit about in the previous video, and moving eventually into the same function that the Pahdasan’ka currently holds. I, too, for a long time in Honomeia, carried that function. In fact, to some extent, we are still, right now, in a transitional period, as the Pahdasan’ka is learning the ropes. And in that transitionary period, we are beginning to move some of the functions and responsibilities that I myself have carried here in the last ten years in this body and moving it onto the Pahdasan’ka. But Da Pah Lao Tze San, when he comes in, will tell you more about that.

The function, however, what I already will say now, of the Pahdasan’ka is one who has committed him or herself completely, fully, 100% to the servicing of the whole through the Akene of all mankind really. The Pahdasan’ka is the function that allows all other students, in whichever dimension or reality they might find themselves in – whether it is here in this Ekaraia, or whether it is, of course, in the metaphysical Domain itself – allows all of the students to move through The Study of the Pah and through all the various functions and shapes that all has throughout the years, as people study, by literally being the first to take the steps that Ascended Life teaches and then to be of service and assistance to the whole, to all of you, everyone here, in order to facilitate others to do the same.

As I will go into detail later, Pah, Da, San, and Ka, of course – I explained about this a little bit already in the previous video what these individual elements stand for. But, ultimately, it is all about the approaching of the Pah in Love, in San, and in Life Force, ultimately, and to bring that approach, to bring that opportunity to the whole.

It is, therefore, not a hierarchical function at all, but rather the opposite of that. It is one of great service. It is also so that a being like the Pahdasan’ka or like the Pahdasan here that have made these choices, have also made the choice to remove from themselves all types of possible hindrances – or should I say ‘distractions? – and that sort of thing, and literally completely cut away everything in their entire lives to make space for this and committed themselves 100% to being a direct student. A wish that, I am sure, they all wish for you to ultimately take as well.

And if you look at this from the perspective of the Domain, of course, where you have quite a few students that arrive throughout time and space, then you will also understand that people move through these pathways that become available to them in their own time. And in order to facilitate these larger movements of the student body and to break that down into individual groups of students, each student is assigned, if you will, a direct connection to a Pahdasan function, who then does, in a way, the same thing that the Pahdasan’ka does, but helps in the flow of communication back and forth sometimes, as, obviously, things can get quite busy, if you will.

So, we are going to go much deeper into all of that, but I simply wanted to situate this a little bit. In other words, you can go onto the website and connect directly to the Pahdasan’ka there or directly to the Pahdasan Kalynda San there, and I am sure they will facilitate you and be there to help you in any way they can.

I am going to get something to drink if you both want to say something about that.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Yes, it is a great honor to be of this kind of service. These are impossible shoes to fill, and the training wheels are very much on. But to hold that position in the geometry is for me, at this time, an amazing opportunity to reinclude as many people as possible in this and as much as I can do to help. Please, feel free to connect to me and ask any questions you would like. If there is something I can’t answer, I can always ask Ascended Life directly as well. So, please feel free to do that.

Da Pahdasan Kalynda San: Yes, and the same goes for me. I am happy to assist wherever I can. So, yes, I am looking forward to being in more of a connection with everyone that will be watching currently, so…

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Wonderful. Well, all of this, also for you out there of course, is just beginning right now, and as things take shape, I am certain that everybody is going to find exactly what I am talking about. And as I have also said previously, Da Pah Lao Tze San is also going to be here in the next several days to do a presentation of a number of videos that… Usually, it is not in the form of a video, but to do a presentation that he usually does in the Domain – not in the form of a video there! – in order to introduce all of this to early students and students that have been going for quite a while already.

Metaphysical Expression (Dahlyn)
& Metaphysical Experience (Vahlyn)

But for today, we are going to be talking about a few things that are also of great importance to the growth and expansion of your understanding of the metaphysical reality that sits outside of this Ekaraia that you currently find yourself in and that you are beginning to move back towards.

And, as I said at the beginning of this video, two things that are of great importance to all of you then, is the concept of Metaphysical Expression and the concept of Metaphysical Experience.

Now, I am going to write a few things down here, as we get going with all of that.

So, I will write down first of all – I hope that everybody can read this – Vahlyn. This is the metaphysical expression, ironically, of the metaphysical experience that is possible to all beings, Vahlyn. You might have already heard about this in the actual name and function of Adamus, someone that many of you know for quite some time from The Study of Vibration already, whose function we talked about another time, Da Ojadasan’ka, in this case, but whose signature, if you will, is Adamus Valen (Vahlyn) San. And in this is expressed the fact that Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San is the being that is responsible for maintaining the optimal flow of this metaphysical experience or this Vahlyn.

This, ultimately, is the summary, the summarizing concept of everything that exists within the movements of the Domain. I will break it down for you a little bit. It breaks down, obviously, into Vah, which we already spoke about during the last recording. This is, ultimately, the approach to the Pah, and the expression that you are not that familiar with yet, Lyn, is ultimately, the metaphysical expression of the concept of One.

So, in Vahlyn, what you are actually expressing here is the One Approach. So, during the exploration of Da Pah Ekara San and also Adamus Valen San, it was noticed that, as one explores the unexplorable, the unmanifestable, the Pah itself, that the movement towards that study, towards that exploration is a movement that seems to have a larger tendency to it; a movement that is an approach that is not unique but unified to all beings.

In the previous recording, we spoke about the movement towards the creator self that you are outside of this Ekaraia, outside of this exercise in the metaphysical Domain. When you return to that state, the movement that you are making on your approach towards the Pah and how that all plays together with all other things in creation and in metaphysical reality, is the movement of Vahlyn. It is, therefore, the only true idea, I should say, of a calendar – although, it is not, of course, a calendar as you think of it, but a calendar, a marking of the flow of experience and expression, if you will, on a metaphysical field of reality that you have. Here, in this reality, you have the Gregorian calendar, and you have other ways to mark the passage of time, but this is about the passage of experience and expression.

Now, it doesn’t mark, however, much like a calendar does, the passage of something; it facilitates the passage of something, it moves things into other things.

This is a very difficult thing to describe because this is one of those concepts where there really are no words to speak of it, but all we can do, is approach it. All we can do, is attempt to explain to you and to help you feel to facilitate your own experience of all of this.

Now, this Vahlyn we are going to be talking about much more, but all of the things that I spoke about in the previous video, the elements of San, for instance, where we used English terminology, and I said to you, technically, these terminologies are only an attempt at trying to explain what is going on.

However, the metaphysical expression itself is a more unique state of being, for instance, with Love… When you think of this word, you cannot help but be tainted and be influenced by the linear concept of it, but when you think of Da, then you can find a deeper, more permanent state within yourself. And I say this because that is what these expressions, ultimately, bring.

So, where you have the metaphysical calendar or the metaphysical experience in Vahlyn, the expression that was used in the Domain to speak of metaphysical expression itself is very similar, yet significantly different, namely Dahlyn. – And that was not me being very English – Dahling! – but… Cuppa tea, dahling?

Every time we speak, we move towards a different place on the Earth to give somebody a leg up, you know. Last time, it was Russia; now, we are in England with the darling.

But the expression of Dahlyn is what we have been trying to label as metaphysical expression, is the collective term, if you will, of all of the various concepts that you will hear about. It is what ultimately is the language of creation, of reality, beyond the Ekaraia, as I have said before, Pahdasan’ka.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Well, it is the first time that we have actually heard that here ourselves. This is new knowledge for us. But it is quite incredible, if you think, this is the conscious expression, spoken by every conscious society outside of this Ekaraia. Even inside of this Ekaraia, the only society that every managed to come to terms… understand the expression, was in Lemurian times, which is, I think, 50’000 years ago since this was actually…

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Depending, yes.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: … since this has been reintroduced. I know that there were attempts, but that is a different video. It is 50’000 years ago since this was reintroduced. It is kind of mind-blowing.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Indeed, indeed. And, as the Pahdasan’ka already indicated, working with this not only allows you to move from a temporary to a permanent state within yourself, but also to communicate with those beings and those realities that find themselves in these permanent states, that exist in these states. You will find that using the conduit, if you will, of Dahlyn, through the movements and the experience of Vahlyn, that you create a unified field for yourself where there simply is no possibility for a so-called drop in consciousness or a vibrational state or a habit to emerge.

Now, that is more important to you here than it would be outside of the Ekaraia, of course, in the metaphysical reality itself, but it is still an interesting concept to think about.

Anyway, let’s get a bit deeper into this.

Oh, before I turn the page, by the way, I wanted to show you here that – and this is what the Pahdasan’ka said about Lemuria – that while there is an official expression of Dahlyn, there also is the Lemurian period of 50’000 years ago, where beings started modernizing the expression a little bit, so that instead of the pronunciation, if you will, of Vahlyn, they would have said Vahlen or Valen. And instead of Dahlyn, you would have Dalen.

So, these beings, of course, were also at that time still to some extent within the vibrational and, therefore, physical expression, so, there was also a slight distortion for Lemurians at the time. Even though it was introduced in a pure and truthful way, over the passage of time, things began to happen that – always do – that begin to eat away at the purity and the truth of something and start to slightly affect it. And these things begin small. In Lemuria, it never got very far and never got that distorted, but if you think about language today, if you think about the idea of time and space today, then you see how far that distortion ultimately went.

The Kakra System

But as I said, I want to get a little bit deeper into this and help you understand this a little bit better. To do so, I must again take you back to the previous video where I spoke to you about the kakra system.

Now, every metaphysical being, including yourself, exists of three akeneic centers or akeneic spheres. They manifest as spheres. [See image on video] You could say that, to some extent, they overlap, some of these spheres.

These are the three kakras, which last time we already explained as the Akene, being the heart kakra; the Akonai-da, being the head kakra, and the Adonai-ka, being the belly kakra.

Now, these are strongly connected to the flow of San and, therefore, they are what a metaphysical being uses, in a way, to express itself and to experience itself and to experience the whole.

Now, when you come into an Ekaraia, like we said last time, that is an exploration of a state of Sahvok, of ego/mind/personality construct, then a distortion occurs, a filter, if you will, gets created, which we call the chakra system, which most of you have considered the norm when it comes to your spiritual exploration and have considered it to be something that was worth striving for, keeping clean and balanced and all that sort of thing. But for those of you who have studied deeper metaphysical truth, you will understand already that the chakra system is part of Mah, of the illusion, and also, in your English word, the so-called Matrix or Mahtrix consciousness.

People that have studied the work of David Icke, but also more ancient works, will already know that the experiential field of Earth that you are on – there you are [referring to drawing]. This is you, standing on Earth, much smaller than it used to be. Either that or you are much bigger than you used to be. I don’t know what came first! – But, as you are on Earth, you have the influence of the solar system, and you are yourself also influencing the solar system. You have the moon here; you have, further away, Saturn, let’s say, hanging out there, and you also know that, ultimately – through the Solar Activations you know – that Saturn, ultimately, emits a field that, ultimately, gets picked up by what… Or used to be, at least, fully picked up by the moon here on this Earth, and, ultimately, would project the illusory reality of vibrational space and time. And the way it would project this onto you, would be to generate around you the chakra system, the chakra system, which would effectively take part in the distortion created by Sahvok – the ego/mind/personality construct – to make you believe in a finite reality of time, space, form, exchange, death, and separation, as discussed in The Grand Illusions.

So, this chakra system, overlaying the kakra system, is a big part of what makes you believe that you are human; what makes you feel to identify with this reality and everything that it brings; to identify with your thoughts, etc. However… This is also what causes your belief in the passage of time and the idea of finiteness, as I already said. Therefore, you believe in calendars; you believe in language; you believe in all of that. All of that. The creation of sound itself is strongly tied into the chakra system because of reasons we will go into another time.

However, the reason why we are introducing Dahlyn or the metaphysical expression once again to you, is that this is the one and only system that works directly with the kakra system, the original metaphysical template of your beingness, if you will, and bypasses completely the chakra system. So, there is that to be said about working with an expression like this. And the Vahlyn, or the metaphysical experience, also completely works on the kakra system and bypasses the idea of time and space and finiteness and all of that entirely, therefore.

Tonal Space & The Song of Creation

Now, when beings express, using Dahlyn – they could be expressing the concept of San or the concept of San’a’ke or whatever – what happens is, these akeneic spheres that you are, ultimately, that is your essence, these akeneic spheres generate a spherical tone. And this is not a tone in the way that you think of it as sound. These are tonal expressions that, unlike vibrational reality, have no beginning, middle or end, and also have no friction. In tonal space, you are no longer limited to the dimensional box that you consider to be reality, up until the 4th density, if you will, but instead, you are opened up to the possibility of expression that does not cascade back from another creator; an expression that is ongoing forever. That is the concept of tonal space. It is one step lower to akeneic space, where, ultimately, akeneic space is a completely metaphysical inner world. The tonal space could be considered an expressive element to that.

So, ultimately, when you express Da – and again, I am not talking about the words that are coming out of my mouth, the sound that is generated, but the pure inner expression that you can emit when you think and feel into the concept of Da, that happens through the kakra system.

Now, what then happens? The kakra system generates what you consider to be a field of magnetics in order to generate Dahlyn. When it does so, it creates geometry. And this geometry is then ultimately emitted through the kakra system.

Now, it is often called, therefore, the Song of Creation because to work with Dahlyn and to express with Dahlyn is not naming things; it is creating things.

Let’s look at the word that we brought up during the last video, San’a’ke. As you already know by now, San’a’ke is a… It can be used as a greeting. When San’a’ke is expressed through the kakra system, the kakra system, more particularly, initially the Akene, generates the geometry of a three-dimensional pyramid, but in order to make it easy for you, and drawable, I will work with two dimensions here. I usually express these geometries in the following way [see image].

We simply look at a concept of a triangle. As I already said last time, San, obviously, the expression of all the active ingredients – Da, Ba, Va, Ra, Ka, and more – places itself, takes its position in one point of this pyramid or triangle, in this case. The ‘a’ sound I already explained last time as well, is connected to the kakra system.

So, if you think of a person’s profile [see image] – the belly here, the ‘o’, the ‘a’, the ‘e’, and ultimately, the inward spiral that I spoke about in the previous video to generate here the ‘i’. In this way, we work with the flow of ‘a’, an expressive element; a very potent expressive element, which you would think of as the flow of water in your density. And here, in the third position of the triangle, we have ‘ke’, which, ultimately, of course, comes from the life force ingredient of ‘ka’, but expressed through the head kakra, and because the head kakra ultimately expresses itself as ‘e’, the ‘a’ turns into the expression of ‘e’ in this case.

So, as I already said, San, through life force to you, through the head kakra, as an example.

Now, this is, of course, just a quick diagram, but it shows you that Dahlyn takes these individual elements and places them in a geometrical relationship to each other, and when that relationship is then expressed through the kakra system, reality is generated; reality is expressed.

In the material that previously was released, The Study of Vibration, we once spoke of the Six Simplicities. And… Do you remember that, the Six Simplicities? Yes? And when we did so… One of the simplicities, of course, is that “change can only come from the heart space.” This begins to explain, why that is. The heart kakra or the Akene must initially generate this field, this expression of Dahlyn in whatever way that manifests. Another one of the simplicities that we spoke of… Let me think here because I am losing my thread for a second… is “expression before experience.”

Now, what that means is that Dahlyn, when emitted as an expression into the field of experience, generates a field of experience that has at the heart of it the expression that preceded it and, therefore, will continue to build on itself in a more and more expansive San-based way all the time. So, expression that way must always come before experience. If you think about vibrational reality and mental reality, it is quite the opposite. You look at the field that is presented around you, and based on that, you believe to have thoughts or emotions or responses to that, but this is the opposite of what I am saying.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Indeed. In fact, the opposite of how things are done in the vibrational universe entirely. The metaphysical expression or the Dahlyn, as we understand it is called today, is devoid of any of that kind of limitation.

So, earlier we were talking about Saturn, and you could see that as a kind of representation of the 4D energy influencing, through the chakra system, this very limiting set of illusions that are called Mah in the Dahlen. This, however, is the next level, if you like, beyond the vibrational, disclusive of any of that, which you can also see, interestingly, will, unlike any kind of language, will not have any contradictions or double meanings or any trip-ups that you would find in a vibrational interpretation of an expression.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Exactly, exactly, and a very good point, indeed, to make.

Let’s look at another one. The other day, we spoke of the concept of Akeyasan. Some of you might remember, Akeyasan falls apart into the short expression of Akene, Ake, aya or flow, and again San – Love, Joy, Freedom, the active ingredients of reality creation. And, as I said last time: may San flow through your Akene.

Now, one thing that we haven’t pointed at yet, and this is where this concept of Dahlyn becomes expansive, is that while some elements are expressed, the elements that are on the edges, if you will, of these triangles, the heart of the triangle or the heart of the pyramid, if you will, is always silent. And in this case, Akeya-san or Ake-yasan, as they say it here on Earth these days…

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: As the kids are saying it!

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: As the kids are saying it! As a silent element, Pah. The Pah is silent.

Now, this, as I already said, is a geometrical representation of what occurs in the kakra system – in this case, beginning in the Akene – when you focus, beyond language, you focus on the notion of Akeyasan. By focusing on it and by allowing the Dahlyn to flow into Vahlyn, into experience, you will find that you begin to express your reality as an Akeyasan. And that is when a lot of the vibrational and mental inner and outer surroundings begin to change.

People have a hard time doing so, however, because when you do, there literally is no more drama to focus on, and people that are here on the path – in some cases almost for a decade even – will understand that even after a decade, that continuity and consistency of continuing to focus on that remains important because very quickly otherwise, the vibrational nonsense will begin to emerge.

However, the kakra system is a continuous flow, is always present, and so is your ability to make these choices always present. No matter what is around you; no matter what is going on within you, Dahlyn and Vahlyn, the true experiencer and expressor of reality within you, is always present. All you have to do, is focus on it, and there it will be.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: Yes, it is always just a choice. There is never any reason to go through anything vibrationally. You can just choose for a different system, if you like, a different operating system. The analysis, the whole trying to understand the vibrational system is pointless, redundant, therefore.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: It is, it is.

Is there anything you feel like adding to the moment regarding what we have shared so far? Because for you, for instance, Kalynda San, it is slightly more recent, in a way, all  of this reemergence of this information and this knowledge and this way of being, than it is, for instance, for the Pahdasan’ka. I believe, you started a couple of years ago now on this path?

Da Pahdasan Kalynda San: Yes.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: So, how was it for you to begin to work with these Dahlyn concepts, rather than the human language and that sort of thing?

Da Pahdasan Kalynda San: Somehow, I experienced it as way more natural. I could pick up the truth of it and the recognition of that. And I am sure that that is going to be for many more students out there. Once they really put their focus there, their recollection of the real expression just will become the normal way of living again, which it is. So…

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Yes, exactly. Indeed. Da’ka’ya, gratitude.

Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San: There can be an enormous recollection of this because the largest part of you is actually still speaking it all of the time. You are just a tiny, abstracted avatar in here. The largest part of you already understands this deeply. So, it is highly likely that you will begin to recognize these feelings as very natural.

Da Pah Kwan Yin San: Indeed.

Concluding Thoughts

Anyway, I think, this feels like a natural moment as well for a short break. We are going to take a short break. We will continue in the next video in a little bit of time, 15/20 minutes or so, but for you, it will be immediate because all you have to do, is put on the next video.

But before you do, take a moment to be with these things. I have attempted to express this now for the first time to all of you in a way that was the best available at the moment, but what, of course, is very common for The Study of the Pah, as it will continue, is that each moment, in which we try to explain to you these things, there will be slightly different ways of being able to look at it, and it will help you, therefore, understand these things in your own right. And, therefore, you can do this again at any moment. You could take a moment and be with this information. Feel the expression of Dahlyn and Vahlyn within yourself, which we will talk about a bit more – Dahlyn as well, but especially in the next video, we will go into the Vahlyn concept a little more – and see what it does to you. If you feel like communicating to us about it, you can write in to the Pahdasan’ka or to the Pahdasan via the website or via email and share what your experiences are with it. Alright?

Good, we will take a short break and will be right back with more from Imzaia World. San’a’ke.

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Da Hana Akeyasan Amber San

San’a’ke ❤️ I also felt the beautiful warmth of expansion of the Merkavah and the metaphysical unity that is blossoming and is sure to expand with direct practice and application of all the Imzaia teachings, most especially the Study of the Pah. One can easily understand, see, and feel the direct benefit and ability of moving from programming of the ego, mind, and personality toward that which is authentic truth, expressed and experienced metaphysically, in San, through dahlyn and vahlyn — and toward the ability to express and experience this truth consistently and continuously in service to the whole. What a special moment together, for which my gratitude knows no bounds! Da’ka’ya to everyone committing to the forward momentum that has no beginning, middle, or end with a love that knows no bounds and is caressed by love, joy, freedom, truth, live, gratitude, grace and well-being in every moment, beckoning us all to full realization of the truth and fullness of who we are.

San’a’kaya i ohami vish imzaia’e ❤️

Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San

San’a’ke ❤️
Da’ka’ya for this moment together with the student body. It started in a very powerful and wonderful way with the connection to merkavah space.

Da’ka’ya for all this information.
My heart feels it is a brilliant moment in many ways.
It is a pleasure to see Da Pahdasan Kalynda San here too. ❤️

San 💐🌼

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